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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers #60: A Farewell to Rabba Ve..

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ArHilicious Droolers #60: 
A Farewell.

Song of the week: Shruti_P
Summary of the week: pinky0902
Picture of the Week: ~Saraa~
Filler of the Week: ~Saraa~
Rating of the Week: 

Funny Scene of the week: 
Videomix of the week: Deepali_88

Achari Scene of the Week: ~Saraa~
Best Character of the Week: anita_211492
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: pinky0902

Video avi of the week, Siggy of the week: ..first.rain..

Best FF of the Week: arisai
Message to CVs: ..first.rain..

Best OS of the week: OnlyHope
Video siggy of the week, Icon of the week: ..first.rain..
Most Active Thread of the week: ..first.rain..
Most Active Member of the Week: ..first.rain..
Costume of the Week: OnlyHope
Dialogue of the Week: ~Saraa~
Joota scene of the Week: ~Saraa~

Banner and animated logos: Khushix PurpleFairy

Winning Siggies: Saher_90

Thankyou everyone for supporting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have reached the 60th newsletter.

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brajenyashvijaysinghCrazzySassy4Ulaxmisaradaarnavandkhushi1Maghinallsdrama.loversamin6saniya.xBarunkidewaniBarunshellsama50.DivaDeluxe.Barundeewani19vkp1989masaf59win7--sumana13--abracadabraKinmazooni.bluemomo121-MissBoiiVamp-vandana1965.Mandy.pinky_blueskies.nirvana.-Stutz-..Anita...Saraa...Amina...Jazz.honeypriyaBerryBlush07GirlabouttownGodhuliLogonxAaliyasomergasm.riyya6.Jane..mishti_17-Deepali-Cutiepie RaniSunshine Girlilluminated.minuusanober.

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Sam asks Khushi to reduce her weight whereas Arnav tells her to put on. Sam gives a few handpicked costumes to the contestants for the talent round. Amrita ruins Khushi's gown. Arnav is interviewed by the media about the Mrs India contest. He admires Khushi in her western wear. Natasha creates a floral costume in 10 minutes and Amrita puts on a magic show for the talent round. Khushi impresses the Judges with mimicry. Her dress tears on stage, but Arnav secretly helps her avert the mishap.

Jay praises Khushi's performance in the talent round. Arnav becomes angry when he compliments her. Khushi sees Riya arguing with Jay and wonders if they are married. Arnav's family wishes her luck for the contest. Sam asks Khushi not to call him brother. Khushi gets permission from Jay to pair up with a family member instead of Arnav for "The husband and wife" round. She shares her ideas for the round with Amrita. Arnav advises Khushi not to naively trust her fellow contestants.

Arnav advises Khushi to learn to say no to people. He assures her that she has his support even though he cannot participate in "The husband and wife" round. Khushi feels bad as she can choose only one member of her family to participate in the competition with her. Amrita pays a man to act as her husband in the contest. Jay and Riya find out about it and disqualify her from the round. The judges are impressed when Khushi invites her entire family to participate in "The husband and wife" round.

Khushi wins "The husband and wife" round with the help of her family. Amrita sees Arnav kissing Khushi and tells everyone that Khushi manipulated Arnav to win the contest. Arnav reveals to them that Khushi is his wife. He decides not to judge the final round of the contest out of fairness to the other contestants. Amrita is disqualified for stealing the questions of the final round. Khushi wins the Mrs.India title. She thanks Arnav for his love and support. The Raizada family celebrates her win.

The best scene of the week so far in other words. Arnav had promised Khushi that he will always take care of her in the future and he did. In the episode where Khushi had to walk down the ramp, her dress started tearing but our Hero came to the rescue.
 To help his Damsel in distress. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Credit for the picture: Mariam_Sultan

Oh Amrita. Only if you knew how much we don't really love you! I, at the very least hated Amrita because all she tried to do was create a rift between the judges and Khushi.
 Little did she know that Khushi's full name is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. ROFLROFL

Along with Raizada's trying to convince Khushi about who should go with her for the Contest. Another hilarious scene was when Khushi had imitated her judges and designer. It was bang on for the designer with him squealing. ROFL

The scenes of the other contestants were such a drag. I'm pretty sure that the CVs had tried to reduce that to give more screen space to ArHi scenes but oh what a drag even the limited scenes of Amrita and all were. OuchOuch

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ssttuuttiiCrazzySassy4UlaxmisaradamdeshpandeMaghinallsBarunkidewanisama50.DivaDeluxe.nav_batsaniya.xsamin6Kinma--sumana13--fan145momo121vandana1965.Mandy.pinky_blueskies.Saraa.GodhuliLogon.Jazz..nirvana.illuminated.riyya6somergasm.xAaliyamishti_17.Jane..Cutiepie RaniSunshine Girlsanober.

