Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee



Road To Love & Beyond, NEW THREAD LINK ADDED pg155 (Page 47)

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Thnx a lottt a dear 4 giving such a wonderful news...

Luvs u lottt

n Wish u n ur family a very happy and prosperous new year...

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 4 pming me dear...Big smile
u done a really  dear...ClapClap
 4  ur hard work...Star
sach a   update...Embarrassed
last but not the list 

a Very Happy New Year..






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Thanks to all for ur awesome, beautiful comments
ur views r helping me lots
pls keep showering ur love and comments and likes on me
read each and every comments
sorry for not replying as too busy but loved all comments
thanks to all who likes the previous part


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Next Part:-

Part31 (A)

Serious Student & Naughty Teacher


Naughty Teacher & Serious Student


   Maan heard more few times but then Maan roared and said what kind of irresponsibility this is ha, care to explain, do u know the consequences  ?Maan cut the call and went to his study room for some work where geet who came back listen and noticed this tensed to see him like tensed and restless

In Study room:-

Maan is doing some work when geet peeped in inside the room cutely and looked at her kuwar sa who is talking with some one in the phone , Geet looked at sunil who murmur or chanting some GOD's name , geet giggled then take the coffee mug and said aap jaiye mein dekhti hoon (u can go now,will see it)

Sunil nod and almost run away when geet entered the room and placed the mug near the table then coughed to gain the attention .

When maan looked at her and said hummm sona bolo kya hua?(hmmm sona what happen)

Geet :- oh aapka coffee (ur coffee)

Maan :-hmm thanks geet, accha suno, m leaving now has some work, before maan can say anything ,geet  hugged him tight and said kuwar sa.

Maan at first startled then know what is going on, he know how much tensed he can be, but his sona also need him, he said sona looked at me,sona,pls,

Geet slowly looked at maan and said aap kaha ja rehe ho, kyuon ja rehe ho?kya hua kuwar sa.

(where r u going, y u r going ,what happen kuwar sa)

Maan rubbed her back and said nothing sona, kuch nehi hua, ek prblme aaya hain baass thora mujhe jana hoga, baas kal subha tak wapas aajunga pakka sona

(nothing sona, nothing happen, one problem arise baas, little bit, I have to go andwill be back by tomorrow morning pakka)

Geet rubbed her face on his chest and said I know there is something, something happen and u looked tensed I heard u and I know'.

Maan sighed and geet slowly raised her face then said aap pakka jaldi aajaoge na,

(u will come surely na)

Maan smiles and nodded yes when geet gain hugged him .

After some moments, she left him and said aapko kuch help chiaye?

(do u need any help)

Maan:-nothing sona, baas aapna khayal rakhna , aur ek dam phikar mat karna, ur kuwar sa will be fine and kal subha tak ajunga.

(Nothing sona, baas , u have to take care of ur self and don't worry, ur kuwar sa will be fine and will be back by tomorrow morning)

Geet nodded yes but she know it's not so easy like he said,but still, she smiles and said aap kuch legne kuch food pack kar doon,iya phir,

( do u want anything, let me pack food or something else)

Maan :- no sona nothing , I'm going to ready , just do this files kept it in my bag ok.

Geet nodded and maan kissed her forehead and moved from there to get ready , when geet slowly keeping files there . she called sunil to pack some food for her kuwar sa.

She packed them all neatly then turn to found her kuwar sa is looking at her intently, she smiles and said I know may be there will be not need of tiffin but still for her kuwar sa.

Maan said ok sona, see u tomorrow , take care, then signal sunil, and instructed  him and kissed geet's eyes and forehead and left from there when geet stand there and looking at him and wishing for his success silently.

At night, geet can't sleep as she know it's not possible for her anyway ,still she tried to do it but know it'll not so easy.

Early morning she get up with a hope to see her kuwar sa but no hope, he is not there.she bit her lips to control the sob  , she get up from the bed and finish her morning routine then again start her study later ,sunil called her for breakfast but she denied, Sunil also said sir will scold them but geet said she is not feeling like eating ,anything .

She is worried, tensed also for her kuwar sa, where is he now , what he is doing now?

She sighed and continue his study as she know her kuwar sa will be upset if she didn't studied well.

After afternoon, she ate lunch and said sunil to make little food for kuwar he informed her to come at night.

Sunil nodded but again geet instructed how to make her kuwar sa's food as if sunil didn't aware of it, sunil chuckled but nodded as he know their little ma'm is too too possessive for their sir and vice versa.

At late night geet is get up from the dinning room after placing all food inside the friedge with sad face as again kuwar sa informed he will be later and don't wait for him now .

Geet cribbed how could he said this , don't wait, how could, she fall on the bed and looked at their pic, she take it and kissed maan's face numerous time then said m cry baby no m not but m missing u also, y it's happening y.

