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Meenashi appadi ippadi nu baldi adikura Shocked timing & situation ketha madhiri she talking Shocked

Meenashi action start fire

M moruchufy Devanae. Nelli continues saying pandi was killed by the boss. More shock for everyone ShockedShockedShocked Malar cries and cries and Devanae too cries... M goes to her and says adiyaeee aluvadhey inga... innum unnodhu drama stop pannalaiya... Unnodhu purushan ippadi alandhu alandhu engala emathufy pannan ... Meenashi curses Mayil and ask why he did all this. He blame her entire family for Pandi's death... made devasam for her son Gopi who is still alive. Stopped their 60th marriage and send Sokku to jail. All this cause of pandi death. Now they know who killed Pandi.. what would Mayil do now? Cry in regrets and hang himself Shocked? Meenashi ask what her family never did for Mayil and his family? Everything both her husband and son did. Mayil in return humiliated them.. slapped her .. spoke ill of her family and now worse.. send Sokku to jail. Devanae continues to cry. Meenashi ask her not to cry and kottufy her pavam in her house.

She goes to Malar, begs her forgiveness (amma nalla pesitu ivanga sorry solluvangalam Angry) Even falls at malar's feet Shocked Goes to Devanae and ask how could Mayil put such blame on Malar? and she too like no brain had curse and insulted Malar only because she trusted Mayil. Devanae cries and cries and cries.

Sokku ask Meenashi to stop but she ask what is to stop? Gopi too says podhum amma nu. Meenashi ask them both to stop simply forgiving people. Adhan they do more to them. Meenashi goes to her husband and ask indha asingathaka you took the blame? Devanae no longer could take the insults.. cries and leaves the house. Kamu cries seeing her mother getting all the scolding. Sokku ask Meenashi why she is talking like this. When she gets angry she just lash out her words.

Sokku says pavam Mayil nu (Sokku will not tirundufy D'oh) Now when Mayil has known the truth.. he will suffer for doing all this to Sokku nu... Right now he must be tavikaraning vera..Sokku calls Gopi to follow him to go and samadanafy Mayil ShockedOuch But Meenashi stops him saying over her death body if he wants to go and see Mayil. Let him die in regrets. No one from this house must ever talk about him or bring him in. He is her live enemy for ever.  Sokku sits unable to do anything. Nelli takes Gopi outside and says what ever his mother has spoken is all correct. Gopi ask Nelli what is going on with this Kaamu and Paramu matter. Neeli ask him not to worry as he will take care of it nu.

Mayil walking on the way back.. meet someone and once again puts up fake act about his sad on Sokku going to jail DeadDeadDeadDeadDead


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 Friday - thatkal reservation

                                     Friday 13 7 2012

Chappa mookazhagi Paramu gets the news of Sokku's release.Happy Paramu loudly announces the matter with added spice. Indha ponnu vaya vachundu summa illama ,  starts needling soundlayi – enga periappa pathi pesina vayila koLLikattai soruganum. People should think before passing comments about my periappa.Now he has been proved innocent. , fie up on those who spoke ill of  him . Summa viduvala Soundlayi ,  varinju katti varing for fierce  fight . Next 5 minutes phata phut phut 1000wala crackers bursting .Lolayi mouthlerndhu pazhamozhi mazhai layered  with creamy abuses , kumbabishekam to Paramu kudumbam - kudumbame thiruttu kudumbam , keduketta kudumbam , vekkamketta kudumbam , doles out some comments on Paramu's looks – chappa mooki , chala vayi ,digs at her past love attam. Paramu  no less ,gives it back. Silent spectators for this uninterrupted words volley of Karakudi Wimbledon are Guru & Mallika – both Lolayi supporters. Undeterred Paramu  hits backwith equal force. Livid Guru raises his hand to hit ,unflustered Paramu challenges him to hit & the face consequences. Guru lowers his hand. Match ends in a draw , both the parties vacate the court.

