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Kolar scene...Kobi comes to meet malar who is now at kaaja's place...Sangu kind of BGM playing...Kobi asks enna aachu malar?...malar says ur mayio sethappu is responsible for all this...Kobi Shocked...what r saying malar??...Malar says yes husband...ur sithappa dhaan ellathukkum karanam...Malar explains everything to kobi...from oramkatting malar from kalyana mandapam to sokku's arrest...She says, first informed me abt sokku's arrest ...he didnt call u...second...police kku first endha jewels um kedakala...They were about to leave...but ur sethaps stopped them and forced them to check the house once again thoriughly...She says mayil dhaan jewels olichu vacha punniyavaan...Inspector was silent...He accepted to wait  till function ends...But mayil adhukku aappu vachutaru...And then i called my freinds dad who is a police officer...hetold me to go to police station immediately before they file an FIR...Mayil refused to come with me...and inturn he accused me and father ...

Kobi says...Chee...enna manusha indha aalu...Malar tells him to maintain porumai...Ippo namakku orey velai is to bring our sokku mama ...Gopi says ok and tells malar to come home with him...Malar says no...i'll stay here...I'll not come home...Ur mummy and deivanai ennai kevalama pesing...They beleive mayil sethappu...but not me...I'll not come...

Gopi says naan appa sokku will nambufy u...pls come...Malar harshly says varamudiyadhu ..plsleave...Sad gopi leaves...Malar ododi vandhu says adikadi phone pannunga...Kobi paasamaoru look vittings and elaves ...

Kaaja's mom comes and asks malar why she behaved like that to gobi...Malar says ippo naan pona anha veetla orey fight avoid that...naan appadi sonnen...Mummy kaaja says very good malar ponnu...ippadithan pombalai pullai nalla yosikanum...

Pandi's kolaikara boss place...Some shankar comes there with kadathal things...Shankar asks abt kali...Boss says kali is a dangerous fellow...We should be very careful with him..Shankar asks reason...boss says pandi murder case vachu he is blackmailing me...We can kill him also...orrukulla doubt vandhurum...We will think abt him later...They both leaves and kali overhears this conversation behind a cupboard...he is angry...

Sokku house...Mayil and co scene again...ladies ellam vidathu crying...Mayil anna nadai pahagings...Dimsu sitting outside...mayil calls mahesu and tells him to bring water ...And he goes out...;He comes to dimsu and mahaesu comes there with water...Ellarum joins there...

Mayil asks dimsu...ivlo drama nadandhachu...neenga yen absent...scene la aal kaanumae...enga poneenga?...Dimsu says i went to meet my sis and her husband...Mayil says inga vanhurukalamae...why u went there to meet them ??...Mayil vidama asking question...mahesu starts crying and says ivaroda house owner DIvya kkum ivarukku kalla thodarbu irukku...Ladies karna kodurama looking while mayil smiles...


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*** Updates by Ratna...


Everyone is angry with Dhimsu. Meenashi ask how dare he did this and further put pathiyam patam for her daughter and making her more angry with her own daughter. Dhimsu finalla kaiya edhuku kumburan and says sorry and he has changed. Everyone got little soften and Mayil notices this ... he immediately start shouting asking how come this easily he ask for sorry and starts beating Dhimsu Shocked Periyasudar ask Mayil to stop as Dhimsu is mapillai for them.  Mayil ask Magesu what she is crying for. Magesu says she already decided in Thirichi she no longer wants to live with Dhimsu Confused and Mayil uses this and beats Dhimsu badly and drags him out and pushes him out in the road Shocked Then Mayil smile happily and start running like Bharat in Khadalan.. banging his head and chest aiya yooo aiyayooo anna anna enna happening.. and makes big oppari in front of everyone.Dead

Lolayee place... Family meeting Tongue Murthi and brother demands to go separately and aso ask for their share of sottu. Nelli gives up arguing and says he agrees and will deal with this sottu visayam after 2 days. Murthi agrees while Lolayee ask edhuku 2 days. Do it fast nu but Nelli says nalai he will be busy regards to Sokku jamin matter and goes away. Lolayee tells her son that father pattalam thirundafy pannamadhiri illa and still going after this sokku. Ask her son's to make sure grab the sottu before he changes his mind.

