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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virat - his passion, anger and annoyance...

munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Hello ji.Hug

sorry for the long long post which is just a compilation of bizarre ramblings .. read only to kill your time on a Sunday Tongue

Firstly Kudos to the team for such an outstanding MEStarClap..well paced and well packed.. my heart is so content watching it ...for we have seen such a beautiful episode . after a long long time.. and THANK YOU CVs for not taking the SACRIFICIAL WAY Clap to show their love.. rather these  insecurities and anger show their HUMAN side..


I was the one who said, anything based on ABHIMAAN  would be cliched for drama.. but we are humans and our thoughts and emotions are still the same as in 1970s .. the approach is different the emotions are the same.. and who else other than Hrishikesh Mukherjee could have touched this subject of underlying human emotions of Jealousy of a husband to his wife... so poignantly

but the makers here, who ever has handled the ME, kudos to you guys.. you have gone a step ahead with Virat's character ..it was not JEALOUSY as we have seen in Abhimaan.. it is his INSECURITIES and the URGE to prove himself sprouted out of PASSION for his music...

The one word which defines Virat's nature today is his PASSION for music.. I wouldn't say he was flawed today.. infact he wasn't flawed.. he behaved in a natural way .. there was no flaw .. it was just HUMAN..there are some 69 emotions in US,  human beings.. and being insecure or angry or hurt is not flaw ..it is being HUMAN ...as emotions are not flaws..



Virat being the most passionate guy, his love and passion for Music is something within him and which grew with him, he gave up his passion for being betrayed in love, he pursued it back with Maanvi's love.. since the very beginning of the competition he wanted Maanvi to be by his side.. this is a competition..how can they be TOGETHER.. they are bound to stand opposite to each other .. he was ok with it. he was CONFIDENT that he would win, as Maanvi is still by his side technically .. but what changed today is Maanvi is standing between HIM and HIS Goal, his PASSION and his DREAM...



the man has seen failures like no one on Indian TV , specially male characters on TV...In every other show. male characters are just perfect with a Midas touch .. whatever they touch, it becomes gold.. but here Virat is real.. his struggle, his failures, his annoyance, frustration, anger on the loved ones make him realistic and human and definitely the first male character on TV .. who being born in a rich family is going through the dark phase of his life and facing failures like no one and there is a limit to one's endurance for failures and time has come where he cannot and does not want to FAIL... this is what is the crux of Virat's character in ME...



To start off with he was happy and excited to  be in finals along with his wife. he takes her out for dinner.. he is smelling  the sweet fragrance of success which is almost there and  his wife is next  to him .. then comes the TV news which showed Maanvi's journey, her cancer struggle and people coming and praising her and telling her that she would WIN as they would vote for her.. this line of Maanvi would win.. it did jerk him a  little. but he laughed it and hid it behind his smile ..and shrugged it off '



Shlok tells Virat being a trained singer, is bound to win..but KC tells him the reality as how Maanvi is more popular and her story of a small town girl and how her fight against cancer is garnering all the sympathy ..this is it, Virat's confidence seems shattered, for he accepted the reality that Maanvi is more popular than him and he is no way close to winning .. he is not being delusional here.. he accepted Maanvi's popularity and felt the tug and feared that he might not be able to achieve his aim and passion.. he fake smiles and walks from there leaving her in confusion



Virat and Maanvi's relation has always been TRANSPARENT and him being the husband,.., never hid his failures or flaws or drawbacks or anguish or any other thing from her. just as any husband would think sharing his fears with his wide would mean belittling himself... but this TRANSPARENCY was never an issue in VirMan's relation..

