Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread - 41

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Live Discussion Thread -41

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BB6 DT's note

Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.
Any posts or topics discussing spoilers shall be deleted without notice.

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Is this the new thread?

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king come over to cruiser's live thread only..i will request mods to open tis after that thread will get over
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If you'd like to read a previous update, you can find the links to them in this archive:

BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 5th December '12

** Time converted to India Time
** Bold bits are important/interesting (may not get to highlight everything if a lot is happening)
** Red bits are spoilers

Earlier part of the day:

4:30pm - Vishal talking to Nirahua about Sana. He said that she is not understanding what I am telling her. She just wants me to run behind her everytime we have a fight. She doesn't realize I'm a lazy person. Niahua - a person who is wrong and admits he is wrong is a truthful man. But a man who is not wrong but still accepts he is wrong is a married man. ROFL Vishal asks Nirahua to talk to Sana and explain things to her on his behalf. Vrajesh joins in and Santosh comes. Nirahua says that Santosh reminds him of Kashif sometimes the way he holds his mic and speaks.

4:40pm - Imam talking in kitchen and cam shifts

4:41pm - Yellow bedroom. Silence.

4:44pm - RELEASE. Niketan is saying about the statue. In the kitchen, Imam about to start eating. He asks Sana for something. He says bismillah and starts. SAna serving herself. Sana sits to eat and BB buzzes for batteries. Imam - is this a task or what? Sana changes hers and Imam changes his batteries. Then she goes to give other people batteries. Someone calls her and she says what? Imam calling others to eat. Del and Rajev walk in.

4:47pm - Red team eating outside from a plate. Nirahua - Karishma ko kya bole? Santosh - it's ok, shouldn't take all this seriously. One man came for 10 mins and sahi bura bata gaya. If he said something to my face, I would have felt bad. I'm a truthful guy. This platform - theres no place for truth and falsehood. Nirahua - am I a liar. Santosh - I'm saying generally, dont add your name. Nirahua - okay eat. Santosh - look for good in people is what I say. Sana walks over to hand them batteries. Santosh saying she's very good and he makes dua from his heart for her. Sana laughs. Someone mic is very noisy. Ouch Sana - ya to koi unani ved. Santosh - have you heard of the newspaper pratidin. Sana - yes. Mink comes out for batteries.

4:51pm - Sana walks in and into the store room. Mink comes into the kitchen. Sana comes back and sits to eat. Sana telling Imam about how Sampat forgot Delnaaz's name and called her Dhelan. BB - STATUE. In the red bedroom also everyone is statue. Lots of people come inside the house and red bedroom and dance around. Shocked Karishma and Mink are not moving. These people are going to Karishma and Mink in the red bedroom and trying to distract them. Faint sounds can be heard. A few people go out of the room and come back in. Most seem to be girls. 2 go out again and head to the dining table. The other 4 girls also heading out and to the dining table. One more going out of the room. Girls come into the yellow room and see no one so they walk around the living area. 

4:58pm - BB releases and Sapna runs out of the red bedroom and saying I love you guys. At the dining table. Rajev saying chammach pakde pakde. Sana eating. Niketan comes to the table and Rajev asks who is coming of his. Niketan leaves. Rajev says - lights out tak? In the background, Sapna talking loudly. 

5pm - Del screaming to Sapna that the girl with the curly hair said to her nice hair cut yaar. Sapna talking and saying "for 2 secs yaar!". Seems they have left. In the bathroom, red team in the bathroom. Imam heard saying - send my best friend Vanessa. Niketan comes out of the toilet and Nirahua goes in.

5:03pm - Outside, Vishal and Vrajesh talking about the time. Vishal singing.

