Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee



Road To Love & Beyond, NEW THREAD LINK ADDED pg155 (Page 13)

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till updated the part within 15-20mins
If u missed the previous part
here it's

Mission Manao Sona:- Page127

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Next Part:-

Holiday ,Masti, Communication,Learning

Geet oh oh mein when maan came top of her and said ha bolo m hearing, pura karo baat mujhse baachne ke liye mere sona was spending time in kitchen ,how.ha.bolo,kaise hmmm

Geet looked here and there then runs from there and said pata nehiii when maan just smiles

   Geet gets ready for her college when maan come and hugged her from behind and nuzzled his nose on her neck and said ready for college ha.

Geet who startled first then nodded positively  and maan placed a kiss on her cheek,ok then let's go.

Geet smiles and take her bag and went away from there, Maan left her in the college but before that he take her lips for a soul searing kiss.

Maan left her after few moments when he noticed his sona, is blushing terribly and looking more cute yet beautiful, and her lips curve for a content smile, the smiles replace with cry, and tension cause of his impulsive decision.

He kissed her eyes, forehead then wipes her mess lip gloss and said take care of ur self , geet nodded with smiles then give a gentle peck on his lips and runs from there with soft giggle .

Maan only shook his head and smiles and turn his car towards his office  .

After noon , geet came back from college and hell tired and just fall on bed and said sunil to don't disturb her now.

Geet is sleeping peacefully and after couple of hours of good sleep she wake up and went to washroom for fresh up .

After some time,She heard the bathroom door opened and a pair of hands engulfed her waist and nuzzled his nose there and said sona,

Geet who melt instantly but said hmmm,

Maan placed deep kiss on her shoulder and said how is ur day sona?

Geet moaned and said it's went well, how is ur day?

Maan placed a wet kissed on her throat where his hand massaging her belly and said fine and ready for the tour for next two days sona.

Geet is forgetting everything and just say hmmm,yeesss but maan love torture continue and geet is just melting in his arms and his love and passion.

Maan want to control himself but the separation make him forget everything, and just drown in their love and passion.

After some time, maan looked at geet with raged breath due to their passionate session and find her flushed face .Maan kissed her forehead and slowly her eyes then said r u ok.

Geet who is panting heavily and fill with sweat and maan's love , slowly open her eyes to looked at maan but her shyness let her hugged him tightly and hide herself in his neck .

Maan kissed her shoulder then slowly slide out from her and said sona ,who just moaned hmmm.

Maan caressed her thigh which r on his waist, he slowly makes her stand on her feet and then scoop her in his arms and take him in the bathtub for giving warm shower.

After the shower maan make her ready when she is feeling cozy .

Maan asked after complete her dress, wanna go ?

Geet nodded yes and kissed his cheek but then shied also.

Maan just loved her every gesture .her cute nature , her shyness, her bold move, her anger, her love, her care, every gesture makes him fall for her more and more.

Geet looked at him then said aap kya soch rehe ho, maan noddednothing baas dekh raha hoon aapne sona ko.

Geet smiles shyly then said jana nehi hain .

Maan jaana hain toh hain but tumhare iye do chor akhen aur iye masum chehera sab bhula dete hain mujhe .

Geet giggle then runs from there.

Later at late evening maaneet reached on house boat where they will spend couple of days . she smiles, giggled and hold maan's arm and said thanks and kissed his shoulder .

Maan smiles and thanks to this plan for what his sona is smiling and enjoying and more with him of course .he slide his hand on her waist & pressed a kissed on her shoulder and said chale andar sona.

Geet shiver with the intensity of the kiss and his voice ,she clutched his arms and entered the house boat.

Maan :- sona, how it's

Geet just mesmerized with everything and keep looking at everything then said wow, kuwar sa ,so beautiful. Thankuuu and hugged him tight and kissed his cheek the  lips but soon realized what she has done and runs from there , where maan first looked full shocked with this bold move, then chuckled and naughtily smirk.

Maan closed the door and locked it and called sona, who is hiding behind a partition and blushing heavily . he opened two buttons of his shirt and makes a fold of his sleeve and called her again .

He slowly went towards the partition but geet again runs from there and now she is standing behind the glass door and giggling  ,

Maan smiles and said sona, come out, but geet nodded no and runs from there, there is long corridor and besides there is long river , she turns and looked at that side , there r few more house boat but those r not filled with any people mainly.

