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ArVi FF Her Soulmate part 18pg41- 28/07 (Page 20)

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
Nice update! 
~Sophie :) 

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Originally posted by rithika2012

that was too good.. grt job dear... Clap
loved the flashback scene and arjn's shock in the car...WinkEmbarrassed
the last part was just lol...LOL
pls do update soon...
Im glad u like it!Embarrassed
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Originally posted by arjunpurvixo

Despo wala cheap ROFL I choked on my cereal LOL and starting laughing for like 10 straight minutes oh my goodness LOL LOL and Arjun's expression... he was terrified! LOL Glad that they put their differences and hatred aside to take some moments to just laugh Embarrassed
Im sorry for your cereals!LOL
Next time don't eat when you read my worksLOLLOL
..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Huma-

keshni Hug was w8ing for ur update just loved loved it  Fb scene was awesome n purvi's version of Ishq wala hilarious ROFL
I know i made u guys wait a lot!
Sry for that!Smile
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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ashvikluverrr

heyya keshni..
ahh i will always love arjun..
Its just that i like arun..coz he's sweet..but no one can match our angry khadoos Arjun..Tongue
btw u can call me jags or jago!
coming to ur update..
LOL i ve heard that parody version of ishq wala love aka gana wala song before.LOLLOLLOL
i loved that u used that song here.!
LOVED the last part..where they forgot their challenge their fight and were laughing and enjoying each others company..
also that part where he pinches her so as to confirm if its really her or he's dreaming..and *ahem ahem* the bathroom partBlushingROFL...I cant stop ROFLing..ROFL
manish chacha and pink ped..and depo wala cheapROFLROFLROFL
loved this part!!
do update soon...!!
Thanks for the longish comment Jags!
Im glad u loved itWink
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nice update...
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Originally posted by logambika

nice update...
Thanks dear!Tongue
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~Part 8~

After his dinner, Arjun made his way towards his room! He didn't know why but he felt happy today….not momentary happiness but the happiness that emerged from within. He entered his room and made his way towards his bed, in no mood today to work as he usually does after returning from office.

The day didn't start as he predicted but he was satisfied with the way things went. What the hell are you thinking Arjun! Satisfied? Really! Oh yes, satisfied that the meeting went well and they finally got the project for which they have been working for quite a long time now! Yeah, that's why I'm satisfied! There is no other reason...No matter how much he wanted to deny that, but he loved the little moment in the car with Purvi. He went back to his own-self after the laughing session they had, and had avoided Purvi for the whole day after that. How could he not, it was the first time that he let down the wall he had successfully created for years, and laughed whole-heartedly. Not that he hated laughing but he despised being close to people who are not supposed to be close to him.


On the other hand, Purvi was quite irritated with Arjun! What's with him and the mood swings! He seemed such a jovial person in the car but after he realized his mistake, yeah laughing is probably a mistake for Captain Modesty, he went back to his khadoos self again! Well, stop thinking about him Purvi!

That was when Purvi saw her sister entering the room along with 2 mugs of tea for both of them. She took her cup and picked the newspaper which she was scanning earlier on. After one sip of her favorite lemon tea, she turned towards her sister and addressed her;

Purvi: Tej, I was scanning the newspaper, but there are no jobs advertisements for night shifts!

Teju: Purvi…..why night shift!I mean you already have a job and….

Purvi(cuts in):Tej, the money you earn from tuitions and my salary is not enough! Half of it, is used for household expenses and it would take us too long to amass such a huge sum of money.

Teju: I was thinking of doing a job as well, then the income would be expanded and I could also give tuitions after I come back! What do you think, Purvi?

Purvi: No Tej, we can't let mum remain alone in the morning! Its better you stay at home and continue with your tuitions and I would do my job and will try to find a night shift as well!

Teju: Purvi, that job already tires you, how would you manage a night shift? No, Purvi, you won't work at night and that's final!

Purvi: It isn't final Tej and it is my life so I'm gonna decide what to do with it!

Teju looked at her sister in amazement…My little Purvi has indeed grown up! Not only physically but also in her thinking as well! The little mischievous girl always creating havoc wherever she goes has finally grown up into a more mature person! No doubt she was childish sometimes but she acted more maturely when required….Teju's thoughts were interrupted as Purvi banged her cup on the table

Teju: Ok, Purvi, I can understand you but mama won't let you do this and don't expect me to convince her in this!

Purvi: I didn't even ask you to do that, so chill!I know what to do, provided that I get a night shift job at first.

