Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Treasured Forever

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - True to its title in every way!Day Dreaming

A simple story revolving around loving and lovable characters in the form of Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar and Mrs. Megha Vyas, positively supported by adorable characters Navika Vyas, Aditya Vyas, Guru, Jiji Bua! The beauty of the story lies in core within these characters and the circumstances in which they find themselves or with the others! Every surrounding of the show makes a story in itself just by being present in the location, at the right time! Approve

It has to be said that the creators have carved each and every character by their own hands so carefully like etching on glass! They are so well defined and multi-flavored such a way that every essence in them leaves the audience want more and more of them!Thumbs Up

A story revolving around a widow and her kids could be very gloomy and serious! Bravo! The makers have completely removed this prejudice and trend that has been surviving in the tellyworld for long! This is a happy go lucky story in its own style, just to ensure that one would get to relive every moment of the show, even after its gone for long! A very delicate concept made so simple and easy, making the viewers relate to every feel the character goes through, only to empathize with them! Clap

Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar as a carefree yet sensible and Mrs. Megha Vyas as a serious yet happy person make a wonderful combination! They never fall apart amidst their tiffs but just get closer, in their own way, every time they have that! Viewers love them to the core and derived the famous MM term just for the beautiful companions!Heart

Gone are the days, where the viewer was expecting an intimate physical display between the lovers, to show what they feel! Here MM never had a need for that public display! Their eyes say them all! They make us get through them and know what their inner sense feel for each other, just with their beautiful expressions! That said about the exhibitors, the sequences hidden within the scripts play THE part to make us feel what they feel! Nobody needs to say anything but everything is said crystal clear for us to feel in our hearts!Day Dreaming

One cannot be happy anywhere if they are not happy at home! To have a happy home in the society we need positive environment! Visual makes people imagine and if one sees good things then they get to live in a happy environment. Bringing in such a state is a show like NBT where focus is given more for positive thoughts and giving the feel to the viewers that negativity don't sustain for long!Dancing

 NBT is a breather amidst the non-stop sad-faces on visuals which make one think that life is a hell! NBTians see a different world where life is happy! We know life is a heaven because we have happy person like Megha around us who finds small happiness even in the gloomy days of hers! We know life is beautiful because we have light-hearted person like Mohan around us who has heart only to give love and expect nothing in return! We know life gives us angels like Nanni, firm heroes like Addu, smiling dream like Jiji and wonderful personality like Guru, in one form or the other!Hug

 NBT is a trendsetter in every way! The characters and storyline with a simplicity and logical sequence wonderfully aided with a beautiful background score! We go short of words every time we try to define the show be it one word or one liner or pages and pages! Nothing is enough and more is less, when we want to describe what NBT is!Star

 Tere Is Ishq Mein Tere Ishq Mein

 Hum Tujpe Mitte Ha Tujpe Mare Hum

 Tujpe Mit Gaye Hai Mar Gaye

 Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha

The words still echo...

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Usually soaps with a love story are publicized and promoted with winds blowing, "dupatta" flying, a hunky looking hero running to claim the love of his life, and a chiffon clad heroine waiting to be swept off her feet. 

But in the case of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, no such thing happened. Did we get introduced to a billionaire playboy falling in love with his mousy beautiful assistant? Were we made to solve the mystery of how the hero is a very successful businessman at the 24 or 29 years of age? Or did it show two ridiculously good looking folks plopped smack in the middle of a serene and enchanting setting. Not at all! Let me take you on a brief journey of discovery by having a look over the memorable promos of NBT.
Teaser 1

It showed a disheveled looking and harassed sounding guy (our hero) looking for a Mrs. Vyas, door opens to reveal two incredibly cute looking kids giving questioning looks to him. Finally a call out to their mother brings a tired yet simple looking Mrs Vyas(our heroine). Then' starts playing? No. Mohan gets lost in Mrs. Vyas's beauty? No. Mrs. Vyas's heart skips a beat? Definitely not! Instead we see a tongue-tied Mohan taking two seconds a bit too long to blurt out only his name before his absurdly funny mobile ringtone contribute towards creating a pandemonium. Chaos erupt as the immediate fumble to dig out his mobile leads to every possession falling and creating a clutter on the floor giving rise to mad tummy-clutching laughs from kids. Ends with Mohan managing to clumsily holding out his hand to Mrs. Vyas and her giving it a sceptically sarcastic once over. The voice in the background said " Ye Mrs. Vyas aur Mohan ki'dilchasp story hain" AND viewers were intrigued!
Teaser 2


We are shown Mohan sitting in what we assume to be Mrs. Vyas' living room. Just as Mohan starts telling us (more like grumbling) about the loud pressure cooker, we see a harried looking Mrs. Vyas standing atop a stool searching for something. Mohan being the "chivalrous" guy that he is, wonders out loud, why women can't ask for help. But does Mrs. Vyas lose her footing and fall into Mohan's out stretched arms? A damsel in distress, a knight in shining armour? Think again ;)  As soon as Mrs. Vyas hands Mohan the file the pressure cooker lets out a loud noise making our "HERO" scared of out of his wits and ending up dropping the file on a plant in a glass pot. After an ear shattering crash we see Mohan picking up a piece of glass, holding it in front of an annoyed looking Mrs. Vyas and saying "sorry Mr.Vyas"
This promo literally set the tone for what was about to come in the serial. Mohan & Megha's constant bickering, Mohan irritating Megha and her retaliation! A love-hate relationship is what it was about to become.

Teaser 3


We are shown Mohan sitting comfortably playing with chewing gum and a thoroughly disgusted looking Mrs. Vyas scolding him. Mohan looked as if he couldn't care any less. Mrs. Vyas on the other hand looked liked she was someone who liked being in control, someone who was strict about manners and cleanliness. In short a mother and a woman.
With this promo it was almost clear that love like anomaly sprouting between these two was like expecting hell to freeze over. Impossible!
Teaser 4


Mohan wanted to ask four questions to Mrs. Vyas. One was answered by her cricket loving father in law, second by her mother in law, third by the dog (who sadly never made another appearance ever again).  Mohan never got to the fourth question because the dog barked and Mohan tripped on his shoelaces. Kids laugh at him and Mrs. Vyas smirks & chides him for walking around with untied shoelaces.

A show clicks if a spontaneous frank smile springs on our face while watching it's promos and NBT did it for the viewers. On watching these promos, we went hook line and sinker into the whirlpool of curiosity as to how the story will enfold. What will make these two individuals lives intertwine? A prim, proper, prudish Mrs. Vyas and in stark contrast, a nonchalant, messy, haplessly intimidated but persistent Mohan - thrown together in situations benefiting none. Amidst all this smile-inducing squabble, Mohan's sitting around with a pen-pad clearly indicated some significant issue underfoot. 4 questions about what, whom and why ' this notion got us captivated, eagerly waiting for the first episode of this show.

Mrs. Vyas and Mohan ' eternally at each other's throats, surrounded by a frenzy of infuriation and nemesis like looks, will they fall actually in love??
We liked to believe so. Through these instant smiles and intrigue, the promos led us to directly take a jump into the world of NBT to enjoy the rest of the roller-coaster.

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 "A Tale of Significant Characters"

In following paragraphs we are going to write about some of the most amazing characters which appeared into the show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, a daily soap opera show aired on Colors TV, India, during January 9, 2012 - October 5, 2012.

Before we begin our tale of significant characters of this show, we want to make it clear the reason for doing this analysis. This show has created history on the Indian TV. No it was not the most TRP generating show. Rather the channel abruptly decided to end and the reason they gave was: the show was not generating good TRP. But soon the channel changed its decision to come up with a season 2 of this show. The reason being:

* The show has got large fan following - young, unconventional audience for an Indian TV serial.

* The fan following is global.

* The fans opened up a front to save their show and resorted to all the possible means available online - emails, online petitions, comments, phone calls, and comments on FB, Tweeter, India Forum and so on.

* The fans efforts did not go waste, and channel accepted to give a second season to this show.

* Fans rejoiced. Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha became the first show of Colors, and the fourth show on the Indian Television, which got a second season due to fans' demands.

Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar

 You are a man introduced to us as a carefree bachelor who abides by no general rule but specific rules adhered only by you! You are shown as living by your own principles and brave enough to face any consequence following them! You are also presented to us as a person who doesn't care for what others think or derive out of your behavior! You are introduced to us as a boy next door who uses all those special language only to pull the viewers towards you, with more attraction to your character! Though a simple boy from the appearance, it also told us that your character is never simple for anyone and everyone to achieve, just like that. In depth when we started seeing you, you brought only surprises to us, in knowing you so little from the outlook. 

You displayed a responsible character showing your limits to any action and also showing your capability to go any extent to prove truth. You have always had a love filled heart which was only known to us a longing character yet to be satisfied in its love. You are the man that every woman wants to have by her side and envy that one woman by whose side you stand by forever! Your unconditional love for your dear ones only made them the more special than they seemed to appear. Your love has been reserved not for someone with whom you could electrify yourself in those feelings instead it was in its deepest effect to be brought out for a tender love! Not everyone watches you who thinks, have understood you the most, can claim to do so, because there is lot more to you, which is yet unexplored. 

And leaving it at this, will only do more justice to your character than to claim every part of it, which will only deprive us with an emptiness in falling short for ourselves! You are the man we would love to keep on exploring without achieving its end!

Mr. Kapoor we all are waiting for season 2WinkBlushing 

Mrs. Megha Vyas Bhatnagar

You are a woman introduced to us as a 28 year old widow, bringing up your two kids with the support of your in-laws family. You are one woman who has the never give up attitude to live life as much as it deserves to be lived! You way of picking up the smallest of happiness given to you in any of its forms, inspires people around you. Be it negative aspects thrown at you, you never intended to bend your rules of life. Your happiness lie in the happiness of your lovely kids and you are presented to us as a package with love, affection, brave, independent lady doing every possible thing to make you and your family self-sufficient. "Less is more than enough." - We got to learn this from your way of living life simple and happy.

We have never seen you raging on anybody near and dear, and so it came as a surprise to us when your anger raised on every act of Mohan thrown at your way. And this simple irate in you, made us love you more for being yourself! Showing the other side of you to one particular person, who is going to be the special someone, made us wanting to see you more and more, in this avatar! Your effects in yourself changed from a soft-spoken daughter-in-law, super woman for your kids into a raging Mirchi Madam towards Mohan Bhatnagar, only to win over the audience in every impact that you created in us. Your deep love and affection, in every form of it, makes the other person feel special for being themselves. Your simple expressions through subtlety and raging anger through big expressions, they made them all a perfect combo for a winning character of Mrs. Megha Vyas

It was through you, one would really relate to the individual personality behind every woman who is covered behind her roles and responsibilities without being identified as a person herself. Hats off to you for bringing out that individual woman in everyone, only to realize their real values, removing themselves from the mask, they have been wearing all the while, in various roles they play their everyday life.

It was a pleasure watching you onscreen for 9 months. It didn't appear even once about NBT being your first show, Aakanksha. It takes courage to take up a challenging role of a widow, mother of two kids and we applaud you not for just taking but giving it your best shot. 

Guruchand Brijwasi

As fondly called Guru, your presence makes it all the more lively and electric around us. You are a friend cum guide whom everyone would love to have by his/her side. You are introduced as a cook for Mohan but we couldn't see you any less than a strong support to Mohan in every moment of his. Be it your smile or your nod, everything makes only more sense to the situation and not every dialogue can utter the meaning that your expressions could. Your presence makes us feel lot more comfortable and much related to the character. 

You add the real essence to the feel wherever needed, be it spice or sweet or salt. Your flavor is always special to us who will be wanted more and not any less. Your relationship with Mohan has always been very special to us and we enjoy every feel to it, more than what has been presented to us.

Mr. Adorable Wagh we are waiting to get our daily dose of laughter through season 2TongueEmbarrassed

Navika Vyas Bhatnagar

 Nanni, the darling little angel of the Vyas family, introduced to us as a lovable innocent little girl, who is affectionate nothing less than a mother. You are always the pretty girl who has not only won us with your innocent looks but also with a character so strong that nobody can say no to a girl child anymore! Your love and care for your mom makes us love you more and more of our mothers too. Every time we see you dull or crying, we looks for options to solve your problem as our own and are left with no choice other than pray for you to come out of the gloom soon. 

Your hunt for a super hero when ended with finding your Spiderman, only gave us the much deserved happiness for you and for us as well. Every relation that you share in the show just don't leave that character as mere onscreen character but something we want it to stay for your forever and ever with you. You have left us a lasting impression to carry with us a character adorable and lovable in every form of it.

We love you Ashnoor/ Nanhi for projecting what no child could have ever projected. We sincerely hope to see you back with a bang if not here then somewhere else.

Aditya Vyas Bhatnagar

Adorable Addu, Piddi. A 6 year old who dares to say the ugly truth to Spiderman Mohan. Addu is a little boy with whom Mohan has not had any warm relationship from the beginning. Mohan calls him Piddi and Addu hates it. Addu is a young boy who has lost his father at a very young age and now misses him a lot. 

He is unable to digest his mother marrying any other guy, worst still Nanhi's Spider man, Mohan. In the beginning of the show this boy hated Juna Mohalla and by the middle of the show he has accepted this place as his own, his home. And therefore, was not willing to go to some other unknown place if and when his mother would marry again to some other man.