5:06pm - Vishal says Aashka. And then goes quiet. Then starts singing again. Santosh and Nirahua joins them. Santosh saying I'm changing my track coz she has a family. Aashka talking to him. SAntosh - if I stay, I'll get married. I'm not talking about that marriage. Sara Ali Merchant. Khoob janta hoon. *more weird jokes* Vishal - who else can come. My family isn't here. Santosh - only Vindu I spoke to. Nirahua - he will come, wait and watch. Santosh telling he has 2 kids. Vishal - friends come. Imam comes. Santosh looking at him wearing socks over his shoes. Imam - I've decided not to cry and be happy. He walks off. Vrajesh and Santosh sing. Santosh - I'm not a flirt. If I see a good girl, I'll be sold. I used to sit on the terrace and sing - aaoge jab o saajana. Others join in. They correct him and he says I dont know the words but dont interrupt my singing. LOL Santosh is singing songs and tells people lets sing songs on the hosue theme. Vishal - yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar. Santosh called Aashka. He sings, tujhe goradia. LOL

5:18pm - Sana making tea. Rajev comes saying maybe Rakhi will come. Rajev - who will come from your house? Sana - I'll be happy even if Salman comes. In red bedroom., Sapna lying in bed lost in space. Rajev whispering to Sana something about Niketan. Rajev - urvashi aur mink... mujhe baat nahi karna chahiye. Back biting kar raha hoon. If my family comes. Sana - yeah even if my family comes, they will have opinions. *muted*

5:23pm - Niketan, Karishma and Mink on the white sofa. Karishma saying Rajve is feeling bad. Mink main kyun bulaoon? Karishma - u dont listen. *random chatter* Karishma saying please neeche se paas karo. Agar statue ho gaya to. Mink - main bhi itne hi detail main sochti hoon.

5:25pm - Del is sitting with the red team outside. Aashka pressing Del's shoulders. *muted* Showing yellow bedroom. Urvashi joins Mink, Karishma on the sofa. Mink - I think I'll have to meet Dr. sawant. I think I have lost my dimaaghi mansulan. Urvashi corrects her mansik santulan. Outside the house, Vrajesh talking about his career to Vishal. Santosh and Nirahua talking. Nirahua telling Santosh to have black peppar before his tea to sooth the throat. Sana coming. Santosh asks her for black pepper and long. Santosh - bahaut pyaari ladki hai, mashaAllah, khush rahegi aage jaake. Santosh talking about someone (Bakhtiyaar?) and then says that one should take a stand and no stand watching when something wrong happens. People shouldn't say that na mard went just to last in the house. Sana gives him peppar, Santosh says thank you. She says welcome. Santosh - Welcome may to akshay tha. How many films have you done with him? She comes back he's teasing her, all the boys laughing.

5:34pm - Mink - he looked at our bed and said, oh so messy. Niketan - it's going to happen. Karishma, ask Sapna what I told her 5 mins before. Next is Nazia. Mink - yeah u said Punnu or Nazia is coming. Niketan - Punnu ka 50 - 50 tha. *random chatter* Niketan - abhi Sana bachi hai aur... *muted* and cam shifts to yellow bedroom. 

5:38pm - Niketan walking off. Urva - Lets go sit with Sapna. How my kids came and hugged me. Karishma - she's not going anywhere, we'll go later. Mink - Sapna! Urva - what a kismat I have in this house. Sapna comes out. Mink - they are saying punnu nahi aayega coz I'm not in the game from the beginning. Cam switches to outside. Imam has joined Vishal, Santosh and Nirahua. Santosh - maine bola, taang tootti to kya main gana gata? Imam laughs, gives him a high five and leaves. Santosh - raat gayi baat gayi. If I had gotten angry, I could have broken a lamp. When a person gets angry, they dont plan it nor do they decide how angry they should get.  It was real. I can get dirty coz girls are there. Nirahua - and cameras are there. Santosh - arey. Vishal - morning song is so good. Santosh - isne mera naam badnaam kiya hai. Nirahua - I will never again. Santosh - no you ahve permission. I have said god knows about you. Vrajesh comes and Santosh says - aao mitr virajo. LOL Vishal - BB should write our names on these chairs now. Santosh - so irritating when you cant sneeze. Vrajesh - oh yeah, a weird taste comes. Santosh laughs. *random chat*

5:45pm - Aashka comes and says are you statue. The way I left, you are sitting just like that. Santosh, please stand for a minute, let me look at you. Vrajesh and Aashka walk off to talk. Santosh saying this shot will go on the show. Sarabhai vs sarabhai. They walk back. Vrajesh - I think Rohini will come.

