Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi OS: When REALITY hit me..Pt-5/Pg-11(END) (Page 3)

mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
i am speechless!! 
waiting for the next part! 

ara_000 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Awww ammu i can perfctly see d scenes described much i wish this last part to b true...hayeee me in mohabbat land now...nd ammu kudoos to u 4 writing sooo dam beautfully...luv u my i am waiting 4 d nxt part...
*fACE OFF* - dis is wat i am waiting 4...make it lovey dovey...i wanna see my ARJUHI realise that ghey r perfctly made nd mad 4 each othr...actually i want d charactrs mentioned in OS to realise their feelings vry soon in real also...lets hope 4 d bst...nd ammu a big wala tight hug...muaaahhh :*

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged

Aammmuuu... Tu vahan kyun ruk di..??
Anyways afta next part ive to read it again so dt i cn cry lol...
Btw thnks fr incldng 'frnds' Wink
I knw real arohi wil nt cm as she knw her arjun very well..*sighh* stil hope arjuhi reunites in future... Bcz arjun s fr arohi.. Dey complete each other ! I wana c d faceoff sssooonnn... Hugsss fr ds updat ammuu Hug
SalluTheUllu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 6:43am | IP Logged
great goin ana
ofcource it's a complete fiction:)

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged
all the scenes were playing in my head!! 
i can't say anything more... 
update soon! :) 

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KinjalK Goldie

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
2 nd part is damm cooll..good going..:)
..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 8:47am | IP Logged
arohi was on her way to arjun's building. her driver was carefully moving the car through that heavy rain which was hardly making anything visible but that was not her cpncern yet.

Her finger was sandwiched between her teeth while having a little support on the closed window's rail. Her mind was running the scenerios of her past.

How unusual it was going to be for her to see him after so many months and she actually have to talk to him.

But she wondered, why was she actually doing that...why cant she stop herself to see arjun and couldnt simply ignore what Purvi told her...

Why couldnt she simply stop herself to go on and make sure that he is fine.

Why she left her shoot in the middle when director asked her to stay for another an hour so they can shoot another scene when she was already done for the day??

All of her collegues agreed ad she would too had if only, she didnt have got that phone call.

She sighed and leaned back while crossing her hands against her chest and closed her eyes.

His mischevious side looped smiling face came infront of her eyes and she smiled too.

She loves him. She still does.

And nothing can stop it. Nothing can make her forget that.

She agreed with her thoughts after a long time. She almost felt defeated infront of her feelings now.

The rain outside got her attention. She moved her fingers above the cold window that was covered with fog. She played with it and traced A+A out from an old habit.

A smiled play on her lips seeing it but later, as a flashback run through her mind, the smile got replaced by sadden look.

She too remember her days from there serial, kaisi muhabbat hai.

Right now, she remembered that rain sequence where arushi is dreaming about arun while standing in the rain. she was wearing that sky blue suit and he was wearing that black shirt which has the few upper buttons open with a jeans.
She closed her eyes as she remembered that and imagine it.

It was one of the best scenes of there serial. She still remember how he was leaning against the car and he pulled her to himself. His smooth fingers pushed the hairs away from her face and looked at her with such passion that not only arushi, even arohi was getting effected by it.

She opened her eyes with a sigh and look back at those traced A's. but now, the fog was getting converted into water and drops were sliding down on the window.

Unknowningly, tears too formed in her eyes.

Just like these A's, they both too have been spilled. There ways got different when they thought, that they have a same destination.

She ran her hand through her hairs, fluffled them up a little when the abrupt jerk of the car pushed her forward.

"WHAT HAPPEND?" she asked her driver.

"maam, i think the water get into the carbonator" driver said trying to start the car, but it was no use.

"damn" she hit the front seat in anger

"maam, if you ask, i can see if i can get an auto for you...the building is just on a 10 minute walking distance from here" driver tried to calm her down.

she looked out at the heavy rain which was not seems like to get stop anywhere soon, and on the other hand, her heart just wanted to reach him soon.

"No need for that...i can go by walk" she has decided and said it before she can change her mind.

"but maam..." before driver could stop her, she was out from the car.

the heavy drops hit her head and face and just in the matter of few seconds, she was totally drenched.

The cold of december mingling with the cold of rain, turn out to be a dangerous combination. She was shivering and teeth were chattering but she did keep on walking.

She hugged herself and thanked her stars that she preferred to wear a jacket over her woolen shirt and jeans that helped her to bear this harshness of weather.

She reached the building and took a sigh of relief. She get in only to find that no electricity was there.

She said a silent curse under her breath as now, instead of elevator, she had to went up through the stairs

Thankfully, the security guard helped her by lighting a candle and lead her upstairs.

Each step was making her shiver more. She totally forget about the fight. All she care was not to get into a warm place.

"ouch" she cried as her foot twisted and the heel of her shoe was off.

"damn" she said still crying in pain and looked up. still a floor was left to get to his apartment. Her teeths chutter and she almost run above the stairs leaving the guard behind.

A small latern was hooked to a wall that was providing enough light. Her hands were tightly hugging her but she bring it forward and knocked on his door softly.

But seemed like, no one heard that. She tried again but no use.

She was getting really angry now. She banged her foot on the door.

"Arjun up or i will break your door" she shouted. It was supposed to be a high voice but her energy levrl was low, so it sounded pretty much normal to not attract neighbour's attention.

Finally, what seems like ages, he opened up.and looked at her with wide eyes

"AROHI" he called out but she neglected him and went in.

"Finally, you opened...enough to not get a credit on your name that you let a person die on your door rather then getting up and open it up" sge told him in anger, still in her shaky voice and reached his kitchen.

