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7/12 Dragon Club:AarYa's Soulmate Connection..

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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Few interesting observations after watching yesterday's episode for the second time Embarrassed

1st Observation
:Picture of Aarti and Arpita in single frame with Yash is indeed the trigger point of few realisations Thumbs Up ... Yash realises that he always had a soulmate connection with Aarti even when he was with Arpita and there Prashant realises that he never had a soulmate connection with Aarti even when he was with her.. in fact Prashant is out of the picture only LOL ... This realisation results in Yash accepting that he and Aarti were always destined to b together Embarrassed and there Prashant sulking and now beginning to show his true colours by saying I need a last chance just because his manly ego is hurt at the thought of how his existence in Aarti's life is questioned suddenly by this one photo WinkOuch..

2nd Observation : So I finally managed to catch the flashback sequence which I missed a bit yesterday and its pretty symbolic Thumbs Up ... In that flashback Aarti wants to go near the cliff but Prashant wants to hv ice cream which again indicates how both never gelled together as a couple and Aarti was always longing for something more in her life partner which she never got in Prashant  Ermm... On the other hand Yash and Arpita gelled together as a couple and so both were together in agreement and clicking photos there but its just that destiny had other plans and so Arpita died Ouch ...Both Yash-Aarti had a spilt second collision in between when Yash was going towards Arpita while Aarti was going towards the cliff which is again an indication that their paths were bound to collide one day whether they wish for it or not since it was destiny's call Approve...

3rd Observation :
Overall if Tuesday and Wednesday episode was the discovery of Watch which Prashant felt is the connection between him and Aarti which might just force Aarti to go back in time and so he desperatedly wanted to hold onto it  Ouch, then Thursday episode was the discovery of the Photo which nails the fact that Yash-Aarti forever had a soulmate connection even when Aarti was with Prashant and there Yash with Arpita , which is more like a direct reply to Prashant's watch theory Tongue... Prashant now knows that even if he makes Aarti go back in time , Yash exists there too in his past territory Tongue


Episode Analysis

Today's Episode was a interesting story build up where finally the real face of Prashant is out and his intentions are crystal clear now Smile... Prashant was all fine till the time he believed that Aarti-Yash r together because I m sacrificing my family for Yash but the moment Yash made Prashant realise that he and Aarti were destined to b together by sending him the picture last night which clearly shows the soulmate connection of AarYa , thats when Prashant's male ego gets a 200 volts jhatka and his real selfish face is out as he cannot take the fact that he was never the destiny maker of Aarti Big smileBig smile...

Now Prashant wants Aarti-Ansh back in his life for two reasons .. One to get rid of his loneliness and find a certain respect and acceptance in the society as a man Angry and Two to prove Yash wrong about his soulmate connection with Aarti which is only possible if Aarti leaves Yash and comes back to him again AngryOuch...

Prashant's Nightmare gives a future indication of things to come ... Ermm

Prashant's dream cum nightmare was rather scary to b honest because in his nightmare he saw that he went to tell Aarti to give him a last chance and come back to him because he is her first love blabla Angry and then Yash comes and not only says I love u to her but also promises to her that he will always support her even after knowing the truth Embarrassed and then Aarti holds Yash's hand and walks off with Yash leaving behind Prashant which is exactly we as viewers r hoping to see  Ermm...

This is where it gets all scary because normally what one dreams never happens in real and so I m scared whether Yash will so cooly  accept Aarti and propose to her even after knowing Prashant truth in reality  just how Yash did in Prashant's nightmare ConfusedConfused

In Prashant's nightmare towards the end he tells Aarti that Yash's anger will doom your life and this is when Prashant's nightmare breaks ... Again the main word here is Yash's anger and this is where I feel Prashant is gonna cash in Ermm... Prashant is gonna attack two things to get Aarti back in his life now .. One he will target Yash's anger by trying to instigate him against Aarti by saying things like how Aarti's first love will always remain Prashant Ouch and two he will target Scindia family because he feels even if Yash forgives and accepts Aarti after the truth , still Scindia family will never tolerate this lie and will kick Aarti out of the house and then he can play the hero and accept her AngryOuch...

