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Next naan Friday [9.8.2012] seat reserve pannaren .

                                  Friday 03.08.2012

Sokku walking along the road.  Two men meet him &  starts Sokku Ashtothram – Sokku Mahathmane namaha , pasamalar annane namaha , sathikara thanbi rakshakane namaha , namaha , namaha namaha. A man praises  Sokku's  noble  heart to pardon that drogi. No one other than Sokku would have ever excused Mayil for his heinous act.  Sokku  being Sokku Mahathma defends Mayil , says Pandi's loss was the cause of Mayil's matram . Then Sokku sheds few tears remembering his brother – enga irkkano , enna pannarano. The two men console him – for his good heart God will see to it that Mayil returns soon . [ Ama ama jaldi pending assignments ellam finish pannitu Mayil will come back to torture us with his paralytic patient performance.

Next Sokku meets Jags on the road.. Sokku thanks him for his conduct certificate during kovil jewels theft. Jags  without any preface starts accusing Sokku & Gopi of conspiring with Ashok to confiscate his sothu. warns  of dire consequences.  Sokkuku head or tail puriyala. Asks what sothu , whose sothu ?  

Maha alone in a bus stop reading a magazine. The Romeo comes in his bike , parks the bike at a distance , comes & stands close to Maha & jollu vitting. Maha still engrossed in the book , fail to notice him. Hero practically breathes down her neck when a startled Maha turns around. Shocked to see her ,ale colleague behaving in the most indecent manner in public. Rebukes him for the same. The man in kadhal mayakkam blabbers  incessantly. Hands over a paper & insists on reading it , says it is his Maha kadhal Kavidai – Karai Vendhanu peyar vachundu maha kandraviya kaari thuppura madhiri oru kavidai.  Recites it loudly with action like KG children.  Poem itself is KG class standard. Maha is irritated , srima even more . Maha asks him a simple question – Are you married & still staying with wife?  Ya ya says romeo , kadanenu staying with that saniyan. If  only you show pachai kodi , kalam fulla will be un kaladi puppy . Maha pechil now mariyadhai gayab ada poda takes the place of sir , vanga ponga. Asks  what would be his reaction if his saniyan wife hets such kadhal kaviyams. Romeo shocked , shouts at her.  Maha  hits  back – enda pondatiya sonna pothundu varudho ,Padam solli thara teacher padu mattama behaving , failed to imbibe the basic Indian culture – reverence to women , don't see single ladies specially  young widows as pleasure objects  , . The man realises his folly , apologises , ready to fall at her feet. Maha hands back the letter & walks away.


Paramu serving Ramesh.  Lolayi Surpanaka [ nosecut ] comes back from her failed mission. Paramu vambukku izhukking her. Usual MIL –DIL fight & Ramesh taking wife's side.  Vanitha is privy to this drama.  Lolayi labo dibo to Vanitha – nee support pannina ponnu  , see how she is talking to me , no respect for mamiyar. Vanitha feels ashamed of mother's cheap stunts. Veluthu vlasing her. Chides her for her deplorable act , mean mindedness . Lolayi shots back – tit for tat – they stopped your marriage & so decided to give it back. Vanitha gets angry. Tells mother to spend quality time searching mapillai for her rather than spending on  futile avenging efforts . Finally advises mother to change , change for good & work for the betterment of the family .

 Ragini gets a call. The caller refuses to divulge the name,but says has a news about her Romeo. Tells  Rajesh is a baddie, has another woman in his life. Ragini cuts the call saying she doesn't believe any anonymous news. Now Rajesh calls Ragini & tells that he played a prank on her , the caller is his cousin sister – chitti ponnu. Rajesh is happy that Rags phewed phewed the news. Ragini expresses her 100 percent  faith in Rajesh & his family. Romeo ore happy konjufies her as pappu – chella peyaram [ TMku puppies romba pidikkum pola – Pams , Pappunu pet names] . His sister asks why the same pet name Pappu – it is your ex kadhali's name.[dal mein huch kala hai]. Rajesh says he cannot forget her , but tells sister to show Rags photo to her after the engagement & kadupethufy her.

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Thursday Updates 02.08.2012
Episode 585

Malar says her life is different... Magesh quotes her back saying its the same for her too.. her life story is different and not same and walks away. Kamu tries to pacify Malar but she says its ok.. Magesu is hurt with what Dhimsu said.

