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4/12 Dragon Club: Truth Can Run but it Can't Hide! (Page 30)

jikky_84 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
@ Zet,
Wonderful take.
Don't know if the truth will come form Arati or a third person. Hope Arati tells everything to Yash at least after his ILU confession.

@ Abby,

Awesome take.
Missing the monkeys LOL
Arati is now the one loosing her control like the Yash post the Mumbai fiasco. Here Yash is controlling everything even the family like Arati did after the Mumbai one. Waiting for the day truth will be out. Hope its next week Tongue

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Abby-GC-Crazy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
@Asha di...
Thank you...
And waah!! What a parallel drawn...
As soon as I read you.. I come to think of it too...
Its now role reversal from d Mumbai fiasco time...

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
@Asha: Thank a lot, Hun! yeah me too i'm hoping that Aarti tells the truth after Yash's ILU confession but we don't always get what we want so I say a third party will do the honors, i don't care who it is I just don't want it to be boa 

@Abby: You're welcome Smile

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doratalk Senior Member

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 3:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AngelDark

@Sam: I feel so too. We had that spoiler news months ago that a third party will tell the sach!

Now this is really going to be interesting.

Angel & Sam- See- based on your speculation, Aarti's line in today's episode is even more significant. Just like she knew instinctively that the only hope Paridhi had of getting Pratik to forgive her was if she told him the truth herself, she also knows that her best shot is to tell Yash everything herself. The problem is I think that's not true.

Pratik does not hold Pari in very high esteem. He loves her but he doesn't completely comprehend how to translate that love into respect. His relationship with her is almost adolescent from his perspective. This is why Pari was so frustrated with him to begin with- the reason that drove her to the drinking and utimately her "uss raat". So, if she were to go tell him what really happened, he would be hurt and probably angry. But they don't share the right level of understanding to work through the rough edges and smooth things out in private. Pratik will be much more open to sympathy, empathy and a listening ear if he has his Yash bhaiya or his Aarti bhabhi there to show him that while what Pari made a mistake, she truly repents her actions. And she is truly hurting from the events in the makeup trailer. And she truly needs him- more than ever. They can show him the path to emotional maturity and help him grow up.

In the same way (but also in the exact opposite way), Yash needs to hear the truth only from Aarti. What Aarti says is definitely true for her situation. 

So the interesting turn of events is going to be Pratik hearing the truth from Pari and Yash hearing the truth from someone else (not Prashant- of this I am sure). I honestly feel they are leading up to the kids being the innocent mirror of hidden realities.


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Kittya_Cullen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
We've all been so busy analysing everything that missed the biggest development!! Payal spoke!!! ShockedShocked Sammy your wish has come throughDancing


So I was thinking...another Pareshan-T-Aarti confrontation is due.  What if Bhua over hears the conversation and rushes off to spill the beans to the Scindia family. Then Pareshan-T tells the details to Aarti's family who is about to kick her out for the nth time and Yash gets to know everything. He then bashes Pareshan-T but Aarti freaks out because she knows that Pareshan-T is sick so this could be fatal and that Yash could kill him- hurting Shobs and Dupes. Maybe Pareshan-T faints and Aarti thinking that he is dead flashes back to the convos where Shobs begs her to save Pareshan-T and tells her about Yash's possible behaviours. The flashbacks , and the stress of Yash's pain and Pareshan-T's "death" cause her to feel guilty and Aarti faints, lapsing into a coma. Since the doctor's are unsure of whether or not Aarti will wake from the coma, they suggest that an abortion should be performed, but Yash stops them. What happens next is that comatose Aarti remembers everything Mumbai Yash, loving Yash, fighting Yash and betrayed Yash and wakes up from the coma. The rush of memories causes another medical problem which leads to the miscarriage.

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anonee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 5:05pm | IP Logged

Today I venture into new territory – interpreting the symbolism of that broken wrist watch.  I am writing 3 interpretations that to some extent overlap but together convey the significance.  You my dear DC friend have the freedom to mix-n-match as you choose!


Interpretation one:

Hickory Dickory dock

The mouse ran up the clock

The clock struck one

And the mouse ran down

Hickory Dickory dock


Hickory Dickory = Prashant

Mouse = silent predator in Aarti's life aka grahan or eclipse aka dark shadow aka web of lies

The mousegained entry in Aarti's life or personal space

Clock struck one = Time of reckoning has arrived signified by Aarti throwing the watch and causing it to break

When the time of reckoning arrives – the mouse flees. 


Aarti is suffocating under a web of lies regarding P and the Dupeys negative influence (Similar to a situation if a mouse was to gain entry into your house).  Finally the hour of reckoning has arrived.  Yash by picking up the broken watch is going to actively assist Aarti in breaking from P's bondage and the negative hold that the Dupeys have on her.

Interpretation two:

Time gives structure to our lives – it regulates or rather controls our day.  What is the controlling factor of Aarti's thought and mind right now?  The P factor!  She is in inner turmoil and is unclear as to how to handle it!  Her throwing and breaking the watch that she gifted P when pregnant with Ansh indicates that she has decided to take action to move forward and shake off the stagnation (read shackles) imposed on her by the Dupeys regarding P and Ansh. 


For Aarti time had stopped when P dumped her (and walked away with the watch she had gifted) – today when she threw and broke the same watch – she has taken the decision to be free of her past and to move forward with the present – Yash.  Yash picking up the broken watch indicates that the time has arrived for him to become aware of Aarti's past that is holding her and Ansh captive to P and the Dupeys.


