Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread -37

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Live Discussion Thread -37

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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 3rd December '12

Updates from night and morning:

Updates from evening:

7:45pm - Everyone from red bedroom goes to kitchen area except Karishma.

7:50pm - Outside Santosh, Nirahua and Vishal near bathroom. Azaan going on in background.

7:53pm - Santosh and Nirahua saying they dont want to win the 50 lakhs. Santosh got hurt on his leg and his parents might get worried about what happened. Nirahua - when they walk outside, people will throw stones at them. Vishal syaing that Sapna goes mad in every task.

8pm - Vishal, Santosh, Nirahua and Vrajesh talking. Santosh saying Mink is so shrewd. I never swore at anyone. I got hurt and I yelled out and Mink said, you can't say this to Niketan. Then she went inside and her mind worked and she said I swore this-that. Vishal saying that Niketan and I used to talk alot, when I went out I found out he nominated me saying he doesn't even know me. I was so shocked. Vrajesh saying that Imam will be put at fault. Nirahua - he's happy with a little bit of importance so Rajev is upset by it. I don't even want to go there because whatever it is the camera has captured it. I'm not interested in it. But we understood who is upset and stressed why. Vishal - my scene was I would sit there and whoever wanted would come and talk here. And people would cause rifts. Nirahua - everyone should be nominated all the time so that they know how much the audience likes them. Vishal - these people are so scared of nominations. Mera kya hai, main pehle gaya tha phir chala jaoonga. Santosh - never expected this of Mink. Nirahua - everyone is playing a game. Urvashi walking up towards the bathroom area. Nirahua - any guy or girl who has arrogance that I will say it, they dont realize that the person in front also may not care, If you punch, I'll punch you and your intestines will be out.

8:07pm - Aashka and Vrajesh walk up. Scene to Kitchen where Sana and Niketan are talking. Sana - when did I say you didn't get hurt. I told Santosh and Aashka that no one should swear. I wouldn't support anyone for swearing, even if it was swearing. Imam - wasn't Rajev swearing? Sana - what Rajev said F off to Del. They were talking to each other. Imam - they were discussing a task that's why I spoke. And so I told Rajev calm down and wo chad gaya. Niketan trying to say that Sana is friends with Rajev and Delnaaz both. *random chatter about lights*

8:11pm - Niketan goes to red bedroom and comes out. At the dining table, Urva and Imam talking. No one else in kitchen. Imam walks off saying he also wants to see this interaction. Vishal's lion tail on the dining table. Urva - go outside. Imam - I'll see from here. Urva calling Mink. No one is in the kitchen. Imam comes back and Urva saying my video in this task will be funny. Imam complaining that I told Sana that did Rajev swear or not and she said but Rajev - Del were talking to each other so it's their private matter and I don't care if they were a couple or triple or not, they were talking about the task so I spoke. Urva walks off and Imam telling her dont let her go near Delnaaz or she'll explode. Karishma in kitchen asking Imam to say a joke. Imam - the joke is that if you swear, you are left without an excuse. you know these 3 men have abused me beyond reduction. I'm a south bombayite. Urvashi in red bedroom on her bed with Mink. Urva - BB turn the lights off and end the task. Now she's talking to Auri and BB is muting. Urvashi saying me hugging the camera was the cutest moment. Mink saying the chair is blocking the flag. Sapna walks in. Urva asks if it was her idea and Sapna says yes and go away. Urva requesting something about meds to Auri.

8:19pm - Urva - yesterday I kept Santosh awake all night. Half night. Sitting next to him only. She giggles.

8:21pm - In the kitchen dining table, Imam is telling Karishma what she did was right that she didn't like the swearing and you went up and said it. Look at the situation you've been from and you have emerged untarnished and you supported Mink when she cried. I told Salman I wanted to meet you Karishma - it was just 4 weeks ago. Imam - if big brother calls you will you go? Karishma - no. Imam - why? you've lived in this show and you are from the UK. No tthat damn Shilpa Shetty she doesn't know...*muted*Shocked

8:23pm - Outside, Vishal is tell the boys use Sapna zada sachhi lag rahi hai. When you go home, you'll understand who's ight and who's wrong. BB bell's gong. Vishal - might be a tab. Aashka coming. Nirahua - what are they saying? Aashka - to eat and they are feeling bad that everyone has left the food and so much food is there. Nirahua - why are they so concerned about food. Okay fine. Vishal - everyone has to decide what's right and wrong. Some female says a tab has come. Everyone heads to the house.