Both Santhi and hubby dumbstruck hearing what happen to Dhimsu. Shanti says ippo kudha onnu ketta pogalai and they could still go back to Divya
Dead Dhimsu adamantly says he only wants to live with Magesu. Finally Shanti gives in and says she will use the baby matter and get both Dhimsu and Magesu together.

Gopi returns back home and Mayil directly ask if he went to see Malar. Gopi says yes and Devanae start her subrabtham on how Gopi only gives importance to Malar. Gopi tries to explain but Mayil butts in and talks nonsenses Dead Finally Mayil ask if he did invite Malar back home? Gopi looks at mayil ... Thodarum

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Wednesday - AngryAngryAngryAngryMayil eats briyani n makes PP pamily to starveAngryAngryAngry
Mayil is enquiring on Malar coming back, KObi says that she has informed that she will be back once Back to home, Mayil still tries to stir some nuisance in family n spill the beans that they thorathified Mapps out of home.. kobi is upset to hear this n mayil continues saying we kept him in better place but he ditched mahes by having affair with other lady nu solluraru..n kobi says its thier family we shouldnt involved so much into it nu tries to cut mayil..but our Angrystinking donkey is full form do an emotional blackmail to mahes n makes her to support mayil act..kamu is staring at him n kobi with no expression..mayil still stir some more n tells final thrippu that there is no relationship should bloom towards malar n sollitu all disperse..Kobi getting into confirmed thoughts towards mayil.
Kali is coming out of some hide out n picks up some small idol,people inside hide outs are coming out shouting at him.Boss Man comes n ask his new allakkai  to close Kalli if he didnt disclose about stealen Idols, All adiyals are taking out n beating continues.Mayil in non-veg Hotel purchasing food for Rs400 n tells hotel owner that he is taking to policeman. comes to some hideout n sarcastically telling am keeping ur home starve n see what am having nu oru cruel lookAngryAngryAngryAngryDeadDead.
Kobi convince meens to come n have food n tells that kids also didnt have food.Ask them to bring food to centre n prepares orundai as like Sr.PP n gather everyone around him n tells that he was not able to do like Dad.. there comes AngryAngryAngryStinking Donkey mayil comes in shouting oh..god how come you guys are having food come kobi can become Sr.pp n makes everyone emotional..Maha shuts mayil n takes charge to distribute food..starts from sam boy..mayil starts a big sound n tells he could nt even drink waterAngryAngryAngrymeens gets emotional n runs inside home all follows..mayil is giving cruel lookAngryAngryAngryAngry
Screen Freezes

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Thursday Reserved Cool

Gopi calls Malar who answers the phone immediately. She says she was so worried and was waiting for his call. She was afraid if she calls Mayil or Meenashi would be around. Gopi agrees with her and tells her what happen. From Dhimsu and the dinner matter. Gopi says he really wants to question Mayil for all this but cant as he wants to wait for Sokku to come and then they can both question him on what is happening. Mayil comes behind and stands there listening to the conversation Dead (thank god he did not hear the part Gopi already suspecting him...) Gopi continues saying how Mayil took things on his hand by chasing Dhimsu out from the house. Mayil comes and gives sound .. Immediately gopi offs his phone.  Mayil ask why he cuts the line and screams top of his lungs asking Gopi to just continue talking to Malar. Everyone gets up and comes Ouch Meenashi ask what happen and Mayil shouts Dead and tells them that Gopi is informing all details to Malar. Mayil continues to insult Malar and tells Meenashi that  Gopi is telling Malar its Mayil who creates problems with Dhimsu and chased him away nu. Gopi just stands silent. Mayil goes on insulting Malar ..(Palar nu gopi should slap him Angry)

Instead Mayil beats Gopi ShockedShockedAngry and others tries to stop him. Gopi says allow him to hit him.. when Mayil stops, gopi ask if his anger all has gone. Gopi tells Mayil the reason his talking to Malar is to find out if her father is involve in this ... if so, he needs proof and that is why his talking to Malar (Shocked paravalaiya .. Gopi mind supera working for once LOL pottufying with Mayil Thumbs Up) Gopi tells Mayil someone actually came into their house and put the golds here.. that person need to be punished. Mayil face changes. He mellu mulungufy and goes inside. Gopi sits thinking.

