Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!


Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!
Bigg Boss Season 6 : Alag Che!

Live Discussion Thread 35

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Here's the link for the earlier updates of the day by simplypurple :

Current updates:

6:16 pm : *Audio is muted* Imam walking in garden area. 3 Blue team members(main house contestants) and 3 red team members(villagers) can be seen sitting near gym area and talking.

6:24 pm : Imam is doing weird dance moves outside near gym area. Shukla, Vishal, Nirahua and Aashka can be seen sitting together. Delnaaz is talking and walking with Niketan. *Audio still muted*

6:35 pm : Blinds are down from the inside of the house. Everyone is in garden area.Imam comes and sits beside Shukla. They are talking. People are divided into three groups. It's hard to tell who's in which group.

6:39 pm : Shukla gets up and walks away from Imam. Comes back and sits down again. Niketan can be seen talking to 2 blue team and 1 red team females(I'm guessing it's Aashka, Delnaaz and Sana). Vrajesh is there too.

6:41 pm : Blinds are up. Some of the housemates go inside. Rest are still outside talking.

6:47 pm : Niketan, Karishma and Mink(i think) are sitting together near pool area.Karishma- 15 is Vrajesh. Sapna - Who is 18? Sapna - We can't guard so much. 

6:49 pm : Sapna sitting outside of Boy's room door(seems like she is guarding something for the task). Nik - Mink you're looking so skinny. Didn't you eat all day today? *some talk about task* Nik - Who are you missing? Mink - Mom. Nik - Are you worried? It makes two of us. Mink - I'm not irritated. I'm doubting myself. Nik - Tell me. Mink - We'll talk when we are alone. Urva is with Mink and Niketan too but not talking. 

6:53 pm : Delnaaz walking around in yellow shawl. *Audio is muted* Nik, Urv and Mink still talking. Shukla, Imam, Nirahua are sitting by gym area still. Vishal is there too but in his lounge chair.

6:55 pm : Karishma in kitchen making coffee and humming. She is making coffee for Mink.

6:58 pm : Urvashi standing by herself behind living room couch(related to task). She comes outside. Vrajesh walking. Urvashi  goes back inside the house. Delnaaz can be seen talking to villagers near gym area. Rajev carrying something red inside the house (related to task probably).

7:16 pm : Sapna wondering where Sana is. Delnaaz says she is outside. Urvashi is seen sitting outside boy's room door(for task). Nik comes to Urvashi. Nik - Have you lost the plot? *says something but can't hear cuz of Sana and Sapna laughing. Urv - She(Karishma) is smitten by him(Vishal). I have a feeling she likes himShocked. Nik - He(Vishal) said he sas to go to London while exiting aur ab...*Cam switches to garden view*

7:21 pm : Sana - Ok Gobar Sapna. Sapna - Sleeping is allowed. Sana - It's not allowed. You can pretend. In all our tasks, devils get involved. Sana to Del - How to make meetha chawal Del? Del - Put some oil. Vishal and Imam walk into the living area. Sapna and Urvashi sitting outside boy's room door. *Cam switches view to garden area*

7:26 pm : Del - Sanu chal. *laughs* Sana - Del you are so shaani. Del - You are a tuchi. Sana to Nirahua - which jhanda? Nirahua can be heard in the background asking why did Sana hide the red team flag?
Sana and Del are in the kitched together cooking. Sana complaining about diarrhea from eggs. Del - Hai bhagwan. Sapna talking about hiding flag to Nirahua.

7:37 pm : Blinds are down from inside the house. Everyone is inside.

7:44 pm : Karishma walks into girl's room and says oh my god and then walks out. Not sure why she said that as she was out of view.

7:47 pm : Rajev talking to Niketan about task in boy's room. Sapna and Mink in girl's room. Mink tries to go into captain's room but it's locked. She wanted to use that washroom as blinds are down and they can't go outside. Sapna says that they can't use the washroom as guests are here(some other task?). Sapna calls Rajev and Niketan. Sapna - You have to wear this t-shirt all the time. If it gets wet then you won't be able to wear it. 

