Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread -38 /Upt pg 1

TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 8:48pm | IP Logged

Live Discussion Thread -38

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BB6 DT's note

Hey Everyone :)

This is about spoilers and LIVE Streaming of BB.

ALL Discussion pertaining to Eviction and LIVE UPDATE should be discussed ONLY in SPOILER or LIVE DISCUSSION THREAD which are sticky threads, at least the news which have not been aired.
Any posts or topics discussing spoilers shall be deleted without notice.

Consolidated Updates are given by Star 
simplypurple Star 


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blossom2283 Goldie

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waah me first Wink

let me welcome u all Hug ...aaaoo bitching kare ROFL

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speedi Goldie

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 8:51pm | IP Logged

BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 4th December '12

** Time converted to India Time
** Bold bits are important/interesting (may not get to highlight everything if a lot is happening)
** Red bits are spoilers

8:04am - Wake up alarm - duniya main logo ko dhoka kabhi ho jata hai. LOL

8:06am - Someone walks to the bathroom.

8:07am - Cam view switches. Rajev seems to be out and walking around the fish tank now.

8:08am - Imam out and walking towards fish tank. He's dancing in front of the fish tank.

8:09am - Delnaaz up and going towards Rajev. Nirahua jumping/dancing and going towards Delnaaz. Song over.

8:10am - In the kitchen, Sana is awake and filling her water bottle.

8:11am - Vishal walking towards her and she says, where's your pass before coming into our border. He goes and puts the athithi card around her neck and says good morning. Sana - I'm so sleepy. We'll tell Salman on Friday, can we sleep extra?

8:12am - Urvashi in bed. Not able to open her eyes. Mink talking to her. *inaudible*

8:13am - Imam in bedroom telling Niketan to get up and leaves. Niketan's eyes are open (maybe) but he's lying on his stomach.

8:15am - Sana making tea and wiping her face with a tissue. Rajev walking around near the dining table.

8:17am - Sana calls Aashka - aansoo! Shocked Then she's talking to Imam about "laga hua hai na per pe". Guess she's referring to Santosh who got hurt on his leg. Imam is saying something to Sana.

8:19am - Rajev in yellow bedroom on his bed facing Rajev. Niketan is wrapped up in his blanket. Niketan - 60 days! Rajev - 5 mins in bathroom. Can't go to the garden. He hangs his head and moves it about. Then lifts it and sighs.

8:21am - Sana telling Nirahua/Santosh that she was tired of seeing him in the red jacket. Sana saying Sapna didn't like the song. She said play another one, only then I'll get up. She welcomes Santosh to the kitchen. He wants to get hot water so Sana says she'll do it for him and fills the kettle. Sana asking if Santosh is ready for tea coz she's preparing tea for everyone.

8:25am - Nirahua singing. Sana saying you also got up with the wake up song. Nirahua saying they couldn't sleep after lights off. Sana - even me and Vishal were playing sakhi sakhi. She asks Del if people want tea. Del asks Karishma if Mink is sleeping and if they want tea? Sana says everyone is sleeping, forget it. Del comes to Sana in the kitchen says - I don't know what that means. Karishma said thank you. Sana handing tea to Nirahua for someone. Sapna awake saying she hasn't even brushed. BB buzzes for batteries. Delnaaz goes into the storeroom and gets the batteries, Nirahua comes into the kitchen for batteries. Sapna screaming - maza aayega! 

8:28am - Mink and Urvashi awake. Karishma talking and joking. Karishma - you know the boys who follow you everywhere, that's how one guy was after me. *silence* All 3 in their beds. Karishma - I think basically we have to stay in our areas. They can't come in the red areas, we cant go in the gardens.

8:30am 0 Sana giving Rajev his tea. Niketan - Rajev, gossip girls ka finale ho gaya. Rajev calling after her. Sana walking off. Rajev - come on, he's also a friend. Niketan - in gossip girls, one hero dies. Rajev - no. In life also, if I don't like anything i just cut off, no explanations. I'll give explanations but I wont ask. I dont think she'll have anything to give explanations. Yesterday Aashka was talking to me. Niketan - same baatein same baatein. Rajev - if I dont like something. Niketan saying and cut.

8:33am  - Sana and Del joking in the kitchen. Sapna making coffee or tea. Sapna - I want to pee badly. Del - you can request them since this is out of the game. Sapna runs out. Sana - yea or we'll say sorry BB sapna is about to open her private bathroom. LOL Where are all the cups if there are 15 people. Del - a couple broke, a few people may have taken theirs home. Sana laughing. Del and Sana at dining table sitting in silence. Del - they played a good song. *silence* Del - you gave everyone tea? Sana - yes. Del - she got hurt very badly. Sana - he'll have to keep it open right so that it dries. Del - at night Urvashi was whispering. I'm tired. Cam shifts.

