The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

RV-KD OS - Picture Perfect Updt. Part 2 - Pg. 3

CoffeeAddict IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
WARNING: This is AU (Alternate Universe) big time. Imagine a universe where Sheldon Cooper is no brain only brawn athelete and Penny works in CERN as the head scientist... That huge AU!! It's all written for humour... there was intention to hurt anyone's sentiments.

So now... let me begin. Yes I'm back to writing!! After so long!

The reason: 1) A very very crazy conversation with a friend. 2) And another equally crazy and supportive friend Mais.

The title is sarcastic. If you people wonder about that.

Umm... Yeah... Read on.


Picture Perfect

"RV... Hello... Hello... Oye... Hello!" KD was screaming into the phone. He was on the brink of pulling his hair out. Only if it wasn't for fact that he loved his soft luscious locks too much to even think of subjecting them to such cruelty. He looked at his watch again for the fifth time in the last two minutes as he stood back leaning on his bike. Looking at the entry gate of the club he was standing outside, he sighed, he could just imagine the cruelty Ranveer was going to subject him to after hearing the news. It was right then that the devil zoomed into the parking lot next to him in his hot wheels.

"Yo Superman!" RV bellowed jumping out of the convertible as KD rolled his eyes at the bright flashing vampire smile of his best friend. To him it seemed like Ranveer was on a lifelong 'happy pill' treatment.

"What the hell's wrong with your phone?" KD said as he picked his jacket from the back seat of RV's car and wore it.

"Shitty network dude. And I was driving anyway..." He has as he straightened KD's collar looking at his jacket in extreme concentration.

"Stop it Fido!" KD slapped his hand away. "There's a problem." He said jerking his head towards the club entry.

"This is so NOT HAPPENING!!" RV shouted and KD wondered how he had ended up in this mess... oh well, he exactly knew how.


"This is it!! This is it Superman! I got my chance!!" RV jumped on the back of a very unaware KD who sat in the corner of the college grounds busy giving his assignment a last glance. "Oops!!" RV bit his tongue when he realized that with the shove KD's pen had skidded through the length of the whole page slashing his meticulously written essay.

"SHERU!" KD launched up from his place and turned around to glare at RV who was already five steps away from him, all ready to sprint. It took just a mere twitch from KD before RV bounded from there holding onto his dear life. From the time these two had begun as jungle-gym playmates they had hit it off better than Humpty Dumpty. They were thick as thieves before KD could even accomplish saying RV's name without getting stuck. But for a toddler he was smart, and that was how RV's name faced such an evolution - from Ranveer Shergill to Sheru a short version of his surname - a nickname that went on to Fido, Tommy and Bozo with the change in situations. RV's nickname for KD came much later, when KD's metaphorically flying speed was discovered by their coach in junior school. And that was just the reason that they both were now rolling on the grass with KD on the top.

"Sorry sorry sorry!" RV had his face scrunched up and eyes closed with his hands shielding his face. KD's chuckled at his expression and rolled off him. It took RV a few seconds to realize that the well deserved punch was not coming and he opened his eyes.

"What?" KD raised his brow at him as they sat up. "What chance were you talking about?" He asked brushing off the grass from RV's shirt. It didn't even take a second for RV's eyes to light up.

"The Conti Party!!" RV's excitement was met with an utterly confused look. "I can finally tell her that I like her!!" RV said with matter-of-fact expression.

"Oh god!! Bozo wake up... She doesn't even know you!"

"Dude she knows me alright... We were lab partners in JC!" RV shook his head. "Anyway... We're going to the party. That's it. And there I'm going charm my way straight to her heart." RV pulled up his collar.

"Great plan Barbie!" KD patted RV on the back and walked away towards the place where he had left his stuff.

"You...!" RV jumped on his back once again and this time KD caught him.


"Stag entry not allowed." KD put a hand RV's shoulder who had already chewed all of his nails away by now.

"I have to get in... I have no idea how... and I don't care. I just have to!!" RV started pacing around the parking lot as KD leaned back on his bike, his eyes following his best friend's every step. Suddenly he came and stopped right next to him, and before even KD's eyes could ask him 'what' let alone his voice, he whispered something to him making his eyes bulge out.

"NO!! Not even in hell! Bozo you've gone crazy!!" KD pushed him away, but then there he was, aptly for his name, with the puppy dog eyes and miserable expression that KD let out a sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. It was enough for RV to start beaming as he dragged KD along with him.


For some time they stood there, making sure there was no one in the line that knew them before KD took a deep breath and looked at RV who mouthed - 'now or never.' They approached the bouncers that were stamping everyone with the ugly looking club logo.

"Stag entry not allowed." The bouncer threw up his big burly arms to stop them from going in. RV gulped and looked from the arm to the face of the giant.

"We're not..." His voice came out as a squeak. He cleared his throat and tried again. "We're not going in as stags. We're together." He wove his arm through KD's. "As a couple."

The two bouncers stared at each other and then at the two guys in front of them. KD tried to give an expression which was his feeble attempt at an assurance smile.

