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Kanchana August Updates

jessi14315 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 August 2012 at 9:20am | IP Logged

Tuesday, 14th August, Episode 17

Episode starts with kanchana.&co meeting Old lady in sithayankottai. . OL tells that time has come for freedom of the soil. . she tells that she is the servant of kanchana. OL leads her inside the ancestral house while sunder leaves to take their luggage. .
 Inside the house OL takes her to a door and tells kanchana that this is your "kaalam" and is waiting for you and only kanchana can open this door and nobody else can go inside. . Kanchana enquires OL that for how many years she is here. . OL replies since childhood . . Kanchana is surprised that OL has not opened that door . . OL tells that her duty is only to guard the secret and not to know about it. . 

At that time door moves . . when kanchana touches the door it stops.. this side OL disappears. . 
Kanchana calls her grandma and tells she is sithayankottai . . Grand ma tells her to come back. . kanchana tells she is ok in her ancestral house and feeling excited about it. . Grand ma pleads her to come back but kanchana convinces her that within few days she will return . . Grand ma tells grand pa that they will go to sithayankottai 

At night kanchana hears somebody crying . . she searches the voice . . she sees a old man crying near the tree . . she walks towards it . . sunder calls kanchana and asks what she is doing at this time. . she tells that she heard a voice and turns to the tree and finds no one there . .She is surprised and tells sunder that the same old man who saved them . .
parameshwaran's dad (sorry forgot his name) laughs and tells "kanchana va nenacha paavama iruku . . what a lady can do ? "

parameshwaran replies that he is .concerned about the blood came from the periyavar 's eyes. If kanchana is the only vaarisu then they may get into problem. They both decide to finish off kanchana . . parameshwaran's son comes and tells them that he is in love with kanchana and can't live without her. . he gets a slap and scolding and leaves from there.

In the morning OL brings tea to kanchana. . kanchana asks her how come she manages without any help. OL replies ooruku veliye namaku venda pattavanga irukanga and will go there once a week. . kanchana feels for her but OL brushes that aside and asks her how does she feels. kanchana replies that she has a feeling that she has already lived here and something is making her to think. OL tells that something is herself and tells her she has come in search of her itself .
Then kanchana goes to a room and is surprised by seeing a photo . . sunder comes their and recognises the same man who saved them. . he tells the man is living and this photo is old . . OL tells that he is already dead few hundred years back. .

PRECAP: grandma plans to go to sithayankottai . . athai tells no one and nothing even God's sakthi can stop her. . and a black figure is nearing sleeping kanchana.

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jessi14315 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Thursday, Episode 18, Aug 16th

Episode starts with visalakshi asking her daughter who is in Godly mode about kanchana. . she asks permission to go to sithayankottai to save kanchana. . but athai says that no one can stop kanchana and she is kuladeivam of them. . and not to worry as she will gather courage eventually. .
Here prof and a hooded figure meets and enquires about kanchana . . prof replies he has not spoken to her voluntarily . . hooded figure tells that she doesn't know the secret and none can reach the secret except kanchana. . its waiting only for her nu. . this is heard by vettaiyan sent by parameshwaran. . then vettaiyan goes to kanchana's room . .

Vettaiyan searches kanchana's luggages . . but did not take anything . . he is seen by prof and he chases him. . kanchana and sunder wakes by sound and comes out . . they enquire to prof . . he tells them the details. . OL comes there and tells that mottaiyan would have sent him to fetch saree and tells kanchana to keep it safe. .
kanchana is confused. . OL tells that mannukula irukra mahasakthiya unnala mattum than ezhupa mudiyum nu . . kanchana still confused. . OL tells to think about the journey she has traveled and she will get the answer.