She opened her arms and taking the fresh air when a pair of hands engulfed her in his strong arms and nuzzled her cheek and neck with his stubble and make her giggle .

Maan :- enjoying the view, when geet turned little and hugged him and said no, staying with u  ,I'm enjoying to stay here ,in ur arms .

Maan looked at face then kissed her eyes and hugged her tight as if hiding her from this world.

After few moments ,maan said andar chale sona.

Geet raised her head then nodded like cute baby, maan just scoop her in his arms and enter inside the houseboat.

Later at night maan order dinner for them when geet happily snuggled in his laps and said kuwar sa ,

Maan caressed her hair and said ha bolo.

Geet:-aap se kuch puchna hain.

Maan :- kabse mere sona mujhse permission le raha hain aise.,

Geet fidget her duppatta then said oh actually wanna ask, oh.

Maan held her chin and said tell me.

Geet:-y u bring my books here,

Maan chuckled then kissed her nose and said cause ur exam is nearing and will be help u in study here.

Geet twist her lips and said I thought u will bring me here for holiday.

Maan just smiles at her cute gesture now she is looking like 18yrs old who want to spend time other than study only.

He pulled her close and said well mrs khurana if u r forgetting ,I'll fulfilled that promised along with u have to  study also , sona, see ur exam is nearing and thori din baad mein bhi busy ho jaunga phir se , tum bhi aapnse study ko leke toh isse time hum dono ek doosre ke sath time spend karenge and then will help u in study, don't worry sona.

Geet smiles and placed her head on his chest where her hands r playing with his vest and said par aap ko mujhe kuch aur puchna bhi hain.

Maan threaded her hair and said hmm pucho na,oh oh aapne oh mujhse dur kyuon jana chaha , mere matlab oh aapko aise kyuon laga ?

She raised herself then said with chocked voice, kya aape mein bojh hoon, kya aapko mein jada pareshan karti hoon , kya mein aapke kaam mein tang karti hoon, kuwar sa.

Maan got shocked to hear it and he understood the mistake he has done , she may be happy and feeling good but some how his avoid , ignorance make her think like this, some where deep in her heart , she feared about losing him,

he quickly cupped her face and said no sona, nothing like that, I was just tensed as I felt I'm caging u , nothing like that,I just want to see u living life, enjoying life , cherished every moments like other 18yrs doing,

Geet looked at him with protest look when maan said but now I know where is my sona's happiness lying and trust me I'll never done it again,I know now where ur happiness, how u will enjoy life, how u will cherished every moments of ur life and I know the ans is me, with me u can get everything , ur happiness, u cherished our all moments much more than ur alone,I know sona,then kissed her cheek ,I'll never think that I'm caging u, trust me .

Geet looked at him few moments then said pakka na, aap mujhse dur toh nehi jaunge aap.

Maan cupped her face and said kabhi nehi sona, mere toh existence aab tumse hain , tum meri srif pyaar nehi ho, mere zindegi ho, mere jeevan ho, mere iss berang jeevan ko tumne aaapne pyaar rang bhar dia sona, aapne pyaar iss patthar bhara dil ko pigal dia, phir se usse jeena sikhaya, pyaar karna sikhaya how can I stay away from u, How can I go away from u, without u there is no existence for me.

Geet smiles and hugged him and said I love u, pls humesha mere sath aise rehena.

Maan hugged her back when geet said mein na daar gayi thi, mujhe laga aap mujhse dur ja rehe ho, mujhe laga mein aapko kho, she raised and looked at maan then said oh ,I know it's chilidish to think like this ,m sor but maan placed his long finger and nodded his head no and said no sona, u will not, it's not childish and if it's childish then my sona has the right to demand childishly &  it's my entire fault without saying my feeling, my fear , m just putting my decision on u, without consulting with u ,m just taking decision on behalf of me,it's wrong sona, I put it and I put it the phase where u went through so much pain, I'm sorry sona ,he kissed her eyes, cheeks, forehead, nose then chin then her lips gently then said but ur kuwar sa loves u , he only thinks to see u happy , he thought may be u need freedom as u never explore this side but UR kuwar sa forget to think or understand what his sona need hain na.

Maan holds his ear  when Geet quickly hold his hand and nodded no and kissed his hand , ear and said aap kabhi galat nehi ho, aap toh baas mere khushiya dekh rehe the, baas thora misunderstand hogaya ,koi baat nehi , mein bhi bhul jaungi aur aap bhi oh baat bhul jaiye..