7:52 pm : Sapna - Imam go with them. Sapna walking around girl's room. Imam can be heard talking in the background.

8:00 pm : Screams can be heard in the background. Mostly Rajeev and Sana's screams.

8:06 pm : Delnaaz and Sapna cooking in kitchen. Sapna - It was a lot fun. Matching upto Santosh's strength is difficult. Me and Sana should have gone. We would have fallen faster. Imam- It wasn't a battle of equals. Those two guys are much stronger. Sapna - Santosh is much stronger. Imam asking if he can cut something. Rajev is wet(from task?) and Imam asking Rajev to dry himself with hairdryer. Delnaaz - I will cook daal first. Sapna - ok. What are you making? Del - Daal palak. Rajev telling Sana she didn't give any support. Sapna - Santosh is strong. Sana joins Sapna and Del in kitchen. Imam talking about how to serve the village people.  Urvashi and Karishma join dining area.

8:28 pm : Delnaaz is cooking in the kitchen. Rajev talking to Sana. Delnaaz says Sana is sleeping. Sana - Where were you? Rajev - How come you slept? Rajev saying he got bruised during the task. He got hurt in 3 places. Rajev and Sana sitting on dining table. Rajev - I think they can occupy the bedroom. Someone has to be here too. *talks about task* Vishal and Imam can be heard in the background.

8:33 pm : Imam singing. Rajev and Sana still talking in the dining table while Delnaaz is cooking. Niketan joins Rajev and Sana. Urvashi and Mink talking in bed. Urva - Something will happen. Let's go outside everyone. Everyone is inside. Something is happening. 

8:35 pm: Nik talking to Rajev and Sana. Imam tells Sapna that this was his first task. Rajev telling Delnaaz and Sana that his wounds are burning. Delnaaz talking to Mink about food. Delnaaz  tells Rajev to put Burnol. Rajev to Delnaaz - Their problem is sleeping. If they take bedroom and our blankets, we will be in trouble *whsipers*
Sana calls Rajev but can't make out what she is saying. Rajev comes back to Delnaaz and walks away.  Niketan comes to Delnaaz and starts whispering about task. He said he thinks the red team has a secret task, but he doesn't know what it is.

8:50   pm : Urashi in bed. Mink joins. Urvashi - Everyone has to stay up. Now tell me what your problem is? Mink - A lot of things are going on in my head. I'm thinking what my mom must be thinking. Like what is coming across outside. Urva - You haven't done anything for which you will be guilty?Then? Mink - yea but little things u know... Urva - You have come to a show where these little things are not in your control. People know how you are outside so why do u care? There are 70 cameras and 400 people here. Outside too there are 400 people and are watching. So what are you worried about??What your mom is gonna say? *Silence* Urva - We got such a good task and now u are all depressed. Mink - Happens. Mood swings. Urva - Suddenly? Mink - Actually I have been thinking since morning. No since Imam has come.I have been feeling disoriented.If slapping was allowed here, i would have done it by nowShockedShocked. My mom's asked me to always control my emotions and I'm doing that. But my friends must be thiking why am I being so docile?

8:53 pm : Del wants someone to taste her food.Sapna tastes food .Food is hot. Del has cooked aloo and rice. Rajev comes to help Del but she refuses because his hand is bruised. Rajev starts whispering to her.

9:08 pm : Del feeding Sapna. Asks her to try again. Sapna thinks food is superb. Sapna compliments the food. Delnaaz is happy. Imam taking food. Delnaaz says food is ready. Sapna calls everyone. Calls Aashka. Imam saying he eats rice out of katora. 

9:12 pm : Nik, Urva, Kar and Mink talking in bedroom. Nik - you do the dishes. Kar - I have done a lot of work today. Kar - Ask Delnaaz. Nik - I'm no captain so why should I allot duties?