 Addu darling, you love Cricket and that love / your passion for cricket is something Mohan knows and has loved about you. You and Mohan seemed to have few things in common: you both love to play cricket, and are good at it - both seemed to be equally noisy while playing this game. You both also LOVE your own Hair Style! Kind of passionate about your hair cut, basically un-cut, little over grown' hair which you want to flaunt on your head with style! (I am blushing already!!)

But the most important thing being, "You both have picked up a dislike for the father figure present in your life at a young age". Addu dear, you hate Mohan, Nahi's Spider Man whom your mom has married recently. And Mohan has had a very long troubled relationship with his own dad! The fights between you and Mohan were at times entertaining, at times hilarious, and sometimes warm and other times these fights were way too nasty.

I wonder dear Piddi, if you being so young is the reason for this? The Addu, Nanhi's brother could hug Mohan in the farm house and asked for all the goodies already used by Mohan. Addu who is Megha's dear son could refuse to say sorry to Mohan in their first meeting. I bet Mohan was rude to you and Addu, you were not at fault. But I kept wondering the nasty Addu who is rude with Mohan, being that Addu who has an influence of his Taai Ji, The great Renu! May be, you are just a six year old and hence, you are yet to pick up any one way to behave.

There was another interesting part to your character. The way you have dual dimensions about your opinion of Juna Mohalla, of Mohan, you sometimes behave good and sometimes nasty. In the same manner, yours is the only character, which was played by two different actors in this show. The child actor Vishesh played as Addu beautifully in the beginning of this show. Now Shivansh is doing great !!! Thank you two of you, dear boys for bringing this little lovely kid with substance alive on our TV screen.

I am very glad to see that now you have warmed up with your Spider Man, I hope you will address to him as your dad soon. (Fans are, I am sure, looking forward to that day and Mohan's reaction, when the first time you and Nanhi would address to him as their Papa. Let's hope that happens soon.) 

So dear Addu, wish you a great life as Aditya Vyas Bhatnagar. May you find a perfect friend and a loving father in Mohan, your Spider Man Papa. Love you dear, Addu / Piddi as brought to us alive by Shivansh and Vishesh.

Mr. Amar Vyas

Dear Amar, you were introduced to us as dead character. We only saw you few times as a part of flashback of either Megha, or Nanhi. Sometimes Megha would talk to you in front of your photo in her room, but that was long time ago.

The last we saw you in person, was through a cd found in your home, the cd recorded your death, rather your murder. But even before this was discovered, you had caught our attention and you were a part of our imagination and forum discussion.

You were dead, and yet your presence was felt, always like a shadow. We found it in Megha's love for you, her commitment to prove you non-guilty, to bring up your (and hers) kids with proper education and her conviction that you are non-guilty of any charges of corruption being made against you.

Your untimely death and the false charges made against you and Megha's struggle to cope up to a life without you, were the foundation of this show. Your presence was always like a shadow, a shadow, which comforts the person burning in the heat. 

Your presence was powerful but never over powering, it was always enriching to have you in the episode, to watch Megha, Nanhi or Ved or Mohan talking to you, about you or about them. 

In the last days of the show, after Megha and Mohan were married, I loved the way your photo was given a centerpiece place on a shelf. Yes, to this show, although you were dead, you were very much a part of the center. 

Thank you Amar for being a part of our lives. Your death, your life, your principles, like your memories, shall be cherished by us.

Mrs. Bela Vyas

 Jiji Bua, hugs and lots of good wishes for you, for being what you are to Megha in his show. I can't begin to speak to you without a warm feeling of friendship in my mind.

You have been the only person in whom Megha confided with after Amar's death. In front of the rest of the world she was adorning the role of a courageous woman, a single mother and a dutiful daughter in law. But she revealed her true fears and feelings initially, only to Amar's photo. But it was in you she found her true friend, a well wisher and someone who truly understands her.

 Jiji Bua dear you were not just a person in whom Megha confided those feelings she was even not ready to accept for herself. But you were the one to have got the pulse of road on which Megha and Mohan have set apart from each other but who would eventually be together.

 Megha told you about her impulsive act of helping Mohan by acting as his Mrs. Bhatnagar in front of his ex girl friend whom he meets in the super market, where Megha happens to be present. You know of what Pratik did to Megha and how Mohan saved her, the day it happened and No One else knows about it even now.

After you and kids accidently bumped into Mohan, Megha and Rashmi in the coffee house, you chose not to remain a silent listener to the tales of this drama. You jumped into this as Megha's mother. You carried that role in the farm house visit to meet Rashmi, her fiance Gautam and Rashmi's mom.

We loved you being a fan girl of Ranbir Kapoor. Wow! you are a person who loves to live happily and is able to find happiness in such small things.

This life loving person in you, who was deprived of romantic love after a young age, was clearly able to see the sincerity and truth in Mohan's first ever confession of his true feelings for Megha. You never doubted him and never ever had to blame anyone. 

You were only happy to see that life is offering a second chance to live a good life, to Megha. After this you never looked back in supporting, actively participating to bring Megha closer to Mohan, to make her accept her true feelings and overcome her fears to accept them.

You were a bridge between Megha's feelings for Mohan and her guilt, for thinking of someone other than Amar after his death. Had ther not been your emapthy filled active support, Megha would have taken even longer to accept Mohan in her life as her second chance to life.

Your presence in the show brought in that air of maturity borne out of living a life of a single woman without any romantic relationship for a very long time. 

But you never developed any feelings of envy for Megha. On the contrary you at times acted as a bridge, as her only support and sometimes a catalyst who asked Megha to stop Mohan from leaving Juna Mohalla after he brought the truth behind Amar's death and his innocence into light.

 Jiji dear your every action has helped Megha get closer to Mohan. At a time when Radhdima - Mohan wedding became known to all the Vyas's you refused to take Mohan's side - much to Mohan's surprise.

But cornering Mohan in that manner, watching him so helplessly alone - left in the middle of the bigamy mess, him being slapped by Papaji, was something which compelled Megha to chose Mohan over every one else in the family. 

Here you acted as a truely mature parent to Megha as well as to Mohan. You accepted what they are doing, you let them do whatever they are doing, though you never agreed with them.

 Madhuriji we all will be looking for you in season 2. So, you better be thereEmbarrassed

Mr. Arvind Bhatnagar

Hi Mr. Bhatnagar! I am sorry dear Mohan, for a warm and welcoming 'hi' to your 'Mr. Bhatnagar'! Please pardon me dear, my loyalties remain only with you. I am being little warm with your dad as in the past two times I saw him in the show, I found a lot of qualities of him in you!

Mr. Bhatnagar, you also were a basis of what Mohan was in the beginning of this show. We gathered from the early episodes that Mohan left your house to become a crime reporter as he refused to compromise his principles by agreeing to work with you in the business empire you have created.

You were sometimes part of Mohan's conversation with Karan from his office, Guru, Indu, Nanhi, and finally Megha. By those conversations all we could gather was that you and Mohan have a troubled relationship. There are very strong points of differences two of you share and yet there are some things, values, for which Mohan acknowledges you and perhaps knows but refuses to acknowledge the important place you have in he, shaping up his own life, career as a crime reporter of national repute in Indoor.

The two episodes you made your presence in person in the show happened to be during the last days of season 1. The fans were eagerly wating for you for a long time. To us you still remain a Mr. India, a mystery man. Your presence in the show has only helped to increase the mystery around you as you are a character with several shades of Grey.

You can't be called outright white, that is ruled out. Yet can't be labeled as a villain or a total black character in the show. At times your 'Hurt Dad, longing for his son to come back in the business he is the sole heir' side comes up and we feel for you. But the very next moment we see the deal making businessman, who is ridiculing Mohan's principles, we feel sorry to have felt for you, to have empathized with you. 

And for this I only want to congratulate your creators, the CV's they have presented to us a character in several shades of Grey! And I really love that. We are told that you are going to be crucial in the last 5 left days of this show. I am looking forward to you giving tough time to your dear son and he giving you his peace of mind.

But thank you Mr. Arvind Bhatnagar, your presence in this show like a slightly visible shadow, of Mohan, which he loved to hate, has been enriching our experience, a long time before your formal entry into this show.

Mrs. Indu Bhatnagar

The first time I saw you in the episode, I could get a warm mother in you who is caught between the tussle of the two significant men of her life, one being your husband, (Mr. Arvind Bhatnagar) and the other being your son (Mohan Bhatnagar).

Your dressing sense was in stark contrast with the simple, casual yet neat ensemble of your son's dress code. You look like someone who is either, returning from a party or out to attend one.

Besides your dressing what bothered me first was the way you treated Guru, Mohan's Guru, his only companion since he left your home, for the past few years. He lacks means and is a servant in your house, but he means much more in Mohan's life. I was shocked to see your behavior with Guru. More than you taking him as granted, that he will be there, you were expecting him to be there for Mohan as an obligation, of a servant. I was unable to be on the same plane with you.

I was in total agreement with Mohan, every time you would call your grown up, independent, professional crime reporter son as Monu! Though, the way you said it always, had that deep love and genuine concern of a mother for her child. For a mother, her kids are kids, rather babies forever! Sometimes you address your son, as 'Monu Beta', 'Monuu', (Wow! I love it the way you say it), always brought a smile on my face.

Every time you would say, 'Monu' I was able to feel exactly the same discomfort as Mohan, who would immediately protest for you addressing to him as Monu. Yet, I would feel so nice and comfortable in my heart after hearing those lovely words from you, exactly like Mohan.

You and your son have a strange relationship, which is at times magical and at times very dramatic. Sometimes I have even had doubts if you really understand the kind of mature, emotionally sensitive, thoughtful, intelligent and ethical person that is your son.

You sometimes failed to acknowledge these adorable qualities in him and instead chose to sulk, rant and throw tantrums for every little disagreement you have with him. You took really long to accept that Mohan has true feelings of love, for Megha. That, his happiness lies in his togetherness with Megha.

The way you treated, taunted Megha for her widowhood, made me officially consider you to be a trouble maker for Mohan, a typical mom who hates to see that her son is in love with any woman, who is not her choice for him.

You came forward, initially, as a typical self-complaisant person who would want some social reform to take place in the society and you would promote it, as long as the reform process doesn't touch or affect your life in the beautiful, unstained soap box.

You were glad that your son has done a 'good deed' by helping to publish a matrimonial advertise of a widow. You could approve Megha to be a beautiful, young woman the first time you saw her. But you could not stand it when your dear son was in love with her and married her.

You left no option for Megha to reject Mohan's proposals, time and again. You used threatening, emotional black mail and even blaming against Megha to communicate your utter disapproval of Mohan falling for Megha. You even were not open enough to see and accept the lovely bond between Nanhi and Mohan.

You certainly had a big trouble with Vedh Vyas as he threw his shoe on your son, but then why treat every person, well basically Nanhi and Megha also to be enemies of your son? Indu Mata here you got Wrong, a big time Wrong!

Anyways, no matter how strongly you were against Mohan falling for Megha, it was because of you that he could gather courage and confess his true feelings for Megha in front of the Vyas's. That day Megha too confessed her love for him to Vyas family.

You were present at the time of Mohan's wedding, though Mohan never invited you. You went to attend Megha's wedding and to be there for your son who would be very sad the day Megha is getting married to another guy.

But it was Mohan-Megha's wedding, and you were shocked to the core. You shouted in disapproval as Mohan was putting Mangalsutra around Megha's neck. But you did not stop the wedding. Mohan paused bit and went ahead with the wedding in spite of knowing your disapproval, yet your inability to act against his will.

You left in a shock, in rage and went to your son's house, not to welcome Megha and kids as they enter into your family, but to be able to do some ranting and blaming.

I felt sad for Mohan and Megha but very sorry for you being what you did that day, being ungraceful, unlike your loving son, you were in front of us an epitome of vanity.

Though you were able to manage your upset after Mohan spoke to you. The day after the wedding you came to Mohan's home as you promised, and you were upset to know that Megha, kids and Mohan did not spend the night in the house. Your anger was absolutely understandable.

It was an upset mother who is concerned about her son's happiness. Who has every reason to disapprove that her son's wife leaves her new marital home to spend the night in her maternal home on the wedding night, when she had not expressed any such plan. You rightly expressed disapproval of Megha continuing to behave like a Vyas family member even after marriage. Here I felt your pain and your concern for your son totally.

Again the Ridhdhima mess took place and it was only you, who could help Mohan and Megha to prove that Mohan had been kept in the dark about Ridhdima's psychiatric illness before and after his clandestine wedding with Ridhdima. You could get the official proofs of Ridhdima's illness and present it to the court, just in time. That way it was you who actually made it possible that Mohan and Megha are legally married couple.

You realized the true love between Mohan and Megha late, but still upon realization, you did not look back. You behaved exactly how we would want our dearest Mohan's mom would behave. Someone who accepts the mistake gracefully makes the necessary amends and just moves on, taking every one whom you consider to be yours, with you.

Yet Dear Indu, I could never really hate you for long time. Your irrational expectations about your son, would also communicate somehow your true love and concern for him. You were the only parent, only family, apart from Guru, for him in this world.

As he said once, to you, about what you and Megha mean to him, "No one can take the place which, Megha has in my heart, but No One Can Take the Place You Have in My Life".

