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Anniversary special Writting contest-Voting round

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Hello Everyone Smile

In the initial epi.of this show Sati was shown writting "Shiv" on Lotus flowers. So there can't be a better way to start the Anniversary celebrations with writting about Devon ke Dev Mahadev, a show most of us loved since the very 1st epi. Our members have put their views in words in a topic, "DKDM for me is..." This is not just a writting contest but also a mean to know what is an overall view of other members.
1) You can not vote for your entry.
2) Max 5 votes are allowed per member.
Voting is open upto 14th Dec 2012. Read all the entries properly & decide on your vote.
ps. send the names for most wanted list too.

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DKDM for me is a serial that leaves me w/ mixed emotions, totally confused of whether to love it or hate it.  Some things they showed so beautifully, such as the end of Sati or the marriage of Parvati, that it's probably already written itself into the history of mythological TV.  OTOH, some of the biggest events not only in Mahadev's life but also in Hindu mythology ' such as Virbhadra's combat w/ Vishnu, the incineration of Kamadev, the battles of Ma Durga & Mahakali as well as that of Kartikeya, left too much to be desired. 

The serial does some great casting of just about everybody, w/ some rare exceptions.  The sets are great as well, as is the direction.  However, the CVs lack any time sense, as well as mytho sense ' showing stories like the samudra manthan over actual stories of Mahadev, the Devis and Kartikeya as appearing in the Shiva Puranas, the Skanda Puranas and others.  In cases where unknown stories were imported, such as that of Meenakshi, they should have stayed true to their local scripts.  A lot of work needed to be put into the plot of the overall storyline, which was just not there.

On the forum side of things, this has been the most active mythological forum since the Ananda Sagar Ramayan some 5 years ago.  Initially, it was too focused on Sati's love life, but once she died, where other serials would have (and actually have) floundered, the actual mythological story seemed to take over, causing some sort of a shift in the readership.  However, the howlers in the story itself have not gone well w/ those who follow it for that reason, which as a result of Sati's demise, have been the overwhelming majority.

Hopefully, as the serial continues, it will be more about Mahadev and his achievements, and less about Vishnu's.  I'm just not getting the point of narrating Dasha Avatar stories here, instead of stories such as Shiva and Andhakarasura.  Speaking of which, it's nice that the asuras are not vilified to the extent that they normally are, but at the same time, the whitewash of Vishnu's role was seriously uncalled for in a serial not dedicated to him.  One way some of the errors of the past could be fixed could be to show those events being narrated, and the scenes redone as per the originals.  Hopefully, that's not hoping for the moon LOLGlitter Image                                                                              

DKDM for me is not just a serial, but a story tat reflects d human traits and problems associated with BEING A gives me an understanding of mistakes tat can be committed and how it has adverse effects on gives me an idea of hw to slove difficulties n relaxes my mind...though a serial, but its story, the mythologies involved and the acting, directing n everythin tat goes into making d serial makes it so realistic n true tat u remain glued to d tv...for me DKDM is an integral part of my life whcih i will cherish throughuot. no mater if  d serail is running or the end, i would just like to wish DKDM...Happy 1st Anniversary!!!!!
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|| Namonamah Shankara Parvati vyaam ||


What it is for me..??
What Should I say ??

This show has been started on the month of december last year..
At That Time when i was seeing the promos ?? :O I was like.. i wont be watching this as i wont get time.. to watch this and all ... Later on... I had to find time to watch it. I had to finish up all my work befor 8pm every night ;) ;) I became mad for this show from the Sati Phase it self...

This show is so special for me... because When each episode came from the very begining.. And i watched it .. Then Shiva Use To spoke some thing.. and in each episode I found it very similar to my life...( I guess Every one must be feeling this ) Because these are the simple Gyans Of life Which helps us... Every day in each episode I Found.. are now I got The solution.. I have got so many soloutions from Mahadev's Dialouges Or I would say those are the real things which are there in Puranas ...

When Sati Phase Has gone.. And Parvati Phase Came.. I learned.. There Should Be patience for every thing to Earn.. and strong determination. Whatever Is your aim to get.. just go through the Road.. And I Learned Alot Of Things From Parvati Maa's Calmness and composed behaviour...

Just like That From Nandi Jee.. As I know.. He is the first hand of Mahadev.. no one is more imp than him for mahadev... He is like his Very own.. and As he behaves so Calm.. But he knows everything... He himself knows the Truths of Shiv... because ..Nandi jee was truly Dedicated to Mahadev.. and (Parvati Maa As well) Nandi Jee Has no expectations From Mahadev.. he only knew To Give and give and give.. .Thats What Real Dedication ( Bhakti ) Is :)

Just Have so many things to say.. but.. it would take too long to read.. and you people will get irittated hahaha.. :D :D

DKDM for me is my way to live my Life.. I Doubt.. if i can live without this show... :) :)

|| Namonamah Shankara Parvati vyaam ||
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DKDM for me is not just a mythological show.Those like me who watch the show regularly since the beginning will agree with me that DKDM is not a mythological show.It never looked like a mythological show.Other mythological shows and movies just presented before us the stories of Gods and Goddesses.But DKDM gave us knowledge about God,about our ownselves and the relationship between the aatma and the parmatma.
Initially,i felt DKDM will only show us the stories of Lord Shiva.But after watching the conversation between Mahadev and Daksh,i realised i am going to learn a lot from the show.
This show first started off as a regular love story between Shiv and Sati with few episodes of spiritual knowledge.People loved the story of Shiv and Sati.It was not just a love story,it was a struggle to attain God.Sati was like the aatma imprisoned in the body full of attachments in the form of her family.Whenever she would take a step towards her goal to attain Parmatma,the attachments would always stop her from taking the step.It happens with all of us.When we try to get closer to God,the attachments always stop us.Sati's story inspires us to fight and win the battle against all these attachments and move towards the Lord.But Sati couldn't pass the test fully.She took birth again as Parvati and finally succeeded in attaining the God.We can learn a lot from both Sati as well as Parvati.
If Sati had determination,Parvati had patience.
If Sati had love for Shiva,Parvati had devotion for Shiva.  
DKDM has gave us lot of knowledge on the Panchakosha gyan,Tantra Vidya,etc.This is the first show which told us that through Tantra Vidya,one can attain God.It also made us realise how people misuse this vidya to harm others.
It showed the path to God through devotion and love.It showed us,if u call God with true shraddha and bhakti,God will definitely listen to u.
So for me,DKDM is a medium through which i get spiritual knowledge
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DKDM for me is...

