Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi OS: When REALITY hit me..Pt-5/Pg-11(END)

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Ok guys...
This is the 1st story that i am mainly writing on karanika but i m writing in arjuhi versiion. They both aretv stars and the track is referring to current situation. Its all just my imagination and have nothing to do with reality. And it is specially dedicated

To Appu, Hetu and Aru...

And a part for celebration :p

<font size="5">Part 1</font>

He was running away...

away to seek peace of mind somewhere. his heart was restless. his mind is not able to register just what happened in his life.

how did he make such a fool of himself? he wondered

that arjun punj, who never let anyone point a finger at himself is now trapped between a series of questions.

and to.avoid that, he even left his mobile in delhi and without informing anyone, get on the way to ahmedabad in his car

a long, fast drive was all that could provide some peace to him. and luckily, it was midnight. not much traffic on the highways, and thats what he needed.

The cool harsh wind, coming in from the open window, was hitting his face as of showing some reality. Reality to never consider anything for granted cause when its needed, even the calm breeze can turn into a hurricane that can make you fall down on your face. and thats exactly what happened to him.

He has risked a beautiful sincere relationship, for a fake one.

Damn, he cursed himself.

How can he be such a fool? he wondered.

How can his eyes not see that what everyone, almost every single person can see so clearly.

How can he be so dumb and deaf to ignore the words of his well wishers and believe that attention seeker who wanted nothing but gossip along with his and he got dragfed in her dirty plan.

It was around morning. the sunrays just brightened up the dark sky when he passed through the park which stored the beautiful memories of his in ahmedabad. One of the best times of his life with the girl, who did nothing else than love him.

He stopped the car on the side way and looked at the park from outside.

How casual and unbiased there relationship was. they were so alike yet so different.

They both like masti and enjoyed life to there fill. they loved to roam around and went on adventure trips. but when he was the careless type of a person, she was the responsible one.

When he like to go out casually, she would make him dress up in his best.

After all they both were stars and are mean to be trend setters for there fans.

They both started there career tpgether from a nil ppint and with there hardwork and determination, made there name and got the deserved fame.

They were famous but that didnt turn them proudy. While he was famous for his dazzling looks, she was adored cause of her cute sex appeal. A rare combination that only she holds.

He remembered how he would just pulled her to himself from her neck in fun, making her giggle while they were on a visit to this park a year back. When she would smoothly come close to her, he would feel electrifying. And may be thats why, He started to ignore her.

After 2 year relationship, He started doing that when he guessed that she is falling for him.

But he wasn't the kind of guy who can commit. He never considered himself to be a dependable guy and mostly, in relationship, guys have to be responsible.

He was afraid that he would hurt her but unintentionally, He did exactly that.

He started getting closer to a girl who don't respect him but just wanted to get famous cause of his stardom. And she did. But in this case, He has hurted his best friend. A friend, who knew him better than he knew himself and he lost her.

He started the ignition with blurred teary eyes, wiping the tears he moved on the road while remembering there bike ride.

How protectively her hands came around his chest. His heart swelled with the thought as tears run down his face while he put the 5th gear to move quickly from this road. It was extremely painful.

He took room in a very distant hotel where he cant get disturbed by the outside world. He ordered snacks and wine so he can just get drunk and ease that pain he was feeling.

The room service send in his order and along with that came a newspaper and magazine.

He put wine in a glass and much some snacks before taking the first sip of his wine. he opened the magazine to pass the time when he got on page 17th where news of current media happenings was written and there he saw her picture along with her friend in Goa, where she was celebrating her birthday.

Part two will follow tonight. And dont worry, its a happy ending...muwahh...
Do comments plzzz

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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he was drunk.his heart was crying.

he leaned back on the bed and switched on the small tv that was placed in his room while munching the snacks. He went through some channels when he rush through one that got his attention. He went back two channels to see her once again, playing the main lead of the seril she was currently working in.

She was famous and she was adored.

Specifically, a dance sequence was going on between her and the main lead of the show. She was swaying in his arms before she moved her ever so soft long fingered hands on his chest and put her head out there, as if hearing his heart beat.