Deivanai  & Mayil in their maligai. Mayil restarts his usual drama – hello  deivanai have  you  heard the news of Sokku's confession , velila head kaata mudiyalai , all talking about it , pochu pochu ellam pochu , manam mariyadhai gone Titanic way , all people at the temple jeer at me ,why did annan stoop so low  as to steal  temple jewel ,  ayio ayio had he told me about his panakashtam I would have pawned my head [ You unnodadhu enna golden heada , oru sotta thalai. Aa  OO na thalaya adagu vaikirenu solranga. Yarappa andha money lender , giving kasu for the head. I too don't mind pawn my head] . Mayil's  usual overacting continues.. Deiva patiently watches the drama with an angry look all thru. Finally opens her mouth – lashes  out. Shows her contempt & disrespect for him in all possible ways. Says even comparing him to animals would be a disgrace to the animal . His ill behaviour towards the family who had been their saviour , mentor & well wisher all thru ,is an unpardonable act.  Further says that Mayil's fake drama is out in the open. Fully aware of Mayil's heinous  act  Sokku still tried to cover him up by owning responsibility for jewel theft .  Mayil  dismayed at the wild outburst but has no remorse for his act. Feels he was duty bound to avenge Pandi's untimely death. Tells Deiva that his dead son would be appreciating & applauding his act .

 Up on hearing this Deiva drops the next bomb shell.Adei makku  purusha Pandi's real murderer is his  marakkadai motta Boss , that  mystery too solved by Gopi thangam .  Anyayama you have spoilt the name , fame of a respectful family . The  noble people who really cared for us , head of the family who treated you as his son , who solved  all our problems – all their manam mariyadhai down the drain because your obnoxious drama. You don't deserve to be pardoned. But  sure noble Sokku will pardon you & that is your biggest punishment. Deiva gives him truck load of sabams as to how he should & would die &  leaves the house saying she would rather remain a servant in Sokku's house than be Mayil's wife.

Mayil thaLLadi thalladi coming in to the house . Stands before Pandi's photo & cries, moves forward , looks at his face on the mirror & kaari thupping at himself.

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Archives Copy


Sokku house...Deivanai polambing and sokku clan listening...Deivanai karichu kotting her dera husband mayil...says as dabbawali said his saavu nalla saava irukka koodathu...Sokku shocked...what r u talking deivu...he is ur husband...But deivu ippo rombha nallava...praises sokku and meenakshi ...u r our god...but my purushan is a villain...his mistakes cannot be forgiven...Sokku sad...

Deivu goes near meenu and says...meenu meenu...pls talk to me...bash me...hit me...but dont send me out...neenga kudukara saapda saaptu i'll stay here in ur house...but will not go back to that manushan...meenu face thiruppings...Sokku tells deivu to stop...dont talk like this...u should forgive mayil and accept him...meenu shouts niruthunga...

Sokku says ok...if mayil dies...will u be happy?...Meenu still angry...Sokku says mayil ippadi senjadhala we now know abt pandi's kolaikarans...we should forgive mayil...Kaamu intereferes and says appava irundhalum we should not forgive him...Ragini joins kaamu in thitting mayil...Sokku tries to stop everyone...But ellarum varinjukatti thittufying mayil...

Deivu says pancha paandavis solradhu 100% true...he should be punished...What will happen to paramu and kaamu...leelavthi will play football with my daghters head...Deivu class eduthufy abt nadaswaram instrument and its music...Vittuthallufy my purushan...ponavaru appadiyae pogattum...(vazhga tamil penmanigal!!)...

Sokku super shcoked...comes near gopi and says we separated malar from gopi...for that gopi should punish us...but no...Malar should avoid us...but no...u slapped malar meenakshi...but this girl poruthufy we r the one who sould get puninshement...

Sokku in full pechu mood he goes near kaamu and praises malar...Then to ragini...says malar kku illadha akkaraiya ungalukku...and says my brother is important for and i want to meet him immediately before he does something wrong...He may harm himself...Sokku,gopi and sammandam leaves ...

They reach mayil's house...door locked...sokku and co searching...Mayil missing...Sokku starts crying..His neighbour calls sokku and gives a key and a letter...Sokku reads the letter...Mayil's sorry letter...sokku azhudhu vadinjikittu reading ...says mayil is gone...poittan...Sammandam says he will not do anything like that...dont panic...

Sokku says i want my lollipop back...sorry...i want my mayil back...crying...

Next day...Sokku veettu ladies kovil kku kelambings ...Sokku says kovil la vendam...60 aam kalynathukku namma veettu pooja room is enough...

Pooja room...kalyanam over...ellarum including deivanai getting asirvadham from sokku and meenu...Ingayum vandhu deivanai continuos his polambal and oppari...

Sokku oramkatting gopi and says he is very worried abt mayil...somehow we have to find him and bring him back...He asks gopi...are u angry with mayil??Gopi says yes...but i'll bring back mayil for u...just for u...Gopi leaves and sokku super happy...



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Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 updt.