5:50pm - Inside Urvashi, Mink counting how many original housemates are there.

5:52pm - Outside Vishal telling about his family. They are from Himachal and speak paradi but he knows Punjabi. Nirahua - this was a surprise item calling the family. Vishal -hmm. BB mutes and shifts to red bedroom.

5:55pm - Outside, Sana comes and says aap log to statue main hi ho. Nirahua - haan, release ke baad bhiLOL *silence*

5:57pm - Niketan and Sapna talking at the dining table. Sapna - mujhe lagta hai rohini bhi aayegi. Urvashi or Mink calling Vrajesh. Cam switches outside. Vrajesh sitting there. Santosh calling someone. He points and Vrajesh. Nirahua - no dont go there. Inside, Sap and Nik at the dining table. Sapna's head is on the table. Niketan is slumped on the table as well. Sapna - shayad Rohit bhi aayega. Niketan - she's saying he wont come. Mink screaming for Vrajesh. Vrajesh says yes. Sapna - rohini aane wali hai. Kyun? *muted* Outside, Santosh, Nirahua and Vishal sitting in silence. One of them is snoring. Santosh is repeating mohabbat mohabbat mohabbat. 

6:02pm - Rajev, Del, Sana and Aashka sitting near the entrance. Sana - he voted for me. Rajev - I got you 3 crore votes were of no use, right. *random chat* Del - if guest comes, there will be a long statue. Aashka - SAna is such a restless soul. SAna - now I will also give you such compliments. Aashka saying me and Nirahua, Vrajesh have a bet. Sana - He is funny. Rajev - I dont find him funny. He did what  no one could do and he got Niketan angry. I kept telling nIketan, provoke mak ho, Del - let's get dinner ready. Rajev - abhi to ...tsk. Del and Sana discussing food.

6:06pm - Mink and Karishma sitting on the white sofa and Sapna and Urva is lying down. Mink - you dont know what going on in my mind. Anxiety, excitement. Karishma - you know he's wearing socks over shoes and then he's sitting like that on the sofa. SO unhygenic. Urva - u are after him Karishma - I dont like him. He said I don't take a stand so I'm taking a stand. He told me that if I put Karishma and Delnaaz next to the monkeys it wont make a difference so what is he saying? Urva - that you are monkeys. Karishma - so yeah now I will take a stand. Purple doesnt suit you I'm sorry. Mink telling a story about her cousin who is neglected and he told his mom, mom aap chut bol rahi ho and they all started laughing. Now they are making fun of Karishma's thora yeh thora wo. Niketan giving Mink something. Mink - dont stand in front of me, statue ho jayega.  Go away quickly. Niketan gives her something and goes away. *random chatter* Mink - mujhe bahaut zor se susu aayi hai, main ja rahi hoon.

6:12pm - BB sounds a very loud gong. Nirahua - bettery? Vrajesh says no. Nirahua - luxury budget. Some laughter and noise heard coming from inside the house. Vrajesh saying the last task's clothes have to be returned. Sana and Aashka going to the bathroom.Delnaaz goes to Vishal. Santosh looking for the rope. Aashka and Sana getting back their track pants. Del and Vrajesh outside. Del - Rohini aayegi abhi. Vrajesh - main anand chauhaan ko thank you boloonga agar wo aayegi. Cam switches to red bedroom. Karishma inside collecting cups. Sana and Niketan counting something. Someone bringing his pants. *dinner preparing discussion* Sana in red bedroom. Santosh says As salaamualaikum to Karishma. She says walaikum. Santosh takes the lions tail into the store room. They are discussing what else is left to give back. Sleepy Now they are discussing medicines - zintac, pudeen hara.