The smile placed on her beautiful angelic face brought a smile on his drunk face too.

An old memory run through his mind.

The scene of there show where he was the hero, named Arun and she was his heroine, named Arushi. They both had enjoyed working in there along with eachother's company.

There was a sequence where they had to spend a romantic night on the terrace of her house. He simply loved that scene where she wore that knee length white and purple dress whose strips came around her neck leaving her half back bare.

She in the same way had swayed in his arms them. They both were so lost in eachother Feelings were coming on the face on its own. Director didnt had to explain them much and later, couldnt stop praising them for there romanctic scene.

Arjun smile. How her body fitted perfectly into his arms as if she was designed for him just. He loved to see that nose ring around her perfect nose. Owww...

He didnt relaize he was crying and now jealousy seems to take over his body, capturing his mind as he saw her now potraying a scene where she was kissing the main leads forehead, wishing him a good night.

He hated that. He hated to see her touching someone else and in anger, he switched off the tv and throw away the remote control as he lay on his stomach on the bed, crying over himself.


Its been three days that Arjun Punj was disappered. His friends were getting hell worried. His best friend Salil, Purvi, Sur...all were hell scared. They tried calling him numerous times, they went to his apartment but no use. No one was answering the call or opening the door.

His building's watchman confirmed that he left three days before in the night and has not returned.

"Its all my mistake" Purvi muttered covering her face in her palms while sitting on the bench.

Sur came and sit beside her while hugging her

"You had nothing to do in it Purvi...why you think so?" she tried to console her

"No Sur, i told him that either that Natasha can sty in his life or us...his friends... I couldn't stand that girl...and he broke up with her just cise of me" she sniffed as tears ran down her face

"You did right purvi...for how long we can agree with him when we exactly know how wrong his decisions are?" Salil try to support her.

"No, being friends we did try to bring back him with Arohi as we know that they both complete eachother...but we dont have a right to interfere in his life..." Purvi was feeling so bad.

"And being friend was he fair to us when he asked us to either choose him or Arohi...they both are our can we just choose one" Salil argued back

"Guys, this group of ours can never be the same if any one of us leave it..." Sur bring out a point as salil nodded in agreement.

"You all are so right" the voice turned there attention as the look up to find a defeated Arjun.

"ARJUN" they all called out as he came to them and the three hugged him but suddenly Sur and Purvi started hitting him.

"Oye oye guys...chill out" he said pulling his arms up to save gimself from the hits as he giggled. Salil was watching that with a smile.

"How dare you leave us like this?" Purvi shouted still hitting him.

"Yeah...and where the hell were you...we all were getting so out of our minds in your search" Sur complained.

Arjun hold Purvi's hand and bring her in a side hug as sur too hugged purvi.and Salil being all of them in a bear hug.

"I was a fool" he confessed that made everyone chuckle still having those wet eyes.

"That you surly was" Salil agreed that made arjun hit him playfully as all laughed but later as it sub sided, arjun continued.

"yeah, i was a real fool cause i didnt believe on your all were so right about Natasha, but in my anger and play to ignore Arohi, i was so blind that i ignored everything else too...I was so heartless when i asked you guys to choose one of us" a lump formed in his throat as he looked at his friends who didnt dare utter a word, letting him complete.

"I realized that if anyone from you would had given me the choice to choose between my two bestfriends, i could have never do how heartless i was to ask you that" he said feeling guilty.

"and i also realized that how wrong i was to Arohi too...she did everything for my interest...and i was such a duffer to take her for granted...I seriously really dont deserve her" his frnds looked at him, perfectly knowing that there friend, the real friend was back. He has learned his lesson. But though on outer look, he is the same man but he has matured over this break.

"I think, this break did good for you" Salil said patting his shoulder.

"It indeed did good to me" arjun nodded. "I get to see and go over all the mistakes i had done...but i guess...i have loose hard" his face fell on thinking how he loosed arohi now. The pain returned and he felt suffocated.

"i need to go now...see you later" He abruptly took a leave and left the place, leaving his friends feeling bad for himself.