Such a fine compliment, dear Indu, very few mothers can get from their independent son, in today's world. You have a son who is not even living in your house for last several years, yet he places you to be so important in his life. I want to give a lot of credit for this to You and You Alone! For, your son is such a fine person; you have raised a mature, intelligent and independent Son.

And for this sole reason, I say, loudly, "Indu Mata ki Jai!"

Dear Mrs. Nilu Kohli Thank you, you brought to us Mrs. Indu Bhatnagar - Monu's dear Mom, alive in this show

Mr. Sanjay Vyas

 Sanjay, the elder son of Vyas family is shown as a simple man who loves his family, respects his parents and is caring towards his late brother's kids. His sweet smile, simple look and not-so-talkative nature made him appealing to us. He won our hearts with his soft and respectful attitude towards Megha. He always cared for her like a big brother, being a lovable uncle to her kids and a responsible father who have always tried hard to bring his son on the right path, advising him not to indulge in wrong deeds and even scolded him whenever he says or does something wrong, thereby not supporting him in his lies or pampering him unnecessarily. 

The only minus point was that, he fell weak at the hands of his wife Renu, at times, and going with her flow, trusting her blindly without using his brains, he did committed some mistakes. But he covered them too, from time to time, as whenever he realized his mistake, he accepted it and apologized for. We felt for him when he got irritated with or sad/upset about or felt insulted for Renu's behaviour.

Initially, he used to hate Mohan, but early circumstances develop this opinion in him, and with time, Renu poured in more. But when Sanjay started realizing the true character of Mohan i.e. Mohan's goodness reflected in whatever he did for Vyas family and most importantly, for Amar (Sanjay's younger brother) , he respected Mohan, and was grateful to him and now in last few episodes, we have scene one more shade of Sanjay, a more friendlier one. He was supportive to family, friendly to Mohan, Guru and kids, and became strong and firm towards Renu. 
Though Sanjay fell weak at times, but he was sweet, supportive and strong at times too. And it is said,every person has some good and some bad. But we'll always remember Sanjay as a sweet, simple and loving guy who he is.

It takes such efforts to play such an ordinary character with a touch of difference and, Sachin Ji really succeeded in winning our hearts with the elements of simplicity and genuineness he emraced his character with, which made Sanjay a memorable one !

Mrs.Renu Vyas

A character we all loved, hated, got angry on, pissed off by, laughed over at, but all in all, we lived with her. She was introduced as Sanjay's wife, but she connected with us as Renu Bhabhi, being Megha's Bhabhi. This is because she played most of her part - her emotions, her tricks, etc as being a Bhabhi, and now our tongue got a habit of addressing her as Renu Bhabhi. She has always been sarcastic towards Megha and her kids. She's been rude to family members. She's been shown greedy for money at times, and did plenty of tricks to attain it and making Megha's life hell, but she had enough of her reasons to do that. She is a loving mother, but she couldn't direct her son to a right path and trusted him blindly thereby indirectly, and even directly at times, supporting him in his not-so-good deeds. 

But despite having lots of bad, we did loved her character and enjoyed it the most, at times. Some of those includes, her all time sarcastic comments on random things, her gestures on seeing Mohan, her one-liners like "haaye-haaye" or "yeh lafanga reporter (one of mohan's most popular name..given by the lady herself)" and most special ones has to be her comedy-come-nautanki-come-full on entertainment flirty scenes with Mohan (Kunal Karan Kapoor). There can't be a single NBTian who haven't laughed out of his/her stomach watching Mohan-Renu scenes. Their chemistry is that much fun n simply a treat to watch. For instance, how can we forget the first Mohan-Renu introduction scene, when Renu comes to Mohan's house with laddoos. LOL I guess no more explanation required as everyone remembers that scene very well, and the moment we think of it, we burst into laughter. 

It was Rinku ji's brilliant acting skills and versatility that we never got an odd feeling seeing Mohan-Renu together. In fact, it turns into a humorous venture every time. We liked her, and not liked her too, and this ultimately proves how naturally she played her character. Hers was not white, not black either, but grey. Rinku ji did her best of efforts and put in a lot of hard work to make this character a really memorable one, and she succeeded. Renu is khatti-meethi-teekhi, in all, a totally hatke character! And we'll cherish all Renu-ish moments for a great time.

Thank you Renu for being a part of our lives and entertaining us continuously since last 9months with so much love and humour. We love you <3

Mr.Vedkant Vyas

He is the eldest member in Vyas family. A simple man of values and principles, who believes in being satisfied with whatever you have and leading a simple respectful life. He loves family a lot. His son, Amar's death has been a great to shock to him and did affected the reputation of his family. But he is determined to clear the accusations put on his son n therefore fought for him in the Committee. He is a strong man and Megha's biggest support in the family. He has been an extremely supporting and caring father to her. He trusted and supported Megha in her every deed, no matter how much the family opposed her or his daughter-in-law Renu accused Megha of being wrong.He hated Mohan in the beginning, but he had enough of his reasons to do that. But he did crossed his limits at times, as he wasn't able to see Mohan's true side for quite a longer time. Thereby, insulted Mohan badly for which he was wrong enough. But once he realized his mistake, he was did accepted it and apologized for it. He accepted and loved Mohan like his own son.

He was strong and brave enough to fight the odds n meaningless beliefs of society and get his daughter-in-law married again, that is, to go with widow remarriage which is a sensitive issue no one want to get indulge into, thereby setting an example for the whole society.

He portrayed an image of a simple, practical, down-to earth man who is strong enough to follow his values and principles besides numerous odds, a caring n loving father and an extremely understanding n supporting, that is, PERFECT father-in-law.

 Anjan Ji was tailor made for the character. Your warmth made us feel connected to the love of a father in law for his daughter in law.

Mrs. Saroj Vyas

She is the wife of Vedkant Vyas, mother-in-law of Megha. She is a simple lady who loves her family. Most of her time goes in taking care of her family. She loves her husband and, respect the values and principles of her husband but at times she wasn't in support of them fully since she believed they don't apply in real world enough to help them get out of the vicious circle of societal customs.
She was very much attached to her son Amar and wasn't able to accept his untimely death. She held negative perception towards her daughter-in-law Megha, as she thought that Megha separated her from his son Amar. As a result, she tends to favour her daughter-in-law Renu over Megha. Although she loved all her grandchildren wholeheartedly.

As the time passed, her heart softened towards Megha when Mohan-Megha actually succeeded in proving Amar innocent. She start noticing and realizing Megha's other side - her honesty, her selfless love towards her family n the courage to go to any extent to bring happiness in their life. Gradually, she developed a soft corner for her, started loving her and caring for her. In no time, she was actually transformed from Megha's mother-in-law to a loving mother. 

 Madhuri ji has done a fabulous job!

Now our dear readers, the big reason for us to write this post: We are a fan of this show, a fan of some of the actors and more than anything else we are in love with the characters of this show.

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Tale of Significant Relations

Through NBT we get to witness many relations. It showed the most beautiful part of some relations and introduced some unseen/unheard relations. It made us realise that how beautiful relations can be and how it is to have your loved ones by your side and not to forget how hilarious this love-hatred relation can be !!!!

So below are the tales of most Dilchasp RishteCool

Chavanni and her Spiderman

I feel this is the most beautiful bond in this show; beautiful because it belongs to the world of fairy tale rather than in the real world. For Nanhi, Mohan is like true spider man who is always there wen she needs him, and the most remarkable thing is that Nanhi is the only person with whom Mohan does not hesitate to open his heart. He shares even those feelings, dilemmas with Nanhi that he even does not share with guru. The age difference was never a factor between them. The bell only emphasized the fact that Mohan is truly her spider man who will appear at the blink of her eye wen she will most need him.

 Mohan is not someone who can express his emotions in words. His eyes gave out everything which Nanhi reads like a book.

It is through Nanhi that we could see most of the philosophies of Mohan's life, like for instance during the fancy dress competition in school Nanhi was discouraged because all other kids were wearing expensive dresses. Mohan, at that time, taught her that there is beauty in simplicity. The one he truly believed which made him fall in love with Megha.

Similarly through Mohan, Nanhi could retell her dad's philosophies, all of which she believes as truth of life, like telling Mohan about butterflies or about true friends being always understanding.

There have been many small scenes between them but each of them revealed various aspects of the relation. In recent episodes after the accident, when Mohan was seen taking care of home, kids and also Megha, Nanhi is the one who realised that he too needs care. Mohan and Nanhi feeding each other, just being there when they need each other. All these just strengthens their bond.

 Nanhi with her innocence believes that when her spider man makes a promise it can never be broken. I always feel if Mohan ever fails in life the one to whom he will never able to meet eyes with will be Nanhi. After the accident wen Nanhi asked Mohan why he broke his promise, and that was the moment wen Mohan felt actually shattered. But it is also Nanhi who taught him that tears can only weaken a person and if one needs to buck up he cannot let tears reach his cheeks.

As Mohan said his and Nanhi's relationship is lifelong and it will be so.

Addu, Nanhi and their Mummy

A mother is someone to shelter and guide us, to love us, whatever we do, with warm understanding, infinite patience, and wonderful gentleness.

A mother possesses incredible wisdom, superb insight and skill ' In each human heart is that one special corner, which only a mother can fill!

Same stands true where the special bond of love that Nanhi Addu shared with their mother.Megha as a single parent always stood as the rock of her family. Sacrificing so that Nanhi Addu could have a better life. She modeled hard work, responsibility and determination, a powerhouse in her own way. She incorporated self-pride and self-esteem in her kids, reflected on the day when Nanhi was feeling bad because they could not buy a bat for Addu's birthday. The gift that Nanhi took away from that day was to be true to yourself and not be influenced by those around you. What's more, nanhi shared this precious relationship with Megha in which they both shared a great best friend in each other. Nanhi is what Megha made her to be but Megha also grew up while continuing to mentor & inspire her kids, Megha also learnt new things through her course of motherhood. Megha's bond with her kids was a frank heart-to-heart one where nanhi also shared the pearls of wisdom that Megha had inculcated in her person, at moments when Megha all but forgot to keep them in mind, overwrought with emotions of prejudice against Mohan. It was Nanhi's words about forgiveness and being thankful for any favour that is done by a person to us. It is this that made Megha attempt to overcome her ego and attempt to say sorry plus thanks to Mohan, for having helped in finding Nanhi.

As a mother, she formed a guiding light to both NA, of how to live life, how not to fight, and what is right. She never turned into a mother who needlessly molly-coddled her brood and spoiling them rotten. That's why when Addu destroyed and tore Mohan's bike seat and punctured the back tyre too, there was no one more angry and outraged at this act than Megha herself. When Nanhi came back with "cheater" written on her bag, in tears vowing never to go back to her school or class, Megha most tenderly comforted and soothed Nanhi, with strength and gentleness, she brought Nanhi back from the brink of giving up, helped  restore Nanhi's  faith that inspite of everything, the goodness and justice  are not extinct totally from this world. She wiped away all pain and torment from her kids' faces and always managed to provide them anchor, something to lean onto in times of turbulence.

In short, Megha was always like a tree, and Nanhi  Addu the birds that grew up in its branches.

She protected them and showed that, even on the highest of branches, there is nothing to be afraid of. She encouraged them to explore and gave them a solid foundation to come home to. Nanhi Addu didn't fall from her, they flew because of her.

Mohan and his Guru

Guru cooks for Mohan, takes care of his house, and takes care of him, a typical mother cum wife for Mohan. They share a relation which never confined in the boundaries of naukar-malik. Guru is a true reflection Mohan's deepest feelings and emotions, Guru somehow manages to recognize feelings in Mohan that he himself becomes aware much later on. Guru is someone who understands his every nuance, his every tear and his every smile. Guru has just one intention, and that is, to see his bhaiyya happy at any cost. His ma bapu stories that always coincided with Mohan's current phase of mind seemed to reflect his true emotions although Mohan always chided him to bring up his so called ghisa pita ma bapu stories but Mohan always felt the meaning of those stories.

Guru could connect with every nuance of Mohan like Megha's hankerchief which na jaane kab kaise became the most precious thing for Mohan. And Guru was the one to understand Mohan's feeling for Megha and he made him comprehend the same.

 Mohan and Guru just redefined relation of a servant and owner. They both were never less than brothers to each other.

Mohan and his Piddi

Nanhi's spider man, I consider this the most reflective aspect of Mohan's personality as far as relationship goes. Mohan has always been a friend to Nanhi and likewise wen he fell in love with Megha he wanted to establish the same with Addu. But from the beginning Addu developed a kind of dislike towards Mohan, instigated by Renu he felt Mohan is the reason behind Megha's sufferings.

And also of late, I felt a trace of jealousy in him that Mohan favors Nanhi over him. Being a kid he failed to understand that the reason behind this is his own incapability or rather refusal to accept Mohan as his friend. For him Mohan was always Nanhi's spiderman.

From Mohan's side before marriage he never made that extra effort to gain Addu's trust, calling him piddi all the time in spite of his abhorrence towards the name only shows a confusing side of Mohan because he himself hated his mom calling him Monu but I guess Mohan believes nicknames are for kids not adults.