Mayil sees josiyar outside and jumps and laughs. He laughs and laughs and tells Josiyar what he did. Josiyar hears all this.  But still he has doubts as Gopi is remaining silent and not jumping up and down. Mayil thought if Gopi opens mouth, Mayil can create more problem nu. Mayil tells tomorrow that Periyavar is coming back tomorrow and he will withdraw the case. But even for that also Mayil has put a stop there. All the committee members need to sign to withdraw the case but for sure Jega will not sign as Mayil created problem there also. Josiyar praise him. Mayil says he wants to destroy the entire Sokku family. Dead

Everyone is sleeping when Mayil Dead shouts shouting sokku is being hang. Entire family wakes up and Meenashi cries and tells Gopi she needs to see sokku immediately.  Gopi gives look at Mayil. Sokku mother calms her DIL saying if u dream of death, its good nu. Gopi samadanafy everyone and ask them to sleep. He goes to Mayil and ask him why now days his behaving oddly. Maybe its cause of Sokku taken away. Gopi tells Mayil he has changed a lot and then samalicify saying because he cares for sokku nu. Mayil pretends to sleep while Gopi watches him Ouch


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Friday. Am back to oodhufy pee pee . Would like to inform in advance that will be able to post update only on Monday , reason - family wedding.

                            Friday 6th July 2012

Sorry friends for the delayed update. Family wedding.  Wished not to spoil my festive mood watching Abathaswaram. Fortunately Mayil less & noise less episode.

Our Manmadha kunju Komaru kozhi kunju madhri lying in the hospital cot with bandaged face.  Thenpandi seemayile music on the background with our hero's tuLLi thirindha naatkal as flash back. Mummy Komaru mandai to jaw bandaged lying in the next bed. [habba srima was happy – madam cannot talk. Alas short lived happiness . miming panniye konnutanga , but should admit it was quite hilarious ]. The doctors come to get her signature for a minor operation to her husband. Mummy Komaru trying to convey thru mime that she is an anguta chaap.[ kai naatu case]. Doctors mistake that she is reluctant to sign & try to convince her. Finally mummy grabs the pen & puts a thumb impression.

Gopi's house. Chettiyar revealing the news that Jags has refused to sign . Meenu getting suru suru – oru angry look at Gopi. Chettiyar further says – the same Jags had defended Sokku when other  temple trusties  accused him. But this sudden change is all because of Mayil's angry aattam & accusations. Chettiyar leaves expressing his helplessness in the matter.

Paati goes to Jags house , receives cold welcome , Gokul as usual starts his drama. Paati falls at Jags feet , asking madi pichai to save his son Sokka thangam Sokku. Initially reluctant Jags yields to her request & in return  asks for total severing of relationship with the family , no member from that family should ever step in to their compound ,be it good or bad.

Sokku brought to the police station. The inspector is very courteous to him , Offers him a seat & drink. Asks Sokku to speak out, asks whether he has any foes.  Mahathma Sokku says he stole the temple jewellery , cash crunch , 2 daughter's marriage spending , adhan kaLavadify kovil jewels. Inspector  warns , punishment will be 3 years kambi counting . Inspector feels Sokku is taking the blame on self  trying to cover someone , assures him all help in case of threat from anyone. Makku Sokku firm , like parrot repeating the same – " I only stole the jewels ,stable mindoda kudukkum  vakkumoolam." Fine says inspector  & asks the constable to take down a written statement

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Monday 9th july 2012 Update

Karaikudi police inspector comes to meet pandi's boss...He asks abt his transfer...Boss says SP kitta pesitten...he said he will take care of...Then kolakara boss(kolboss) asks abt sokku matter...whats happening there in gopi's house?...asks Kolboss (indha aalukku vaaya illai wetgrinder aa??...dialogue ippadi mennu thuppararu...Confused)....Ins says sathiyama enakkum puriyala...They are mahaans...kolboss asks ...what happened to that pandi's case?...Case closed...says inspector...Kolboss says enna family adhu...oru boy thookula thinging and innoru man thirudings??...Ins says no anne...i know that famly very well...Sokku and gopi are uthama puthirars...They will never do anything wrong...