Maan smiles to see the innocence, to witness the depth of her unconditional love,he just hugged him and kissed head and said I love u sona ,I love u lots.

Geet smiles and happily snuggled close to him , her kuwar sa,after some time , geet said oh mujhe aap se kuch aur bhi kehena hain.

Maan smiles and carrassed her cheek with the help of his long finger when geet closed her eyes in pleasure and shyness, her cheeks r turning pinky to red and her body covered with goosebump .

She hold his hand and said or moaned kuwar sa.

Maan smiles and said ha sona bolo na.

She frowned cutely and said kuwar sa'..her heart want to feel her kuwar sa more but she needs to say her demand , she giggled herself then maan said accha baba bolo,

Geet looked at him or glared at him cutely then said oh mujhe na aapse ek baatpuchna hain, maan siged and said mujhe pata hain aage sona,oh but their conversation interupped due to a knock on the door, when maan said yes,

From out side:-sir, dinner.

Maan:-ok placed it on table , we r coming.

After this maan kissed her cheek and said dinner karle phir baat sunte hain tumhari ha.

Geet pouted but nodded yes and try to get up when maan just hold her close and said u r not allow do it , she shied but maan just scoop her and they went to dinning room for their dinner.

It's dinner or maan's mischiveious more ,no one know, as maan placed geet on his lap and feeding her but his another hand went inside her night dress and he is carrassing her bare waist now & make geet moan .

She glared at him, plead him to stop but he is no where near to stop, after their dinner, maan called the caretaker and said to take plate from there.

Later at night, maan is lying on the bed when geet come slowly on his chest and placed her head there and closed her eyes.

She is feeling peace there, it's her heaven, near to her kuwar sa's heart, in his arms she feels the peace that is she never felt any where.

Maan slowly caressed her hair and said so,how was the dinner.

Geet heard it but she blushed as she remember how that time he was naughty, how he was busy to tease her, she blushed and hide her face in his chest, when maan smiles and said kya hua mere sona ko ,Geet nodded her head as no then smiles and kissed his chest near to his heart and lay down again .

Both lay in each other arms and feeling the peace some time, there no need to say anything  or expressed anything just be in each other arms.

After some moments,Geet cutely caressed his vest, shoulder and said suniye , aap so rehe hain,

Maan:- no sona bolo na,

Geet smiles and raised her little then said ek baat bolu mein,

Maan nodded when geet said ,oh baat jo mein aapko dinner se pehele kehene chahithi thi,

Maan tucked the loose hair strand behind her ear and nodded when geet continue ,  hum iha ghumne aaye hain na.

Maan :-ha sona ofcourse iha ghumne aaye hain.

Geet :-toh phir hum iha book leke kyuon aaye parne ke liye.

Maan chuckled and know where discussion leading, he said toh mere sona kya karna chathi hain .

Geet with excited face said hum iye do din khub ghumenge aur aapkse sath time spend karna hain ,

Maan:-aur phir tumahara exam ,uska preparation oh kaun karega.

Geet makes face and said oh baad mein dekha jayega , mujhe aapke sath rehena hain time spend karna hain if u r not giving me this then I'll not talk to u ha and make her hand fold near to her chest and turn her face another side.

Maan chuckled pull her towards him and said accha toh mere sona ,mere sath time spend karna chahethe hain ha.

Geet nodded yes ,maan placed his chin on her shoulder where his both hand hold her arms and make it relase and said aapka hukum sarakho pe , jaise mere sona chahegi waise hi hoga.

Geet smiles and hugged him with forece which make him fall on the bed again where geet on him.her loose hair fall on them, like curtain, geet looked at maan with smiling eyes but geet noticed her kuwar sa's eyes turning into mischiveious way and soon she felt ticking sensation on her waist as her kuwar with his long finger tickling her weak places.

Geet rolled down but maan continue his sweet assult, torture, with his long finger then rubbed his stubble cheek on her tummy , neck, shoulder and make her giggled more,

Later geet pushed him and runs from there but maan quickly jumped and hold her from behind and rubbed his nose playfully and make her laugh,

Maan :-so it's ur weak points ha sona, chalo mere liye hi acha hain kyuon but his sona is struggling to move out from his grip but maan just scoop her in his arms and slowly placed her in the soft bed and kissed her toe first then belly then her heart then her lips and then her forehead and said aise humesha muskurate rehena kuch bhi ho, kyuon ki tumhare kuwar sa ki khushi iss mein hain tumhare ek khushi ,muskurahat mere liye sab kuch hain.