She saw the lighter and switched on the stove on low heat. She placed her hands a little above than the flames and took heat from it.

"God!!! You are fully drenched" Arjun said and rushed to his room. She kept on rubbing her palms togetjer but her teeth chattering wasnt stopping.

He came back with a long shirt and loose trousers.

"Arohi, leave this...Go and change first...I will make coffee in the mean time..." Arjun pulled her away from stove and give her the clothes.

"I have lit the candle in the room" Arjun said and pushed her out. Still shivering she get out and changed in the room, throwing her wet ones on the floor.

Arohi looked around the room feeling ok now and remember the time when she decorated his apartment.

How she choosed the color combination. How she made sure that everything is arranged exavtly the way he like it. How casually she would get in to see him fighting with his clothes and in a matter of few seconds, she would pull out the perfect ones for him.

But everything just turned out to be nothing. Exactly nothing and useless.

"Arohi, you done??? Coffee is ready" Arjun called him after knocking softly on the door. When arohi heard the foot steps moving away, she got hold of the knob and get out.

The living room of his apartment was more cold than the room so she rushed towards the kitchen and stopped on the door, seeing him putting coffee into two mugs.

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Arjun felt her eyes and turned to.look at her while putting the empty pot into sink. She was leaning on the door rail rubbing her hands to put away the cold.

Arjun gave a hesitant smile and turn to fill the pot with water.

Arohi was feeling cold as as always wanted to sit on the shelf beside the stove. It was another one of her old habits that in winter she sit on the shelf beside stove and took heat from the fire to stay warm.

She turned around to look at the mini stool that she had put in arjun's kitchen last year but it was no where.

A pain sting her heart. How many more things are gonna tell her that she doesnt belong here anymore??? That she is not associated as his??? that he is no longer her's???

Hurt seeped in her heart and she closed her eyes momentarily to put it away.

Arjun was not immune to her reactions too. The pain was reflecting on her face. And what was hurting her, he know the reason too.

It was Natasha who threw away that stool saying "This shabby stool looks so out of place...Why are you keeping this garbage in your home arjun" And before, he could argue...she threw that out.

Arjun raised the mugs to divert her attention. "Coffee??" he slowly muttered.

"Yeah" Arohi moved forward and was standing beside the stove once again. She moved forward her hand to grab the cup when arjun put that back on the other side of shelf. Arohi looked at her with confused eyes when arjun turn, and without taking permission, get hold of the sides of her waist from both hands.

Arohi's hand came around his shoulders the instant she felt herself lifted up and looking deep into eachother eyes, arjun made her sit on the shelf which was quiet high than her height.

The both were froze for a moment. His hands lingered on her tiny waist while her hands moved down on his chest, stopping near his heart as of making herself belief with the thud of his heartbeat that this is true.

He is really standing and holding her, protectively.

The candle placed in the kitchen give away that made darkness surround them even more. The only light they had was from the fire in the stove that was burning slowly.

Arohi felt the difference and averted her gaze while pulled her hands off him.

Arjun jerked back with her actions. He was so lost in the trance but abruptly got away. His eyes look around and fall on the coffee mugs.

"Here, take it" He said holding the cup near her and without looking at him, she grabbed it.

The hotness of the cup in the coldness of her palms and fingers, send chills in her body which just get relax with the feeling. She pulled her legs up and crossed them on the shelf while holding the cup, protectively in her hands and blowing inside before taking a small sip.

"Thank God" her heart whispered. Atleast arjun still remember the way she like to have her coffee with a topping of crushed chocolate.

Arjun pulled a chair into the kitchen and sit on the front of stove while having her coffee but his eyes were totally fixed on her face.

Her hairs were wet from the rain. Her lips were bare and trembling. Her cheeks which were pale just a few seconds back were getting there rosiness. Her long beautiful fingers were holding the cup as if her life depending on it.

The shirt's sleeves were half covering her hands too but that was looking so cute. The upper two open buttons were giving a view to her collarbones.

God!! He missed her.

He missed holding her hands, teasing her to make her nostrils flare, say sorry later on to see that beautiful smile coming on her face that used to be just for him.

She was never an artificial person. What you see is what you get. That all can defined his arohi.

Arohi was though feeling his gaze on herself but choose to ignore it.

"You are ok now???" he asked not bearing the silence anymore

"YEAH" she replied to the point.

Again the silence prevailed between them.All that can be felt was a rage of emotions developing in there ownself along with the heat coming from the low fire of the stove.All that hear able was the fast beating sound of there hearts and the rain drops hitting the stiffness of the walls, slowly in the background.

They took small sips of there coffee. Both thinking to find out a topic so they can start a small discussion.

But nothing came up.

Arohi's coffee mug was finished and now she was playing with the rim of the cup, drawing circles with the tip of her index finger. Arjun's gaze was still fixed on her face when she jerked her head, placed the cup carefully on the side and jumped down.

"I should go now" She declared and moved towards the kitchen door but arjun was quick to place the cup down on the floor and catching hold of her wrist as he stood up.

In a flick of a second, she was pinned to the wall and arjun was caging her perfectly there.

Her wrists were held by his strong hands, his face was so close to her face that his breath was falling on it n vice versa.

"First, I need answers before you are allowed to leave" He said in a caveman style that made arohi shuddered.

"Why you came here?" arjun asked her before she can argue. Arohi was baffled at the sudden question and looked in his eyes, who were boring into her's.

OK thats for now...will try to write next part tonyt...n that surly will b a last one...hehe...
a range of emotions coming to me that i wanna explore as i m writing i want to give it my best shot here...Smile

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