"i think, he really changed" salil commented looking at the close door of there adda who was still swinging a little

"Guys, i think we need to do something once again...they are truly made for eachother yaar" Sur said looking back at her friends.

"I guess i know what we can do?" a wicked smile played on Purvi's lips as she picked uup her mobile and dialled her number.

"Hello, Arohi...Arjun is missing?" Purvi said in a tensed voice

"What? From.when?" a quick reply followed her statement.

"its been three days...we tried calling his mobile...we banged his apartment door but he is neither taking up our calls, nor opening the door" Purvi continued

"What? its been three days and you are informing me careless you can be Purvi" Arohi shouted at her.

"I thought you will not like to hear about him?" Purvi made a point.

"Yeah Yeah...exactly...then why are you telling me now?" Arohi said with anger

"Arohi...actually..."Purvi's half said words got her aytention.

"Actually what?" Arohi asked.

"You know about his breakup right...and i think, he has taken it over himself...he was so looking lost before he got missing...i am afraid if he try to garm himself" Purvi's fear got her afraid too

"Shut up" arohi said with a trembling voice..."he is not that weak" arohi tried to reason out.

"But what should we do...his building's watchman confirmed that he is his apartment but he is not opening when we tried to get in" Purvi lied perfectly.

there was silence on the other side.

"Arohi, will you try to talk to him...May be he will repond you" Purvi pulled out her final trick.

Arohi thought for a moment nd then replied. "Ok, i will check onto him after getting free from my shoot"

"ok...thank you" Purvi replied and cut the call.

"Wah wah are such a liar yaar" Salil chided her with a smile as sur giggled.

"Shut up you two...I just want the best for my friends" She replied with a smile

"I hope your plan gonna work and they just...sort out there differences" Sur said crossing her fingers.

"For a change, I agree with you girls" Salil commented as Purvi and Sur smiled and just prayed that now, happiness again struck there friends door, but just for the best this time.

(ok, this story is getting lengthier than i wished...but there are somethings that i wanted to include and can't ignore...tmand also wana thank aru, for suggesting the name, Arushi, and thanks to appu, for suggesting that purvi scene for asking arjun to break up with natasha..)

i know you sharp girls can understand here playing which role here :P

next, arjun arohi's face off...aww...dreamy...i m in my muhabbat land ;))

but 1st comment on this chap then i will update the last one...:D

Writer Note: this is purly a fiction...has nothing to do with reality except then a few scenes that are referred.

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Wohooo mannu n maddyyy
I beat you
Love you partner
Now I m waiting for tonight

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lovely dovely...;D..jwaiting for tonight..:P
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Awww dat ws very very sweet...
Specially d dedication awww...hamne poocha aur tune diya sweet u r...n i loved d frst chappy..although ts ur imagination d faces wer visible to me as if am seeing dem.. Ofcourse ds 'arjuhi',d places dey visited, everythg s flashung in my memory..n thank god tune yahan ruk di.. I ws almost on d verge f tears ...if i read more,i wd hv surely been end up in tears..
Bt i want d next part..
I knw u'll gv us a happy ending atleast in ds oss..agar ending happy nahi hui tho aisa hi hai na?? Picture abhi baki hai mere dost Wink
Love u loadss

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I luv u. !

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its is very very nice, now waitng forSmile tonight

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1stly muaaahhh my luv...
Goddd i cannot jst think dat u actually write dis 4 us...humne baas boli nd u jst wrote it...awwweee dats sooo sweet of u ammu...
Nd now cuming to d update...superb one...i can actually visualise d faces nd also d scenes described here...memories r flashing in front of my eyes...jaldi se chapter 2 update kar...
Nd ya thnx 4 dis ammu...cannot want more dan dis...luv u a lot...a biggg nd tight hug...!
Nd ya i want a happy ending here atleast...reality me jo hoga dekha jayega but atlst here happy ending toh banta hai yaar aftr getting such a lovely news yestrday...
Nd ya i am lucky to get frnds lyk u 3 cheers 4 our frndship...a tight hug to u appu,hetu nd ammu...luv u all...!

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