Teju went to get ready for the night, whilst Purvi opened her drawer to get out her favorite hanky…his hanky! Purvi thought with a big smile! I don't know how you are, how you look like, what you have become now, if you still remember me or not! Heck I don't even know your name, Purvi thought with a frown. But i'm sure that we would meet one day and I hope that, that day come soon!


It had been a week since Purvi was working at AK, and true to his promise, Arjun made her life a living hell. Her work load has drastically increased and she could do nothing about that, he was the Boss, of course and she had to follow his orders…Orders, my foot! She was still looking for a night shift, though she could not understand how she would be able to manage that, since that Captain was always giving her works to complete at home…..Gosh!I feel as if i'm still imprisoned in school and that Captain is the strict teacher who is always after poor student, like me, for their homework!

Today Captain would be coming late, so she was having a bit of free time! She had already completed and double check the works given to her, not wanting to hear Captain criticizing my work! He would always look for opportunities to shout at her or question her working efficiency and the presentations prepared by her, would be viewed and reviewed from a micro-perspective by Captain.

Purvi was thinking what to do since she had 15 minutes for herself, till the monster arrives! What can I do? What can I do! Think, Purvi, 15 minutes for yourself is a blessing for you! What do I do! Aha! That was when Purvi got a devilish idea of how to spend her 15 minutes…uhhh…effectively!

She took a blank sheet of paper and started scribbling on it! 10 minutes later, satisfied by her work, she folded the paper neatly and inserted it in an envelope! Purvi, then made her way towards Arjun cabin. She placed the letter hurriedly on the table, and ran away from his cabin not wanting to face Arjun if ever he decided to make his appearance earlier.

She went to her own cabin, which was just opposite that of Arjun's, so that she didn't have any privacy at all! A few minutes later, the office phone rang, she had barely adjusted her phone to her ear when she heard his voice;

Arjun: Bring me a cup of coffee, the thunderous voice ordered!

Looks like he hadn't seen it yet, or else he wouldn't have been so calm!

Purvi: I will ask the peon to bring you the coffee, anything else, sir?

Arjun: I asked you to bring me the coffee!

Before Purvi could retort him, he had already cut the phone!

Am I his servant or what? How dare he order me? I can't even leave the job, because I challenged him with the big mouth I have! I will have to wait for month, and when he loses the bet, I will leave the job myself! Urggg, now I have to be his servant! Endure the torture, Purvi, it's just for one more month!

Whilst consoling herself, she made her way to the caf! Truth to be told, she was not sure she would want to leave this job after the one month. She just wouldn't be able to find another job with such a good salary, even if Arjun was a strict boss, she couldn't deny that the facilities offered to her, was amazing! Afterall, AK was amongst one of the best companies in India.


Purvi knocked on the door, with the steaming cup of coffee with her! She could see that Arjun was visibly shocked at what he was reading! Aha, finally he will get a reality check! Purvi entered his cabin and moved towards the demon's table and placed the cup! She could see that he was burning…with anger!

Purvi: Sir, you hot coffee! Purvi muttered in a mocking tone.

Arjun: What the hell is this! Who the hell wrote this letter! Who dared writing this crap?

Purvi: Oh, sir, I wrote it!

Arjun: Excuse me, you wrote it but why! Exclaimed Arjun not comprehending what was actually happening!

Purvi: Sir, you have a very weak memory, you yourself asked me to write this!

Arjun looked at the piece of paper again…It was filled with hundreds of adjectives which supposedly describes himself-like……..Arrogant, Proud, Monster, Demon, Evil, Big-headed, Boring, Cruel, Grumpy, Egocentric, Patronizing and many more…Why the hell would I ask this girl to demean me?

Purvi decided to remind him seeing his already baffled expression: Sir, you remember the first time we meant and I asked you what you think about yourself! Then, you told me that you would ask your secretary to write it because you don't want to be biased, so as your secretary I told you what I think about you, and trust be i'm not biased in this!

Purvi watched Arjun's reaction which showed Shock-Confusion-Realization and lastly Amazement! Satisfied with what she did, Purvi made her way to her cabin! She was expecting Arjun to explode but the latter had a wicked smug on his face!

On the other hand Arjun was really surprised by what Purvi did! This girl has got guts!Nobody has ever said things like this about me, and I have to accept to say things like this to Arjun Kirloskar, one needs guts and lots of courage!Well, as much as I appreciate your courage you will have to pay for what you did, because absolutely no one gets away with insulting Arjun Kirloskar!