vettaiyan tells parameshwaran that he failed . . parameshwaran tells him to come to forest in night and he will tell him what to do nu. . meanwhile dheena comes and beats vettaiyan for going to kanchana's home . . parameshwaran tells he has only sent vettaiyan. dheena tells if anything happens to kanchana he will die and no vaarisu for them. savithiri comes there and assures dheena nothing will happen to kanchana and have faith in her. she tells parameshwaran that their mission will be accomplished but before that she has to meet kanchana .
kanchana and savithiri meet near a lake .
savithiri enquires kanchana that whether she is not afraid ? kanchana replies no and if she has comes to merratufy her? savithiri tells sivasankaran's daughter ah ithu? kanchana tells not to talk about her father. . savithirI tells your father has a past with me. . kanchana asks if they loved ? but savithiri tells she considered him more than uyir . kanchana asks if her dad loved her . . savithiri tells to ask sivasankaran itself . and continues her F B . . both loved even though their family are against each other. she waited for sivasankaran for 20 years but he escaped . . kanchana tells her father is not like that. there might be some reason. . and asks if savithiri is going to pazhivangufy . .
parameshwaran dad crying and tells he is afraid .
sunder confronts vettaiyan that he only came at night.
kanchana nearing the door and senses a hand behind her when returns nothing.

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jessi14315 Senior Member

Joined: 30 April 2011
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Posted: 17 August 2012 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Monday, 20th August Episode 20

Kanchana is Googling about"olai suvadi" and its whereabouts. sunder tells some places like vaidheeswaran koil etc. kanchana gives the writings of Brahmayogi. they both discuss about it. The gist is there are 8 sarees and when joined together the answer for kanchana's quest will be got .The hint about next saree is in olai suvadi . another fellow (with thick glass ) is shown writing something by seeing a gopuram.
Kanch and sunder goes out. while prof is shown seeing a map and talking in mobile. there comes vettaiyan and asks about him and prof tells him as VAO but vettaiyan does not believe and tells him as thief.
K&S in car. dheena comes on the way. He teases sunder as driver . kanch asks him to be as driver. Trio goes in car. On the way Kanch sees a caution board which tells not to enter forest. dheena spins some tale of forest Amman . kanch asks about another way to go beyond forest. she sees a singamugasilai . dheena mazhupufies and escapes from there by telling he feel weird by going there. K&S decides to go further.
PRECAP: some fellow says to TGF that the person of this jaatgagam is already dead. A mad girl tells K&S that she lost herself here.

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migan Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 18 August 2012 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
So interesting and exciting and better than otehr serials.

What happened to Kanchana dad? Is he in America?

Friday Brief update:
1. Savithri says if I wanted to pazhu vangufy I would have done the moment you came. Kanchana leaves supporting her dad.

2. At night Kanchana was drawn to the door and sees a hand pulling her away looks around notices old lady but finds nothing and eventually sleeps late.

3. Morning enquires to Patti - she says she has been sleeping.

4. Paramesh Appa is sad crying worried what is going to happen. paramesh promises he will take care of everything.

5. Savithri talks to Dheena and asks him if Kanchana who is educated interested in marrying her - he tells Savi can do everything.
She is worried like her life Dheena life will be spoiled as well.

6. Sundar beats Vettayan for coming at night. Vettayan gets mad.

7. Kanchana stops him and decide to be careful.

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jessi14315 Senior Member

Joined: 30 April 2011
Posts: 750

Posted: 19 August 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Wednesday, 22nd August . Episode 22

Kanch meets OL in upstairs. prof watches from distance.Kanch enquires about the place. OL tells its your vamsam and it is destroyed by some saabam. Kanch shows the saree and Ol tells this is kuladeivam's koorapudavai and if this is in your hands then you are in the right path. Kanch asks about remaining sarees. OL tells she doesn't know where everything is remaining and moreover everybody is shattered. Kanch enquire s about MG. Ol tells that if she has seen her then there may be some reason.

Badri meet Somu and discuss about moonavathu bali. Somu tells everything is per fate . jaatagam showed that this uyir was destroyed by bad sakthi. but still it has come back nu. moonavathu bali will in karthigai 10 and asks Badri to be careful.
Kanch watching people from upstairs. she enquires to prof. prof tells they are going for pournami pooja. paramesh is doing it nu. Kanch decides to find out paramesh is manthravathi or thanthravathi by going there. prof encourages her to go. 