9:25 pm : Dinner time. People are lining up to eat. Camera switches to boy's bedroom. Manhoos villagers must have entered the dining areaLOL

10:50 pm : *Mink and Karishma are talking*

Mink - I know who I am. What I am. I'm as such that If I have to slap someone, I'll do it. If you've made a mistake then I will do it. I won't have any hesitations about it.
Karishma-Situations change here by the hour. It's a difficult place to make judgments. If you feel strongly about certain things, then vocalize it.Be who you are.
Mink-It's not me.I'm not changing. I get angry...I get happy. I'm a fun person. I don't have a problem with myself. I don't know whom to slap here. There are 14 people, I don't whom 3 to pick. I'm your friend and if i find out you are using me, then I won't be ok with that. I don't want be someone's kandha ke koi mere kandhe pe rakh ke goli chalai.Or I don't want to use someone like that either.
Karishma-Main kya batao...there is no time to gauge someone here you know...
Mink-No there is time. One days has so many hours and we go through so many things in a day.
Karishma-But you can't get clarity cuz situations change so often. Which doesn't happen in normal life. I know how you feel babe.I wish I could tell u but we both are in the same situation. 
Mink-I have to see what happens with time. If I go to Nik, he won't be able to help me. I just have to wait and see. You are docile so you don't have problems with such things. If I have problem with anything, I show it. I react very strongly. Like Vishal, I don't trust him.I can have fun with him but not trust him. 
Karishma-That's how i'm with Sana.
Mink-But something has happened that has been bothering me.When that happens,I start hating that thing. I cant control it.I will hate you like anything.
Karishma-It's a strong word.
Mink-Yea but when I love, its strong. I'm very loving with mom and friends. But if i don't, then i don't. I can't just do koochie koochie for show.I hope i leave before anything happens. It's better if i leave on Friday before things get spoilt. Like Niketan said about u that it's good thing u left early cuz u would have not been able to handle what was said about u.I'll watch everyone for a day now.Try to get some clarity.
Karishma-First day I didn't talk to u cuz of task...
Mink-No first day everyone spoke to me nicely.It was my bday. Everyone wished me and sang happy bday. Everyone was very sweet but the next morning, the 4 girls stopped talking. Urvashi spoke less but she said she doesn't speak much at the beginning. The rest just looked through me.Urvashi and my friendship happened in a very natural way. Next day though, Aashka looked at me in a certain way. Why? Your mahila mandal is what created groups here first.You yourself changed so many relations. They called Nik cheap.Today Nik is so good? They even said bad things about Vrajesh. Don't throw dialogues like badalte rishtey here and there when you yourself have changed so much.
Karishma -I was with Sidhu ji that week so...
Mink-I wish I was too.I will tell each one what they are doing one day. But I need to understand first.
Karishma-I don't know if its two facedness or if its game...
Mink-If you are playing a game or u chose to backbite then thats ur personal choice. My agenda is I can't understand you...
Karishma-I know.I don't mind sleeping here. Doesn't make a difference to me...It's difficult to analyze because u are too close to it, We are too close to each other. Too much in proximity. U should detach a lil bit.That's what I do.
Mink-One thing I wont ever do is lie. I hope even by mistake i don't ever lie cuz i wont be able to digest that.
Karishma-People feel as if going out and seeing how the game is,and then coming back... it's a good thing but it's not. Cuz u come back a different person.What you were on 3rd week is different from what you are now,,,
Mink-I need to wash my hair tomorrow...
Karishma-I need to wash my face...clothes...

*talks about task*

Karishma-Will u watch all episodes after u leave?
Mink-Yea.It would be stupid not to. You want to know everything.

*Talks about her dad*

*Delnaaz joins them and starts talking about Rajev and her affair*

11:20 pm : Everyone's talking about night task.

