Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

Maha Episode My take

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Ram comments on Rajat and Priyas Partner ship and Priya leaves the company and goes to the Bar ordering herself a neat whisky.

Ram keeps looking at what she is doing. As she holds the whisky glass in her hand, he rushes to her.

Ram : Priya Glass niche rakho.

Priya still not looking at him and tries to take a sip.

Ram : Priya….takes the glass from her hand and puts it gently on the table. Takes her hand and takes her outside somewhere private.

Ram : Yeh kya kar rahi ho tum ? Do you have any sense what will a neat whisky do to you ?

Priya : Kyun kya karlegi wo ek glass. Aap se jyada to dard nahi dengi na. Mujhe taane to nahi maregi na. Mere dard ko pi le gi wo ek glass whisky.

Ram : Priya tumhe pata hai Rajat yeh sab kyun kar raha hai. Mein yeh sab keh raha tha taaki tumhe pata chale ki Rajat loves you damn in. He has fallen in love with you. He wants you.

Priya : 5 saal tak aap ko kya lagta hai. Koi nahi aaya tha jo mujhe chahta tha. Mujhe is baat ka dard hai ki aap samajhte hai ki koi mujhe pyaar karega aur mein uski ho jaaoongi. Mr. Kapoor I am Priya. Wahi Priya jo kabhi pyaar karna jaanti hi nahi thi. Aur jab use pyaar ke maayne pata chale to wo ek insaan se. Sab ke liye Pyaar ek feeling hai. Mere liye pyaar ek insaan hai jisse meine kyaar kiya tha. Par aap ko kya. Aap tabhi mujhpe shak karte the Mr. Ronit Roy ke saath aur aaj Rajat ke saaath.

Aaj pata chala ki main kitni akeli hoon. Love hurts I knew that. But today you showed me how much it can hurt. It can hurt the soul. It can take away the desire to live life. Thanks Mr. Kapoor. Can you please leave me alone now if you don't mind.

Ram does not know what to say. She is right. Even girls love Ram Kapoor for whatever selfish reason but she never doubted him.

Priya leaves from their and goes straight inside the party hall and meets mona. She can see similar pain in her eyes. They are just about to talk and Anushkya walkins in pointing the gun at Mona. Priya in a split second thinks what is left in my life. Ram will win Peehus custody and I will have nothing to live for. May be I can atleast give mona a chance to start fresh. And thinking this she stands in front of Anushka.

Anushka : Ek Mona kam thi jo ek aur Mona banne aa gayi tum ? Huh… Bahut balidaan karna hai. Thik hai phir. Pehle tum aur baad mein wo. Just before she could fire the gun Ram sees this and his heart skips a beat. He jumps in between the gun and Priya.

Priya : Ram move away please. Aapko lag jayengi.

Anushka imagines Ram to be pradeep and shoots. It pierces his stomach and he falls down with blood oozing out. Priya comes running to him and holds his head in his lap. Ram looks at her and feels peaceful.

Mean while Pradeep comes there and tries to snatch the gun out of her hands but the gun goes of and hits him in the chest. In a split second he falls on the floor. From behind the security comes in and shoots Anushka three bullets. She falls down too. Between all this commotion.

Priya : Ram what is wrong with you. Please someone call the ambulance. Ambulance was already there since it's a 5 star hotel. Priya gets in the Ambulance with Ram.

Ram is in Pain and almost faints. And he hears Ram do not close your eyes look at me. He fights the dizzy feeling and looks at Priya.

Priya : Ram don't you dare close your eyes. With tears in her eyes in thousands. Look at me. Keep looking at me.

Ram almost closes his eyes again and she shouts Ram I love you. With that Ram opens his eyes again. She holds his bloody hand and gives comfort and touches his heart with the other hand. Ram I love you. I can not live without you. Please aanhke band mat karna. Warna……

Ram : Warna ?????

Priya : I love you. I can not live without you. Don't you dare leave me. Peehu also needs you remember.

Ram : Has a smile on his face and keeps looking at her all the way to the hospital.