Kolboss asks...then why that sokku accepted that he is the jewel thirudan...Ins says enakkum puriyala...Kolboss again asks abt pandi's murder case...Ins says that case is closed anne...Kolbo perumoochu vitting...(Police kku thoppai mattumdhaan valarum pola..a.rivu way traffic)...

Ins says some fight b/w his (pandi) wife and pandi...adhaan he committed suicide...Kolboss says then u should have arrested that maha...Ins says poor girl...already purushana ezhandhu thaviching...

Then Ins leaves...and kolboss lughs...His adiyals aks...why this sirippu anne??...Kolboss says pandi case closed...sokku in jail...problems problems and more problems...Nobody will think abt pandi's kolaikarans...We r safe...(u r safe...but un vaayila tamil language is not safe....)

Jegan's house...His sammandhi ie ashok's mamanar comes and jegan welcomes and ashok;s mamar says my daughter sonna someproblem here nnu...adhaan vandhen...He says ur mappu and my maappu kudichittu vandhangalaam...Jegan says only ashok dhaan kudichittu vandhaan..not gokul...

Rohini interferes...says...look maamu ...dont talk abt my purushan SleepySammandhi says u stop talking...dont interfer when elders are talking...Fight intensifies...Jegan supports gokul...Sammandhi supports ashok...Jegan says ashok is wrong...My gokul is right...Sammandhi and jegan adipidi sandai starts...(podungappa...podunga...ethanai nalaikkudhaan pombalai fight parkaradhu...bore adikudhu...podunga raas...nalla sandai podunga)...

Jegan tells his sammandhi to get out...sammandhi says see jegan...u treating this gokul like a god...ungalukku aappu waiting...Gokul interferes and takes jegan and family  inside...He comes out and starts talking...suddenly he slaps ashok's mamanar and satham kettu jegan and co comes ...Gokul says he slapped me...LOL(Shockedgokul... nesamma rombha nalla idea)...

Jegan gives one super slap to gokul and sammandhi gives saabam...Jegan ...nee oru naal anubavippa yya...wait and watch...He leaves...Jegan says sorry...and leaves...gokul does his villain hahahaha...Dead

Dababwali pattu comes to meet malar...says she went to meet malar's dad jegannathan...He agreed to sign ...Malar happy...Dabba praises jegan...avaru appadi avaru dont worry abt sokku...He will be back soon...

Dabba tells malarto come home...(yeh patti...edhukku ippo malar aa kooptings...anga vandhu enna malar and gopi romance panna porangala?...)....Malar says no...she will come once sokku is back...

Dabba leaves...Kaaja comes and malar talks abt duplicate keys...kaaja says he saw malar sethappa at key shop...Malar calls switched off...Then she along with kaaja goes to nelli house to seek help ...Kaaja and malar leaves...


