Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread 43 : Uptd: Pg 79

-Cruiser- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 11:29pm | IP Logged

Live Discussion Thread -43

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BB6 DT's note

Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.
Any posts or topics discussing spoilers shall be deleted without notice.

Consolidated Updates are given by Star 
simplypurple Star 


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MissChievous IF-Dazzler

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BB6 LIVE STREAM - 6th November '12

** Time converted to India Time
** Bold bits are important/interesting 
** Red bits are spoilers

Morning Updates:

8:16 am : Wake up alarm for the day is Kasam paida karne wale ki. Imam is outside in a red wig dancing with a broom in hand. Sapna is in bed. Karishma goes to Urvashi and they talk. Song is still playing!

8:22 am : Camera is focused on Sapna. Karishma is in the kitchen making tea. Urvashi and Mink are still in bed. Another wake up alarm starts! It's the song Main khiladi tu anadi. Mink gets up. Urvashi smiling and dancing! Sapna starts dancing on the bed too! Imam is dancing outside with a colorful umbrellaLOL

8:25 am : Rajev checks up on Delnaaz. Someone in the boy's room is still asleep!

8:26 am : Vishal and Shukla are up. They are talking in the living room. Shukla saying that they played a badiya gaana.

8:28 am : Imam playing with an umbrella outside. Says good morning to Sapna. Urvashi is still in bed. Rajev and Sana washing their faces in the washroom. Sana says morning to Nirahua. Sapna says that the boy's washroom always smells bad. A weird kinda smellDead

8:31 am : Mink and Karishma in the kitchen. Mink telling Karishma to not roam around too much and not to do nain matakka with any guy(joking).LOL Aashka and Delnaaz still in bed. Delnaaz looks upset. Karishma comes in to check on Delnaaz and kisses her. Sapna joins and asks Delnaaz if she slept well. Sana is in the kitchen looking for the tea kettleSana asks Karishma about it. Sana says Imam might have taken it for his fashion show outside.LOL

8:37 am : Vrajesh, Nirahua and Imam in the washroom freshening up. Imam telling Nirahua how to brush his teeth, "Aye bhai, aise nahin. Upar neeche karo aise!" Nirahua stares!LOL

8:40 am : Bell rings for batteries. 

8:41 am : Shukla saying that he stays in a good mood in the morning. Vishal lying on the couch in the living room singing Hum dono hain alag alag. Sana giving everyone new batteries.

8:45 am : Sana making tea. Shukla teasing Sana.Dead Calling her Saraswati. Shukla telling Vishal that Sana is real, she's not playing any game or anything.

8:47 am : Imam and Nirahua in the washroom. Imam is wearing a towel and shaving. Imam asks Nirahua if he should shave off his beard.

8:49 am : Karishma and Urvashi talking. Karishma is saying since two houses have merged into one, the crew must not consist of 400 people anymore. Urva says she doesn't know. Karishma is saying Nik is sleeping. Mink comes in. Asks Karishma what they should make for breakfast. Karishma says dosa. Karishma - We will do packing today. Mink - Everyone will. 

8:55 am : Rajev lying down. Niketan is still sleeping.

9:01 am : Jago jago subah ho gayi played for Niketan. He wakes upLOL

9:02 am : Shukla, Vishal and Nirahua chilling. Shukla says he and Karishma might leave this Friday. Shukla singing.

9:06 am : Niketan is completely up now. 

9:09 am : Sana and Aashka are sitting by Delnaaz. Delnaaz is crying(her bua passed away). All three are silent.

9:16 am : Karishma talking to gaowaloon about Barsaat movie and Bobby Deol. She loves Bobby Deol. They then talk about the movie Humraaz. Shukla liked Bobby's movie Soldier.Karishma also liked Gupt.They are singing movie songs.

9:19 am : Mink getting ready in the washroom. Niketan walks in. Mink is going to pray. She asks Niketan if he wants anything from God. Peace of mind or wisdom? Niketan asks which God is she going to pray to. *Cam switches*

9:21 am : Imam joins gaowaloons. They are talking about Jyoti. Imam says she was a cute kid. He tells Karishma that yoti is the smallest woman in the world. Karishma - Awww I will meet her on the 12th Jan!Embarrassed Mink passes by. Karishma says that Mink looks very cute!

9:24 am : Sana, Aashka & Delnaaz are still lying in bed, asleep.

9:28 am : Mink is praying in garden area near the pool.

9:31 am : Imam is doing his make-up.LOL Looks like he is contouring his cheekbones!LOL

9:37 am : Shukla singing Duniya haseeno ka mela, mele mein yeh dil akela.Dead Urvashi is finally awake! Imam is still busy with saj dhajna.LOL Jago jago subah ho gayi song is playing again(for Sana, Aashka and Delnaaz). Imam starts singing Kajra re Smile

9:43 am : Rajev to Niketan - Karishma walks past Vishal and Vishal tells her that don't give me such fake expressions. Karishma said awww.