Now my biggest worry is what if Prashant tells the entire truth to Scindia family in Aarti-Yash's absense since as per precap it seems both Aarti-Yash hv gone to Mumbai to work on Paridi case matter ShockedShockedShocked.. Prashant is definitely going to take this advantage and cash on Aarti's absense in the house right now  because he feels Scindia family will kick Aarti and Ansh out of the house , moment they r told the truth Ouch,.. Oh well it does show the selfishness of Prashant where he will b probably the happiest person if Aarti is kicked out of her sasural ,, wowww Angry..Goes on to show his selfish mentality to the core Thumbs Down...

Thats why I hope Aarti tells complete truth to Yash in Mumbai itself since its a place where both will b all alone with no Bua eavesdropping LOL and so it will b easy for Aarti to tell it all to Yash before Prashant makes Aarti's life difficult in front of Scindias  Smile.. If Aarti can get Yash's support and confidence then Prashant can do nothing because Yash knows how to explain it all to his family just how Yash is maturedly explaining it all right now regarding Paridi matter Big smile...

Coming back to Prashant , sighh what can I say , his nightmare and his thought process regarding how he should call back Aarti-Ansh to him asap goes on to show how he will forever remain selfish where he does not mind if Aarti is humiliated in her sasural or if her current hubby abandons her etc etc as long as his wish is fulfilled and he gets rid of his loneliness at nights Angry ,. SICK is the word for him DeadDead...

I m glad Yash's real ILU confession does not come so soon but it was just Prashant's nightmare Big smile

I dunno if I m in minority but for once I m super happy that the confession of Yash was not real but Prashant's nightmare LOLLOL... Yash's confession is gonna be big without any of these issues surrounding Embarrassed.. Also before his ILU confession I m hoping for a grand promo regarding it just how we got one of the best promo of love realisation during Aarti's time Embarrassed...

And to b honest I dont want Yash's ILU before the truth of Prashant is out because as it is Aarti-Yash's punarvivah is built on a lie about Aarti's divorcee status ,so at least their love journey post confession can start with a truth na Embarrassed... I m glad CVs r not hurrying up with confession here even after 200 episodes but is taking its sweet time to build up the entire drama Thumbs Up

Aarti-Yash as usual becomes the pillar of support for Paridi again Thumbs Up

Today my heart goes out to Paridi Hug.. I know she committed a big mistake and has been repenting for it but she really does not deserve this kind of pain in life where if she tries to save herself from imprisonment then she will hv to accept her one night stand with the producer which will break all her relationships with Scindia Ouch or else she will hv to face the 7 yrs imprisonment OuchOuch... Such a pathetic situation for her CryCry...

I m not sure what will b Yash's plan here to save Paridi without telling the truth and why he along with Aarti went to Mumbai , but I guess if Aarti-Yash manages to save Paridi from jail making sure Pratik knows nothing about the whole night fiasco , then Paridi in future might come to Aarti's rescue when she will b in crisis situation with Prashant fiasco Ermm

I loved the scene where Paridi was crying her heart out to Pratik while Aarti-Yash watching it from outside and thinking of ways to save her Cry.. What I loved was the little gesture of Aarti where she leans her head on Yash's arm and asks him to save Paridi which goes on to show how much Aarti believes in Yash's strength to always come out with a perfect solution Thumbs Up.. It was similar scenario of Pankaj-Vidhi once when both were crying because Vidhi was accused for this murder and that time too Aarti-Yash saw it from outside the room and found out the real culprit to save Vidhi ...So everytime someone fall in trouble , Aarti-Yash always came to their rescue as a joint unit Thumbs Up .. Its their togetherness in every matter which has always kept the house united and this is where I hope tomorrow when Aarti will b in mess because of Prashant , that time hopefully both Vidhi and Paridi too will stand by her Smile ...

Yash finding out ways to propose Aarti indicates how he is proposing to a woman for the first time

The quote book scene where Yash was trying to find out different quotes and love shayaris to confess his love for Aarti  was really very  cute  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed,..Goes on to show how Yash really hv no idea how to propose his love to someoone because mayb in Arpita's case , he never really gave a thought of proposing to her as loving Arpita came in package deal with that marriage which is not the case with Aarti in this punarvivah Tongue and so proposing to his ladylove is something Yash is doing for the first time Embarrassed

Mere bhagwan ki kasam bua u r back with a bang Big smileLOLLOL

Bua has become almost a comic relief in the show where her bhagwan ki kasam taunts r sort of funny and entertaining rather than irritating LOL.. Precap got to b the most hilarious I hv seen in long time where Bua is all jumping up and down in tention because Yash-Aarti went to Mumbai mayb to find some solution for Paridi case but Bua is acting as if Yash-Aarti r two lovers who eloped from the house thus committing a big sin LOLLOLLOLLOL...All I can say is Bua plss take a chill pill and mayb go for a groom hunting for yourself WinkLOLLOL...