It is a way of life for me now. Ever since I started watching this show I have gotten closer to Mahadev who inspires me a lot and I realize that he has become a part of my life. The show has gotten me closer to the idols whom I probably just worshiped maybe because we where taught to do so. But I value and understand more now the spiritual aspect. This show has gotten me closer to understand the meaning of Shiva. It has imparted a lot of knowledge to me and how much of a better person I can be.
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Inspiration and Motivation for Life

First Encounter: One year earlier when I first watched DKDM-Devon Ke  Dev  Mahadev my first reaction was _"No, not another mythological show again." But my perception was changed by this show when I saw the beautiful dance sequence, where Sati called upon Shiv through her dance and then they both started dancing. It was a totally mind blowing and electrifying. It gave me the feel of love and dedication between two individuals. And from then I became a craziest fan of this show and Shiv and Sati.(Mohit and Mouni  also). 

How I fall in love with this show: After that day I was in a trance and every time thought about this show and finally I started searching about this show .  And I found the previous episodes in You Tube and just went through them in betted breathe. After watching those episodes I found myself totally in love with DKDM and specially with Shiv-Sati. And After Sati's exit , this love doesn't end but it continues with Shiv and our sweet and cute Parvati.

Something Good and Bad about this show: This is said that even Moon has also the dark patches on its body. And this is 100% true with our DKDM. One side it has great star cast, great graphics, special effects  and creative team. They introduced earlier some beautiful, majestic and larger than life sets, perfect and integrated costumes, jwelleries  and make up. Their research team some time did great job and came up with good content of stories and dialouges and sometime they just messed a story. As example the Mahishasur Mardini track was a total mess. And also they messed up Minaxi story because as per puranas Minaxi was a incarnation of Parvati .But in DKDM they showed a different woman with the same name, parents and identity. They also very badly edited MahaKali and Durga ma 's Maha episodes. They gave only 5mins for Ma Ambika and Ma Durga and just 7-10mins to Ma MahaKali . Where they conveyed a message almost in every   episodes, they   tampered the main scriptures and tales often.I know this is a entertainment show but at the same time it is a mythological show. Whatever they will show people of our country will follow them madly and specially blindly. Not so many people have the knowledge on Puranas, Vedas and other literatures. So sometime those people can't differentiate what is authentic and correct and what is creative liberty, is made just for entertainment. For example the current track, they play is Devasena-Kartikeya. They show  Devasena here as an apsara who tries to divert Kartikeya from his duty. Where as per the Skanda Purana she was daughter Vishnu and adopted daughter of Devraj Indra and married to Kartkeya. And the most disappointed thing is till now they show Ma Parvati as mere human who only cares for her husband and children, always receives lectures from his husband about her duties and responsibilities towards this earth and always cries for her loneliness and cooks kheer(this is really digusting. She is Annapurana after all. How can she always cook kheer?? Besides kheer there are many more things which are offered to our God during their worship.)She needs to be strong and dignified. She is Jagat Mata and every living being is her child. And she takes care of us as her children .And for a mother look after her children is not  only a responsibility and duty  of her but this is also her natural instinct. But  here her character is shown always in poor and weak  light.

Apart from their blunder and mistakes DKDM CVs always try to show something different.They introduced Sati's part in a great and grand way. Their star casting was fantastic. And they introduced some less known character also in this show. For example Ashok Sundari. And they always conveyed a very   important  messages through this show. And above of all this this show give me my God's face. And one more thing is the entire cast and crew's hard work is shown always. Especially the actors always do commandable job. And Mohit Raina as Mahadev is the best .He portrays each and every aspect of Mahadev so beautifully and perfectly that now whenever I close my eyes and worship and meditate Shiv I can only visualize him as Shiv . It seems that he is the supreme God from the very beginning and will be the supreme God forever.

What impact it leaves on my mind and life: This show means  a lot for me.   As Shiv and Sati Mohit and Mouni left a unremovable impact on my heart. They as Shiv-Sati will be in my heart until my death. And also as Shiv whatever he said , he told us to do,  I always try to act like so. I was in my most bad phase in my life when I had lost my both parents. I became very lonely and was completely broken down. But through this show my Gods really come to me as my parents(As I told earlier that in this show Lord Shiv is shown like a human.He too has human's feelings and emotions.The difference is he doesn't show anything in front of anyone.But he too feels for us.And takes care of us like a loving, caring but strict father. And so is Ma Adi-Shakti. Sometimes she becomes more caring and loving than Shiv.And this is in her nature.After all she is the Mother Goddess and she represents the whole mother world.) They helped and help me always, everytime whenever I need them. I remember  in previous episodes Mahadev told "Shiv pe sabka saman adhikar hai" and it always proves right to me. And later he confirmed this in Minaxi track that"mujhe kissi v roop mein prapt karne ka adhikar mere pratyek bhakt ko hai". Apart from this the way Mohit portrays Shiv's character I can feel every emotion of Mahadev. So did Mouni as Sati and now Sona does as Parvati. And I like that message "Supreme power brings supreme responsibility". If our leaders follow the above advice we all may live in a peaceful, corruption free and terror free country.

Some unforgotable  moments of this show: There are so many unforgettable moments in this show.But I likes these following moments the most:

1.The first encounter of Shiv and Sati. Shiv appeared before Sati when she summoned his name with the Belpatra in her hand. The scene was totally mind-blowing.

