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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update - 11/5/2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2005 at 1:23pm | IP Logged

Watch this Episode for Armaan's scinitillating histrionicsEmbarrassed... and loads of intrigue!TongueTongue


Armaan and Jassi are still engrossed in a tight clinch. As if his hands have a mind of their own, Armaan lightly strokes her hair, his eyes closed as he drinks in the sweetness of her touch.

Jassi is equally absorbed in him. The lovers hug as if they'll never be able to get enough… as if they'll never find this Heaven again.. as if nothing will ever compare with the here and now of the sensations rippling through their skin, their heart, their soul…

BEEP! BEEP! Ta na na na na na! Armaan's cell rings and destroys the peace!Wacko

They open their eyes and the lovers draw apart slowly, reality sinking in. Armaan thinks, utterly confounded by his reaction to Jessica, "What the heck was I doing? WHAT has happened to me??Confused"

The cell rings incessantly. Jassi wipes away voluminous tears with the back of her hand and Armaan turns his back to her to answer the call.

It's Raj at the other end. "Armaan! Listen, there's a problem here, yaar. Rohit's wife has thrown him out of the house! Now if Rohit stays outside and I spend the night with his wife, that's hardly the ideal situation, hey? I really need to come back home, OK?"

Armaan replies, "You can come back, Raj.. we were leaving anyway!" Jassi looks at his back, surprised!

Armaan is still in shock over what happened between them. He goes over to Jassi and informs her, "It was Raj on the line. He said he's going to be here soon. We should be leaving now!"

Jassi is most reluctant to let go of the moment and asks hopefully, "Umm… can't we stay for some more time?" They exchange a long, meaningful look and Armaan forces himself to say, "No, Jessica!"

Jassi asks him what happened. "Why are you getting so upset?" Armaan bites out, willing her to understand, "Jessica, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, and maybe Jassi will never be able to forgive me for my mistakes."

Jassi asks him what if Jassi has already forgiven him? Armaan looks away and says painfully, "How can she, when I have yet to forgive myself?"

Jassi says immediately, "If Jassi had been here and heard all you said, she would surely have forgiven you!"

Armaan yells, "No! She would never have forgiven me! Never have forgiven me… Cry"

Jassi asks gently, "But you KNOW Jassi.. what do you think she would have said? Tell me…"

Armaan closes his eyes in frustration and then goes over to face her from another angle. He thrusts his face forward and replies, "Jassi would say, 'Armaan Sir, do you know what my Papaji always says to me?'…"

Jassi hears this and cannot control the big grin from ear to ear!!!! Armaan stares at her as if transfixed… Suddenly Jassi pulls herself up and says guardedly, "What happened?"

Armaan gives her a soft, sweet look. "Nothing! Just.. your laugh.." Jassi asks him, "Is it not allowed to laugh here?"

Armaan lets out the breath he's been holding and replies, "You laugh.. just like Jassi!!!! I did notice it earlier too, but…"

Jassi says with enthusiasm, "Do you know why? Jassi's father says that when one laughs, one should do so with all one's heart! Jassi and I both follow the same rule – therefore, we laugh the same way!"

Armaan looks thoughtful. "Actually, there are so many things that are similar between you and Jassi…"

Jassi thinks seriously, "I think I must tell Armaan Sir that I am Jassi!" The moment of Truth!! She opens her mouth to say, "There's something more I want to tell you…" Armaan asks, "About Jassi?"

Jassi says two words, "Khud Jassi.." and the main door pops open the same second..

Raj enters and the moment is lost forever!!!!AngryAngryCry



Jassi and Nandu are dancing, hand in hand, squealing with delight! Jassi is yelling exhuberantly, "Armaan Sir truly loves me Nandu! He loves me! He loves me! He loves me… he loves me!"

Nandu is a little confused, "But how do you know?"

Jassi tells him that for a fleeting moment, their hearts had connected.. and I felt with all my heart, that he LOVES ME!!!!

She is laughing away and in her ebullience steps on his big toe with her high-heeled shoes and Nandu goes – OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! His cry echoes all the way from Mumbai to Timbuctoo!Tongue



Armaan is sitting at his desk alone, looking disturbed. He rues that he had called Jessica to ask about Jassi, but got sidestepped… "But I can never forget Jassi! Never ever!"Ouch



At that moment, Jassi is telling Nandu, "Never! How can I ever forget that moment, Nandu? All my hesitations, all my accusations were swallowed up by that moment! I even forgot that he thought I was someone else!"

Flashback: the hug in question! The way she flung herself at him, desperate to comfort him… the way they held each other, sobbing, suffering, needing… they way they drew apart, like a wire that has been snapped in two…



Armaan is trying desperately to reason out his irrational behavior. He swears vehemently, "No, I DON'T know why Jessica seems so familiar! No other girl can ever take Jassi's place..!"