Geet felt tears clouded in her eyes and she just hugged him tight.

Slowly maan lay down on geet and rolled over and take geet on him and kissed her forehead

After some moments, maan felt geet is almost falling on sleep, he called sona, but she just replied hmmm and hugged him more tight,

Maan smiles and carrasse her hair then tucked both under soft duvet and said good night geet, so jao, kal ghumne bhi toh jana hain.

Geet smiles in her sleep and slept on his chest.

Next day , they r roaming on dal lake in the boat and feeling the beauty , geet is happily enjoying the beautiful nature and more with her kuwar sa, she came and hugged him and said thnkuuu and kissed his cheek, maan just smiles and felt happiness, he just want to see her happy , smiling always ,

they later went to local merket and geet shopped few things there for her kuwar sa when maan said what she is byuing for herself, she said she didn't want anything except him.

Maan just stood froze the way geet's world revolving around him only,how he think to make him independant wrong way he closed his eyes then said ok chalo aaj tumhare tumhara kuwar sa kuch pasand ke kharidega.

Geet smiles broadly then buy few local ornaments, local suits , then went to see few sight scene ,they take their lunch in out side with local food where geet relished it more as her kuwar sa fed her.

Next two days, they explore different places and stay in each other arms in house boat, as maan promised there will be no study for geet and she excited more for it,

Maan chuckled this is same geet but he happy to see her relishing the life fully, enjoying it, though there is tiny bit of guilt is still there as he hurt her with his decision and tiny bit of insecurty if kuwar sa will left her but their love is more stonger than any other emotions that rest of things r flying away from  them, for them all others things r less imp than their emotions, their love for each other, care for each other .

At last night on their house boat, maan is making dinner for them as he want to make fav dish of his sona but his sona is doing something still inside ,

Maan make the table ready and come inside to call her when he found her talking in phone but her dress caught his sight first.

He looked more curiously and found her wearing the dress today he bought for her and the matching ornaments, he chuckled to see her , and now how she animatedly talking in the phone,

Within few min, he understood ,it's from their home, his masa called them and asking about them, he just stood there and admiring her intently  and murmur beautiful, looking like doll .After geet's talk ,she smiles to herself and then placed the phone and doing something with their luggage but didn't noticed her kuwar sa is there

He coughed to gain her attention when she turned and startled then smiles and runs in his arms and said how m I looking kuwar sa?

Maan who hugged her back and said bilkul doll ki tarah .

Geet pouted and said see u r again thinking m little kid.

Maan nuzzled his nose on her cheek then huskily said with naughty glints on his eyes, but exclusively for me only,

At first geet looks puzzled then blushed and hugged him and said aap bahut badmash hogaye ho.

Maan looks so innocent and kaha badhmash hua hoon, abhi tak toh shareef hoon dekho.

Geet pushed him and said dhat.

Their this two days outing is really bliss for them, they enjoyed, explore different placed and obiviously each other in their love, caring and understanding,

Next day morning,geet wake up and felt sad as they will be back today evening , how much she want to stay here more , she lay her head on maan's bare chest and hugged his bare waist and take a breath to absorb the moment within her,

When maan hugged her bare waist and said kya hua sona, neend nehi aarehe hain.

Geet snuggled in him and hide her face in his neck and said don't wanna go from here,

Maan looked at her face which is under curve of his neck.

Maan slowly pulled her and said sona kya hua, iha rehena hain sona,

Geet nodded yes cutely  when maan peck on her lips and said we will come here na whenever we will get holiday time and we will manao our nth honeymoon here kyuon and wink at her with naughty glints

When geet looked at her innocently then blushed and her cheeks turn full red ,she hide her face in his chest when maan hugged him tightly and kissed her bare shoulder and rubbed her nose there when geet moaned his name , where his hand went inside wondering on her curve and making her forget everything ,

Later when maan lay on geet almost and he cover her bare form by him and his back from waist cover with white sheet.

Geet is carrassing his hair and said suniye .