8:26pm - Everyone sitting on the sofa. Cam to entrance of the room and muted. Delnaaz reading but barely audible.

8:28pm - All the red team boys walks out and Karishma as well. Still muted. Blue team in kitchen. Aashka and Sana seem to be on the sofa talking. Ouch Rajev, Niketan Urvashi in kitchen talking and muted. Niketan - I'm not going to take again and if I dont take then no one is going to. Mink lying on the bed sulking. Cam stuck on her. No other sounds can be heard. She seems to be crying? Niketan walks in and cam switches to Del talking to Aash and Sana. Del - I told Niketan and said that you dont laugh at Rajev's jokes but laughs at Vrajesh joke. He said no, call him now. Usko lag raha hai... Sana - ask one time (i think the red team should eat). Del - nothing is right here, everyone is playing their own game. You think and decide whats happening. Aashka - I spoke nicely to Niketan and gave him meds and he's giving me attitude. Del - yeah they are targetting me that I never told a stand. Your  friends also never took a stand for santosh. Del telling aashka to convince them to eat and aashka saying everyone is hyper, give me 5 mins to relax myself first to think of what to say to them. Dont put pressure on me. Confused Del - okay. Karishma walks in. She's drinking tea/coffee. Sana saying she's relaxing inside. She's playing by her rules, what can be said. Whenever a task comes, I get scared now what will happen. Aashka - ..back to the same house... walk out.

8:35pm - Rajev and Niketan walking out of the red bedroom talking. Del talking to Niketan about sugar in coffee/tea. Sana yawning. Del asking if Imam wants to eat and he says no I've eaten in the evening. *silence* Imam talking about toilet.

8:38pm - Imam walks out. Sana and Aashka sitting together in silence. Aashka sighing. Rajev and Del sitting at the dining table talking.

8:40pm - Santosh and Vishal sitting at the entrance. Vishal saying BB never said anything about people getting hurt and they should be careful. You got such a huge cut. Santosh - if this is right then everything is right. Aashka walking out. Sana following her to the door. Vishal tells her to sit. Imam has gone with a pass. Vishal - BB said it today. Del comes to the door. She tells them to eat. Vishal - I will, but we shoudl feel hungry. SAntosh - this house is such that she'll come and argue that I said this and then I'll say something. *muted*

8:44pm - Sana in the kitchen with Rajev. Urvashi at dining table talking to Sapna. Outside, only Vishal and Santosh talking. Vishal - she came and played with my hair and I said dont get physical with me regarding Niketan and she said, not even me and I said, are you mad, you are okay. I swear. Vrajesh and Nirahua come and sit near the main entrance as well. Nirahua - what? Santosh - nothing she's asking to eat. Vishal - nothing, BB's decision came. Santosh - look she did bad things and she also got hurt and she knows what she did. BB should/did say that you should do anything that people should get hurt. Vrajesh - Del came and yelled and she said I fake yelled because nothing is happening. This was first task. Then 2nd task of chota boss and 3rd task - gulaam sewak and 4th task - rajneeti, sampat fainted. Santosh - what do they think that if  a man breaks his leg, he wont react? Nirahua - leave it. They know they did a mistake but they are talking so that you don't look bad. Vishal - do you think there's a chance for kitchen? Discussion, see who is happening between - Sapna and Imam. I want to know what they are saying. Vrajesh - Shaitaan ki naani. Nirahua - within 2 days, he will blast these people only. Santosh - when he starts his acting wearing a mask, then they'll run. Nirahua - when he said my brain is not right, I said, mine is worse. Vishal - let's try for the kitcehn. Vrajesh - no one is there. Nirahua - I'll go and see. Vishal - we wont eat now. We'll eat in the end. Aashka comes out and Nirahua asks her if anyone is in the kitchen now and she checks and says Imam and Rajev are there. Nirahua says that  forget then, there will be jhapta jhapti. Aashka - they are targetting Del and Sana that one person swore, whya ren't u taking a stand. Arey, your friends are Urvashi, Karishma, Niketan, they could have stood against him and spoke about the swearing. Cam switches to Karishma on her bed.