Overall after whole week of romantic episodes , today we got some dose of reality chk thus CVs indicating to us that Yash's ILU confession is not gonna b a cake walk with Prashant hurdle standing in front right now... so Beware Evil SmileLOLLOL...Monday should b interesting with AarYa back in Mumbai .. Lets see if Yash's ILU confession comes in Mumbai EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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No truer words have never been spoken when it comes to Prashant Satyendra Dubey...Here's a man who left his pregnant wife Aarti for another woman all because he couldn't handle the changes that were happening in his life.  

On his way out of the door, he didn't listened to her plead instead he made her feel as though she wasn't worth loving and that their marriage was base on infatuation not love. 

For years he has been living his life ignoring Aarti & Ansh (their son's) existence, he came back into their lives when he needed a favour from Aarti to get back into the good grace of his parents...Once again Aarti pleaded & begged him to be apart of their lives but he refused citing that he is happy with the love of his life Nida. 


Without  thinking twice, he walked out of their life for the second time leaving Aarti devastated and with no option then to go ahead with her marriage to Yash Scindia the man who saved her after P left her heartbroken.



P came back into their lives once again with his selfish motives, when he was in need of money he came to his parents house claiming that he has changed and that he wants to be there for them in their old ages. 

But it was all a ploy to get his parents to put their house in his name so when they saw right though his facade, he turns around and blamed Aarti for turning his parents against him...What P fail to understand was that Aarti did everything for his parents that he was suppose to do but his selfishness blinded him from seeing that. 


Prashant when on to question Aarti's character and Ansh's lineage which didn't sit well with Aarti who in return let him know that Ansh is Yash's son and don't he dear speak his name...After that last encounter they never saw each other until recently when once again P showed up into Aarti & Ansh lives. 


After helping Aarti in Ansh out of a dilemma, Prashant came to Bhopal where his parents & Aarti found out that he has cancer...The latter came to know after when the Dubeys already had plan to used Ansh's BM without asking her & Yash. And when they did ask her permission they emotionally blackmailed her into not telling anything to Yash which is killing Aarti cause she can't bear the idea of lying to Yash. 


P has befriended Yash & Ansh and his present is disturbing Aarti so much so that she can't seem to control her anger when he's around...Prashant assumed that if he could help Aarti and Yash get closer that she would be thankful to when so he went out of his way to give Yash dinner ideas or a technique to make the latter realize his love for Aarti. 
When Yash used P's tricks, both times he failed...Aarti didn't enjoyed the dinner date and Yash didn't realize his love for Aarti until he was looking straight into her eyes.


Yash been happy about loving his beloved shares his joy w/ Prashant only for the latter to finally show his true colors...P wants Aarti & Ansh back into his life not because he loves them but because he's lonely and he can't stand the idea of Aarti moving on in life when he is stuck in the past. In other words his ego has taking a beating first his second wife let him, then the first wife he thought would be crying waiting for him moved on with her life and could careless about what happens to him. 


P is a self-centered person who doesn't know or understand the meaning of the word selfless so he can come at Aarti & Yash with whatever he got this will just bring them much closer. 


Yash has finally realized his love for Aarti and he even got proof just like when Aarti found that burned pic of her, Yash & Arpita she knew that no matter what they were destined to be together cause they jodi was made in heaven. 





A good episode Clap Clap Clap

It starts with Aarti coming back to the SM, Yash is looking at her from the balcony and is smiling...Aarti walks up to go into the house when P appears in front of her, she asks him what he's doing there? he replies that he can't live without her and Ansh...He asks her to come back to him. Aarti asks him if he has lost his mind and that she loves Yash to which P says that she is wrong, she only loves him and that no one else could ever love her like he does...he goes on to promise her that he will give her everything that she wants and extends his hand out to Aarti she just looks at him and then at him...Yash is looking at them...Please Prashant you were never able to give Aarti what she wanted and that's respect and equality, you just know how to take and not give back into in return so why should Aarti choose you? Tongue Confused LOL