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This week is the last and final week of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? it is hard for me to just pick one character to be the best because in this show all the characters were amazing.  This week I think all the Raizadas were the best characters of the week

Nani the leader of the family.  This week we go to see her fun side, where her and mami dad fun of NK. I was like woah nani made fun of someone. It was very cute scene.  I loved how she tried to convince Khushi to allow her to take her to the Mrs. India competition, but Khushi denied her.  The face she made at that time was just adorable.  I loved how she supported Khushi, and treated her as the daughter of the house rather than a bahu

Now it is Mami ji's turn.  I will miss her saying Hello Hi Bye Bye and will be sad because i won't be able to hear it anymore.   She proved this week that she really cares for her Phatti Sari and and help her at any cost.  This week she cracked me up, still thinking she can be Mrs. India.  

Anjali, the daughter of the Raizada house.  She is just an amazing sister and bhabhi to Khushi.  She is always there to cheer Khushi up.  And she proved that in a serial that a nanand (Don't know how to spell it) can be good.  She never treated khushi as her sister more than anything.  This week her scenes were cute and brought back the essence of the old anjali. I loved the way she tried to convince khushi to take her with her.  

NK, i loved him so much. He never failed to put a smile on my face.  His hindi his his best quality. By changing one letter of the word he changes the meaning of the whole sentence completely.  He was the best entry in the RM til date.  When khushi won, i loved how he wiped his tears.  I Also loved his answer when the judge asked him what Khushi cannot live without.  First he said food and then she saved his answer by saying her husband.  

Now Aarav, the latest, cutest entry to the show and the last.  This week it showed him getting closer to Khushi.  He seems to be the only sane person in the family next to Arnav.  I was so happy when he called her mom!!!!! and when he answered his question to day he said I Love You. That literally brought tears to my eyes.

Last but not the least Arnav and Khushi. For me their names belong together and not apart.  They proved that true love can conquer all and it does exist.  Khushi, sanka devi in the true sense,this week Khushi proved that she can do anything with confidence.  I loved the way she won over the judges by her talent of acting. I also loved her love for her family and that she can't just choose one over the other because they are all apart of her.  She proved this week that she is nothing without Arnav and that he will always be with her in any circumstances.  And Arnav, the man of few words that make all the girls turn into a puddled of mush, was just too good this week.  He showed us that he will always be there for Khushi and will always save her from trouble.  He always knows when she is in trouble. For example this week how she stapled her dress strap, by looking at her face, he knew she was in trouble.  He wanted to teach her how to say no and he did by making her say no to her family.  He taught her not to trust people to blindly.  He is very proud to be her husband and even stood up for her and reveal to everyone that he is in fact her husband, when Amrita tried to disqualify Khushi.  For Khushi he decided not to appear in front of her during the final round.  I loved how he stood in the background with a smile as he watched her win.  To me This jodi is eternal and will always be remembered for their chemistry, nok jhok, and their love story.

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us to a great extent with his antics. Well, as this was the last week of IPK, there is no irritating character this week.  Bye to all! Embarrassed

I think this time, the Raizada family gets the title for being the funniest characters espwhen they try to go to Khushi and indirectly asking her if she could take them.LOL

Khushi: Humnay aapko bataya nahin magar aap hee humari taaqat thay aur hamesha sey rahay. Aapney hee humain yeh sab karnay ki himmat di. Hum toh pooray samay soch rahay thay key agar aap nahin hotay toh humain yeh saari khushiyaan kabhi naseeb nahin hoti. Arnav ji agar aap nahin hotay toh hum duniya ka saamna kaisay kartay? Kaisay pata chalta key pyaar kya hota hai? Aap humari zindagi ka sabsey...aham hissa hain. 


Here Khushi's character comes to a full circle. How the journey had started with Khushi talking to Payal - her rock back then - and now it was Arnav. ClapClap

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brajenssttuuttiiCrazzySassy4Usarah1000laxmisaradamdeshpandeavantika_2012arnavandkhushi1Bonhi_ipkkndalcantaranjrArHiLover-xnav_batBarunkidewanisama50.DivaDeluxe.samin6saniya.xMaghinallsmomo121vandana1965-MissBoiiVamp-zooni.blueKinma--sumana13--fan145masaf59Barundeewani19Mani.raizada.Mandy.pinky_blueskies.Saraa..nirvana...Anita...Jazz.GodhuliLogonthulasi_arshi1chillyilluminated.somergasm.xAaliya-Deepali-riyya6mishti_17.Jane..Sunshine GirlCutiepie Ranisanober.