*stopping updates for now*

10:10pm - Karishma talking about the sympathy comment with Mink and she doesn't know what she'll do after she gets out. Mink quiet.

10:15pm - At the entrance, Nirahua, Aashka and Delnaaz sitting and Aashka retelling the incidence of how they were taken to the main house and how everyone came smashing the village. Imam walking inside the house. The crew was yelling at us, don't talk, eh chup and Aashka was saying "same to you" as a joke and even the people who were breaking started to laugh. They are saying they figured out how they were brought in. Nirahua - yeah me too, I saw everything. Inside Niketan saying something. Sana brings tea/coffee from everyone. Rajev comes to the door and says something but not audible. Nirahua has taken the tea/coffee for Santosh and Vishal. Del came to Santosh and Asking what Santosh has put on his leg and he says iodine coz it was bleeding a lot. She leaves taking the guest pass with her. Santosh - any new news? Nirahua sitting with them saying - doesn't seem possible. Everyone is at the flag. Santosh - I spoke to Niketan. Nirahua - yeah good. Look these things will happen during the task. You were putting we were protecting the flag. Sana and Rajev sitting the entrance and no one else is there. Sana - you nominated Aashka. You are vidrohi. Rajev - I'm speaking seriously. Sana - I;m also serious. I trusted you. Rajev - you both nominate me every week I dont mind. At the time, we weren't friends at the time. Even Niketan came and spoke to me. Del and Aashka joins them. Sana - everyone I nominated came back. Del - I told you Aashu will come back. Sana - you told me you nominated Mink. I saw your friendship. Vrajesh comes and says that Santosh needs proper care for his wound. Rajev - telling Sana before I came to the show, I had gotten bitten by a dog.Sana - u didn't even leave a dog and touch the dog too. LOL Sana saying Salman asked Aashka's qualities as a captain with Karishma and she said I can't compare. Rajev saying he wanted a tetanus shot coz a dog bit him coz one day he was reversing his car and the car went over the dog. Sana laughing. They aren't letting Rajev talk.

10:32pm - Sana saying I never let a boy touch him till today. Rajev. I'm only fanning you. Cam switched to Santosh and Vishal near bathroom/. Vishal - something must have hurt him/her. I spoke on her face. Sana is sweet, care karti hai, she's good at heart but how to I explain to her.  Aashka comes over and is bandaging Santosh's wound. Cam switches to entrance and Sana and Rajev alone there. He's telling her his story of the dog bite. Sana asking where he got injections. Rajev saying 7 injections he got, one time left arm, one time right arm. It was very painful. You are laughing at such a sensitive issue. I nominated Aashka because I got negative vibes from Aashka at that time. Sana - why? she never did anything to you. Rajev - that's not your problem. I don't have to give you explanations but I'm still telling you. Sana - she went to a better place and she came back a little better. But if I had gone out and seen that I would have felt bad. 

10:40pm - Nirahua ran in. Someone screamed.  Rajev - Sana Del stunned for a bit and Del walks out and talking to Aashka. Rajev - Sana talking to each other. Sapna talking loudly. Rajev talking randomness about green tea and what not. Niketan walks out with Nirahua with the atithi card. Cam following them. Cam again switches to entrance. Sana saying that they all wished on her birthday and asking if they showed her that. Aashka is saying no. I had an item on my birthday. (imam?). Nirahua and Vrajesh sneaking the flag inside. Rajev screams flag and runs after them. Cam stuck at the entrance. Imam walks out. Niketan coming in. Imam asking about Santosh's leg. Nirahua tells him, your 2 mins are over. Imam says that I'll get out in 3 mins not to worry. Now Nirahua discussing with Vrajesh and the 2 boys that they are not leaving the flag. But we played it nicely. 