Begins with sandai panchayat at NA's place where sons Murthy and the eldest one blames Paramu's big mouth and Lolayi defends them.  NA cuts them short and then Murthy asks abt baagappirivinai…NA says henceforth all proceeds from veggies will be divvied up by 3 and there will be 3 kitches…why asks sons but NA insists.

Ramesh wants to stay upstairs and the middle portion is claimed by the eldest. And when Vanitha asks abt the rest, NA says the others can live in harmony??? In the other areas.  They ask abt separate residences but NA says they cannot sell the house just like that and Lolayi supports him.

Lolayee sits outside and eldest DIL goes and queries why they didn't sell the house and go separate ways and she answers that then she wont know what NA, who is sokku house's adimai, will go give Paramu and Kaamu…so it is better this way.

Outside Murthy calls up Kaamu and insults her non-stop and tells that if she comes back, he will kill her. she gives back good and says he should have come here to do that and also, he said he is not her husband and then why she she listen to him? He plans for torture episodes when she switches the cell off.   Not knowing that, he continues raving and gets mad when he finds out that she hung up on him…curses some more…


Touching moments with malar and gopi…gopi asks how malar remained calm when his mom and devayani insulted her, his mom even hit her ;and malar remained is his trust in her, claims malar.  When all others cast me as having lived with someone, u took my hand and even when u came to see me at Kaaja's house, you just asked what happened. I am just reciprocating that trust.  This is always my family and I knew when athai and devayanai where shouting, they didn't know the truth. Even then, I told them they will act different when they know the real story and to mayil mama I told him he would find it difficult to face her in the eye. Maybe that is why, he left?

No,says gopi, it is coz of my dad, he can't face appa.. gopi says malar is his strength and weakness personified..strength when she stays beside him and weakness when she is away and takes her hand..malar wants to make maha's life ok and also rags and kamini supported her even then and so they shd make their life fine.


A distraught Mayil goes to the town where the America returned guy and his mom came to see ragini during the 60th debacle and goes confesses all to them, saying  he wrongly assumed his bro and gopi were behind pandi's death and was taking revenge.. but in fact, he was killed by his own boss and that Sokku is Sokka thangam. But that mom says that they have already decided on another alliance and that either tomorrow or the next day, they were going to finalize the deal…..Mayil is stunned.



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Updates by Laksh

Panchayat DayOuchWink - Wednesday -18th Jul 2012

Mayil convince the new mappu pamily n finally touch thier feets n beg them to  agree for this marriage..n gives more certificate annan..Jollu Mappu tells his mom that rags is my soppanasundari, so plsss get me married to her nu solluran..n now mayil apologizes to new mappu for acting so wrong.. mappu says its good that you now came for clarifying every mess nu solluraru.mayil confirms that rags is 4th kuthuShockedvilakku of our pamily very good girl nu solluraru..samanthi lady agrees to go n meet Sr.Pp family n ask mayil to join them , but mayil rejects the offer n ask them to leave.

Adutha panchayat at SR homeOuch, Bajju Santi is getting teached by SR to go n talk to Sr.pp he will surely forgive mistake of SR nu solluraru.. Bajju is telling that i have always given big openingLOL in thier home , but now you want me to go down to them all my fate but will do nu solluranga..Pirai is coming to sr.Pp home n tells that mayil whereabouts in found he have convinced grooms family for Rags nu solluraru ..mmm.. kekanuma namma Sr.pp ya..goes to meens n ask her forgive mayil atleast over the time n ask other also not to neglect when he comes back nu solluraru.. noone replies him.. finders kobi & sam leaves home to search for mayil.
Kobi n Sam is in search of mayil in the town, mayil in some tea shop get to see some brothers fighting with each other.. mayil do an lecture in teashop on brother relationship n tries leave.. duo boys checks with thier dad whether this man lost his sense..mayil comes back n tells that am more than mad man..n starts blabbering annae annae n goes in road.. otherside kobi n sam insearch of mayil..(yarayavathu thedi porathae velaya pochuD'oh)
Screen freezes

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Thursday Updates 19.07.2012

Both Gopi Sam walking one side.. while Mayil on the other side... finally mayil gets into a van and leaves ... while Gopi Sam who walk pass the van did not see him inside.

both at america mapillai house. His mother tells Gopi they have know everything that  happen and regret for leaving such a hurry.. as they were afraid of police stuff. Gopi says he understand nu. Mappillai immediately says he likes Ragini and wants to marry her. (Wait i can smell burning smell Shocked oh sorry its from Sam  stomach ROFL) Sam orei kadhu kadhu and moruchufy Gopi LOL Gopi then says they are here looking for Mayil.. his feeling guilty and so left the house nu. They leave to search for Mayil.