"Couples strictly means a girl and a boy." The other bouncer grinned, too proud at his quick thinking.

"Excuse me!" RV raised his voice as he tried his best to impersonate his mother and kept his hands on his hips. "Are you trying to say we don't have a right to be a couple, are you?!" He almost would've jabbed them in the chest with his forefinger had they not been so scary looking.

"Ah... We... Umm..." The 'quick-thinker' bouncer was out of ideas.

"My boyfriend here is a lawyer, and he can drag both of you and this club to the court for defamation and violation of our rights." KD genuinely beamed at RV that he had atleast bothered to read the index of KD's course books. RV's confidence and his acting gave KD a wild sense that this crazy idea could work.

"Forget that, before the whole case happens, you both are going to lose your jobs. I'm a pretty influential lawyer." KD said as he whipped out his cell phone from his pocket. RV grinned at his best friend's two cents of drama added in. The two sinewy guys in front of them looked at each other. Surely the manager would scream at them for letting this go out of hands. This was a modern world, maybe such things would be expected. One of them nodded to the other and he stamped the two loony best friends with the entry pass.

As they entered the large wooden doors and felt the blast of music pound their ears, they grinned crazily at each other - part one of the plan successful. However, unknown to them,a little behind them in the line had stood Kiya Gujral, Panchi Rastogi's best friend. And who was Panchi Rastogi, you may ask? The girl this whole thing was being done for, the love of RV's life.

... To Be Continued.


I'm asking you to pardon me for two things:

1) Especially the boys, I'm sure you would not find RV-KD's equation like it is between most male pals... I'm not really good at write boys-to-boys conversations in lighthearted comic scenes.

2) The legal outlook is completely absurd. Honestly! No club bouncers will let this happen!!

Do not worry... I'm about to finish it off and I won't be leaving it hanging like my other multi part OS.




Part 2: Page 3

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marauder IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
LOL I will comment on this one later. But yeah its big time alternate unierse.


Sorry for the late reply. This OS sort of slipped my mind. Any way coming to the OS - First of all let me ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL . As I have told you in the past how much I love how you place the familair characters we know in the most unfamiliar settings imaginable in your OS. Whether its Kiya-KD taking a stroll in bylanes of Mumbai or how gang have sudden by chance meeting with Kiya and her sis in mall ( I am still waiting for the next part of that OS by the way) or in this case KD-RV as chuddie buddie in a club (well technically outside it). It was simply outstanding. I won't say about writing style as you know you are fabulous. But I would say thta plot was simply too awesome. And from the first sentence only you manage to grab the attention of readers that they are in for an enjoyable ride here. I would agree with you one thing you stretched bit more in the flashback sequence while showing the friendship of RV and KD because I don't think best friend or any one will this much afection. Nicknmae one was masterstroke and completely made sense and make this even more amusing. Their scene with bouncer was looking like a scene from Dostana part 2 LOL  and was super awesome. Waise in between all these dostana I liked the bit about Panchi - Ranver love story. It was sweetly done. Will be waiting for the update.

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CutielovesChocs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
HOLY SMACKREL!!!! ROFL What is that you may ask? Well, it is a very exaggerated version of my very own 'Oh dear God'. 

I know you said this was EXTREMELY AU and I got the hang of exactly how much when you gave the BBT example. But that did NOT deter me (I'm so proud of myself). 

This. Was. ROFLROFL. I can't even formulate proper words right now. Are you for real? Why the hell do you NOT write more of such stuff? It is BLOODY hilarious. I swear, yesterday, I was crying my eyes out because of something that happened and here I am, laughing my butt off as I read this thing. Dammit, this was awesome. 

I'm SO glad you're back to writing. SO. SO glad.Approve

Just from the beginning of 'Hello..Oye...RV..Hello' you had me. I swear. It was ridiculously AU and yet, I was hooked. Why on EARTH would KD go 'OYE RV!' was beyond me, but I read on and boy was I glad I did. And KD being extremely conscious about his hair? HIS HAIR?! LOL Somehow, I can picture that happening. Yes, my mind is a very weird place. You don't want to live there. Anyway...

RV calling KD Superman was the part where I lost it and burst out laughing. I just couldn't believe something like that would happen, but I've been waiting for so long for such a scene on the show that I was squealing. Yeah, a laugh with a squeal. I don't know how to put that across as.. Anyway..LOL

'To him it seemed like Ranveer was on a lifelong happy pill treatment' ROFL. Alright, cue full blown booming laughter. I honestly CAN imagine this happening. I told you my mind is a very weird place. Don't ask. 

'Fido'. That had me thinking honestly. 'WHY a dog name? WHY?' The answer came later. When I read that, I swear, my maid came in and was all like, 'are you okayy?' 

SHERU!? ROFLIt all started with SHERU!? And then Bozo, Fido and Tommy! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. I can't even begin to describe the hilarity of the whole thing. You've just penned it down so wonderfully. HOW the hell did you even come up with that!? ROFL I guess it's just one of those things, like my 'thunk'. ROFL

'Dude, she knows me alright. We're lab partners in JC'. LOL Totally 'She's the Man'. AWESOME. Big smile

"NO!! Not even in hell! Bozo you've gone crazy!!" KD pushed him away, but then there he was, aptly for his name, with the puppy dog eyes and miserable expression that KD let out a sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. It was enough for RV to start beaming as he dragged KD along with him.