*tired, taking a longish break*

Just Important Updates:
6:43pm - Rajev is sure Aashka, Del wont go, he isn't sure about himself. Sana is 50-50. And he thinks Karishma will go.

7pm - Rajev called into the confession room. He receives a tab and everyone comes and sits on the living room sofa. They are waiting on Imam who has been snoring in the yellow bedroom for the last 30 mins or so. Sana - looking at Rajev's face, I'm not getting a good feeling. Imam walks in and sits down. Cam shifts to entrance of living area and *muted*. Ouch

7:04pm - Everyone disperses. Imam walks out of the house. Everyone else is going to the store room. Someone was dancing. They got luxury budget items - ginger garlic paste, chicken. Sapna and Rajev going wow. Clapping sounds. Karishma and Aashka walk out of the house. Nirahua walking out with a cup of tea and something in his hand. Outside gym cam. Nirahua seems to be eating wafers or biscuits or something. He walks back into the house. Rajev - ek kaam karte hain, thursday ko... Sapna - abhi bana lo chicken. Nirahua - anjeer. Sana - abhi bana hai?  Urvashi, Vishal, Sapna, Niketan surround something. Sapna - it was a very difficult task. Family member and you can't react. Mink - Delnaaz, Sapna and 3rd kaun? Sapna - Urvashi. Urvashi going on saying snapple. Sapna responds. Urva - now we can give coffee. Mink - pray that people turn non-vegetarian. Niketan telling Delnaaz to wait and make it on friday. Mink - if I'm leaving I dont mind, I'll eat at home. Vishal and Mink discussing in punjabi. Imam asking whose is whose? Mink - it's for everyone. You can have a fig, everyone ate. Vishal thanking BB for a biscuit. *food conversations*

7:15pm - Imam - Sana, isse pehle itna bada hamper kisi ke liye nahi aaya tha right? Sana - haan kyunki chaar week tak luxury budget nahi aaya tha na. In logon ne jo laye the woh bhi achcha tha. Imam thanking BB for Nutella. Now he's offering to help and Del says no why so many people? Imam - Bakhtiyaar, dekho Delu kya kar rahi hain. Abhi gana wana. I'm an expert in situational comedy. Imam saying that he'll wash the methi and remove the stems. The stems cause gas and flatulence. Del - main bol rahi hoon mat karo (to Rajev?).

8:40 - BB makes an announcement and everyone starts to come inside. Karishma talking about Imam and how much she dislikes him.

Missed update:

10:05pm - Everyone gathered outside and Vrajesh reading from tab about a task. Vrajesh reading that everyone has one, Urvashi has 2 and Dinesh has 3 so that means Dinesh won 1 tola sona! Music is playing and everyone is dancing and Sapna saying nacho na nacho! Music stops and Sapna saying she never saw ek tola sona. Sana - wow superb! Delnaaz taking the tab back and everyone follows inside. 

10:13pm - Inside Sana, Rajevm Sapna, Urvashi, Mink, Karishma sitting fown to eat. Imam also sits down. Niketan joins them. Del says she's not eating. 

10:23pm - Outside red team boys eating. Vishal saying he noticed today that Rajev's hand were hurt during the tug of war. First time we got a 5 day task. Santosh - and task main task. Niraua - we have to prepare mentally. Vishal - we are enjoying eating together. Nirahua - saat khaane se pyaar badta hai. Now they are saying food is left over. Aashka hasn't eaten. Santosh - we'll drink Karishma's hand made tea. Vrajesh taking the plate inside. Vishal - I myself am not able to talk to Karishma Sana ke chakkar main. Confused Santosh - he again said to Sana masti main. Nirahua - kya? BB mutes and changes to the kitchen. Everyone finishing off dinner and deciding to drink tea or coffee and dish washing.