Jassi is sitting and talking seriously to Nandu. "No Nandu! I cannot keep Armaan Sir away from his Jassi any more. I have known the pain of separation – I cannot see him like this!"

Nandu is surprised and says she cannot do such a thing! Jassi asks him sadly, angrily, "So what shall I do Nandu? Watch him suffer like this? I can't do this, Nandu! I must let Armaan Sir know his Jassi is with him!"

Nandu nods his head understandingly but persists, "Jassi, it's better for the both of you if you don't say a word about this to Armaan Sir. When you succeed in your plans, then tell him by all means! And how much time is left anyway?? Your happy and laughter-filled tomorrows are waiting for you! Be patient!"

Jassi acknowledges the truth of his words but the tears spill over anyway. She lowers her eyes and admits, "Maybe you're right. It's a question of only one more day. After tomorrow Press Conference, Armaan Sir will be reunited with his Jassi."

She looks at him with a question in her eyes. "Even Mallika Ma'am will not come in the way this time. Isn't it?" Nandu looks very happy for her and agreesBig smile!



Mallika and Aryan are seated in front of the Inspector, at his desk. Mallika is aptly wearing a leopard-print saree and trying to convince the Inspector to… you know what..!!!

Mallika: Arre Inspector Sahib, I'm telling you! Jessica Bedi is the one who has murdered Jasmeet Walia! Won't you do anything about it?

Inpector: How can we barge into someone's house and arrest them for murder solely on the basis of suspicion!!?

Mallika: Does that mean you will do nothing at all!!! Allow a murderer to roam around scot-free?

Inspector: Until a few days ago, your face was splashed all over TV saying that Jessica Bedi is your friend! That you will both be working together in Gulmohur!

Mallika: But I had no idea then that she was a murderer!

Inspector: But how can you be so sure now!??

Mallika: You will come to believe it too, if you go to her house, search the place, and if you find the evidence you can arrest her and throw her into jail. Simple!!!

Aryan, who has been watching the heated exchange quietly, speaks up. "Relax, Mallika, relax! Inspector Sahib very well knows what do to when and how. Now YOU tell us, Inspector sahib… you have heard what we had come to say. How shall we proceed?"

Inspector: We cannot do anything on the basis of suspicion alone. No one will ever ask you any questions but me.. I have to answer to a thousand people!

Mallika (dangling the carrot): I know that, Inspector Sahib, but please just think…. When you go over to search Jessica Bedi's house, and you come across a fantastic piece of evidence.. do you have any idea how big that news will become? Oh well… if you don't want to be in the limelight.. don't want to be famous.. what can we do about that.. hmmmm…Dead

Aryan and Mallika look cunningly at each other, watching as the Inspector struggles with his hesitation..

Inspector: Assuming that I do everything you say, and we find nothing by way of evidence, then I stand to be the loser, correct?

Aryan: Don't you worry, Inspector Sahib! We won't let you lose out in any way!

With a wily face, Aryan slides across an envelope over the table for the under-the-table transaction.. it is bursting with currency notes and the Inspector looks greedily at it.. eventually his hand snakes out and he pockets the money with an oily smile.Pig

Inspector shouts (looking very happy): Havaldaar! Get me the FIR Register, will you!

Mallika's lips curl up into a sly, triumphant smile and Aryan gives her an I-told-you-so look…TongueDead



Jassi is in her cabin and Nandu is handing her file-upon-file to sign away. She gets tired of scribbling her signature and groans when he hands her another one, "But Nandu, you were saying that was the last one! I didn't take over Gulmohur so I could keep signing away all day!"

Nandu reminds her that she will have to keep Gulmohur running until they find solid proof against Mallika.

Jassi says carelessly, "The company runs anyway! Even if someone else were to sign…"

A light bulb goes on inside her head and she has a "Eureka!!!" moment! She looks at Nandu and as if by telepathy, he has frozen too! They say in unison, "Are you thinking what I'm …?"

Nandu says slowly, "That means that cheque…" Jassi continues, "that Mallika Ma'am signed.." Nandu finishes, "for 15 lakhs!"

Jassi says, "But when Jessica entered Gumohur, the company was bankrupt!"

Nandu is excited, "That mean Mallika withdrew the money from J. Walia's account!"

In the flash of a second, Jassi goes up to her computer and logs into J. Walia's account to confirm their suspicions. Enter password, click to view the account statement and Yahoo! – She finds the transaction record she is looking for!

Excited, she begins talking very fast. "Nandu, There has been a cheque issued for this from the J. Walia account! If we can prove that Mallika signed for the J. Walia account then it will be obvious that she has opened and operated this account, not Jassi!"

