Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

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MissChievous IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Updates from earlier in the day are posted in the link below by simplypurple

BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 4th December '12

9:45am :  Sana and Delnaaz are cooking in the kitchen.Niketan talking to Delnaaz about breakfast. They are making frankies(roti pe anda). Delnaaz to Aashka - Let it go. Leave it. 

9:53am : Sana, Delnaaz and Aashka are in the kithcen.

Aashka asking Sana why she is talking to her like that. Sana saying it's nothing and that she's not sad. Del says that nothing has happened with us. Del - Everyone's name is written. Aashka comes and hugs Sana. Sana - You felt that?

0:59am : Aashka to Sana - When you go out, you will do what I say. Sana and Delnaaz exchange looks. Aashka leaves and Imam walks into the kitchen. Imam to Sana - Why is your mood off? Sana - No nothing. Imam - You are always smiling so I don't know you seem kind of sad today. They start talking about serving food in one plate to the red team.

10:03am : Sapna walks into the kitchen and starts shouting - This one stupid guy has shaken the house in one night. One person is gossipping here and another over there. This stupid guy!!!(Vishal)

10:07am : Shukla, Nirahua and Vishal sitting in garden area. Nirahua talking about Imam that he has decided to start a fight. 

10:10am : Aashka to Sapna: If you feel the house is being divided, go talk to Vishal and confront him. Instead of screaming why don't you work towards bringing the house back together. Aashka thinks Vishal is doing this because of nominations. Sana -  never nominated him. I understand me talking but why is everyone else is talking?

10:13am : Rajev, Niketan, Karishma, Urvashi and Mink are in the bedroom talking about the task. Rajev singing (his songs seem directed towards Sana). Singing gore gore mukhre pe kala kala chashma. Mink asking Rajev to give Karishma a hug but Gives her one herself. Karishma saying Niketan's hug was nice that day. Kairshma to Mink and Nik - Gosh I've gotten into a love triangle without knowing. I was just talking to him. I'm not interested in getting into a relationship now.

10:24am : Delnaaz, Sana, Sapna, Aashka and Imam are in the kitchen area still. Imam talking about working in production of LINTAS. He's talking about kitchen hygiene. Imam asking the Del,Sana and Aashka what song they would like to listen to in their final moments. They start singing. Imam talking about death and how the soul leaves the body. Delnaaz and Sana asking Imam to call Urvashi group to come eat.

10:29am : Delnaaz seems tried from cooking. Imam asking Del if he knows some caterer. Imam and Sapna are talking in the background. Imam leaves. Sana and Del talking about how many parathas/roti to make.Sana is sleepy and says she hasn't gotten the chance to go to the washroom since she woke up. Del - Very bad.*makes a disapproing face* Those who think their time is up will act like that.

10:34am : Sapna to Urva, Nik, Mink and Kar - After lights turn off, what do u guys talk about?Like so much? I was passed out but what is it? 

10:35am : Shukla, Nirahua and Vishal singing outside. Aashka comes in with food and they sit down on the ground to eat. 

11:43am : Nik, Kar, Mink and Urva are in the bedroom. Urvashi laughing at something Sapna is saying. Sapna voice can be heard faintly. Mink to Nik - What happened? Nik - It's something a bit private. I'll tell you later. 

10:45am : Sapna sweeping the floor and talking to Imam while Rajev is meditating/[praying. Sapna counting beds in boy's room and talking about the floor with Imam.

10:46am : Sana is eating while Delnaaz is still in the kitchen cleaning up. Del - Was the food ok? Aashka comes in. Sana is asking Sana to sit down with her. Aashka talking to Sana about Vishal. Sana says she has no idea who's doing what. Aashka - Sapna has raised such a good point. Sana - What? Aashka - That you are not taking a stand and you nominated. Sana - There are some things which get solved by itself. With Karishma things didn't get sorted out. But with Vishal,  had to say things that hurt me. I can;t bring those 5 days back right?

10:55am : Santosh talking to Nirahua and Vishal. He's saying if Bigg Boss asked him to nominated someone then he would nominate Aashka because it won't make a difference to her if she left as she is quite popular. He would want Nirahua to stay. Vrajesh comes in and they start making fun of Aashka!

11:00am : Vishal pointing to Sana and Sapna talking. He says look at Sapna's hand gestures. Shukla suggests that he should go over and talk too. Vishal saying wheneerv he would talk to Kar he would talk about his ex-gf.

Sana comes outside crying and aashka is with her. They walk towards the washroom. Vishal sees that but is indecisive about going over to Sana. Vishal goes over to Sana after a few minutes.

11:15am : Rajev is talking to Del and Nik in the kitchen about Sana. He's saying that I always told Sana that whatever u do here, the repercussions will be very bad. Del asks Rajev to stop talking for a bit to hear what what Sapna(i think) is saying in the bedroom . Del - What kind of game is she playing yaar? Rajev leaves. Nik - Who are they shouting at?Are they shouting or discussing(referring to Sapna)? Del - I don't know.

11:24am : Kar to Mink - if someone is jealous then that's not my problem.Sorry but i'm a nice person and maybe my timing is wrong but i'm not in that frame of my mind that i would look at someone like that. This is not the time after what I have been through. She must like him and maybe he's talking to me to make her jealous too. Now I'm looking like a fool.  Mink -  Yes you are. You were sitting with him all the time 24/7. Kar - No I wasn't. Mink - Yes you were.  Kar -  This is so high school. Let everyone talk to whom they want and when they want. Take the task in the right spirit. Mink -  Sapna didn't wait a second to revive her friendship yesterday once she realized ke ek taraf se patte kat rahe the. I spoke to Vishal and he said Sana is angry and she will be ok with time. But Sana said that she won't be even in 50 years. Kar - This is so high school. Let everyone talk to whom they want and when they want. Take the task in the right spirit.

