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ArVi FF Her Soulmate part 18pg41- 28/07 (Page 7)

..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 December 2012 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hangok

it is the first time for me to read an ff about ArVi and im glad that i have began with a great one, loved the was how you described what they thought about each other...and now im excited to read more
i would be glad if you would pm me..

Im glad you liked this FF
Abt the pm ive buddied you, do accept it as it will simplify my task!!Tongue

shrily Groupbie

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Posted: 11 December 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kenny_Arhi

Heya guys..this is keshni and well, this is my  first piece of writing and i hope you guys like it!!!


"Puurrrvvviii, WAKE UP!!!!" shouted Teju at the top of her voice.

"Purvi, am warning you if you don't wake up this very second I'm gonna empty this entire jug of water on you" said Teju totally fed up of the attempt of waking of her baby sister'.or friend'.or whatever she was.

"Urrggg Teju, let me sleep it's so early. Who the hell, except you, of course,  wake up so early in the morning. See its still dark outside, come and sleep a little more and let me sleep too,"replied Purvi  still not opening her eyes. She was totally irritated with Teju today!! First of all, who wakes up their sister by literally bursting their ear drums, well apparently Teju does'well she didn't mind that since that was how they were'..loud'and totally pagal. But the thing that irked her was that Teju interrupted her dream'.her beautiful'crazy dream about her prince charming. Her prince charming,  who was a hope for  her'..a hope for a better tomorrow'.a hope that he could come one day for her'.a hope that he would be with her  forever, a hope what he who would support her at every stage of her life'.a hope that he would make her forget her ugly past'..


Feeling the cold water on her, Purvi jerked up from her sleep.

"Tejuuu, why did you throw'"before Purvi could complete her sentence Teju cut in

"I threw water on you because you were not ready to wake up. And it's not dark outside, it's you who kept your eyes closed. Purvi how can you be so irresponsible, you know you have a'"

"What happened Teju, why are you sounding so irritated?" questioned Purvi, throwing the quilt to the other side.

"Don't joke Purvi, don't tell me you don't remember that you have an interview" Teju noticed all the expressions that Purvi  was giving, confusion to realization to terror, "OMG, YOU DON'T REMEMBER, YOU CRAZY GIRL, YOU FORGOT THAT YOU HAVE AN INTERVIEW with the owner of AK Company in exactly 1 hour, OMG KILL ME!!!'

"OMG Its already 8 O'clock!!!What the hell happened to my alarm,"shouted Purvi,  all ounce of sleep leaving her as she realized what was awaiting her in exactly one hour.She had to meet the arrogant,ruthless owner of AK Company who loathed people who was even 1 minute late.

"Forget that damn alarm and get ready to go to the office, you know how much you need this job nah."replied Teju in a worried tone.

"Don't worry Teju, I'll do anything to get this job!"assured purvi

Ok, so this is the prologue and ill continue only if you guys like it.Negative comment and critics are welcome. Also guys, I started watching PR due to Arjun and Purvi and stopped watching when arjun got married to Ovi so this is a totally new storyline and it has nothing to do wid the shows storyline.Smile


Character Sketch-Below

Part 1-Page 2

Part2-Page 4

u should con... it

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..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Hi guys sorry for late update, but this ones quite long...Happy reading!!Tongue

~Part 3~

Purvi marched towards the man, determined to show that arrogant brat his place.

Purvi: What do you think of yourself?

Arjun: Give me your address!

Purvi: What, why?

Arjun: So that I can send the list!

Purvi: What list?

Arjun: Didn't you just ask me 'what do you think of yourself', frankly I don't have enough time for answering your question because the list is too long and secondly if I say what I think about myself, you may think that I am biased. So, I will ask my secretary to make the list about what she thinks of me and will send it to your address.

OMG, this man is so damn arrogant. What does he think of himself!!! thought Purvi, while glaring at the man furiously…

Purvi: Excuse me but I didn'….she couldn't complete her sentence as Arjun cut her in

Arjun: You are excused!!

Purvi: UUURGGG listen to me, and better listen carefully! How dare you insult the rickshaw driver when it was your fault! Who exactly do you think you are!! Just because you are rich doesn't mean that you can insult anybody, whenever you want! We are not your servant here, that you would insult us like that! Did your family forget to teach you manners..

This made Arjun furious….actually very furious. He could accept anything but someone insulting his family! Heck, he would even hear an insult or two against him but anything against his family, rocketed his anger to sky limits.

Arjun: SHUT UP!!JUST SHUT UP!!! Shouted Arjun, while marching dangerously towards Purvi making the latter flinch at his angered eyes and loud tone. 'Don't think that just because I am listening to your nonsense, you will utter any rubbish that comes in that brain of yours, got that?'

