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ArYa FF: Dil Jaanta Hai - Thread 1 (chapt 1-10)

kdsubs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged

Banner credit, and many many thanks to Vanny (MSN_Vanny)


Came back to IF after a few weeks dealing with life and lo and behold - a chat session gave birth to a new idea (thanks Borna). So, am back with a new ArYa story - don't know yet whether its a SS or a FF - but the starting is here.

I missed the early episodes of PV and never saw any Arti-Prashant interactions, except the watch flashback. I based my interpretation of Ar-Pra relationship on that flashback - so if its inconsistent from the show, blame me.

This story is going to be a tale about two hearts finding each other - hence "Dil Jaanta Hai".

Read on, enjoy, leave your comments, critiques, feedback, ideas.

Thanks for dropping in,


Prologue: Page 1

Chapter 1: Page 8

Chapter 2A: Page 14

Chapter 2B: Page 18

Chapter 3A: Page 24

Chapter 3B: Page 33

Chapter 4: Page 41

Chapter 5A: Page 48

Chapter 5B: Page 56

Chapter 6A: Page 62

Chapter 6B: Page 71

Chapter 7A: Page 80

Chapter 7B: Page 90

Chapter 8A: Page 98

Chapter 8B: Page 109

Chapter 9A: Page 115

Chapter 9B: Page 124

Chapter 10: Page 135

Thread 2

Thread 3

And my other writings: Kat's Fictions

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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Would love to read ur FF/SS!

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kdsubs IF-Dazzler

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Dil Jaanta Hain (The Heart Knows)



"Arti!" called Suneeta, "Mrs. Thakkar wants to meet us. Chalo!"

Mrs. Thakkar? Why did the college vice- principal want to meet her, and now of all times!! She was already late for her date with Prashant.

Knocking at the office door, Arti asked "Ma'am, can we come in?"

Mrs. Thakkar looked up at them "Ah Arti, Suneeta. Yes, yes come in please. Sit down".

"Girls, the college is organizing an alumni get-together and we need some help from the students. I want you, Arti, to head the student-organizing committee, and prepare a welcome as well as a program for the alumni evening. The staff is taking care of the venue, dinner, etc. Chalk out a program by tomorrow evening girls and let's meet again in my office to review it. Ok?"

Yeh lo! Tack-train nahi sudhregi. Must she treat everything as top priority? Homework for an alumni get-together and an unreal deadline to boot!

Arti gritted her teeth as she gave a thin-lipped smile to Mrs. Thakkar. "Of course, Ma'am. I'll be honored. But...can I get some extra time to plan?"

"No no, we don't have time. The event is next week".

Of course it is!! And the staff just realized it. Arti was beyond irritated with the vagaries of the college authorities.

"Yes Ma'am, I understand. But you know, with such short notice, it's even more important to have a detailed plan in place so there's no flaw in the execution. I want to make sure our plan is perfect - how about we meet you 2 days from now with all the details lined out?" Arti cajoled.

Mrs. Thakkar took a moment to think over what Arti had said and then nodded "Ok, but I want complete details worked out, including a budget."

"Of course, Ma'am. And how long should the program be?" Arti asked in relief.

"One hour for the entertainment should be enough. The guests will start arriving around 6:30pm. Start the entertainment at 7 and we can serve dinner at 8pm."

"Ok Ma'am. We will see you in a couple of days" said Arti as she grabbed Suneeta's hand and almost ran out of the office.

Putting her glasses back on, Mrs. Thakkar chucked to herself. Clever girl! As if she didn't know why Arti wanted the extra time. Prashant was ruining her concentration! But if that boy did marry her, as the rumours suggested, then at least Arti would have a home again...

"Whew" Arti breathed out in relief. "Kya yaar Suneeta, couldn't you have told Tack-train that I had left? I have to meet Prashant and am so late now" Arti complained as they left the administrative building.

"Sorry yaar, but kya karoon? You know what she is like. At least you have two days now to prepare" Suneeta replied.

"Not just me. You too. You heard na - we have to have a student-organizing committee and you madam are going to be its chair-person" Arti teased as she ran off to catch an auto.


Arti practically ran into the gazebo in the garden. Prashant was already waiting, tapping his foot on the hard stone floor.

Crap! He hated her being late and now she would have to manao him too.

Walking softly up to him, she wrapped her arms around his waist. Placing her chin on his shoulder she said "Hi Jaan".

Disentangling her arms, Prashant turned around and glared at her "You are almost 30 minutes late."

Taking her heavy bag off, she put it on the floor before replying. "I know. I am sorry. Mrs. Thakkar called me just as I was leaving."

"So now Mrs. Thakkar is more important than me?" Prashant snapped.

Arti felt a tinge of irritation - how childish can he be!! "Of course not, Jaan. But she is still the vice-principal and I had to go meet her. I left as soon as I could."

As Prashant stood there, with his hands on his waist, still pouting, Arti gave in to her irritation. "Ok. Let us both sit here on the cold floor and not talk to each other. Theek hai?"

Prashant smiled at that. "You are not going to talk? Really? Chalo - let's try it. Let me see how long you can stay without talking".