11:27 pm : Urva to Mink-Sab mein haan haan haan.Maine sab sun liya ab tu sun(talking about Del/Aashu or Sana)Only way to tackle them is this. Pal mein tola pal mein masha. That's how they are. If we like we will talk to you otherwise get lost. You treat everyone like doormat, who are you? Andar to tune sun liya ke kya baat hui.

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me 2nd PartyLOL

is dat imaam singing - bye bye bye bye?? LOL

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BB6 LIVE STREAM UPDATES - 3rd December '12

** Time converted to India Time
** Bold bits are important or interesting
** Red bits are spoilers.

Details about the on-going task:
Do Bigha Zameen - It's all about capturing territories in the house. There are two teams: Red team consists of all the villagers and Blue team consists of the main house people. First part was 2 people from each team had to grab all their personal items and place on one side of the scale. Whoever's items were heavier would win the bedrooms. So the blue team won the bedrooms. Then they had a toilet task where they had to clean cow dung filled toilet bowls and sinks. Think red team won that. Then they had a kitchen cooking and eating task and I think blue team won that as well. So essentially the blue team has captured the entire house and so red team has been thrown out of the house. At night they have to go and replace their enemies' flags with their own. Whoever captures every territory wins. So the task will go on for 3 days and all night until one team wins.

Night Updates:
~12:30am - At night the blue team set up their flags. Niketan and Sapna hid the kitchen flag on the side of the fridge and balanced some items over it in order to make it harder for them. The red team settled outside of the front entrance to keep an eye on everyone using their toilet. Captain's room is locked since morning. In the house, Rajev and Imam end up having a fight. Details are unclear but it seems that Imam may have kept telling Rajev to go to sleep 4 - 5 times or vice versa and Imam told Rajev he also fell asleep during the animal task. Then Delnaaz was talking to Rajev and telling him to move from his post. He told her she's not the f-ing captain to tell him what to do. Imam interrupts and says calm down, don't use language like that and in Imam's words "he erupted" and started yelling at Imam. The red team at first thinks it's a ploy and a fake fight but then they realize it's not and all rush in. Rajev was saying, "main aur delu baat kar rahein hain" and he didn;t like Imam's interference and the house mates take Rajev to the side. It's muted. Sapna and Urvashi telling Imam it's not his fault. Sapna was saying that if there are extra people on duty, it's good because the red team is hyper tonight. Everyone calms down. Urvashi is heard telling Vrajesh that Imam shouldn't interfere in a husband wife fight.

~ 1am - Mink is saying that Rajev got so angry, spit was flying out of his mouth and why did Imam interfere. Then they were worried about the flag in their room. Karishma didn't want to wake up in the morning with the villagers in their room and she was wondering if the velcro makes a sound. Mink said she gets confused in the names of Sana and Sapna and Sapna said she is a light sleeper. Then they went to check if something else is happening. Urvashi walks in saying something might happen again. So Karishma, Urvashi, Mink in the red bedroom. Niketan is sleeping all alone in the yellow bedroom and cam is currently stuck there (1:26am).

1:30am - Sana, Del, Aashka and Nirahua sitting together. They are discussing the live feed. Nirahua gets up walks off. Del is saying we didn't do anything to worry about. Aashka saying she went from stage to the village house. She's saying Radhe was imitating her crying. Aashka saying Saturday episode Salman is very nice to everyone. Behind nirahua was whispering to imam. Rajev and Urvashi talking. Aashka is saying BB creative team has a lot of discipline, no news from out goes in. Del saying that Nirahua told her she's looking good on the show. Del talking about Urvashi doing her mimicry and Aashka saying she saw it. Del saying Rajev said she should have told Salman why was that done. Nir told her that I didnt like something about Rajev that he said he will get a lot of girls but I'm worried about Delnaaz and Nirahua told this to Salman that it wasn't right. Aashka whispering. Cant hear. Aashka saying that Salman, do you think everything is shown how it is and Aashka said yes and I won't regret anything. Sana - yeah we haven't done anything. I don't think friend sitting and discussing is b-ing and gossip. Aashka - I will say that bb doesn't mean controversy. Nirahua came, del turned to talk to him and Aashka said, you arent  listening to me right. Del - of course i am baby. ConfusedThey ask Nirahua about whats coming on tv and he's saying he's blank.  Sana jokingly singing - yaad nahi ab kuch.. she catches santosh hiding her flag in a towel and laughs and announces it. Aashka is getting angry and saying why do you need to talk to loudly.Angry  Sana says why? I found it funny and she continues laughing and talking loudly.  Santosh lies on the other sofa. 

