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a talk with nandini

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Gauri Pradhan >

Monday June 3, 3 - 4.30 pm
The chat was a resounding success. There were over 1760 logins and over a thousand questions asked. Read the chat transcript as is.

Gauri Pradhan: Hi

rajani_s: tell us about your costar Hiten Tejwani?what kind of rapport u share with him?
Gauri Pradhan: We have a good rapport with him , we only meet when we work and we discuss our shots and we have discussions about our work.He is a nice guy to work with.

dipti420: how many music videos u have done? I have seen the jhanjharia one and u look really sweet in that video.U and Pratham look realLy great together.U looked great in breeze advertisement also.
Gauri Pradhan: I have done 3 music videos, one of them you already know ,the second one is for Talat Aziz
which is called Khoobsurat and the last one is for Sonu Nigam Anyways dipti, thanks for the compliments.

neeti_asawa30: how is it working in Kutumb?
Gauri Pradhan: Ohh its Great !!! I really enjoy it.

shwets84: you had told in ur interview in screenindia that u want to do only kutumb now and then u would like to go for some other serials.i want to know why ur happy doing only one soap when ur fans want u to do more?
Gauri Pradhan: Since Kutumb is a Daily , it takes up a lot of my time , I shoot for Kutumb almost 20 days a month
The rest of the time , I finish my advertising work and I like to spend some time on my own too
So right now there is not much time to do anything else but i will definitely do it in the future.

nkidn: Can you relate with the character that you play in KUTUMB?
Gauri Pradhan: yes completely , the Gauri in Kutumb is very much like Gauri in real Life , Ohh by the way if you don't know My real name is also Gauri.

Gauri Pradhan: Because he deserved it !!!! Don't you think so !!!

d_anirban: Are you dominating in your personal life as well?
Gauri Pradhan: I am not dominating , but I am very strong headed.

virajvirus: What do u think of hiten and u getting together in real life?
Gauri Pradhan:
We don't have enough time to think about it also. But not necessarily , what looks nice on screen would be nice in real life

aparna_sony: who gave u the name Gauri?is it symbolic of ur beauty & charmness.tell me pls
Gauri Pradhan:
No, my mom gave me the name - Gauri. It doesn't symbolise anything as such, it's just that I was born during Ganpati time, so they named me Gauri.

shettykedar: are u getting any offers from films..
Gauri Pradhan:
Yes, I am. But right now I am not interested.

mallisah: Gauri how do u maintain your sparkling white complextion
Gauri Pradhan: With Breeze! Just joking. Actually there is no secret, I just try and control my diet and I don't get the time to work out . I drink a lot of water though. I guess that's all.

mena_holland: hello Gauri, what would you do if you were in the same position in real life as in the serial kutumb. would you do the same thing? would you act the same way?
Gauri Pradhan:
Probably I wouldn't have married him because my parents wouldn't have put me into the same situation but, after marrying him, whatever happens in the serial, I would have probably reacted in the same way in real life also.

nmufti15: gauri how long will Anu and Vanishta stay in kutumb?
Gauri Pradhan:
Not very long.... Keep watching....

AussieManmeet: hello Gauri, what type of things do u like eating?? can u please answer my questions gauri, im only 10 years old and have been waiting for a long time
Gauri Pradhan:
Hi Manmeet. How are you? I love seafood and chinese.

madhumita_p: are u planning to get married in the recent future?
Gauri Pradhan:
Probably. Don't know for sure.

Kusum_79: hey Gauri have you signed any other programmes or any films?
Gauri Pradhan
: No. Right now, I don't have the time to do that.

gpv151: tell us some funny incidents that must have occured on the sets of Kutumb
Gauri Pradhan:
There are lots of funny incidents. But the one I would like to narrate is - Me and Hiten were shooting in the car and before the shot, we were discussing about some actor and I wasn't suppossed to speak in the shot, but after the director said "Action!", I completely forgot that the shot was going on and we had done that shot at least five times....and this was the sixth time that were were doing it !!!
In the shot, I continued my discussion about that actor without looking at Hiten, where he was trying to make faces and tell me that the shot is on after a point, he couldn't take it and he burst out laughing!!! And we had to do the whole thing again.....

cb_2002: hi Gauri if u were offered a role in any indian movie who would u choose to have as your co-star?
Gauri Pradhan:
Richard Gere. Even in an Indian movie, I would like a Hollywood star...

rahul_bhatia_scb: Dear Gauri, Im also waiting 4 a long time just tell me how did u get ur first teleserial noorjahan ?
Gauri Pradhan:
Somebody just happened to see me at a social gathering and they offered me the role.