10:30pm - Sana in the red bedroom with Niketan. Sapna also there. Sana joking with Niketan - tumhe gold code jo mil gaya. She laughs. Rajev and Niketan whispering as they leave the room. Niketan - As a brother aya tha wo, family member mil ke jaata, mujhe samjh nahi aayi boss. BB mutes.

10:32pm - Santosh, Nirahua in the bathroom along with Vishal.

10:39pm - Sana - sheh I couldn't even get a gold coin. Rajev - Sana billi mat paal. Sana - bahaut hasaya. (bakhtiyaar?) Del in red bedroom.

10:45pm - Sana and Aashka preparing for prayer. Mink changing out of her clothes in the red bedroom under her blanket. 

10:50pm - Urvashi saying that she had a huge wedding with Anuraag Basu and so she is thanking Ekta Kapoor and is thanking Balaji Productions for casting her. Sapna is talking to her but not clearly audible. Sapna may be captain and is moving to captain's room?

10:55pm - In the kitchen area, Imam and Karishma singing as they clean counters and wash dishes.

10:57pm - Sana and Vishal talking outside. Niketan also talking to someone in garden area. In the red bedroom, Vrajesh and Urvashi talking. Mink listening. They mentioned Aashka and creative work. Vrajesh - even as an actor, you can't know how well you can do. Vrajesh and Mink get up. Sapna also. They all leave the red bedroom. Something about Delnaaz. Someone yells Rajev. Nirahua - sit down, u can call me.  Delnaaz. Urvashi lying in bed only. *muted other mics* Mink walks back. Urvashi - what happened? Mink - she lost her aunt.

11:05pm - Seems Delnaaz lost her aunt. Urvashi - when today? Santosh - yes, they just told her in the confession room.

11:07pm - Urvashi alone in the red bedroom. She's calling Mink and Vrajesh in the room. Santosh comes and sits in the red bedroom. Urvashi leans back. Santosh asking if that's Urva's dad. Urva - I didn't ask anything chee. Or how diwali went, daddy's barsi. I was so lost in them. Santosh - obviously. They should have sent for a day. Urva - even this is enough. At least BB showed that everything is fine. BB mutes. Vishal and Nirahua sitting on one of the white sofas and watching from afar while drinking tea. Vrajesh comes over and has a biscuit. BB gone mad. Zooming in and out at Vishal and Nirahua. They get up and leave. Vrajesh and Mink talking. Mink - it might be right. I am worried if I'm doing something wrong. But now if I stay on friday, I am not saying I will play a game but I would get left behind. Enough is enough. There are misunderstandings. A lot of people have said against you behind your back, before you go or after you left. I care about you and I'll stand for you. Vrajesh - same. Mink - family also have fights. Vrajesh - thank you. My instinct says Mink is good. My instinct also says Aashka is right, Not sure about Delnaaz but I told her if she'll fall I'll catch her. If I find she's doing something wrong. SOme people I saw their faces and realized hain. Tum mujhko dhakosla mat do. I know Mink and Urvashi are not giving me dhakosla. I'm only going by instinct. I'm not wired like that.

11:13pm - Urvashi and Santosh in red bedroom sitting in silence. Urvashi singing chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu. Santosh - dont think too much, everything is fit and fine or you'll get sad. Urvashi - no. I'm remembering my mom too much. I wish they had sent her as well.  *silence* Urva - where do you live in bombay? *missed* Santosh - aap? Urvashi - Juhu. *silence* Urvashi - I have not stopped thinking one sec even since they came. Constantly I'm thinking about them. My heart is racing. I'm fearful. Santosh - why are you scared? Urvashi - anxiety level is high. SAntosh - u r a strong lady. Urvashi - strong, look... Santosh - all these days you were thinking, a few more days and watching your family, you are feeling this way. You'll feel better tomorrow. Urvashi - I hope so.  I'm remembering their faces over and over. Santosh - hmm. Urvashi - I am having a lot of anxiety. I want to sleep but can't. Santosh - you will once the lights go off. If you think too much, your heart will burn more. Everything is okay. I'm sure they will also be very happy. Urvashi - hmm. very happy. Santosh - 100% Urvashi - yes, very. Santosh - no one's certificate is required. Your children told you. Urvashi - I didn't even ask, they said themselves. I consider them the most important. Santosh - hai na. Urvashi - wish they had sent my dog also. Santosh - lol, one by one you want everyone. Your mom, your dog. Urvashi - yes they are only my family. With them. They are my strength also and weakness as well. Weakness not that much but in front of them. Santosh - naturally. Urvashi - I'm very thankful to BB. I screamed at him as well today. Santosh - BB understands that. Urva -  but i'm very thankful that he gave me 2 - 5 mins with my sons *muted* I'm very happy. *silence* Urva says battery and BB buzzes. Santosh gets up to get it. Urvashi looking around.

