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FF: After The Maha Episode THE END PG 22 (Page 6)

sss283 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nehaprasad1994

Hi everyone!
Im going to take this FF to a new level.. I promise that tomorrow will have my best update!

Many want the mystery revealed.. Well i will bring out a few things tomorrow.. I promise to make it nice..

I will bring in some romance! Whats say?

Waiting to hear to what you all would like to read!

Thanking you as always,


Wow thats cool
cant wait for tomorrow
bring it on...jaldi jaldi

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anupam_dil Goldie

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
totally confused whats going on...

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nehaprasad1994 Groupbie

Joined: 30 September 2012
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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged

Part 4: Love Dust..

Rajat has had enough.. He wants to change everything.. He closes his eyes with anger..
The party.. 
Rajat: Nice party.. Nervousness overpowering him.. Nice music.. Are you comfortable?
Priya: Yes.. Thankyou.. Bohot acchi hai.
Rajat: Agar if you are ok.. Can I ask you something.. (nervous) Only if its ok with you..
Priya: Ofcourse sir.. Aap joh chaahe poochsakthe hai..
Rajat: Kya aap.. I mean if its ok.. Will you dance with me..?
Priya: Sir.. pehele hi mein bohot uncomfortable hu..( Then looks at Ram.. Her eyes blazing with Anger.. ) On second though.. Yes sir..

She gives him his hand.. Glaring at Ram as if asking him to come and take her in his possesion.. They walk to the dance floor and Rajat takes her phone and slips it into his pocket.. She rests her left hand on his shoulder and he takes her right hand in his left.. He slowly slips his right hand on her waist.. She shuts her eyes in discomfort and Rajat looks at her apologetically.. She just gives a cold smile.. 

BG music:

 Tu ne joh nakaha mein woh sun tha raha..
Rajat's eyes get misty as the song brings him back to reality and doesnt allow him to lose himself in her..Priya looks at him and then at Ram..
Khamakha bevajaa.. Khwaab buntha raha..
Ram bows down.. He is unable to meet her eyes.. Priya's eyes flled with rage..
Priya seems to be bent on provoking Ram after his verbal onslaught..
Priya looks at Rajat and asks for his approval through her eyes.. He blinks granting permission and dances to her steps..
Priya moves closer and smiles.. Rajat swirls her her around and she laughs at his moves.. She lands in his arms.. He releases her hand She moves away.. And with a sudden jerk he pulls her back.. 
He is unable to hold himself back.. She is looking divine.. Every time he swirls her.. Her eyes twinkle.. This time he puts his hand possessively on her waist.. She looks at him and asks him to hold back through her eyes, He can see that his move has upset her.. He pleads but she lets go, bows and moves away.. He sees that her eyes are beaming at Ram with anger.. And She looks at him conveying that he shouldnt have done that..
 Suddenly he snaps out of this..

Rajat: Yeh maine kya kardiya.. Priya mein yeh hone nahi dooga Pyar kartha hu mein tumse.. I cannot let this happen..

Scene shifts to KM: Ram thinking to himself.. :I need to get away.. Meine yeh tik nahi kiya.. Pihu meri bacchi hai.. Lekin Priya meri jaan hai.. I think I should Leave..

Ram: On the phone.. Ji Ill leave in half an hour..
Writes a letter addressed to Nutz.. Packs his bags and leaves..

In Airport: 

Ram is sitting in his seat.. Thinking.. Mein ab kuch nahi karunga.. Joh nasseb mein likha hai.. Wahi hoga.. Tab tak mein Pihu aur Khus ke padahyi keliye joh bhi chaahiye.. Uska intezaam karunga.. Lost in his thoughts as though convincing himself that there is no forgiveness from Priya.. 
Pilot announcement: This flight to NY will be leaving in 15 mins.. Kindly follow the instructions for your safety..

Scene shifts to KM:

Nutz comes in to the room.. Everything is neatly kept in place.. There is a letter on the bed with a rose on it..

She opens it..