She hugged their pic and try to sleep but how can she , but the fatigue , tension , worry make her sleep.At late night, she found herself snuggling close into something familer then got someone familier,

She smiles in her sleep and hugged him back and rubbed her face on his chest cutely when a hand slide on her back and kissed her forehead then her hair.Geet smiles on his neck and said kuwar sa , then suddenly realized something and opened her eyes with jerk and shouts almost KUWAR SAAA aap


Maan looked at his sona who is almost half sitting and pulled her on him and said hmmm mein sona and now sleep, hell tired sona.

But suddenly maan shouts ouch kya kar rehe ho sona,y ur pinching me,

(ouch ,what r u doing, sona, y ur pinching me)

Maan then noticed she pinched herself then rubbed his hand and her and said after settling herself in his arms , m making sure u r here with me right now

Maan chuckled then said so kya samajhe mein aaye aapko kuwar sa sath mein hain.

( now u got it na that ur kuwar sa is with u)

Geet smiles and almost jumps on maan and hugged him and said thnkkkuuu,and slept on him,maan chuckled and said pagli ,and kissed her hair but suddenly geet aap ne toh khana nehi kahya abhi tak, chaliye mein aapke liye khana garam ke lati hoon.But maan hold her back and said shhh, let's sleep some time, m feeling too sleepy sona.

(u haven't ur food na, let me heat ur food and come back here)

Geet smiles at her kuwar sa cutely then kissed his cheek and caressed his face, she just can stay there like that full day like that only, she chuckled and then bend and kissed his forehead when maan snuggled like baby ,she caressed his face lovingly.

She slowly get up and tucked maan in the soft duvet then went to kitchen to heat up the food then placed them in tray and come again but found her kuwar sa is sleeping like little kid,she smiles and falling  for her kuwar sa more and more ,

She giggled to see him hugging the pillow like little cute kid , she placed the tray in the side table and then come and said kuwar sa , kuwar sa wake up ,maan pulled her and snuggled on her lap and said hmmm, sona, geet carrassed his face and said kuwar sa pls uth jaiye na, khane kha lijiye phir so jayenge.

Kuwar sa get up na, have ur food then sleep na)

Maan opend his eyes and smiles then said tum nehi manogi na.

( u will not listen na)

Geet:- kaise maano aapko bhookha aise chor ke . chaliye, I'll feed u,

(how I will when u hadn't ur food and I will listen when u r hungry,,now have it, I'll feed u)

Maan grinned and naughtily smiles but geet said kuwar sa badmashi mat karna.

(kuwar sa , don't be naughty)

Maan again placed his head on her laps and said mein kaha badmashi karta hoon sona and makes innocent face .

Geet make angry face but she looks more cute in her angry pouting face.

Maan pulled her face and give her long smooch then said now feed me.

Geet make her face full wide then said dusht danav, badmash, besharam , har pal badmashi,she slowly bring a piece of roti near his mouth and said have it kuwar sa, maan take one morsel then said ,have it too,

Dusht Danav , Badmash,shameless,naughty, ever time thinking of something naughty)

Geet looked at him shocked when maan said acche se khane nehi khaya  mujhe pata hain,(I know u hadn't ur meal well)Geet lowered her head when maan held her chin and said I understand the situation but sona u have to eat na, if u keep neglect ur health, ur study then,

Geet stammer oh mein toh baas socha ke. (oh I was just , I was thinking )

Maan:- sona,I know tension hota hain bahut hota hain and it's natural but u have to understand few things sona, u have to do ur study, u have to take care of ur health and urself.

(Sona, I know tension is there, may be some time it's increase grt, nd it's natural but u have to understand few things sona, u have to do ur study, u have to take care of ur health and urself. )

Geet pouted and said I scared for u so.

Maan take a bite and make her also eat little then said geet, it's my duty,as a wife of my u hve to lived with his ,I know this is not so easy like I said but u know if u keep neglecting ur health and other thing ,if u keep stressing urself it'll only hurt me sona,how I'll do my work, I know my job is not so easy 24*7 but u know na y I choose it ,,I need ur support, I'm not saying shut urself for this, yes express urself but don't hurt urself,

Geet nodded like obedient kid when maan get up and pull her in his arms and kissed her forehead and said u r more precious to me than anything sona,

Geet slowly and softly said I know kuwar sa ,I know I shouldn't stress myself too much but some times I fear , fear to loose u as u r my everything .