11:27am : Sapna telling Del about Sana-Vishal situation. Del says this is a mad house. Imam and Sapna get into a little tiff. Imam asks Sapna to not speak rudely.

11:32am : Rajev is crying by himself. Urvashi comes to him and asks him what it is. Rajev says nothing. Urvashi is like you should tell us sometimes what it is cuz you keep asking everyone but don't share yourself.

Urva to Rajev - What kind of friendship people bring along with them who knows?You nominated me but I never held a grudge against you.
Urva feeding Rajev and eating herself too. They are talking about how Rajev is affectionate towards his friends despite whatever situation. He never wanted to come between Del and her. Urva says she never wanted him to. Her relationship is different with him. Urva then asks that what happened now though?
Rajev - I feel like a fool to even repeat what happened.
Urva - It happens. Tell me.
Rajev - I will look like the biggest fool.
Urva - What is it?You won't look like a fool to me though.
Rajev - Whatever happened now between Sapna and Sana. So I went to the loo, Aashka, Vishal and sana are talking near the shower area. Like you know how fond I am of Sana... for the last 56 days...*Cam switches to kitchen*

11:50am : *blackie: Rajeev:  I was netural in Urvashi-Delu issue. Par I took sides in Sana and Vishal's case. Toh isiliye mujhe lagta hain ki main kya kar raha hoon. Maine captaincy kyon loose ki. I told Vishal to take save Sana from nominations. Vishal is like boss, are you mad? I was not discussing nominations with Vishal, I was requesting him to save Sana so that she can become captain next time. But look, then Sana saved Vishal next time.  

*taking a break*

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Chits1 IF-Stunnerz

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Is the task over? How come Rondu ganga aka Ashka came to the kitchen?

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bluerobin IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by avidwatcher1

Originally posted by bluerobin

yaar purple - yaar happy that sana vishal patched up. But I don't trust vishal and I am not convinced about him . Don't know when he will again change colors . 

Agreed. He was soo nice to her last night, and apologized and said how he's been feeling without her. And our girl, naive as she is, fell for it. I summarized it in my post.

But forgot to mention, that he was also barkaoing her against Rajiv. Telling her why are you sticking to him
So much, and how it doesn't look good. And what does he talk to you about all the time, and for so long?

avidwatcher hiii yaar , Thanks yaar . Yaar I like rajeev . But I hate him when he goes behind that delnaaz even after getting slaps from him . Rajeev has no self respect , always going behind delnaaz when she rants that rajeev is ex contestant . Yaar seriously rajeev delnaaz are faking divorce

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by TheRowdiest

Originally posted by simplypurple

Nothing happened. Vishal and Karishma have barely spoken since he's back. I have a feeling Karishma is afraid Vishal has seen her footage of her saying she's talking to him for his vote. And so now she's trying to mend bridges with Niketan and group. She's been going on about a bad image going on cameras and paranoia. Now with Urvashi she's saying that I think I made a mistake coz I pissed people off. So complete change of reasoning overnight.

i think u missed behind the scene vids ...

now they r not talking much bcz of task ...

in one of the vid Vishal told Karishma everything he said on the stage ... like he said Fattu to nik , date thingy etc everything ... then imam told Vishal so start a romantic angle with karishma ... he suggested him not to bhatkofy frm this way and concentrate on this  

then yesterday Vishal flirted a lot with Karishma as per mink , kari convo in the night ... karishma was worried what what ppl will think ...he dad passed away , she came here and what she is doing here ...she was paranoid ... then mink brainwashed her LOL

then in the night sana-vishal patch up and Rajeev is upset  with sana bcz of this 

Can you link it because I have indeed missed it.
srkangel IF-Dazzler

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seeing nik standing with dholnaaz n sana  ashtray had to come spy on sana

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IBserenity IF-Rockerz

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my God, Del stop touching your unwashed hair while cooking you fiend!!! 

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Originally posted by iffatzhera

Niketan keeping a check on delu's and sana's cooking
Niketan: meray liye doodh waala anda bana daina
keep it easy on chillies, not much
Do parathay without oil
Oh good gobi aagaee he
and delu is like haan haan main lunch me aaloo gobi bana rahi hoon

seriously I don't think niketan likes del's hath ka food , he always has something to say.

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TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by avidwatcher1

Agreed. He was soo nice to her last night, and apologized and said how he's been feeling without her. And our girl, naive as she is, fell for it. I summarized it in my post.

But forgot to mention, that he was also barkaoing her against Rajiv. Telling her why are you sticking to him
So much, and how it doesn't look good. And what does he talk to you about all the time, and for so long?

yah in the AV he watched he saw Rajeev bitching abt him too LOL

so i think he is trying to play against nik and Rajeev now ... hmmm but how ???? sana won't be able to do much ...or may be via sana now he wanna go into SAD gang again 

again none will believe him ever after this and he will be nominated every week for sure frm now till the end LOL

isse accha game to mink khel gayi ... she observed everyone first week then chose Nik and till now stick to them ... in BB u need few ppl who won't nominate u and can choose u over other 

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