Ashok in laws house ... Ellam angry with what happen at Askhok house. His FIL is not happy that samandhi is trusting this fellow. His definitely up to something. Gokul acting is good adhan Ashok father believes him so much. Ashok agrees and says its too late now as his married to Rogini and his out from the house. They family lawyer says right now Gokul would have become aware of things and definitely will try to move fast to get all the sottu. Further Ashok father who trust him so much would just sign anything. Its better if they put case on the sottu and get stay order.. so Gokul would not be able to do anything. They should get Malar to sign this. Ashok wife says Malar will not agree nu.. father then suggest they talk to Gopi. He will sure agree for this and speaks to his wife.

Nadai alagan Sam varar to Gopi shop LOL Gopi ask him many buses goes to Bangalore. Sam gets annoyed and ask if he kuttify and pointing out his vela vetti illama irukanu ROFL  Gopi says he needs to go to banglore... with his wife nu. Sam kadupu vandhu and tittufy Gopi Shocked ROFL "Marakadhi sandai .. kumar vitula sandai,., akka kanum thangachi kaanu nu enna kutindhu povenga.. but indha madhiri luxury trip laam madam kudha porengala" ROFL Gopi says adhulam aditadhi adhunalae he takes Sam LOL but Banglore is beautiful place and for this he needs his wife nu ROFL

Ashok and his father comes there.  Ashok says sorry for what happen and introduces FIL. Gopi ask enna achu nu ... Ashok FIL gives a brief flashback on what happen and how they are here to save the sottu from Gokul nu. He needs both Gopi and Malar's help. Gobi says sorry, he can't help as Malar father never took him as SIL nu .. further if they fail the case, Malar father will say Gopi is after sottu nu. They try to make Gopi understand but he refuses. Malar father who happen to pass by in the car sees them all standing outside talking and is curious. Ashok and his FIL leaves disappointed. Kamu calls Gopi and tells him what happen in temple nu. 

Gopi comes back in anger and ask his mom where is Magesu... She follows son in. Gopi questions Magesu for kuttikamuchufy Malar old life.. Malar comes and Magesu moruchufy her. Mages says yes, she don't like others interfering in her life. Gopi tells Meenashi how Magesu spoke about Malar nu and ask her to scold Mages.. but mother rombha asaltha says sari vidhu china pisasu tannae pesanadhu ariyamal nu .. Gopi shock with his mother casual reaction. Ariyama vaa.. Mother blames him for raising hand on pregnant women for small issues...  Shocked Gopi said his only kostining his sister not raising his hand Ouch Magesh says his got right to question her but who is malar? Further she has to call and pottufy this incident to him vaa nu .. Kamu standing there.. Gopi looks at her and Malar realise Kamu called him nu. Immediately Malar takes the blame as to avoid Meenachi kottufy kovam on Kamu. Meenashi tittufy Malar to simple call husband and report stuff  and takes Magesu away.  

Shocked vara vara ellarama mouth is getting big 

Malar takes Gopi behind..   She ask why gopi had to make this a big problem... Lucky Kamu illathi she would have been in trouble. Gobi is concern about Malar's feelings.. but Malar ask him not to worry. She can take care of herself and the family. She is not angry with Magesu.. as she is in hurt situation adhan spoke like that nu. Gobi is happy the way Malar takes things and carries her up in happiness Shocked at the same time Sam comes in Shocked ROFL He says cheh! and leaves but Gopi calls him back... Gopi was like edhuku inga vandhei nu and Sam says ennaku neram sari illa  nu ROFL He scolds them both for kattipidichi and vilaiyadhuraning... ROFL Malar starts her english and Sam says its ok stop nu .. Sam tells her that just because he dont know English she should not often hug him nu Shocked Malar ask ennadhu? Sam says adhan manasa nogakudhadhu.. Malar says adhuku not hug its hurt ROFL samandam leaves and gopi happily hugs Malar again LOL


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Archives Copy

Monday 6th august 2012 Update

Episode 587

Sokku House...Ashok's wife and maamiyar  trying to convince malar to come to court tomorrow to file a case against jegan ...Meenakshi says no...already lot of misunderstandings b/w him and us...pls dont disturb us...leave us...Ashok's wife says we r doing this to save our property from gokul and save that family members from him...

Malar says i dont want that property...pls i will do what my MIL says...(sss...habbbaaa...rombha kulirudhappa...Mudiyala).....