2.Shiv sang a raag to revive the 64 Raag-Raaginis(because Narad muni intentionally sang so besura that they all were fainted and about to die). And listening that divine music Sati started follow the tune and reached to her Lord Shiv and started dancing in front of him(later Shiv told"Jo Veena ki dhun meri Sati ko mere samne nachne ke liye vibash na kar de,waisi Veena ki mujhe koi avashyakta nahi"after his Sati's death). But when Shiv opened his eyes he saw Sati and he disappeared from there without say anything to her.

3.Sati sang the same raag which was sung by Shiv, remembering him.

4.Sati danced breathelessly to invite Shiv  to join with her.And finally he came . Then they danced together mesmerizingly and beautifully. I was spell bounded by them during the whole sequence.

5.Sati's Swayamvar, where she said "Maine jisse sachcha prem kiya yeh varmala ussi ko susajjit kare" and after it reached to her beloved she pleaded her lord"Ab to hiss patthar se bahar aa jaiye mere Shiv". And Shiv appered in front of everyone.

6.Shiv Sati' romantic scenes after their marriage at riverside and in Kailash.

7.Shiv founded Natyashastra to cajole his newly married wife. The scene was so hilarious because Nandi acted as an Apsara and Shiv as a Rishi.

8.Sati took Adi-Shakti avatar and told vidyanmali if he didn't free Shiv from his bondage she would destroy everything.

9.Most heart wrenching and touchy scene Sati's self immolation and Shiv's anger, pain of separation, pain,  sadness, loneliness and his search for his deceased wife. And later he established 52 Shaktipiths and himself stayed their as Bhairav to protect those shrines and prilgimages.

10.Parvati's (toddler) announcement"yeh Mahadev hain, Jagat ke palanhaar.Inhi se hoga mera Vivah".

11.Parvati(youth) persuasion for Mahadev and her realization about the Chakras when she entered the Amarnath cave.

12. Mahadev came as Bramin to do Shiv Ninda, After Parvati's penance and before their Marriage. The way Parvati realized who came to do Shiv-Ninda and asked  the Brahmain for lunch was too good.And then serving him kheer she started scolded him. And Mahadev's reaction was a reat of eyes.

13.The whole Mahadev-Parvati marriage and after marriage their staying at Daruk Van. Here we got to see Mahadev's Chhabile Avatar. That was too lovely.

14.Parvati as Matsya and her practice for Ekagrata.

15.Parvati's Ambika, Durga and Maha Kali roop. Though the editing was ridiculous and they upset me by not showing Ma Durga and Ma Kali more.

16.Birth of Kartikeye or Skanda.(Only the birth because after his birth Paravati again took Durga roop) 

17.Kartikeya's fight.

18.As Ma Durga , she fought with Mahishasur a duel with swords.(Rest of things were disgusting except Ma Durga)

19.Nava Durga's description and Mahadev,Parvati and Kartikeya's interaction  as a family.

20.Ashok Sundari(little)

21.Mahadev drank the halahal so that others may get the Amrit. And when he drank the poison Ma Parvati came and placed her hand on Mahadev's throat and assured him that she always would always stay in his throat to prevent the  spreading  of the poison. Because Lord Vishnu resided in his heart. When Shiv replied her that she too resided in his heart, she told with teary eyes that the entire universe resided in his big heart. The scene was the best.

22.Right now I am excited for Ganesh's track. The boy who is chosen for the role is so cute.

Last but not Least: Now Last but not least thing is due to this show DKDM I am learning more about our literature i.g. Puranas, tales etc. Before this show I knew about our literature but after this show I can say I am enlightened by our Literature. Because whatever the CVs show in this show is correct or not ??this question always drives me to research and study about facts.And By that way I came to know more and more. And the last thing is- only for this show"Devon Ke Dev Mahadev" I have joined the India-forum . After spending 2 mnths here I make some good friends here. Who always welcome me and clear my doubts and confussion . I will be  grateful towards them forever and from this article I also thank them  for their help.

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DKDM for me is

Pure love and an addiction which keeps getting stronger. The show and characters have become a part of my life. I live and breathe the show. Have found love for the ultimate God Mahadev whom I used to worship earlier but now with lots of vigor. It has made me an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Love this show from the bottom of my heart. Even if a day goes without watching this show I feel am missing something very badly. This show is my life now
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DKDM for me is

Like oxygen for me. I need it to live. It is a part of my life. A huge fan of this show forever. It has got me closer to Mahadev. Am his very ardent devotee now thanks to this show. I cannot go a day without seeing this show. It is like family whom u cannot bear to stay away from long. I hope this show goes on for a long time and keeps on attaining more heights of popularity.
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DKDM for me is most beautiful part of my life. Love this show so much so that cannot do without it. It has impacted a lot of lives. Very few shows impact u so much that it inspires u so much. That is exactly what this show has done. Perfect portrayal of characters that u have gotten so attached to them following them into real life. The real Mahadev would thank this show for getting so many more followers for him after this show. I wish this show a very long innings and want it to NEVER EVER end.

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DKDM for me is falling in love each day. It has gotten me closer to God. I mean we just worship God but the true meaning to so many aspects of life are lost on us. This show preaches so many good things which should be a good lesson to lead life. I love this show now from all my heart. I never watched it from the beginning but the past few months have been a huge as I have gotten so emotionally attached to this show and characters. Something which has never happened to me before. I wish this show all the best and may it win all the awards and recognition. Love you DKDM.Clap

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DKDM is my Favourite serial it's really something Special that I've started to like it from the start, With It's amazing promo. It has a fresh concept with mindblowing graphics.
Talking about casting, it's Just awsome from Mahadev to Sati to Parvati phase theres no way, That I could point at it about casting errors! Because, it's more than "Perfect" ,simply "Fabulous".
I am not a very good fond of Serials since, I am more into sports rather than serials.
But, This show has Won my heart, Clearly it was a Best choice for me.
Seriously, I've to admit it's really good that It can amaze anyone by ease.

For this, I can just proudly tell everyone,
"Yes, I am A Fan of DKDM and It always will be a Favourite and Special one for me"

( "Best of Luck to whole DKDM Team" )
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1.      1. When I watched the first episode it was for my complete love and devotion for Lord Shiv

2.       2.After the first episode it was for MOHIT RAINA .