Maan :-hmmm bolo sona

Geet:- aapko na ek masa ko phone karna hoga, and raj passed his master and now setlling here, but she is confused how to approach raj about stay with them and looking after ur buisness ?

Maan get up and cover geet with sheet then take her in his arms and said so both u and masa wants settle this matter by me ha.

Geet nodded yes  when maan said ok, let us go to home then will talk

Geet nodded then said masa was worried for us.

Maan  smiles then said will talk to her but geet said meine baat kar lya hain aur unhe kaha ke sab thik hain phikar ke koi baat nehi hain aur aap mujhe iha le aaye ghumne ke liye.

Maan smiles and hugged her with love and said my sona.

Later maaneet went to sikara for some time then maan lead geet one of the near merket as he has seen something for his sona,

Geet noticed something and dragged maan there and said see this will look good on u ,pls kuwar sa try it na.

Maan noticed there is beautiful sherwani of cotton with local stich work , white full sleeve kurta , geet make him take it and then asked bhaiya jee here changing room kaha hain.

Bhiaya jee(shop owner) :-ma'm

When Geet said pls ma'm mat boliye mein aapse bahut choti hoon.

Maan smiles to see her gesutre always down to the earth who will tell she is princess , but she is truly princess with golden heart .

Maan said accha will change but can u show us few good salwar suit as I have seen  one day's ago here.

bhaiya jee nodded and told his assistance to bring few salwar for them.

Maan looked at the when geet said kiske liye hain.

Maan whisper padosi ke liye hain .

Geet twist her lips and said dusht danav .

Maan smirks then looked few coton made salwar with stick work and few pure Kashmiri salwar .

Geet felt bore and she keep looking at male section where maan is busy to search few dresses for his sona.

After some time maan called sona,when geet looked at him and came near to him and when maan hand over 5 salwar suit 3 kashmiri salwar suit and 2 normal salwar suit.

When geet's face turn full "O" shape and said itna sab kyuon ,Maan:-sona itna kaha hain kuch hi toh hain chalo ek baar dekhlo colors thik hain.

Geet looked at them then said chaha pls packed them all.

Maan:- but sona u should check them all.

Geet smiles and tucked his elbow and said when u choose it for me it'll be best for me and mujhe bahut pasand hain , chaliye na ek baar dekh lijiye na aapka sherwani sahi hain kya nahi aapka maap ka aur iye kurta bhi.

Maan shook his head in disbeleif and know if he will refused to take them then she will felt sad already he hurt her a lot , no more this.

At night maaneet reached at their home, geet is looking tired and slept on the car .

Maan called sunil to take their luggage and he already told him to make roti and curry and soup for them.

Maan scooped her in his arms and went inside the home.Later geet wake up and changed her dress but still maan fed her after making her sit on his lap when she loved this pamper and ejoyed it, also.

Later at night she cuddled up on maan's chest and slept peacefully.

Next day :-

Next day maan got busy with his work but geet has holiday for her upcoming exam and as maan promised geet , he will help her .

At evening , maan return from office to find out geet is studying , he smiles and kissed her cheek then said how is ur study going?

Geet smiles and said accha, and get up from the chair when maan said where r u going?

Geet :- oh aapke liye coffee lane?

Maan smiles and said sit and study other wise relax , sunil will bring coffee for me and in this exam time u will either study or relax.

Geet pouted when maan said aur ha baki time mere sath spend karna and wink at her.

Geet blushed profusedly , later maan came and found geet is waiting for him, he shook his head and said sona,

Geet turned and smiles at him and said mein aapke liye wait kar rehi hoon.

Maan settled in the couch and take geet in his lap then said now tell me first y u r looking so tensed , geet nodded no but maan pull her close and held her chin by his forefinger when she clinged on to him and said feeling tensed if I will not do well then,

Maan looked at her then said kyuon mujhe toh pata hain mere sona ne bahut acchi preparation kya

Geet :- par agar sab bhul gayi, toh.

Maan cupped her face and said first sona stop thinking about ur result , kyuon hum result ke baarein mein soche, see humara kya kaam hain, acche se preparation lena, study karna acche se, and after we will give our 100% it's their duty to give marks and our work that time rest and enjoying the holiday after exam.

Geet raised her face and said aap bhi karte the?

Maan nodded yes when geet said ok.