2:08am - Del asks Sana if she'll do duty with Urva and Sana says I'm awake. Only my partners are changing.

2:11am - Del wondering why Urvashi is taking so long. Aashka telling nirahua to sit outside why is he in and he said just like that. 2 people went to the toilet. Del telling imam he has to watch the bedroom door all night now. 

2:14am - Imam lying upside down next to the chair.

2:16am - Del telling Vishal - kyun bete yeh task main bada charged hai. Vishal was saying something about the store room and clothes.

2:18am - Seems the main door will be closed and blinds will be down so Del asking if anyone wants to use the toilet. Sana and Imam can't decide. They both decide not to go. Imam sleeping in front of the chair. Aashka is sleeping on the sofa and Del says maharani so rahi hai. 

2:22am - Sana is joking around with Del and Aashka tells her to shut up.Angry

2:24am - Sana goes to the toilet and Aashka telling delnaaz he has seen everything and come as has Vishal and Mink. *silence* 

2:25am - Sana comes and tells Delu that the people outside are sleeping and she can go steal the flag but Aashka sits up. Aashka whispering and I can't hear a word. Del - maybe he's doing something else. Imam asks, are you guys asleep. Sana - can I sleep standing up?

2:31am - Aashka whispering to Delnaaz and Sana. Can't hear a word. 

2:34am - Del - Sanu I'm sleepy. Should I sleep here only? Sana goes out to check something. Aashka looks at Del. Del - don't react/talk. Aashka whispering some more. Sana comes and gives Aashka a flag. Del says I'm feeling dizzy. She gets up. Asks what Sana will do. Sana - I have to sit here. All these people are awake and she laughs. Del - should I wake up Karishma? Sana - no, when I'm done then. Imam is dead asleep. Delnaaz is  trying to wake him to go in the bedroom. Sana laughing. She starts to move the chair. Urvashi helps delnaaz go in. Sana laughing. She's joking about Sapna as a bear. 

2:41am - Aashka whispering to Sana - "bari bari aankhein, mere liye.. woh dono mile hoowein hain...mujhe nahi achcha lagta tum unse baat karo..." Sana mentions Mink and says I dont talk. Can;t hear properly. Some past nomination discussion. They both decide to go to the toilet. Sana tells Urvashi before going. And she says the other team has flags.

2:50am - Urvashi and Santosh talking. Vrajesh goes out. Santosh saying he has a good opinion of Urvashi and he'll say so openly. Urvashi not audible. Sana and Aashka are coming back inside.

2:57am - Urva santosh talking *inaudible* Sana aashka have vanished. 

3am - Urvashi telling Santosh that she also feels and gets hurt. She said if she stays or goes, she'll be happy. She'll get to see her family and maybe she'll work and earn that money or more. In bombay in 50lakhs you wont get a flat, in 30 lakhs u wont get a car. I think she's telling shukla about her discussion with Aashka that she told her whether you are 25, 28, or whatever, no one is greater or lower than the other. Santosh agrees and tells her he remembers her show maati. Raju is making a film. Urva - maati is so old. Santosh - i still remember and u were in dekh bhai dekh. urva - dekh bhai dekh was 14 yrs ago, she's 34 yrs old today. Urva saying that in the olden days they'd make fun of her that she's fat and she needs to be size 0 and she never could be size 0 and now they are surprised at looking at her now. urvashi and santosh now talking about lucknow. She said she had a lot of problems in Lucknow. She went for a show and were staying at taj hotel. Her show was coming from Sony. It was it's promotion. The channel girl was from Lucknow and she said before catching our flight let's go to a market for suit pieces so they went in the car and reached. They went into a big shop and she doesn't know which market. She's buying chicken pieces and suddenly she caught her from behind and said there was a lane and said come on. She tells her stay here, dont go anywhere. All the shutters were down. *stream is cutting*