Hero No-1 Sokku gets up and says...(adhana parthen...scene la oru jandhu silent aa irukke...PP history la ippadi onnu nadakadhe nnu...kelambittaru ...pesu raasa...PesuCry)...Sokku tells Ashok's mom that malar will come to court tomorrow...Ladies leaves and meenu starts...Why this kolaveri purusha??Already we r flooded with problems...Now why putting saniyan inside baniyan??

Hero No-2 Gopi comes and meenu asks u know abt this property matter??( kostin...yaarunga unga costume designer?...idhukku munnala jail la irundhara??kattan potta sattai ye thararu ungalukkuLOL).....Gops says yes...Malr's bro came and i said no...Meenu pottu vittufy sokku...u said no...ur pappa said yes...Hero no-2 asks Hero no-1...Why daddy why??...Sokku says they r right maganae...We should fight against gokul...

Meenu says Jegan is a big villain...We have ragini's engagement...We need to concentrate in that...not in ashok's life...Gops says yes night me and malar aregoing to bangalore...Rags life dhaan important... ..Sokku again says jegan paavam...We have to save him from that ayogyan gokul...

Malar says my freind shanthi is in bangalore...i'll call her and ask help regarding rajesh matter...Sokku says ok...Malar calls shanthini...

Andha pakka shanthini...indha pakkam Malarini...rendum starts talkingini...Malar tells abt rajesh and requests shanthini to visaruchufy abt him ...Shanthini says sheis leaving to sigapore...and will be back in 1week...will visaruchufy abt rajesh...Malar says thanks....(1 varusham room pottu visarchalae onnum mudiyadhu..indha amma overnight la visarikka pogudhaam..velangirumLOL)...

Karaikudi Ischool...PTmaster sight adiching maha...Maha taeaching barathanatyam ...(School ground la dance solli thara prey teacher ivangadhaan...performance nadu theruvula kudupanga pola)...PT calls pandi and two boy boys and gives them punishment for not wearing shoes...Maha comes running and tells the boys to get up...PT kadupadiching maha...Maha shocked...PT starts fighting with maha...Maha fights back...Pandi starts crying...Maha sad...(indha maha-pandi track thevaidhana thiru sir??Sleepy)....

Shanthini calls jegan's house...Gokul attends the call...Shanthini thinks rajesh maapu is for ragini...She tells gokul abt rajesh...says that that guy oru maadhiri...anan manager yedho sonnadhukku he sent him a parcel of cow dung...Gokul very happy...

Shanthini says pls reject this guy sir...He is kind of psycho ...Gokul says he will inform malar...Rohini comes and asks abt th phone call...(ellam mudinjavudnaae eppadi correct aa varangaAngry)...Gokul tells her paadhi truth...says maapu rombha nalla paiyanam...pls inform ur akka...Rohini calls malar and malar super happy...

Rohini kadu kaduu nnu informs abt shanthini's msg...Malar updatesthis nalla vaishayam to sokku clan...Makkal ellam super happy...Malar worried abt property fight...Sokku consoles her...

Mahesu says she wants to go to hospital...Tells gopi to accompany him...Sokku says he will come...Mahesu venam gopi dhaan venum nu solludhu...(ellarumae loosa??...Gynaecologist parka amma kooda pogama anna na kootittu pogudhuConfused)....

Berikka family residence...Ragini mappillai rajesh savaal vitting to someone in photograph...Amma tells him to forget her...Photo va kizhichu pottings...Kolaiveri rajesh attacks his mom....(very good...super...Amazing...Indha serial la except sokku and gopi...ellarum kettavanga...Vazhga tamilnadu...valarga nam kudumi pidi sandaiDead)....

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Thursday Updates

Jeganathan calls and Meenachi answers. He ask for Sokku but Meenachi gives the phone to Malar. Jeganathan insults and ask where is the periya manashan who spoke so much about dignity and respect yet send DIL to take sottu from the father nu. Malar warns him not to talk rude about her FIL. She further says they are not after the sottu... she is only saving the sottu from Gokul. At the end the sottu will be return to Jeganathan. But Jega taiyan takka jumps and shouts at her.. further challenges her and tells her she will not get anything. He cuts the line and Gokul ask what happen. Sokku tells him about the conversation and further says he has the rights to decide whom to give this sottu. Gokul thinks.