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Well, here it begins. Our last lot of pictures that took our breath away! Embarrassed

Starting with SaRun and their trip to UK.

Barun continues with his fun in his way!

When everyone else is done eating, SaRun still continue talking. Day Dreaming

The entire team of IPKKND minus Barun. Cry

I don't even have to mention this one.. for the very last time (but forever in our hearts), it's Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, looking perfect and happy, just like her name. 
The lehnga and the jewelry, along with the princess-y tiara all goes well together to give Khushi a look we will remember forever!

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brajenssttuuttiiCrazzySassy4UlaxmisaradamdeshpandeBonhi_ipkkndnav_batBarunkidewanisama50.DivaDeluxe.Maghinallssaniya.xzooni.blueShiningStar18masaf59--sumana13--fan145Kinma-MissBoiiVamp-vandana1965Barundeewani19momo121.Mandy.pinky_blueskies.Jazz..Saraa..nirvana...Anita..GodhuliLogon1chillyxAaliya-Deepali-riyya6mishti_17.Jane..Sunshine Girlsomergasm.Cutiepie Raniilluminated.sanober.

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By: -Stutz-

Here is ur Gift:

By: .DivaDeluxe.

Here is ur Gift:

By: .ayesha.


Here is ur Gift

By: .JustaDream

Here is ur Gift

VM Made By : .DivaDeluxe.


And a little something to dedicate Arhi Cute Romantic movements

Here is ur Gift

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unner Up

Here is ur Gift:

Forever in your arms
by princessunara

Here is ur gift:
Runner Up:
by -doe-eyes-

Here is ur Gift:

by Inked

Here is ur gift

IP Adda : Farewell Old Friend  By RitJ26

Here is your Gift:

Here is ur Gift:

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This week, I'm ready to ignore all the drags shown in the episodes through the week. Every scene shown on ArHi and family has been memorable. The journey has ended beautifully even though abrupt. I simply do not have the heart to me mean this time and cut off the ranking. Our

Dearest CVs, 

How can we say anything after the abrupt end of IPKKND? It still hasn't sunken in. While the episodes were really good and they brought back tons of memories, it's still the end of IPKKND and the beautiful journey or ArHi. Thank you so much for giving us a couple to remember for decades to come. Thank you also for not stretching the storyline by making ASR die. Lastly, thank you for everything! Some twists and turns might not have been appreciated by viewers, but at the end of the day, they brought ArHi closer forever. 

lovers of IPKKND. 

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ssttuuttiiarshiluv78CrazzySassy4Ulaxmisaradaavantika_2012Maghinallsalcantaranjrnav_batBarunkidewanisamin6saniya.xKinma--sumana13--Mani.raizadavandana1965momo121.Mandy.-Stutz-.Saraa.pinky_blueskiesGodhuliLogon1chillybahi..Jazz.Cutiepie RaniSunshine Girlilluminated.mishti_17.Jane..-Deepali-sanober.

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note note!

Hey guys!!! Okay, nor so chirpy at all... How can anyone be? IPKKND and our ArHi ended after all. Ouch

With this, here comes the last NewsLetter as well... What can I say? Thank you so much for the immense support everyone! What Neethi and Sanjna started out initially has became a great success! 

Few people to thank:

Starting with Neethi and Sanjna, the creators, themselves: Guys, you both aren't here much now but it's been so awesome knowing you both! Sanjna, miss you loads and I hope you see this! Neethi, hahaha your lazyness and thrusting it all on me. You're a great friend we'll remain that way Hug I used to watch both of you work in C/V over the weekend and few weeks later, I got the opportunity as well. Not that I liked it much since it meant you both won't be there.. Still, the support through PMz was more than enough Hug

Minu- of course without your support and guidance, I wouldn't have known a thing about NL! And you did give permission. So thank you!! 

Saraa- If I thank you, you'll start your ROFL's which I hate Stern Smile So ek jhappi pa le Hug It's been great working with you and you're awesome when it comes to taking over when I have things and can't be online a particular weekend Tongue 

And to the WHOLE IPKKND NL + DT - NL members for submitting their tasks because without them, NL wouldn't exist. You guys have done a lot for the NL. Me/Neethi.Sanjna/Saraa simply put it together while also backing up the sections that sometimes come up late. But other than that, it's your hard work! Hug 
DT- For stickying Tongue I always bother you guys. I've got to know you all in this time and it's been great Hug You guys are simply wonderful. 

Now what am I gonna do on weekends? No more NL. Cry

Take care everyone!!
On behalf of whole IPKKND NL Team.

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