They reach the hospital and Ram is rushed inside the OT. Doc comes out and says He is Ok. Priya just does not feel like going in front of him. She feels she is responsible for all this. Neha and Vikram reach the hospital and Vikram goes to meet Ram. Ram opens his eyes and scans the room. He feels a little hurt that Priya is not their. But then he remembers all that happened in the party. He realizes that he still loves Priya madly and cannot tolerate anyone with her. But somewhere he feels a little estranged. Just then Vikram calls him.

Ram looks at him  : Don't worry I am not dead. Itni jaldi tum logon ka saath nahi chodunga.

Doc  : Welcome back Mr. Kapoor you are out of danger now.

Ram : Doc can I take discharge and go home then??

Doc : Only if you promise that you will take care of your healh. And be on bed rest.

Vikram : Don't worry Doc I will make sure he does not get up from the bed at all.

Just then Priya enters the room. Vikram takes exit to get the discharge done. Priya sits next to Ram.

They both are looking at each other and just don't know what to say. Both are thinking how to behave. Priya sits at the far end of the bed and asks if he is OK. Ram looks at her and says Itni jaldi tumhara picha nahi chodunga. Priya smiles.

Ram : Abhi tak ghar nahi gayi.

Priya : Aap ko aise chodke ?

Ram : Thanks

Priya : Really Thanks Mr. Kapoor ?

Ram : Really Mr. Kapoor ?

Just then Vikram comes with Sowmya in the room and their chat stops abruptly.

So : Challo Bhai. All is Done. Aap ab ghar jaa sakte hai.

Pri : Wondering why is he taking discharge. How will I see him now or take care of him.

Ra : Haan chalo. Looking at Priya.

Pri : Mr. Kapoor please take care. Aur doc ne jaisa kaha aap please waise hi karna. Bed rest complete.

Ra : Suddenly strikes him that Priya wont be there and she wont come to KM. But he asked for discharge so now he has to go. With this funny feeling inside his heart and mind just nods and says take care of Peehu.

Pri : comes home still thinking of how Ram will take care of himself alone.

Ra : In Ambulance wondering what the f**k did I do.

They reach KM and Ram is in his bedroom. Its been 24 hours now that he has not seen Priya. Although she keeps calling him every few hours. He still cant take it anymore. He starts creating a ruckus in KM. He tries to get up from the bed and almost opens his stitches. Doctor arrives at KM and tells the family that they need to be more careful. He can not strain his stitches right now.

Kapoor clan sitting in the hall and thinking what to do. How to make him calm. And just then Sowmya gets up and says Idea !!

Everyone is asking what ?

So : Ok first I need you guys to do something that Ayesha has to leave India for a month or a week.

Dadi : Puttar tu fikar mat kar. Uska intezaam to maine kabka kar diya. Use maine kahan hai ki Golden temple jaake matha teke Ram ke liye. Wo thik ho gaya isliye. Who to abhi thodi der mein jaa rahi hain. Ab tu bata yeh Idea kiya hai ?

So : Dadi, Bhai Priya bhabhi ko miss kar rahe hai. Aur yeh sab is liye kar rahe hai taaki hum log unhe yahan bulaye unka khayal rakhne ke liye. Isi liye wo yeh sab kar rahe hai. Par mujhe lagta hai ki hume Bhai ko hi udhar bhejna chahiye. Toh main jaise kahun waise kijiye.

Dadi goes inside Rams room.

Dadi : Golu tu apna khayal kyun nahi rakh raha. Doctor ne bola than a bed rest ke liye. Aise kyun kar raha hai.

So : Dadi Priya ka phone hai aapke liye.

Ram all excited thinking dadi will ask Priya to come to KM and take care of him.

Dadi : Priya Puttar tu kaisi hai. Acha tu jaa rahi hai dubai kuch dino ke liye. Arre chinta mat kar Ram thik hai.

Before Ram could react and take the phone from Dadi. Dadi says bye to her, wishes her well for the trip and cuts the phone.

Ram : Wo dubai kyun jaa rahi hai ?

Dadi : Bol rahi thi kuch kaam hai.

Ram : Ki Ki Kitne dinoo ke liye ? With a confused face

Dadi : Yahin kuch 2 mahine ke liye. Acha hai ab tujhe bhi shaanti milegi na. Uska chehra nahi dekhna padega. Peehu ko hum yahan leke aa jayenge kuch dino mein. Aur phir tu and teri peehu. Sukhi parivaar haina ?

