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10 Years~A wait worthwhile chap 5 Updated! pg11

Sana16 Groupbie

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Guys...U all can literally hate me!! Ouch I'm sooo sorry I'm not being able to complete this TSCry...My academics are totally taking a toll on my healthCryCry & lots of disturbance too thses days CryCry, pleaseee forgive me. I'm also ready to take up punishment from ur sides, but seriously I'm helpless...I will update whenever I get atleast a minute free, a few paragraphs hi sahi but I will Smile!!! I'm sooorry I've let u all downCry!! I will update sometime soon, around sunday Smile!! n Yeah I will personally send u all PMs of the update Big smile...! I hope this makes up a lil atleast for all the delays I've caused!!! Smile

Hey PaYa lovers...Wink how u guys doing!?
My name is Sana & Im a 16 year old student who is crazy for daily soaps!LOL I love sweet love stories and the once which has star-crossed lovers! I mean totally opposite protagonist, lil Nok-Jhok and lots of Pyaar wale shows!! I am a ardent fan of ArHi and an active member in IPKKND forum so if u like my work here u can go check my other works there too... Embarrassed 
Hmmm...So, Im new in PKDH forum and this is my first post in here, I've been thinking on writing something on Pankhuri & Adi cuz I love their cute friendship. So today I decided to jot down my thought on PaYa...I hope you guys enjoy this piece of literature and welcome me into this family...! 

So...this is a TS this means 10 shots, its a short story divided into 10 parts/chapters.

Background : Aditya & Pankhuri are best friends , Kumars & Guptas live together in in Kulu since the past 15 years...both the families are very close to each other. When Adi was 14 yr old, Harish got a good chance to establish his business in London, & Adi got admission in a reputed school. So the Kumars decided to move to UK. Adi left Pankhuri with a promise to come back after 10 years so lets see what all changed in these years!

10 Years...A wait worthwhile ~

Kulu, December 25th, 2002.

'Jaa rahe ho tum'...asked a bubbly 12 year old girl warmly wrapped in her scarlet scarf, stood at the foot of the friendship peak.

'Jana padh raha hai, varna tujhe chod ke mein kahan jaata?' replied a 14 year old, smartly dressed boy. A sweet smile playing on his lips but at the same time his eyes wore a gloomy look.

'Jhoot bol rahe ho tum, humesha jhoot bolte ho. Tum chaho toh ruk sakte ho, kehdo Harish uncle se tum yahi Kulu main rehkar apni studies poori karoge.' She said facing him now, eyes pleading.

'Stupid, Dad ko apna business UK mai establish karne ka awesome chance mila hai. Woh yeh chance kaise chod sakte hai, mere bina kaise jayenge?' He replied in a lighter tone to cheer her up.

'Haan, par tum mere bina reh sakte ho na?' she asked him in an annoyed tone, eyes welling up.

Before he could reply his a little boy ran to him and said while trying to catch a breath '

'Bhaiya Avantika aunty is looking for you. Hurry up or else she'll eat you.'

'Arjun, look your Didi is angry with me. I don't know how to convince her, & I don't even have the time to do so. Or your aunty will eat me up' he chuckled.

He got down on his knees and pulled Arjun towards him and said '

'Arjun, would you promise me something today? I'll get you as many chocolates you want but make sure...that not a single tear flows out of her eyes.'

He said, staring intensely at her. A sweet smile started playing on her lips. She started saying something but was cut off by Arjun '

'I promise Bhaiya, but don't forget the chocolates okay!' Arjun said amusingly.

'Promise!' he replied.

He went towards her and held her chin up with his index finger, he playfully struck her nose and said '

'Merry Christmas hippo!'

Her eyes widened in shock and her jaws dropped, she ran after him to hit.


 They ran for a while when Arjun reminded them of Avantika aunty.

They all walked down the snow covered path to reach the Gupta villa which was connected by the Kumar villa. Harish was loading the baggage into the car trunk while Avantika was bidding everyone goodbye.

Avantika & Harish hugging everyone, when Avantika saw her hiding in a corner...she went to her & in a single sec reasoned out the sadness in her eyes.

'Awww, my dear please don't cry. Look beta, we don't have any choice we have to go to UK. But I promise one thing once he completes his studies & uncle's business is set we will be right back.' Avantika said reassuring her.

The little girl flung her arms around Avantika and said '

'I love you...'

'Aww, I love you too dear.' Avantika replied.

It was time for them to go; they all got into the car and started. The whole Gupta family stood there waving them goodbyes, he looked out of the window and found her waving out to him from the balcony...with a smile on her lips & hope in her eyes! He quickly pulled out a camcorder from his backpack and stuck out his head again to capture this moment. He kept on recording till her scene blurred out of his vision.



12th December, 2012. Kulu.

'Pankhuriii...What the heck are you doing here? Don't you know we've got a flight to catch?' Neha remarked sarcastically.

'Ohoo Neha just chill, you go and get the baggage ready. I'll see you in a moment, okay? Now go...' Pankhuri replied pushing Neha away.

'Ah, you & your Friendship peak.' Neha muttered while her way down the foot of the peak.

Pankhuri stood at the foot of the snow-covered friendship peak, staring at the sky. Her eyes were gleaming with happiness, her face glowed with excitement. This had become a 'tradition' now, as she had been repeating this activity every now and then, before she had anything special to do she would first go to the friendship peak and spoke to thin air. If only someone knew that she was speaking to her best friend staring at the skies above. She thought that all those things she spoke would be conveyed to her friend by her Ramji.

