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MastiMuskaan Goldie

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The story of a simple, happy-go-lucky girl and a prince charming. Due to some circumstances they get married but the prince refuses to accept her as his wife, not because he had someone else in his life but because he just didn't want to get in any relationship. The prince just loves his job as an ACP. He tells her to go away from him but the girl falls in love with him instead. Resulting to a monster to be unleashed in the prince, he punishes her brutally and the girl gets hell scared and terrified of the prince since then. Now the girl starts to fear the one she loves the most, she does everything for him but gets his wrath in return. Will the prince ever realize the true love the girl holds for him? What will happen when the girl does something that will change the prince forever? What will happen when the girl he hates will be the one he will love? But what will happen when he realizes his love and its just too late for him to recover what's done? Will he ever get what he loves? Will he ever be able to return the color of the fading butterfly of his life?





This is a story of a royal prince who ran away from his palace, to never return. He didn't have any kind of problems or any tragic past, it was his wish to run away, so he did. He is Arjun Suryakant Rawte, born with a silver spoon? Nope! Born with a diamond studded-golden spoon in his mouth, he had more than thousands of workers working in his royal family business but he, he didn't had any passion for royals and royalties, infact, small things were his passion. Wherever he saw any thing illegal happening he was the first one to oppose it. Arjun's ancestors were the rulers and kings of Maharashtra, so they were one of the most powerful families in India. Arjun's father was very influential person, and he was very successful businessman, he wanted his son Arjun to be the heir of all his empires but Arjun, he dreamt of being a cop from childhood.


In his early life when Arjun was 5 whenever he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he answered, a cop. Everyone would laugh at the little Arjun and shove it off just like that. But Arjun was serious. Damn serious. His passion towards the welfare of the society was not hidden by anyone. Even though it was a democracy in India now, and no kings ruled, but the people of his native town still came to his father for suggestions and to seek solutions to their problems as they knew he will help them. Arjun's father, Suryakant Rawte, was still the uncrowned king of his kingdom. The people had all the praises for this royal family, as they were the most true, honest and brave kings. They were the well-wishers of the people who lived in their kingdom.


Apart from all the royal and royal things, Arjun was growing in the dream of being a cop so that the people of Maharashtra and the whole country would live peacefully without any worry of anything bad happening to them. His idea of being a police officer was appreciated by everybody till his father, Suryakant, wanted a serious reply to what he aspires to become, a cop, came the same answer, this angered Suryakant and he left without a word. With his facial expression Arjun knew that it was the calm of the upcoming storm, before the storm could hit him, he ran away from everything and came to Mumbai. He took admission in a police training camp and became a police officer. Nobody knew him in this city. Here in Mumbai he was just an ACP, assistant commissioner of police. No his highness, no prince, no high royal salutations, no formal names, just ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte.


He was living his life nicely by cutting down the crime rate in Mumbai when his life came to a standstill. He saw news in the front page of the local newspaper of Maharashtra. It said that his dad is critical and is in the ICU and demands to see his son. Arjun fled to his hometown and met his really sick father. Suryakant requested Arjun to get married before he dies. His last wish was to see his son getting married to his best friend's daughter, Riya. Arjun loved his dad and this was the least he could do to him, so he agreed. He never saw the girl, never saw her face and just married her because it was his dad's last wish.


Even though Arjun was following his dad's orders he had his conditions too. He made it clear to him that he wont be living here, after he gets married he would return back to Mumbai and will return to his work as an ACP.


And now here is the main story starting...


Arjun married to Riya, returned to Mumbai and resumed his work. He was a not a calm or composed living being, infact he was angry-short tempered-restless and what not. Being from a royal family he had a bad attitude too, but it took over him only when he was interrogating a criminal or trying to solve a case.


It was nice till a week but now Arjun was fed up of Riya roaming here and there around him asking what he is feeling like, what he will eat, how was his day and etc etc...that is when he confronted Riya, he told her that their marriage was a forced marriage, even though he agreed to it but he did it just for his father. She doesn't have any right on him or his house; she was just like a guest in this house. She was going to stay with him till his father gets well. After that he will convince him and end this marriage what so ever.


Arjun's harsh words didn't break the confidence Riya had in her love, yes she loved him, from the very day he came to meet his dad in the hospital and married her the next day itself. She knew he did that just because his father said so but she had full confidence in her love for him that one he will love her back. Even though warned by him several times Riya made him lunch and packed it in Tiffin box everyday. Arjun would see it sitting on the dining table and would ignore it everyday and pretended to forget it there. Riya saw this and hoped that one day he WILL remember to take it with him.


Seeing her not giving up, Arjun behaved roughly with her (what he did will be revealed in flashbacks) he in anger one day told her to get out of his room too. From that day Riya lived in another room, the room attached to his and took her belongings there. As she shifted to another room, Arjun had some peace. But the same chirpy Riya welcomed him day after that again. She was a strong willed person and he knew, he needs to scare her away in order to make her go away from him.


