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Road To Love & Beyond, NEW THREAD LINK ADDED pg155 (Page 81)

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waiting for update 

thnx for pm dear 

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Love Vs Duty


Next Part:-

Maan looked at up then said I'll save u at any cost ,u r my life,U r my everything . I will and start his jeap to find out his sona, his life, his geet where another place in truck, geet is praying hard for her safety, and keep chanting SHRI KRISHNA pls send him here pls send kuwar sa here, pls save me, SHRI KRISHNA,pls….

Both Maaneet r thinking about each other where destiny playing a cruel game , what will happen now, will destiny will win or will TRUE LOVE will win?

 Maan called his one of junior who is his right hand and instructed him something and said do according to like that then think I'll find u sona, I'll fine u ,

Here geet is wriggling to free herself some how ,but it's not helping her at all ,she is looking tired and pale, her body is giving  up but she has to try ,she can't let them win, she has to reach to her home, in her kuwar sa's arms where only she belongs only there, she weeps in pain and murmur , I'm sorry kuwar sa, pls come back and take me na,pls kuwar sa,pls , I didn't know they called me for this, kuwar sa,pls aajaiye na, aapke sona ko aapke jarurat hain pls.

Here in another side maan is running the jeap and praying for his sona's safety. He turn the jeap in the way of jungle so he can find her as he got some info about his sona, he speed up the jeap towards his destination .

Geet continue to struggle to free herself from this roap and keep praying to her KRISHNA .Some how she freed herself and now move to her legs and open it and then open her mouth , she is panting due to  suffocation ,lack of air and not proper breath, she try to get up but her legs r aching badlt, still she hold the support of wall and get up , her legs r feeling numb, but she know it's not time for sitting , she has to run to save herself other wise she have to forget herself .

She slowly went towards door and try to open it but it's locked from out side, she panicked  now ,She try to open the door but it's locked , she looked here and there to find an eecape route ,Geet, I have to search a route, yes got it, there is window but there is mirror also, how I'll escape then from there , guess have to break it,she went there and find it's small window but geet can able to escape from there, she looked here and there to find a route for escape and finally noticed a broken window , she know it'll be real danger but she has to take, she went there and hold the edge of the window but there is broken glass and it's cut her hand , she winched in pain, tears clouded in her eyes in pain but she bit her lips to control her pain and pushed it further,she open the onw side of window and found vast area of north side is open. But there is darkness and she guessed there is either no light or woods, she still prayed to her Krishna and then slowly climbed up and by holding the sharp end of the window pane and sat there she looked here and there then looked it'll be little bit difficult for her, still she tried hard and due to much push her hands' cut by sharp glass and she jumped from there but fall on the ground, tough hard , she hurt her kness and winced in pain ,tears fall from her eyes but now here is no one to wipes her tears when she was with her kuwar sa, how kuwar sa didn't let her fall tears, whenever she cried, how he quickly wipes it and pamper her but now no one is here, she moaned in pain but again get up when  she heard  some one shouting are oh lerki bhag rehi hain ( hey there is the girl is running away)

Geet heard it and panicked and looked at her back and found one is looking and targetting a guns towards her, she is looking too scared and shocked then runs from there but to her dismay, the gun target towards  her, but she runs and the bullet almost missed by her ear but the depth of the scenario left great fear and worry for geet.she froze and she has just witnessed the death from so near , she shiver due to the intensity but again start running . She is keep running but the place is unknown to her, dense forest, fog ,and fear of herself, she cried for her kuwar sa in her mind and cursed herself for taking thing from stranger.

Flash back:-

Geet is going towards her college when she noticed a Temple in the road , she stopped the car and went there to pray for her kuwar sa and herself

She prayed and coming out when some one give prasad,s he took it as the good gesture , unaware of the fact that danger is lying there. She ate and sat on the car, but then after some moments she felt all r going blur in front her eyes, she try to say something but nothing come and she is looking here and there to call her kuwar sa but then all went blank ….. later she found herself there all tied up

Flash back end

Geet runs inside the dense forest but her legs r giving ans ,she hold  

Here in another side maan reached near one of the forest and called some one and said r u sure na, this one.ok , yes cover the forest from all side and make sure they will not know about it at any cost.

Maan put his gun behind his jeans and another gun take in his hand and enter the woods .

Geet runs and heard few more steps r coming , she quickly runs more fast and find a rock there she hide behind it,she is panting heavily ,she peeped up little to see and noticed few mens r there with guns and looking for her.

She again sat down and closed her mouth, she is fearing ,panting, still closed her mouth then when she heard those foot steps r going away, she get up and little peeped up and find them going away, she get up and start to runs  when she got scrached by bushes ,

She didn't stop and runs to save and get away from this place.

Here another side maan runs and find a man another man with gus and sword type of thing and searching for some one.