Comes to the same tea shop and shows Mayil picture.. the tea man confirms seeing Mayil and that he was polumbufying about anna anna nu. Both Gopi and Sam continues with their search.

Meenachi comes to Malar and says sorry for everything. But Malar says forget everything and ask if she has eaten vaa nu. Devanae says no. Malar ask her to come in and she will prepare something for Meenachi to eat.

Malar SIL comes there.. and tells out everything that happen from A-Z .. Meenachi who is listening is shock but just remains silent. Malar is annoyed more with Gokul and ask why can't anna chase Gokul out nu. SIL says nothing they can do now. Except to file case for the sottu. SIl wants Malar also to claim for her sottu.. adhan she came here to ask Malar too to file in case. M interrupts saying there is no need for this sottu nu. SIL tries to say its for Malar's own good nu but N gives a big kumbudu and says please leave this family.. ippo taan nimmidhiya they are leaving nu and goes inside. SIL is angry and leaves.. Malar runs behind SIL.. SIL says she thought Malar is living here with dignity nu.. but seem like Malar got no rights to decide her own stuff around here.

Malar denies it saying.. if it was some other family, they would have wanted her to put case for the sottu knowing she is rich. But not this family. She only wants her to live happily and Malar admits she is living happily here and they are taking care of her with so much paasam. SIL is happy Malar is having a good life and leaves. This is all heard by M who becomes very senti ...


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Friday 20.07.2012

Scene opens with MIL –DIL  [Lola – Paramu] kudumipidi konjals . Mallika is the main torch bearer , lights the fire by sharing ulaga maha secret with mom in law – 10.30 in the morning , still madi portion maharani in Kumbakarni avatar. Ramesh comes with breakfast parcel for wife – darling favourite – pongal vadai. Lola labo dibo – lecture on Dos & Donts of kudumba ponnu  , modesty is totally lacking in Paramu – loud laughing & giggling thru the night & sleeping thru the day . Paramu retaliates – ottu ketking & etti parking couple's bedroom  , mamiyarukku azhagillai. Exchange of pazhamozhi swords. Nelli comes ,  tells Paramu to avoid altercation with Lola knowing her nature. Paramu back answers – tells Nelli to control his wife. Shocked & hurt nelli leaves the place. Lola becomes hyper – Paramu has daunted her husband , asks her to learn to be more polite & respectful towards FIL. Paramu hits back – the day you be a good wife towards your husband I will be a good DIL to my FIL. [ ennna kodumaida idhu].

Another lecture time Heard all stationeries in Tamil Nadu faces A4 paper shortage.

Makku Jaggu & his maapu Gokuku ready to leave for work. A man comes in , introduces self as a lawyer sent by Ashok & his FIL. Matter – India – Pakistan – sothu  Bagap pirivinai  . The lawyer politely advises Jaggu to come to an out of court settlement as legal matters would unnecessarily drag , waste of time & money. Livid Jaggu shouts – all his sothu is his personal earnings ,if he says he will not pay a penny to Ashok no one can refute it. But ,says , he will not do it , has some responsibility as a father , he will throw Ashok's portion of the property on his face soon. Gokul devastated , hurriedly asks FIL to remain calm , rough handles the lawyer & drives him out. Then starts his usual nallavan drama .

Gokul lecture starts – mama mama relax , if you really wish to do some thing good for your son , you should think twice before sothu pirithal , this will lead only to family braking , & Ashok  with the money will open a wine shop at home & be the sole customer. The money will vanish in no time , family will go to pieces. Makku Jaggu mayanging on the advice , says Gokul  has opened his eyes , he is the MahaVishnu of the house , enna thavam seidheno to have you as the mappu ,Mrs. Makku chaing chaks , praises Lord Gokul  sky high & goes inside [ may be to get karpoorarthi]. The duo's blind faith- Gokul's kaatil mazhai. The villain sports his trade mark evil smile.

Sokku house. Pushpa & family take leave of Sokku family. Sokku sogama sitting & brooding . Telephone rings . Sokku hurriedly picks up & rattles on – Gopi Mayila paarthaya , how is he , tell him am not angry with him , bring him back home blab la.  Mayil at the other end becomes emotional & slowly says – Anne.  Hearing his voice  Sokku towelala mouth moodi crying .