So one day he scolded her and raised his hand on her, called her the biggest mistake of his life and told her to stay away from him and his things, he told her that he doesn't wants to see her face or hear her voice, her face disgusted him and her voice hurted his ears. He asked her to not even take his name and call him 'Sir' from now on as his name sounds too disgusting from her mouth. He too said that she just had rights to make amends in her room (which was just besides his) and the kitchen. Other than these two places she wont touch anything, ANYTHING! She cant sit on his sofa, she cant hear the landline call, she cant even come in front of him, forget saying something to him and when he comes back from work he doesn't want any of her things or HER to interfere in his life.


Basically he forbade her to even show him, her existence. And she complied. She kept herself away from him. But couldn't take away the love she had.


Riya woke up early just to make him some breakfast, she would not go in front of him now coz she was hell scared of him from that day he slapped her. She would just keep the food on the table and his tiffin box and see him eat. Then he would go to his office, ETF Headquarters. She would wait for him all day and when his SUV would come, her spy, the watchman would call her landline phone (she wont touch it to pick it up) and she would know that Arjun came in the building then before he came she would keep the food ready for him on the dining table, he would come and eat silently and Riya would look at him from the kitchen door, satisfied that he had his dinner peacefully. No matter how late he came, Riya was wide-awake for him, just to see him eat. After all she got only 5 minutes in the whole day to see him, that's when he would have his breakfast and dinner.


Her love kept on increasing for him every minute and knowing that he doesn't love her back, it started to dull her sparkle. The glowing star in her eye faded, her smile vanished from her face, her glowing face became gloomy she started having nightmares of no one loving her and she being alone, she stopped having proper meals and was going thinner day by day. This made her sleeping reduce and the dark circles surrounded her eyes, but Arjun, he was oblivious to everything.


Life was like this to both of them till 6 months. From 6 months he was happy that he didn't get to see her or hear her voice, he was happy now coz he didn't had to face her everyday and realize that he has done a mistake by marrying a girl against his own wish. Its not like he had eyed someone else but still he felt like a criminal himself when he realized that he was not able to give her happiness that she rightfully deserved. And felt like her culprit. So he kept himself away from her.


One day as usual, Arjun got ready to go to the office at 8 AM and came to have his breakfast, but there was nothing on the table, no fruits, no food, nothing. He looked here and there and left for work without checking for her.


When he returned home at 11PM, nearly midnight, he again saw the table for food and it was empty again. He searched the kitchen but no one was there, he for the first time went to her room, it was a sad room of a sad young girl, the room had faded walls, colorless bed sheets, the room was neat and tidy though but still lifeless. The room was cold and the emptiness was eating him. He rushed outside just to hear the landline phone ring and a cruel laugh was echoing in his ears the next second, Arjun can never forget this laugh, it was Sikandar. And then a familiar heart wrenching scream, "Riya!!" screamed Arjun and the line went dead. Suddenly the only colorful thing in his life, the only butterfly was snatched away from him. That day he realized, what he has done. But maybe, maybe it was . . . . Too late.







Arjun Suryakant Rawte: 27 years old, ACP. Born as a prince but a common man from heart. He aspired to become a police officer but knew his father wont support him so ran away from his house. He fulfilled his dream and became an ACP. He was an honest officer but with short temper and a lot of anger. When his anger took over him he forgot all his rationalities and behaved like a monster. His life changed when he got married to a girl named Riya.



Riya Mukherjee (now Rawte): 20 years old, simple girl. Her dad and Arjun's dad were best of friends. Even though her dad was not even rich, Arjun's dad never considered richness as a big factor. Suryakant promised Riya's dad that he would get his son married to Riya and one day she will be his daughter in law. And that happened, but Riya, didn't knew what kind of person Arjun has become while getting trained as an officer and what was his attitude. Her life changed too as she got married to him one day.



Sikandar: 30 years old. A high profile criminal who was arrested by Arjun and now he has returned to take revenge. As he came back from the prison and came to know that Arjun has got married and now he had some other plans to punish him.



Other characters:


Sameer Rathore: ETF Chief, same as in the show.


Shreekant Sen: same as in the show.


Chotu: same as in the show.


Dustin Coehlo: Police commissioner, Rathore and Arjun's senior officer.



(There are other minor characters like, servants, and some more people who will be introduced as they come in the story.)



Teaser for Chapter One:


Arjun was numb hearing the same scream he was haunted by from last few months, it was Riya's scream. The same horrible and terrified sound of her voice which was telling him that she is in danger.






"Leave me, sir! AAH!!" Riya screamed but her voice unreachable to his ears.