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Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 updt.   - episode # 568
paraparappaana viruviruppaana updt...(end-il mudivurai)
Malar and Kaaja come in an auto to NA's house to be warmly welcomed with a sweet face and sweeter words by his ever-smiling wife...ada, ennoda karpanainga...yen, TM Lolaayi yai idhukku opposite aa kaattinaa, i don't care, naan enakku thONuvadhai dhaan ezhudhuvEn.
ok, this was the only veLangaadhava who has not graced my house with her presence, so now my house has gotten that bhaagyam too, chirps Lolayii, looking at Malar, who has selective hearing; she ignores all these and repeadedly asks for nellaiappaa...are you his daughter questionum selective hearing il vittu pOchu.  There comes our bajari DIL Paramu, and malar ignores Lolls and asks paramu abt NA. HE is out but when Paramu tries to reach him, he is seen coming in his bike. Malar goes near him and hurriedly says that she has a lead in sokku's case and needs his help. With his ever present wife's sweet blessings, he takes one look at her, says he will go with Malar in the same auto and they leave.  Not to be let alone, Lols offers final parting words...sorry, ippO enakku selective hearing and amnesia. yedhO pidaaringa nu kaadhula vizhundhadhu...
The inspector who came for a transfer recommendation to ex-Pandi's ex-boss, is seen talking to a couple of men in the road when Gopi and Sammandham come near him. Seeing them, he lets the others go and offers his 2 cents abt Sokku being Sokka (thangam) and avaraa thangatha abEs paNNi iruppaar...ok, using his non-existent police brain (HAHA) he says that if Sokku accepted that he took it, then that means, he is protecting someone.
palich...bulb flash in gopi's eyes and face..(sorry makkaas, appavum face darkaa dhaan irundhadhu, TG this was not a Maniratnam movie...veLichathula kooda idhu theriyaama pOirukkum...daytime happenings a kooda nightla edukkara orE jeevan avardhaana)
Inspector says that everyone knows that this was not sokku's doings, and neither does he have any enemies who would blame him, nor was he pressured to take the fall; so the only logical (marupadiyum echo modela HAHAHA) conclusion is sokku is hiding something and he is taking the fall willingly for someone close. and asked them to go talk to him. but how? jagan, a temple committee member refused to sign...we can't blame him, says gopi.
ok, inspector says go see that marakkada veera as he has police influence which is much needed. even i went to see him. so he will def. help you.  in fact, even now, he was very much interested in your house happenings and even asked so much abt Pandi and his death.  Gopi is alarmed...inspector leaves and when sammandam pressures gopi, he says, i have my own doubts abt veera. he felt so much for Pandi's death and then bad-mouthed Maha and now why should he be interested in our house affairs? something doesn't seem right. but sammandham squashes that and says let us go.
Malar informs him about the happenings and that Mayil was the brains behind this...brains appadi irundhaa adutha naaLE maattuvaanaa? they go in an auto to the place where that kaLLasaavi guy has his outdoor shop and suddenly Malar remembers seeing him stopping Mayil on their way to their house yesterday and asking 'thorandhuchaa, thorandhuchaa?" she says this to NA and says, this confirms it. Mayil tried to shy away from him.. NA says, leave it all to me.
They go near him and NA asks for him to make a kaLLa saavi. that guy says, he makes keys for ones lost and not this. NA says did u hear abt Sokku using a fake key to lavattufy temple jewels? now i need to know the truth...where did that key come from? the guy pleads ignorance but is beaten by NA.
hospital - our Komaru wakes up and is shocked to see his mom with a bandage on her head. She points to an even bigger one on his head and he says what have you been doing here, not stopping Mayil, when he is informed that their driver crashed the car and both the driver and dad are in ICU. and that was yesterday. Komaru is stunned and says so Sokku got arrested, Mayil had his way, what abt Rags? and slaps the doc who tries to stop him and tries to come out when they see NA, Malar and Kaaja.
NA asks i came to see you only and Komaru blabbers all; how Mayil used kaLLasaavi to frame sokku and how Komaru has all evidence to bring Sokku out, when NA says, what evidence and signals when his men bring the keywala inside. Komaru and mom are shocked and then NA brings the lorry cleaner also..(the lorry that hit NA). Mom says now we ourselves will go back to the hospital bed, dont hit my son..but NA hits him in the stomach.
veera shop: some men transport the stolen idols in a van when Gopi and sammandam come there. another guy asks them to wait saying Veera will come in a few min...Sammandam scouts while gopi is drawn to the entrance of the shop... Some unseen force propels him inside and he goes in, hands are grass itching, he asks sam to be silent, goes in and in, (rameshwaram corridor e thirudi inga vechirukkaangadOi) and looks at a cat meowing...sam signals and when they turn back, that cat jumps down, striking a couple of loose doors which fall, revealing that other man who has been bound by Veera.
These 2 try to release him and muttaaLs as usual take care of his hand and feet rope before mouth gag adn he says, i have something imp to tell you when they hear Veera's voice. he immediately tells them to bind him again. They do so and hide behind a section.  Veera comes and removes his gag and asks him where he hid a couple of stolen idols. He pleads ignorance and now veera says, unnaiyum Paandiya konnu thookula thonga vittaa maadhiri adhE maraththula thonga vittaa dhaan sariyaa varum'''and Gopi and Sammandham are shell shocked. sam tries to get up but gopi restricts him when Veera says, that Pandi when he asked for money, i finished him off and hung his body in the tree..i will have to do that to you too. and asks one of his henchman to bring a rope...
Gopi signals Sam who comes out and runs away from that place and seeing him, Veera sends the lone henchman behind him and when he tries to follow, Gopi comes out of his hiding place and Veera freezes after seeing Gopi.
viruviruppu pOdhumaa innum konjam vENumaa? maybe TM is trying to finish the serial? all loose ends are coming to a close, it seems.