He hide behind one long tree then from behind hold one single man and broke his neck then went another side and do same with another and then when third one is along maan hold him and said before giving u the punsihment u deserve, speak where is GEET.

That man try to be smart and smirked and said sold her albut soon received a punch from maan and moaned ahhh but again maan kicked him hard then punch few and said last time asking u,

That maan got scared to see maan's rage and anger filled eyes  he said oh bhag gayi, she ran away from there, don't know anything more, ma'm want to hold her and finsih her now but we r still searching her,

Maan smirk then punch him & knocked out his senses , then maan went to another side to search his sona, one side he is delighted as she ran away then another side fearing that she might be in some kind of danger,he prayed to GOD and again start searching.

Here geet finally able to reach near the end of the woods and thank GOD and as about to step towards out side when some one hold from behind and said where r u going Mrs Khurana.

Geet stopped at her place to hear it, she know the voice , she know whose voice it's ,she turn and said with confidence voice ,where I belongs only, Where my kuwar sa is waiting for me, where Geet mixed with Her MAAN only, Where our paradise , but u will not understand it Captain Sameera.

Sameera looked at geet with angry expression then said ,really, I'll not understand ,interesting, GEET, I must say a villagers like u has courage to fight with me , u has the guts to snatched my maan from me.

Geet:- correction sameera, maan was never urs, he is always ur, u know some times, people has the illusion and it's like that for u, anyway, u did a big mistake by kidnapping me, he will not leave, u will show u hell in this earth,

Sameera:- who will see hell and who will paradise we will decide this later now u r going to see paradise or hell.

Geet looked shocked but composed and said really, if u have the gut then show me

Sameera also shocked and pull the gun and said good but ready for Hell when geet looked at something and shouts Sameera and pushed her hard and run from there when sameera fall down on the ground , and guns fall little away from her, she groaned in pain then screamed as she noticed that geet is running away once again.

Geet runs hard some times then wait near the one of the tree and panting there when she noticed, she again entered the woods and said oh no I'm here again.

When some one said yes, welcome to hell

Geet turned to see one of the man who was with sameera that time and target a gun towards her and said we want to keep u alive so can we take revange from Lt Colonel Khurana , who spoiled our whole mission numerous time and standing against us, we couldn't create problem in thie valley but we kidnapped u take revange from him , so we can sell u and before than u know ,and looked at her lustfully

When geet makes face disgusted ,and said shut ur mouth u filthey creature,

That man laughed and said oh oh never mind, but u did a mistake and right now we don't have time other than to kill u .

Geet feared but still she try to looked confident and said I'm proud of Kuwar sa, who destroyed ur all evil intentions and if I have died now then also don't worry , u will get ur punishment my kuwar sa will never leave u,   

That man:- we will see it and u ready to good bye

But geet suddenly try to hold the gun and with that man start fighitng .

Both r trying to hold the gun where geet also kicking , him, and make that man stumble and loose the grip from gun , geet try to hold the gun but that man is quick enough to hold and pushed her hard then slapped her and geet fall down on the ground,

She screamed in pain KUWAR SAA.

Where that man smirked and try to kill geet when some kicked his hand and punched him and make him fall and blood coming out his mouth when that man groaned in pain .

Here geet smiles through her droopy eyes, her forehead has cut marks blood coming out from them, lips r cutted, she moaned kuwar sa when maan turned and see her, he bend to picked her up when some one hit him from behind, but it's slight cut marks , he turned and hit that guy and found few more mens there with guns and ready to attack him or them,

He looked at them when one try to hit him but he dodge and hit him hard then another on try to shoot him when he dodged and punch his face and then kicked his stomach.

Another two try to hit maan one punch is face and make his face bleed but maan turn and punch his face and stomach then kick him hard when some one hold him from back and try to push a knive on his back & from front some one try to hit him by rod  but maan hold one hand from front and kicked him and hit him with that rod but soon screamed in pain as some one hit the knive on his back slightly, he hold the hand and twist it and then hit him by his back and then kicked him after taking  him in front.nad knocked him out.

Later he found more mens r coming, he was worried not cause of him but cause of his sona's life.

He can take risk of his own life but not for his sona's life, he scared to take an inch risk of her life, he need to do something before it's too late, he looked at them then smirk as nature also supported them as the fog is cover the place suddenly.

Maan don't want to do this but he has to save geet , he bend  and find her unconscious , he patted her but no result, he know, there is no time to loose when he found his back team there, they said they handle it,as it'll be easy and he need to leave now ,maan  looked at geet and  scoop her in his arms and left from there.

His back up team within few mins capture all and hold sameera also.

Here maan reached Hospital qucikly, whole time, maan try to wake geet up but didn't able to , and more her worn out stress, blood cover body and face, make him worry for her, he hold his sona close to his heart .