8:36am - In red bedroom, Karishma telling Mink saying he was right but that was not my intention. My intention was to be with everybody. Mink listening. Urvashi asleep. *silence* Mink - I'm not getting up coz Imam just went in and god knows when everyone will be done and it'll be our turn.

8:38am - Rajev - Aashka saying she will handle it so I said both Sana and Vishal were talking. Niketan - it'll be funny. Rajev - forget the outside reaction. They may not see everything but they have some understanding. So when she didn't choose me I told her (sana) the impact will be on you. The stupidity will be on you If she does it now, then I'll say bye bye. Confused Imam walks in. *silence* Imam sorting through clothes on the sofa.

8:41am - Mink - we wont do anything. Aaj hum virodh karegein. We wont brush. The person beside me will have fits (urvashi). Main to naina lada rahi thi. Urvashi still asleep. Karishma lying in bed looking around. Mink wondering about her pus filled pimples. Now Karishma wondering how to pack her bags. Mink - ho gayega. Mink is up and out of bed and deciding on her hairstyle to hide her pimples. She walks out of the bedroom. Sapna resting her head on the table. Sana asking Mink if she wants a cup of tea. She's saying something but can't hear clearly. Sapna going on saying come on Delnaaz. Sapna is waiting on Delnaaz to go after her. Mink walks out. Sana and Sapna at dining table. Sapna - 3 days to friday. You didn't sleep all night? Sana - are you mad I had slept. Sapna - I was passed out before you came. Sana - everyone was passed out. Rajev comes in. Sapna saying that u want to pee? Get in line!

8:46am - In yellow bedroom, Niketan telling Mink to press his back. He'll cover himself so cameras dont know who he is. He's pretending to be Urvashi and Mink is saying to make female voices.  Niketan - I spoke to Rajev at night for 3 hours by choice.

8:48am - Sapna and Sana still talking. Sapna - our territories are good. Delnaaaz, now we are in a problem, come quickly. Rajev! Don't cut into the line. Rajev - no no. LOL Sapna - yesterday's meals were good. Those parathas was so heavy that they had settled in the stomach. Rajev - how many people are there? Sana - 14. Rajev is annoyed that Sana and Vishal are talking. He's taunting that people's opinions change so fast. 

8:51am - Urvashi asleep on her bed. Outside near fish tank, Santosh, Nirahua and Aashka sitting in the sun. Aashka - I do my own thing. Santosh - marne wali halat ho gayi hai ki gana bhi nahi gaa sakte. He jokes he'll press Nirahua's neck. Nirahua starting his singing. Dead Nirahua telling Santosh why he opened his wound. Santosh said it opened on it's own at night. Nirahua saying that while bathing, cover it with plastic. Nirahua saying he put cream on his face so his face feels better today. He's going to put papita bleach on his face. LOL Aashka saying it'll dry your face. Santosh saying when he put it it was good. He'll put a face pack also. Nirahua clearing his face. Santosh - face tan goes very difficultly. He was shooting once and turned so black. Nirahua sharing his story where his face burnt and turned black. 

8:58am - Mink and Karishma helping Niketan choose what to wear. Some scooter shirt. Mink - show me your face with this colour. Oh ho. Imam saying something continuously. Mink saying Dubai DUBAI DUBAAAIII. Mink and Karishma leave. Niketan grabs his mic and leaves. Sana at dining table with Sapna. Niketan walks over. Del also at the table. Rajev hanging around.  Vrajesh on white sofa. Del telling Sana something about going to the bedroom. Sapna seems to have gone to the bathroom and come. Del and Sana get up and head to the bedrooms. Niketan asking who went to the toilet. Rajev - so many people. Niketan - he wants to pee. Sapna - go. Whoever wants to pee pee coz I want to shower.

9:02am - Del telling Sana look at this stage use your mind and heart coz at this stage no one is anyone's. Sana - I dont know whom to trust. Confused Cam switches to outside area. Santosh telling Nirahua and Aashka about his film promotion. Imam seems to be rearranging his suitcase yet again.

9:06am - Urvashi under her blanket. In the mirror Sana and Del talking but muted. And Imam on the opposite side of the glass fiddling with his suitcase.

9:07am - In kitchen, Rajev talking to Karishma. Rajev - I never say anything personal about anyone. Karishma - about me? Rajev - whatever my opinion I never say it publicly. Outside cam, Vrajesh has joined his teammates near the fish tank. Aashka - I'm used to nominations. Nirahua - the day my hair was cut, you should have seen it. Nirahua saying he'll head to the toilet. He gets up and leaves. Sapna is talking to Nirahua. Sapna - I told you guys, we'll go swimming. Aashka has a cold or she's crying (sniffing). Confused  Santosh singing Aashka aashkaa. He asks her if she's crying. She says no no. 

9:15am - Santosh making Vishal say "jai mata di" and BB mutes it. Cam switches to red bedroom. Urvashi still asleep. Aashka walks in with an atithi card.  Sana and Del still talking and muted.Ouch

9:19am - Imam in yellow bedroom fiddling with his things. He covers his pile of clothes with a cloth. He's changing.