Meri pyaari choti,

Mein todi dinokeliye.. Chutti pe jaarahahu.. Aur tab tak nahi aaunga jab tak meri dil ko tasalli na mil jaaye..
Mujhe pata hai ki tum sab sambhaalogi.. I donot want to reveal where Im going.. Mein kisise koi baat nahi karna chahtha.. 
I dont know whats going on In you bhabi's mind.. Mera koi haq nahi rehegaya ab unse kuch poochne ki.. 
All I know is.. Tumhaari Aur Priya ki mamta kaafi hai.. Sab ko samhaalne keliye jab tak mein wapis nahi aajaatha.. 
Vikram aur Rajat Business samhaalenge..
Choti hosake toh mujhe maaf kardena..


Tears flowing down her cheeks.. Thinking.. Aaapne aisa kyu kiya bhai.. saara parivaar bhikarraha hai.. Ab aap bhi jaarahe ho.. 
She wipes her tears thinking.. Nahi yeh ho nahi saktha.. Mujhe kuch toh karna padega..

Scene shifts to Vik Neha:

Vikram has gone to pick up Neha Daijaan and Cady..

Vik: Daijaan, Cady Ab aap log Km aasakthe hai.. Sab Amritsar chalegaye hai.. 
Neha: Haan.. Rajat ko hum sab ki zaroorat hai..Pauses  she is still angry but she takes a deep breath and continues..  Aur Ram ko bhi.. 
Vik: Neha.. Woh.. actually Natasha ne phone kiya tha.. And tell her about the letter..
Daijaan: Yeh sab kya horaha hai.. 
Cady: Sir, maam.. Agar aap bura na maane toh mein kuch kahu..
VikNeha: Haan zaroor bolo..
Cady: Hume kuch toh karna hoga.. Joh bhi horaha hai.. We can not let the situation go out of hand.. Agar hum aise hi chodenge toh yeh aur bhi bigadjaayega.. And I cant see this happen..
Vik: Haan Cady.. you are rght.. 

There is a moment of silence as everyone is worried..

Vik: Chalo pehele ghar chalthe hai.. Its already quite late.. Dinner kahthe waqt decide karenge..

Scene shows every ones emotions..
Pain,hurt, betrayal, concern seen in their eyes.. 

To be continued.. 
How did you like this? What do you think is gong to happen? What is going on in their minds.. What does fate play.. Will it bring Ram and Priya together in the cold chills of NY..

Comments and suggestions are always welcome..
More coming up.. 
Your questions inspire me.. So feel free to ask..

Thankyou for reading.. 


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nehaprasad1994 Groupbie

Joined: 30 September 2012
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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by veenasanugommul

totally confused whats going on...

will make it simple.. Sorry.. But my further updates will be lovable i promise.. Some cute scenes coming up..

Sorry for the confusion! Love,
leo4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 1:54am | IP Logged
it is intresting but pretty confusing
i dnt like rams guilt personally so not liking ram being the bad guyWink

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nehaprasad1994 Groupbie

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 3:17am | IP Logged

At KM:

Everyone is seated at the dining hall.. Rajat enters an join them..

At the table,
Rajat while have allo ka parata.. Thinking to himself.. Pyar haasil karna nahi hota..
Rajat: Mein jaantha hu ki aap sab kya sochrahe honge.. But honestly nein sirf Priya ki khushi chahtha hu.. Aur usnki khushi Ram se hai..
Vik: Rajat tum intna kuch seherahe ho..
Rajat interrupts.. Nahi Vikram jaisa aap sab sochrahe hai.. Aisa kuch nahi hai.. Ram ne gusse mein joh kuc bhi kaha.. Woh sirf usk pyar tha.. Haan mei maantha hu.. Usko woh sab nahi karna chahiye tha.. Lekin..
Neha: Lekin kya Rajat.. Gusse ke bho had hoti hai.. Aur kisi ko test karna..
Ram and Priya in Priya's appartment..
Rajat an Nutz were talking about pihu in the kitchen while VikNeha Were talking to cady and daijaan about Rahul in the hall..

Ram goes to Priya's room..

