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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


I don't have time to write a proper take today, so my thoughts from just after the episode, in reply to various people:

Aarti has finished one step in getting over Prashant, and that is to realise that she no longer has feelings for him in the present: that happened during the car ride/break down episode. The second step is for her to accept that she did once have feelings for him, very strong ones, as well as a relationship that culminated in the birth of Ansh. She will always have a rishta with Prashant, and she needs to embrace her past. She is trying to make Yash all good, bhagwan, and Prashant all bad, grahan, but that is not the right way to go about this.

So as of now, Prashant the person does not have any effect on her in the present but her memories with Prashant still make her think of that old closeness with him, remember those feelings she felt when gifting him that watch. She desperately wants everything to be simple, to feel for Yash only, but that is not possible. It is very similar, though diametrically opposite to what happened with Yash and Arpita. Both Yash and Aarti had the deep conviction that love happens only once. Because Yash treasured his relationship with Arpita, he wanted that to be his only love, and while he is slowly starting to come out of that, Aarti is still very much mired in that conviction. To her, loving Yash right now means never having loved Prashant, making Yash her one love. She too needs to get over this misconception of love only happens once.

It is pretty obvious the truth is going to come out through a third party, simply because Aarti's plan is way too meticulous. Life doesn't allow you to plan that way, and being so sure about your way of doing it is inviting fate to play. It is going to be a "kal ho na ho" type message, I think where Aarti plans everything, thinking she has the situation under control, and then BAM. The truth comes out when she least expects it. I know that traditionally speaking, Yash is the control freak in this relationship, but Aarti is not far behind in terms of controlling information to mitigate her various relationships. She is so scared that if she lets one thread go, she will lose them all and so she is holding on for dear life.

If the watch signifies Aarti's time with Prashant, then while she desperately wants to throw it out the window and get rid of it, Yash is the one who wants to keep it safely in order to figure out why it hurts her so much. I loved his expression today when she was shouting at him, and he slipped he watch gently into his pocket. There was only the slightest bit of confusion, but mostly it was concern and understanding: that something was bothering her, and it had something to do with Prashant. Without pressuring Aarti any further, he goes straight to Prashant himself, thereby making the connection that Aarti is so violently trying to discard. Aarti is trying to put a bandage over an uncleaned wound, simply because she can't bear to look at it...and that presents risk for infection. Yash on the other hand, is trying to actually clean the wound. It may hurt Aarti more at first, but ultimately that is the only way she can heal.

If I were Paridhi I would probably snort derisively in Aarti's face, when she tried to convince me to tell my husband the truth, and say, "nice to meet you pot, my name is kettle!" I sort of can't believe Aarti even agreed to lecture Paridhi, given her current status quo, but then she doesn't know that Paridhi knows something about her lie. Really though, I would love to see an alliance between the two where Aarti blurts out her truth to Paridhi after being questioned and Paridhi says, if you tell your secret to Yash bhaiyya, I will tell mine to Prateek and we will be there for each other, as moral support, no matter what the outcome. 

Sorry if the thoughts don't flow. It is a patchwork job! Tongue

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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In the Scindia's Mansion, Aarti is withholding information about herself from the family that even thou she wasn't the one that told the lie she is now apart of the deceit as well...Because after finding out the truth despite wanting to come clean w/ Yash, the fear of losing him, some family issues and the emotional blackmails from the Dubeys prevented her from opening up to him.


But she isn't the only one that has something to hide...Pari lied to Pratik and the family about what really happened between her and the producer cause if she told the entire truth they would have found out that she had an extra marital affair which would be very devastating. Under the assumption that Pratik is too weak to handle the truth she prefers to lie to him. 


Now Yash has found out about Pari's mistake and he too lied to the family in order to protect his young brother Pratik's marriage. 


They all lied in order to protect their loved ones but even though Pari lied for that same reason also she lied for her own selfish reasons too but when will they all realize that lies don't never stay hidden forever...They always have a way of coming out at the wrong moment.


And I must say that is exactly what happens with Aarti Yash Scindia...Here's is a woman who is rediscovering love for the second time along with her current husband, Yash Scindia. 

She fell in love when she least expected it and the more she gets to know him the more she keeps on falling in love with him over and over again. 


Aarti & Yash Scindia have a kind of connection that goes beyond any husband and wife relationship which  will only get stronger when Yash finally realizes his love for Aarti and he gets to know about her past. 

I can tell you without knowing about Aarti's past, Yash is very smitten by her.

P.S Sorry for the short one today, I'm not all there YET but i'll get back my mojo soon that's a promise Wink


Great tittle Samana Thumbs Up

A great episode Clap

It starts with Yash saying a lie is a lie ans that he's afraid of how will Pratik react when he finds out the truth, Aarti tells him that Pratik may not forgive Pari so Yash asks her to speak to Pari...Hmmm I wonder if Pari will tell Aarti about the sleazy producer blackmailing her and if Aarti will tell Pari the truth about P? cause we all know that Pari saw her with him, Ansh and the Dubeys Confused Ermm Ermm

Yash tells Aarti that he has an important call to make and leaves from there, the latter in self talk says that she knows that the former hates lies and that she will tell Yash the truth only after Prashant's final BMT...Aww Aarti, sweetheart you should know that things never go as planned and that the truth may come out before through a third party and if that happens Yash will be more hurt than if the news had come from you so please muster up the courage and tell Yash the truth soon before it's too late Ouch Ouch Ouch