3.      3. Then the intensity of the story and the characters kept me glued to the serial.

4.       4. Mohit , Mouni and all other characters brought the story of Sati and Shiv alive

5.      5. The last  dialogue between Sati and Daksh was electrifying.

6.      6. Mahadev's sadness was mine too.

7.       7.The excitement of the entry of Parvati

8.      8. Sonarika's innocence

9.      9. Her growth along with Parvati in the serial.

10.   10.Parvati's tapasya to win Mahadev.

11.   11.The devotion of Parvati and Mahadev's slow melting of heart.

12.   12. The completion of the tapas and the dialogue between Mahadev and Parvati.

13.   13. Sonarika's as Matsya

14.   14. Mohit and Sonarika as ARDANARISHWAR was one of the finest episodes aired.

15.   15. Sonarika as Kali

16.   16. Sonarika as the pati vrata

17.   17. Shiv and Parvati the eternal lovers.

18.   18. The Lasya Dance though not edited properly was lovely.

19.   19. DKDM version of the birth of Skanda

20.   20. Parvati as the suffering mother

21.   21.Rushiraj as karthikeya

22.   22. Sonarika taking Durga Roop

23.   23. Ashok Sundari was a nice surprise package

24.   24. Shiv being given away as Daan

25.   25. What / Who / Why MAHADEV IS MAHADEV

26. Mohit ' The heart and soul of DKDM. Each and every avathar of his  been mind blowing.

He brings all emotions to the screen ' Calm, Angry, Sadness, Cheeky, Mischievous , Innocence , Playfulness , 

27. Sourabh  makes us love Vishnu all the more. He is so perfect.

28. Other character like Narad , Surya , Agni  are all perfect in their roles.

29. RAJ PREMI was simply fantastic. He was perfect as Tarkasur,

30. Kumar Hegde as Nandi makes understand the true meaning of devotion.

31. INDRA DEV makes us hate him.


Some points that makes is not so favorable

1. Tarnishing of Adi Shakthi

2. Showing many gods in poor light .

3. Bringing confusion to viewers by introducing Meenakshi as a Mortal and Devasena as an apsara.

4. Durga story twisted

5. Kali not drinking blood .

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DKDM for me is the elixir of life,it came at a time when I had lost faith in divine providence completely  ,sitting jobless at home after unsuccessful placement attempts by my college ,I saw many mediocre people fortunately placed in better colleges working while I had nothing,All I used to do is chastise GOD and ask him to return me the unfettered faith that I showered on him ever since I sensed his presence.I used to wonder how people who were blasphemous,had no moral values whatsoever were happy and content in their lives and I on the other end of the spectrum felt betrayed by the almighty .It was around this time I started watching the show.As much as I tried to be unaffected by the show but like they say "old habits die hard",I was always drawn towards god and hence mythological shows since my childhood and fell prey to the magnificent scale of the show .

                       Mahadev acted as a healing balm and helped me maintain my cool,I took to meditation(like mohit) and tried to reflect upon the five chakras present in the human body and also the cause for our sufferings,The wonderful visual effects added to the overall credibility of the show and made it more relatable and believable and not to forget the perfect acting by the entire cast and crew having sonarika and mohit at its helm .The awesome background music also used to play in my real life,actually when I finally got a job karpur gauram was playing in the background and I imagined Monarika smiling at my achievement from Kailash,Overall I dont think a show as grand and perfect like this was/is/will be made on television which is sadly saddled with cheesy dramas.Thank you DKDM for restoring my faith in GOD,Thank you DKDM for making me watch Television,Thank you DKDM for instilling resilience and equanimity in me.
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DKDM is for me the most unexpected gft that i received on 18 dec 2011 and it keeps giving and expects nothing in return. it also reintroduced me to two extremely talented good looking and beautiful Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy who drew me into the magical world of shiv and sati and i welcomed them with open arms. I laughed cried and danced with them. i can't remember what made me watch the repeats over and over again on tv and youtube. What was different about it than all the other serials that are shown on tv. Afterall it was only a mytho and there are other mytho serials shown as well. well the other ones did not have the two most important people that i have mentioned. i don't think that any other person has ever come close to touching my heart and soul as Mohit and Mouni did. And can proudly say that i love being a fan of DKDM because of Mohit and Mouni. And now my love and respect for them has increased tenfold. There is no one like them. When i think of Mahadev Mohit comes into my mind and Sati for me Mouni. They have created a beatiful picture of them that never fades with time. It just keeps glowing forever.
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DKDM gor me is...I don't know...first as u all know m a PKYEK fan...n when I came to know that SO was going to close all the SO shows n revamp the channel into LO..I got so angry..I hate the new revamp channel...even I made a hate page in FB n post so many request for PKYEK in LO's FB page that they block me from that page..LOL...still m blocked..Tongue...then I went for holiday..n when DKDM start at 18th I was on my vacation...there we have no can't watch n then we move to another place n got the electricity back n watched tv but not DKDM..bcz we have only 1 tv in the hotel...then I came back home n watched the show for the first time...n love at first sight...Embarrassed..u know I feel like a goos bump...when I first hard Karpura Gauram..then I watched it in YT from the first...n it is so awsome...n then I start to watch it everyday...even u know I was so much addicted to the show that I bunk my collage for DKDM so many DKDM is my love..I learned so many things from DKDM..even I laughed so much bcz of the bloopers...n also when I watch the hybrid asura's..ROFL...n we make so much of fun in this forum...DKDM is my love,life,knowladge,comic book n so more then everything...Embarrassed...can't live without it...I feel like it's just yesterday when the show started n don't know when the 1 year passed...n now we r celebrating the1 year anniversary of DKDM...the good time always passed so soon...Cry..well m a bad I end this by saying this that DKDM will always live in my heart n noone can take it's place ever...Embarrassed
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DKDM for me is a new experience with TV soaps i never watched any Mythological series this is my first experience and i have to say this is the BEST i would like to thank Mohit Raina Approve for taking up this role if he's not part of DKDM i 'll be missing such a wonderful show.Initially when it was announced that Mohit going to play Shiv in the show titled Sati(First it was named as 'Sati')i was not very happy about itWink but my very close friend told me that its very high budgeted show and our Mohit involving in it means it'll surely won't let us down...yes it din't...magic of DKDM started with its very first sneak peek itself and the promos assured me that it's going to be really BIG...there comes Musical Montage of DKDM it clean bowled me "Karpura Gauram.."is more than enough to tell what DKDM is Myhtological in its grandeur manner that we fans(like meEmbarrassed) never know guys  first episode of DKDM uploaded in Youtube even before it air on TVShocked(i don't know how many of you aware of this at that time)so i watched the episode even before everybody do after watching the first episode i was in trance really i couldn't believe that any mythological show can be this much grand and Mohit in Mahadev avatar blew away my fear and i was sooo...happy for him that he took a wise decision of playing Shiv in DKDM.There started my  journey with DKDM by each and every passing episodes of DKDM i was more and more attracted towards itHeartHeartHeartHeart.i never imagined that Lord Shiva have such a divine and passionate lover side Day Dreamingbut DKDM team know how to attract all age group of people starting from grandchilds to grandparents they fulfilled everyone's desire with perfect amount of entertainment mixed with Mythology(i know sometimes or manytimes we felt fiction is overdosedLOL).I watch DKDM as two phases ShivSati and ShivParvati...while first phase was mostly of the passionate Love life of Shiv second phase is mix of Myhtology with required amount of Love in it(They could have added more Romance Day Dreamingoh don't blame me they only practised me into Romance in Mytho so you cant blame me Tongue )when the first phase got over i thought that hereafter it won't attract me anymore as the Love life ends here itselfOuch but a BIG no awaited for me...yes all once again DKDM team proved me ShivSati track the journey of DKDM is changed with arrival of Parvati and i felt that there are somethings(don't know what to name it)other than Passionate Romance can also keep you amassed...that's what happened with second phase of DKDM...ShivSati or ShivParvati i like DKDM as a whole..i like the BGM's the most..i like the grand sets and costumes..i like the effort put in promotion works so that it is popular not only in India but all over the world and became a global show and regardless of religion its been watched by everybody for the mythological information it spread and the way it is presented..ClapClapClapi can proudly say that "Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is The best Mythological show"everApprove.on this occasion of first anniversary of our DKDM PartyDancingPartyi would like to Thank each and everyone from DKDM team from actors to technicians...special thanks to Nikhil Sinha and his team (TFC)and LifeOK they really made our #LifeOK with #DKDMHug.DKDM broke many records and created many new ones i wish DKDM and people behind DKDM to reach more heights...Happy Shappy first Anniversary Devon Ke Dev Mahadev keep rocking as alwayzzz...PartyPartyPartyGlitter Image
An Incredible Memory to Long last