'OMG, I can't believe it...I'm going to Mumbai. Finally! And the most awesome thing is Neha is getting married! My sweet little stupid Neha...Aww, my dear...I'm gonna miss her soo much!' she said pouting looking at the bluish Kulu sky.

'OMG', she looked at her watch and her eyes popped open in shock. 'I'm late...Oh Ramji help me. Maa is gonna bash me!' she said rushing down the snowy path to reach the Gupta Villa driveway. 2 SUVs were getting loaded with luggage by the servants while her Dadaji and Papa stood there discussing something, she walked towards them when she saw her Chachi, Maa & Neha coming out of the house muttering something. They had annoyed expressions as if scolding Neha, & that poor girl just stood listening to the ladies while keeping her head bent. She wondered what the matter was; she walked towards them and interrupted the ongoing conversation.

'Maa, what's the matter? Why are you both scolding the poor bride-to-be?' she said hugging Neha side-wise.

'PANKHURI!! Where the hell were you? Have you seen the time? We are already late & you are yet to be done with your packing. Oh Pankhuri what am I gonna do with you! You don't have any sense of responsibility.' Maa said with mixed expressions of anger, irritation and annoyance on her face.

'Uh Oh! Looks like we've entered the forbidden territory.' Pankhuri whispered in Neha's ear.

'What did you say?' Maa asked.

'Haan? Ah, no nothing...I was actually saying Maa that my packing is almost done, it's only my handbag that is to be packed. Just give me 2 mins and I'll be done with it.' Pankhuri replied trying to pacify her Maa.

'Uski koi zaroorat nahi hai, if you go now to pack we'll reach Mumbai in Neha's Baby shower!' Maa said sarcastically.

Neha blushed & excused herself while Pankhuri chuckled, much to Maa's annoyance.

'Here is your handbag, AND this time take good care of it unlike last time when you forgot it in a caf while our way back from Ujjain.' Maa said handing her the bag.

Punkhuri just rolled her eyes in amusement and followed the ladies to the SUVs. They reached the airport on time and got on to the flight.


So, how was it?...Im so damn desperate to get ur reviews! Guys please read, like & comment. I wanna proceed only on ur responses!...Sooo please comment and let me know how it was! I'll continue only if u guys like it so please tell me honestly!


NOTE : Guys please make a note of this, if you like my TS and would like to receive a PM whenever I update, please send or accept a friend request from this account Seher_Salman. This is my Bhabi's account & she'll be sending all the PMs from now on, so please add her.

Lots of Love,

~ Sana Heart...

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Tacker_Holic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Awww I loved this to the core! Heart I love the whole idea of childhood friends! Embarrassed They sounded soo cute I could picture a cute little Pankhu and a more cute Adi! Day Dreaming I really enjoyed reading it! Star Big smile You are going to continue you this arent you? I am so happy more people are writing for the forum! Keep it up you are awesome! Big smile

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Sana16 Groupbie

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sonia17

Awww I loved this to the core! Heart I love the whole idea of childhood friends! Embarrassed They sounded soo cute I could picture a cute little Pankhu and a more cute Adi! Day Dreaming I really enjoyed reading it! Star Big smile You are going to continue you this arent you? I am so happy more people are writing for the forum! Keep it up you are awesome! Big smile

Hey Sonia, thank u sooo muchBig smile
Im so glad u enjoyed it so much! I'll continue only if I get these kind of positive responses, well i got urs -this means a great thing to me!Embarrassed I'm really motivated by ur comment - I surely wanna continue...! 
Thanx again !Embarrassed

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_shona_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 9:37am | IP Logged
hey..luved ur osClap...
nice concept..
PaYa childhood frndzz..
do continue it soon..  
n pm me 2 plzz...Smile

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sajanFan Senior Member

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
This is fab dear. I always love d concept of childhood friendship turning to love. Plz continue soon dear. Dont make us wait for long :)

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sharna2k6 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Oh my gosh Sana!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, a big big welcome to the PKDH forum!!!! I'm always excited to see a new member here!! I really hope we see you participating in discussions and making new topics, AND CONTINUING THIS TS!!

Back to the TS.. OMG! I LOVED IT!!!! It was the cutest thing I've ever read. I'm serious! It was so cute and adorable! I'm in love with the concept of childhood friends meet adulthood. It sortof reminded me of Mujse Dosti Karoge? One of my favorite movies! You have GOT to continue this or else I'll go crazy.

But don't expect a ton of comments.. Unlike in IPK forum, I use to check there every so often, this forum is hardly active. We've got tons of lazy members =/ But don't let that discourage you! The regulars will surely read this and go crazy just like Sonia and I.

Amazng, Amazing, Amazing!!! PLEASE continue it soon! And PM me when you do!

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*Dev.* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Sana, Welcome to FamilyHug and keep Continue your TS, Gud its a new thot. I realy liked it however I was amused that at age of 12, the Kids were so mature! Even that facts that Pankuri always lovd Adi. Regards.

Well a suggestion- pls Goto Archieve Mansion of PKDH Forum and Goto PKDH- Audio ,Music and Tunes, pls put your TS's links there. It will be systematic.

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kyyfanatic Senior Member

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Hey sana...

Amazing concept n loved d beginning!!! Do continue soon and pm me for updates... I am a part of IPKKND forum also but not too active due to hell load of work... Looking forward to see ur ff's in this forum...

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