The next AM, PayPal are telling the family about their time at the picnic and how much fun they had...Vidhi and Aarti bring refreshment for everyone while Pari is staying slightly apart from the rest of them...Hmmm I understand why she prefers to stay away cause nowadays G3 jumps on her for everything Unhappy

Just then the driver comes and says that he finds this watch while cleaning the car...A scared Aarti in self thought says that it's P's watch...Boa goes and takes the watch from the driver and she says that it isn't Yash's nor Pratik's or Pankaj's and wonders who the watch belongs to just then Palak says that it belong's to Yash's friend the one who's staying at the Dubeys & who came to the SM for Diwali...ha well Samana & I always said that the kids were the ones that were going to bring out some of the hidden truths...happy to see that Palak is the one that did it on both occasions Wink

Boa goes on to taunt Aarti when Yash saves her saying that P left it in the car the day he brought here for Diwali leaving the former more suspicious...Yash gives Aarti P's watch and tells her to give it to him when she goes to Shobha's house, Yash tells SP that he has to go out for a meeting...He leaves after saying goodbye to Aarti who is lost while Pari and boa are looking at her while she leaves the room...looks like they both caught on to Aarti's restlessness, boa is seriously like a stalker when it comes to Aarti LOL LOL LOL...She watches every little detail of what she is doing, that woman needs to get a life.

Aarti in her room where she flashes back to the day she gave P the watch and asks why she goes out on the  balcony and trows the watch out, goes back into the room where she is very restless...I tell all this stress isn't good for Aarti nor Little AarYa, the way she was in the bedroom after the FB was heartbreaking...The turmoil that she is in is Broken Heart Broken Heart  

Yash is walking to the car when he sees the watch, he picks it up and wonders why Aarti threw it out and he goes to ask her.

Aarti calls Shobha and asks her when will be P's last BMT session, the latter tells her that she doesn't know since the doctor prescribed new medicines and that they'll have to wait at least a week to see it they effect leaving Aarti more anxious...Upon hearing her restlessness, Shobha asks her why is she in such haste tow which Aarti replies that she wants to tell Yash the truth and that she can't take it the lying to his face and the guilt anymore...She goes on to tell Shobha that she will be free of the promise she made her, Shobha tries to say something but Aarti cuts her off saying that she is tiring of thinking what will happen when Yash and the rest of the family come to know the truth...She says that she believes Yash will still love her, Shobha says that she will pray for her and hangs up the phone...Way to go Aarti not giving Shobha any room to manipulate you out of your decision Clap Clap Clap I really wonder if The Dubeys will man up and say what were they role in the deceit Ermm 

Aarti is very tensed after the call when turns around and finds Yash standing there leaving her shocked...Not being able to meet his gaze, she goes towards the wardrobe and asks him if he forgot something to which he replies he hasn't forgotten anything and when he was about to ask her about the watch. Aarti gets mad and tells him that he is unnecessarily hooked to that watch and if he hasn't got a meeting to get to leaving Yash shocked about her her outburst...Yash just puts the watch in his pocket and leaves when Aarti realizes that she shouldn't have spoken to him so rudely, decides to pick up the wacth after he's gone...Unknown to her that he already took it...Aww those two are breaking my heart, one one hand you have Aarti who wants to tell Yash everything even though it means she loses out in the end but because of the promise she made to the Dubeys she is not able to say anything YET and on the other hand you have Yash who is wondering what's going on with his Aartiji and why does everything related to P irritates her Ouch Cry Cry...I just wished I could hug them both Hug

P is sitting on a bench in the park where he flashes back to a day when he and Aarti were in the park and in love...At the end of the FB, P is smiling just when Yash comes and touches him on his shoulder. Prashsant asks him how he knew he was in the park when Yash told him that Dubey told him where to find him, Yash takes the watch out of his pocket and shows to P who flashes back to the night when he was with Aarti and she asked him to drive faster cause her husband was waiting for her at home...P while changing gears his watch falls off, end of the FB the former hopes that Yash desn't know the truth...hmmm why is that P? If Yash comes to know the truth what will you do? Are you going to be man enough to tell him the reason why you left Aarti? or Are just buying time? Whatever it is I can tell you that the day Yash comes to know the truth, he will know everything about how you left a pregnant Aarti for another woman. Let's see how you will get yourself out of Yash's questioning when the truth comes out Tongue Evil Smile Evil Smile Evil Smile

Yash asks him if it's his watch to which he replies yes, Yash tells him that Aarti did it to his watch when she throw it out the window...Yash goes on to say that Aarti is a mature and intelligent woman but he doesn't understand what her problem is with P, the sight of him or the mare mention of his name irks her...Yash proceeds to ask P what's the matter between them that he doesn't know about leaving P shocked...The latter turns and walks a little from where he was standing and tells Yash that he thinks he should know the truth now...Pfffttt I got a feeling that P is gonna tell Yash some BS, like I said P isn't man enough to tell Yash the truth himself...He just likes to play games Dead LOL

PRECAP: P tells Yash that there's a truth he doesn't know about, Yash asks him what it is...The former says that he should tell Yash but he doesn't know how to say it of what to say...Another misleading precap again, well i guess Love guru P is gonna give Yash babu some advice tomorrow ROFL ROFL

Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary were phenomenal Star Star Star Star especially Kratika the way she portayed Aarti's inner turmoil and how she is nearly on the verge of breakdown when  she was in AarYa's room was perfectly done Clap Clap Clap

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Thank you samana !!! Embarrassed

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Great title!

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Great title Sam!!!

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its runibg but not out

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