Well the i am not able to express my words ,when it comes to "Lord Shiva", The God who is having three eyes ,guarding three worlds .Last year i never knew i am going to fall for an Mythological Soap ,that to an regular addict for several months .Even My family members and friends used to say out of all the soap operas ,the one u got is Mahadev ,that to as a romantic hero (based on sati's phaseConfusedStern Smile LOL). They are really enthralled when mahadev is focused for domestic chores .I used to say ,this is kaliyug ,even Mahadev need to learn cinematic ways to woo his devotees ..what to do ,its not so easy to distract and attract younger generation LOL so that he can teach some wisdom to them in his way later .

Sati - Not only she attracted Mahadev ...she is the prime attraction, that i used to follow this show ...i knew nothing about her apart from few words mentioned here and there in scriptures .DkDm engaged a great space for her strong headed yet delicate tale along with her way of life at that time...The concept of  how a hermit transformed into  to dutiful  husband is  not spelled any where ,till they are shown is Dkdm .
Lord shiv-Apart from a God and divine person ,he is captured with lots of other unknown shades in DkDm. His character is modeled from day one ,though he is Jagat pita ,when his first Son arrives ,emotion which is delivered by lord Shiv in Dkdm surpasses every thing shown till now .Not only they have shown the known aspects of his life ,but also they used to cover the regional folks ,which having more fantasies to hear .  
Dkdm ment more for me ,due to which i just  landed in our forum and i used to learn my things about my favourite deities and their moral roles in making of this world ,which we used to dwell .
This Show is  breaking all the regional and traditional  nutshells created by people about their favourite deities ,and dared to show some thing informative  in a new way .
My only request about that creative team is ,they need to focus on existing stories ,since they have all the spices ,that they need , than creating and colliding with 
other parallel theories.
I enjoyed and learned some thing new ,watching this show ...definitely this is one of my life time experience ,which i used to cherish ,that leads to meet, lots of knowledgeable people in forum too. An Incredible Memory to Long last ..that what i can say about DkDmBig smile
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DKDM for me hmm' words cannot justify the feeling. The first promo filled in me both curiosity and a sense of fear on who will play Shiva, I literally prayed that the actor must be someone who can portray the role at least decently.. and we all know what we actually were gifted with!

For me Lord Shiva has been very close to my heart.. though I have been an ardent devote of him just for around 12 years.. but the journey has been really life altering infact evolutionary!

I grew under his shadow, Immense Love and Kindness. That age of innocence .. really didn't know the bond would turn so overwhelming.

Coming back to the show' I guess the show has reignited the spirit of spirituality and most of all the enormity of our history. I liked the content that they showed us till Sati's age(no offenses I liked the content they showed in those days and the spl effects these days.).. The dialogues, the sensibility in each scene and concept was impressive

They brought us the essence of devotion and the knowledge it imparts is so profound.. I did learn a lot  from it and shall prescribe the show to others too.My favourite scenes are the first encounter of Shiva with Daksha at The Murti sthapna'

                                        Shiv- Nandi bond scene

Ofcourse Parvati ma's penance scenes.. those are outstanding!

Then a few Kartikeya's scenes.