She smacked his arm "Are you saying I am a mooh-phat?"

He held his ears and bit his tongue. "Of course not! Would I dare? But you didn't win the Miss Talkative title without reason you know" he grinned at her now, openly teasing now.

"Idiots!" she mumbled. "Well, are we going to stay here or are you taking me somewhere to eat?"

"Chaliye Madam" Prashant said, sweeping his arms out towards the exit.


It was the evening of the Alumni reunion.  Arti, Suneeta and their friends had spent the intervening days preparing everything. The majority of the work fell on Arti and Suneeta since they stayed in the hostel and both the girls' had worked late every night getting everything ready - from the stage decorations to the costumes, the welcome thaalis and the parting gifts. Mrs Thakkar was delighted with them, especially since they had managed to re-use many props from previous shows and saved a bundle of money.

Arti shifted uncomfortably as Vidhi, her best friend, draped the saree around her. She didn't have a saree so Vidhi's mom had loaned her one.

"Arti, hold still will you" Vidhi said, her words barely understandable as she held two safety-pins in her mouth.

"I don't like wearing sarees" Arti grumbled.

Vidhi ignored that - saree was a requirement at the event so it wasn't as if any of them had a choice.

Pinning the pallu in place, Vidhi stepped back and smiled. Turning her friend to face the mirror she said "What do you think?"

Arti gasped. Was that really her? She couldn't recognize herself. The saree was gorgeous, a deep midnight blue with barely visible shot-throughs of silver thread that shimmered as she moved. The chiffon material clung to her curves. Vidhi had left her hair open, braiding a white gajra through it. The simple pearl ear-rings and pendant completed her getup, with a black hand-drawn bindi - Vidhi's trademark - adorning her forehead.

"Beautiful, hain na?" Vidhi said, turning towards Suneeta as she entered the room.

Suneeta nodded. "Prashant won't be able to take his eyes off you" she said grinning.

Arti grimaced "He won't be coming. He is not interested in an alumni meet". His irate speech still rankled with her.

Turning back to Vidhi, Arti clasped her hands "Thank you! And thank Aunty for me. It's a lovely saree - I hope I can take care of it tonight."

"It's yours. An early birthday present from Ma and Papa" Vidhi grinned.

Arti's eyes opened wide "Really? Oh how sweet of them. I must write them a thank you note".

"You can do that later - we need to go now" Suneeta reminded them of the time.

Taking a last look in the mirror, the three friends posed for a brief moment. Then, as if on cue, the three blew out a kiss. Seeing the three reflections mirror their action, they burst into a happy laugh as they ran down the stairs.

Arti stood at the entrance of the venue, welcoming the alumni as they came in. It was almost seven and she hoped the all the guests had arrived - she had to go to the stage and get the program started too. Just as she thought she could leave, one more guest arrived. Tall, dark, handsome - the words had been written for him - a true Mills and Boon hero thought Arti to herself wryly.

She put the tilak on his forehead. Just as she placed the garland around his neck, her fingers brushed him and a spark of electricity jolted both.

"Oh sorry" Arti gasped, embarrassed. "Must be static".

The stranger looked at her then and a moment later smiled. His whole face lit up and Arti felt as if the sun had come out. "It's ok" he said smiling at her.

Just then a beautiful girl arrived and took the stranger's arm. He looked down at her and his face changed again - transformed by joy and love. Arti turned to look at the girl - she had the same look on her's. How nice! They both love each other so much. How sweet. I hope they always have that.

Vidhi stepped forward and put tilak and a garland on the girl.

"Thank you!" she smiled at them. Then, holding hands, the two alumni walked into the auditorium.

Suneeta poked Arti, "Do you know who he is?" she hissed.

As Arti shook her head, Suneeta gleefully supplied the details "Yash Scindia! And the girl with him - that's Arpita. They are engaged now - our famous college sweethearts". Yash and Arpita's love story was legendary in their college.

"How do you know?" Vidhi asked.

"Because he is also from Bhopal" Suneeta said. Bhopal was her hometown. "His father is one of the richest men in Bhopal, they have an event planning business."

Turning back to look at the couple Suneeta added "He is HOT!"

Arti shushed her, "He is ENGAGED! And his bride is lovely. Ab chalo - we have a program to present."

Next: Chapter 1

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-AarYaholic- IF-Rockerz

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Oops...Pika Angry

Would love to read it...leisurely
Thanks a lot :)

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maha9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Lovely prologue dear. Infact It does not look like a prologue at all So beautiful

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ksfan2 IF-Dazzler

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loved it so much kat di. really really nice,. beautifully written i feel like reading it again and again. do update fast thanks for the pm

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rutu83 IF-Rockerz

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lovely prologue
honestly, i almost wish that arpita didn't have to separate from yash.  ppl in love are just...HeartEmbarrassed
btw i lover your writing. i told you that already no? you've got this wonderful style of getting ppl reeled in to your storyClapStar
and learned a new word today : vagaryGeek

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Oh!!!!!!! dear its amazing loved it pls update soon cant wait.

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