I call it a reflective side of Mohan because it is just a reflection of his own chemistry with his own dad'.he had a disturbed childhood and a dad who never gv him the love and attention he deserved. As an adult he never got the support to pursue his dreams. His dad failed as a father figure and in the process Mohan never learnt to create a father image for Addu with the recent bonding of Mohan- Addu I am hoping both will learn the father son roles that each has to play.

Maa and her Monu

 The relation of Mohan and his mother apparently seems to be a perfect mother-son duo where the mother always worries about her son. Mohan has once faced rejection in love from Rashmi and since then Indu has felt that he, deep inside, craves for true love. Her eagerness to get him married rises from the concern that he cannot face a second heartbreak if he once again makes a wrong choice of life partner.

Somehow I felt Indu refuses to believe Mohan is an adult and can take care of himself; her concerned phone calls at slightest issues like when monkey man attacked him only shows that he is still like a baby to her.

 Indu has always defined Mohan's happiness in her own terms so much that when Mohan first told her that he loves Megha. The only thing that mattered to Indu was that Megha was a widow with 2 kids. Mohan, at that time, told her, "Main aap ki nazar se apni khushi to nahi dekh sakta." Although Indu dotes on her son, somehow she could never create a mother-son bond which Mohan can embrace when he is sad or feeling low. We have never seen Mohan sharing his feelings with Indu.

 Indu as a mother has always measured his smiles and tears by her own perspective, and that is the reason she cud never relate to his emotions. As a result, at times, when he needed a shoulder to cry on she was never present.

On the day Mohan got drunk, Indu left his house as she cant see him in this state, and that only goes to prove how as a mother she has failed to be there for him when he is alone and lost.

At the end, Indu has, at least, realized that Megha is the love and life of Mohan. As she realizes this, she does not waste a moment before accepting her with a embrace. At the end of the day, it is Mohan's happiness that matters to her, and today she is even proud of her son that he is committed towards Megha at a level from where he can never swayed.

Megha and her Jiji

Both of these characters became widow at a very young age .They share a common pain of loneliness and lost love, where Jiji has lost the opportunity in her life to find new love, she didn't want the same to happen with Megha. She is the one who first saw in Mohan what Megha could see much later. Mohan's love and passion for Megha gave the reason to Jiji to believe that Megha deserves a second chance in life to fall in love and find happiness. Jiji has never pushed Megha towards Mohan but she has always gave a clear picture of every moment that Megha used to share with Mohan.

Like the day wen Mohan saved Megha from Pratiek. Jiji asked her the same night whether Mohan is in love with her, and Megha replied that Mohan doesn't believe in love, and Jiji did not pursue the matter knowing very well this can never be true. With Jiji, Megha used to share her confusions regarding Mohan. Her belief that none can take the place of Amar in her life.

When two people fall in love, the initial phases remain in the subconscious, and they unite only when their conscious self recognize the feelings. I guess Jiji was the one who read the emotions that were still in the subconscious level in Megha.

 Megha's determination not to let anyone else into her life other than Amar made Jiji even more confident of her mission. It is not Amar that Megha did not want to let go'it was the feeling of "in love" that she wanted to cling to. And it was Jiji who made her realize that in today's date she was in love with Mohan not Amar.

Mohan and his Mr. Bhatnagar

Apparently there has been clash of principles. Mohan being more impulsive acts from his heart while his dad must have been a practical and principle minded person.

Although Mohan pretends that he does not care about his dad and refuses to maintain any kind of contact with him inspite of his mom's repeated attempts towards father-son reconciliation. It is however clear that his dad is never far away from his mind.

There are many instances (tea stall scene, there was one conversation with Nanhi, another time he told a story about his dad to guru) where he talks about his dad. The topic being always either something that his dad has said that he believes in his own life, or something that his dad has done or not done that has affected him deeply and till date he keeps grudge in his heart. Either way his dad is never far away from his mind.

He always calls his dad as Mr.Bhatnagar. He is so insistent on this that he even refused to mention him as his dad wen Papaji, Saroj and Jiji came to his house for shagun.

Paradoxically I feel that all his emphasis on not calling Mr. Bhatnagar as dad only goes to prove how much he wants to, but won't, due to some long held dignity because in the last few months, we have seen him mentioning his name some nth times, quite surprising since he loved to pretend that he doesn't care about his dad.

Sr. Bhatnagar is that kind of dad who loves his son in his own way. He has his own definition of wanting his son and for that he can go to any extent. So Mohan can leave his dad again once he returns the money which AB will never let him do.

Sr. Bhatnagar needs to learn that by binding his son in chains he can never get his song ,any gud manager can conduct his business maybe even better than Mohan but for him Mohan is his heir to whom he wants to pass on his legacy,here he is wrong, his business, his money means little to Mohan. Instead of passing on legacy he needs to learn that he should pass on his experience as a person. Like they say "when an old man dies a library is lost". A son can be enriched by the experiences of right and wrong, justice and injustice of his parent's life rather than material things like wealth and power.

Jiji and her Damad Ji

This is another bond that is also close to my heart as a viewer of this show. I believe Jiji realised long back that Mohan's feelings towards Megha is on the road that ends in unselfish love, and when I say long back, I mean, from the day of Shivratri celebrations. I am not saying that, at that time, Jiji felt Mohan is in love but what I am saying that she could realize where his emotions r heading. Jiji has been silent witness of Mohan falling in love and Megha remaining ignorant; Mohan going out of the way to make Megha smile and Megha calling it only friendship.

At times when entire Vyas family including Megha misunderstood him, blamed him for anything wrong, it was Jiji who cud see the real Mohan whose intention is never wrong that is why Mohan said to Jiji, "Kaash sab ka dil aap ki tarha saaf hota."

I guess it was Jiji, Nanhi and of course Guru's prayers and wishes that has resulted in Mohan and Megha getting united.

Jiji and Guru

Guru and Jiji acted as analysts in Mohan and Megha love story. Off late I felt they have built a bond between them since they both share the same goals of keeping Mohan -Megha united and to help them in every way' Jiji has always been the emotional support of Megha directing her towards seeing the truths in life like Amar is her past and Mohan is her future that Amar is her memory and Mohan is her love.

Similarly who can forget ma bapu stories of guru'all those stories that made mohan introspect his feelings for Megha at every stage.

Guru and Jiji are messengers to each other gving each other news of Mohan and Megha, making plans to bring them tog'.guru and Jiji trust each other in a way that both wants the best for Mohan and Megha.

off late I began to believe Jiji has taken to guru as the son he never had. When Mohan - Megha were in Nepal. It was Jiji who took care of his sleeping and eating arrangements even spending hours just talking. 

Renu and her Lafanga Patrakar

This relationship started with a downward graph. The nonchalant Mohan met Renu for the first time, Renu wanting to befriend her new neighbour and Mohan not eager to do so. From then on it was always a takraar kind of relation. Initially Mohan held a teasing attitude, ready to overlook all the irritating qualities of Renu apparently finding her harmless but with time as he became emotionally involved with Megha the more venomous side of Renu was revealed to him, Renu's jealousy, inferiority complex and in later days her conspiracies to make his and Megha's lives miserable came into his eyes.

He maintained a distance with her and ignored her as best as he could, knowing many of his problems were instigated by Renu yet he chose not to bicker with her.

 Mohan- Renu's relation started with lighter note. Later on Renu could acknowledge the growing feelings in Mohan for Megha, her hatred reached the peak wen Mohan took away Megha from under her nose and her plans to get Megha married to her cousin failed, her motive to get Amar's FD money failed too in the process.

A character like Renu can be dangerous if not handled cleverly. Mohan till now has not bothered about her but her misdeeds do affect him in a way that his life turns into shreds because of her. I am hoping Renu will realise that jealousy and envy can get her nowhere and it is more advantageous to remain in the good books of Mohan.

Renu and her Lafange Ka Naukar

Guru is one loving and lovable person who cannot think bad for others, even though if it means good for self! Renu is one selfish and jealous person who can go to any extent in hurting others! Guru and Renu are never just opposite but never can stand each other for their own reasons! Guru who doesn't like any of the characters possessed by Renu, just could not tolerate her misbehavior! But Guru is not a person who can give back in the same way as that as Renu! So he takes to do that in his own style of making it light and funny at the same time trying to give her the much needed lesson one way or the other! Guru had to be counteracting personality but in his own subtle way! He can never go down so much like Renu, even if the receiver is Renu herself! Renu deserves worse then what she had received from Guru but Guru makes it possible that something is better than nothing!

Mohan and Papaji

 Mohan's relation with Vedh Vyas has always held my special attention since it has been the most remarkable one. It started off (from Vedh's side) with dislike to intense hatred to trust to adoration bordering on placing Mohan in Amar's place in his heart.

The journey was not easy for Mohan. And the first embrace from Vedh Vyas whom he lovingly calls papaji brought out an expression which clearly showed this was the moment he was waiting for ages.

 NBT has been unique in stressing upon both the complexities and simplicity of all the relationships. The beauty lies in the fact that every relation has its own space and meaning.

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Here I shall try and make some effort towards the very same, while travelling back 9 months from today, taking all of you along, to lovingly go over the memorable Mohan Megha encounters -that were at first full of sparks but later turned into passionately steamier ones. In short, to give you the sizzles, make this atmosphere even more romantically charged, here we go!

Mohan Megha's journey towards love, divided in the following phases :D 


Mohan and Megha is a couple that made us fall in love with them, not through cozy lovey dovey brushes with each other. Instead, we fell victim to their charm right from their initial fire-brand confrontations. The scintillating instigations that flew around packed enough spark to get us hooked plus actively rooting and cheering them on.

Opposites attract, that is what defines them best. Mohan and Megha, two individuals, who come from totally different backgrounds, their hopes for future completely different and their ways of life at absolutely opposing poles respectively.

Yet it was fate that brought them together, pitted them against each other with an urgency that they both took as their temporary misfortune.  Little did they know that there'll come a time when it will all become the story of their lives. Love happens. It is extremely hard to consciously choose with whom, when and how you fall in love. 

Megha found Mohan to be a domineering, ill-mannered, arrogant man while Mohan suffered from the impression that God had bestowed upon him an argumentative, provoking, tart-tongued widow. No wonder conflicts arose whenever they chanced upon each other.



Mohan in spite of himself and his prejudice, found himself helping and assisting Megha out of troubling situations quite a few times but Megha's stern manner and caustic outbursts acted like acid for his ego, inflaming him even more, leaving a consistently bad taste in his mouth.

There was something in Megha, that kept drawing Mohan, however gradually, towards her. While unobserved by anyone, Mohan kept finding his wandering gaze, astute mind returning repeatedly to Megha and her ways of going about her life. As many times as his thoughts returned to her, everytime they came to a stand-still. It intrigued him no end but little did he know that a deep silent admiration for her was silently making it's own place in his heart.

Maybe subconsciously, the more he tried to stay away from Megha, fate placed Megha even more in his way, finally putting a dead seal on it when Megha joined Prabhat Leher, the newspaper where he himself was a crime reporter in.

That's when sleepless nights, strangely soft cozy thoughts started making their way into Mohan's mind. Till that moment in time, Mohan's vision of the world and all it's norms traditions was tinted with the shades of cynicism and bitterness.

But despite this bleak outlook on life, he found himself getting more and more influenced with the idealistic, views and ethics which defined Megha's life. It crept inside his heart so silently that he wasn't aware when he himself started viewing his life, this world with a fresh lens of love and warmth.


For Megha, unbeknownst to her, Mohan wreaked unique kind of silent tremors in her life. Each and everytime she met him, the cloak of pretense which she had hid herself into, by default, after her husband's death, that cloak kept slipping from her grasp. In front of this world, she serenaded as a dry stern widow, a disciplined mother of two but with Mohan, she time and again, became something else. Mohan made Megha shed her inhibitions, and brought alive the woman in her, the woman who wanted to live her life for herself.



Megha has been a person living on her own with minimal influence from others! She had everything - friend, companion, guide, lover in Amar and once she lost him, she did not want anything more from anybody! She decided to dwell on thoughts of Amar and live her rest of the life for her kids! Some time or the other when she was in need of some shoulder to support she chose to be strong on her own! Out of nowhere, Mohan came in to her life, stayed with her in the hour of her grief when she lost Nanni, just had been silent with her in the moment of her despair with Prateek! Mohan was there to accept her without trying to know or heal or cure her! What other than a friend could be all this! 

Though she had kept herself away from getting a confidant, Megha couldn't resist the feelings she developed for Mohan slowly and unknowingly! He comes to mean so much in her life not because he gives her the advice and solutions! But because he chooses to share her pain and touch her wounds with his warm presence, as a good old friend! 

One cannot say that she had given up all her need for love! She just had suppressed them in her so that she can live her memory life with Amar, not wanting to change from where it was left by him! But she started going through the phase of being loved and cared for again thus making Mohan the reason for her to change! 

She found a strong companion in Mohan and did not want to lose him by complicating her emotions for him! She just wanted to do the most for him by simply being his friend!



Mohan's senses started shooting warnings early on, the strange alluring vibe which he kept feeling whenever he was around Megha, the nano-second trances that he experienced whenever he dared delve into the ocean which pooled in her eyes, the prickle that he felt at her touch...All of this confused him but he thought little of it's causes.

Despite of all the bitter fall-outs, Mohan kept getting helpless where his urge to help Megha solve all her problems in life was concerned. Out of his own volition, he all but self-appointed himself as Megha's messiah, making it a habit of to steer her out of every troubling, treacherous situation in her life.

