Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread - 36 : Updt: Pg 111 (Page 152)

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Originally posted by tristar03

imam is urvashis spy ,urvashi thinks shes the only lady in the whole world who is right.

which is correct..
yeh woh kya, hum bhi jaante hain ab tohWink

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Originally posted by simplypurple

BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 3rd December '12

** Time converted to India Time
** Bold bits are important/interesting
** Red bits are spoilers.

General Update of the morning:
Everyone made tea. Karishma kneaded flour, Mink made paratha, Urvashi made scrambled eggs. First they sent outside. Then they made for themselves. Then they all ate. 

What happened earlier courtesy bluerobin:
Rajeev in depression mode crying crying because of that imam fight , dellu favouring imam I guess. Niketan enquiring , sana went to his bedroom and enquired. still rajeev in depression mode. Then I read from live feed sana delnaaz aashka sitting together . Delnaaz aashka bitching urvashi, sana keeping quiet . Then sana complaining about vishal karishma only not urvashi Smile . Imam sitting with that lion's tail for irritating vishal because he abused imam with some " ma behen gali " . Then urvashi cooking team . Then Bigg boss some announcement . Vishal is asking karishma to give them kitchen area and in return blue team will get garden area . karishma asks him to discuss it with all. But then they are reluctant because they will have to help aashka with chopping vegetavles. Niketan , vrajesh discussing something regarded to task . Sana giving food prepared by urvashi to imam and some others also . Rajeev aashka discussing something . Then after that this shukla abusing sound 

30 mins ago, BB seemed to have told them that do whatever you have to but acquire the territories. Even if you have to attack. So the blue team made a plan that after serving them food, two teams will form. One will run to the bathroom and the second to the garden area to change the flags.

5:30pm - Sapna and Urvashi guarding the bedrooms. Sapna jumping up and down and screaming. Niketan telling Sapna, I pulled the flag. Urvashi asking who they swore at? And walks towards Niketan.

5:40pm - Sapna saying - don't leave this area, Imam Imam sit here and don't leave this area. Empty red bed.

5:47pm - Imam, Sana, Sapna all talking. Some fight occurred. Sana saying we should have closed the door like last night. Sapna yelling at someone. Imam - I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to my crew...exactly..exactly. Cam switches to empty red bed.

5:49pm - Sana walking out. Rajev and Mink talking in kitchen area. Sapna at red bedroom entrance. All muted.

5:51pm - Del sitting at the yellow bedroom entrance. Sapna walks off. Rajev comes to talk to Delnaaz. Look if I had done the same thing, then see how it would have gone out of hand. Niketan only told me this. Del - Niketan is telling you for me? Rajev - dont do this with me. Del - aap great ho, aap mahan ho, aap apne daire main raho, aap Niketan se baat karo, Niketan aap ka dost hai. Rajev gets annoyed and leaves. Mink and Karishma at dining table but Mink is talking to other people.

5:54pm - Vrajesh telling Aashka something. Aashka - she knows what I'm doing. She listens to me. Sapna, Sana talking to Aashka. Sapna - Vishal ko pata hai...? Santosh, Nirahua and Vishal talking. Santosh saying - what are they saying? Swearing? Nirahua - no idea. Lights come on so Nirahua says that  they quickly turned on the lights because they are getting footage. They are letting Imam go to the bathroom even though blue team is not giving red food. They say, it's okay we are not darindas. Imam going to the toilet. Aashka - I know what you said to Sana. 

5:59pm - Vishal - no one is no one's friend here. You can only be a well wisher. Aashka - I'm scared to go out of this show, taj mahal baandege. Muted. Imam going back into the house. Vishal - Sana aur Sapna ke saat jo hua wo physical violence tha. Del coming to ask the red team for food. Vishal saying you don't get into that.. Sana standing at the entrance of the house.


Inside, everyone is fighting inside but no one is saying anything to Niketan and Mink. Mink is saying Nikten took out the flag. Sapna is also praising him. Everyone is saying and Sapna that Rajev is slow because he was waiting that Sana will come running to him. Nirahua was already ready with a second flag. As soon as they took out the flag, he put the second one.

6:30pm - Sana, Delnaaz and Aashka talking at the entrance. Aashka - if I was in the team I would have said that let them feed them first. Del - but if I was doing that then friendship ka tag lag jata. Aashka - are you afraid? If you gave the statement that a person went and there was vaccuum and then you do this then you are dogla and fake. 