When Maanvi asks why Virat's mood is off.. he explains her how his confidence is abated, as the competition is coming to end.. he says he does not want to fail as he has seen enough failures..his eyes, his throat everything was clouded with the despair of facing the failure yet again.. he gulps down his fears of facing failure,,, Maanvi's heart is twitched but she composes herself and tries to calm him down and bring back his confidence,.. she tells how deserving he is to win the title and how it's just a time pass for her.. her words of assurance is not helping him in any which way .. as his confidence is totally subsided .. 

here Maanvi goes on and on about herself how she was just having fun and how her lucky stars are with her..these are the lines where he felt the real anguish .. he did not know how to react ,,should he be happy for her or should he be in despair for his low confidence and seeing himself moving away from the success,..



Mr.Deepak, calls on his phone to talk to his wife and not a single word said to him.. while both of them are the finalists of the same competition... only she is getting calls for interviews and the world just chose to ignore him..they are just passing him and walking ahead of him to meet and talk to his wife.. and the words of her coming from Hrishikesh and battling cancer, surely got her the much needed sympathy and fame ..but where is he standing in all this ..only he will know how it tugs when you are ignored ...the moment she started speaking to deepak.. there were some weird feelings in him .. his restlessness.. his annoyance,..anger ...anguish..everything coming to the fore gradually..

.he gulps down the despair.. rubs his hands to ward off the thoughts clouding him.,,. her words are just hurting him.. not that he hates or dislikes her ..it is just that he is seeing the success moving away from him with each passing moment.. he couldn't be in the same room.. he controls his anger, his frustration, his annoyance,, and walks away.. shutting the door behind him.. In the whole scene .. the way he shut the door behind him was so poignant and his expressions so subtle.. the closing of the door is to keep himself away from his wife's fame which is hurting him..he is not aware of  why he is feeling hurt and why he is not liking any bit of it..  I loved every subtle, poignant and impeccable expression  of Kushal here.. BRILLIANTLY OUTSTANDING job by Kushal...



I am sure everyone just loved loved and loved this scene of VV bros.. Virat sharing his fears of failure with his bhai and Viren assuring him that he did not fail ever and he would always be his side whatever be the situation . My goodness.. two guys on TV soap can tug your heart, pool your eyes and even choke your throat ..in fact this is one in a million relation for me .. with simple words and simple gestures and being there for each other always 

His Passion for music is not just a year or 2 years old.. it's been there with him and grew with him.. Virat, the man who lives life following his heart is very passionate be it for music, maanvi or life in general..He shares with his bhai,  how dejected and broken he was when dadaji questioned his passion for music.. he did not want to see himself failing.. as he had seen enough of them all his life.. he failed at every step.. but still stood there strong where one can rely on him..he asks one question to his bhai

"How will I live if I fail now?" haven't we heard this line before.. yes he asked the same question as "how will I live without Maanvi?" now here we should understand for Virat music is not just any competition where he earns few bucks and becomes famous ... it is his PASSION .. and he has to prove it to himself before proving it to anyone.. 

he says he doesn't want to live life like a loser, he cannot face failure yet again.. he wants to win for himself..the intense urge to prove himself .. the drive of his passion is poignant in his words and his expressions..I don't know for how long he has been yearning to hear his dadaji saying that he is proud of Virat.. he yearns and wishes his dadaji to pat his back and be proud of him.. and all these are not a year or two years back,. they have been there and growing within him all through .. 

.the anguish he went through when he realized he may lose Maanvi is the same as he felt today when he thought that he might lose the competition .. as Music and Maanvi are two integral part of his life. today Maanvi stood between him and his dream.. the unknown anger within him. is diverted towards her.. for his life (Maanvi ) being a hurdle in reaching his goal..



the whole scene, Maanvi was the one who was consistently looking at Virat to find assurance in his eyes,, but he chose to remain silent.. as always Virat never speaks to Maanvi about their relation before the family.. what was more striking is at the end when everyone assures her.. she looks at him for assurance.. he places his hand on her back and makes her sit and assures her with his eyes...but he immediately goes back to his deep growling mood..unable to look at her for his thoughts are compelled to believe otherwise..Maanvi's look of expectation  and Virat's straight face ignoring Maanvi was such a poignant scene, it twitches your heart... and his expressions are hard to decipher as there are lots of emotions he is going through at the moment . 

this time Maanvi's tears did not move him .. her look of helplessness and hope for him to look at her did not melt him.. as he has crossed the line of normal thought process .. his thoughts are clouded by his anger.. he  is driven by passion... he can see nothing but her standing between him and the his dreams..