Ram : A little angry that Priya did not call him to even ask how he is. ( The thing is Priya never called. It is all the clans plan ) He grinds his teeth and says with tight lips haan acha hai bala talli. Looking other side with anger on his face. Dadi mein thodi der soo jata hoon.

Dadi : Acha hum sab mandir jaa rahe hain tere liye. Tujhe agar kuch chahiye to Bansi ko bol dena. Aur teri Travel Van bhi aa gayi hai. Wo tere office se phone aya tujhe batane ke liye. Acha tera phone de zara.

Ram : Ky Kyun Kyun…mera phone hai. Aapke paas aapka phone nahi.

Dadi : Golu !!!!!!!! With angry eyes

And in a split second Ram hands his phone over to her. Dadi gets up to leave with his phone.

Ram : Dadi mera phone to dijiye wapis.

Dadi : Nahi tu phirse kaam karne lage ga. Acha mein jaa rahi hoon. Tu idhar hi baith.

Ram with a pout haan aur kahan jaoonga. Aap log hi hain meri chinta karne waale.

Dadi with a smirk leaves. All of them have now left the house. Ram is all nervous and does not want Priya to go for 2 months. He cant stay one day without seeing her and here madam wants to go for 2 months.

Ram thinking : Meri zara bhi fikar nahi hai. 2 Mahino ke liye jaa rahi hain aur mujhe dekhne bhi nahi aayi ek baar. Par yahan kaise aayegi wo. Maine hi to use kabhi yahan invite nahi kiya. Arre mujhe goli lagi hai aur who khud nahi aa sakti. Par use aisa lage ki main gussa ho jaoonga isi liye nahi aayi hongi. Oh f**k it.  I am going to her house. Bansi Kaka travel van taiyar kijiye main bhi mandir jaoonga.

Bansi Kaka was already instructed to do as he says. With in no time he is sitting inside the van and on his way to Priyas house. Priya is wondering how he is. If he is taking care of himself. She should be with him. All restless and doing her house chores. Peehu is in the school already. Just then the door bell rings.

She opens the door and finds Ram standing their all sweating and in pain.

Priya : Mr. Kapoor aap yahan kaise. Aur aapko to bed rest ke liya bola hai. Mr. Kapoor aap apna khayal bhi nahi rakh rahe. Chaliye andar. She supports him and takes him to the bed and makes him lie down. Bansi Kaka knocks at the door and tells her yeh dadi ne bheja hai. He hands over a big bag.

Ram is in Pain, so she justs takes the bag puts it aside and rushes in to give him some water. Mr. Kapoor aap ko bed rest bola tha. Aap kyun idhar udhar jaa rahe hai. Thoda araam nahi kar sakte. Aisi kya jaldi thi idhar aane ki. Peehu waise bhi school mein hai. Gives him water and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

That's all he wanted. Priya to take care of him and no one else.

Ram : Tum Dubai kyun jaa rahi ho ? 2 mahine ke liye ? Main yaha thik nahi hoon aur tum tum…Realising what he just said to her. Looks down and acts as if he is pain still.

Priya : Main dubai. Hey bhagwaan aapne koi sapna dekha lagta hai. She goes and sits next to him and rubs her hand on his head. Dawai li ?

Ram : Nahi.

Priya : Mr. Kapoor what is this. Aapne mujhe promise kiya tha ki aap apna khayal rakhenge na.

Ram still in pain.

Ram : Priya bahut pain ho raha hai. Kuch karona please.

Priya all frantic acha let me first check if the stitches are still OK. She checks and everything is fine. She calls the doctor while making him lie his head on her lap. Doctor tells her that now he should not move at all. He needs to be where ever he is. Priya says Don't worry doctor now he is not moving from this bed.

Ram still in pain but really happy to hear that. In pain also he has this feeling of content. I am where I beoong. Hides his face in her lap and in no time he is fast asleep. Love and that feeling of being taken care of by Priya was enough to distract him from pain. She sits there caressing his head. And thinking to herself. Ram bhi mere bina nahi reh sakte akele. Mujhe unka khayal rakhna hoga. I love him and will always love him.