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ClapClapWednesday - VakkuMulam DayLOLLOL
Kobi is doing dhisum dhisumWink with Boss where as our sam boyLOL with allakkai man..Both finally win the dishum showThumbs Up.. kali is also come for support both Kobi & Kali breaks boss's both hands n puts him down in floorClap..otherside New Ins Dhishum towards Komaru N coClap. Comes out N checks sokku so this is why you kept quiet all this while ah nu kekuraruDay Dreaming..sokku is mennu mulikingConfused..he says that since pandi is dead mayil is out of his mind n did this mistake any ways chettiar confronted to with draw the case n lets use that for mayil nu solluraru..Ouch Ins caught him n says that now you have spilled the bean that you are sinless Clapn he says he doesnt want to leave mayil from this case nu solluraru..NA supports him..But Sokku says sorry to NA n says am not supposed to deny any request from you but now i dont have choice pls forgive me n also dont make any case on him nu ketukuraruThumbs Up..there arrives in Kobi n co with Boss n Co..
Ashok Inlaw's place, Ashok wife is full pissed out n wants to do complaint on all ashok family members..ashok says he will see one hand of gokul nu solli tries to leave..but FIL says something wrong is happening inur home.. finally ashok wife spill the bean that its all becoz of Roh's marriage nu marriage background ah pottu odai kura..ShockedFIL is shocked to hear n says that why you guys didnt let this out all this while nu ..Ashok Starwife says..gokul is there to suritifies all property nu solluraClapClap.. n says only person who could now support is malar nu solluraThumbs UpThumbs Up. Ashok disagree on itLOL..she says malar knows better about this guy thats why she came out of it wisely n living peaceful life which she opted nu sollura ClapClapn also adds that when gokul left u in road she only brought u home safelyClap..she is your true sisterStar nu sollitu tells that i will make her to file case against ur dad so that ur dad will get to know about Gokul's true face nu sollitu leaves from there to see malar.Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
Once Kobi comes into Police station Malar informs him about mayil is accused Shocked..we got to know thru all these komaru group nu sollura.. Sr.PP takes the next lead n tells him not to blow this anymore as already mayil is upset about pandi's lost nu solluraru(Confusedivaru mahatma voda maru avataram pola)..Boss nondi nondi comes inside station with all..KObi confess that Boss is the killer n has also involved in smuggling sculptures nu solluran..Sr.pp gets emotional n starts beating him. Boss with his konal vai tells that he is not accussed all are making drama n tries to do make complaint on them.. Ins gives him nicely n put him in lock up n ask kali to become approver..kali request kobi to take care of his child..kobi promise him to take care.all are coming out station after thanking Ins.Sr.Pp is Jumping to meet Mayil..but NA says 1st lets go home n then you can meet mayil nu solluraru..Sr.pp says sorry to Malar for bringing her to station.Malar asusual no mention.all leave station.
All arrives to sokku Palace, Crydaughters comes out n hugs n then family comes out Cry..all are giving sabam for the one who leads to this situationLOL..Sr.pp stops allof themWink..all get to see malar coming in Tongue.. Meens n dev's stops her n accuse her n her dadAngry..pattiStar tells that Jags has signed the docs that why Sr.pp is out nu solli tries to stop themClap..mmm stop panuvangala 2 perumBig chance meens open up n start accusing for that too.. Sr.pp Stops her n says we will go into home n talk on further nu solluraru.. with gr8 difficulty close thier mouth..puspa takes thirsti n all goes inside home with malar.. meens continues once all are at home.. Dev also joins the show.. Sr.PP asusual without disclosing malipyfying ..but NA breaks the coconut n says its mayil who did all this plan nu solluraru.. Meens double check with NA on it.. n slowly shifting her eyes towards Dev's ..before which dev's started to open her Water tankLOL..all family is shocked to hear thisLOLLOL..Meens eyes on Dev's
Screen Freezes
Meen's in ponana varthaikal yellam nallaikku unnakku than ratna all the best dear Thumbs Up

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