Radhaji's message.. he did not once say that we are husband and wife and whatever she sings it's her choice and i don't want to know.. he just heard her out.. and is thoughtful.. for him the relation took a back seat,. his passion for music .. his urge and drive  to prove himself were on the fore .. This is the same virat who, said that relation is relation and competition is competition . but little did he knew that the competition is just engulfing their relation from all ends..

He goes to his room.. where she is so confidently speaking how she would give her best ' while his confidence is rock bottom.. she holds his arm and says nothing in the world can separate them.. he is not in a mood.. as his aim.. his lakshya .. his passion .. his urge of success covered his sane thoughts, about THEIR relation.. which he cherishes to his heart.. today his passion for music took over the strong bond of their relation.. 

He asks her what is her song for the finale... Maanvi being playing and naughty says that she wouldn't share with him as he is her opponent and she would not like to share anything with him.. Maanvi said in a light hearted manner..he was the one who said. that she can make any amount of fun and he wouldn't be hurt.. but today, he caught the wrong end of the stick he could not see Maanvi's naughtiness in that,,as he was in a different level of thoughts when compared to Maanvi ..

Maanvi's words made him believe that she is indeed very serious about the competition and seeing  him as a competitor rather than a husband ..he thinks that she is all out to beat him in the finals.. This is the same virat who assured her that their relation would not be affected atleast from his side.. but he is the one ending up in hurting her and their relation, all unintentionally and unknowingly.. such a human and realistic characterization .. 'Clap

In the hall.. when Virat and Maanvi were asked to reveal their song for final. both were silent ..Viren diffuses the situation.. but Virat's sarcastic remark of "rules of the game.. this is a competition and not an antakshri" definitely left a bad taste for the rest of them,..and they were taken aback with such a remark from the otherwise happy go lucky guy .. Maanvi was confused and excuses herself.. while the rest were unable to contemplate what just happen



yesterday, none of ..her antics her words her cuteness . the glint of plea in her eyes.. her pout ..her magic on him just did not work on him...

he once said, that he would  compose the world's best music if she is with him..but today she is against him.. without maanvi, virat is nothing but a desolate soul..his despondency which results in anguish and rage against himself and herself for not standing with him..

The sarcasm, the i care naught attitude. the mean words hurled at her, with the purpose of hurting her.. was so very well conceived.. the dialogues.. the sarcasm in his tone...his CONTROLLED ANGER ,.. the subtle expressions in his eyes.. to show his annoyance and his intense urge to prove himself ...his anger crossed the line  today . which made him hurt her more and more and his every words, his every action, reverberated his annoyance towards her with the intention of hurting her.

the words.. that "maine socha nahin tum itna gir sakthi thi" was the last straw . Maanvi lost her calmness as those words hurt her beyond the limit she challenged him.. he was standing there calm and cool..listening to her  angry words.. he did not speak a word while he was speaking .. he was just standing and throwing looks of oh yeah we will see..the words "whatever you try . I am going to WIN this" shows nothing but his desperate urge to win and for that he would hurt anyone and everyone.. . 

Was he wrong . hell would I ever say that .. he was natural and real... you tend to hurt others when you are sad and hurt ..(try to remember ur real life situation.. what would you do when you are happy or sad..)  you tend to smile and hug others when you are happy within .. so being angry and showing it does it make his character worse. hell no . i would say that his darker side. his anger .. his pain.,. his annoyance. his frustration just made him so human and so believable... 