Purvi: OMG, I'm so scared of you, Captain Modesty!!! said Purvi sarcasm dripping from her voice, whilst moving away from Arjun. 'And you can't shut me up, because it's your fault and you are going to apologise for that'

Arjun turned his face from her, and advanced forward towards his car. He didn't know why but this girl made him feel something…..something that he wasn't so happy about……something that prevented him to shout at her, something that robbed away his ability to shout at her…..something he had never felt before. Arjun Kirloskar would never have left the person who insults his family without punishing them; he would have gone to the extreme to show them how big a crime was it to insult his family. But he didn't know why 'SOMETHING' stopped him from punishing her.

Purvi: Wait, where do you think you are going?

Arjun: I think, I am going to my office!

Purvi: Excuse me, you….

Arjun: You are again excused!!

Purvi: Don't act smart ok!!

Arjun: I don't need to ACT smart, because I AM SMART!!!

Purvi: No matter how much smart you are, you are going to apologise first then I will let you go!

Arjun: Apologise to whom?

Purvi: To the auto driver, off course! Who did you think I asked you to apologise from, the PM of India? said Purvi giggling at her own lame joke.

Arjun: Very funny joke! I didn't know that your sense of humour is so bad! And btw where is your auto driver, I can't see him?

That made Purvi turn around and look for the auto! But it wasn't there! Where had the driver gone, she turned around frantically to search for the auto…

Arjun: What happened! Cat got your tongue, you are not talking anymore!

Purvi: Wait I will search for him!

Arjun: No need to search for him! He left long back, in fact he left when you started this stupid argument with me!

Purvi: How can he leave as such! You insulted him so much and he took your money!

Arjun: Miss Talking Express, the world revolves around money!

Purvi: I can't believe that, that driver had no self-respect! I can't believe that I fought against such an arrogant brat for that stupid driver! lamented Purvi softly…

Arjun: Excuse me, but did you just called me a 'brat'…

Purvi: You are excused!!!said Purvi aloud and she mentally patted herself while chanting her victory--huh got you, Captain Modesty!!!

Arjun: Listen, I don't know why the heck I'm wasting my time on a stupid girl like you, listening to your loud and crazy voice which seems hell bent on bursting my ear drums! I seriously think you should go to a mental asylum and get yourself and your stupid brain checked, trust me you really need it!

With that, Arjun turned around and moved towards his car, wore his sunglasses and drove his car to his house but not before stopping near the open-mouthed Purvi who looked absolutely shell-shocked, and said;

Arjun: You can close your mouth now and give it a much needed break! And next time, don't show me your face because I don't like it! And don't you dare come infront of me, or else I will myself drop you to the mental asylum. And yes, this time I'm letting you go only because I have someone very important waiting for me or else I would have taught you what does it mean to mess with me!!

Arjun left, and Purvi came back to earth, after her passage to hell due that stone-hearted brat! How dare him call me stupid, and on top of that he said that I am loud and crazy! And he thinks that I would like to see him again! If ever he comes in front of me, I swear I will send him to hell! Stupid, arrogant, stone-hearted person!!!Why did I ever talk to him…..of course, I was acting like mother India fighting for that stupid driver who took that Captain Modesty's money and went away….At that moment, Purvi couldn't understand at whom she was more angry… that rickshaw driver….against that stone-hearted person…or at herself. That was when she heard her phone ringing……

Purvi: Hello!

Teju: Have you reached?

Purvi: Where have I reached?

Teju: At AK Companies..

And that was when Miss Purvi Deshmukh realized that she was supposed to be at AK for her interview. She checked her watch and saw that it was already five minutes past nine….

Teju: Purvi, are you there?

Purvi: Yes, Teju , I have to go now, I will call you after i'm done with the interview. Purvi cut the call and immediately looks for another rickshaw and fortunately she found one pretty soon….she was already five minutes late and till the time she'd reach there she would already be twenty minutes late….She was sure that she would not get the job, now since she was late! All this happened due to that stone-hearted, arrogant, brat…..Captain Modesty!!!!

Note-Hope u liked it!Do leave your wonderful comments guys!Big smile


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arjunpurvixo IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow, so excited for Arvi's meeting in the office... and loved how their first meeting started off with a quarrel Big smile Embarrassed Please update soon!

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bonibright IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Wowww!!!Awesome update Keshna..Its worth the wait..Clap
Arjun-Purvi arguement reminded me of good old PR days..Tongue
But you didn't reveal who the "very important person" is waiting for Arjun at home..Confused
Plz do update soon..

Edited by bonibright - 14 December 2012 at 8:07am

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Chandnii95 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 9:50am | IP Logged
awesome update, waiting for arvi next meeting, 
please update soon Clap Smile

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neha333 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Arvis   next meetingEmbarrassed
Update soon

Edited by neha333 - 14 December 2012 at 10:39am

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Heyy keshni..Big smile
loved this part..Tongue
Arjun and purvi's fight...god I missed it..
thanks I loved this fight..
our Khadoos AK and our Tigress in full force...ohh I love them this way..
Plz do update soon..Tongue
eagerly waiting for your next part..!

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