Maan again over whelmed by her unconditional love and cupped her face and said I know that's y I'm saying this, trust ur love, u know when first time I went for some mission after our marriage ,Geet nodded slowly when maan continued and said that time how u trust GOD and said every one that I'll be back , and u know after lots of sturggle I came back, it's ur trust and some where undying love for ur GOD then in me, make me come back, will u not do it same if some problem will arise ,

Geet looked at him few moments then nodded yes then said I'll try and said now have it, u make me forget everything, aapna ek dam aapna khayal nehi rakhte aur mujhe kehethe ho ke mein nehi rakhti, huh, aapne dekha kitna baar mujhe kehena parta hain khana time pe lete nehi,

(now have it, u make me forget everything, u r too careless, never care for urself and u r telling me to take care , huh, did u see, how much I have to say u to take food in time)

Maan just smiles and said after pulling her to him, u r here na to take care of me , Geet smiles with content face then said ha aur aap ek dam bacche ke tarah ho  ,mujhe kehethe ho men bacchi hoon.(and yes, u r like kid, just like small kid and u r telling me that I 'm kid)

Maan just chuckled and said hmmm,toh iye baccha kuch chathaha hain abhi tumse,( hmm then this kid wants something from u )Geet raised her eyes but soon found him smirking naughtily and said dhat and went from there as feeding complete.

Later geet came with her study book for her exam and noticed maan is sleeping little again, she  carrassed his face then kissed his eye then continue her study when maan in his sleep smiles little then again dose off  to sleep again.

After some time , geet complete revision of two chapter and noticed maan is still sleeping, she quickly get up and complete her morning routine then prepared break fst though she know maan told her to don't entered the kitchen but still she want to make food for her kuwar sa but know the reaction she will get, she chuckled then instructed sunil for some work and went back to her room for further study.

Maan wake up little later nad feeling fresh after exhausting previous day and more exhausting meeting and planning for something imp and confidential ,

Though his suboridnates captain saxena did thing to ruin but some how he managed, there will be enquiry for Captain saxena's work, how could she give the order of firing without checking they r innocent people or enemy.

He check his phone and seen  the msg from office, he called some one then make the time of meeting, he has to attend that.He quickly went to complete his morning routine and shower.

After shower , he came out s with a towel tied on his waist and found his sona is reading her study book , he smirked naughtily & went slowly close to her and whisper in her ear what r u doing sona?

Geet at first startled then hold her breath and turned but cursed herself for the turning like that as her dusht kuwar sa is looking dangerously handsome ,his  bare top and his naughty eyes and smirking making her gulped the saliva.

She said with stammering voice oh oh mein toh baas pappp par rehi thi kyuon ( I was studying just ,y , what happen?)

Maan who is looking at her  then smirk and said kya par rehe ho sona?( what r u studying )

Geet:-oh botany

Maan:-hmmm interesting , he went to cupboard to take his cloths when geet get up and  aap kaha ja rehe ho ?( where r u going)

Maan:- oh mujhe thora work hain so going for office.

(oh I have some work so, going for office)

Geet with wide eyes but u came just few hours ago.

Maan chuckled then said sona, I know but if needed I have to do my duty 24*7

Geet pouted and said ha aapna khayal toh nehi rakhte saare duniya ki rakhnge then said lunch pack kar doon. Bina lunch leke bahar mat jana.

(yes, u didn't take care of ur health and ur self and u only care for this world then said will pack ur lunch ,without taking food don't go )

Maan took the clothes then nodded yes with naughty smiles but soon Geet almost shout aap iye kya kar rehe ho. ( what r u doing )

Maan who open the tie of his towel knot and said with most innocent voice kya?

Geet closed her eyes tightly then cover it by her palm and said chi chi, iye kitna besharam ho gaye Krishna aap dekh rehe ho na, aise iye kaise kar sakte hain inhe  (chi chi, see how much shameless he has become , Krishna , did u see him,how come he is doing this?) but soon she startled at a pair of hands hold her tightly then said kya sona aise kya kar dia ke tum aapne krishna ko bol rehe ho mere against ha. ( what happen sona, what I have done ? y u r complaining against me to Krishna )

Geet with still closed eyes said kuuu kuchhh nehi nehii kuchh oh mmmere maatlab '..(nothing ,  I meannn nothinnnggg)

Maan rubbed his cold cheek with her then said y u r now stammering ha.

Geet gapsed and hold his shoulder when she found there is cloths and open her eyes to found him wearing a normal shirt and trouser.

She blinked her eyes then innocently asked aapne kapre pehen lya (u r wearing cloths )

Maan smirked then said with extra husky voice ha sona but there is nothing hidden between us then y u r shying and y u rbecoming red like cherry .

He bend and bite her nose and cheeks when geet moaned mmm kuwwwaaar sa.

Maan :- kissed her nose then her cheeks and said let's go for brak fast and left her as if nothing happen.

Geet pouted and try to comprehend the incident then runs from there with murmur how her nuaghty kuwar sa always teasing her .

Later after their breakfast ,geet asked kuwar sa aaj aap aise formal kaapre pehen ke.