Yash comes and joins them leaving Aarti tensed, Yash tells the latter that he is late and that he doesn't want to delay it any longer in saying that he loves her & Ansh very much and he can't imagine his life without them cause they are his life...The former asks her please forget her first and to come with him as he will never betray her trust...Aarti is very overwhelmed by Yash's statement, she was about to say something but P cuts her off saying that she needs to think practically and not emotionally...Because of the hiding truth from Yash, he will always doubt her and it will cast a shadow on their marital relations...Seriously even in his dream P is manipulative, he wanna use the secret against Aarti in order for her to come back to him LOL LOL LOL

Yash in return tells her that he can only say that he loves her very much just as Aarti is about to go to Yash, P stands between them and once again tells her to come with hom...Aarti walks passed him and takes Yash's hand...They walk into the house leaving P standing there screaming Aarti's name and asking her to come back, P wakes up screaming, it was his dream well more like his nightmare LOL LOL...But does he really think that Yash will say some chessy lines like that to Aarti? D'oh Silly D'oh I can see that he doesn't now much about how passionate Yash is Tongue

Prashant wonders what does the dream means, was it trying to tell him that Yash will not accept Aarti once they come to know the truth about her past and even if he does, his family will not and that they will throw her out the house along with Ansh leaving her alone once again...He decides to save her from such fate and get her and Ansh back to him, he goes on to say that Ansh is his son and that he has to support him in his loneliness...OMG how selfish is that man, he isn't a parent...Until P learns the mean of what being a parent means, he has no rights to call Ansh his son Angry Angry Angry Angry...he was just a sperm donor, a parent puts their kid's happiness before their own and he/she never thinks about what the child can do for them but rather what can they do for the child...I just can't wait for his stupid plan to backfired on him Evil Smile Evil Smile Evil Smile

At the S...A restless and in love Yash is walking up and down in AarYa's room awaiting, he decides that he will just blurt out his feelings to Aarti...He goes looking for a poetry book and starts readings but none of the poems captures what he wants to say to her so he decides to just to for it....Awww it was a delight to see Yash so restless and ready to tell his beloved how much he loves her Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Just then Aarti comes into the room looking gloomy and Yash wonders what happened to put her in such state...In self though Yash says that this is not a good time to tell her about his feelings, he asks her how did her talk with Pari go? She tells him what Pari told her about referring to go to jail than to see hatred in Pratik's eyes for her...Upon seeing her still down Yash walks up to her and puts his hands on her shoulders, he asks her not to worry...he proceeds to tell her that they will find another way to get Pari out of this mess....Awww how could they not fall in love with each other when they are both very selfless human beings, they both put aside their personal needs in order to help their family member whenever they are in crisis Heart Heart Heart

Pankaj calls SP, Yash and Pratik...Aarti and Yash leave and they join the rest of the family who are gathered in the living room, Pankaj tells them that the date for the finale hearing in Pari's case is out...Yash asks him when is it, Pankaj replies tomorrow leaving everyone shocked...Pankaj goes on to say that he tried his best to get the date pushed back but the prosecutor got an early date to throw them off given the lack of evidences and so they won't have time to prepare their defense...Ahhh that sucks poor Pari, well it looks like we'll get to see Pari's finale hearing...Can't wait! It was great to see my sly fox back on screen today Wink Big smile

Boa once again starts her drama that now the Scindia family is sure to have a stain and that Pari will have to spend 7 years in prison, she goes on to ask them to do everything in their power to save Pari from going to jail....Pfffttt why can't that woman stay out of the family crisis she just makes things worse instead of better Angry Ouch Ouch

Aarti gestures Pari to talk but she nods no, Gayatri collapses into the chair and says that by tomorrow everyone in Bhopal is going to know that the youngest DIL of the Scindia Parivaar is a murder and that where they once walked with their heads high they will have to walk with them hanging in shame...She continues to say that Pari has stripped them of their respect in the society, Yash asks her to compose herself so her health doesn't worsen and not to say anything that will bring Pari down cause right now she needs her family's support right now at that it's the elders' duty to forgives their young ones mistakes...the elders leaves...Awww poor Scindia family they are all being affected by, Gayatri breaking down like that was just heartbreaking...but she needs to understand that image isn't everything especially when it comes to violence against a woman, Pari was defending herself but I totally understand where Gayatri is coming from Unhappy Cry  Unhappy