varunthescorpion: Gauri how net savvy r u?
Gauri Pradhan
: Not much, but I am enjoying chatting with you all right now

j_mohit: why do you support Anu in Kutumb? she is very liar in her life ?
Gauri Pradhan:
I am not supporting Anu in Kutumb, I think I am just making a compromise because I want my family to be happy

caprigold: Gauri, How do u handle ur celebrity status now ?
Gauri Pradhan:
To tell you the truth, I don't know if I can handle it because I get very embarresed but I am learning to deal with it now.

chocolate_17: even when u like Pratham why do u suspect him?
Gauri Pradhan:
Just because I like Pratham, that doesn't mean whatever he's doing is right.

tanvisavant: Gauri did your parents agreed to u when u told them that u wanna get i nto tv world?
Gauri Pradhan:
Ya, my parents always supported me in whatever I did. They have always had faith in me.

Gauri Pradhan:
They are my personal handbags
Do you like them?

d_anirban: Did the role 'Gauri' in Kutumb affect your personal life ?
Gauri Pradhan:
No. Not at all. I leave my work behind when I go home from the sets. I come back in the morning
and I again start thinking about it

puja191: Way to go girl ! do you mind sharing your birthday please..
Gauri Pradhan
: Not at all...September 16th.

i_s_h_a_s_o_n_u: do u always fight with Hiten on sets?
Gauri Pradhan:

loveyousony: so Gauri will we get to see your sweet smile again?
Gauri Pradhan:
Yes of-course. Very soon... Just keep watching and guys keep watching....

payal23: what are your future plans?
Gauri Pradhan:
I want to study further. Maybe psychology.

shahira12363: who is ur favourite actor/actress?u know something u r my fav actress
Gauri Pradhan:
Thanks Shahira. My favourite actor is....there are lots of them.... but if you ask me, I would say
Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, and actress - Madhuri Dixit.

cool_kkusum: y don't u wear koool shalwar kameez in Kutumb?
Gauri Pradhan:
I love wearing sarees and I think I look good in sarees.

Prabhu222: Guari, what you do other than acting ?
Gauri Pradhan:
I read, I travel, I play tennis and spend some time with my family and friends

btm: will you slap your real husband the way you slap Pratam, if he behaves the same way with you?
Gauri Pradhan:
I don't think if I marry somebody he'll behave the same way as Pratham. But if he does
then I think I will...

Anushka1: what is your fav holidayspot?
Gauri Pradhan:
Goa....and only Goa.

sony_great_fan: hi Gauri this is Disha ... i wanna no somthing .. r u married to Hiten or itz a rumour?
Gauri Pradhan:
Dear Disha, it's definitely a rumour. I am not married to Hiten. There are no chances of it happening either.

so_solid_vikz: Why have you decided to do such a negative roll in Kutumb ?
Gauri Pradhan:
Have you followed Kutumb from the beginning? If you have, then you wouldn't be asking me this question. My role in Kutumb is anything but negative.

gpv151: all ektaa kapoors heroines have the same hair style so why dont u try something different?
Gauri Pradhan:
This is my natural hairstyle. This is the way I am off-screen, just without any "sindoor" on my head

Anushka1: Wich kind of music do you like ?
Gauri Pradhan:
I like english country music.

tanvisavant: who was your first crush?
Gauri Pradhan:
Amitabh Bachchan

neelam143: Do you go to discos or are you fairly traditional ?
Gauri Pradhan:
I am not traditional but I don't go to discos. Because I hate to be pushed aorund in the crowd
I like to spend my time probably going to dinner or at home with my friends.

indianr: do you sympathize with Pratham as Gauri Pradhan a viewer ?
Gauri Pradhan:
No. I don't.
Especially when he does something wrong.

dhwani4u: if u r name wouldnt have been gauri then what it would be?
Gauri Pradhan:
I wouldn't know/ Maybe you should ask my parents.

d_anirban: Do you have any special person in your inspire you?
Gauri Pradhan:
Ya, my neice, who's four years old. Her name is Shraddha.

kutumb_gauri: u quarrel so much in the u laugh about it later?
Gauri Pradhan:
Ya, sometimes.

q1987: which role was more difficult to perform in Kutumb?
Gauri Pradhan:
I didn't understand your question.

dhwani4u: u might have really cried when pratham hit u in the serial recently he was too hard right?
Gauri Pradhan:
It was too hard, but I think I was prepared for it.

soniya_231: would you like acting with Amitabh Bachchan. ?
Gauri Pradhan:
I would love to do it, but I don't think I would be able to act if I see him

freind_123: lila:how u want ur husband to be?
Gauri Pradhan:
Definitely not like Pratham

nupur1984: Hi! Gauri ,u look really beautiful and you also act well i want to know if Hiten is like Pratham in real life also.please answer my question i study in the 6th std and have been waiting for half hour for my answer.
Gauri Pradhan:
No Nupur, Hiten is not like Pratham in real life. He is a very sweet guy and is always upto some mischief. It's nice to work with him

khairu_p10: was ur ambition in life to become an actress or was it somethin else?
Gauri Pradhan:
No. I am not really ambitious. I started acting as a hobby but it became my profession.