I had to copy this thing down because it was bloody brilliant! (Ronald Weasley style) LOL RV being called Bozo and with puppy dog eyes is something that's SO bloody AU and still, I can imagine it happening. In the weird AU compartment of my brain. ROFL

OH.DEAR.GOD. I officially lost it when RV said, 'we're going together, as a couple' ROFL I genuinely did. I couldn't read anything except for that line for the next 3 minutes. It took me a lot of scrolling to stop laughing and read on. 

'RV raised his voice as he tried his best to impersonate his mother'. Yes, I can see that happening too. Dammit Pree, why must you write stuff so amazingly?!?! The jabbing with the forefinger was something I was hoping would happen, and that would give RV the total 'mummy' stance. But the bouncers. Sheh, koi nai, next time! ROFL

'Defamation and violation of rights'?!? Hayyyeee, one MASSIVE hug, from a potential law student to a law student ROFL By GOD I related myself SO much to that ONE statement. KD is a lawyer!!! *victory dance*: You're one of us, brother! LOL

Yes, I do realise he's a fictional character made even more AU by this OS. But do I care? No. Moving on. 

OH DEAR GOD. I can't wait to see what happens next. 'The girl this whole thing was being done for, the love of RV's life'. AAAH, could you BE any more...I can't think of the word. WHY must you leave it at an awesome note? Now, for the sake of this huge-ass comment, continue you must (Yoda style). OOOh a request. One HP reference in the next part? Big smile Prettty pleeease?Approve

As I say to Prachi, Just Do It Pree : NIKE. LOL

Kudos woman, brilliant piece of work!

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tiara_magic Goldie

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 10:30pm | IP Logged
god u killed me lol ROFL

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-bornalee- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
u hv come back wid a bangClapits written by u so it hs to b d best...looking forward to it..i knw will b laughing hard in nxt updates..ROFL

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IndigoBlues IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
this was amazing! They're my OTP alreadyCry
Like seriously, how dare the bouncers suggest they can't be a couple?Angry
and kd being conscious of his hair? and bozo and barbie doll..what nicknames yaarLOL

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
omg!omg! O OF M OF G ROFL
Pri! This was hilarious!
Bless my timings I am reading this sitting in my library and fighting down my laughter
(Just for the record, I have just finished studying Anti-Manic drugs, had I laughed out, I guess I would've gotten a dose of it and a library ban + mobile confiscation )
I am in love with this and you girlie.
I can't imagine the look on RV's face when he proposes and well , ahem
Waiting waiting.

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lostmymusic. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 3:49am | IP Logged

Yeah, that's right. They are MINE!!! Cool

Okay, when we were "discussing" this, I knew it was going to be AU. Your note said it was AU. I was pretty much ready for the whole AUness of it all but GOOD HEAVENS!! This is literally EPIC!!! Because I have to imagine RV going puppy eyes on KD and RV impersonating his mother and that jhakaas style with which KD whipped out his cell phone. I had literally tears of laughter in my eyes and brother was looking at me all weirdly Tongue Well he turned around now! LOL

And you HAD to put in your laywergiri, ne?

Okay, so far we got the collar handling, the back cuddling and arm in arm. Heavens, abhi tou my suggestions are yet to come and the way you are handling this, I'd be dead on the floor laughing! Biwi!! You were so right, by the time it ends I'd be all for Sheru-Superman and would forget RaHi! I'm already falling for them!!

Since last my time I gave you a eeeping comment, you didn't like it, this time I'm taking a calmer approach to the comment LOL

You don't need puns and jokes to make it seem like humor, it's like you have this gift of treating words in a manner that the hilarity of the situation just bounces to the readers. From the first line, the characters are always very much there. In this case, yes the mental image of the characters that comes in our mind is very much the same as the ones we see on TV but their behavior makes them all so different. For me, the RV and KD were from the Freedom Party, the former in his oh-so-hot blue shirt and the latter in his black jacket. Then BAM! They are a couple and my mind is painting a picture which is so damn different from all the things we've seen of them and yet it makes perfect sense!

I'm making no sense Stern Smile

But literally, this is FREAKIN' awesome! Why?! It has my Sheru & Superman AND the whole jad of this fasaad is actually my Angel Panchi and ultimately the major goal is RaHi! It has like EVERYTHING that I love! And what you said of Kiya? OH BOY!! BIWI!! Patidev APPROVES!! Cool

Muah! A perfect gift from your side to me!! Kal jo mood ka bera garak hua, the whole idea of this OS was enough to make me feel a lot better but THIS! Reading this is taking that to a new HIGH!!

Would suggest you to edit it a bit, make that college part in italics to indicate a flashback or use some kind of partition to make it seem like a different part altogether as it does hinder with the flow a little. It isn't badly affecting as it is much needed but meh...I have this keera for the perfect layout Ouch

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