OS -Mumkin Nahi-

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-Mumkin Nahi-

It's me Disha, again! : D

Firstly, I would like to Thank you all for the support. I love you all. Hug

Secondly, I know many of you were expecting a romantic end to my previous OS, but nothing like that happened. ROFL

So, Here I am making it up for the last time! Thumbs Up

This is an Arjun- Riya OS! *blushes* Blushing

Not something very different but hopelessly romantic : D

Infact you may think ki yeh concept maine pehle bhi kahin padha hain kyuki mujhe bhi aisa lag raha hain.Ermm  But shayad aisa sirf mujhe hi lag raha hain. Wacko

Anywayz : P

I've never written something like this before so please bear with me! : P

I was listening to this song called Mumkin Nahi from the movie Rush and that is how I got the idea of writing this one.



OS in next post!

Enjoy! ; )

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Jaanu main na jaane dil, kya khwahish jagi hai''.


She can feel him, feel him close to her. Her eyes searched for him. She skimmed through the crowd with her eyes, but could not find him anywhere. No, she thought her eyes can deceive her but her heart cannot. She lowered her eyes feeling ashamed of what she was doing, searching for a man who does not even care for her.


Woh nahi aayge Ri, Shree said putting a comforting hand on her best friends shoulder.

Woh kaun? She asked pretending not knowing what he was talking about.

Ri! He said shaking his head in disagreement.

Shree! I'm so sorry tumhari engagement ki party hain and I am sulking in a corner. Aur yahan kyu khade ho mere sath, jao! She pushed him gently.

Jao, tumhari fiance wahan akeli khadi hain! She said pushing him away!

He looked at her worriedly. I am okay shree! She said flashing her dimpled smile. Go!

                                      Kyun aankhon ko bhi kuch hua'.


Yes! He is here, her heart warned her. She lifted up her eyes to meet his and when she saw him her heart skipped a beat. She could not take her eyes off him. It has been 3 years and he hasn't changed a bit.

                     Jaagi jaagi rehti hain, kahaan neendein gayi hain'.


She felt a strong magnetic pull towards him. Everything about him made her fell; head over heels in love with him may it be his devil may care attitude or his charming smile or his pure innocent heart a rare mixture of every trait. Clad in a formal suit, he was looking irresistibly handsome today.


He was awestruck. She was looking ravishingly beautiful in her black evening gown. He wanted to see her, feel her, kiss her.

                                          Kya hone laga hai tu bata'.


She saw him making his way towards her. No, she should not be doing this. She has decided that she is never going to see that man again but her heart, it never follow the rules made by her mind. She was about to turn when he came in front of her. They both stood motionless facing each other but the eyes were doing the talking, her eyes were questioning his and his replying her.

He forwarded his hand and asked; Riya, may I have this dance?

For God's sake!

Is he serious?

She wanted to reply him, accuse him, taunt him for all that he had done to her. But she though not to create a scene, ignored him and turned away.

He clenched his jaws and roughly turned her to face him and asked again trying his best to sound calm Riya, may I have this dance?

No! She retorted.

That was it, ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte can never ever take no as an answer. He was fuming with anger, he grabbed her wrist and daggered her to the middle of the hall where the couples were dancing.

                         Tere labon pe hai mili mere labon ko zindagi'''

She gasped when his fingers gently brushed against her lips. He intertwined his fingers with hers. She melted at his touch, she felt weak in her knees and clutched him for support. He encircled his hand around her waist to support her and lifted her to his height.

                Tere bina ab saans loon mere liye mumkin nahi'..

They were moving with the music, without breaking the eye contact. His hands were on her waist and her hands were wrapped around his neck.

He started the conversation Riya, I know I was wro''before he could complete the sentence she interrupted

Arjun , Can we just not talk about it please! She shut her eyes in attempt to block all the moments which were coming in front of her eyes, the moments which they spent together, but in vain.


We have to riya, we have to clear the things out, he sounded genuine.

She could not take it any more now. She removed her hands and pushed him slightly back.

Why all of a sudden huh? You didn't feel like clearing things before. 3 years, arjun 3 years! She shouted, tears rolling down her cheeks. She turned to leave but he was quick enough to catch her hand and pull her back.


                    Meshsoos ye hota hai tu mere liye hai laazmi...
                          Saaya tera ab chhod kar lamhe chale mumkin nahi...


 Her back was facing him. His hands traced their way from her wrists to her shoulder.  She felt goose bumps at his electrifying touch. He twirled her around to face him. He kept his fingers under her chin and raised her chin to face him. Tears welled up in her eyes.

                                      Mumkin nahi... Mumkin nahi...

                                                          Woh oh oh oh oh...

He placed his left hand for her waist and she placed her left hand on this shoulders. His right hand was holding her and they danced across the floor.


                            Mujh ko chhipa le tu'''khud mein hi kahin pe

Why did you leave arjun? Why did you left me alone when I needed you the most she asked him.

                                        Main bhool jaaun ye jahaan..

                                           Faasla kabhi naa ho'''. dil chaahe yahi to..

She broke down in his arms and said in a low tone, I know I should not have proposed you that day. If you don't want us to be together then you should have at least said a decent no. But you just walked out of my life just like that and didn't even care to let me know. I was so scared and heart-broken, she complained.

They were in a relationship for over a year. After waiting for a long time she decided to propose him and when she did he just went away without replying.