(Today u r wearing formal cloths , y )

Maan who is sipping coffee said hmmm sona have some urgent and imp work.

Geet:-koi tension wali baat toh nehi.

Maan looked at him and said na, as he know what he will tell about the problem he sighed then said accha sona, study well but along with that take proper rest and have food in time ha,

Geet nodded then hugged him and said come back soon and don't take stress, ur work will be fine and all will be fine also.

Maan smiles and cupped her face and kissed her forehead then said when my angel wishing me then it'll be real fine .

Geet smiles and said aap phikar mat karna mien thik hoon and who thora pehle disturb thi but now m ok. ( don't worry, m fine, oh , just little bit tensed before now m ok )

Maan kissed her eyes then forehead and said take care and left the house .

Full day geet is bsuy with her study then called at home and talked with masa and dadi sa ,

Masa felt happy and content and thanks almighty and maan that he understand then asked about their health and how geet's study is going on?

Geet felt so happy then said masa aap ek baar unse acche se baat kar lijiye na Raj ke baarein mein,(masa just pls do chat with him about raj ) he agreed but he was worried as vikram will be there in delhi,

Masa pause for a moment then said kk, will talk, will try to make raj stand here or go other way.

Geet try to say but that problem will not stopped as KC is maan's father' fore father's so vikram think it's him , he also has right there. Geet want to say it but stopped as she don't want to give more tension the two elderly women, she thought to talk with raj later then maan also.

After little more chat ,geet hung the phone but her mind is still lingering the tension ,raj is alone there and she came to know from maan how much dangerous vikram how much he eager to take over KC , she know when raj is there and this little age if vikram spolied him or do something , She don't want any one harm her family what if her kuwar sa or masa and dadi sa or raj.

See the below post

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

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Next Part:-

Part31 (B)

Serious Student & Naughty Teacher


Naughty Teacher & Serious Student

At night , geet is worrying as still maan didn't back, after half an hour of mid night maan called her when geet almost blasted him for not informing her and then realized her mistake and said she is sorry for going over board , but maan hastily said it's ok and he enjoyed her sweet scolding .

Geet blushed then asked but kuwar sa where r u, and when u will be back?

Maan :-oh sona here is some urgent work for that I stuck up here for some more work, sona, pls don't worry nothing to worry baas some work, go and sleep and u have to stay healthy ha.and more I hope u had ur meal.

Geet :-hmm and u kuwar sa.

Maan smiles and said oh yea I mean.

Geet chided and said I know u will never learnt .mujhse baat mat kijiye.( I know u will never learnt ,don't talk with me )

Maan:- sona, then how I will live

Geet blushed when maan smiles and said accha sona don't blush so much ,it's make me feel to take u now.

Geet almost gasped loud called kuwar sa'..

Maan chuckled then said accha sona , will be back tomorrow by morning but not sure as depends on work but pls take care of urself and don't worry , trust in our love and most imp KRISHNA.

Geet smiles and said hmmm, aap bhi aapne khayal rakhna aur jada tension mat karna, aapka sona bhi tension nehi legi. (hmmm and u also take care of urself and don't take too much tension and stress )

Maan smiles and said I love u sona and good night, acche se aab so jao ha. ( have tight sleep )

Geet whisper love u too , good night.

But before she cut the call she heard some familiar female voice along with male voice , she shrugged it off.

Next day, geet got up early but again maan didn't come till after noon and later send msg that he will be at home within couple of hours.

Full day went with study and thinking of her kuwar sa and how is he now and more where is he, she know how tough and risky his work, she is proud of her husband but as a wife she worried for him and his safety.

She sighed and prayed to GOD for his safety and well being always.

At evening Maan came back from his work and found geet is walking on the garden and enjoying the cool breeze. He smiles and slowly and went close to her and called her sona.

Geet startled then turn and smiles and hugged him tightly and said just kuwar sa.

Maan smiles and hugged her back and said sona.

Both stayed there in each other embrace , and feeling each other, trying to absorb each other, they didn't like this small small separation but some time circumstances make it.

After some moments maan cupped her face and said I missed u and geet smiles and just lay her head on his chest after wrapping her small arms on his waist .

Later at night time, maan came after his phone call and found geet is doing her study with concentration , he smiles and called her for dinner and said later she should continue her study but geet ignored it and continue her study.

Maan called few more time then just scoop her in his arms when geet shouted kuwar sa leave me, I need to complete the revised kuwar sa pls but maan refused to pay any heed and take her down stair when sunil and other butler r standing there almost giggling.

But seeing their sir's angry glare they stopped and quickly served food to them when geet shied and hide herself in maan and cursed him for making her embarrassed like this.

Maan settled himself on the chair and said sona now have ur dinner first then rest thing and if u not listen to me, trust me will hide ur all books.