Maan :- aur humesha iyaad rakhne sona, aise agar hum result ko leke batih gaye toh kaam hoga nehi acche se , give ur 100% there, make ur self satiesfied with ur work, then everything, result is not ur hand so y we will think about it and get tensed , rather than this we will try to be relax ,ha, and be confident urself, u can do it and u will do it, sona,

Maan looked at her then said remember sona If u make urself relax, tension free then u can work and do ur duties happily,

Then after some pause he said Geet do u worship Sri Krishna, love Sri Krishna

Geet nodded yes with smiles when maan said then remember his word , as said in "GEETA" in the battle Field of "Kurukhetra"


Iska matlab hain "Do ur Duties Don't Bother For Result "



Iska matlab " Your Rights Are On Your Duties (Works) ,Not On Result"

Geet nodded her head positively and smiles

Then maan said so aab samjhe na no tension only do ur work ha.

Geet smiles then said but kuwar sa ek baat bolu.

Maan nodded when geet said then y u got tense with ur few work, oh last time I heard u r worried about some ur mission and looking tensed about the result then

Maan smiles then said yes I was tensed and may be in future also be tensed ,cause that is not for me, for my collgue , for those innocent lives who r dependant on me.

Geet:-but y those things needed

Maan squeezed his eye brows when geet said I mean iye jung kyuon hota hain, iye problem kyuon hota, Bhagwan toh iye sab bandh kar sakte hain na, aaphi toh kehehthe ho, GOD will always protect us then y can't he will or he protect them.

Maan chuckled to hear her innocent but logical question and said cause GOD always choose some medium to stop this all, protect his innocent sons from evil.God is under us sona, it's upto us how we will make us good or evil or gray, or Geet, it's upto us to choose right or wrong, good or evil , it's upto us, when one side choose wrong, evil then another side choose good , right, GOD helped them who r right, good .

Geet nodded then smiles and said par y good , right people always suffer, they have to work hard always, if GOD choose them as his medium then y  can't he make them win , make their work easy.

Maan:- cause  some times, GOD want to take our exam how much we will hold the trust , how much we will believ them and stood strong in all bad times, in all storm , against all odds and when he will sure we can do it, he will help us,

Geet:- but how

Maan:- like make our mind strong, like make ur self aware of everything, like our trust become strong like rock and we can work against odd, like I said earlier GOD is here in our heart , we have to make it strong by our work , by our trust by our love .

Geet smiles and hugged him and said thank u and kissed his heart .

Maan smiles then geet again kissed there and maan chuckled to see it.

After evening snacks , maan is helping geet to do some practical work for her exam,

After the work , geet is sitting with relax posture and then looks at maan and her expression is changing gradually when maan said kya hua sona?

Geet:-Kuwar sa Aapne mujhe disco mein nehi le gaye , mujhe dekhna tha uha kya hota hain ?

Maan looked at geet and think now this is called jhatka  , kya baat kar rehe the now,

Maan:- ha le jayenga na, accha oh book dena jara, ha oh wala, uska kaunsa chapter tumhe pareshani ho rehi thi.

Geet pouted and said baat ko taal rehe hain huh.

Maan smirk and take the book when geet said aapka toh iye subject bhi nehi hain then.

Maan:- toh

Geet looked at him curiously when maan pull her in his laps and hold her tight by her waist and said whisper par Pyaar karna toh mere subject hain and looked at geet with love filled eyes when geet try to freed herself and then looked at him and his intense eyes making him shiver in pleasure and shyness,

She clutched his shoulder and try to moved her gaze but can't the capitiviting gaze make her froze there.

Maan slowly come close to her face but his eyes only looking at her eyes ,

Maan's lips caressing her lips and his hot breath fanning on her face when his hand went to her waist and squeezing it ,

She moaned in pleasure and clutching his shoulder more , Geet moaned when maan bit her ear lobe and sucked it fully.

Geet feel herself already floating in passion and placed her face in the crook of his neck .

Maan know he has done to distract her from the disco question but he himself drowning in the passion , he himself lossing it ,

He cupped her face and looked at her , his sona, whose lips half parted and giving him instant invitation ,her eyes r close and her face is looking flushed ,he took her lips and gently kissing it, sucking her lower lips then nibbling it and pull her closer to him,Soon geet also respond him back and his hand carrassing the bare skin of her waist to her back where geet wriggle in pleasure as her body fill with goosebump  where her hand clutch his hair in her small fist,

After some time, he broke the kiss and panted heavily and looking at his sona  who instanly hugged him in shyness,


Still there is shyness after becoming on many times, may be her kuwar sa know her and her every inch of her body , still she shied like first time, her whole body turn red like roses with her kuwar sa's simple touch.