*stopping updates for now*

3:30am - Shift change. Sana, Imam go to sleep. Niketan, Sapna, Mink, Karishma are woken up. Sapna goes to the toilet. Urvashi waiting to go next and then head for bed. But seems for 30 mins Sana slept and Imam was asleep for a awhile on the floor.

4:15am - *by crystalline23* Mink saying" Ashka bechari "Shocked She says Ashka has a back pain and that she is crying.

4:36am to 5am - *by Nishita123* Nirahua and Aashka join Mink and Karishma. Karishma asked Aashka - hamari fight with Rajeev ( during zoo task ) kaise lag raha was not looking very bad right ?? They are talking about BB' tasks / how relations change/equations change. Aashka talking to karishma about Urvashi  and said the mimicry she did of delnaz was bad...and Salman asked her to do in front of everyone becuase that was not in good taste.Mink said mere se dusare din koi baat nahi ki...Aashka told maine ki thi...mera aisa koi matlab nahi tha.

5:05am - *by PriyaBB* mink : sana doesn't have brain to understand anything. *by Saniya93* abt sana she said i dont think she has the brains to understand all this woh toh apne hi tangent mein hoti hai! *by Nishita123* she said you were very negative and mujhe ghurr kyun kar rahe the.

5:10am - *by Nishita123* Aashka saying that there was nothing in mind...mere dimaag mein ghusaya gaya tha...aapke khilaaf...I think she meant by Urvashi maine kabhi aap ka bura nahi chaha...Delnaz se pucho

5:21am - *by Bartz* Aashka - Urva ne hamare dosti kyon nahin karwai Nik and tumse Mink. *by Nishita123* Aashka to Mink : She made alot of efforts to change the game.Aashka is saying mujhe koi problem nahi wo kisi ke saath bhi dosti kare..*by sarasingh86* Aaskha is saying urvashi grp bana ke baath gayi.

5:27am - *by Bartz* Aashka telling Kar that Sana is mental and jhalli ...but she didn't say anything abt your dad..she swore on me

5:35am - *by Bartz* Aashaka..."tab mujhe laga shit mai dosti mein rah gaye mere sath game ho gaye"Kyon mere aur tumhare beech bridge nahin bana...Kyon mere aur Niketan ke beech dosti nahin hue..main Isolate hoti hui nazar aye.*by ayannie-chan* Aaska- "every coin has two sides" *by PriyaBB* roltu : if she wanted she could have mend situation between you and me but she didn't . she is claiming she is happy *byluckym2012* minks thinks theres no reason to discuss all this.

~ 6am - Mink, Karishma and Nirahua sat and made fun of Imam. *by iffatzhera* Mink about Imam: "jab  istree aur pursh ik aadmi me hoon to andar bohat maara maari hotee he" They kept talking about what all he has done. Mink said about the early morning poses and Karishma agreeing. Nirahua added that in the house he went on and on and in 3 days he was thrown out. He would say I'm mr. and mrs. entertainment. And he said that BB brought very useless people to the BB house. If he's in the house, he'll give the house 24/7 entertainment. But the first day itself, he played around with every camera and then in the morning, when the cock's crow alarm was sounded, he wouldn't get up. He tried waking him up and it was no use. Then the next crow took place and he still wouldn't get up so in 1 day he couldn't even get up. Then Nirahua told them about how Imam was saying that they'll get Santosh married and girls should send their photos without make up only close up to his twitter account. Then Mink says he wants to do a swayambar in the house but he's confused if he should marry a man or woman. Shocked At first he tells Niketan he's no supermodel and super dry and when he sees Niketan topless he says wow. But he said Niketan's legs are too skinny and dont match his body. LOL Nirahua says that one time Santosh came out after a bath wearing a towel and was going to do pooja and Imam asked if he could touch his ... (didnt catch it) but Santosh never understood what Imam was saying. Dead