Geet pouted and slwoly take but it's like playing with food more lastly maan take the initiative to feed her and himself .

Before geet can eat half of the meal,she said ho gaya aab mein jaun ( it's done, may I go ) but maan hold her and said no it's not ho gaya ,let me decide it,u know sona, u r really child,kid,with this half meal what u will do,u r preparing for exam or something else like war don't know now have it.

Geet twist her lips and nose then looked at him and suddenly maan almost screamed ouch and said sona what r u doing when geet came back from his though and quickly apologized and said oh I didn't see ,I was thinking.

Maan shook his head and said sona y u r taking so much tension now have it but ebfore maan can put the next morsel  geet take his finger and sucked it and said mujhe nehi khana , I'm sorry I hurt u, it's paining na. (I don't want to eat, I'm sorry, I hurt u,it's paining na )

Maan :- sona, it's not paining, it's ok see, it's not paining .

Geet cutely nodded then said I'm sorry kuwar sa ,I'm. I mean I was just thinking about my subjs so.

Maan smiles then said have it , geet reluctantly have it when maan said hmmm so some one I mean something is more close to u than me.

Geet :- kab ,kaun then looked at maan who with plain face said have ur drink and give her a milk glass then get up and called sunil to clean the table .

Geet looked at maan who said finish the milk and come to room.

Geet nodded as she confused with the event that what happen suddenly with her kuwar sa .

Here maan is trying to make his face plain but can't awww his sona is looking so cute

Geet came inside the room and found him talking again in phone ,she sat on the bed and looking at him with pout and frown but it's make her more cute,

Maan looked at him then playfully turn his face and when geet make her face full wide and said inhe kya ho gaya iye kya sach mein mujhse naraj hain,Krishna kuch madat ki jiye na .( what happen to him, he is angry on me, is it true ,Krishna help me na)

She cupped her own face and thinking when maan said change karke so jao geet, it's late and don't take stress too much. ( go and change ur dress and go to bed for sleep,it's late and don't take stress too much )

Geet is still sitting in that position and said m not kid kuwar sa and u r angry on me y?

Maan chuckled then said who told u m angry and u r kid more than any toddler

Geet looked at him with pouting expression then said ok , I'm kid toh ,I will say this to masa ha, maan chuckled and soon alarmed as geet said and I have seen u in mirror ,aap has rehe the aap tab se mere leg pull kar rehe ho , sab janti hoon mein , aapko kya laga ha. (I have seen u in mirror , u r laughing ,u r just pulling my leg nothing more ,I know it )

Maan chuckled and smirked then said hmmm intelligent '

Geet thorw the pillow and said majak ura rehe ho aap, tab bhi aap natak kar rehe the dining room mein ,mere leg pull karna accha lagta hain ha. ( u r still pulling my leg, joking on me,u r doing drama also that time in dining room, U loved to pull my leg ha )

Maan went to change his dress when geet said mein masa ko bata dungi sab kuch aapke baarein mein ,kaise aap mujhe tang karte ho dekhiye , (I will tell masa everything about ur joking doing drama and leg pulling ,) aur but maan hold her from behind and spin her and pinch her nose and said  ole mere cutie pie , naraj hoagye aapnse kuwar sa ke upar. (ole mere cutie pie, u r feeling sad,upset, angry on ur kuwar sa ha )

Geet again pouted and said aap tang karte ho aur dekho abhi kaise m not kid, mein bari ho gayi. ( u r always loved to tease me ,still u did it and m not kid, I'm adult now )

Maan laughed almost then cupped her cheek and said mere sona bari ho gayi dikh raha hain mujhe .bilkul haar baat mein masa ko bata dungi dadi sa ko bata dungi , complaint box. (I can see it how grown up u r , in every time, I will tell masa, dadi sa, complaint box)

After hearing this geet makes full "O" shapes when maan said close ur mouth sona, other wise fly will enter there.

Geet stomped her foot and lie down in the bed with the back when maan came from back and slide down besides her and switched off the light . when geet murmur dekho kaise lat kuch din gayeb rehe aapne kaam ke liye jaise kaam nehi mere saut ho aur aab aate hi mere leg pull kar rehe hain , dusht danav. Huh ( see how he slept here,full day and last couple of days he was busy for his work and like there is my saut ) but soon a hand slide on her waist and paste her with his taut chest and said par iye dusht danav hain sirf  tumhara hi hain , ha thora leg pull karta hain haq hain uska kyuon sona, (yes this is ur Dusht Danav only ,yes he loved to tease u and pull ur leg as it's his right only )who is smiling but say nothing .