Is he jealous .. hell no . he was not jealous of her success, he was insecure because he was not near the goal.. as it is HIS Maanvi who he has to fight through.. and he was anguished.. for he thought whatever she is doing is for publicity to gain sympathy.either by talking about their marriage or cancer... yes when in anger our thoughts are not rational..we loose the ability to reason out...which is why they say one's anger buries you deep and inflicts you deeper... 

Virat, the guy, who has lived all his life with love and passion ..today his passion for music crossed the line, which pricked his heart to see himself, no where close to Maanvi's popularity..he is angry and frustrated ..  when he is happy no one can stop him from spreading the happiness and showing love.. and when he is hurt.. he gives the same anguish to others, be it his love Maanvi..

 it is not his mistrust in her.. it is his way of hurting the people who has pricked his heart. he loves or hates or comforts or hurts with all his heart.. the man has no facade. the man is just a plain open book.. his sarcastic remarks of antakshari, and " ohh really " to Maanvi was only to hurt her. because she is standing in BETWEEN him and his PASSION..rather than standing BY his side..



.. and Virat's expressions starting of the episode all smiling and happy progressed gradually .. bringing to the fore his insecurities.. his urge to prove himself .. and in the end they both are hurt...their relation did not succumb to the deadly cancer because they were TOGETHER in the fight.. today they are AGAINST each other which is why the very strong relation is succumbed to a mere competition ... they are meant to be TOGETHER to WIN against ANYTHING... If they are against each other their RELATION FAILs..and they have no identity by themselves  by all means a very much needed phase to strengthen their relation  and they are meant to be TOGETHER



Kushal nailed every bit of it in an IMPECCABLE way  .. his words through his teeth.. his suppressed and hurtful voice, his subtle expressions and his CONTROLLED anger were just sheer BRILLIANCE... and Kudos to Kushal and Nia for such an outstanding performance .. 

P.S: Aahhh finally .. i really don't know what i wrote .. because it is way too long and I don't think there is any sense it this time as it is so long and so tough to decipher his thoughts.. and most of the statements are redundant ..sorry for that... need frypans sach much wala to knock some sense into my dumb brains

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Shrav123 IF-Sizzlerz

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One more brilliant post on yesterdays episode..i wonder how can you write soo well..*claps*..firstly kushal was excellent in yesterday's episode..(i know i mit have told you thousands of times till now but as i said i wont get tired of telling this..lol)..he did a splending job for maha epi..kushal was at his best rit from the cafe scene till the angry looks wala scene..and no one else except kushal could do this...in the cafe scene,we saw how confident he was and their expressions were just bang on while saying 'jab log mujhe jate dekhenge tho kahenge dekho sur sartaj ka winner virat vadhera jaa raha hain' we saw that spark in his eyes..immediately tv mein maanvi was shown ,but virat was happy for her..he gives a smile which was definately not fake that time..next when they return home,they hear the conversation of chachi and shloku..as you said,reality hits him when chachi says 90% of the votes tho maanvi ko jayenge..his confidence is devastated..he goes off from that place..in the room,he shares his fears with maanvi..maanvi gives him the confidence but he could still not be happy..when deepak calls virat and directly asks for maanvi ,virat felt terribly ignored..and rit the person who is being ignored will know the pain of it..he goes away from der slamming the door..*wow i loved him der*..gussa and hurt wala virat..Day Dreaming..he goes and shares the chahat of his winning with viren really makes you very emotional..he wants to prove to dadaji ..he wants to win not only for himself but also for his maanvi,his family and mainly for dadaji..he just couldn face any more failures in his life..he really really want to do something in his life this time and his bhai gives him the required confidence..this brother bonding is the best bond i have ever seen..next the dining table wali scene..that was the first place where virat starts getting doubt..maanvi's line-'main apni career ko lekar kuch samjauta nai karungi' injects that doubt in him..but still he consoles her but not like everytime he does..all he could see that time was his goal..he at any cost wants to win it now..and maanvi was in between him and his goal etc etc.. And den radha tells him that he has to keep personal life and competition differently etc etc..this definately had influence on him..he goes to maanvi,he asks her about but she rejects from telling..that definately added fuel to the fire..and in the hall scene,he loses his temper a lil and tells that 'yeh competition hain..koi ghar ke antakshari nahi hain' and he goes away from der..maanvi understood every changing expression of his..and she leaves to talk to him..and that was the limit till where virat could control his anger..and then he bursts out his anger..he shouts at her..he puts galat ilzam on her etc etc..but as i said when a person is in anger he definately dont know what he is speaking etc etc..same is happening with virat..i am sure when his anger subsides he will think calmly and he will apologise maanvi..any person who want to achieve something in his life is bound to react like virat..for him winning the competition is everything rit now..all he is seeing now he is goal..the sarcastic comments like 'really..how sweet' and his comments etc were brilliantly portrayed by kushal..hats off to him..kushal was the star of the epi..