Each time Mohan secretly gazed at Megha, we found our hearts skipping beats, or coming to a stand still altogether. Every glance of his always looked as caressing as a gentle breeze, it had the glow and warmth of a shinning sun. The fire and tenderness in it, made us feel his love from afar. Indeed it was the rapture of passion's blissful fire in Mohan's life.

What makes their relationship unique and stand out from everything is the depth and subtlety which they both are always able to evoke with their shared silent communications. Their friendship and love has always had a particular intensity because whenever they held each other's gazes, it always melted into a sense of wordless union.



Then, there came a moment when Mohan realized that he is hopelessly, irrevocably, in love with Megha and has been, for the past few weeks. One-sided love is like that, it has the nasty habit of creeping up on you unexpectedly. Yes, to Mohan's dismay, he had fallen in love with Megha who didn't at all seem to reciprocate his feelings, neither did she have any inkling to them. Mohan had to go through the torture of silent heartache. Mohan had to go through extreme pain, discomfort, but he proved himself courageous enough, to be willing to risk his heartbreak but never step back or give up on it. He never expected Megha to requite his love with anything. Being in the initial phases of love, Mohan's one-sided love was enough to prevent the flame of hope in his heart from extinguishing altogether.


Realizing once and for all, that Mohan is way too deeply in love with her, the widow in Megha, who had been lying in hibernation all this while, found this a rude provocation. Mohan had been the one to bring back all the beautiful colors of fun and gaiety into her life, but she considered his falling in love with her or the thought of her reciprocation as a demonstration of blatant disloyalty, towards her past and memories of her late beloved husband. The hatred and abhorrence of Mohan's mother Indu, towards Megha, made her pose even stricter restrictions on herself, where thoughts of loving or marrying Mohan were concerned.

As it's always inevitable with true love, Mohan's silent unconditional love, after coping with all the angst and pain of unreciprocation, became too much for him to be content with. It filled him to overflowing, so much so that he couldn't contain it all inside him any longer. He knew Megha's dilemma and being aware of that, he understood her silence and denial of having any feelings for him but as it happens in love, Megha's hidden, deeply buried feelings started manifesting  in her attitude towards Mohan. 

But she couldn't betray herself of her feelings for Mohan. Every time she reacts to him against her wish, she gets her solace in her private confession of her love for him. Sure she had gone through the same emotional trauma as that of Mohan in hiding her feelings from him but in vain at one point. Her hidden secrets could mean nothing if they are being answered with the downfall of the person that values to her the most. So she had to and wanted to finally out-pour her heart out to get back to live her life as it deserved to be.


What had been just friendship for her till a few days back, it all but caught fire. Mohan's nearness started fluttering her, her heart raced and she found herself smiling like an idiot, whenever she was around him. Mohan became a permanent resident of her thoughts, her mind and her heart, so much so that she couldn't help but finally confess to herself, and surrender to  the reality and warmth, the intensity of her feelings for Mohan.  This sweet surrender finally brought her out of the torment of her darkened melancholic past.


These two most special people had the capacity of knowing what love truly is by this point, hence they decided to celebrate their union and their marriage day truly their own with the help of all vyas family and Guru, people who truly loved and supported them. It was like a page was torn out of time and space, where only both of them were suspended, Mohan and Megha both lived an eternity of their love affair on that very day. Their souls had been pining for that very moment when their stifled emotions, lying dormant so far would come out of their slumber and smoulder the subdued flame of their love to burn through.

Marriage means two people giving themselves to each other without any kind of expectations in return. Mohan stood true to this adage right from the first night when Addu being the spoiled little one of the house, started expressing his displeasure on being forced to sleep in Spiderman's home. Megha tried her best but Mohan didn't even think twice before letting her know that she can go back to vyas house if that is what Addu wishes to do. 

For Megha, remarriage was like being in a lane she never imagined she'd travel again. To cling to one's old life and a natural need to stay attached is an emotional tie that's tough to break. Mohan gave another meaning to maturity and sensitivity when he sweetly helped and supported Megha in keeping Amar's memory alive by telling her to keep amar's photo in the prized possession display corner of their living room. Mohan's acceptance of amar between them as Megha's pleasant past made it evident that the for them , it's only the present that matters regardless of what future/past holds for them.

As it's said that the toughest part of any marriage is to work and proceed in life as a team and deal with each other's way of finances well. As it happens that usually the first fight after marriage is on finances, something similar happened with MM when Mohan bought a beautiful saree for Megha as a first one after marriage. The beauty of such a thought and such love bowled over megha completely but a huge first wife-hubby row erupted the second that gifted saree's price tag caught megha's eye. Fight always brings a torrential pouring of love following it and the same happened with Mohan, as he sat sulking around watching TV in angry silence and outrage, megha suffering pangs of regret and shame on her having shown such inconsiderate attitude towards mohan's feelings, made their mutual favourite masala tea bringing it with her to sit on the sofa with Mohan. That's how their first ever brush with fight and patch-up went. 

Embracing a new kind of love and getting used to being two instead of one is always an enriching experience for any person but for Mohan, the experience was unique in itself as he went from being single to a family of 4 overnight. But mohan welcomed this huge overhauling of his life and routine with open arms and right from the first day, took up half of the responsibilities and care of children. With Nanhi, mohan being her spiderman, he didn't have to exert any effort to transform into the role of father but where addu was concerned, every other day that they were thrown together, the rockiness of their relationship increased. 

It's said that adversity in life introduces a one to own self. Every hardship in life is a test of one's courage and strength of relationships. That is what Megha experienced when the earth-shattering truth of Mohan Riddhima's marriage got revealed to her in the worst way possible. But as the sky darkening at night means that one sees the stars shining, similarly, Megha's love and trust for Mohan came shining through. She found it in herself to overcome her sense of betrayal or loss of trust to get up and stand by Mohan when Riddhima turned evil. The more that Riddhima tried pouring poison in their lives, Megha's resolution grew that much stronger which in turn brought fruit when she supported Mohan in gathering proofs against Riddhima and defeating her at her own game.

But that is not where all MM's hardships came to an end. Even before they could celebrate the return of peace in their life by Riddhima's exit, fate dealt them a huge blow by landing Megha in the hospital in paralyzed condition. But Mohan gathered all his strength and was able to turn his wounds into wisdom. He supported and became Megha's strength as he considered her his. Instead of crying endlessly on the misfortunes and Megha's losing hope time and again, Mohan managed to hold strong the shaking foundations of his life not as much for his own but for Nanhi Addu's sake. He instilled strength and confidence in them hence in turn absorbed some if it himself and managed to be a source of unconditional motivation and courage to Megha. It was this family and partner love plus support that resulted in Megha finding fortitude in herself the strength to overcome her handicaps proving Mohan's tenacity of love true!

It's been an enchanting 9 months experience for us. Thank you MM and NBT for allowing us to share this beautifully ethereal journey with us on a daily basis. It'll live in our most cherished memories forever.

Lastly I would like to dedicate this poem by E E Cummings because this is what best describes MM's love for each other, and our love for them.

I carry your heart with me(I carry it in my heart)
I am never without it(anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)
I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)
I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you (my heart)
I am never without it
(anywhere) I go you go, my dear 
and whatever is done by only me is your doing (my darling)
I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)
I want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

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We cant express in words what u all are meant to us... We all thank  the entire casts & crews for making such a unique fictional show which will be always remain in our heart forever.. We all are eagerly waiting for season 2... Kunal, Akanksha, Ashnoor, Shivansh, Dushyant , Madhuriji & all the casts are like a 2nd family to us... All the best for ur future porjects..



A vm on MM journey so for..with various BG scores of NBT original tunes..  a small tribute to NBT music director Shaleen sharma ji for composing a wonderful Title track n theme song ..
i other song can achieve the effect that Dhe re na.. has on MM moments!...
All credits to the music director..A big round of applauds to Shaleen sir..ClapStarClap

  MM journey with  Dhe re na ~ NBT Bg scores

  Kunal / mohan Vm ~ Abhi na jaao chor kar.~

A  small tribute to kunak/Mohan ..i've  no wards to express  kunal's talent ..hard work n  his dedication towards actor with a perfection..
hats off to u kunal...u r a true actor..Clap
dedicating this vm to all kkk fans..for showing unconditional love n support to ..through out his journey..of NBT
we all love u kunal..n eagerly.. waiting for NBT season 2..Smile


"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well"

Its been a wonderful journey with NBT! Be it the story, the characters, the star cast, the sequences, the ups and downs! It had everything that had us glued to the screen, even in its down times! Star

The concept of widow with two kids and a bachelor! Ofcourse a salute to them for their bravery in trying out amidst the regular soaps! Hope more such makers come forward to try out something different, not to give in for any pressure and prove to stay different all throughout! Clap

"The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness!"
So its only goodness that I'm thinking of NBT and of course we are all in praise for those wonderful things that were brought onscreen!

I do admire elegance and appreciate for things that are beautiful and awesome in life! But more than that to me beauty lies in simplicity! And NBT brought that simplicity out in a manner that it became the grand effect and gave a new form for simplicity! 
Bravo! To the team! Star

We are a bunch of different people, showing difference in everything about us! Wink But what we all have in common is an appreciation for kindness and compassion! Big smile And we all lean towards love, in whatever form it is shown! We had this love and appreciation shown in every positive character of the show! Hats off to them and our appreciation are bound to happen for such an effort! Clap

MMNAGJ Hug - Every character can be talked about for hours and hours together! Analysis and Appreciation can be written for pages and pages! They brought in the flavor to our living rooms and filled it with pleasant feeling! Their positivity were so contagious that we were engrossed in them thus wanting to have their essence in us as well! 

Inspiration, Awe effect, Awakening, Enthusiasm, Influence, Motivation, Fancy, Sparks... NBT brought various effects in us, in different forms! Not only that, it also brought out after effects in the viewers in the form of - Creativity, Stimulus, Brainstorm, Deep thinking, Visions, Thoughts... Party

And what more to say, the actors lived their roles to do justice to every character we saw onscreen! We cudn't have related to those characters if not for the actors! Wonderful job perfectly done by each one of them! Day Dreaming

I firmly believe in making it a habit to tell people thank you and to express my appreciation! And that too sincerely without the expectation of anything in return! If we truly appreciate those around us, and soon we will find many others around us with positivity filled everywhere! If we truly appreciate life, then we will find and have more of it! Tongue

NBT has been special and will remain a special show for me, for very very long time! And the players, be it the team behind the camera or in front of it, will also be! Followers show their appreciation not just by uttering words but also by living them in different ways! I would like to be a follower by wishing them the best in their career and life! And if possible, to appreciate their work or efforts in their future projects! And for NBT 2 my hopes are high and I'm waiting to watch it with the same enthusiasm as for NBT 1! Dancing


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha ' sneaked into the telly world early this year, quietly amassing a cult following. Much smaller compared to some of the great dramas on TV, the show had big things to talk about, making it easily one of the best experiments on Indian TV.


A simple story of a happy go luck reporter, Mohan, as he finds love in a widow with two children and in turn, the story of a widow, Megha, who gets a second lease of love and life, is not something we see often on TV.


Mohan Bhatnagar's perpetual journey towards infinite happiness, his struggles as they unraveled new experiences and emotions truly awakened the deepest of emotions in viewers.  Mohan's compelling desire to love and to be loved allowed his journey to transcend through times of trials and tribulations.


Mohan Bhatnagar will remain in the hearts of viewers for a long time to come.


An utterly magnetic performance by Kunal Karan Kapoor at its center, a well-formed lead role by Akanksha Singh with the other supporting characters and actors, and its simple, realistic execution made it easily one of the best show viewers have witnessed in the recent times.


My salutations to the cast and the crew ' each and every person involved with this wonderful show.


Truly one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in a long time.


'A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step' they say. Let this be the first step towards that journey.

Fari (Fariha)

It's tough to start writing this but can't postpone or delay it anymore as the farewell day is upon us. Anyways, it's important for me to recount my journey, mostly smooth, sometimes rocky, of these 9 months with NBT and around 7 months with this forum.

I have seen quite a few members here saying that NBT is their first ever experience of regular Indian telly. I claim the rights to same category of people, I used to literally despise even the name/mention of Indian soaps. My mother and sister being regular avid watchers of soaps, always insisted that it's good time pass but me being me, had been eternally revolted towards anything related to soaps.

Anyways, was going through a major down phase in my life when even work was not proving enough to keep my mind occupied, not enough to shoo away the dark depressing thoughts. Mother's phone counselling is what brought NBT to my most vague notice. Mid-february, i finally decided to give my mother's words a chance (:p) , googled the name of "na bole tum na maine kuch kaha - watch online" and wow!! I got it and watched the then latest episode, and guess which one it was?? Had the good fortune to watch the "toy shop" MM scene as my first taste of them. Right then, it was enough to get me hooked, I went back, researched, opened big boss 5 finale ceremony and checked out NBT's short segment in it, it's promos and the works. Since then, there's been no looking back.

Had been acquainted with the existence of IF already, so decided to become a silent reader of forum updates/news segments. First venture of getting my account active was during the holi celebrations.