Paramesh in meditation mode. vettaiyan comes and tells everything is ready for pooja. paramesh tells he has not got reply from karuppu but still will continue to do pooja. K&S going to pooja. OL tells not to go. but Kanch gives courage to OL and leaves
In pooja's place. all are waiting for paramesh. vettaiyan comes and tells them to be silent and paramesh itself will tell problem and solution. K and S on the way. sunder asks Kanch if she spoke with her father after coming from US . she replies negative and tells that her father knows as her grandparents has already told him and she will not talk to father as everyone hid things from her and they deserve it nu. Paramesh tells to people their problem and solution one by one calling their names. K and S searching. sunder senses somebody stalking them but brushes it aside. At last they reach the place. Kanchana asks paramesh if she can talk to her.
PRECAP- paramesh tells Kanch you have kindled the anger of forest Amman by taking away Amman from him. K and S on run from some people

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jessi14315 Senior Member

Joined: 30 April 2011
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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Thursday, 23rd August , Episode 23
Update by atina 
Paramesh is talking to the village people in the form of comes Kanchana with Sundar. She goes in front of Paramesh and tells," You are telling everything to the people about telling about me and my future too...if you really have power you should tell about me too" Hearing this Paramesh, Vettaiyan and the village people get upset and angry. Paramesh shouts at her...Sundar tells that they should leave from there...but Kanchana insists that she should talk to Paramesh more. Paraamesh screams," you have chased away Amman from me...and you are blamming me and that Amman...? your family once ran away from here Pazhikku bayanthuttu...and you are here today to dig out everything again and to start that avamaanam once again? run from here...illaatta nee uyiroda..can not cross this forest border..."  
Hearing this all the village people ask Kanchana to leave from there...Sundar also tells the same...Paramesh gets uop and leaves from there. Seeing this Vettaiyan tells," This girl made Amman so angrey...I have no idea what all will happen to this village from now on..." Village people once again shout at her...Sundar holds her hand and forces her to leave from there..They both start  walking in the jungle. Kanchana keeps telling," who is he to blamme my family..? those people are so paavam this fellow is cheating them..." Suddenly they hear people chsing them...and some thee bandham is thrown at them. They both start running. Sundar drops his torch light he tells Kanchana," you keep running..I will join you...go...go"
Kanchana runs...Sundar finds his torch light and looks for Kanchana..but he can not find her. Meantime Kanchana stops running and looks for Sundar who is missing. She gets so scraed...suddenly she notices a pretty little girl dressed in pattu paavadai sattai with so much jewells ...and so much Manjal  on her face and with a big Kunguma pottu on her nethi...passing her...Kanchana simply stares at her and satnds there...That girl disappears as Sundar reaches there. Sundar calls Kanchana but she stands a statue...finally Sundar touches her shoulder and shakes her then she comes to her sense. They both reach home.
Kanchu is in her room...Paatti comes with a cup of water and makesher drink. Knachu asks Pasatti," I am so confused paattee...he tells that my family cheated and ran away from here it true paattee?" Paattee replies," Just ignore him...all these people also tell that the father of your grandfather did some bad things to this society and ran away...but my mother always told me that they were wrong in accussing your great grand dad like fact he was the protector of this villege nu...Actually this Paramesh's great grandfather only made your family go away from here"
Kanchu vows," Naan vida maatten paatee...I can do more thing paatte..I saw a pretty girl in the forest..who saved my life...who would it be paattee?" Paattee replies," athu unnoda amsam thaan...athu nee yethaan" Paatte leaves from  there. Kanchu is shocked.
Village Officer is is night time...suddenly he hears someone knocking on his door. He opens te door and the orange Jacket man comes in. VO asks," why did you come here..? that too in this time?" That man replies," I can not wait too long...there is so much pressure from everywhere...since this matter is not about one or two lakhs..but it is work many many crores...mind it fast" VO tells," I know that...but I need more time...this Kanchana is a very brave know one thing? there is really someting in that please tell them that everything will be dome when the time is you better leave" He goes away.
It is morning time. Old lady comes to KAnchu's room...but she can not find Kanchana anywhere...she is so worried and starts to cry. Hearing this Sundar comes there...and old lady tells him that Kanchana is missing...