10:48pm - Mink making rotis. Karishma and Sapna in kitchen standing around. Mink - I'll tell Niketan to tell Del and Sana to make breakfast since I and Urvashi made food today. Now they are discussing food, sweets, production, money.

10:55pm - Rajev talking to Sana and Aashka. *muted* Cam switches to the living area. Urvashi and Imam sitting at the bedroom area entrance. 

10:59pm - Niketan telling Rajev that on my wound, Karishma and Mink both put bandages so I'm thora idhar thora udhar. Rajev walks out. Niketan - outside the creative team must be holding their heads and thinking, these people aren;t doing anything. Dessert tray lagi hui hai. Sapna - They'll say, imagine this is shaitaan task, no rules, now go. 

11:01pm - Outside Vrajesh is talking with Nirahua, Vishal and Santosh. Vishal - Sapna goes crazy in a task. She has no consciousness of who's her friend and who isn't. Nirahua talking about his work. He gets 1000 rs per day so 30,000 per month. Someone or Nirahua had gotten hurt and he couldn't work. Vishal saying something and BB is muting.

11:06pm - Mink and Niketan in kitchen making something sweet with parathas.

11:07pm - Sapna running and screaming kabaddi kabaddi somewhere. Then she screams, ullu banaya bada maza aaya. Niketan and Mink switch talking about something they are making.

*short break*

11:12pm - Urva in kitchen telling Niketan and Mink that Imam said that one time we should one time run out. Niketan - yes we can be sporting but we have no man power. We are unnecessarily letting them come in. He's whispering to Urva but muted.

11:17pm - Niketan telling Sapna that the red team boys are very rowdy, don't encourage them.

11:18pm - Vishal singing and he sees the blue team running and he's ready to run and laughing. Cam switches to kitchen. Niketan whispering to Imam - hum tumko unnecessarily dikharahe hain ki... Imam saying something but too much noise. Niketan saying to Urvashi dekha patti. Urvashi - kaunsi patti? *muting* Niketan saying that BB please get a tetanus shot if a dr. is coming tomorrow. Urvashi - yes if you got hurt then you should get one. Karishma sweeping the kitchen. Niketan at the sink washing. Imam saying something to karishma - not really audible. SOmething about cleaning.


11:27pm - Niketan asking BB for an anti-tetanus shot. Urva says that it's a tetanus shot. Niketan - no tetatus is the illness and the shot is anti-tetanus shot (Urvashi is right, it's a tetanus vaccine because it contains weakened toxin). Niketan was saying that he's going on going to the bathroom today. And everyone says they have the same problem. Sapna joking about the fact that she had an umbrella and she charged and they were confused what is happened. But the umbrella can hurt someone. Then Imam gets up to say that he'll try one last time. He walks out and walks in. BB buzzes for batteries. Imam was discussing something with Delnaaz about the task and he removes his battery so cant be heard. Imam saying let's try again Sapna.

11:33pm - Mink and Karishma talking and singing. Sana and Aashka sitting at the passage and Imam standing there. Del standing near by.  Aashka and Sana planning to pray. But Sana waiting for lights off. Imam discussing something about nails and someone in Mahim who does nails for Kareena, Preity, Vidya -paws and claws on facebook. Now Rajev is coming and talking to them and saying that we can negotiate. Aashka goes to ask them.

11:37pm - Niketan has run to Urvashi that Mink said we'll go out and have a pag shag. Mink - I said it on purpose! Niketan - Mink you are so disgusting. Niketan saying, we used to say peg sheg, ragging shagging and made a lot of jokes on it.

11:40pm - Niketan talking to Sana about the red team's flags. Sana saying something. Imam - Rajev is saying give us the garden area and ...he's talking to them on their own. Niketan Mink have some other conversation about some sense of humor. Imam asking Karishma to ask who is talking about what. Outside near the entrance, Rajev and Karishma talking. She goes inside. Vishal says, u're going. She says yes. BYE. Sana going to the bathroom. Rajev is telling Niketan, Mink, Karishma, Del that they are planning negotiations that let the blue team win by giving us the bathroom. Vrajesh saying that no I have a bathroom problem, I can't give the bathroom. Rajev is saying that, no problem, we can be lenient since you have medical reasons. Vrajesh was saying to give them the kitchen and Rajev was saying I can't give a losing proposal to my team. Niketan is saying I dont mind the bathroom or garden. Whichever.