The above wouldn't have been possible hadn't it  for the outstanding talent that the makers have discovered or polished! And am very grateful to them for bring us Deva di Deva a step nearer to us all.Glitter Image

Devon ke dev mahadev for me is that door that leads to the path of knowledge! Because of this show i came to know so many things that i was not aware of! It made me aware of the tatvams of life!! It is a beautiful journey of the divine! How even he has seen and faced the problems of the humans!! This serial has become an important part of my life because so many things which i learnt from this serial i have adopted them in my life! The creativity and the concept are so well displayed and reach the heart of the audience ! It has totally changed my views on some important things!! It has played a really important role in my life so far!! Well there is one thing i would tell this serial is not just because of the concept but also the cast! Every person fits so well that u begin to imagine it is the divine themselves!! But for me its not just mohit, mouni or sona its abt everyone! Though it has played an important role in my life it cannot become my life!! Insense even if they end the serial anytime later i will not be affected by it unless a bad reason for the end! Because that is what i have learnt from this!! Learn to accept the truth and move with it!! Never tell lies or do wrong because sooner or later for sure u have to suffer the consequences given by the divine!! Well that's it!! 
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DKDM for me is happiness. No other show has touched me or made me so crazy than this one. I cannot even go a day without this show. I wonder how I will live when this shows goes off air at some point in the future. That thought is the most unpleasant one. I have fallen in love with Mahadev and Parvati. I make it a point to go to the temple on a Monday which was never before.It has made me understand so many important things in life. It is a lesson for people of all ages. A must watch for all age groups. Thank you DKDM for getting me closer to God and making me believe and love the almighty so much.
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DKDM for me is a journey which started few months ago and ever since that first encounter I have been deeply hooked to the show and characters.
I am in love with this show so much so I wish we could have it every single day of the week so that we never have to miss it.
Shivji is my idol now. Everything that he preaches in the show has impacted me. It is a lesson for mankind and i recommend everyone must watch this show as it gives you very valuable lessons for life.
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DKDM for me is out of this world. I have learnt so much from the show about mahadev that I did not know before. The show has taught me how to forgive and how faith and belief can affect mahadev. Every episode of mahadev shows me something new about life that I will always cherish.
The acting by Mohit, Mouni and Sona is amazing. My sincere wishes to them and the production team. 
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dkdm for me is
true n pure  love  of lord shiv n shakti as sati which teaches us that love is supreme feeling and it can't be bounded in ties of cast and community.
dkdm is like art of living for married couples , which  shows us  equality trust understanding are main foundation of  any relationship via  shiv and parvati's  relationship.
it shows us amazing bond of friendship between two powers like shiv and vishnu , which has no place for ego and selfishness.
so for me dkdm is  about rediscovering  the meaning of every kind of relationship .
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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev for me is like taking a trip to Kailash itself. Mahadev is peace, Mahadev is serene, Mahadev is Bliss, Mahadev is Eternity... It is not possible to put it in words, all words fall short... The more one tries to find the right word the more tougher it gets and the word found feels like it is still not good enough so it's best to keep it in heart and understand the essence of it and experience the beauty of peace in life.

One can go on and on about Mahadev and the love towards him, but at the end of it if one feels everything falls short and he cannot be praised in words that's when the real love wakes up in the heart, love of the true feeling towards the supreme lord, Mahadev, it is the love of simplicity. This love of smplicity towards Mahadev is always like taking a trip to Kailash itself... Mahadev is indeed Peace, he is Serene, he is Bliss and he is Eternity... He is the love of simplicity.
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DKDM to me is...a part of my life
I always belive that Mangeshi(thats what we call Mahadev Ji,in my place ) always gave me a helping hand to hold onto myself in times of need.I have a pretty one on one relation between me,Him(Mahadev) and Ganapati Bappa.They are like my best freinds my closest confidants.Its something special.
I was incedentally born on a Monday/Somvar,so my mom firmly belives that i am a blessing from ShivJi.Maybe i amWink
Last year around the time DKDM came about i was going through a bad time.My Father was unwell with a heart ailment and on a daily basis i lived in the fear that maybe one day he wouldnt be there.I had to manage a running house all on my own plus answer some very important exams-it was nightmarish.
And then Mahadev came along(i was a Star One viewer-so when i first heard of LO i was least intrested),and strangely decided to watch it the instant i saw the first promo.The "Magnet Effect" Maybe it was that.But i was pulled towards watching the show.And till date not once have i regreted it.
Yes i have complained once or twice(maybe...more than thatWink) but DKDM changed by life in such a way,that no other TV show has.It made me far more spiritual,God Loving over God fearing,and not to forget bring about a sense of pride in myself to know i am from such an amazing culture.
I am grateful that DKDM happened to me-for reasons more than just one.Today as compared to last year i am more knowlegeable,a better person and helped me discover a "Shiv" in me.
Thank You

PS-another reason DKDM became special is the fact that i have met so many "Mahagyaanis" not to forget people with an amazing sense of humour(read the C.N.A.T),know a brilliant actor named Mohit Raina and the adorable Sonarika,not to forget make me admire Mouni Roy in a new light.                                                                       
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DKDM for me is like music for my soul. It was 18th January 2011, there were lot of promos going on for promoting the channel Life OK. I would be specially attracted by the promos of Mahadev, which was also shown on kids channel, which i used to watch along with my 7 year old son.
It was D day for the launch of the show DKDM. It was 8 o clock in the evening I was very excited for the show to start. It started with a bang, the title music captured my heart, I started getting goose bumps hearing the music. The first shot was that of Mouni, I could not believe my eyes, is that the same girl from a very famous show, and seeing her innocent smile i instantly fell in luv with our dearest Sati. All the charecters were perfectly choosen, be it Daksh, Prasuti, Rishi Kashyap etc. The came the entry of our Hero our lord Shiva. I did not knew his name to be Mohit Raina then and had never watched any of his previous show, but some how i felt I have never seen such a handsome Lord Shiva. and fom then on I never missed any episode. I fell in love with our Shiv Sati and would watch each and every episode with child like excitement. DKDM is one of the rare show i watched regularly, and it made me go through google and find more about the show and I came across this Forum. and it made me join this beautiful Forum. and now DKDM and Shiv Sati are part of my life. Luv DKDM.
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DKDM for me is One among two of my fav mytho shows(DKDM & Om Namah Shivay)...And also one among the BEST MYTHO shows tellywood ever had..ClapClap...This is the BEST MYTHO SHOW among all hind GECs in todays time..This has truly managed to create magic like d DD1 shows lik-Om Namah Shivay,Ramayan, Mahabharata-used to do in early 90s...ClapClapClap...And the BEST PART is this show hv come as a BREATHE OF FRESH AIR in the current generation of monotonous shows... With its perfect cast,fantabulous visual effects and ofcourse amazing story,it has created a spl place in the hearts of viewers & tht too establishing a new trend in tellywood..ClapClap...