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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Friday , 24th August, Episode 24

Pattima is worried ... Sundar tries to call her mobile which is laying in the room. Sundar ask pattima not to worry as his going out to search for Kanchana. Pattima goes to the door that had been locked many years and cries in front of it.. calling out Kanchana name.

Parameswar wife waiting for his return. Upon seeing him, she washes his leg and he goes in without taking the arathi. Goes into his room and keeps thinking about Kanchana questioning him. Wife outside ask Vetaiya what happen as husband is angry. He tells her pournami pooja did not take place as Kanchana came and made problem.

Kanchana is with Deena ... walking into some jungle. She question him a lot about god killing people and stuff. She cant believe god is killing everyone. Dheena says people make wrong so they are punished. Kanchana further question him if the police did any post mortem .. which Dheena says yes but they were unable to find anything. Kanchana is not happy about god killing people. Dheena gets tired of these kostins and finally ask Kanchana why she brought him here. Kanchana tells him about a girl she meet here last night and she is here to figure out who is that girl. Dheena wonders who this girl is.

on the other side, Sundar is going around looking for. Poor Sundar .. kanchana should have told him where she is going Ermm He drives till he comes to the spot where he finds Dheena's bike. He start walking around and sees both Dheena and Kanchana.

Kanchana asking to many question to dheena about the village. Kanchana tells Dheena directly that she feels its his father who is responsible for all maranam that is taking place in this village. He does not seem to have answer for her. Kanchana tells him all this mudanambikai needs to be stopped. While walking Kanchana almost felt and Dheena holds her hand. Sundar sees this and gets annoyed. Dheena finally tells Kanchan he has feelings for her but she takes it as friendship.

Sundar comes back to his car angry and waits there. Vetaiya  who is walking past there ask Sundar what his doing here. Sundar ask what is wrong to stand here. Sundar is annoyed and ask him to mind his business and leave. Vetaiya warns him and leaves.

Both Kanchana and Dheena comes back. Sundar does not say anything and ask Kanchana to follow him. Dheena calls him driver and ask him to go as he will drop Kanchana back. But Kanchana says not fair she leaves Sundar as she force and brought him here. Sundar angry leaves.


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jessi14315 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 1:40am | IP Logged
Monday 27 august 2012 
Originally posted by hopper_ocean


(Brief updates...)

Scene continues with Sundar leaving in anger and Kanchana is confused. Dheena ask Kanchana if they are lovers and Kanchana says no. Dheena sends Kanchana back home.

Pattima is crying at home. Sundar comes back and tells her Kanchana is alright and she will be back shortly and goes in leaving confused pattima. Kanchana comes in looking for Sundar and pattima scold her for going away without telling like this and not to repeat this. Kanchana goes to Sundar and ask if he was jealous. There is nothing to be jealous for as Dheena is her attai paiyan and she is just taking advantage of him to know more about this village. Sundar seem convinced.

Parameswar wife goes to his sister and tells her about Kanchana coming for pooja and upset him. She goes to see her anna. He tells her about Kanchana coming during his pooja time. She ask him not to feel much and go see Guruji. Only he can give answer for everything.

Badri and Somu meets up and talks about some book which talks about some temple with secret hidden meaning. They need to search one temple which would be a solution for everything. Somu wants Badri to have a close keep on Kanchana.

Parameswar meets his guruji who tells him too not get disturbed with Kanchana. She does not know who she is but when the times come, she will know she has super power within her. During that time, Parameswar must make sure she is under him. Parameswar ask if that is possible and guruji says yes and the time will come for the answer.

Kanchana comes and vambufy sundar what his day dreaming about and Sundar says nothing. Kanchana keeps forcing him. He finally ask what is in between friendship and lovers. Kanchana says love and friendship involves 2 hearts and not one. Sundar says his confused but that is why he likes her nu .. thodarum

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