Nandu rejoices, "Jassi, we've done it! I'll go right away and get a photocopy of the cheque! I'll be back in an hour!"

Jassi clamours, "And I'm going to hold a Press conference tomorrow! I'll call all of them – Mama, Bebe, Papaji, everyone!"

Nandu is so happy he's almost crying, "And everyone will get to know the truth!"

Jassi asks him with tears in her eyes, "Nandu, this WILL happen, won't it?"

Nandu answers her gently, "All that you've gone through will stand in your stead, you WILL be rewarded! That Mallika will be punished for her misdeeds!"

The two can't control their excitement and breathless with laughter, begin their clapping routine right there!! When Nandu leaves, Jassi turns her face towards the Heavens and says a heart-felt "Thank you, Babaji… thank you!" She is almost delirious with happiness!TongueTongueTongue



Our Armaan is sitting peacefully at his desk when he is accosted by a stranger – an imaginary stranger who speaks and looks just like himself, his alter ego, his spiritual twin, his own devil's advocate… let us call him Armaan-DA.

Armaan-DA asks him skeptically, "Really? Really Armaan? Are you telling me the truth?Dead"

Armaan answers, trying not to look guilty, "Yes.."

Armaan-DA holds up the magazine with Jessica on the cover-page and counters him with a question, "Armaan.. when Jessica comes close to you, do you not feel anything at all? When you held each other in your arms, how did you feel?"

Armaan says, trying to be honest, "I felt the same way as I used to when Jassi was in my arms..! What does that mean?"

Armaan-DA flings the magazine on his desk and points an accusing finger at Armaan. "That means… you feel the same for Jessica as you felt for Jassi!"

Armaan wants to close out his ears to the stranger's cruel words but he cannot! He stutters, "That's a lie! No one can ever replace Jassi in my heart!"

Armaan-DA bares his teeth and barks, "Then WHY? Why did you take Jessica into your arms? Why do you like being around her, talking to her? I demand an answer!Angry"

Armaan swallows and looks away. He is nearly crying with confusion. "I have no answer to this."

Armaan-DA accuses him harshly, "You want to hide this from the world. But how long will you hide this from yourself?! All these questions point to only one answer!" He points at Armaan again, his hands shaking with emotion. "You know it! You know.."

Armaan screams, "Stop it! I'll go mad!" He picks himself up unsteadily from the chair and walks towards Armaan-DA, upper half of his body bent forward like a very, very old man. He looks tired, defeated. "I'll go mad…! No, I don't know why I like Jessica so much. Why does she seem so familiar? Because she fills up the void that Jassi has left inside of me!Ouch"

Armaan-DA lets out a sardonic laugh. "Armaan.. Armaan! These are all just excuses… to satisfy yourself!" Armaan looks shattered! He can't believe what Armaan-DA is telling him… he denies it. Armaan-DA laughs mockingly and poof! He vanishes into thin air, leaving a befuddled Armaan trying to come to grips with this new unspoken theory.

Unknown to him, Jassi has just entered the room and is standing at the door as he whispers, "I'll go crazy!" He stands with his back to her, head lowered, feeling guilty as sin.. she hears the intensely spoken words and watches him work out his agony and takes a step backward, not intending to announce her presence. But Armaan senses that she is close and turns around to look towards the door – finding no one!

He turns back again and gives an anguished groan, "I can't bear it anymore, Jassi! Please come and save your Armaan Sir! Please, Jassi!Cry" Jassi can't stop her own tears from soaking up the carpet....



Raj and a lady friend are standing arguing with a policemen. Raj is leaning against his car and looking somewhat sozzled. He asks the policeman, "What happened.."

The policeman says sternly, "You are drunk! Come with me to the police station!"

Raj tries to brush him off. "Arre I haven't been drinking whiskey! I only had some beer.. beer is not 'sharaab!' What does it matter! Let me go!"

The policeman insists, "But you are over the limit! This is against the law, understand???"

Raj replies casually, "Arre.. we all know about law and order! Now you tell me – what's YOUR limit huh?"

The policeman is enraged! "You are trying to teach me the law!!!! And now you're trying to bribe me?" He signals the other policemen standing around to escort Raj into the waiting jeep. Raj is roughly led away as the policeman shouts, "Come, lets go the police-station! Come onnnnnn!"



Jassi is shaken by what she witnessed in Armaan's cabin! She has broken down and is in tears. She whispers, "Armaan Sir! He is calling me! I cannot stop myself anymore! I cannot see what he has done to himselfCry! I shall go and tell him everything…!"