11:45pm - Sana comes out of the bathroom and pretends to take their flag and Aashka goes running and Sana walks out. She goes to get a change of clothes so she can pray. Nirahua says, after u pray, we'll sit and talk. Aashka says, there's still time, tell me. Nirahua. No just random chat. Vrajesh comes out of the smoking room. Inside sounds are coming Sana talking to Sapna that this task might go on till thursday. Sapna saying something. Sana - no it can't be on friday. 

*breaking stream, will have to stop updates here*

11:55pm - Outside Vishal singing. Inside, Del, Rajev, Urvashi, Niketan sitting at the dining table. Sapna is acting like a shikari. Imam in the kitchen. Sapna saying they can enter the house but they can't sleep. Rajev saying it's very difficult to sleep. Niketan jokingly saying that Rajev, I can survive in the bedroom. Sapna asking BB to send the tab so they can figure something out and to turn off the lights. Imam saying, 6 people should run. Niketan - will you go in those six people. Sapna saying they have 2 flags left. Sana - it's a difficult game. Sapna - it's not difficult, it's been made difficult. Niketan saying if they weren't so physical, I had won. Sana - you had removed the flag? Niketan - twice! I had removed the flag, put mine and they pulled me. I fell and they fell on top of me. 4 people were on me. I said it's over it's over. And Santosh pulled the flag off from under me. Karishma - yeh itne gire hue log hai. Niketan - ki mujhe bhi gira diya. Everyone laughs. Niketan asking Sapna who all fell on top of me?  Niketan - nochne ki aadat vishal ki thi. That time also he came when he made the entry, he jumped on me and scratched me. I told him I dont know what was this, your love or anger? Vishal said forget it, it's a game. Niketan - let's make a bet. *no idea what they are talking about*

12:07pm - Niketan joking that Urvashi will get a chance to save someone. ...Urvashi saying how will we sort the issue if they can sleep inside. And now they can't conquer over the areas. Time for sale is over. She's asking BB to put the lights off, her pants her tiring. Imam says it's itchy. Sapna - BB isn't turning off the lights on purpose. Imam saying I'll do it next morning when everyone is asleep. Everyone telling him after lights out, the game will be over. 

12:10am - Niketan going to the toilet. Nirahua guides Niketan into the toilet while guarding the flag. He says these lights aren't going out either. In the red bedroom, Karishma and Mink on their beds. Mink saying she's tired. Karishma - I'm missing my phone today. Do ou always notice the cameras? Mink - yeah, they are so in your face. I'm always looking at their positioning, whose looking whose not. Karishma - they wont turn out the lights untill we get a flag or they get onw. Mink - it's not possible the way we and they are guarding it. Karishma - what will be next week's task? I want to leave. Mink - tomorrow is tuesday right? Karishma - yes. Mink - why is niketan calling me? Outside in living area. Niketan - I went out. Outside Vishal was standing like this and he's singing. Everyone laughs. Mink goes back to the room. Urvashi saying, we'll all go out and pose in front of him. Niektan saying that Vrajesh becomes selfish in every task. Inside, Mink is saying that look they want us to lose. Karishma - yeah because they want the bedrooms. Mink - but they are asking for the kitchen. Karishma - but if they have the kitchen, then we'll be stuck int he bedroom. Mink - bedroom and hall. Karishma - hmm. It's not even easy to sleep outside without blankets. Mink - definitely. Karishma - luckily their boys. If was girls, it would be worse. Mink - how did we win the bedrooms. Karishma - sana and urvashi's clothes. Where would we 9 people sleep without the blankets? Mink - and they are 5. Karishma - yes.

