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Rangs TD ffwd-pls comment (Page 15)

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Posted: 07 June 2005 at 12:55pm | IP Logged

At Bhonsle house, later that day:


Disha is in her room & hears her mother laughing and chatting to someone. She steps out to check who it is? She is amazed to see Vedant.


Disha: Arrre Vedant! When did u come & didn't even call me?

Ved: (gets up & moves towards Disha, gets really close) Hi sweet heart! (Holds her hands & looks in to her eyes passionately)

Disha feels very awkward &pulls away her hand & asks


Disha: what is going on?

Suhas: Disha ur days of misery r over.

Disha: what do u mean Aai?

Ved: she means u r going to be Mrs. Sehgal & will remain happily ever after.

Disha(gets all thrilled) : what is Dk coming to pick me up? When? Oh I better get ready.

Ved: (holds her  back, touches her face) Wait brother is not coming ur getting married to me.

Disha: (throws away his hand) VEDANT! What r u sayinh? R u in ur senses? Aai what kind of joke is this?

Suhas: He is right Disha I asked him & he agreed everything is fixed & ur getting married to Vedant.

Disha: but aai u know I love Dk. So can I marry Ved?

Suhas: so forget him now he is history. I'm telling u, u hv to love Ved.

Disha: I will not Aai, I'm sorry to oppose u but I cannot.

Suhas: why not?

Disha: because its my life & I hv the right to decide at least who is going to be my life partner.

Suhas: so who gave Dk the right to spoil ur life? If u love him & he loves u who gave him the right to abandon u from ur love?


Disha is taken aback & keeps quiet.


Suhas: tell me Disha? What happened, there is no answer to my question isn't it?


Disha lowers her head.


Suhas: so if u don't hv the answers to my question do as I say. Marry Vedant.

Disha: no aai please don't do this I'll die without Dk.

Suhas: So if u love him so much then go & get him or else u'll hv to do as I say.

Disha: yes aai I'll do anything to get Dk back in my life. U say I'll do anything that's a promise.

Suahs: Fine so go & prove it to Sumitraji that u r Dk's wife & cannot live without him.

Disha: (shocked) Aai?

Suhas : & this u'll hv to do without taking Dk's help & in presence of Porinita. U hv only tomorrow's time & if u couldn't do it u'll follow as I say.


Suhas & Vedant leave.


Disha: Aai! Aai!


Disha talks to herself: how can I do this what will happen to Mummyji if she comes to know the truth. But I hv t do this now for everyone's sake or else lot of lives will be ruined. I better think of some thing now. Bapa give me strength to excel in this task.


Next part what does Disha do now? Will she win back her man or not? Lets wait & watch!






stonex IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2005 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
thanks . its was very nice
SRKfever Senior Member

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Posted: 07 June 2005 at 10:26pm | IP Logged

hey I'm new here but I just wanted to say that your story is amazing

and please continue Smile

and I have a request that is if you don't mind can you post other stories that you've written for/about Tumhari DishaEmbarrassed


rang Senior Member

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Posted: 08 June 2005 at 12:34am | IP Logged

Unlike the serial TD's Disha, Disha of my story is not a birdbrain. She plans out everything that she has to do. She first approaches the doctor to confirm if the news that she is the wife of Dk can be disclosed to Sumi or not


Disha: Hello Doctor.

Doc: Hello Mrs. Sehgal. How r u?

Disha: I'm ine Doc.

Doc: I always used to wonder where have u been. U never came along with ur MIL ever since she became alright. Earlier u were always on her side.

(Here the doctor had been asked not to tell Disha that Sumi knows the truth now so he acts casual)


Disha then narrates the whole story to him that what happened when Sumi came back to her senses & how things are screwed up now.


Disha: so u see Doc, now to go back to my huse I've to prove to my MIL the truth & for that I need ur help.

Doc: sure Disha anything for u. tell me what do I have to do?

Disha: u just come over to Dk's house at 4 in the evening.

Doc: ok I'll be there.


Disha leaves & goes to collect other evidences & witnesses.


AT 4o'clock – Kanaka House, Sumi & Pori r the only ones to be at home Dk is at work & has no clue what Disha is upto. The door bell rings. Servent opens the door.


Servent: Arre Malkin, ur back, Namaste, please come in Malkin.

Disha: How r u Giridhar?

Servent: I'm fine Malkin, but without u this house is not the same. I hope ur back for good?

Disha: I cannot say that yet but I'll try & I hope u will help me with this.

Servent: Sure malkin. Anything to bring back the happiness of this house.

Disha: thanx, now listen few people would be coming here please don't stop them let them come in.

Servent: ok Malkin, Should I bring Tea/ coffee anything for u.

Disha: no just go & call Mummyji & Pori. Don't tell them that I'm here.


After awhile Pori & Sumi come down marching, when they see Disha they r shocked & frown (obviously Sumi is just pretending)


Sumi: Tum?

Pori: Han, Han Tum? What r u doing here? Was it not enough that u were thrown out of this house once?

Disha: Mummyji (goes ahead & tries to touch here feet, but she steps back)

Sumi: what is it Disha why have u come here today?

Disha: mummyji I need to talk to u.

Sumi: regarding what?

Disha: not like this mummyji first u sit down relax & try to listen to me with a little patience.

Sumi: Ok, but this would be the last time I'll be listening to u.