Soon a tearing sound was heard and she knew it was her top. And then she felt sharp teeth on her neck biting her brutally. Another scream made its way from her throat but nothing seemed to stop. Riya struggled to get away but he pinned her on the bed, the soft bed sheets scaring her even more. Soon she became immobile as the unconsciousness engulfed her. She was just too horrified to feel anything else.


He bit her neck and placed some soft kisses to sooth it but she had now stopped struggling, he looked at her face, it was so serene and innocent that he regretted instantly. What the hell was wrong with him? How can he do this?


Even though she was not in her senses, her sobs were evident of the cruelty she had undergone. Her face red with fear, eyelids swollen by crying, red finger marks on her wrists and a bleeding bite on her neck. Arjun closed his eyes, as now he too became the one he hated the most! A criminal. And that too hers! His constant warnings to her to stay away were in vain now. He quickly covered her with a blanket, not able to see his own cruelty on her.






1)     In this FF Arjun is going to be in gray shade! He is an honest officer but a short-tempered guy who will be seen beating up criminals and behaving harshly with Riya! But that doesn't make him a villain. And please don't bash me to make his character this way. Coz in the end, he IS our hero! And I love him too, both as Arjun onscreen and as Shaleen off screen.


2)     18+ ONLY  This FF will have some of the parts which might disturb the small kids on IF, so stay out! (don't complain afterwards that I dint warn!)


3)     This FF is solely my creation; so DON'T copy the content to any other social sites or on facebook.


4)     If I didn't get enough replies, I will end this FF abruptly! I MEAN IT!! Coz I am fed up of silent readers and the people who do not comment! So if you like to read my story, let me know!


5)     I wont be able to update it twice a week or thrice a week. I have college and I can manage one update in one week, which will be long enough, I promise. So I don't want my inbox to be filled with "update your ff" stuff. Please understand.



Request to all who comment:


1)     Please do not pm your comments to me coz I don't check my inbox.


2)     Please guys give a comment worth my hard work, just replying in "one word" or in "one line" is NOT enough. I want to know how my readers felt by reading my story and if you guys have any questions or confusions, feel free to ask.


Regarding PMs:


Hey all!




That means now I am in for the PMs for this ff! I completed my previous one and hence deleted the buddy list coz some people complained that they don't want PMs for the updates of new ff.. so here is the solution...i completed the ff and cleared the list! I am sorry if anyone felt bad but don't mind I had to do it..or else ek aur id banana padta! So I cleared the existing one...


So arjunians! Send me buddy requests if you want to get PMs for this ff!


BUT BUT BUT!!!! Let me clear!



If I did not get any reply from you guys then I would delete you from my buddy list, so bura mat manna! Phir baad me mat bolna I dint warn you guys! If you want PMs then COMMENT!!! And if I post a part in PM then you wont be able to get it! hence, add me and please COMMENT TOO'.






I have now a good idea of PMing some parts of my story to people who COMMENT. So if you want to receive it, please leave a comment. Or else you guys wont be able to receive the PMs which may contain the parts of my story. So kindly COMMENT!





Sorry if I was rude to anyone but I am just too much fed up of silent readers. Once again sorry.

 So people!! Tell me how it was!! Should I continue?? Or end it here?!

Please tell.



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funkylicious IF-Sizzlerz

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*Bang on I mean I read your note regarding PMsWink
will comment aaraam se... The Concept looks awesome...
reading further...
but definitely looking forward to this FFWink
MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Originally posted by funkylicious

*Bang on I mean I read your note regarding PMsWink
will comment aaraam se... The Concept looks awesome...
reading further...
but definitely looking forward to this FFWink

awww thanks dear!! MY FIRST COMMENT AND FIRST READER FOR THIS ONE!!!! YAYYY!!!!! i will wait for your reply...

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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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aweesomee concept dear!!!!
will look forward to it!!

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Looking forward to this...

it sounds amazing

n i hv followed ur previous work...although very l8 (after u finished writing it ..i read all d chapterS)

i liked dat story as well

so definitely in


the Arjun Rawte, angry prince sounds interesting...

Awww Ria sooo nice..caring so much for him

n Arjun not realizing her importance...

but i hope in future ...can find him melting towards her

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funkylicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Muskuuu...Tongue this is what I'm gonna call u from now MuskaanLOL
hope u dont mind.. aww I know how you feel on your 1st comment...Big smile
Back to the BACK STORY
OMG... excellent... I'm loving this... looks like new ASR (IPKKND) RK(MB) is coming backROFL dont get me wrong but this ASR(ARJUN S.R) has a totally new class...I honestly have a feeling already that you wil make me fall in love with this specific grey shade Arjun all over againEmbarrassed
hayeee... this definitely is a rocking start... I'm just looking forward to this very eagerly and impatientlyROFL

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