Two weeks, yet gone in the twinkle of an eye! The past week had been extremely tiresome for Purvi!She literally had no time to spend with her family, all due to that Captain who was hell bent on making Purvi resign! But she wouldn't give up so soon, now would she? Now, Purvi was absolutely sure that she would leave this job after the one month, she couldn't let him win!The work pressure was too much for her to endure, but that didn't matter, the thing was that she didn't want to work in an environment where people conspired plot to throw her out! She would have already been thrown out, had it not been for the gentillese of Arun, who was indeed an amazing person!

Arjun, on the other side was frustrated! Despite, his multiple efforts, he hadn't been able to throw that girl out….because everytime his brother came as her savior! He could do anything but disobeying his brother, it was something unimaginable for him! He was conscious of the one week left and he was sure that he would win! Not forgetting about the letter, as well!


Purvi cleared her desk of all her things! It was finally time to go home! Working here was no less than a torture, and she was happy that this torture was going to end soon! Only six days to go and when she will win, she will resign on the seventh day! She had finally found an advertisement for a night shift as a Home Health Aide and the time of work was quite flexible and would suit her working time as of now!

So instead of returning home, as of her routine, she made her way to the Home!She had always wanted to help people in her own little way, and she was sure she would love to take care of elderly people! If only, I get the job now…

Arriving there, she was directed towards the Manager's cabin! She knocked on the door and entered as soon as she heard the 'come in'. She opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to see the women, oh no, scratch that,  granny whom she had met at the temple!!

As soon as Sarita saw she stood up from her chair, forgetting that she was talking to the manager and moved towards her, she was extremely happy to have met this girl again! Sarita enveloped Purvi in a big hug expressing her joy!

After the hug Sarita took the lead and spoke;

Sarita: Purvi, what are you doing here!

Purvi: Uhh, hi granny, uhh actually I came here for the job of Aide which was advertised in the newspaper! And what are you doing here?

Sarita: Purvi, I came here for donation purposes and that's what I was talking to the manager about!!

Purvi: Ohhh

Sarita: Im very happy to see you here Purvi, in fact I was thinking about you yesterday and see, today I met you again!

Sarita turned towards the manager and said;

Sarita: I assure you Mrs Dixit, you wouldn't get a better person than her to do this job!

Mrs Dixit: Im sure that your judgement won't be wrong Mam, but still I have to look into her qualifications!

Purvi brought forward her file, with all the important documents and held it over to the Manager!She couldn't help but pray that she gets this night shift job!

Mrs Dixit: Uhmmm that's very convincing Miss Purvi, you have the job and I hope that you would be here on time because as I can see, you have a morning shift as well!

Purvi: I would manage that effectively mam, don't worry I won't give you any chance to complain!

Her joy knew no bounds today, saying that she was extremely happy would be a mere...understatement! Finally I have the night shift!


Purvi had filled all the required forms and had already discussed her work and salary and Sarita has waited for Purvi to finish all her stuffs to talk to her! She was happy that she got the job and there was no doubt that she would best suit this job, but being a little selfish, she was happy that Purvi was working here and she could come and meet her whenever possible! That was when she saw Purvi coming towards her!

Both of them talked for sometimes and shared multiple things! If anyone would see them, they would think that these two are long lost buddies! While Sarita talked about her grandsons and their incorrigible habit of working(without mentioning about their names and the company's name!)which reminded Purvi of Arjun, but of course, this lady couldn't be that Captain's grandmother considering how sweet granny is!

Purvi mostly talked about her family, but restricted herself from talking against her job! She didn't want to spoil her mood now, by thinking about that Rakshas!They talked for long and didn't realize how time flew until Purvi got a call from Tej asking her about her whereabouts! Purvi decided to take leave and despite the constant insists of her granny to drop her home, Purvi didn't accept the invitation out of courtesy!


Precap: Plots laid by…….destiny

Note:Im very sorry for the lateness!Ouch

About the update...i know u all would have probably wanted to see a more detailed update about the office track but Purvi working with Arjun is not what i wanted to write about, the office track was just a way to make these two get acquainted and its now that the actual story will start! I 'm sure you people have an idea of what will happen !WinkAnd yeah tell me if there are scenes you would actually want in this FF, i will try to include those aswell!Do leave your feedbacks and likes!

For PMs buddy and please send me a message for which update you actually want PMs!Embarrassed


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