Maha comes to see Pandi .. who is looking at some pictures of him and his parents. He tells Maha the pictures was taken when he was small for birthday. He wonders why his parents don't like him but Maha who only knows him for such short time loves and cares for him. Maha is touched. She then ask when his birthday and promises this year, both his parents will be with him nu. Pandi becomes happy. His father comes there and gives looks at Maha. He ask Pandi where is patti and he says patti went out nu. Father gives money to him to give it to patti. Maha tries to talk to him but he rudely ask her to stop coming here anymore as it disturbs Pandi's studies. Maha is confused.

Mages is getting ready to sleep. Both Meenachi and Kamu comes and ask her to eat first but she refuses. Malar too comes and says she will bring the food here but Mages rudely ask her to just leave. Meenachi goes to bring food for her. Kamu tells the truth to Mages it was her who called Gopi the other day not Malar. Mages rudely ask if she has taken her father's saguni work now vaa nu .. this magesu and her mouth Angry

Kamu is hurt and goes away cries. Devanae too comes and cries with her saying they both are treated very badly. Both mother daughter hugs and oppari vaikufy...  Ouch

Maha tells Pandi something is wrong and the way his father spoke was not right. Pandi ask Maha not to come as he cannot take it seeing his father scolding her. The loosu teacher comes and chase Pandi away and talks double meaning with Maha Dead

Josiyar sees Sam and suggest Sam to get married. He ask Sam to marry Ragini .. he further indirectly insults about malar gopi and dhimsu and .. kamu marriage and paramu.  Josiyar gives idea to sam to take Ragini to temple and when she is praying with eyes close, Sam should take out the thali and tied it on her ShockedD'oh Sam jumps on Josiyar and bites his nose till he bleeds ShockedShockedShockedROFL


suttamana wasteaana episode D'oh mokka episode!

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Tuesday updt. Aug 7, 2012 updt


Scene opens with our new groom-to-be Rajesh choking his mom..Apparently he is psychotic'

Idhellaam sokku veetla sagajampaa.. if TM thinks he is scaring us, he has another thought coming. Yaaravadhu normal-aa vandhaa dhaan

Namakku aaappu.  He realizes his mistake (rajesh, not TM) and releases his mom. Mom warns him to control himself and only think

Abt Ragini and leaves the room'happaa thappichEn..idhula mummy vera..

Rajesh gathers the torn papers (letter?) and keeps his face on them and shivers and cries.. muthina case pola irukku.

Rags paavam' selvarangame better.


Jagan and Gokul come to the court and see Malar with Ashok, his wife and Sam.  They get tensed and as usual Jagan talks bad abt Malar that

She instigated this with ashok and while her husband on one hand claimed that he did not want any sothu, he has sent her here to fight for it.

She yells at gokul and DIL also yells back.  Her dad tells them to calm down and now Gokul has a thought. He tells FIL why can't he give and why

Shd he go thru' court fight and just give the wealth away? Jagan tells him what he wants to hear- they can claim pithuraarjitha sothu but not his self-earned

Sothu which is the max. Gokul gives his evil smile only to us and walks in.

 Aiyo marandhutten' Maha sees Paandy crying coz PT master made him kneel down in hot sun. She is super sad and consoles him. This is watched by PTM and he teases

Maha outside the class room. And says as long as u don't submit to my proposal, I will torture you. She goes to complaint to the princi but  he says I will turn the plate.

Nee dhaan came to me and proof- our stuff happened yesterday and why r u complaining today? Maha is mad.

 At the Coimbatore hospital, the drips gets done and as the nurse takes time changing it, blood goes from Mayil's body into the tube.  A visiting doc gets perturbed

And warns her. Meanwhile neighboring bed patient pities Mayil and  says he never has any relatives nor visitors. Mayil again submits his nomination papers for Oscar.

(ivanukku AAscar la kooda onnum pEraadhu)'

Outside, this PTM sees Pandy's dad on the road, stops and talks to him and tells him he will slowly lose his grip on Pandy as Maha is taking over and interfering in all matters

Even PTM disciplining Pandy and it is high time the dad takes action. Dad is thoughtful.

 Enga irundhuppaa pidikkaraan TM aaLungaLa'.onnonnum supradeebangaLaa irukku'. Idhukkaagave contest vechiruppaanO.

adadaa, ippo Savithri and Sivaji lookO looking at reportsu and walking on the roadu...Mahesu looks uppu and sees her husbandu...shocko shocku...screenu freezu..namakku dhaandaa nice-uu... 