Feeling immensely sad about having to say farewell to my beloved show. It's been like a most-dear friend to me. It managed to pull me out of an abyss of darkness and  blessed me with an alternate universe where all my spare hours, and more, went into following the dilchasp encounters of Mrs.Vyas and Mohan. Mrs. Megha Vyas so to say, was just a fictional character but in this case, everytime I saw her, the unreal became real and most tangible. This character, a portrayal of a lone woman's strength and code of going about her life, nourishing two beautiful children in such a way as to make Nanhi's every mannerism hold light up to her perfect upbringing. It was the moment when Mohan came running to an abrupt halt in front of a hands-outstretched steel-eyed Megha, that was the moment when i also came to halt alongside Mohan, since that point onwards, Mohan and Megha just became like my most cherished friends. Two individuals, who gave the term "being poles apart" a new meaning.

Mohan, an outwardly carefree bachelor and focused strong-minded professional, had his heart's eye unknowingly grappling to get hold of a mainstay, a foothold in the fast rushing life. Megha, a delicate vulnerable 28yr old girl serenading in the guise of a dry, stern widow. Pretending to presumably live her life for her kids' sake while letting isolation, desolation thrive and take veiled roots in the deepest recesses of her heart. Then came Nanhi, the cupid in disguise of an angelic adorable 8year old cutie pie. Mohan Nanhi's special friendship, is and will definitely remain a watershed concept in tellyland , for years to come. A friendship, free from the bindings of pleasure and mutual benefit, enduring hardships and attaining heights of adorability, week in and week out.
As these three characters and their mutual relationships went through the rigour of highs and lows of fate, i remained with them. I remember being in suspense, at the same time cheering the three musketeers on when the school gates were being shut in the face of Mohan's racing  Damru.

Oh how i remember literally bouncing in anticipation to see Megha Mohan's reactions on their first ever encounter in Prabhat Leher office. It proved upto and went even beyond my expectations, they actually fought over "meri desk tumhari desk"  :))  And of course, my heart skipped beats, whenever mohan threw those intense glances megha's way.  Megha's pro-love and Mohan's anti-love lectures to a bewildered and hapless Karan. That memorable Jannat ka corridor where silence reined supreme but still, the eyes talked and oh did they talk!! Oh yes!! Some of my fav lines were the ones that were communicated in silence between MM  :D

Mohan finally breaking the walls of cool reserve around his heart, to realize and accept that it's the warmth and music of Megha's laughter, her peace of mind and welfare that leads his heart. Megha struggling valiantly, against her very heart, by tying Amar's memories around her throat like a death noose, all but nearly killing her urge to live a happy life and find happy love.

All in all, the more that MM walked forward, the distance separating them stretched longer and longer. Their dream to attain their destiny but that destiny always ended up becoming just their dream. Yet they plod on, getting themselves lost in the way of their wishes/dreams but at last finding their happiness together. 

All this and much more, like the wise person of Guru, sulking angry cutie Addu and sweetest Jiji, all of them combined formed my little friends circle for so many past months, it seems like a part of them has grown inside me hence i hope the gate of these memories always remains open, not in sad but in a sweet happy way. Thanks to the makers of NBT and it's whole star cast, so much for making me experience a wide range of emotions, the fleeting passion, hope, joy, pain and sweet depression. Thanks Nanhi for your angelic dialogues of wisdom and innocence, Guru for being GURU with his Maa-baapu stories, Mohan for giving a lesson to us in resilience and persistence, Megha for being an inspiration of self-confidence and high self-respect.
Will miss you NBT but not in sad way, not at all :D

Pals (Pallavi)

Hi Dearies..Hug

Finally the D-Day has arrived and like always I am too tongue tied to say anything..Should I be happy or sad ?? Confused I am unable to conclude it. I am happy because it had been saved from severe butchering and might come back with original creatives team and sad because the massive appreciation could not saved it from the Dragon ratings. 

Its been a tumultuous ride since January 9, 2012 ..we laughed, we cried , we pulled our hairs, we offered to become assassin to kill someone unwanted and still some of us stayed till its last breathe. I am sure there would be many like me for whom this must have been first daily soap which I watched religiously from start to end.This is an achievement for us to sustain with humor, wars,loathe and peace.LOL Hug

Thought of writing more but words never help me on write-ups.The day I noticed the promo, I was hooked to it. This was one picture perfect, feel good story of some people whom I had not seen on TV circuit for long years. It has that simplicity which no other show had it.There are few things which keeps NBT stand apart from its contemporaries. And the credit goes to Original creatives.. 

USP of the show : 

1) A Male protagonist, who is a Maa-ka-laadla son, but not Maa-ka-Palloo holding son. A child-man Hero who does not resemble a bit to any hero of TV land.Still he walks tall who does not compromise on his principles but can give everything for the love of his life..

2) A Female Protagonist, who is a widow but not a typical "Abla-Naari".she is a strong, mature mother of two kids who never cried for the sake of her loved ones. never had a second thought to disbelieve her late husband and she kept struggling.

3) A super intelligent yet adorable child who understands her mother more than herself.a kid who never appeared obnoxious in terms of speaking "Badon waali Baatein". befriends a man whom she consider her problem solver, not a calculator ,not a computerWink. he is the one who makes her mummy happy. A child belief in Spider-man,who has the power to set everything right..And there is no doubt that spider-man never ran away from his responsibility.Clap

4) Another Maa-ka-laadla son, but completely Maa-ka-palloo son. ok granted, since he is too young to deal with ugly world. he has been that innocent mind which can be moulded into anything.

5) A middle aged widow lady, who is not cunning..who is not plotting against any of DILs in house.she is an epitome of a strong willed lady who is financially independent and never holds grudges for anyone..a friend, guide, confidante of our Mirchi madam.Clap Heart

6) He does not need a mention ..rather deserves an applause Clap .he has been one of the best character in recent one considers helper as their brother, a guide , a friend..but he was not considered a helper even. An intelligently sketched character which portrayed the soul of Mohan. We often lands up in two minds and take helps from our closed ones..And he has been the one who without any question stood by Mohan through thick and thin.

7) Juna Mohalla and Vyaas Niwaas had been quite a realistic setting for a Middle class family which the entire characters belong to. I am happy that we were never showed any palatial homes..

8) Some non-livings sweet things which helped story, its not Bhaang induced effect and who was the partner in bedAngry..Its our Favorite"Rumali" and "Amar ka Photo".. LOL 

9) No loud make up, No garish clothing and accessories..I am barring Renu..though she was still far better than other shows.. Wink

10) Technical Team - A very crisp editing till long time, no unnecessary camera zooming-panning & rolling techniques (except some real dark times Angry

11) Festivals shown with apt natural vigor and underlying messages (except when Channel started raping it) 

12) Last but not the least..A "dilchasp" story which touched many hearts and a dilchasp audience who fought hard to get it back * crossing my fingers* Thumbs Up

This is my first time to try hands on Farewell VM because I am one super lazy lady..There have been lots of fabulous VM makers in our forum Big smile..Finally I could get inspiration from them Embarrassed..It has come out bad,so please don't hit me if i wasted your time..But I really want to credit those who had encouraged me to give it a try..

Credit: Thanks and hugs to Fari, Siree, Sumi, Dhwani .Hug


I could still very well remember the Saturday when i was returning to Central Secretariat from AIIMS in the metro and saw the Ad of a new upcoming show named "Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh kaha" from 9th Jan 10:30PM onwards. I could vaguely remember the male lead from LRL and Zee TV's Maayka which my mom used to watch. The lady too caught my attention but i didn't took it seriously since that slot was fixed till then for BALH. I missed the first week and luckily or unluckily (since feeling sad on its end) that Saturday my plan of outing got somehow cancelled and so i just turned on the TV set in afternoon. From 3: 30 to 5:30 they ran the entire week's telecast. That two hours of just one week made me understand, neither such kinda stories come often in small screen nor the show will be like any other popular potboilers of recent times.

I still thank in my mind the friend who spoiled my week-end plan on that specific saturday (though i cussed him until then)and thereby providing me with the chance to catch hold of this wonderful show. If that saturday i wasn't sitting idle, i dont know whether i would have followed this iconic show.


Dear friends, hope you are all doing well. Hug

On this last day of NBT, I am overwhelmed with the thought of parting ways (though temporarily) with NBT. I feel depressed, lost, blank.. But then I remember something almost similar or bigger happened to me a little while ago. I would like to share it with you. Hope I am not emotionally bugging you!Smile

My father had a farm. A small farm filled with fruit-bearing trees, beautiful garden, seasonal crops, animals that had become like family... And it was in the middle of a thick forest! I grew up there, spent the first six years of my childhood and subsequent summer and winter holidays. 
From my backyard, I could see numerous wild animals, various kinds of birds. Roaming in that forest admiring the beauty of it, making some wonderful observations about the nature was my favourite past time! I have once seen a real wild tiger in that forest, I saw a flying bird getting covered with the thick smoke of forest fire and finally falling in to it after a futile attempt to come out of the smoke maze! The life there was so real, so unique, so natural... no ready made pattern, no two things were same...  no cages, no sign boards, no rules...!
I was very much attached with that farm and the forest surrounding it. Even after I grew up, moved to a city, got married and moved in and out of country, visited many wonderful places... this was the place that I held close to my heart! It was special. It made me feel happy, comforted me whenever I felt depressed of lonely.. Whether I was physically present or not, It was the place I could find myself in when I needed some 'me, myself' time!
But my father had to sell it, as he could not take care of it anymore. it was a painful decision for all of us. I felt heartbroken, my whole family was sad. But we had to move on. And we did! I still cherish the memory of that wonderful place. It will live in my memory till my end! I don't feel sad as I used to earlier, because I have understood that 'it (my attachment with that place) is worthy enough to be counted among one the finest things to happen to me in life'!

NOW,  'Na Bole Tum...' was like my father's farm for me (though at some other level)! I feel the same way I felt when father decided to sell the farm. But I firmly believe everything happens in the way it is destined to happen. So, I would like to bid farewell to it with happiness. I am happy that I still have loads of good moments of it with me- the serial and the forum, permanently inked in my memory book ! I am glad I could earn so many good friends because of NBT. 


i want to thank
* Sun Shine productions for coming up with Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha . Thank u seema and sudhirHug
*Colors for airing the show.Smile
*Sonal for the wonderful story and screenplay. I love u mamHug
*Venita Coelho,Shilpa sharma D'mello ,Aseem Arora for the concept and broad storySmile
Special mention to my dear jhappu ji bcoz without u i wont be having so much fun in the forum.Tongue
*Amit malik, Maan the wonderful directors of the show. 
* Subrat Sinha for all the wonderful dialoguesClap
*Hrishikesh Gandhi, Abhishek Gandhi,Ehaan Ghanim for wonderful photographySmile
*Parag Deshmukh the wonderful cameramanSmile
* Vimmi Malhotra the stylist for coming up with gorgeous megha and dashing mohanBig smile
*Ashish Rego For the wonderful BG scoreHugI loved the music
Sorry i culd mention only a few of the crew. To all the crew. Thank u all for all the efforts . without u people vicouldnt have enjoyed my dearest show.Clap
Now the cast...
Kunal Karan Kapoor ,Akansha Singh ,Ashnoor kaur,Rinku Karmarkar,Dushyant ,Shivansh, sachin Parik, Anjan shivastav, shivansh kotia, neelu kohli, madhuri sanjeev, madhuri Bhandhiwaderkar,Nirnav soni , prinal, and all. All were super good and left a mark in my heart. Thank u ppl.Hug
Hoping to c u all on NBT 2.


I had watched NBTNMKK from the very first episode, up until the honeymoon. Then I decided to stop watching it. I used to be posting predictions and making VMs on NBT forums all the time (I was also one crazy fan lover of Kunal). So today, I decided to watch the last episode of NBT. 
The last 5 minutes...where Vyas and Bhatnagar family talked to the camera and the way they brought back all the past memories with flashbacks...I had goosebumps the entire time. Clap 
Then I started to tear up. I realized, that even though I didn't like the last track, I'm really going to miss NBT for the next few months. Disapprove 
I can't wait until season two begins. Until then, I'm going to start the episodes from episode one again. 
Looking forward to see what's in store in season two in January! Day Dreaming


Finally the day is here...just watched the last episode of our fav NBT. sad that from monday onwards there won't be any NBT or i won't wait for clock to strike 10:30 Cry however, happy that all the efforts of you all fans here paid off n we l get to see NBT 2 soon. 

the official confirmation at the last was so reassuring leaving no room for doubt n i was like "yess man aab to ayega hi" SmileSmile

i felt as nanhi was actually crying when they were talking about going away from sometime. oh man i l miss nanhi-mohan a lot. 

junna mohalla ke Mohan aur uski Mirchi madam ki dilschap stroy ne dil jeet liya tha. Wink it did not take me long to get hooked to the show.

flashbacks in the last episode made me nostalgic!!  nanhi and her innocent way of praying is really really cute. her devotion is so pure. she asks for happiness with extreme faith and then thanks god too. there no exchange offer with God...u give me this I l do that. its so sweet.

nanhi ka spiderman uska papa bann hi gya. Embarrassed aur mrs vyas apne monu ki Mrs bann gyi...mohan ka unconditional love made all this happen. mohan is a guy every girl would want.

can't find any more words for mohan-megha-nanhi... jiji has been megha's support system n our Guru has been mohan's support through out. there are the support system of NBT...

at last...