Pori: Aree Ma, don't fall for her sweet talks. She's very clever, with her these sweet talks & innocent face she trapped Dk.

Sumi: I know all that Pori, but even a culprit should be given affair chance.

Pori: but Ma……

Sumi: Pori u go inside & don't come out until I'm done with her. & don't be scared if u r right no one can harm u. now go.

Pori makes faces & goes inside.


Sumi: Come Disha lets sit.

Disha: Mummyji, I wish to tell u a truth, which u might like or not. But before I start u'll have to promise me that u'll lett me complete what ever I hv to say & prove to u & after that what ever ur dwill be I'll quietly accept.

Sumi: Ok, I promise.

Disha: Mummyji, Dk & I meet under very abnormal circumstances……………. (Tells her the whole story, while showing all the proofs & presenting all the people witness to the two D's relation, including acopy of their contract marriage in the end the doctor comes in)


Doc: Hello Mrs. Sehgal. How r u?

Sumi: oh she's brought u also here so incase if I don't feel good?

Doc: no Mrs. Sehgal I'm here to tell u……

Sumi: that Disha is Dk's real wife & not Pori? I've been hearing that from past 3 hrs.

Doc: exactly Mrs. Sehgal.

Sumi (turns to Disha): all these evidences & witnesses r k Disha, but the biggest Witnesse my son Dk has not said anything to me about this. So how should I belive u?

Disha: because he was scared that u might get a shock & he didn't want to loose u.

Sumi: but Disha don't u think the very first day had u told me that ur my bahu & not Pori, it could hv saved me & a lot of people from so much confussion & tension.

Disha: (loweres her head) I agree mummyji but it was Dk's decision.

Sumi: So being his wife & well wishes was it not ur duty to stop him from doing so much wronge to me, himself & u? I guess that is life partners for to rectify each other's mistake.

Disha: yes mummyji u r right, I admitte my mistake.

Sumi: but this does not mean I belive what u r saying. Until my son doesnot agree & prove it to me I'll not acceptu as my bahu.


Dk walks in & amazed to see so many people stading out side


Dk: Ma what's all this happeneing? Why all these people r here?

Sees Disha standing with lowered head & crying.

Dk: Disha, u, when did u come & what is all this? Please tell me why r u crying?

Disha: Dk I brought all these people to prove to mummyji that I'm ur wife, but since u never said anything to her she's not beliving me. Dk I'm sorry our relation is over I'm going to leave for ever…..(walks away, but is stopped by Dk)

Dk: Disha come here, come.

Disha: no Dk its all over, I need to leave now.

Dk: yes Disha, its all over.

Disha looks at his smiling face in ashock & then she looks at Sumi who is also smiling.

Disha: what do u mean?

Dk: Disha its all over, the days of our sepration r over Ma know everything, I told here the truth yesterday itself. & u will leave for ever but no Kanaka house, but Bhonsle house.

Disha: (happy & still crying) What?

Dk: yes!

Disha: then y didn't u tell me before?

Dk: because Ma told me not to.

 Pori enters clapping: what a show, what a show? Everybody was making fool out of me, including this Sumi Ma. I used ti think that I'm the actor here but no the whole Seghal khanadan is full of actors.

Sumi: Pori now ur role has ended in this drama, its time for ur exit.


Vedant with Suhas & azuba enter.


Ved: Sweet heart should I help u pack ur bags?

Pori Makes aface & leaves.


Disha: Aai, Azuba? (hugs her)

Suhas: God bless my child, I knew my daughter cannot be weak especially for her love.

Disha: so all of u knew abot this, I was the only one who knew nothing?

Sumi: no ur husband also knew nothing & u two still don't know anything.

Dk& Disha: what?

Sumi: I came to know about the truth outside the court, all thanx to Gargi, whose big mouth blabbered out the truth & then the Doc told me everything.

Disha: (turns around to Doc) u knew everything & didn't tell me anything.

Sumi: then I met Suhasji & we decided to teach u two a lesson, so that u two know how imp u r to each other & never commit such foolish mistake ever in ur lives.


Dk & Disha : (very happy)thanks Ma!


Touch Sumi's, Suhas's & Azuba's feet & everybody clap


Sumi: Suhasji this time I'll bring my DIL with complete ceremony, I want them to get married again.

Suahs: Sure Sumiji I'd lie to send away my daughter like she should be sent.

Sumi: so Friday is the shubh mahoorat for their wedding.

Suhas: I accept, chalo Disha lets go home.


Disha looks at Dk like she doesn't want to go & Dk ofcouse doesn't want her to leave so:


Dk: Aaaaaaa……Ma……Aai….. if u allow can Disha & I go for Dinner tonight.


Sumi & suhas look at each other & smile : ok u can, but come back on time.


Vedant: But Brother only for dinner, not anything else.

Dk: Badmaash.


So now we'll meet at the dinner of the D's






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Posted: 08 June 2005 at 12:44am | IP Logged
oh wow!!!! keep going!
Jaslove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2005 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
Clapthat was so nice now only if this happened in the show then everyone would be happy. Guhas should learn something from this LOL

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Posted: 09 June 2005 at 12:27am | IP Logged

hi rang

wow write the next part soon plzzzzzzzClap.......

and write some more roantic scenes between the D'S plzzzzzzzEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

SRKfever Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2005 at 1:43pm | IP Logged

Rang that was wonderful !!!.......

PLEASE CONTINUE ...................soon

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