~ 6:45 - 7am - Mink has gone to sleep. Sapna and Niketan are awake and discussing Rajev and he is completely after Delnaaz and he thinks of using this platform to get back Delnaaz but who will go back if he uses the F word. Then they say that Delnaaz can never stay awake for any night task and she has always been in Niketan's team. Why doesn't she just sleep then? Now Sapna is talking about Rajev's fight. Delnaaz came and told him, don't behave like a buffoon and he said who the F does she thing she is. Then Imam said calm down and "wo chad gaya uske upar". Who behaves like this? Now Sapna is saying that after so many days these people came back and they gave us this stupid game and Niketan laughs. And now we have to play this stupid game and we can't even talk to them. Then Sapna and Niketan are talking about who stayed up till how long. Niketan said that Imam and Sana had slept and Sapna is saying no. Urvashi and Sana woke me up and then slept. Niketan is saying that Urvashi told her Imam fell asleep at the door to which Sapna says yes I told him he can sleep and Niketan said that Urvashi told him that Sana and Aashka sat near the front entrance and fell asleep talking. But I let Sana sleep coz I was awake. Niketan talking about Rajev refusing to wake up for night duty. Nik - I'll do what I can but if he dosn't do his job then we'll just leave him.

7:05am - Imam came and Sapna and they him go into the red bedroom and tell people that Imam removed the flag from the bathroom and replaced it with theirs. Sapna says yay! Then they tell them to sleep araam se. Showing outside view. Vishal is asleep outside. Vishal is telling teri maak ki aankh jhanda toda tumne? He's calling Santosh and told him that Imam broke their flag and stuff it in a net, it's not coming out and put theirs. So Nirahua went to check and replaced their blue flag back with their red one. Inside, Imam is like I just peeled it up. Tod diya ka kya matlab? Now Imam is saying that a 5 day task we finished in 2 days. Niketan is saying that we'll start on Wednesday or we'll have to sleep in the garden or bathroom. If we take the bathroom flag, we'll have to guard the flag. Imam is saying I'll sleep in the bathroom only. Niketan says, look, everyone was ready to stay up at night but sab ki patti padi hai. 

7:13am - In the bathroom, Nirahua and Santosh trying to get the flag and SApna also in the bathroom. In the kitchen dining table, Imam was saying to Niketan that I went and told Vrajesh that my team is against me, I'll bring the flag and give it to you and Vrajesh was so happy. Others were telling him don't believe him. 

7:18am - Sapna comes back and Imam says they took it out? She says yes. Imam says F yaar. He's saying he wont let me go to the bathroom so we wont let them in and wont give them food. But what fun in the morning right? Sapna - yes. Imam saying, I removed the flag and hid it and I turn around and see flag waise ka waise, I thought Allah yeh kya hua. Sapna kaisa tumhara dimaagh chalta hai? Imam I measured it.

7:27am - Vishal and Vrajesh guarding the front door and talking. Sapna sitting in the kitchen.

8am - Delnaaz and Aashka in the bathroom and leaving. Aashka saying that she'll have to guard the bathroom. Imam has done so much that the boys may not be able to handle it. In the yellow bedroom, Rajev wakes up and goes back under his cover. In the living area, Niketan talking to Nirahua and SAntosh and Sapna. Niketan saying the easiest was shikari because their competitors were really good. Rajev and Vishal were very helpful. He laughs. Niketan saying the task will end on Friday. Confused Sapna saying yesterday everyone was excited but today everyone will sleep.