Now coming to my relation with DKDM...Firstly i am nt tht much into religion n i ALWZ had LIKED Lord Shiv...B4 DKDM happnd for me the BEST Lord SHIV BASED MYTHO SHOW ws the one i used to c in my childhood-"Om Namah Shivay" of DD1...Aftr ONS,i cudn connect to ny of the mytho shows esp the way they portrayed Lord Shiv in their shows...Then years later DKDM came...I started seein this show frm mid Jan 2012...One fine day while i ws changin channels,i saw DKDM bein showing its repeats rite frm 1st epi...n i saw the part where Sati is lost in Jungle n Shiv ji starts singing the song...As i din had nythin to watch,i thot lets giv it a try...n by the time the repeats of DKDM ended...i ws OFFICIALLY HOOKED to the show...1stly coz i SIMPLY FELL IN LOVE with Mohit as Shiv when tht song seq started...2ndly i LOVED the FACT tht this show is on my FAV GOD & they r TRULY DOING JUSTICE to it with Mohit n other cast & crew and the presentation...3rdly Mohit-Mouni chemistry...StarStarStar...

The more i started to c the show regularly the more my long lost spiritual side in me ws comin back very slowly...And more than nythin else i give  MAIN CREDIT to Mohit coz hes the SOUL of the show...I hv seen shows earlier with big star cast n big PH n all,yet they FAILED to create tht DIVINE MAGIC..And here evn though if evrything ws perfect had the hero had nt been this perfect,then DKDM wudn hv seen the limelight of success vich it is seein DKDM CVs ka BEST DECISION HAS TO BE CHOOSIN & MOULDING MOHIT AS LORD SHIV...StarStarStarStarStarStar... While watching some scenes,involuntarily my hands joint as if am "i am prayin to Mohit"...i cant help it coz the way he oozes DIVINITY onscreen,he makes me do tht and also make me teary eyed at times...i can feel tht SPIRITUALITY FACTOR many times...And i will be FOREVER INDEBTED to DKDM for makin this CULT SHOW on my fav God-Lord Shiv & also for choosing Mohit Raina As Lord Shiv...HugHugHugHug...

Another UNIQUE QUALITY of DKDM vich i super love is tht they hv BEAUTIFULLY SHOWN the "loving caring side" of Mahadev as a true lover/soulmate/husband and also a FATHER...ClapClapClapClap... And this i solely give credit to DKDM as none among b4 hv shwn this much/din shw nythin lik this...StarStarStar...Now i realise y gals keep "solah somvaar vrat" coz truly Mahadev jaisa pati...atleast 1% of him if one can get,then her life can bcome BEAUTIFUL & MEANINGFUL...StarStarStar..

Other facts i love abt this show is the rest of the star cast...Be it for main characters or for cameos(short term/long term),each one of them hv managed to create an impact...Big smileBig smile... Also i hv loved hw they tried to show  "goodness" in Asurs and "badness" in Devtas...And tht itself explains evryone other than God,ALL r GREY SHADED characters-be it human beings or devtas or asurs..Big smileBig smile...A very REALISTIC APPROACH...ClapClapClap...

And lastly i love the divine BG musics they use..then the grand sets n amazing visual effects...I think among visual effect-Samudr Manthan part ws the MOST PERFECT one shown till date...

To conclude i love evrything abt DKDM and i am truly glad it happend in my life as it did create an impact in my personal life too.. Big smileBig smileBig smile...
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   DKDM for me is
Is a wonderful journey. Each moment of that journey has been a wonderful one. It has gotten me to fall in love with Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. I used to be in awe of Mahadev and always had some attraction to this most unique God of Gods but now am completely in love with him.
He is simple yet very complex with intellect and deep knowledge. Innocent yet smart in more ways than that you can think. It has been a great realization of this wonderful God and his family from our mythology.
Am an idiot went it comes to puranas but thankfully to this show I have come to understood so many things and ofcourse this forum has been more than informative. I wish this show goes on for a long time. It has become a part of our lives. Think about this show and characters every single day and has become a huge addiction which we do not ever want to kick off. Thanks to the makers for making us fall in love and presenting this show so beautifully on screen. Wish this show a very long innings.                                                                         
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DKDMD for me

I remember watching the promo of DKDMD on Life Ok.It said 'aa rahe hai Devo ke Dev Mahadev'...but unfortunately It wasnt enough to moviate me to start watching the show ( thanks to the mythogical seriels of the decade ,wont name those , but they were highly unimpressive).It was the 'Shiv-Shakti' marriage promos that grabbed my attention.Henceforth , i started following the show regularly.And the rest, as they say, is a history.
Now I make it a point to not miss even a single episode !! Infact i caught up with the first 100 episodes (thanks to life ok official youtube channel). This show has proved the fact that it takes ONLY good content , conviction in the prject to make it work.What is the channel,timeslot etc issues donot matter after a point.Also spl mention to Mohit Raina ! We hear about lord ram n we have image of arun govil i in mind...we hear of krishna ji n we hv image of nitish bharadwaj ji in our minds...and to all of us hunuman ji is the one and only late shri dara singh ji...and now we have our own lord shiva  as Mohit Raina TongueBig smileBig smileBig smile