If I've said no, would you be able forget me? He asked.


                                   Dhadkan''' tere bin hai kahaan

No, she retorted.

He gave her an "I knew that" look. She gave an annoyed look in return.

                        Meri nazar kehne lagi tu saamne ho har ghadi...

I am sorry Riya, I was afraid. I thought I was cheating on roshni. But even roshni wants me to move on in life, he replied holding her close. She looked up at him in confusion.

Yes, she came in his dream yesterday.


                                                  *Flash Back*


Kya hua? Aise kyu dekh rahe ho arjun? Main hu roshni! She smiled.

Arjun stood wide eyed open not able to absorb the fact that she is standing in front of him.

She moved towards him and caressed him face, resting her hand on him cheeks she said lovingly, Arjun mere jaane se yeh waqt nahi ruka, hawa nahi ruki, yeh saansien nahi ruki she paused, toh tumhari zindagi kaise ruk gayi?

He could not utter a word. She brushed away the tears which have rolled down his cheeks.

Main wapas nahi aa sakti, main jaanti hu tum bhula nahi paaoge mujhe. Woh samay yaad rakho joh humne saath mein bitaya tha she said kissing his forehead.

 Zindagi baahein pasare tumhare aage khadi hain ACP Arjun Rawte, she said ruffling his hair.

Samjhe ya Samjhau! She imitated him.

He couldn't help but smile.

Who aachi lagti hain na? She asked affectionately, drawing him closer.

His eyes popped out.

She replied to her own question smilingly, Mujhe bhi!

She blinked her eyes in an affirmative manner and disappeared into thin air.

                                              *Flash Back ends*


                       Bas ik tere chehre bina duniya meri mumkin nahi

She said, Arjun, please don't do this to me. If you'll leave me again I swear I'll di''he silenced her with keeping his finger on her lips.

I'll never leave you riya, I promise, he wrapped his arms around her. She rested her head on him chest.


                         Paaya tujhe to hai laga poori hui koi kami

He glanced at her, he had hurt her a lot. He mentally cursed himself for leaving her alone.

A lone tear fell on her cheeks. She lifted her head and saw his teary eyes. She smiled , kissed his eyes brushing away the tears.

                                   Tujhse juda main''

                                        Ab main rahoon,  khwabon mein bhi'.

                                               Mumkin nahi...

His eyes asked for forgiveness. She forgive him and rested her head on his chest, again. He will love her all his life, he mentally promised himself. She felt safe in his arms. She wished the time would stop and they both just stay in each other arms forever.

                                              Mumkin nahi...


Now or never, he though.


                                            Mumkin nahi...

                      Tere labon pe hai mili mere labon ko zindagi...

He gently parted her. She looked at him apprehensively still holding onto his shirt. A thought came in her mind, Is he leaving her again?

He tenderly removed her hand from his shirt.

                Tere bina ab saans loon mere liye mumkin nahi...

He searched for something in his right pocket, could not find it. Then, searched in left one and took out a box from it. He took a step back and kneeled down, took her hand in his and asked'

                         Meshsoos ye hota hai tu mere liye hai laazmi,

 Riya, Will you please marry me?

She felt her dreams coming true, tears streamed down her cheeks.

Riya? He repeated feeling unsure of her answer. She felting chocking on words and moved her head vigorously in a yes. He breathes relief.

He carefully placed the solitaire on her ring finger and got up.

The people around starting applauding, it is only then they realized they are surrounded by people. He saw her flushed face and smirked. Everybody came and congratulated them not giving the newly proposed couple a minute of privacy.

       Saaya tera ab chhod kar lamhe chale mumkin nahi...

He got annoyed. He grabbed her hand and took her outside. While they were going out she noticed Shree giving her a thumps up. She smiled at her friends antics.


                Tere labon pe hai mili mere labon ko zindagi


He took her to the garden outside the hall. He pulled her closed and leaned in to kiss her gently, starting with her lower lip and then went to the upper placing one hand on her waist and other on the back of her head. She resisted a bit but finally gave up and responded to the kiss. They broke the kiss and hugged each other tight.

                        Tere bina ab saans loon mere liye mumkin nahi...


They felt each other, they felt complete!

                   Meshsoos ye hota hai tu mere liye hai laazmi...


He took her hand in his kissed her fingers and said I love you, Riya!

I love you too Arjun, she replied blushing hard.

                           Saaya tera ab chhod kar lamhe chale'''


                                       Mumkin nahi...Heart



Sorry If I have disappointed you! : (

I'll appreciate you honest opinions : )


P.S- The Arjun-Roshni scene is inspired from the movie Tum Bin. I totally love that scene in the movie and it makes me cry whenever I watch it. It is beautifully portrayed in the movie and I found it apt for the OS! : D



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i sure hope riya isnt a killer!!! Wink waiting here!!!

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lovely dear
and you did make up for that Vinnie as a psycho killer
was very romantic and full of feelingsEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Queen.Bee

i sure hope riya isnt a killer!!! Wink waiting here!!!

Lol no she isn't ROFL
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Originally posted by haruhi26

lovely dear
and you did make up for that Vinnie as a psycho killer
was very romantic and full of feelingsEmbarrassed

You are reading my work that is enough for me i don't wish for a better comment! :  D

Thank you! Hug

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Romantic update... Really loved it... write more... Thnx for PM

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a very cute mind blowing out of the world OS...loved every bit!!

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