11:26pm - Santosh hands her batteries. She says there are batteries, what's up with BB? She changes and gets up and leaves the room. Imam is cleaning the sink area and wiping it down. Imam complaining about how things are kept. He calls Karishma to check out his work. Imam saying that if this is my last thing that I do before I go, I'll go happily. I will be reciting the kalima - la illaha ilallah, Muhammadur rasool Allah (I testify that that is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger).

11:31pm - Imam and Sapna discussing the sink and leaking water.

11:33pm - Karishma and Santosh discussing her career. He says I pray you become so busy that you dont get time to think.

11:35pm - Delnaaz is brought in by Aashka, Rajev and a group of people. She looks visibly upset. Nirahua stands at the sofa where Karishma and Sanotsh are sitting. Niketan in the bathroom saying, tsk arey yaar. Mink is brushing her teeth. Niketan walks back out. Karishma and Santosh talking. Sana, Vishal, Niketan all walk in. Sana touching Karishma and saying something, Vishal telling Karishma that dont cry. Your family will be worried. Mink walks in. Vishal - if they didn't want her to come out, they shouldn't tell her. If they wanted her here, they shouldn't have told her to go coz she's stressed now. Karishma - yeah they didn't tell me when my grandparent passed away. Now Vishal saying BB should let Delnaaz go out for a few days and come back in. She'll always be stressed. Vishal  talking about his grandmother. I always regret I couldn't attend her funeral. Mink comes and sits on the sofa. Karishma says I cant go in the room now. Imam cleaning the sink and washing cups.

11:42pm - Urvashi, Niketan, Nirahua sit on the sofa. Niketan sits between Urvashi and Mink and says I'm between thailand and thailand. Karishma - I'm not that upset. Niketan - mauka ka faida uta lo. Sapna walking about. Niketan and Mink whispering. Niketan *I think* asked if Urvashi met Delu she says no, I'm waiting. Then she says jealous hai.

11:45pm - Tiger print wali. They seem to be joking about Imam? Imam cleaning the kitchen mirror. Mink and Niketan smiling and talking but muted. Niketan now telling something to Urvashi and she smiles and slaps his back. Confused

11:50pm - Nirahua and Karishma talking and laughing. Nirahua - wrap in paper and you can see it from here. Vrajesh has also joined everyone on the sofa. Someone's laughter can be heard. May be Mink. Mink - the smallest bag, left, it's inside it. Niketan - which bag? Mink - smallest bag next to the silver counter. Third from here. Niketan - I dont put my hand into girls bags. But he gets up anyway.  Delnaaz, Rajev, Sana all seem to be heading out. In the bedroom, Sapna talking to Niketan. Niketan - good thing I came to bathe. Then the whole stress of whether someone will come from my house. Then this that kept going on. Sapna lying on her own bed. Niketan - I swear I said, I wanted to eat something sweet, non- chocolately and you said it. I am thinking mausambi and tang. They both walk out to get mausambis. Niketan said they are not ripe. Sapna checking them and chooses two to wash. They cut and sit down at the dining table. Sapna offers mausambi to the others on the sofa. Niketan - mausambi and good company anyone. I feel sad looking at sad people. Mink joins Niketan. Niketan - I'm not used to one girl on the left and one of the right. Mink - and one girl behind. Niketan - I thought of Karishma but she's a dal badlu. I like loyal girls. I wake up and see she's gone elsewhere. Jab double log chale gaye, I was joking about blast from the past and I see Karishma and Vishal. I was talking about another blast from the past and then I saw this. Sapna laughs. *random chatter about food*