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                 Friday 10.08.2012

Repetition of Thursday' gory  Dracula  scene . Sam exhibits his cannibalistic traits. Sam's beastly style Thanks giving  petrifies josi . Both their faces smeared in blood. Josi joot, runs for his life thunda kanom thuniya kanomnu.

Second psycho scene . Rajesh mummy shows him ragini's engagement saree & asks his opinion. His face changes colour when he sees the colour. Mummy asks him to inform Rags & also get her  colour choice.- brown colour saree .His first Pappu's voice rings in his mind – Brownuthan enakku pudicha colouru , for all important occasion let us  select the same brown colour.  Rajesh calls his second Pappu – ragini & asks her favourite colour. Says his guess is brown colour. Ragini sings – brownuthan enakku pudikkadha colour. My fav. Colour is blue.Rajesh informs that his mom has selected a brown colour saree for the engagement & asks ragini not to disappoint her by saying she didn't loke the colour. No problem replies Ragini.

Deiva comes to Lolayi with a begging bowl – vazhvu pichai for my apprani daughter Kamu. Please consider our plight. Lola agrees on one condition – take back Paramu the rakshasi –Deiva shattered. Lolayi continues her archanais & abuses of Mayil family & throws Deivanai out. Paramu enters at the same time , seeing mummy crying picks up fight with MIL. Deiva gives a tight slap for her disrespectful behaviour towards MIL & walks away. Paramu & Lolayi engage in eye boxing.

Third psycho scene. [ennapa idhu , inniku psycho naaal pola]. Gokul boasting about the success  of his veera dheera  plans to usurp his mamanar sothu  to his friend.[ Gokul payya unakku mamanar veedu [ jail] assured.]. Says  his tight slap to Ashok's FIL has worked wonders.  His muttal FIL – Makku Jaggu will soon transfer all his self earned sothu in his[Gokul] name. Once it  gets transferred  Gokul plans to ditch everybody & zooom  , off to phoren. Porathukku munnadi  will play some sade sathi trick on Gopi's house also.[ 2 psycho [ Gokul- rajesh] going to join together. Appadina 2 negatives make one positive . Sokku Katila sorry veetla mazhai]

Pandi comes to Maha's house for private coaching.  Maha gets to know Pushpa has sent  him to market on some errand. Maha chides mummy & daddy for using Pandi as an errand boy. Pandi while returning from the market meets with a minor accident on the road & falls down . His father coming that way sees this , takes him to Maha's house & shouts at them. Gives Pandi also 2 thappads. Pirai  assures thet from then on maha will not see pandi , nor will have any contact with him in future.A sad maha looks on Pandi leaving with his father.

Paramu comes to Sokku's house in search of her mom. Update Sokku about Lolayi's drama. Deiva is not in the house. Sokku asks Meenu about her whereabouts. Now Meenu becomes Lolayi [ Olympicla Mouth Boxingnu oru item irundha definetea  Indiakkuthan Gold medal]. Meenu lolonu kathing. Sokku curses himself for asking her the simple question. All his worries were  diverted towards Deiva & her whereabouts . Josi's wife returning from temple informs them that Deiva is sitting & crying in the temple. Gopi & Paramu  leave to fetch her.

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Wednesday - Malar & Sr.pp Got the vote for the dayWinkClap

Mahes returning back after shouting in the road against SR, KObi as usual tries to pacify her.. but she pulls malar n started to bad mouth them..Kobi Ask to walkin to home.Mayil Kona vaya vachukittu Vitta Konar notes yeluthuvar polaLOLLOLLOL..Sokku Dr comes there ..ahah.. mayil started to talk he communicate the happenings n tells that he doesnt want to call his brother now..Dr.Says ok n tells will talk to Church Father..Father over hears this convo n tells Dr. to cure mayil fully n give him a job also solluraru..
Rajesh group is coming out of karaikudi in SR's CarConfusedTongue..In hotel room rajesh makes SR sit in the corner..Rajesh n friends starts water beating ..Rajesh tells his friends abt his engagement they all check about Pappu..rajesh gets wild n drinks too much..n rajesh behaves like psycho n tells he wants to make that pappu regret as he got an better girl than her nu solluran..SR hears on all this naduvula SR ah match box konduvar anupi konjam ill treat pannuran rajesh after water beating rajesh kavuthufies..SR looks at him all his friends goes out for break.
Mahes comes home.. n talks ill about SR..all pamily tries to pacify her..but she jumps n ask them to verify about rajesh properly as they only got her married to SR. Sr.Pp says that Malar has verified about the rajesh..mahes talks as if malar is not related to this home n tells some day she will go as how she came
Angrydirty mahes.. nee than Meen kku correct varisuDead..Kobi n Pp shuts up her same time..But Sr.pp takes the lead.Sr.pp ask mahes to control her tongue n list out all the sacrifice of malar n her behaviourance towards their family in all times.. n ask whether if someone is married to wrong they have to take the pain of living with same person na kekuraru.. if so why did you come here.. we are here to support thats why you take yourself granted to talk ill about people arround you ah kekuraru.Mahes calls her Appa.. he shuts her n tells that no one have good mind to talk about malar here if u guys still do it then u need to see different shades of Sokku nu solluraru.. malar is moved to his speech n takes blessing from sokku n tells if my family could have understand 50% about me i could have been happy but they dont..I get all the support from this family only i will be grateful to this home nu sollura.. Sokku Keeps hands on her forehead n both are with Ananda KaneerLOL
Screen Freezes