9:45 am : Karishma is wearing a cute dress after taking a shower. Mink, Karishma and Sapna are talking in the bedroom. Mink doesn't know what to cook for breakfast because there is nothing. Karishma says sugar might be over. Sapna says shut up, don't say that.

9:49 am : Vrajesh, Nirahua and Vishal talkin outside in the garden area. Nirahua thinks Vishal lying on the lawn chair is manoranjanConfusedVishal telling Vrajesh that a week before he came, Vrajesh became too serious. Vrajesh saying that it was because of the situations in the house. Vishal saying that compared to the previous season, this season's atmosphere is quite pleasant! They couldn't have chilled around like this in last seasonLOL. He goes on saying that people want to see fights. Not just contestants sitting around like them.

10:10 am : Delnaaz is finally awake. She's freshening up. Niketan is talking about flying planes to Sapna in the dining table. He wants to take a flying course. He might get a private plane license in States.

10:17 am : Gaowaloon hoping an international celebrity will come. Santosh wants to pamper a guestLOL

10:31 am : Rajev, Aashka, Nirahua, Vrajesh, Vishal are sitting outside with Delnaaz. Rajev telling Delnaaz to stay strong.

10:32 am : Sapna telling Mink and Karishma that she knows VIshal is capable of a lot and his aim is to divide the house. Divide and rule. Nik and Urva are in the kitchen. Niketan wants to make coffee for Urvashi. She laughs. Urvashi - I can be angry at you but can never ever go against him and he knows whyEmbarrassed Then she tells Nik that she was very very very emotional yesterday. *Cam switches*

10:40 am to 12:00 pm : *Update is from memory*

Mink and Urvashi are in the kitchen cooking. They start a mock fight and start screaming loudly! In the bedroom, Aashka asks Sana what's happening? Sana says that they are just joking. Aashka is sitting by Delnaaz in her bed. Delnaaz still looks sad.

Aashka asking Nirahua if he talked to Urvashi about her. Apparently Aashka sent Niru to Urvashi wants to talk to her. Aashka - To kya kaha usne ? Baat hi nahi karegi? Niru - Nahi matlab unko kuch cheeze theek nahi lagi. *Cam switches*

Bigg Boss announces everyone to gather in the living area. Niketan - I just put oil in my hair. Urvashi - Look at me. Everyone gathers. Bigg Boss announces that the process of elections of captain is going to start now. *Audio is muted on and off in between* Looks like Sapna got elected as Captain. Everyone scatters.

Delnaaz goes into the bedroom looking depressed. Sana asks Delnaaz where her powder is. No answer from Delnaaz. Del looks into the camera and request Bigg Boss to let her speak to her family once. Aashka requests as well. Delnaaz breaks down crying. Aashka and Sana comfort her.

12:10 pm : Aashka, Delnaaz and Sana are in the bedroom having a heart to heart talk. Delnaaz - I have stayed strong for 60 days but for how much longer? Aashka - You are strong. Delnaaz - I have been through a lot but yes, I know I will be ok because I'm strong. 

12:15 pm : Urvashi complaining in the kitchen that she can;t be stuck in the kitchen all day. She asks Bigg Boss to give them a steel spatula for flipping rotis. She's having difficulty making dosas.

12:20 pm : Aashka telling Delnaaz not to forgive Urvashi and to do it on 12 January. She's saying that Bakhtiyar was right. He is Delu's brother so how can Urvashi not expect him to say anything to her? Aashka goes on about how everyone genuinely forgave each other here(Nik-Urv, Sap-Urv, Sap-Nik, Kar-Nik). But when another task comes they go back to hating each other. She says that they have all changed. She should forgive Urvashi on the last day as that will be true forgivenessDead.

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Shocked haila, me 2nd???LOL
ClapClapClapClapClap claps for self...LOL

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scarlet.moon IF-Sizzlerz

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Sapna's the captain. Niketan, Vishal and them are talking about when will SHE appoint the duties.

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Wow 43nd thread

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-allizwell- IF-Sizzlerz

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Luks like niru and shuks have doubts whether they will stay back or not like each one of us and the BB members themselves...LOL
Niru: who is bad, no one is bad
Vish: for me saps is my dushman and i will tell her that u r my dushman.
Shuks: starts saying soemthing MUTELOL
Poor thing BB is also bored of his shayaris(read ghatiya )LOL

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This one's 43rd LOL
Mink and Urvashi cooking.

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