Just then Ram moves a little. She touches his wound to make sure he does not try to lie on that side. He is sleeping like a baby would sleep in his mother's lap.

Priya : I think I should cook food now and inform Papa to bring Peehu from school. When he gets up he need to eat something or else the anti biotics will make him more weak. She tries to put his head on the pillow and get up and he stirs and opens his eyes.

Ram : Tum kaha jaa rahi ho. Mein abi bhi thik nahi hoon. Tum dubai mat jao. With a puppy face.

Priya : Ram main kahi nai jaa rahi hoon. Relax. I will cook some food for you. You need to eat or else your anti biotics will make you more weak.

Ram : Nahi  kahin mat jaao tum bas yahan par baitho please. Mujhe akela nahi rehna. Bechaini hoti hai. Please mat jao.

Priya : Ram

Ram : Kya kaha tumne ?

Priya : Mr. Kapoor

Ram : Nahin jooth mat bolo.

Priya : With a smile and teasing eyes. Maine kaha RAMMM.

Ram with a smile takes a big sigh of relief. Jaldi se kuch bana ke wapis aa jana. 20 minutes ok ?

Priya : Haan baba. Bas thodi hi der lagegi.

Priya goes and rushes to make food fast so that she can go back to him. She is almost done when she hears him " OUCH"

Priya rushes inside and sees him trying to reach his watch. And shouts. Ram stop it. Ek dum thik se baitho. Bola tha  na mein aati hoon thodi der main. Phir bhi. Aap peehu se bhi battar ho. Ek baat nahi maante. Goes close to him and asks kahan pain ho raha hai ?

Ram : ab nahi ho raha. He holds her hand and tells her to sit next to him.

She goes and sits on the other side of the bed. Ram ek din bas. Ek aur din aapko bed rest chahiye. Phir aap thik ho jayenge. Please itna kariye mere liye. Please.

Ram looks at her : Tum kahin mat jao bas yahin par raho. Main thik ho jaoonga. I am promise I wont budge a little.

Priya makes him lie down and he automatically lies down in her lap again. Like he wants to make sure she is not going anywhere.

She caresses his hair and again he is almost going to sleep.

Priya : Ram aapko dawai leni hai aur phir khana khana hai. Aap uske baad so jaiye Ok.

Ram agrees . She brings him food and feeds him. Wipes his mouth after every bite makes him drink water. Then gives him a health shake. He without a word eats whatever she gives him. And then she gives him the meds. He takes that too.

Ram : Ab I am tired Priya. I want to rest now. Let me sleep na.

Priya : Thik hai aap so jaiye mein aati hoon.

Ram : Aati hoon matlab. Kaha jaa rahi ho ? Mein akela yahan ghar pe. Tum tum phirse.

Priya : Ram relax. I am going to tell Nutz to take care of Peehu and keep her there. I don't want her to see you like this. 2 minutes and I will be back. Please don't move OK ???

Ram : Yaa OK. A litte angry that she is leaving him for even 2 minutes. Whatever the reason may be he just does not want her to move even a little. Give me your phone and then go. I want to call home.

Priya : Yeh lijiye. Par koi office call nahi ok.

Ram : Hail Hitler.

Priya gives him the angry look, hands him the phone and goes to tell Nutz. She comes back in 10 minutes. And Ram is looking at the watch and looking at her with anger. She knows why. She goes to him and sits next to him.

Sorry baba thoda time jyada lag gaya. Now stop whining and sleep. Ram puts his head in her lap again and off to sleep. This goes on for the whole day.

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Awww.. The last part was super super cute... Wat an update... Loved it... Pls do cobtinue if poss...
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very cute

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really nice:) Clap
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shooo       cute
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very luvly ... pls update soon!
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It was so cute and sweet.. Lovely os.
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your take is mind blowing we are dying to see priya taking care of ram ...when she is there he doesnt needs anyone else and the whole family of kapoors can not replace her ...i am sure ..just loved how he is making her do all the things under his pain and she is just obeying them ram and priya yaar and this take also awesome continue further also yaar dont stop here

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