Maan dipped his head on her neck and said I missed u sona , last few days went hectic for me.but really I missed u , Maan hold her pal , their finger entwined ,geet took their hand near to her lips and kissed his knuckles then placed their entwined hand near to her heart and maan understand every unsaid word of her , how she also missed him, like him, how she was tensed for him ,like him,

Both slept there and their unsaid words also settled as they know each other ,understand each other, how much maan want to pamper his sona, how much he loved to see her live like others, how much he want to tease her irritate her so she can fight with her and she also understand it his every tease, leg pulling r for her only, want to make her happy, she also enjoyed this , she also want to tease him by telling that she will complaint to dadi sa and masa.both r living like kids or some time teenager which they missed for their family, circumstances but now fulfilling it .

Next day maan wake up as the day is holiday, he need not to go for his work and he will spend this time with his sona , he smiles he turn to her side but find it empty

he is about to call geet but his phone ring and it's from brij, geet's bhai sa, he chatted few moments then called geet who came with his coffee , geet is looking happy and chatted with him, when maan settled himself behind geet and hugged her from her waist and sipping his coffee.

Geet smiles then end the conversation and said bhai sa is very happy and more happy after have a chat with u kuwar sa when maan smiles and said all my pleasure .

Maaneet both have chat about brij and many thing few moments then about the time geet is about to get up as she need to start her study but maan hold her hand and spund her round and when geet cried kuwar sa , choriye mujhe parna hain. (kuwar sa, leave me , I have to study )

Maan held her both hands and said par lena thori der mein kaun roka hain par kya kuch pal ke liye aapne iss masoom pati pe thora sa najar dene chathe hain aap? ( ok u will do ur study but later, now give ur little precious time to ur innocent hubby who is feeling sad and want ur one sath )

Geet squeezed her eye brows and said matlab,

Maan with naughty smiles said matlab kuch pal aapne iss masoom pati ke sath bitana.  (I mean , wanna spend time with u and want u to spend time with ur innocent hubby )

Geet raised her eye brows and said accha , pehele batiye aap aur masoom ha. ( first tell me who is innocent here )

Maan nuzzled her cheek playfully and said kyuon nehi lag reha hoon , mein masoom.( I'm the one ,innocent )

Geet:-joke of the year , aap aur masoom, aab na ek no ke badmash ho, besharam ho.

(joke of the year,u r innocent ,never u r naughty,, shameless)

Maan bit her ear lobe then said iye galat hain sona aapne pati pe itna bara iljaam.

this is wrong, sona, how come u r putting accusation on me )

Geet raised her face then said iljaam nehi sacchai (this is not accusation but truth )

Maan :- kaise , meine kya badmashi ki when his finger is now playing under her kurti and almost tickling her ( how come, when I have committed any naughtiness )

Geet giggled and said sabse bara badmashi abhi kar rehe ho, choriye na kuwar sa,(Now u r doing what, leave me kuwar sa na pls )

Maan nodded no then tickled her and where geet giggled laughed freely.

After some moments , maan left geet with satified smiles to see her smie . he bend and kissed her forehead and said always smilies like that.

Geet smiles and in return hugged him.

Later that day maan is doing some work and helping geet in her study .

Maan looked geet is taking too much tension and stressed , how much he would say, it's happen,

Maan:-isse thik karna hogaiska tension dur karna hoga .

Maan called geet and said accha geet, it's more than 6hours u r studying , let's take little break but geet almost screamed no , break , aapko pata hain mujhe kitna revision karna hain, ek toh aap mere madat kijiye and muhe distract mat kijiye.

(No, break, do u know how much I have to revision and one side do help me and don't distract me )

Maan:- but geet , itne der tak sona, take rest and take it easy.

Geet murmur take it easy khud toh kitna tension karte hain , ( take it easy , he ,always took tension )both of them have their dinner when geet felt something tickling on her foot and then realized it's maan's feet.

She looked at him and try to be angry but found herself blushing,maan's foot gradually going up to her knees when she atlast said kuwar sa pls.

Maan with innocent face maine kya kya? ( what I have done )

Geet who is blsuhing when maan asked aab tumhara gaal apple jaise kyuon ho rehe hain? ( now ur cheek is now turning like apple y is it )

Geet now almost red like cherry and want to run away from there and said aap na serious teacher nehi ho aaap bahut naughty ho, ( u r too naughty teacher not serious at all )

When maan take bite of his food and place one morsel infront of her and said but abhi kaha mein tumhara teacher hoon mein toh tumhara kuwar sa hoon ,kyuon. ( right now who told u that m ur teacher , m ur kuwar sa only )

Geet looked at him then nodded ha but soon found him smirking and said phir aap mere leg pull kar rehe the( again u r pulling my leg )

Aap bahut badmash ho (U r too naughty ) and get up from there to run but maan hold her nd pull her in his lap then said accha baba nehi karungi aap chalo khalo.(ok baba, now I'll not do anything now have ur food )

Geet at first makes face then have the dinner as her kuwar sa feeding her, this pampering ,geet missed, this teasing geet missed, this naughtiness geet missed in her parental house but her kuwar sa fulfilled her all dreams, pampering her, some times act like her friends, some times lover, some time strict guirdian some times, caring hubby or passionate hubby, his love, care ,pamper makes geet happy, whnever she got tensed cause of exam or anything he is there to erase the tension , how much he understand her well.