DKDMD taught me :
1.Patience pays off.Always! Sometimes we just have to wait for the 'right time' . (the  sati-parvati-uma janams)
2.God promises to not give us more trouble than we can handle.Finding the inner Strength is our job.
(parvati's tapasya to win lord shiva)
3.Being soulmates is important,and not the physical relation
(shiv-parvati milan track)
4.The dark side of confidence is overconfidence.It can defeat you.
(Karthikay track)
5.Its all about the Karma.What goes around comes around.Even God cant do anything with that. (demons getting vardaan/shrap by God)
6.Importance of teamwork.If a team wins , credit is shared by all where as if it loses, generally the leader (only 1 person) is blamed.(amrit manthan)
7.The Good suffers.Its unfortunate but true.And with great power comes great responsibility 
(Shiv consumes vish/poison)
8.Eternal love is possible.Somewhere the memories of our past are there in our subconscious mind. (Uma and parvati recalling the memories of previous birth)9.Even the greatest evil acts can be forgiven (daksh forgiven by shiva)

Lastly, the show made me realise how lucky I'm to born in a nation where the lord himself used to reside.And it encourages me to become a better person
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DKDM to be me is magic. The feel, the music, the soulful stories really made me think twice for watching a mythological show. The story which focused on devastation and rejuvination during May-August moth really made me think to dream again, since broken dreams do take a flight again. DKDM taught me to dream again and I wish the team heart greetings for their milestone success of a year.

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Devon ke dev mahadev, for me it's beacon of light in a dark place. When the show started i thought that it was refreshing. Because of the tipical saas bahu soaps took over every chanel. Dkdm was like a oeasis in the middle of a deasert for me. I saw the first episode, and i was hooked on to it. Great music, great actors, good presentetion nothing could beat it. But there was a flaw, it was not acurate. In order to gloryfie mahadev it showed adishakti in a bad light. Inspite of that we still watched it. My favorite track from this part was jata's track. Shiva in jata's get up was great. Vishnu's stuti from shiva's lips was proof of that they weare one ultimate soul(paramatma) in deferent forms. Then it was veerbhadra's turn! Before that part the cv showed that sati burned herself in the form of adi shakti, being a devotee of mata it made me angry as mahadev himself! The fight between veerbhadra and dakshas sena was great! And dakshas beheading was most awaited scene of the show. I waited it for a long long time. And it was time for mata parvati's entry, it was not as great as should be, matas baal leelaas was greatly shown though, my favorite part was when some asurs went to kill parvati were washed away in a river. Literally dho daala. Sonarika's entry was great also. The marriage between shiva and parvati was the best part of the show. After that it was time of the worst part of the show, the mahakali blunder. Mata was shown crying for a majority of that episode. It was great to see sonarika as maa durga and maa kali but it was too short. And it was the time of of kartikeya's entry. The birth of kartikeya was shown greatly. But their was a suprise! After agni stole that ball of energy mata was transformed into her adishakti form and it was a shrap-a-thon. Then entry of the krittikas happend and then again the cvs show mata as crying bahu. But kartikeya was a saving grace. It kept me hooked. Then tarkasur vadh was shown. It was verry good but it was as usual, inacurate. Then the samudra manthan track was shown. It was great to see mata parvati and mahadev working as a team. And now ganesh's entry, it will be great to watch. I didn't mentioned indra beacause i think he is not worth mentioning. And that's a wrap. 
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DKDM for me is my life.
dkdm gave me the face of my lord shiv and aadishakti as sati/parvati.
dkdm changed the face of mytho shows.
dkdm gave me mohit-mouni-sonarika who were not well known but now i know no one will ever forget them in centuries.
dkdm is best and will remain forever.
with the arrival of bappa it will reach the highest heights in future., and hope it continues to entertain us for more many years.
love dkdm.Glitter Image
DKDM for me is...
not only an show but the way to meet lord shiv and aadishakti.
every day at 8.00 mahadev along with aadi shakti comes to meet their devotess in the form of humans.
they clarify our doubts,teach the importance of guru,nyay sutra,and various aspects of life through their own stories.
and now kartikey,ashok sundari and bappa too arrived with them to teach us that how we should take care of our parents,how to respect them.we should always love them and never make them cry.
our parents look ordinary but wen it comes on their children's safety they can be fierce and so protective at the same time.
dkdm is bringing us the most ideal couple.
who despite many seperations finally got united. after giving so many tests,after suffering so many pains of seperation didn't left each other but their love increased more with passing day.
its bringing the example of the most perfect family from whom we can learn how to be with our family,how to treat them.
and finally dkdm also gave me mohit-mouni and sonarika, whom i love to the core.
thats it i wish dkdm and its producers and directors all the best.
hope through dkdm our lord comes for more time to us.
dkdm runs for more many years.
and one more thing.
i like every thing about dkdm its presentation,graphics,bg music and not to forget the actors.
so i finish here.
love you all and god bless
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Finally this is up..Big smileBig smile...Minaxi ,i ws readin along while u were updatin posts one by one...

I had a gr8 time readin all those 33 its 32 entries as one is frm me only na...LOL...

Nywz it ws really tough to choose the BEST 3 ones as u said earlier v can vote only for nw i saw u made it to v can vote for my dilemma ws reduced big time..Big smileBig smile...

So my vote goes to

Entry no : 4,6,29,13,23

Also wanna mention entry ws awesome too..i ws in confusion for my last vote..whether i shud go with 23 or finally i had to give in for entry no:23... But still i thot i shud make it a point to mention here...Big smileBig smile...

Lastly thnx to Minaxi & Shrutz for comin up with this contest...Big smileBig smile...

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OMG!!!!so many entires
you know i can actually make out kisne kya likhaROFL
ha ha!
but awesum stuff
everyone read and VOTESmile

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[QUOTE=shruti.nil]OMG!!!!so many entires
you know i can actually make out kisne kya likhaROFL
ha ha!
but awesum stuff
everyone read and VOTESmile
[/QUOTE) vote kaise aur kahan karna hai pls help

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edited my post with my votes in pg 1

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