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FF-Gunshot&beyond- RAYAmilanupdated (Page 4)

Mani-RK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 5:32am | IP Logged
very nice zehra sachi issi se kaam chalana padega

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leo4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 5:49am | IP Logged
part three

priya frantic what what , clutching vikrams han , kia hua what is wrong, 
vikram signals to neha and says nothing yaar nothing, i guess since it is raining there is problem with the telephone lines and  i just panicked am sorry. you relax. 
priya: shrieking vikram mei koi panch saal ki bachi nhn hu maat bhehlaao muje, tell me the damn truth why are you so scared what is wrong.
vikram: he was drunk and he was driving and suddenly i heard a crash and no connection priya , we have to go now!! 
priya faints, rajat rushes to catch her but  vikram beats him and carries her inside, puts her on the couch and sends rajat to get water, rajat trying to touch her shake her but to nehas surprise vikram possessively pushes him off, yaar rajat uske hawa anay du, mei nay pakra hua ha she is fine. 
priya wakes up shouting ram ram ram muje maaf kardein,she sees vik neha and the trio group hugs, rajat stands looking grimly. vik leaves 
rajat says i think i can use my connections and get police help, priya flashes him a grateful smile, encouraged he goes on also i guess we can go in my land cruiser we will reach faster no? priya neha nod quickly vikram  comes back hears and frowns and says 
vik: aray nahi nahirajat why the formality, priya say aray hum jaldi phonchaye gai, neha says kia hugya ha vikram tum ku,
vikram says: tum loog bhool rehe hu k mei b ram ka bussiness partner hu, meray b connections hai and ram k khud yaha pe itne hai k already police commissionaire has sent his force i had called him and ram has a personal jet i have talked we are going in his jet and it can hold three people so neha and rajat you stay behind i will go with priya , come priya lets go now 
priya stands up and leaves without looking at rajat , neha says i will go to kapoor mansion and inform them, 
rajat says to self: the least she could do was thank me, ram k agaye kia meri koi importance hi nahiAngry??

in the plane: 
vikram priya tumku dar tou nhn lagrha flying se ram nay bataya tha u get scared? priya laughs with tears and sniffles and says acha ram sab bata hain aapku? 
vikram: haan issi tarah tou yeh paanch saal nikle hain ,har roz tumhari batein karte huay, ram aur kisis se nahi karta tha sirf meray se coz he ddnt want others to get hurt by getting reminded of you, but for him your remembrance was the only time he felt alive only time!!
priya sighs: hmm i was afraid of heights but now ram ku khonay k daar k agaye koi dar dar nhn !! 
balh music!! 

at accident site
a hand is seen ram is struggling to see, he hears priya and says kia baat hai mr kapoor aap tou mahan hain ab awaz b sunai den lagi hai woh b is waqt LOL
he sees someone trying  to search the debris, he gets up with difficulty sees the picture of priya pihu and his ( HE had gotten it from the school admission office and was planning to give to priya when she would have met him , but after telling not to do any ehsaan on her, she did not come for the entire day to see him) he picks it holds it close to his heart and a tear fall down
he says chal golu uth 
suddenly he hears someone calling out ram ram , he goes in the direction of the voice and sees it is apeksha!!but she is not alone, there is a man behind her, apeksha he tries to come closer, but she signals no,kia hua apeksha, and then he sees the man 
tum tum!! anger flares through his body, he says mei tumku zinda nhn choru ga.

in the plane :
they land and priya sees the police officer , they say mr shergill we saw the accident site, it seems therewas a definate plan to kill ram kapoor as the brakes were played with, priya says kon karega yeh? 
vikram says: ayesha mama ku tou pata nhn , rajat? 
priya: vikram please ayesha aisi nhn ha and rajat sir kyu pls?
vikram hmmm sid sid tou nhn ??
priya shocked sid sid kaha se askata ha?
vikram says  ;when u left, ram distributed the entire wealth in all the siblings, he kept nothing for him self except his money, isika, rishab nuts and you, priya says me, yeah you were still in his thoughts. sids share was given to ayesha and khush apeksha was also given the share since rishab and nuts refused to take their share, they took only the amount ram took, and then krishna aunty was named as the owner of house , apeksha was finally coming back today here and from here to KM but ram wasn't aware of it, this was rams surprise as his birthday is tomm
priya says oh yeah tommorow is his birthday , but why sid?
sid might have run out of money and since apeksha isadopted if she dies the share is given to the siblings that is ishika and sid since nuts ram rishab dnt want it ... but how would sid know of all this??
priya vikram yeh sab baad mei karienge phel ram ku tou dhunde please bahut raat hri ha and barish b  huri ha

to b contd 

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Ohhh God! What happened to Ram, kya kia tumne uske saath, woh theek to hain na? Hope he is alright, I really can't take this, para nahi usse kuch hota hain toh mujhe bohot hurt feel hota hain, I guess this the effect of the maha promo, anyways, hope what u said is correct and I shouldn't panick, am crossing my fingers for the best to happen
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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged
You made my dayHug
thanku loads n loads
everything that the show could not give gave it...
pls jaldi next part update karo na...i know you gave 3 parts already...but kya karu ...m apne aap ko rok nahi pa rahi hunTongue
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part 4 

back home neha is being dropped by rajat to km 
neha : shayd i am also to blame for priya ram duri, 
rajat what how?
neha: we live in the same house, i see her meetinf fatty roz but i never told her of the asliat, i never told her of the pain that ram had for five years how doctors tell him that he is on the verge of doing sucide by eating so many tablets oily food , how ayesha is not his wife, i just thought if she wants to know she will ask and i should not increase her guilt
rahat: hmm fb of ram rajat convo at hotel
neha: u also never told priya of rams pain?
rajat: well priya seemed never that interested and i was the one who stopped her so i dnt know if she wanted to be aware or not.
neha : but yeh dunu ka pyar koi nhn smaj sakta ,yeh bane hi ik dusre kilye hain noone can seperate them 
rajat applies brakes nehas says what? he says kM is here, and leaves racing away !! 