12:18am - Karishma - I'm scared how this will look out. Mink - I also said alot in anger but I meant everything I said. Karishma - sometimes I talk to Vishal or make tea for him. It shouldn't look extra. Everything becomes like how they edit. Lights out. And cheers outside. Karishma - like you are making something sweet for Niektan. we can change together in the bathroom? Mink - not sure, We;ll go afterwards. KArishma - I;m getting paranoid. Are you? Mink - yeah like today was a big thing. Karishma - no are you afraid of getting linked with Niektan. Mink - no because he doesn't flirt with me. Vishal is flirting with you. Niketan and I are just friends. Karishma - meri to waat lagne wali hai. I dont see him like that. Mink - I dont think so. If I was paranoid, I wouldn't talk to him. Niketan walks in along with Sapna. Niketan lies down next to Mink talking to Sapna. Niketan - u may not have spent this long in a non intoxicated state. Sapna - I've spent days without eating. Niketan - how many? Sapna - 10.

12:24am - Niketan explaining that there's no more fighting and guarding now. Everyone's territory is theirs. Rules are the same otherwise. Everyone can go to the bathroom one by one for 5 mins. Mink and Karishma going to the toilet to change. Niketan follows and whispers Mink but cant hear. Niketan - have you heard Imam's sabr wali story? Mink - that his name is sabr? Niektan - no, it's too funny. Mink - I'm so glad this is over. They go near the entrance Vishal is going into the bedroom to grab something. Mink and Karishma going back to the bedroom. Sana standing, Urvashi sitting in front of her. Niketan sitting behind Urvashi.  Imam has died Vishal's lion's tail behind his head and is shaking it. Vishal is taking stuff from his bed. He has to sleep outside. Niketan says yo whats up. Imam - same shit another fortnight. Niketan laughs. 

12:29am - Mink is saying agar yeh footage gaya to meri mummy kahegi. Mink and Karishma changing under the blankets. LOL Mink has removed her top and and sitting in her bra on the bed. Or has a see through top. Confused And she's busy talking to Sapna. Niketan walks in and he says I flirt more with Delnaaz. Niketan says Kashif used to tell you honey and you never said anything to him. And you give attention to Vishal. She's saying I'm paranoid. I dont want this bullshit.

12:35am - Niketan saying the sabr wali baat. Karishma still talking about herself. You know me. Niektans leaving. Mink - where are you going? Niektan - itne raat ko kahan jaa raha hoon? So raha hoon. Mink - kya? Niketan - to sleep. Now Karishma still going on. Mink they wont show that much. She's tell her to tell them that you didn't like how they behaved. And dont go behind them so much. Mink saying that it cant have gone that much coz they must have showed more of the village. Karishma still talking about her and Vishal. Delnaaz has come in to sleep.

12:28pm - Urvashi talking to Santosh in the bathroom and she's saying I didn't like that you are saying "you f-ing cheap bas***d". SAntosh saying sorry and saying I didn't say that and Urvashi saying that no I challenge the team. And I'm telling you that I told you last night that I told you lets make it a fun task. Vishal has made us lose 4 luxury budgets. But even Mink felt bad. We were trying to be fun. Urva saying Dinesh ours much be the funniest. Santosh saying look I also got hurt. Urva - dehshat main you hurt yourself. You ran like this. Ask for a dr. tomorrow. I was doing inside by climbing the flag to make it funny. Season 5 is over. There are 3 people who make the task seriously and they will take you also into the lapeta. Urva - I know you didn't say anything to me. I just saw situation get worse. Don't get angry. People look up to you. If you do anything. what will they do. I came to the bathroom so often and I didn't say anything because I felt it wasn't the time to talk. We are 9 people in the team and we were all planning from breakfast time. We kept waiting coz it was a task and it's called a strategy. Urvashi telling him to freshen his bandages now. She goes into the toielt. Santosh washes his face and walks out.