Annan – Thambi Pasamazhai & pechumazhai  to unfold on Monday.

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Archives Copy

Monday 23rd july 2012

Uyirae Uyirae 
escape aayi enguttavadhu odi poyiru

varudhe...aiyayo varudhu...
monday PP update varudhe
eppudi ezhudha poren nnu theriyalayae...Cry

Update...CryEpisode 577

Sokku veedu...Pushpa and pirai with their daughters escape aagi avanga veetukku going(ok..konjam sound koraiyum)...Sokku sogamae uruvaga sitting...Phone ringing...sokku odipoi picks it up and says...gopi...gopi...mayil kedachutana?...i want to talk to him...pls give the phone to him...he needs me now..pls gopi...Andha pakkam mayil oscar performance expression oda ready aa waiting...after so much of sokku's gopi gopi chant...he says "ANNNEEE"

Ambuttudhen...Sokku nayagan kamal...thalapathi rajini kalandha kalvai aayitaru...Mayiluuu shouts sokku...mayil crying...Sokku tells him to give the phone to gopi...(Mr.thirumurugar...neenga scene la illainalum unga name aavaadhu vandhuranum ...ennnaaa villathanamAngry)...Mayil says he dont know where gopi is...Sokku says gopi and sam came in search of u...They will soon find...before that dont attempt any loosuthanam...

Mayil says he spoke to ragini's maapu makkal...They accepted ragini and they are ready for the marraige...Sokku asks mayil whrere he is...and tells him to come back...Mayil says no anne...hoe will i face our phaamily??...Sokku says pls da thambhi...forget everything and come back...Mayil says anne anne...sokku anne...enakkaga oru dialogue sollunga anne...(yov mayil...already avaru page page aa pesararu...idhula neenga vera yenga extra pesa solreenga??)....Mayil says anne...nee sethu poda nnu sollunga anne!!...Sokku kanneer vadichings...

Mayil says my job is over anne...(enna job senjaru...ippo edhukku VRS vaangararu ivaru??)....i'll def come back ...i'll come back on ragini's wedding day...and that day i'll say sorry to u infront of the oor makkal...Tell everyone including anni,rasappa,deivanai,ragini,dabbawali that i said sorry ...Mayil cuts the call and sokku shouts mayil mayil...

Gopi comes and sokku says jus now mayil called and he said he will be back on ragini's wedding day...atleast to bring mayil back we should finalise ragini's wedding...Gopi says yes appa...ippodhan maapu veetoa pesittu varen...they r ready...And they r coming tomorrow to talk to u...

Ragini gets call from new maappu..Rags cuts the call...Malar tells her to attend the call...Ragini says annaikku ponanga illai...why thery r coming again??...Malar says let them come tomorrow...we will decide later...

Pirai's house...Elaarum crying...(adapavigala...idha anga irundhe senjurukalam la...sokku thaniya azhugararu)...Maha says pandi's kolakaranga should be punished severely...Pirai says aama magalae aama...i'll destroy him....(kolaikara kudumbam da saamy)...Sam joins his sis and dad...Pushpa mattum says they r wrong...pandi is not going to come leave this pazhi vaangum padalam...Now our only work is to find a new maapu for maha.;...Maha says no no...i'll not agree for this second marraige..pandi nenepoda i'll opppethufy rest of my life...

Pushpa tells pirai to convine maha...Pirai says wait pushpa...valaukku nnu oruthan porakamaya irukka poraan??(OMG...Marubaidyum first la irundha??Deadhaiyyo...avan panju mittai rose colour dress lavaruvano...wind mill hair style la varuvano theriyalayaeOuch)....

Vandhuttaru maha kaga porandhavaru...Phone rings..maha asks yaarunga venum??(what is this yaarunga venum...ivanga dhaan venum na pack senju courier la anupavangalo??)...Oru boy(?) says neenga dhaan venum...
(paiyan's look-thenga moodi ya rat paadhi saapttu thooki potta maadhiri oru thaai...mouth suthi componud potta maadhiri oru french beard ...operation theatre kku pora maadhiriyae oru dress but black in colour...soda buddi kannadi)...
Maha says wrong number...and aruvai scene ends...

Again maha's future calls and asks whats ur name??...maha yells at him and ends the call...

Some bus stand...Mayil walking along the roadside...type type aa Soga BGM playing...he lies down ...sleeps...wakes up...again starts walking...thinks abt his sokku bhai...Suddenly he gets paralytic attack and falls down...


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