Interpretation three:

Aarti gifted a preset alarm wristwatch to P.  The alarm was set to signal to P when Ansh would arrive in their lives.  However P dumped her before Ansh's arrival and walked away with the wristwatch.  Today that wristwatch found its way back to Aarti – who again mentally reviewed the alarm system and then threw and broke the watch.  What does this signify?


An alarm is an alert or warning – a symbol that something must be done now or acted upon quickly. 


For Aarti it is an alert that she has procrastinated way too long in revealing the P factor and Ansh's BMT to Yash. She has not just procrastinated – she has almost forgotten.  But now by handing the watch to her Yash has reminded her that she needs to come clean with him urgently before it is too late – so that he can protect her and Ansh and put in order this area of their life.


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simonaet Groupbie

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
hello everyone...i believe there a huge difference in meaning holy context of marriage and loyalty .i do not understand the analogy that exists in the script that take aarti and paridhi same way ...the lie is out of control and is incites the point of the story is what happend with paridhi is not acceptable from the start she was preventing her selfishness led to disaster.and its prestige frame only general knouledge when a person commits an offense under the influence of alcohol despite that in alcohol senses are not under controlled he will punished for the fact that he allowed himself to drink and lose control and therefore is responsible for the condition (it throws me in one of yash to mumbai and his accusations aarti seduced him and it proved not to be true in photographic recording in aarti's phone)what predicts anknown future for me that paridhi could reject the demand from the director to drink its shows her marriage were not really important and what value she has for the frame of scp.AARTI what aarti did total was divorced or widowed and how it became a big story?women never choose to leave a marriage only if it is accompanied by danger of having husband allacoholist...drugs...or mental illness...i think aarti goes mental suffering are wrong...things that happen in real life rather than the nonsense of bua...i forgot to mention that men leave when they found another woman...I READ WHAT OTHERS HAVE WRITTEN AND IT MAKES ME SMILE ..REALLY NICE TU.maybe i focused on bua and paridhi and it upset meConfused

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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 6:20pm | IP Logged

Another good episode that hopefully brings us one step closer to the truth.


Fear defeats more people than any other thing in the world.

Aarti and Yash's conversation on lies continue with Yash fearing for the coming days as one day the truth will be revealed. His love for his younger brother is shown as he does not want to keep him in the dark but Aarti makes him understand that hearing the truth from anybody other than Paridhi may never let him forgive Paridhi. In a sense the same advice would apply to her as well. Yash then asks Aarti to talk to Paridhi about it as it would not be right for him to do so and it is only when Prateek is aware of the truth that it will be easier for them to save Paridhi. When he leaves her alone, Aarti says she knows how much he hates lies and so as soon as the final session is over, she will reveal the truth to him.

The next morning the family is in the living room when the driver comes in with a watch he found in one of the cars. Bua takes it from him, examines it and eliminates all the Scindia men from being the owner of it. Palak then jumps in to tell them that the watch belongs to Yash's friend who stays with the Dubeys. Aarti is visibly nervous and bends her head while Bua watches her intently for a reaction. She then asks Aarti if the watch got in the car by chance but before she can get a chance to answer, Yash jumps to her rescue by saying that it probably fell out on Divali night as he and Prashant came in the same car. It was as though he sensed Bua would try to place the blame on Aarti and so he stepped in to protect his wife. Before leaving for a meeting, Yash asks Aarti to keep the watch safely and return it to Prashant the next time she goes to her mom's house.

Alone in her room, Aarti looks at the watch and remembers the day she gave it to Prashant. She gets angry at herself for remembering the times she spent with Prashant and throws the watch out the window, breaking it. Aarti is angry for remembering her past with Prashant but I think this particular day is hard to erase from her memory as it was the day she found out she was going to be a mother and so the memory of that special feeling of life inside of her will always remain no matter how hard she tries to get away from it. It is significant however that the watch breaks possibly signifying that Prashant's time in her life has come to an end and so she can finally move forward.

Aarti then calls Shobha asking when the final session of treatment is. Shobha tells her she is not sure as the doctors have given Prashant new medicines so they will take a while to decide. Sensing Aarti's agitation she asks the reason she wanted to know and before Shobha can start her usual lectures, Aarti cuts her off telling her that she feels so guilty hiding it all from Yash that she can't even seem to look him in the eye properly. She tells Shobha that as soon as the treatment is over she will tell Yash as as sooner or later her and the family will come to learn of the truth. When she cuts the call and turns around Yash is standing in the room. She thinks he has forgotten something and in her nervousness goes over to the closet searching to give it to him. He however tells her that he did not forget anything and mentions Prashant's watch, triggering her anger further. He doesn't bother to tell her anything, keeps the watch in his pocket and leaves. When he is leaving she finally turns to face him, only to see his retreating figure and so she wonders what made her speak to Yash in such a manner and if she is going crazy.

You never know what you have until you lose it and once you lost it, you can never get it back.

Prashant is in the park when he starts remembering some of the past moments that were spent with Aarti. His last memory before coming back to reality was of Aarti's hair tickling his face causing him to sneeze. There is a noticeable difference between him and Yash here as Prashant seems to get turned off when Aarti's hair would tickle him while Yash gets lost and attracted to her hair. Yash meets him in the park, telling him that Dubeyji told him that he would be here. He shows Prashant the broken watch and Prashant remembers the night they dropped Ansh back to the picnic site. He wonders if Yash has found out about him and Aarti. Prashant confirms that it is his watch and Yash reveals that the watch is in that condition since Aarti threw is out the window. He observes Prashant's reactions to his words before asking him if he knows the reason why Aarti gets angry and upset when she sees him. Prashant thinks that he should tell Yash the truth.


Looking forward to tomorrow's episode.

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