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Wednesday - Mahes Avataram,Rag's Jollu & Mayil regret - Part 2
Saree is gifted to rag's by Mom, Rags is looking at mom.Mom Ask her to wear n come. malar ask rags to wear n come. rags goes in.. dev's comes to Meens n tells that she wants to be away while groom family is here  nu sollura..but meen's ask her not bother abt it n ask her to be normal n leaves. Dev moves aside.. malar appreciates meens for her act meens tells that even dev's is affected thats why.. santi n sothai mams comes in..meens turns off  malar calls them in..santi chides for the act.. n tells flately that they regret for their brother n thier act..meens is about to talk.. puyal mahes arrives to dice with all her padai.. n starts off her archanai towards santi n sotai..both are dumbstuck n even pp pamily dosent stop her.. santi n sotai leaves there comes our PP show DOVE(namma sr.pp than) n 2nd calls them in .. but mahes non-stop express goes on n on..santi ask her to take off mahes tali , mahes ask her send her brother to take it off as she wants to give him nicely too.. Pp is with no words.mahes tells that she doesnt need SR, as she is hurt to the core.
Jollu mappu with his mom n padai comes in with some gift in his hand.. all welcomes them..mappu ask apology next mom turn.. its all getting heard by rag's n malar.. Rag's is convinced. all are calling for rags ..she comes in with coffee.. new aunty keeping flowers for rags n takes coffee.. next our jollu boy..ore jolluD'oh n takes off coffee.. rags tries to goes in.. but malar makes her wait.. new aunty is telling her jollu boy's adamant ness towards rag's now investigation teams starts off..checks about property status.. new aunty tells hubby busy business man n son is software engineer with 8 Lakh per annum nu solluranga.. dev's feels something awkward n changes face.. all are deciding to fix marriage in 15 days time.. all are about to leave jollu boy mommy kathu kadiching n gives his gift to rags after all concerns of PP Family rags takes the gift. all leave.. Rags goes inside with all her Sis padai n opens n sees Mobile as Gift.. switches on the Mobile.. Screen shows i love you.. ore vekkam's
Mayil is in hospital, Doc diagonize that he is in mayakkam n tells that let him awake we can gather info nu sisters kitta solluraru..all leaves from mayil bed.. mayil wakes up n thinks FB of him talking to Josi..n regret with kona vaiTongue nadippu thangala da samiiD'oh
Screen Freezes

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July 24, 2012 updt (756?)


At NA's place, he calls for Ramesh and advises him about how to handle Paramu and her temper. He says, you have to give respect to your wife's feelings but appappo kandikkanum…(ivar style layaa? Paavam ramesh dhaan vaanguvaan) ivan oru adi kuduthaa, ava naalaa thiruppuvaa…

NA continues and tells Ramesh that avaLOda expectations are good but that does not mean you have to disregard your mom's feelings. U need to respect her and her wishes too..kizhinjudhu krishnagiri…. Iva amma pazhamozhi solliye kolluvaannaa indha paramu urutti vaayaalaye kolluvaa… he also tells ramesh that params wanted to go to her parents' place and please take her and give her money too..what no kathirikkaai?


A subdued ramesh feels like a baliyaadu (idhE KB padamnaa oru aadu kaamichiruppaar) goes up and Paramu sensing some of this, sweet talks and gets the details and gets mad..but starts her drama saying no one respects her and not even NA.. Ramesh pacifies and they come down and before they arrive, similar set of advise to Lols….by NA..says that after all, if u insult params, ramesh gets upset and isn't he your son…(aamaam, avan piLLaiye illai… by Lols) please try to control ur tongue….

They come down and he instructs Params to vidai petrufy from dear MIL and Params does and Lols says something nakkalaa and goes inside.


Mayil in the road, unconscious….. and folks gather around him thinking he is drunk…. Two nuns come forward and take care of him.

Father Mayil aaiduvaaraa?