8:05am - Delnaaz in the bathroom brushing and stretching with brush in her mouth. Dead

8:11am - Delnaaz in the bathroom with Aashka saying "he said now I know.." muted. Vishal and Vrajesh are asleep on the lounge chairs outside.

8:13am - Wake up song playing - baar baar haan bolo haan, apni jeet ho unki haar haan. Aashka dancing to the song outside.

8:19am - Sana still in bed. Delnaaz and Sapna in the kitchen and telling Imam hid the flag and Delnaaz saying, but is that allowed. Sapna was saying that we are all having fun. Sapna is saying Imam got up and started and telling Imam Delnaaz doesn't know anything. Sapna telling Delnaaz that Imam told Vrajesh, I can do vidroh and tell me what you want and Vrajesh said, give us 2 of their flags. Now she's telling Imam that give me the atithi card to the bathroom and I'll give you the kitchen atithi card (guest pass) or you wont get tea or anything. Then she tells Delnaaz, they can't do that. They can't stop his bathroom or it'll be bad for us. She laughs. LOL

8:22am - Sana still in bed. BB cam stuck on her.

8:24am - Imam getting ready in yellow bedroom and Urvashi was sleeping there by the door. She's awake and in bed. Imam - you people are getting so angry as if I did something big. They are saying we wont let you go to bathroom or to smoke. I said eh bhai, apun se yeh sab mat karna. Urvashi saying I'm going to go and let you change, etc. Imam wearing a wig and telling Urvashi we'll walk like we are Bollywood heroes, what do you say? Urvashi - hmm. 

8:26am - Sana still in bed asleep under the covers. Karishma and Mink also asleep. Urvashi goes to wake Mink up and kisses her. Urva - what will people think. Mink - I'll rest for 5 mins and get up. Urvashi walks out. Mink - Karishma, soi cho. so choo. Karishma - it's cold.

8:32am - Santosh and Rajev brushing their teeth.

8:39am - Vrajesh telling Santosh that don't stay up, sleep at night first. In the kitchen. Delnaaz is asking Niketan about Imam's bathroom guest card. Imam said, they've given it to me. Del telling Sapna to ask Aashka to come in and get the tea. Rajev not wearing his team clothes and had refused to stay up at night after his fight with Imam. Niketan in yellow bedroom lying down. Urvashi seems to be lying on the bed next to him. Urvashi - Sapna stayed up all night. Niketan - that was on her own and she was having fun. She had broken sleep. Imam is saying he'll take a bath. Niketan - you can only do one thing at a time. Imam saying he'll shampoo his head while sitting on the pot. Where there's a will there's a way. Niketan laughing. Imam leaves and Niketan saying he has to brush. Urvashi says go brush. Niketan - but there's a line of people today.

8:47am -  Urvashi commenting that she doesn't know how Sapna is awake. Niketan saying I woke up multiple times and had broken sleep. Nik - Vrajesh is very angry and I couldn't control my laughter but I couldn't understand head or tails of it. No matter what you say, our team has a huge advantage. Urvashi - yeah, that's true. Niketan - In their team, Vrajesh's shakal ud jaati hai. I don't know Aashka's threshold. Shukla is new. Nirahua is charged. We know about Vishal. What did Vishal tell you at night? Urva is silent. Niketan lying on his stomach in silence.

8:51am - Rajev at dining table drinking cofee. Karishma telling Delnaaz she woke up at 2 - 2:30am and was up till around 5 - 6am. (she woke up around 3:30 and slept around 6:30am)

*need to rest, having a headache*

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Dolu has made Jeera rice with kanda and guess what??Day Dreaming aloooAngry

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Munna bhai thread ka no 34 se 35 kar do. 

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Originally posted by purva

Dolu has made Jeera rice with kanda and guess what??Day Dreaming aloooAngry

oh godAngry

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