The Inspector is telling Mallika and Aryan, "I have spoken to Magistrate Sahib. He will sign a search warrant very soon. Then we can start our activities in full swing!" Aryan is very pleased, "Great!" Mallika thanks the Inspector with a wide smile!Dead



Nandu enters her cabin just as she is about to go out. He is jumping up and down and yelling at the top of his voice, "Jasssssiiiiiiiii! God has heard us.. God has heard us!Big smile"

His excitement is short-lived as Jassi gives him a most unexpected welcome – she begins sobbing into his shoulders, hugging him tightly! Nandu asks in a low voice, "But that's supposed to be good news.. why are you crying?"

Jassi says in a tearful voice, "Nothing… I just wanted to say something, Nandu."

Nandu asks her, "What??"

Jassi goes on, "I'm so very lucky! You're my bestest friend, Nandu.. Whenever I feel I am weak, you are always there to support me…"

Nandu says firmly, "And I will never leave you and go! I will always be with you. Our bad days are gone. I will never let you cry again..!"

Jassi makes a choked sound and guess who should enter the room at that very instant… Armaan! He throws open the door calling out, "Jessica?" and stops when he sees Jassi and Nandu standing so close! Jassi immediately jerks away her hand from Nandu's arm and tries to pretend everything is normal. Armaan senses the mood in the room and apologizes, "I'm sorry, I thought you would be alone, so…" Embarrassed

Jassi says unnaturally, "Err.. nahin. Kahiye?"

Armaan jogs her memory, "So.. I thought you were going to tell me something last night.."

Nandu looks from one to the other and tries to save the situation,. "Uhh.. that! Jessica, you had to tell Armaan about tomorrow's Press conference, right?"

Armaan is zonked! Jassi explains, "Well.. there will be an announcement!"

Armaan probes, "By you?" Jassi replies, "Not me… Jassi! She has something very important to say.. both to you, and to the world..!"

Armaan can't hold back anymore! He is impatient. "What????? Look, Jessicaji, I… I simply cannot wait till tomorrow..!!!"OuchOuchOuch



Mallika is walking with Aryan and saying, "Wait and see tomorrow, Aryan.. We cannot celebrate today. Because it is tomorrow that my biggest enemy will be gone forever from my path!"

Aryan says with a grimace that he hopes nothing will go wrong between today and tomorrow.

Mallika replies confidently, "NOTHING will go wrong! Tomorrow the police will drag her away from her own home. She will scream and shout, but no one will be able to help her…Evil Smile "



Armaan cannot contain himself! He holds Jassi by the shoulders and then slides his hands down her arms. "Jessica! What does Jassi want to say to me? Where is she?"

Jassi is silent. Armaan says desperately, "Jessica, why aren't you saying anything? I am so tired of waiting for her… please tell me where she is…"

Jassi replies, "She cannot face you just now! It's only a matter of one more day…"

Armaan sighs, "This will be the longest day of my life…OuchDisapprove"

Jassi looks at her man sorrowfully and thinks, "I cannot tell you anything right now, but tomorrow you and Jassi will be face to face…! You can ask her anything you want! You will have the answers to all your questions!"



Mallika says vindictively, "That Jessica Bedi took so much pleasure in torturing me! Now watch my comeback!! Won't it be fun, Aryan, when all newspapers and all news channels carry screaming headlines of Jessica Bedi being a murderer!!Dead"



Raj is standing next to the wily Inspector who is talking into his cellphone, "We are getting a search warrant from the Magistrate in the morning. Arre, it's some famous model, Jessica Bedi!" Raj overhears everything and looks stunnedShocked!

Mallika instructs her pet policeman, "You MUST arrest Jessica Bedi tonite itself!"Evil Smile

The Inspector answers with a toothy smile, "Don't you worry! The police will arrest Jessica Bedi within the next one and a half hour!"


ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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thankz a millionClap i cantttttttt waitttt. the truth meaning jessica is jassi better cme out tomorrom. omg it would be the longest day of my life not armaanz! 

P.S. the inspector better not aresst jessica before she makez her announcement or argggggggggAngry. i'll never forgive malika 4 this.

Edited by jjknrokz - 11 May 2005 at 1:47pm
krangara IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2005 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
What a hypocrite!!!! Mallika never came in between Armaan and Jassi - it was Jassi who butted in! Angry

lovefool Groupbie

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Posted: 11 May 2005 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
thanks dear!! dat was awesome!! ur so good to do dis~!! mwaah! Tongue
fingirl Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2005 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update queenbee..god can't wait for the episode tonite..i am sooo excited
|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2005 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
i feel like strangling that stupid mallika...lol...but thanx for the wonderful update anyway...lol
tina59 IF-Sizzlerz

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well tomm is the one i hope they dont show jassi' s face and then stop and we have to wait for 3 days for the next one
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thanks! wow! what an episode!

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