SokkudhE manam…sorry.. sokku house…. Folks are busy and Gopi comes in to find Devayani crying in all fineries… don't know where they are going… orE lengthy conversation cursing her husband for what he did, listing atrocities, Sokku and Gopi paramaatmaa and jeevaatma and even God will be afraid of them….and says, even though I hate my husband, I don't know if I should for he has just me and no one else…as a dutiful wife, should I start believing that he is actually reforming and accept him? In betw, Meenakshi comes inside and immediately Devs starts cursing loudly and Meens interrups and talks bad abt Mayil and asks Dev not to talk anything more abt him.


After she leaves, Devs feels to Gopi that for all the things he has done, he deserves to die and God know, maybe he already is dead (Gopi is so choked and hold her hands..sithi, sithi…nu polambings, no he will come back, didn't he say he is coming for ragini's wedding?) but whatever said and done, if others bad-mouth him, I am not able to tolerate it, Gopi.

So saying, she asks gopi if he still hasn't forgiven his chithappa or sethappu..and she needs to know it NOW… he cries and says, if my dad has accepted him as his brother, I who has tremendous respect for my dad, will also accept him..yes, I was angry and unforgiving..but now, after listening to you, all my anger has been washed away. Don't worry and Devs cries some more..overstock of glycerin at work here….


Just then Malar walks in and an emotional Devs holds her hands and says, u must have done punyam in ur poorva jenmam and that is why u landed up with our kula sothu….kula viLakku, kula jothi,…ellaa kula pazhaiya movies list google panni therinjukkonga. Just hold on to him and you both shd live long and unga life-la inime no bad things or kavalai…yerumugam dhaan.


What, Gopiyum water plant starting? Coz in a couple of serials adhu dhaan come up in one episode in life.  


Dev leaves and Gopi tells Malar that Devs is in 2 minds and asks Malar to inform his mom not to talk bad abt Mayil in front of Devs chithi… and cries and leaves the room. Malar is left thoughtful and standing..freeze..



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At sokku house. He is happy wedding is fixed in near date .. now his brother will be back soon nu. Meenashi is worried on how they are going to handle the sudden expenses. Maha father ask him why his worried about all this when they are here. The golds they kept for Maha is still there... he offers it to Sokku to use it for Ragini. Sokku ask Devanae if its ok with her as Maha is her DIL nu. Devanae says she is fine with this nu.

Maha comes.. Gobi ask why so late. Maha says sorry she could not join the function morning as she could not take emergency leave nu. She goes in where all the girls are sitting and talking. Maha ask Ragina is she is happy and what mappilai said to her. Malar sister kindalfy Ragini and praises her future husband. She says he is looking smart and even got mobile for Ragini nu. Paramu ask ennodhu purushanaku enna kuraichal? He too looking smart nu ShockedLOL Malar sister says adhu nee taan vaichikanum LOL Magesh husband face fulla thadi while Ramesh thaadi kulla face nu LOL Paramu gets hurt and ask why she is saying like that... Maha sister continues to kindalfy her saying her husband 24/7 holding her mundanae nu ROFL

Kamu tells Ragini in a way she seem to be the lucky one for now. Look at her and magesh.. in such happy moment also they both can't enjoy it nu. Ragini ask her not to worry as everything will change soon nu.

Just then Ramesh comes calling Paramu nu and all the girls tries to hide their smile ROFLROFL Paramu shows Ramesh face and praise how handsome he is... and says how brave he is too.. he even broke his anna's head during an argument. Everyone is shock especially Kamu .. but Paramu very lighta tells her sister not to worry his fine nu and continues to talk about Ramesh... Kamu cries thinking of her husband Ouch

Both akka and mama comes back and reports to Dhimsu.. thinking he would be angry with mages nu. Instead his angry with his sister for not talking properly and also for asking the thali. He then tells them his going to work .. his friend has a tea shop. Sister says good also and where is the shop. Dhimsu says Karaikudhi and her sister is shock Shocked she ask if he got not VMSS vaa nu... but dhimsu just leaves after giving her some money

At Lolayee house... Big Lolayee + small Lolayee = Ratna hear bleeding D'oh

Ramesh helping Paramu washing cloths. Lolayee kutti kamichufy about how asingam man is doing house work.. suppose to go to work and earn money nu. Both her son and DIL is also there... Ramesh in return says nothing is wrong helping wife rather then not going to work and only holding amma mundanae nu ... Paramu then starts her mouth.. how much many people hates her family .. despite all that still something good happen and continues to praise about Ragini's proposal. She praises the mapillai and also Ragini future MIL.