General Update since too much is happening:
Aashka is annoyed with Sapna for yelling loser loser. Sana saying that the others are saying don't tell SAna and Del anything, they'll tell the red team. Aashka commenting on that. A tab came and Aashka saying she's not going inside.
Vishal, Nirahua and Santosh are very angry.

**will write a general update when I figure out what's happening. Too many people talking too fast*

General Updates:
Sana and Del go inside the house coz they want to eat. Del saying let's give the people outside food. Imam is annoyed that why Del is so interested in feeding them - itni hamdardi. Del says it's just pure humanity. *muted*

Outside, all five from the red team are very angry. Aashka told them that Urvashi apparently wanted the red team to do a hands up. Some thing happened which wasn't shown. Everyone hungry but they aren't getting/eating food coz of the whole fight which wasn't shown. *by tajbutt* Seems the blue team give them food all (red team) in one plate and Niketan and Minka tried to plant their flag,  I understand that AASU fell over during the attack, the boys also came and stopped them,  Minka complaining she is hurt.  Sapna is just excited she actually did not do anything.

6:45pm - Vrajesh - Imam is saying something in a soft voice. 

6:49pm - Vrajesh - what problem does Urvashi has with me that she gave me so much attitude? (urvashi had gone and come back from the toilet without even using the guest car).
Nirahua - let's go inside and paste our flag everywhere.
Aashka - they will send all girls, that's how clever they are.
Nirahua - yeah, I saw Urvashi was stuck to a flag. And Rajev said he's not participating
Aashka - no his maun vrath is broken. He's talking and laughing around.

Sapna called them to speak, Aashka is told to go talk.

6:52pm - Vishal - I am hating them right now. I don't normally hate people. Vrajesh goes inside the bathroom. Vishal - who is he I don't understand.

6:54pm - Aashka and Sapna talking. Nirahua goes to talk. Vishal tells Santosh, let's go talk to them. If you want to give it to them, let's go. Both still siting near the bathroom.

6:55pm - Sapna - mere saat bahaut baar hua hai. Vishal commenting that you dont say that you do it to others alot. Why does it always happen with you? Vishal - she screamed for 1 - 1.5 hrs and now she's gone quiet. Now Vishal  telling Shukla that last time also BB didn't do anything. I told her dont touch me but she put foam on me so I snatched it from her hands and put it on her so she tore my kurta and I said, if it was a boy, I would have torn the kurta along with all the clothes. BB has cameras everywhere, let's see what is done. Santosh things, they got a tab against us. Santosh saying something about aggression. Nirahua came and Vishal said dont listen to Sapna.

6:59pm - Sana is trying to explain to Aashka what happened. Sana is trying to explain the point of the blue team but since the actual events weren't shown and Aashka wont let her speak, it's hard to update. Everytime Sana explains, Aashka stops her and says but this but he shouldn't have sworn. Sapna walks over after visiting the bathroom.

7:02pm - Vishal and Nirahua sitting and listening to Sapna, Aashka argue. Vishal calls her saali. Shocked BB mutes. Vrajesh walking about. Vrajesh - dont trust Sapna, let the task get over, I told you.

7:06pm - Nirahua - if a task comes Aashka says it's for nomination. Vrajesh explaining what Aashka is saying. Aashka still arguing with someone. Santosh saying Imam said if we get hurt, we'll also swear. Mink saying the red team swore at her. Nirahua saying if it comes to swearing, we can give such swears, these people wont know where to hide. Santosh saying we have to tell BB about this whole thing. Santosh told one guy to go stand with Aashka. Aashka can be heard arguing with Sapna. Aashka said I'm sorry if.. Vishal saying, why is SHE saying sorry. Sapna explaining... we were at our post, you cant come and do that. Vishal laughing. Vishal saying why is Aashka giving explanations. I will end up fighting with them. Sapna - suno to sahi (to aashka)...BB said that jo ban sakta hai wo karo so we were within our rules to do what we did. Vishal laughing at their discussion. Vrajesh went there and is saying forget it. Sapna giving explanations...she said on a humanitarian level...and Vrajesh knows that very well. Now nirahua went. Aashka - Sana ki halat dekhi usko jaane diya. Vishal telling - safai kyun de rahe ho. Vrajesh comes back and Vishal asking why they giving explanations. Vrajesh mumbles something and walks into the bathroom. Sapna and Aashka still discussing. Not shown and not clear. 