Ram: Oho toh madam apn rajat sir keliye tayar hogayi hai..
Priya doeant respond..
Ram: yeh raa papers.. Inme sign kardo..
Priya is calm as she knows he is enraged an more over she is angry with how he played her all along.. She takes the papers an reads them..
Priya: Divorce! Alimony.. Yeh sab.. With tears in her eyes.. Custody ke liye toh aap lad hi rahe hai..
Ram: woh kya hai na.. Meri biwi sorry ab meri ex biwi agar mere business partner ke saath yeh sab karsakthi hai.. Toh me uske saath koi rista nah rakhna chaahtha..
Priya is angry.. But she says nothing and quietly signs the papers as she wants Ayesha's life to stay put..
Ram: Angry that she signed thw papers.. Kitni aasaanise sign kardiya.. Wah.. Ab toh khuleaam joh chahe karlena..
Priya: Pissed off with his behaviour.. Kya karlu? Yeh aap joh bhi bolna chathe hai na.. Apne paas hi rakhiye.. Mujhe kuch nahi sunna hai..
Ram: Rage in his eyes getting violent.. Goes locks the door an grips her hand and says..
Summa padega.. Tumhe sharam nahi aathi.. Rajat ke saath..
Priya is also enraged..
Kya.. Rajat ke saat kya.. Aapko kya.. Mein joh bhi kqru aapko kya? Haan mein karungi..
Ram: Grinding his teeth.. Slaps her hard.. His eye red..
Priya: steps back in shock.. Walks out of the room..
Ram follows her..
Ram: How dare you?
Priya just walks away tears flowing down her cheeks.. Thinking.. How dare he.. First Rajat then her and now.. How dare he talk like that to her.. How dare he question her character.. Anger builds up in her.. How dare he slap me!
Everyon is wonderin what happened..
Ram yanks her hand and turns her towards him..
Everyone is shocked.. And angry seeing the red finger mark on priyas cheek..
Ram: Sach sunkar bura laga? Itni gir..
Chatak! She slaps him hard!
He is shocked! His hand moves ove his cheeks..
Priya: Just shut up! How dare you.. You came to know I was alive when you came to Dubai.. Tab shock nahi hua? No.. Lekin jab mein yahaa ayi tab aapko mujhe dekhkar heart attack hua.. Kuch jawaab jai aapke paas.. You came to know about peehu but still you introduced Ayesha a your wife knowing that I was in the party.. What did you want to prove Ram? And playing with Rajat sirs feelings.. You made him fall in love with me.. Chi.. And you are doubting my charater! How dare you..
Rajat is shocked!
Priya: we are not divorced yet Mr. KAPOOR.. Aapki khel katam hogayi ho toh let me tell you.. YOU dont deserve ME.. Ky prove karna chahthe the aap..

Everyone is shocked! Ram knew everything from past 3 months..? And he made Rajat fall in lov with Priya.. There wa disgust written all ove their faces..

Ram is standing there.. Priya knows.. ? But how.. ?

Priya turning to Rajat..
Priya: Aur aap sir.. Mei samajthi thi ke aap mere dost hai. Kya aap bata nahi sakthe the jab aapko pata chala.. Sab jaanthe hue bhi.. Aap unka saat derehe hai..

Rajat: Mujhe kuch nahi pata tha..
Priya: kya.. Turning to Ram..
You will never touch me again how dare you do this to a friend.. Had hoti hai Mr. Kapoor.. Aur aapne apna had par kardiya..

Ram: Because I LOVE YOU!

Priya: Just shut up! Pyar ka matlab jaanthe bhi hai? Aapko gusse ke alawa kuch nahi aatha.. You are a SELFISH CHEAP ARROGANT MAN.. Full of yourself.. Aapka dard aapka dukh aapki biwi aapki dost aapki yeh aapki woh.. Enough is enough..

Realization hits Ram and it hits him real hard..
Tears flowing down his cheek..

Rajat is unable to control hi tears.. Priya hugs him and says.. Its ok.. An pats his back..

Flashback ends..
Rajat: We should give them both some time.. As for us.. I think hume waapis Dubai jaana chahiye..
VikNeha: Haan its better we take care of the kids and work here.. Pata nahi yeh dono kab lautenge..
Nutz: haan Karthik ne kaha ki woh kal aajaayega.. Aur usko kuch zaroori baat karni hai hum sab se..
Rajat: Hum kal niklenge..
Cady: mein packing karthi hu..

Everyone finishes dinner and leaves..

To be continued..


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sushfiza IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 4:02am | IP Logged
thanks...suspense revealed

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leo4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 4:22am | IP Logged
sorry to say totally ruined the fiction for me 

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