neha goes inside , tells rishab, rishab says ok we dnt have to tell mum and dadi abhi they will get worried will wait a while. ayesha and shipra come in hall leaving for a party neha wanted to tell but soumya tells her no 

at purani haveli 
priya comes in and says yaha pe hum alag huay they vikram and mera dil ketha ha we will meet yahi se
vikram seems confused and just says hmm
priya kia hua vikram?
vikram: well ram aya tou tha liken phir woh gaya kyu woh bhi when he was drinknig, and he goes to his room, ram ka pp b nhn hai.
priya worried kahi ram begair bate tou nhn chalegae? vikram : woh muje bht trust karta ha he wnt leave mmeray ku begair bataye priya 
inspector comes and says you have to come to hospital
priya says kyu kyu jain hum hospital hamary ram ku kuch nhn hua hai he is not in hospital i know yeh sab nahi hrha sab jhoot ha haina vikram ram theek hain na?
vikram pats her head

at an un known location 
apeksha and ram standing and talking , ram saying i will never agree, apeksha says but ram you need to go to hospital , i have just stopped the wound from bleeding i am not a doctor !!
the door opens shadow comes and say tou kia soccha tumne abi sign karogaye ya behn ki arhi k after??
ram : u are the most disgusting man i have ever met sharam ati hai tumku apna 
man: wait wait mei yaha lecture sunay nhn aya hu, paper sign karu and lets end the game!! 
ram suddenly falls apeksha screams says i swear i will sign , i have the power of attorney please just just let me take him to hospital i will come back!! noone will know please, if he dies from bleedingyou will lose everything
man: thek ha jao liken remember meray admi hunge sath 
apeksha hugs ram crying

apeksha ram arrive same time vikram priya arrive 
blah bg
inspector takes them to morgue priya refuses to go, vikram goes in priya was standing suddenly she felt ram is here she turns she sees a man on a strecher, she runs after itand suddenly there is another strecher coming she twists and her hand touches the first strecher, she is shocked it is the same touch the same warmth the same melodious tuch he ram , ram she whispers and the hand stirs, suddenly the doctors arrive and shoo her away without letting her see the face,
she tries to ask and they say unki wife aiye hain( they mistake apeksha as wife) priya is not convinced and goes to talk to apeksha
the goons are guarding the door and apeksha is alone
priya says suniye and taps shoulder
apeksha turns and says tum ? priy smiles move forward apeksha says choona nhn mujhe ghin ati ha tumse!! tumne ram ku kitna dukh dia and abhi b zinda nahi rehne dugi? mei nay bola tha ram k around theek log nahi hai mei yeh bhoool gai thi k jis ku resposiblity deri hu woh sab se zada kamzoor nikle gi, you are sick disgusting sharm ati hai tumhari soch pe!!
priya crying apeksha ram kaisay hai woh ram hain na batao?
apeksha: kon ram ? tum tou chali gai thi na tumku kia hai?
priya: please apeksha i beg you  i left coz i love him
apeksha: really really priya dnt give me that crap, you loved him you wanted him to move on so now i tell you move on forget ram!! leave
priya: no no no pls forgive me yeh nhn karu
apeksha: acha u loved him , u did it for him so did u keep a tab on him in five years? k zinda hai ya margaya ram?ram is so famous you never read about him tried finding out about him nothing??ClapClap
priya: guilty: mei nay nay shurat ki thi,
apeksha: jis mei ram ki jaga nhn thi haina priya? sirf tum and ram ki beti haan?? chee
priya goes down and says forgodsake say anytihng but tell me he is okay,i was a stupid fool, iwanted to protect him then my daughter, and then i thught it was too late
apeksha: yes it is too late
docs come out and in front of goon say sorry he is no more
apeksha cries moves away spotting vikram goons go inside to check
apeksha tells all to vikram
priya faints

priya utho priya utho vikram calls out
priya : half dead bahut dar hugai vikram bahut dar ugai aj mei nay dusri dafa kho dia
vikram : chup chap sunu ram ku kcuh nhn hua hai he was kidnapped n apeksha nay jhoot bola k he is dead, now goons    satisfied ram has been shifted out
apeksha ging with goon tells vikram mei ati hu
priya dazed walks with ram cuts rajats 14th call
kis nay kia yeh sab? 
vik: sid
priya: sid? 
vik: haan and koi mila hua ha, priya koi apna

apeksha signing papers police comes sid escpares

priya hum haveli nhn jarehe
vik no
priya ram?
vik shh 
leads her to a guest house/rehab
takes her to room points at bed
priya stares ram ram 
runs in sees mask touches his forehead ,putslips on his hed n says meri jan mei aapke begair kuch nhn hu apni priya ku maaf karden kisses his eyes head cheeks hands rests head on his chest, his bp rises, beep beep
nurse nurse yeh kia hua>\? priya shouts?
nurse smiles miracle,unka dil normal rate pe agya,aap ka ana unkiye acha hua
priya looks ram has intertined his fingers with hers she kissed him and rests head on his chest iwth one hand in his hair
vik apeksha smilng from outsideBig smile

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Haaayeee Zehra------HeartStarStarStarStar-------Star
Annthew IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
Haaayeee Zehra! HeartStarStarStarStar
leo4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by PKBAAA

Haaayeee Zehra------Star-------Star

yeh likha tha raaat ku 1 baje!!LOLLOL

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