7:15pm - Vrajesh sits next to vishal and Vishal telling him, I wonder what will happen to her when she sees herself on TV. He tells her quietly, go, dimagh kyun kha rahi hai.  Vishal - in their team, there is only girls, can you see any guy? Vishal decides to go there and cam stuck on the chairs.

7:16pm - Cam switches to Karishma's face, She's telling Mink, I want to break the mirror and see the edit. Mink - when they see 4 men were lying on top of her. Karishma - I thought it would look cute, we'd run. Urva - saying we thought it would be so funny with Sidhu ji. We covered his face with plastic and we took them in a funny way. Did you feel that it was unfair? Karishma - I felt that that what was said you Sidhu and you was disgusting. I thought this would be funny. Urva - these people who say Sidhu is like my father, these 3 girls only do like this. Del is a sugar coated pill. If it was a task, wouldn't you say something for Sidhu, if you were here. Karishma - no, not for Sidhu ji. I want to go on Friday, This is too much. It's so emotional draining. The emotional roller coaster is too much. Sidhu's interview was that if you are a man, go into BB, it's not an easy place to be. I'm doubting myself that everything I do is wrong. I can't even trust my own judgement.

7:22pm - Sana sitting with Aaashka and Vrajesh outside. Sana - to escape nominations, everyone forgets everything. Here's emotions, truth, you can't do anything, people will always say what you did is wrong. People can't be so blind. They do so much back biting and then become thier friends. Till the time you weren't here, they were talking but now they are silent (Imam) because he thinks you will say everything. Vrajsh - no one took a stand for us. Sana - no they wont take a stand. Vrajesh - no one has a said anything in our support. Sana - no and what they've said I wont say or they'll blame me. Vrajesh is upset. Santosh - Mink was crying yesterday and I was singing for her.

7:26pm - Niketan inside talking to Sapna - she tripped on her own we didn't do anything else. Delnaaz saying we were swearing the system. Mink says how dare you say that. (missed here). Delnaaz comes. Sapna - don't get on Delnaaz. Niketan got hurt. Sapna saying Vrajesh did this. Niketan - and Shukla. On my hands and legs, scratches scratches scrathes.

7:28pm - In red bedroom, Urvashi angry that Niketan is giving Delnaaz explanations. Urva - she behaves as if she doesn't know what happened. Mink - yeah she wants all point of views or give all point of views. Niketan goes to the red bedroom. Sapna telling Del that he's giving excuses because he's done all BS. Rajev joins Sapna and Del. Del - lets not say more coz wo pak chuke hain. Sapna - where's Sana? Rajev - outside. Too many people settled personal grudges in tasks. I stood up with you, this that. Del - and I am your friend. Why were were angry with Vishal? We were quiet when Bharti came and threw the eggs. Rajev - understood. He (vishal) left everything. Sapna - there are many layers. We 4 boys and girls. Imam wants to sleep so they let him go in the yellow bedroom. Sapna tells Del to come in the red area. Del - yeh jo kar rahi hai coz she's nominated, yeh saari chaal hai. Rajev - listen to me calmly. These people said, I told him dont sit here. I and Sana was talking. Imam asked me 5 times should I sit or go. I told him u dont listen so do what you want so he went and told you that I'm telling him not to sit. Del came. And he said I'm feeling sleepy but I was sitting and talking to Sana. I couldn't explain to you (sapna) and Del and I got irritated and I was talking to Del and Imam was constantly saying lowering your voice. Sapna - but you shouldn't get affected. Rajev 0 u also get affected now when you were talking to aashka right? Now Rajev is explaining Imam's behaviour who kept annoying Rajev the whole day. He pushed Rajev earlier saying hato hawa aanede when Sana was crying earlier today. 

7:35pm - Sana walks in angrily. Del goes to ask what happened. Sana said I told Santosh to say sorry.

7:37pm - Niketan in the bedroom saying he'll throw him. Har insaan main bhagwaan basta hai. Niketan goes out saying he has all access pass.Urvashi, Mink listening to what is being said in the kitchen. Urva - she's again saying right? Wo duniya ko choona laga rahi hai. (del).

*taking a break*

continued here:

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152 pages reached...Thread 37 pls continue...
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Originally posted by tanya.91

Shukla Aunty, Vishal behen and Nirahua behen's full bitching session chaalu



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