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Archives Copy

Monday August 13 2012 




Mr & Mrs Sokkanadhar aka Shivan and Parvathi


Temp. address:
Meenakshi amman tcemple,Madurai

Permanent address:

Kailash, and all  thoons , Thurumbus & everywhere

Subject:Warining messageAngry

Dear sokku and meenu(original),

look ...serial edukaren nnu solli Mr.thirumurugan inga oru kolaveri nadathittu irukaru...neenga engalukku good condition la kudutha ears,eyes ellam serial parthu repair aa pogudhu...Story ae illai...only sound ...ladies shouting mens crying...sathiyama mudiyala...nallarukka maadhiriyae embuttu naaldhaan nadikaradhu??CryCry

So,tell that man.hereafter no saabam and no hairhold fights(kudumipidi sandai)...

Idhu nadakalanna...

unga sons...Master pillaiyar and master murugan ...rendu periyaum kidnap panniruvom...Be carepul...Evil Smile

                                                                                                      Extermee kadupudan
                                                                                                      PP forum members
                                                                                                           India Forums.

Note:This is a fun post..
This comedy piece post is dedicated to our ratna (hopper_ocean)


Deivu crying...location:Temple...Enga ponalum same wrok...crying crying and only crying...Gopi comes there with paramu...Asks deivu why she is sitting here..Deivus ays my aughter kaamu's life is gone...all becoz of this paramu...alray that leelavathi is a lolavathy...inha ponnu making thisng more difficult for my kaamu...iva husban chaing chakk thatradhu ivalukku vasadhiya irukku...our moorthy maapu was like this at tha begining...see him now...;ellam upside down...

Gopi says dont worry abt kaamu...nelli mama will take care of kaamu's life..Gopi tells paramu to bring deivu home and he leaves...

Josi comes running...vaayila plaster...Gopi says super super... 1 week ellarum free aa irupanga...Josi says actually acts ...sammandam haan ippadi senjaan...Sam comes and gopi and sam vambu valarthing with josi...Sam says see gopi machan...ungalapathi thappa pesing...Sam beats josiyar and josi runs away...

Dimsu selvarangam comes and he says he wants to talk abt ragini's maapu rajesh...Gopi says tomorrow is ragini's engagement...Dimsu tells abt rajesh...

Sokku house...Sokku and nelli phone convo...Sokku asks abt kaamu matter..nelli says he will take care of kaamu and ends and sokku says nelli irukka varaikkum kaamu and paramu are safe...

Gopi comes with sam and dimsu...MMahaesu dog maahdiriyae shouting...veliya po veliaya po...Sokku veettu aambalais and pombalais tries to stop mahesu...Oru vazhiya katcheri comes to an end an gopi starts ...tells abt rajesh...Dimsu joins him...says rajesh kku innoru girl kooda link irukkum polarukku...He was very tensed that day...

Again mahesu starts...appa this man is acting...inha aalukku namma veetla nalla vishayam nadakk koodathu...vaad apoda nnu rombha mariyadhaiya talking...Dimsu says i came to warn you..appuram unga ishtam...Sokku tells mahesu to stop...Dimsu says nalla visarichu take a decision...Dimsu leaves..

Gopi says we will talk to them...Sokku tells gopi to call rajesh's parents and tells thsm to come here...Gopi calls rajesh..


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