After couple of hours maan get up, and asked where is GEET? Where is my wife, when nurse came and said sir , calm down pls.

Maan:- see nurse I can't where is my geet

Nurse:-sir ur wife is in ICU and but maan almost removing his saline and blood drips and runs from there and shouts DOCTOR DOCTOR WHERE IS GEET?

One doctor came and said Lt Colonel Khuana , calm down, u r not well, also, u lost blood, pls

Maan hold him and said where is she ?

Doctor siged and said come in to my cabin.

Doctor's Cabin:-

Doctor:-I would still advice u to take rest as u lost blood when maan said I don't need where is my wife , what happen , y she is in ICU?

Doctor:- after u came yesterday here , we admitted her and cleaned and cheked her and treat her wounds but after checking her we got to know that

Maan is looking at him with nervous face and said what doctor

Doctor:-she is in danger and she is pregnant.

Maan looked at doctor with confused, shocked and puzzled expression and think my sona is pregnant with my child, our child, but she is herself kid then,but doctor said she is in danger and maan said doctor, what do u mean by she is in danger, what happen to her exactly,pls tell me, pls tell me,

Doctor take deep breath then said she has injury many places due to fight, though we checked her up totally as it's not any assult I mean , rape when Maan roared DOCTOR…….

Doctor:-Lt Colonel Khurana pls calm down , see it's our duty to check up as the way her dress torn and blood, and injury , but Thank GOD and thanks To destiny nothing sort of happen those injury r for beaten up y, don't know as mrs khurana is still sleeping but the way it's there it's like she resist for something then and more, she fall down or got some injury on her womb and it's hurt her , the baby,it's some how that time saved but it's damaged her msucles and her young age also has the reason, too young age for pregnant,

Maan dipped his head in guilt and shame what he has done in his desire, how could he stoop lke this to hurt her, it's all cause of him ,he want to kill himself, how could he cause pain for her,

He slowly and softly said doctor, she will be fit na.

Doctor:-well, the case is complicated now.due to stress, young age,and injury and blood loss, make things more complicated and now the situation is we have to choose either Mrs khurana or baby.

Maan felt whole world is crashing down in front of his eyes , he thought world is no more, he is no more, what sin , he has committed that he have to bear this all, sona or their angel,their sybol of love, their baby , whom to choose,

Doctor get and up and placed his hand on maan's shoulder then give him a file and said here is the mrs khurana's health report and the condition of ur baby also, I'll pressurize u anything but will prefer to choose mrs khurana, as if we will able to save ur baby and mrs khurana both , no gurantee or say there will be no chance mrs khurana will be able to make it till delivery time or the time of delivery. And this period will be more dangerous and more complicated for her.

Maan sat there numb, without any reaction he looked at the file then the paper where there is option to save wife or child

Who is more imp
A unborn child
or a Wife whose life is in danger
whom to choose eyes or heart
How I will Sign the paper of abortion
what I will say geet, pls accept the bond paper of killing our child
whom shall I saved , my wife whose life is in danger or our symbol of love our child
Y I have to choose between my geet and our child
What to do ,to save my wife my sona, my life or to save our child but if I save our child then I'll lost my sona, I 'll lost my life, we will lost our geet and our child will always be without his /her mother , what to do

He hold the files and break down like kid when doctor said will be wait for ur decision.

Maan looked at the file and and sat there numb few moments, it's more than hours when maan open the paper and hold the pain in his hand and said what to do sona, y it's all happening, when I want to give u only happiness, y I'm hurting u, y I'm the cause of ur pain and will be more, Sona ,ur kuwar sa is very bad, he is very bad husband. Very bad father also, I'm sorry baby.I don't know what will happen in future but I will not able to stay alone with our ur mama, I'll not able to I'll die without her, but I'll be murder of an innocent soul also, no two innocent soul, I'll kill today u baby and ur mother's soul also, I know she will hate me , she will never forgive me,

Maan faintly smiles and said I don't want her forgiveness also as the sin I'll commit now ,I'm sorry ,I know baby it's not enough but nothing is here to give u , ur dadda is sinner and he is unable to save his child, he is unable to save his wife, his sona.I'm sorry.

I'm sorry sona he tookthe pain and with great difficulty sign the paper to save his GEET only .

He called doctor and gave him the paper and went out from there in his misery.

He want to go away or hide himself, what is happening with them, who gave their evil eyes on their love paradise ?

He shouts AHHH and fall down on the ground and looking at the dark sky who also dark with his life now, where he ,killed his kid, without any fault of him his sona and their child.

He sat there where tears of pain, hurt, guilt coming down from his eyes.

He want to hurt himself, give himself pain to commit the sin, y he had to do it, y he ?always facing all test,doesn't he deserve any happiness?