LovRup: Did anything embarrassing happen behind scenes in Kutumb?
Gauri Pradhan:
Nothing embarrassing has happenned but lot of funny things keep on happening

aishwaryarai: Why are models more successful these days in acting? Did you have any formal training in acting?
Gauri Pradhan:
I don't think it's true But I think when you start modelling, after a point of time, you start realising that it's not creative enough. So you want to do something more. That's how models start acting.

lovetinateens: what kind of relationship do u and hiten actually share?
Gauri Pradhan:
We're just good friends

prettyamritha: Gauri ur acting is soo natural .do u have to work much on it ?
Gauri Pradhan:
No I don't work much on it. It's just that when I start working, I get completely into my character
So I don't have to make any effort to act. It just comes naturally.

sumit_mantrao: When did you meet Hiten first time?plz
Gauri Pradhan:
I met HIten just before I started doing Kutumb, I did Breeze commercial with him.I am sure you have seen it.

khairu_p: hi gauri!i cant believe i can speak to u!i love ur acting in Kutumb n i have never missed even one serial..thanx for answering..i hope the serial goes on forever n its the best serial in the future!also have u decided to do any other serial excepting Kutumb?
Gauri Pradhan: Thanks. I will be doing something new in the future. But not right now. In the meantime keep watching

kirti_01: Don't you think it's wrong to show husband and wife slapping and abusing each other and that too when both of them are educated and cultured like pratham and gauri?
Gauri Pradhan:
We don't slap each other, just because we feel like. these things happen in real life too.
We have a reason to do that. And in anyways, you don't have to take this so seriously. Just take it as pure entertainment.

avantika25in: why aren't there any romantic scenes in Kutumb? is it because you two can convey a lot just by looking at each other or because you refuse to do them?
Gauri Pradhan: ofcourse there are romantic scenes In Indian television u cant show more than what we are showing and i dont think the artist would be comfortable doing more than this and as long as it conveys the message its fine

madan_2: which qualities of a man really attract you?
Gauri Pradhan:
I think a man should be honest, loving caring and most importantly understanding

lilmizzvisali: hi gauri ! which scene did u most enjoy doin in Kutumb???????
Gauri Pradhan:
i enjoy doing all the scenes

mka_2000: what will the next step of Gauri in the serial?
Gauri Pradhan:
Its not fair on my part to tell you that but one thing i can assure is that its going to be really interesting soo keep guessing and dont miss any of the episodes.

MasTerPieCe: gauri wats ur pet name?????
Gauri Pradhan:
i dont have a petname friends call me gypsy

style14: Gauri, when was the first time u faced the camera??
Gauri Pradhan:
i think four years back.

takrim: Gauri can you answer my question : What do you think beauty is more imortant or talent?
Gauri Pradhan:
i think with your talent you have the capability of becoming beautiful ..maybe not externally but definitely internally and internal beauty is more important to me than outside beauty.

camelia: which is your favourite dialogue from KUTUMB?
Gauri Pradhan:
u tell me which is your favourite dialogue

foram861: Has the star status bought any change in you or the world around you?
Gauri Pradhan:
not at all im still the same i dont think all this can change me

payal231: did u enjoy doing goa scenes with hiten?
Gauri Pradhan:
ya it was nice

girlsocharming: i just love your do you maintain them .any tips?
Gauri Pradhan:
just try and avoid torturing your hair like doing chemical treatments and all

progroups: do u watch cricket ?if yes then who is ur fav team n fav player?
Gauri Pradhan:
I used to ..not anymore because i dont get the time to .. but i love the Indian team ..
Sachin is my favourite

girlsocharming: have you made any nice friends during the shooting of Kutumb?
Gauri Pradhan:
i think all the people i worked with in Kutumb have become my friends they are all really nice

d_anirban: Whats your messsage to all your fans all across india?
Gauri Pradhan:
the message to my young fans is please watch Kutumb and whatever happens complete your education because u always need something to fall back on

Byeeee everybody ...enjoyed talking to you all

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sry.....its kinda an old articleCry
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this seems to be pretty old as here she is mentioning only about kutumb and not only that she is saying- she will not marry hiten at all....and as of today, they are happily married.
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hey thx for sharing the article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thanx fur posting
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thanx for sharing
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yea i've read this but still thanks for sharing nehaTongue

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