9:24am - Niketan finished using the toilet. Nirahua also in the bathroom. Niketan getting ready to shave. Nirahua brushing his teeth. Imam still in yellow bedroom fiddling with his stuff.

9:27am - Sana and Del preparing breakfast. Sana making parathas and Del planning to make aaloo gobi. Sapna asking Sana if she wants to use the bathroom and she says, no you go I'll go afterwards. Mink, Karishma and Rajev at the dining table. Rajev deep in conversation with Karishma. Niketan walks in and Del informs him that she and Sana will also do lunch and Mink adds they'll alternate. Del saying it's so difficult in 5 mins to bathe. Rajev interrupts and says who defines what is 5 mins. Niketan in red bedroom saying that there's a line to head to the loo. Niketan saying that Rajev said that Aashka made Sana and Vishal talk and they kept talking all night so  *he whispers* they are back! Karishma walks in and Niketan leaves.

8:30am - Niketan telling Rajev his house work and Rajev says that he's not doing anything because he's his marzi ka malik. Whoever hasn't changed the batteries, lets eliminate them. Now he's making silly jokes on which Mink is laughing. He keeps saying hain and Mink laughs HAHAHA. Now she's also doing hain. Rajev - I rest my case.

8:32am - Aashka and Vrajesh walking outside. Aashka - inta differences kyun? Vishal and Sana sorted it out so now there are issues between Rajev and Sana. Vrajesh - what's Rajev's issue? Aashka - Rajev got annoyed by it. In red bedroom, Urva talking to Karishma - even if Rajev is not in the room, he's in the room. Karishma - do you think I made a mistake by talking to Vishal and created a lot of conflict? Urva - quiet. Karishma - like subconsciously? Urva - why are you asking? Karishma - coz Niketan said dont talk but in the angel task we started to talk normally. Urva is quiet. What would you talk about? Karishma - normal stuff like London, Dubai, travelling, what we'd do after the show. I told him he should talk to Sana and then I dropped it. Then he'd be singing. It wasn';t like thta but I feel I made a mistake. I think he's a cool guy but by speaking to him a bit much I've annoyed a lot of people. But I dont care. Urva - exactly.  2nd thing, so many people are fake. So many people dont tell the truth. Everyone knows its a game. Everyone's in the rat race. Everybody. Cam switches to kitchen. Sana and Del cooking. 

8:40am - Niketan joking around with Sana and Del about someone going no no no no. *missed it* Niketan - mujhe pata hai to jake wohi karega. *random chat about cooking* Rajev singing the wake up song.

8:47am - Niketan throwing apples to Sapna? He's impressed with her catches. BB asking Imam to check if he has changed his mic's batteries. Imam comes and changes it. Imam - Rajev wants a candle lit. Niketan says these are magic candles and they wont go out. Imam lights it on the stove and takes it.

8:52am - Aashka comes into the kitchen and says Karishma is saying about something about Sana. Del says just leave it. Aashka leaves the kitchen to go to the living area. She has an apple in her hand.

8:56am - Sana tells Aashka but I'm not sad

8:58am - Aashka walks into the kitchen and randomly hugs her and says when I go out, you'll only do what I say. Confused Sana just looking expressionless. 

Updates continued for the next 5 hrs by BBfanatic here:

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scarlet.moon IF-Sizzlerz

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simplypurple IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by speedi

i heard niketan has said he will never talk to kotak is that true then m very happyROFL

Yes, very true. He told her to her face as he continued talking to her and telling her not to go near Vishal. LOL

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Shamainchara01 Goldie

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Originally posted by speedi

i heard niketan has said he will never talk to kotak is that true then m very happyROFL

LOL he spoke sterday nite!!
TheRowdiest IF-Stunnerz

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quoting frm previous thread 

Originally posted by simplypurple

Originally posted by jeena911

Rajeev taunted sana for patching up with vish and not standing up on her words about vishal...and sana maybe got offended so ...mayb she discussed it with delu and now she's advising her ...that do what you feel is right... pretty much

That;s coz Niektan told him that it's the end of your time with Sana as Vishal and she have patched up. But he said it indirectly. I guess Niketan is threatened by the fact that the Del gang got one more member.

I really don't think Niketan needs to worry ... and he never formed any group at the first place so no way he can be worry abt his so called group 

and i m sure he never considered Vishal in his grp ... he made karishma captain even without Vishal's vote 

we watched half convo ... when cam switched to them theyw ere already talking and its obvious everyone is thinking the same way ...even delu tried to convince Sana ... yahan koi kisi ka saga nahin hai ( abt vishal ) then cam again switched ...the way they patched up suddenly its so obvious it is not a genuine patch up 

and bcz of this patch up i have a feeling sana is leaving this week Confused bcz she has nothing else to do now ( but yah there is karishma too ... both r on the same boat ...content wise )  ) 

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