Lolayee after Paramu goes in .. tells Murthi she is going to make sure Ragini proposal is destroyed Shocked she did one big scene during the 60th wedding.. of course she can come up with something for this too ... Lolayee is determine to stop Ragini's wedding D'oh

Devanae talks to Gopi. She somehow feels something fishy with this proposal .. they seem to be super rich family plus mapillai seem to be earning so much...but still what made them to come here to take ponnu? why this family which got nothing to offer much nu Ermm Devanai wants Gopi to visarichufy the mapillai family first nicely nu. Gopi agrees. Even for Dhimsu also Devanae did say something is not right nu.. but they ignore her and now Magesh life is just nothing nu ... Gopi says he will look into this mapillai matter.


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                                    Friday 27.07.2012


Josi Sokku's wife calling out hubby for moonlight dinner.  Josi who is in bad temper shouts at wife ' endi en tummyla oru towering inferno taking place & you are calling me for  eating. [ besh besh , ammani just cook raw rice in his tummy ' tummy energy like solar energy- gas bill micham , velai micham]. Poor wife thinking it to be actual tummy burning suggests remedies ' sings "  ore  spoon Gelusil  , tummy burning bye bye sollividum" , still better meet a doctor.  Irritated  Josi's tummy burning  goes high high .Wife gets to know the reason for Josi's tummy burning ' attam pattam kondattam at pee pee sokku's family. He is upset that all his efforts to ruin Sokku family happiness has gone down the drain.  Pul thadukki payilvan , Komaru , rowdymangama mummy Komaru & Mayil, Kuyil Kaka , all have ditched him . All good things are happening at Pee Pee's family. Angry with her mean minded husband Josi wife prescribes the apt medicine for him ' patni ' no food & takes the dinner plate inside.

Rajesh calls Ragini. Meenu mummy takes the call. Jollu vazhinjing. Starts the conversation with I Love You message. Meen gets hyper , then gets to know it is her new maapu. Maapu apologises to anti [ maapu  anti aunty?He pronounces aunty as anti ]. Meen gives the phone to Ragini. Love lessons starting.Jollu lectures on Lovvu ' I love you , a[u]nty loves uncle , uncle loves aunty , gopi loves malar & vice versa. So love is life , life is love , love is not a ketta word, love is universal ' Enough Dr. Rajesh ' thanga mudiyala .Malar comes  in search of Ragini. Meen  bit rudely stops her saying Ragini is talking on the phone. Shocked & hurt Malar leaves the place '

Dimsu Selvam talking to his friend.  Friend gives him left & right for his adulterous act. .Says drogam to preggy wife is unpardonable.A mere sorry is not the solution to the problem. His wife has every right to be angry with him. Asks Selva, will he pardon his wife if she had committed adultery? Selva has no answer . All he wants now is to prove to his wife that he has reformed , truly repent his mistake. Friend offers to talk to Gopi & find some solution. But Selva refuses the offer. The friend gives the taxi key to him & asks him to take up the driver's job. Now the Q is where would Selva stay. Friends house is also small with more members. However  Selva decides to have his address  c/o platform.

Sokku eating. Phone rings. Hurriedly Sokku picks up the phone hoping it to be from Mayil. Alas it was some other person. Meen gets irritated with him . Starts bad mouthing about Mayil. Deiva gets wounded , leaves the place on the pretext of attending to some work. Sokku also upset & leaves the food unfinished. Malar persuades athai not to talk ill of mayil mama in deiva's presence. Meen starts jumping up & down. Tells Malar how Deiva would have behaved had she been in meen's position , & warns everybody not to advice her.

Mayil lying pathetically in the hospital bed. The doctor asks him about his relatives. He is not able to answer. Then the doctor hands over the charge to another doctor by the name Sokkalingam. Thats it Mayilku pasam ponging , holds the doctor's hand & cries. The doctor mistaking his cry for his ailment assures him that he will alright soon.