Teri vo pyaar ki intehaan (mohan)
Tere inkaar me bhi haan hona (megha)
Tera vo hamare dil pe chah jana (MN)
Teri vo choti choti pyaari pyaari batein (nanhi)
Teri vo kahaniya (guru)
Naahi Bholenge HUM (Fans)


I'm proud to be a fan of NBTNMKK,
NBT has given the most beautiful love stories forever!Embarrassed The two people(Mohan & Megha) when they come togetehr become the perfect lovers ever!Day Dreaming Its given me a wonderful cast which i will always remember!Smile &i'm proud to be a fan of 2 talented actors (Kunal & Aakanksha) and beautiful people and thankful to NBTNMKK for giving me these two people in my life, Thanks alot & Thnx again to NBT becuz if this show will not start so how i will find wonderful friends, like Anshu, Manesha, Deb, Ami & all of u i cant say all name right now, here are many good friends, thnx to all for helping me & making me as ur friendHug
Will miss you all
Mohan & Megha ki dilchasp Love Story (Lets Watch what happen from the Start till the End)

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha (Must watch season 2)


And finally, Our most beloved show has come to an end!

I'm happy they're gonna be back with a season-2, but the pain caused by NBT 1.0's end cannot be hidden! I dont know what to say, and how to express what I really feel now! Right now, a feeling of depression, pain has completely over-taken me!

I've seen my Mom watch several Indian soaps and I, myself have tried quite a few! But nothing ever succeeded in keeping me hooked, quite like NBT!  I always thought, addiction never lasts for long! One wrong thing, it just fades away! But NBT proved it all wrong with me! Even though, we faced some worst situations in the show, I could never say 'no' to NBT. I daily used to wait for the show with the same excitement! And now, when it has finally come to an end, I feel as if, I've lost something really really precious to me and life has lost its all motives along!

Talking of how I got hooked to the show, well, I was pretty late! It was during March, when I was home, for holidays. While I was browsing through the channels, totally bored! Thats when, I saw a guy talking to himself, 'Nahi Mohan, ab tu aur koi help nahi karega' Aftering saying these words to himself, I saw him running with a file towards the cabin, which I later got to know is Mr.Mohan Bhatnagar and is running to help the girl he refused to, moments ago!Embarrassed

Thats it! I sat back with my lappy, and found links to all the episodes. Then there was no looking back! Dheere se haule se, I fell for the show!Embarrassed

Mrs.Vyas! What do I say about this women? People say, if you admire a women at your first sight, then thats mainly coz of her looks. But in this women, not only her serene beauty, but also her simplicity and courageous attitude made me not only admire but also respect her. She've taught me and all of us, a very important lesson in life, that life is certainly not easy and we have to struggle. Struggle to live. A women,who taught her children the best, and always remained strong for their sake. Hats off to her will power! Women, capable of giving immense love, except for Amar being the only Man to have recieved it and as destiny played a brutal game, her love was snatched forever! Thats when, this show taught us and the society that being a widow is never one's mistake and every soul deserves a second chance! :') Now I can say, that yes, I'm strong enough, infact, someone has made me strong enough, to face all the difficulties in my life, smiling! I'm ready to go through the path, and situations life has in store for me.

Because someone said, 'Zindgi hamein jitna rulaayegi,
hum utna haske dikhaayenge..
jitna humein rokegi..
hum utna aage badte jaayenge..
jitna humein aasmaayegi..
hum utna uska band bajaayenge' Embarrassed

Here comes another personality, whom I'm in love with..head over heels!Blushing
Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar! Where do I start? If I begin with his looks, then I'd probably end up even describing what I saw in his each tangled curly locks!LOL Be that his most expressive eyes, that pointy nose, or his 'rare' smile. All kept me drooling over him and drowning in his love. A Man with his own principles and rules. A Man, so careless but also would sacrifice his everything for people whom he love. Here, I learnt one more lesson. One should always follow their heart, and should stand with truth, whatsoever and to remain hopeful. A man, who loved a women like no other but had to lie and laugh at his own truth about his love. Because In his own words, 'Use khone ka dar..use paane ki khushi se kayi zyaada hain.' But, he fought. He fought for his love even after thousand refusals. And this often kept me wondering, that what is that thing, that connected them through their heart and not through words. Hats off to you! We love, admire, and respect you and are also inspired by you! :')

Talking about Mohan-Megha, it might take a day long, and yet would be unfinished! A love, so pure and so magical! Two lovers, who made me believe that it is possible to mum those thousand words just through your eyes, without a word being spoken! I felt so drowned in their love, that the fact that I used to crave for weekends was a past, and the time came, when they actually used to drive me crazy!

This show introduced me to some of the rarest, purest and the most beautiful relation in this world. Chawanni - Spiderman. Mohan - Guru! Honestly, I find no word..which could exactly describe the kind of love they share.  It is beyond the relation of love,friendship and brotherhood we know and they take it altogether to a different level. Bless them! <3 

Not only Mohan-Megha, But I fell in love with each of the characters! Each one of them, taught me some or the other facts about life. Be that Jiji, Addu,Papaji, Maa ji, Renu, Sanjay. They were always like a simple, middle-class family next door. And we saw ourselves in them. :))

And also, NBT has the biggest hand in bringing me back to IF discussions and introduce me to some awesome personalities I found here, in MMT! You guyz are so special to me and I love you all so much! Now, I'm so attached to you all that life without MMT and you all has certainly become unimaginable!HugHug

Here I conclude my part, tying a knot, praying to god, that our season-2 should be equally beautiful, taking us through some different shades of life. Like My heroine taught me, I'm not gonna break down, instead, I'm smilingly ready to welcome the three months and as My hero taught me, I'm gonna remain hopeful and positive about a new and fresh start! :)))

"I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars." - Stephenie Meyer! :))

Sumi (Suman)

'Dhinchak Dhichak Dhinchak Dhichak' rang Mohan's mobile in the promo of NBT. Mohan fumbled before he could find his mobile in his pant pockets. The kids laughed, Mrs. Vyas was amused. The scene froze and a voice in the BG said 'Yeh hai Mrs. Vyas aur Mohan ki... dilchasp kahani'.Embarrassed The promo was so interesting that I started waiting for January 9th 2012. Oh and did I forget Addu's 'Wait here' gesture when Mohan asked for Mrs. Vyas with a lollypop in his mouth. That was the cutest part of that promo LOL. The subsequent promos were just as interesting but this one stands out in my memory. And honestly speaking I never thought this would be a love story. The promos never hinted at that. I have seen loads of television soap pr0mos which just screams out that it is a love story. Hero serenading the heroine, dupattas flying all over, leads dancing away in dreamland like sets. Everything just screams that it is a LOVE STORY! But the NBT promos was so refreshing. A definite puller for people like me who had never watched a daily soap from start till end earlier. And I saw the promo at such a time when I had started despising Indian telly shows. 

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans said John Lennon. I can tweak it to say NBT is what happend to me when I was busy despising Indian Television soaps.LOL

On January 9th, the 1st episode was aired. I loved the simplicity of Mrs. Vyas. Her attire, her make up, her behaviour everything was simple. Quite a refreshing change from the usual OTT heroines we see on television. And she was meant to be simple almost austere in appearance, because she was a widow. But this simplicity was the beauty of this woman. She was shown missing her husband, craving for that one moment where she could just have one cup of tea with him. My heart went out for her. And then came Mohan. I must say though his entry in the show was very filmy where he was shown chasing a girl with camera focussing on his shoes for most parts, it was by far the best entry of any male lead. I thoroughly enjoyed it because it was interspersed with the prayers of a innocent little angel of a girl Nanhi who prayed for that someone who can make Mrs. Vyas her pehli wali Mummy.I got curious to know how Mrs. Vyas was before Amar died. 

But the first episode was really not reason enough for me to get hooked on to this show. My love for NBT grew over a period of time. Just like Mohan's love for Megha, as he had described it 'Dheere se, Haule se kab pyaar hua pata hi nahi chala'. I really did not realise when I had fallen head over heels in love with this show. So much that I started hating weekends when this show would not air.This was one show where I loved the supporting cast as much as the leads. Infact at times I loved the bonding between Mohan and Nanhi more than Mohan and Megha. Perfect cast and genius makers. God bless them.Clap

Mohan is one of the best characters and one of my main reasons for falling in love with this show. Mohan Bhatnagar is one of the best male character I have come across in any medium of fiction. At one point I had rated him next to Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind - my favourite fictional male character. I fell in love with Mohan Bhatnagar when he started to look out for Mirchi Madam when he got to know Prateek's lecherous intentions. In any other show if the male lead who is not in good terms with a female lead had seen a male getting physically close to the female lead, he would have misunderstood the lady. But Mohan knew Megha so well even when he was not in good terms with her. He knew that she was innocent and started to feel protective about her. My respect for him grew by leaps and bounds. And I fell in love with him.Blushing

Megha. I wondered what about her connected with me. Then I realised, Megha by character is just like one of the closest people to me. My Mother-in-law. My Father-in-law was a very nice man. He helped everyone who came to him for help in the best of his capacity. He died one day and left a heap of debt to be cleared off. My mother-in-law, who for most part of her life, was confined to looking after the house and her kids stepped out after that to look after my FIL's business and made sure that all the debts were cleared. I could totally relate to Megha because she was just like my MIL. A person who is so courageous, who has a never say die attitude and someone who does not take shit lying down. Clap

I can go on and on about the various characters in this show. The various bonds we got to see. MN, MG, MJ (Megha-Jiji), Renu-Guru nok-jhok. But words will fail me. Especially if I start writing about MN and MG. Needless to say one of the purest relationships I have seen in television. I dont know if I will be able to do justice to them. So I will let them be. Untouched and Pure.

Bidushy (-Bidzie-)

To the entire team of Na Bole Tum.. - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Honestly I'm overwhelmed right now. Feeling nostalgic when I think of the moment I fell in love with this show after watching Mohan, his Chawanni and Mirchi Madam. 

Proud to be a die hard fan of such a classic show. I've always considered the characters as my own buddies and so, I actually lived their journey with them; laughed my heart out in their joy, smiled and blushed in the moments of bliss and cried buckets in their pain. I'm attached to this show in such a way that while watching the finale episode, I felt as if something "APNA" is being taken away from me, even though, for a short period of time. 

NBT is now an integral part of my life and it's going to be tough to live without it for sometime but anyways, anything for the show and you all. 

Thanks a zillion once again to this fantastic show for making me happy whenever I felt sad or upset in any moment of my life and giving me the BEST days of my life. God bless you all. :)

Can't wait to watch NBT back on screen. So happy. Thanks a million Sonal ma'am for writing the story and the characters with all your heart and Kunal, Aakanksha and all the cast for putting your 200% all the time. 

Sonali (Sb02)

We live like a family with our favourite show NA BOLE TUM NA MAINE KUCH KAHA since 9th Jan,it is sooo hard to let the show go off.I start watching this show casually,the promo attracts me...a different type of love story between a bachelor and an widow with two kids...but I dont know when and how it comes so nearer and nearer to i am so totally drained out,feel so sad and painful..I never know this will hurt me so much.I feel so grateful to NBT and also so depressed that we cant celebrate its 1st anniversary.

Thanks you all the crew and casts of this show.

Thanks Kunal,Akansha,Ashnoor,Dushyant,Madhuriji and all to make the so beautiful and believable.

Best of luck for your future projects.Smile

Ashlesha/ (SunShine_A)

I honestly don't know what to write about the show or how to frame my feelings into words. NBT was something much more than a daily soap to me, it was like a stress buster in a usual hectic life those 30 mins would always leave a smile on my face and I enjoy those 30 mins to the fullest.

I remember watching the teaser and getting curious. At first it appeared to be a common love story of a landlady and her tenant but the sentence "Mohan aur Mrs. Vyas ki dilchasp story" triggered something within. I had seen many love stories but a story of young lad with a mother of two kids was something new to Indian television and apart from liking for Kunal from LRL days, the concept which came into focus through those 30 seconds teasers contributed in making me anxious for the show.

And NBT proved out to something entirely different perhaps a show of substance with logical characters. It explored so many different relation, introduced so many shades of a human personality.

A show where there was no evil Saas to provide masala and to make life of the Bahu a living hell instead it gone through the life of a common man.

A clumsy young lad who believes in living a carefree life but not at cast of his morals and principles. He was man of principles but was not an ideal figure, He was a perfect example of imperfect humans.

A domestic help who was a brother like friend of the lad and was innocent like a baby.

A woman, mother of two kids whose life was not a cake walk. Each day would bring a new struggle but in she knew how to spread happiness in those miseries and shield her kids from those hardships. Almost every woman could see her image in her as at one point or other they had been through same.

A l'll kid who was forced to grow up after her father's unfateful demise but with her innocence intact. She was her mother's support system, always tried her level best to ease some of her mother's pain. All daughters could visualize themselves in all her actions.

A mother like aunt who was always behind Megha. Gone through the same and knowing how difficult life is of a single woman she was always there to spread joy in Megha's life, to find a way to get all the colours of her life back.

NBT had other special characters too. Everything about NBT was just special and always meaningful. But I don't know how to go on further since words are not supporting me anymore.
So now

I just want to say a big T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U to the entire cast and crew for thinking something like NBT and pulling it so well.