Later he come back and found his team is there and ssaid sir oh, maan composed himself and said I'm coming and  went to meet doctor ,& asked doctor about geet when doctor confirmed about abortions ,maan felt life end there, he felt numb but said how is geet ?

Doctor:-she is still under sedative .but she will get conscious within couple of hours. Maan nodded and said ok doctor, actually, I have an imp work, as I have to report my office so ,.

Doctor nodded and said I know, u can go, we will not say anything to her until u will be back.

Maan nodded and said May I

Doctor :-hmm yes u can.

Maan entered the cabin to find a life less body almost lying with attached with various thing,he went and looked little then come out as he don't have the guts to face her, he is afried of her reaction, don't know how she will be react, or she will hate him, how he will see her eyes which only give her love for him but now after …..

He just stromed out from there and went to report his office as per his duty,

In office:-

Maan report his superior and discuss the matter, and said they nede further investigation for it as it's some thing crucial and when Sameera who was an army officer also involved in this matter they need to look it more securely .

Brigedier :- Lt Colonel Khurana , I need through examine and investigation of this matter as Our reputation r in stake .

Maan nodded and give the report and few official work when Brigedier asked how is ur wife?

Maan sat there with blank face and said Doctor operate her , and now under observation.

Brigedier nodded then said ,will pray for her speedy recovery.

Maan nodded again with blank face.

Later he went to their home, to take few cloths and after take shower , he looked at sunil who said sir, make soup for ma'm if she need, hospita's food is so blend.

Maan fainlty nodded and said pack them all, then he went to meet his geet, his sona, but don't know how to say anything?

He came with all necessary things and just stop out side the cabin as doctor stopped him .

Doctor:- Lt Colonel Khurana, We r sorry,

When maan looked at him with shocked expression and said matlab

Doctor:-We r Sorry that some how she came to know about the lost.

Maan looked at doctor with full shocked expression then noticed his sona who is sitting in the bed without expression , her face look, blank, pale, and full with pain, her eyes doesn't hold any emotions, it's blank,

Maan closed his eyes to see the Misery of his and their life.


Blame or understanding

Guilt or Care

 here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake

Previous Part:-

Naughty Student & Serious Teacher or Serious Student & Naughty Teacher Page 47


Next Part:-

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept
   P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Hi all dearies
updated next part of this  FF

Pls read and do comments
Pls pressed the like button
I"m updating only cause of my loyal readers as they r always stood besides me but
m upset with the fact that few regular readers leaving me also
it's really painful for me

I'm highly disappointed with the less likes and comments for my ffs
I'm also busy , have tight schedule with my family and other thing still giving time and writing here but the way likes r decreasing, it's really make me think that there is my fault

Few questions from ur side :-

1. y I put geet 18yrs age and Maan plus 30 ? is there any specific reason

ans:-nope not specific reason but this thing still happen in our society there is huge age gap, some times it's too bad and some time it's good, it's depend on situation and person to person .personally I have seen many relationship, many husband wife bears huge age gap and as I said some time's it's good some time's too bad.sply in rural area I have seen how girls had to , have to marry a boy in this tender age of 18-19  and some times the gap between husband and wife is too big .here for geet is,'s is blessing in disguise but not for every one, here GEET is lucky to have Maan ,her kuwar sa as her husband but not every one

2. Y to choose between mother and child , y I bring this

ans:- well there is reason first geet is only 18yrs old , she may be matured in many cases but she deserve little more time to enjoy the life, once she become mother, she will have huge responsibility , she needs time and she needs time to live the life and enjoy the life, she needs to prepare full mentally and physically, she needs to complete her study also , then there is full life for her, don't worry will show pregnancy track but right now this is needed

now come to the part y mother or child
well doctor always prefer mother first and even the time of delivery but as a mother like others will say I'll prefer both and always pray for child's safety along with mother but what if the time of delivery mother passed away then what will happen to that child,
what will happen to child's future , is she or he able to grow up without her or his mother
and then more  u can got the ans from this part read it
if any more confusion and questions feel free to ask me
will reply them

3. what about choosing baby or mother ,
as geet is early stage of pregnancy but in future it can harm her it's like from now either baby or mother will save so now doctor asked maan's opinion and for that if they have to save geet then they  have to abort the baby it's the reason
will clear many thing in coming parts and stay tune
love u all

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Hi all
how r u all
updated next part of my ff "
Road To Love & Beyond Pt32,Pg 81,Dt 18.01"
Love Vs Duty :-Page 81
pls read and do comments
Pls pressed the liked button

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saddy ud dr  maan saved his shona bt lost there baby i hope geet wil understand her kuwarsa.
-gurtimaniac- Goldie

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Painful n emotional update

Maan save Geet from Sameera n her gangs but can't able to save his unborn baby n is feeling guilty of killing an innocent child n also the soul of Geet

Poor Geet came to know the lost of their baby Cry

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