12am - Sapna asking Niketan to smell mausambis. Niketan - I'll tell you a funny thing about Urvashi's parents. Call her. Call her MIB. Sapna - she's busy. She calls her MIB. Niketan - see Urvashi wants importance this way or that. I told her, woh thigh nahi hai, thailand hai. Sapna - kameena and she laughs. Urvashi comes. Niketan - Santosh wanted rose water. *missed his joke* Urvashi - oyster? Coffee also. Sapna - now we know. She laughs. Urvashi 0 mat jagao shaitaan. BB's gong sounds. Mink - ampty batteries Niketan - oh ho, itna sikhao subha main - AMpty nahi EMpty. Urvashi is not sure what they've given, Have they sent a tab and this also? Sapna - what's written in it? Urvashi - Aashka ko permission hai *muted*. Cam changes to Vishal, Nirahua, Vrajesh sitting together. Santosh standing behind them. Vishal saying at one time I signed so many films. They start singing. Karishma walking. Vishal - Urvashi ka hai? Karishma going and sits with Mink and Niketan. Karishma eating a mausambi.

12:09am - Lights go off and Karishma requesting kitchen lights to be turned on. Imam mopping the floors. Delnaaz being taken to the bedroom by Vrajesh. Niketan calls Santosh for a min.

*stopping updates for now*

12:10am - Seems Aashka called Urvashi into the bedroom

12:15am - Niketan, Mink and Karishma sitting in the yellow room and chatting. Niketan saying he wants to chat with her. Mink 

12:21am - Delnaaz talking to Urvashi, Rajev asking if she wants juice. Vrajesh sitting on the ground near Delnaaz. Delnaaz - I'll eat later. Urvashi just standing there in front. Rajev - have. Urva - no I'll get more if she wants. I have to put it away. Delnaaz gives Urvashi a plate and says no it's fine.  Urvashi takes the plate and leaves. Rajev - people get annoyed at small things and then this happens, Yellow room. Kari is gone. Niketan - dislike Imam. Bana ke rakha.. They avoid people... *whispering* I think Niketan mentions Vishal and Karishma. Karishma comes back and Niketan changes the topic.

*stopping updates as Niketan is very hard to hear when he whispers*

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This conversation that Vishal and Sana are having is so boring. Just going round in circles and 'talking'..

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Did Sappy's friends enter ?

By the way who came first.. Bakhtiyar or Urva's sons ?

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where is my nik,..urvi,..and that gang,.missthem, pakaa hua logo ko dekhke thak gayi,...just came online,..kyaa huaa,...aaj subha,..please tell me,..anyone shortly,..

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Pooja Misrra's secret affair with Faisal Saif?

Pooja Misrra and Faisal Saif

The Bigg Boss controversial model-anchor Pooja Misrra walked on the Red Carpet of Colors Golden Petal Awards 2012 recently. Pooja was keeping a very low profile these days and was seen after a long time. But she walked in with a handsome man and the Press were trying to figure out who that man was? The man was Faisal Saif.

Faisal Saif is a Journalist who writes for various publications and Co-Editor for Global Movie magazine which was earlier called Movie. He is also the same Film maker who is known for his controversial film 'Jigyaasa' (2006) starring Hrishitaa Bhatt. It was in the press and media that Faisal Saif was also involved in a relationship with pakistani actress Meera. It is now heard that Pooja Misrra and Faisal Saif are seen in public very much these days. Sources who were present at the award function also saw them sitting together very romantically and after the function was over, They both left together.

However, When contacted, Pooja Misrra and Faisal Saif remained unavailable for comments.

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