Not able to take it anymore Pari leaves the living room as well and goes to her room where Pratik follows her, Aarti is very upset seeing all that...Pratik is trying to console Pari who is crying uncontrollably, he tells her that nothing will happen to her and that if she has to end up in jail that he too will go with her...How adorable of you Pratik but he won't be with Pari is she goes to jail...I love how he is trying to reassure her, this fiasco has surely made him a little more mature and responsible...I'm really afraid about what he will do when he finds out the truth Ermm  

AarYa are watching all that fro the doorway...An upset Aarti lays her head down on Yash's shoulder and tells him that they have to find away to help PraDi out of this as she can't bear to see them crying like that...Yash tells her that they is only one way left to save Pari, a puzzled Aarti looks at him....Awww i love the way Aarti just rested her head on Yash's shoulder without hesitation and wept Cry Cry Embarrassed Embarrassed 

PRECAP: It's the next AM, while everyone is ready to go to court, boa comes with some shocking news that AarYa have left...She shows SP a package and says that she thinks it's the same in which the air tickets were delivered to them in leaving everyone confused...this is the second time that AarYa have been there looking at their siblings' helplessness and decide to do something about it...I love how they always come together to save their family, they make an unstoppable team Clap Heart Embarrassed

Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary were amazing Hug especially in that last scene, the way Aarti finally broke down and leaned into Yash for support, he was her pillar and it was very symbolic as to what to come in the future when the truth about her past comes out Star Star Star Star Star

The emotions those two displayed today was beautifully executed as well as Leena Jumani & Zahida Parveen Clap Clap Clap

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thanks jyo..love the title.. Blushing

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@All:Nice Update and comments by everyone..u ppl steal my heart like yash with cool comments
@Jyothi:Tqs a ton for the new thread and ya soulmate cool title...
Everyman and woman has two faces...Same like Yash cruel side and romantic side is shown...But yash has different shades...according to me...Prashanth is underestimating him...If he go and ask yash ... i need aarthi...Will yash make a  sacrifice...???No chance...I cant wait for the war
Coming to Yesterday Episode...
Yash Yash Yash!!!! Entire episode is dedicated to his love realization to his arthiji...Yash basically being straight forward guy to the core...Never even hestitate to tell his views what his heart says to his closed ones...Whether it is paridhi issue or about prashanth anything...Prashanth evil and self-centred guy to the core who always try to dependent on everyone...What he has for aarthi is not love as @Jyo said...Just to make his ego and since his lonelyness kills him he need a companion now...Angry..Crap...I dont blame yashji...I wont say him naive too...He just consider prashanth as his good friend and want to share the good news of his newly found love towards his aarthiji..Yash after 200episode found a beautiful mother , daughter-in-law and atlast her woman...
Hmm...When yash though realized his love still was confused how aarthi entered his adamant heart...where only arpita was there...Vidhi bhabhi is my darling...She was the one responsible for aarthi love realization for yash and she now responsible for yash love for his aarthiji too...Fantastic bonding of vidhi with aarthi-yash...Love will enter like a breeze..whether we accept or not...It is after all heart..Heart dunno to listen to mind...When we cannot tolerate our loved ones silence and their missing for  a sec is like a million days...This is the perfect situation and occasion to tell We are in Love...But Yash realization of aarthi love was so beautiful than aarthi...Love it...
EmbarrassedScene where vidhi and prateek make aarthi realize her love for her yashjiEmbarrassed
EmbarrassedVidhi makes Yash realize his love for aarthijiEmbarrassed
Now comes the cold and tough war between yash vs prashanth in Punar vivah...I just read a article in facebook..It was like...We now seen yash positive characterization of lovable , romantic , caring person and hubby to aarthiji..In future episode interesting another side of yash into picture...OMG i cant...
Coming to confession i feel yash is definetly going to...Since in future when fighting with prashanth yash must have a valid reason to fight with him...which is nothing but aarthi-yash love each other...
I am ready for the ride for today...How about everyone hereSmile

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For Whom the Bell Tolls: My Rant.


I'M BLOSSOMS! LOVE'S WORK IS NEVER DONE! generated with the Imgflip Meme GeneratorWE ARE BUTTERCUP AND BUBBLES SECRETS WILL NOT DESTROY US! generated with the Imgflip Meme Generator

That is something new in PPG AT threadBig smile

Chk the 2nd post for the link .

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Ta da !!!

EDIT: Reserved 

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@Zetter and @Tilu:Nice pics...Love it...
@Zetter:Again your comments are too too good to read

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