Maan smiles and loved her this gesture .


Later after dinner , geet is doing little bit more study before sleep but she is looking here and there and like restless for something.

Maan noticed it few times and said sona , concentrate on ur study.

She makes face but again looked at him intely as if want to know something or ask something

Maan:- geet now see the next chapter , geet  concentrate, as it's not my subject still m helping u jaan,pls co-operate na,

Geet pouted and said aap mujhe le ja rehe ho Disco mein.

Maan looked at her when geet said now don't distract me by ur naughtiness .

Maan smirked when geet said will say this to masa and dadi sa that u went to Disco and what I have seen there.

Maan looks at her with horrified expression then said ha first complete this, will think about that later.

Maan to himself samale beta, iye aapki sona kabhi sherni baan raha hain gosh, if  masa & dadi sa will come to know then Maan gulped his saliva and next moment he felt a pillow hit his shoulder and geet makes baby face said uss baar meine dekhi hain , kya hua uha, kaise log jate hain , kaise lerki , itne chote chote kapre pehenke jaise unhe garmi laag rehi hain ,

Maan chuckled to hear it but again she hit him with another pillow and looked at him few moments and said iyaad aaya oh chudail jo aapke aas paas kaise chote chote kaapre pehen ke jaise, chi chi, aap uha gaye the ,with those nangi pungi lerki.

Maan looked at geet when geet jumped from there and said I'll say all this to masa and dadi sa, huh,mein bhul gayi thi upar se aap mujhe sab bhula dete ho aap rukiye.


Maan try to stop her but she ran from there and before maan can take step his phone ring and he took it and said yes ,and withing few mins his expression changed and he said how is it possible captain Saxena,r u out of ur mind, how could u do it,


Maan heard more few times but then Maan roared and said what kind of irresponsibility this is ha, care to explain, do u know the consequences  ?Maan cut the call and went to his study room for some work where geet who came back listen and noticed this tensed to see him like tensed and restless


Serious Student & Naughty Teacher


Naughty Teacher & Serious Student


here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake

Note:-Diwali, and many festive session will be add here Embarrassed, soon we will celebrate it with Maaneet in their way

Tell me am I lived upto ur expectation or not m so nervous

Previous Part:-

Mission Manao Sona:- Page127


Next Part:-

Naughty Student & Serious Teacher or Serious Student & Naughty Teacher Page 47

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Hi all
how r u all
pls read the note and pls trust me also

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
First trust me dearies, every incident happened ,is happening and will happen only good for maaneet and their relationship

if u feel any part sad and don't want to read then don't know what to say for always showing everything happy, in real life we don't have happy life always, sad , hurt pain all r part of our life then how maaneet r exceptions

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

Sorry for late updating this time but updated long part hope u all like it

Sorry for not replying any one as too busy in many things but I read all of ur comments and it's encouraged me really
pls keep showering ur love and support on me and my ffs

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valli30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 11:03pm | IP Logged

awesome update.

finally maaneet on a holiday.
both sharing their insecurities with each other.Big smile
cute maaneet moments.Embarrassed
geet wants to know why maan brought books when they are on holiday.LOLTongue
naughty kuwar sa Wink teasing his sona.Embarrassed
omg geet did not forget about disco LOLLOL
poor maan doing naughty things to distract herWinkEmbarrassed
but geet now knows his intentions and blackmailing him that she will tell the disco thing to dadi and masa.ROFL
maan shocked by his sona's damkhiLOL
loved it rakhi di.
waiting for next part.
continue soon

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-padmarao- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 11:15pm | IP Logged

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 December 2012 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
Hi all dearies
how r u all

updated my ff "
Road To Love & Beyond,6th thread,Pt30,Pg13,dt17.12 "

Holiday,Masti,Communication, Learning :-Page13
pls read and do comments
Pls pressed the liked button

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sumaiyariya Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 12:19am | IP Logged
chalo finally maanet went to holiday,geet loves her kumar sa alot.only think about him.their little romantic maan kitna naughty hay.Embarrassed.geet want to go to disco aur poor maan.maan beta sabalke geet tho sherni bangayi.LOLLOL.ohhh precap tho TongueEmbarrassedWink

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