She know whenever her kuwar sa teasing her, it's all cause to make her relax and stress free.she enjoyed it also, she also tease him back, fight with him likte teenage lover then manao her also.

Line one day maan make noticed geet is eating something but there is something on her lips but she didn't noticed it as she concentrate on the study.

He smile naughtily then called her sona there is something on ur lips, geet looked at him and said what?

Maan :- ha wiped it na fast, it's keep distracting me.

Geet at first shocked and confused then blushed profusedly and said murmur something and wiped it gently.

But sona's kuwar sa is too naughty and said uff sona u didn't wipe it see there is still.

Geet now more confused and try to wiped it but maan keep saying here and there atlast maan pulled her in his lap and said let me help u like good gentleman and cupped her face and kissed her lips.

Geet was full stunned and shocked & surprised then shied .Later maan left her lips and said now it's clear but soon recived a playful slap and blushing sona who hide herself in his arms.


Like another  day geet is teasing maan about his scare in front of masa and dadi sa but he is keep denying it and finally he faked anger that he is angry well he is more embarrassed that till now he is scared of his masa and dadi sa's anger and like in child hood when he would commited any mischieve how they scold him and he got scared .he smiles to remember little nice moments of his childhood but when geet came in front of him, he used to show his fake anger.

Geet came and sat besides him and called him kuwar sa, kuwar sa, suniye na but maan keep ignoring her but with a smirk and naughty smile'..After few moments, geet looked at the sky then take deep breath and hold her ear and said sorry na but maan get up from there and went inside the room and sat on the bed with plain face,

He is trying hard to control his laugh but it's next to impossible now, he want to complete this tease game but before that he found his innocent sona's hand on his chest and slowly opening the shirt button.

It's make his eyes almost popped out what is his innocent wifey, sona doing now. He hold her hand when geet bit his ear lobe and said I'm sorry kuwar sa.

Maan quickly pull her in his lap and said shhh, u don't need to sorry and I was just joking ,I mean pulling ur leg little when geet stunned and make her mouth wide open then whacked him and bit him playfully with pillow which maan try to dodge .

Later they lay down on the bed with heavy panting and looked at each other with big smiles.

Maan pull her in his arms and pushed the soft tendril behind her ear and said I love u sona, humesha aise muskurate rehena ,

Geet smiles and kissed his nose then said I will till u r with me and ur love , baas.

Both of them lay there and feeling each other and hearing each other heart beat which is beating for each other and calling each other name only. Their heart beat, mixed with each other but unaware there is some problem is arriving, there is some evil also lurking to attack there love paradise.

Before 3 days of examination ,one night maan came from office full tired

He called geet but when sunil informed him that she is still studying from after noon without taking lunch or anything. He got worried along with angry, he scolded sunil for this then run to study room and called her but geet said hmmm only.

He know now he don't have any option and just went and scoop her in his arms and said u r crazy sona, when geet wriggled to come out from his grip and said kuwar sa let me study na.

Maan:- enough of ur study, u will fall ill now, without eating, drinking what r u going to do, now if u will say one more word then first will stop ur exam sec u know how I would stop u.

When geet pouted then turn her face away and murmur.Later maan make her feed dinner when geet said aap bhi toh thake hue ho,

Maan:- hmm,

Geet:-but u should have ur dinner first na

Maan glared at her then said yes when my wife is staying hungry like this .

Geet:-oh mujhe parna tha na toh.

Maan:- sona, do u think in this hungry state u can give exam well, of do u think with this stressfull state u will give exam well.

Geet:-oh I ,kya karu mujhe revised karna tha aur tension mein hoon lag raha hain sab kaise gol gol ghum raha hain. (oh I ,what t do, I have to revised the lesson and in this time I"m feeling tensed and all r romaing round round )

Maan:- ha gol gol ghumega na jab koi bhukha rehe aise. (yes all will roam round round when u will stay hungry like this )

Geet:-nehi mein nehi gol gol ghum rehi thi, saare study. (no no ,I'm not I mean my head is not roaming oh all study )

Maan rolled his eyes and said thanks for informing me, mujhe toh pata hi nehi tha tumahra sar abhi tak  gol gol ghuma nehi but bahut jald ghumega if u don't listen to me and keep skipping food.( thanks for informing me, other wise I didn't know but it's not ur head till now but soon it'll be if u keep skipping ur food)

Geet twist her lips then complete the food but didn't say anything as maan is angry now.