Habba oru vazhiya finished it. . Longest time taken to write this update ' 3 days . Guinness record.

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 Monday Updates 30.07.2012

Josiyar with wife meets up Lolayee and DIL. Lolayee knows his big mouth and goes to him ..  ending up both nalla vayaadikuraning about Sokku Mayil family. Josiyar says worse now that Ragini got a proposal and sokku kaiyala pidhichify panna mudiyalae nu .. Lolayee idhu taan sakanu ask Josiyar to provide her information about Paramu proposal and she will ruin that for Sokku family nu. Josiyar becomes very happy and takes down Lolayee number. Lolayee and DIL leaves. Josiyar wife starts laughing saying only she knows her husbands raasi nu Tongue Whom ever comes to Josiyar turns out being good and going back to sokku.. soon Lolayee will change and she too will fall on Sokku feet nu .. Josiyar is annoyed with his wife LOL

Sokku suggest to advertise Mayil missing on paper but Malar says its not such a good idea. Further Mayil has promise to come for Ragini's marriage so lets leave that for now nu. Meenashi comes.. malar  walks away from there. Meenashi ask enna marumagal and mamanar talking nu and Sokku nakkalfy saying they were talking about potatoes nu LOL

Devanai and Kamu comes with bag.. they plan to go back to their own house. Sokku ask why and what happen? He ask meenashi if she said anything vaa nu... avalava taan .. meenashi tayya takka jumping and shouts asking why is she to be blame for everything. She gives big kumbudhu to Devanae not to leave this home as everyone will blame her nu. Malar just stands there silent .. Meenashi even says something kuttufying Malar Confused

Dhimsu comes to meet Gopi to say sorry. Gopi says he too don't know what to do and ask him to wait for Mageshu  cool down and forgive him. Gobi says his angry with Dhimsu and by right not talk to him but he feels bad for him same time. Gopi leaves saying this time his unable to do anything. Dhimsu is left standing sadly ..


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Tuesday Updates Reserved for Mala akka


Update by Swash.

Hey sorry folks, was too too busy..

Tuesday's updt.


The new maapLai (I can see a tight noose around his head already, visible only to us) plays hide and seek to spot Ragini.

She walks by with Geetha and he goes vazhinjing and is given a slap by a guy who has been watching it from the teashop.

Ragini clarifies that he is her fianc and he apologizes. Meanwhile our Moorthy comes and insults ragini and geetha and also warns

The new guy.  Ragini gives back good and he leaves. New guy asks about him and Ragini gives him high level details.


Lolayee's house. Moorthy walks in and gives his usual sarcastic account of what had happened that sokku's girls were scouting

For good guys in the streets and gets an earful from Paramu who has been listening. She insults Moorthy saying that didn't he once

Climb her house walls to talk to Kaamu and so was it good? Ramesh comes that instant and paramu's tone changes and she konjufies

Him. Lols is stunned at this transformation and complaints to Ramesh and he defends Paramu and says won't you like it if your husband

Defends you? Also, I know paramu. You guys would have told something insulting and she would have been just retaliating.  So saying he

Konjufies paramu in front of all (kashtam, ivaLukku vandha vaazhvu) and takes her upstairs. Lols thalaila adichufies and eldest DIL says something

Nakkal to her and Lols thinks even she has started to back answer now.


Rags and Geeths updts the entire family abt the new maapLais visit and moorthy's intervention.  Devayani and Kaamu are ashamed and this is

Enough for Meens to start off his tirade against Mayil. She goes on and on and Sokku after a while asks her to stop. Idhu dhaan kooptu vechu

Avamaanappadutharadhaa? Paavam devs and kaams could go stay in their place. Meens insults them some more and walks off.  Sokku apologizes

To them and Rags does too. 


Gopi tells sokku abt dev's words ' to thoroughly enquire abt this new groom. Sokku says we need to trust dev's words and you go to Bangalore to

Find out abt this guy from his workplace.. avan dhaan inga kaaraikkudila dEra pOttundu irukaanE.

He stops for a minute and tells Gopi to take Malar away from this zoo for a few days as well and take her with him.


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~~~~~July 2012...Archives...~~~~~

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