12:46am - Rajev and Del talking to each other at the dining table. Karishma and Urvashi talking to Niketan in the yellow bedroom. Mink sitting right at his head ont he ground. Niketan saying - I told you guys that when people are angry you cant talk to them. Karishma saying I'm paranoid. Mink I have more reason to be paranoid. Karishma saying you were massaging and stroking his hair. Niketan - nothing of the night comes have you ever seen? Karishma - yes I have seen. Mink - that my mom would ask me why were you doing that. They showed when Salman asked about the smile and knees. You know that will look? Vrajesh comes in and pats Mink and she says that I was angry at the time. Cant hear them. Karishma asking Niketan - do u think if I'm being apranoid. Confused Mink - when he does a task, he gets credit, when we did full on, we get abuses. I'll speak to you tomorrow. And Vrajesh walks off. Mink to Niketan - I dont want to think about the knee thing. Niektan - there are so many episodes. Mink - my mom knows I have more friedns with boys Karishma - tell me same thing. Mink - I dont stroke people's hair. If my mom sees that she's say hain? And people in punjab will see it.

*hands hurting so have to stop*

General idea - Urvashi saying that Santosh said he was swearing at the sky and anyone can swear and say I was swearing at the sky.

1am - Mink asks Niketan the story and Imam is there so Niketan says no and he changes the topic about the fights happening. Niketan saying that even the losing team mates get luxury items because we order from everyone. So what is Vrajesh's problem? Only last time it happened that BB told them that these 2 people wont get luxury budget. Niketan - I also took Kari's name coz she kept doing meow.

1:07am - Mink saying Niketan got hurt. Urvashi saying that Santosh got worse hurt as his bone is swollen. Rajev talking saying I told them there was only one chance and he said but while eating food? Urvashi saying - listen Aashka had a problem when I caught sapna but now how is she okay that these people charged. 

1:10am - Urvashi says look Aashka took Vishal inside and Sana and Vishal went out. Look poori fauj out. Mink they need one more team member. Urvashi - see when I asked Rajev about Aashka, he had no answer. Urvashi telling Imam looking that I agree with you 100% - Aashka and Vrajesh are the negative people and I told Santosh that. Mink Karishma have gone out. Red team in the living area. Outside Vishal and Sana are walking. Vishal saying 5 mins are over, let's go at the door. Sana - nevermind. They;ll punish me. They continue talking about the devil angel task. Sana - u are angry about the water. But why were you upset with me? Vishal - I wasnt upset with you but I was angry with Sapna and she kept annoying me. I had so much headache I ate 2 disprin. Sana - I'm saying that I got upset and I went in. Del came in and I said, these 2 are behaving like this. Vishal - look I overreacted may be. Sana - saying look I came and touched you and you said dont get physical with me. Vishal - I wouldn't have. I didn't mean you. Sana - Niketan was throwing at you and most of the water was on me. I even told Niketan, did you want to throw on him or me? Vishal - look I was upset so how could I come and talk to you. I was very upset the way you sent me off on Friday. I was really upset.  Sana - the person who isn't talking to me for 5 days, I can't hug them and say a fake bye. I wasn't even coming out. Vishal - that would have been better.

1:23am - Niketan, Karishma and Mink discussing Vishal. Mink saying that Vishal touches the hair and Sana was rubbing his feet or he was touching her feet. Mink - Karishma he will say, I would sit here and she would come and sit. Niketan - when I tell you to do something for the 50th time, be ware, be with us. Karishma - I didn't do anything. Niketan - then why are you paranoid. Even this person says you are smitten with him. Karishma - if I maintain distance now, will it be okay. Mink - Sana apni personal level pe na karna chahe par aashka aa gayi. Cam switches to Aashka and Rajev talking.

*ending updates*

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speedi Goldie

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 7:18am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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-shabz- IF-Sizzlerz

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I m here
alexstar IF-Rockerz

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Poor Sapna she gives explaination to evrything she need SappyConfuseddont giv it to them who dont have that game spiritDead 

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khamosshhh IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow these live update threads sure get completed fast.LOL

Frm past 5-10 mins cams exclusively focused on Kar.LOL

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agatha Senior Member

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it's funny karishma did make up,did her hair and again back to sleeping beauty pose,lagata hain vishal ka asar hua hain

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-shabz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Someone plz give a brief update,not watching live feed.

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