At night maan slide besides geet who is waiting for him.Geet just came and slide her hand on his waist and said naraj ho.

Maan chuckled then hugged her and said no.kaise mein aapne sona pe naraj ho sakti hoon.(no, how can I be angry on u sona , I will never be angry on u )

Geet smiles and said sorry, oh mein tensed ho gayi thi.(sorry oh I was so tensed )

Maan:- dikh raha hain mujhe but sona promised me u will not skip ur food any more u know what will happen then?

Geet with puppy face said sorry then kissed his lips and said will not skip food and maan just smiles and kissed her back then both settled for peaceful sleep.

Next day ,maan is getting ready when geet helped him to give his file, watch, wallet and said kuwar sa,aap aaj sirf office mein ja rehe ho na, koi secret mission pe toh nehi. (Kuwar sa , where r u going today, any secret mission )

Maan put everything in right place then said no sona, office mein sirf , will be back by evening and u will not take any tension neither for ur exam and any mission .

Maan playfully punch her nose when she mocked pain but maan pulled her in his arms and kissed her cute little nose then said take care ha,I love u sona.

Geet smiles broadly and snuggled little and said I love u too kuwar sa.

Later at after noon, geet got call from college as she has to meet principal now, at first geet startled and said y , what has the reason but they insist her to come now as it's too urgent other wise may be it'll harmful for her career.

She thought for a moment and said she want to asked her husband as without his permission she can't go .though it's not fully true but geet want to  know y sudden call,she called maan but it's swtiched off.geet tried few more time then looked at the clock then at her phone when she get up and went to get ready .

Maan came back from the office at evening with tension as sunil called and informed him that geet went out and still didn't back. He tried to reach her but as no result.

He called her one friends, her college then also no clue, he pushed his hair and think where she will go, she never take a step beyond this house without him or without informing him, she know , that he will tense ,

Here in some where else, geet is sitting with fearful expression and hugging her knees tightly and keep murmuring kuwar sa pls come here, pls save me.

Her eyes r puffy, lips r shaking in fear ,her face is cover with tear marks and mud and her hair messed,

Some one entered the room when She looked up and her eyes got wide with revelation, she said tum.but before she can say anything she dragged to tied up by rope in her leg and hands and mouth by cloths and placed her in the truck when she heard some one saying ha , all is ready take her away and sold them there ,yes do what ever u want , don't care just want to get rid of this B****** ''

Geet's eyes turn wide in fear, she is praying hard to her KRISHNA and want her kuwar sa just came and save her, she try to freed herself but it's too tough  .

Here maan is going crazy with the way time is passing or flying away , he punch the seat of his jeap and cried kaha ho tum sona, kaha ho,

He is worried for her safety now more, he got to know from brij, that she didn't call and even brij find out some how that no one from their parental house then where she would go, where is she now, how is she now,

Maan looked at up then said I'll save u at any cost ,u r my life,U r my everything . I will and start his jeap to find out his sona, his life, his geet where another place in truck, geet is praying hard for her safety, and keep chanting SHRI KRISHNA pls send him here pls send kuwar sa here, pls save me, SHRI KRISHNA,pls'.

Both Maaneet r thinking about each other where destiny playing a cruel game , what will happen now, will destiny will win or will TRUE LOVE will win?


Love Vs Duty

 here is the next part

hope u all like it

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& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

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Previous Part:-

Holiday,Masti,Communication, Learning :-Page13


Next Part:-

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept

   P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Hi all
how r u all
Wish u all a very happy new year
wishing this coming new year fill with lots of love and peace, joy , success and prosperity
Sorry for not updating as I'm really busy last two week and disturb for some reasons
 anyway , m back but will post the ud tomorrow only again m going out for some work and can able to post the ud tomorrow only early morning
pls wait dearies
and hope this year also u will support me and shower ur love and support on me and my ffs
I will try to post the ud tonight but if not then tomorrow morning pakka for that , for ud already res post also
and from next week I will be regular for my all ffs
I read all of u confusion , questions and will reply them
with my update and this coming will be real roller coaster for all of u with my updates with lots of love, passion and twist and turn so stay tune for all my ffs
and this ff next part will be post tomorrow early morning ,
P.S.:- sorry sorry for late updating kan pakar ke sorry
but really held up

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Happy New Year

Awesome Update

Maaneet understanding n taking care of each other

Maan teasing Geet so tht she dont take stress or tension for exam n study well

Maan is on a secret n confidential mission, hope tht dont affect their relation

Geet got kidnapped by some one n they r going to sell her, hope Maan reached the place on time n save his Geet from the person

Is Vikram behind the kidnapped of Geet ???

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