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Delena-cious IF-Sizzlerz

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munni..reserving the spot! will unres later Hug


dear munni...this is one of the best post u've ever made.

coming to the post, when viraat was trying to convince maanvi that a singing competition would never hurt their relationship, he didnt have any idea that it would actually happen. its not because of his insecurity or jealousy, it was never there for me. it all started when Karan kept constantly hammering the same words 'maanvi will win' even for the time being he managed to brush it all off but how much can one take right? even however much when u love someone, its natural for anyone to get upset over the fact that the person u love is more successful that u. its a part of human flaws. 

it was always love which drove him to music. whether it was maya or maanvi. the one thing that drove him to music was love. music is the one thing that holds him together with love. but now, here he is standing against his love. how can he expect to win? even though he had the confidence to, he couldnt have. because without his love by his side, there was no chance of him winning his dream. for him love and music goes hand in hand. if one is not there other wont be there too

i loved the VV bros scene the most in the ME. it surely did tug my heart the way how viraat confided in his big brother the fear of him losing and viren ever the supportve always supporting his little brother and assuring that he will always be by his side. brilliantly done by both!

then again comes karan with his new intention of creating rifts between virman publishing the rubbish article. viraat was already too wrapped up in his own dilemma that the article was like fuel to fire. even though he assured maanvi then, he wasnt feeling quite himself as he was seeing how his life and career is being effected. the last straw came when maanvi refused to tell him the song she was gonna sing in the duet. he was like u said in no mood for nok-joks but maanvi was unable to take the hint because she was sure that there was nothing that could separate her from viraat. she was surprised by his lashing words when he accused her regarding the article. even he couldnt have realized what he just did by saying those things to her. his judgement clouding him. anger does that to a person. we dont mean what we say half of the time. and he didnt either. he knows maanvi inside out but that night, he had enough. enough of being caled a failure every time. it was all one could take. its also part of human flaws. 

Loved the ME especially since it was directed by Sid sir. the whole episode was focused on viraat but balanced with everyone else. 

Kushal never cease to amaze me. everytime he comes on screen and deliver such high packed performance, it keeps ur mouth hanging in awe. 3 cheers for kushal tandon and 3 cheers for munni for such a brilliant post Hug did i make sense here? frying pans?LOL

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ifyaa IF-Rockerz

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crazyvirmanians IF-Rockerz

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OMG simply NO WORDS... me Dead
you have really given a new direction to my thoughts
zipped... as i really dont have words to praise this post...

so i am trying out with emoctions...
Hug Clap Thumbs Up Heart...

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appleicecream Senior Member

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nicely written...
Kushal indeed did a great job...

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Kiekeboe Goldie

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speechless ... I have no words ... wonderful and heartbreaking post!

Kushal did a wonderful job showing Virat feelings! 

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xoxoarshi Senior Member

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I love your post!!
beautifully written

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