And now when season 1 has met with its end, I can say it had been a wonderful journey since 9th Jan 2010. NBT would certainly get counted in the classic pieces of Indian telly.

Waiting for season 2 anxiously. May it gets all it dues that it could not get with this season. 
Hoping for another wonderful show by the same amazing ensemble.

Shaili/ (Monu_Deewani)

For years, Indian daily soaps were synonymous with 'Saas-Bahu sagas'. But, what mattered is the point that they still worked. As popular with the audience as could be. Flying hair, intense eye-locks, damsel in distress falling right into her knight in shining armour's arms. Well-behaved leads, and their bubbly, small town leading ladies. Shows kept on coming, same stereotyped, with different characters.

And then one day came a promo of a new show. A guy at the door, irritated it seemed. And to describe him, I find 'Jhalla' is the best word. Unkept hair, a hilarious ringtone, clumsy, untied shoe-laces ah ! Imperfect. The first ever thing I noticed that was UNIQUE about this show. Then came the leading lady. Simple, with hair tied in a bun and a plain sari. Beauty in simplicity. And then came two wonders - a little lady and her brother. That day, I was blissfully unaware of the tremendous effect these people would have on my life.

I have so many memories with this show, so many 'first-times' associated with it.
I joined IF in 2008 and came here on and off. Was a newbie when this show started, and am a Dazzler now. This show made me want to come here and express my disbelief at how refreshingly fresh the concept seemed. How every single day we had something unique to boast about, discuss about. For the first time in my life, I had predictions that went terribly and miserably wrong. For the first time, a daily soap story seemed mature, REALISTIC. And well...magical!!!

It was this show, that made me want to write. I don't know how I write, but I realised it didn't matter. The characters of this show, their beautiful relationships made a special place in our hearts. Memories like Spiderman-Chavanni scenes, Guru-Bhaiyya scenes, Jhalla-Mirchi madam scenes and the magical Mohan-Megha scenes are memories each Na Bole Tum fan will cherish for a lifetime. Here are two poems I wrote - on Monu and his Chavanni

Poem on Monu aka Mohan Bhatnagar
Cute sa banda 
Crime reporter 
Office ka star Star 
Mohan Bhatnagar. 

Maa ka laadla 
Guru ka guroor 
Par banda ye 
Aadat se Majboor ! LOL 

Vaise to hai ye 
Dil ka achha Embarrassed
Par baaton mein 
Hai bilkul kachcha LOL 

Madad ke irade se 
Kehna kuch chhahe 
Par ye bichaara 
Kehke kuch aaye Tongue 

Samajhdar bhi hai, 
Hai thoda shaitaan 
Bachpane se bhara 
Aur thoda nadaan Day Dreaming

Chhoti si Chavanni 
Hai iski jaan Heart
Aur Spiderman ye 
Us bacchi ki shaan Star 

Bada hi anokha 
Inka ye rishta 
Ek hai pari 
To duja farishta Embarrassed

Favorite passtime: 
Mirch madam se ladaai LOL 
Aur apni 'biwi' 
Guru ki buraai Tongue ROFL   

Par dil se karta 
Hai dono ko salaam 
Maanta hai asan nahi 
Dono ne jo kiye kaam. Clap

Chhoti si problem 
Aur "Arrey YAAAR !" Embarrassed
Banaye hum sab ko 
'Sunna'deewani baar baar Heart 

Aisa ye Monu humaara 
Gadbad ki pudiya LOL
Sweet iska middle name 
Aur hathyaar media Tongue

And this one's on Nanhi aka Navika Vyas

Ye chhoti si Nanhi
Monu ki chavanni
Dikhti hai bachchi
Par ise samjho na kachchi
Apni maa ki bhi maa hai
Sab pe ye bhaari haa hai

Guru-Mohan ko sunaye
Safai pe taane
Vo dono bichaare
Iski saari baatein maane

Maanti hai dost
Karti hai pyaar
Aur dil se bharosa
Apne spiderman pe yaar Heart

Kehne ko to ye
Hai bas 8 saal ki
Par samajh anokhi
Ise hai halaat ki

Maalkin Guru ki
Thodi si shaitaan
'Chhota bomb'
Ye hai Monu ki jaan Heart

Sab ki dulari
Maa ki pyaari
Dadima ye humaari
Hai sabse nyaari

With characters that made us fall in love with them, relationships that made is believe in them, emotions that made us feel with them and a storyline that kept us glued to them, this show had all that is required to be Magical. 

Now comes one of the most important thing for a show to run successfully - acting. That's a word we rarely got to associate with the characters in this show. Be it Mohan Bhatnagar, be it Mrs.Vyas, be it Guru or be it Nanhi, we lived the charaters like the actors did. I doubt there have been as many topics on "OMG KKK is FANTASTIC !! His acting today was FLAWLESS" anywhere else ! Not only fans, even critics had to give him that. Be it 'jhalla', be it 'crime reporter', be it Nanhi's 'spiderman', be it the smitten 'Monu', he played all the roles flawlessly, beautifully. So did Akanksha Singh and Ashnoor. 

NBT was the reason I learnt to make avis and siggies. Beacuse I wanted to celebrate it, brag about it, boast about the face that I was, am, and always will be a die hard Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha fan. Waiting for the season 2 impatiently Embarrassed

Here are some of my creations on some magical moments of the show..

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Every once in a while, comes a show that has the rare combination of entertainment, good acting and that special something which sets it apart from other shows. NBT has been just such a show; inspirational, unique and quite simply the most fun that I ever got to see in my adult life. For creating such a daring, unmissable and breathtakingly original concept, I would like to say a big huge thanks to Venita Coelho, Sudhir & Seema, more so for giving viewers like us, something more than the same old formula we are offered on TV these days.

We would be indeed remiss if we did not express our gratitude to you and to the writers, costume designers, musical directors/composers, set designers, grips and all those behind the scenes who gave this show its success. Indeed, this show was unique in all aspects of its professionalism, devotion to putting forth the best show of shows and its loyalty to us, your loving and devoted fans. There are no words that truly can express how much we will miss NBT. There will be a period of withdrawal and a deep feeling of loss yet, the memories will never fade - NBT will be indelibly printed upon the minds of all its fans.

Whopping thanks to Sonal Ganatra for story screenplay and Shilpa Sharma D'Mello, Aseem Arora for screenplay. Developing a screenplay or its characters while keeping the show fast-paced and relatable is not an easy task and needs true talent plus determination.

Thanks Sonal for putting your heart and soul into this story and giving us such warm lovely and touching characters that grew on us. Your creativity offered depth & insight into metaphorisms with the dramatic episodes and laughter with the comedic ones. The characters and their various conflicts always made us wonder at their beauty, strength, fragility of life, power of love & forgiveness, the importance of friendship, possibility of change and reality of redemption. Your vision for Mohan & Megha showed us two flawed humans who had the love and perseverance to overcome all their adversities; showing that love is the way of life, but there are many types of love, and many ways to fight for that love. The innocence and honesty of Mohan-Nanhi relationship, crossing all boundaries of friendship week in and week out without getting compromised, was a wonder that only you had the capability to create for us.

Thanks to directors Amit Mallik, Shashank Bharadwaj and Maan Singh. I would say that I appreciate you!! This might seem like a small sentiment but it is the best I can do. Kudos to you, for always treating this show in as realistic and simple a way as possible, yet managing to create so many magical moments for us to fall in love with. Thanks for making us sit and have this half an hour of leisure daily, all prepared to laugh, cry, be amazed, be angry, basically go on an emotional roller coaster. Your vision is what kept this show well-grounded while making it reach new heights of beauty.

A big thanks to our master dialogue writer and lyricist Subrat Sinha. With your pen, you really gave life to this beautiful story, you are one who gave depth, wit and wisdom to the characters and their thoughts. You really made the paradox of simple, effective, real, insightful dialogues seem so perfectly natural and easy to accomplish, each time the characters voiced their thoughts or engaged in conversation. 

Full accolades to the directors of photography Ehaan Ghanim, Hrishikesh Gandhi, Abhishek Gandhi and cameraman Parag Deshmukh for awesome shots and stunning visuals that we got to enjoy throughout this show.

Our sincere gratitude to –

 Shaleen Sharma for creating the beautiful title plus appropriate, character-wise and moment-wise separate themes which made each scene and it's mood of anger, tenderness or love more instantly identifiable to us.

 Ashish Rego – for giving such a sublimely soft Background score of a spare primal beauty.

Costume Stylist Vimmi Malhotra for giving those personalized quirks/touches to the characters of Mohan and Megha that made us relate with their innate habits instantly like the neat well-tucked bun of Megha, matching  wrist-watch bands colored with her saree borders, Nanhi's super little and tiny hair clips and neat braids.

Set Designer Aparna Raina and Art Director Swapnil Keny, Raju Yadav for adopting such a prudent approach to art and sets, making the world of juna mohalla, habituated by vyas house and mohan's home, appear like most natural and practical to us.

 Reema Gupta -  For assembling such a multifaceted wonderfully talented cast of actors that took this show to awe-inspiring heights of loveliness.

Finally a big huge thanks, lots of love to the ensemble cast of actors of our love show NBT, these actors and their hard work is what made this show such a pleasurable sweet memorable 9 moths journey for us fans.

 Madhuri Sanjeev, Anjan Srivastav, Rinku Kamarkar, Kunal Karan Kapoor, Ashnoor Kaur, Neelu kohli, Aakanksha Singh, Dushyant Wagh, Vishesh Bhansal and Shivansh Kotia.

All of you so brilliantly portrayed your respective characters that they became like real people to us viewers. The range of human emotions from the ridiculously silly to the depths of despair could only be accomplished by outstanding actors like you all, May God bless your devotion to your craft always.

A special mention to Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha Singh; the chemistry that you both share  with each other definitely contributed to making the characters of Mohan and Megha unique.

A big Thanks to Dushyant Wagh, Ashnoor Kaur and Kunal Karan Kapoor for making us witness the beautiful and unique bond of Mohan - Nanhi and Guru. Apart from what was written on papers, it was inputs by you which took the script to a different level altogether.

It is unthinkable to even consider anyone else even remotely trying to breath life into these roles, the way you both have.

You both are so talented, able to portray so much emotion in one glance that some of my favorite lines are the unspoken ones between Mohan and Megha.

All of us so treasure the golden episodes of NBT that it's still weird to be writing this note of thanks. In every episode of NBT, there was always a lesson to be learned. To value a friend's trust, To protect those we love, The wisdom of knowing to forgive ourselves - no matter what the mistake is, The ability of helping - even the enemies, To help the needy,  The eternal fight between right and wrong, The nobility to recognize a mistake and try to correct it, To not create pre-judgments, The need of giving a second chance to someone, To try to take everything always in good mood and with a smile. 

This show is such a success because it has positively impacted my life and countless others. Mohan & Megha are my heroes and they have always made me smile and cry with them, so a bit disappointed in bidding farewell to them but they will be in my sweeties memories forever.

Oh hey hey, let's diffuse the sadness and nostalgia that's reigning high over us by zeroing in our focus on the silver lining that this black cloud has for us. The silver line is our beloved show is going to make its triumphant return in Janurary 2013, with the same ensemble cast, all our favourite beloved actors but in different avatars and frames.

I am already halfway to dreaming of falling in love all over again with the fresh story and characters that the NBT team has in store for us. Will it be a firebrand romance like Mohan-Megha again?? Will Megha be the one to fall in love boat with Mohan, this time around?? Will Nanhi again be their cupid in disguise of an adorable pocket-venus??

Well, to know the answers to the above questions, don't forget to board the NBT season 2 Bandwagon in Jan 2013, till then, Happy NBT-ing  :D

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Post #1 - Write up - Senpoo
                 Graphics - -Maha- and Sugi77

Post #2 - Write up - NeelimaSJ
                 Graphics - pratsy, Sugi77

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                 Graphics - Sugi77, Payal15

Post #4 - Write up - adoremevirgo, Fari-, Senpoo
                  Graphics - Payal15, -Maha-, Sid8

Post #5 - Write up - Fari-, Senpoo
                  Graphics - Sugi77, Sid8

Post #6 - Graphics - Sugi77

Post #7 - Write up - Fari-
                  Graphics - Sugi77 , pratsy

Finally the thread is up. We are really sorry, guys, for the delay. We know it was about to post on 5th october but coz of many reasons we just couldn't. We didn't get everything on time then Aashi (SunShine_A) was supposed to compile the thread but she couldn't as got busy with studies and other priorities followed by her PC breaking down and last month only she got some free time so here we areEmbarrassed. And do let me know if Aashi has done a good work or not? Is it worth the wait?

But none the less its finally upParty

Now from Aashi -

I really want to thank everyone who contributed here especially bidzie, it was her idea so she should have been volunteering throughout and trust me she did, otherwise this thread would have never made here. She was the one who coordinated among all the writers and got the write ups done and did last minute graphics changes. A big T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U to Senpoo, pratsy, Sid8 (Siddhi), Fari and Karzyriya for stepping in at the last moment and another big ThankYou to Additi, Neelima, Sugi, Payal, pratsy and Swati for helping us with write ups and Graphics.

Three Cheers for our NBTNMKKDancingDancingDancing

Edited by -Bidzie- - 01 December 2012 at 11:27am

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