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 Balika vadhu is story of Child bride anandi and her journey. Till date she went through so many problems in her life. But for the first time she is seeing light in her. this light is none other than but collectors of jaitsar.. Shivraj Shekhar. She is going to start new life.. With the new leaf in life. Finally she meets her true love'the same love she is finding in her life. She still scares to move in her life... But this phase is going to end. And she will fail in love with soon too with our collector saab


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Khushi: hey don..maine kuch plan kiya hai tere liye 

Pratz:' what plan..? Confused (ab ye kya plan karegi.)LOL

Khushi: .. maine socha hai kyu tuje thoda sa aaram diya jaye..Wink

Pratz: wow.. sound intersting... Winkmai AT jimmerdari chod sakti hu matlab Big smile

Khushi:  oye nahi.. Angryuski baat nahi kar rahi hu main.. ab se tuje NL mai jyada kaam nahi padega

Pratz:  matlab wo kaise? LOL

Khushi: simple tera ek session mai kisi aur se karvaungi.. fir tu free..Tongue

Pratz:  oye nice idea.. maine bhi socha hai sare volunteers ke ab sirf 2 section hi rahge us se jayda nahi

Khushi:   sounds good.. to think nl ke baad  nayi list publish karvyanege.Embarrassed.

Pratz.... aurr shadi ki dhamal karege.. to ab news letter introduce kareSmile

Khushi: is mai bhi koi puchne ki baat hai kar dete hai.. chal..

Pratz & khushi:Hey let us commence our monthly presentation.    Balikavadhu Times #4(pyar ki suagat Ansh ke sath.. )our newsletter.

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(By DonIsback)

Jagya logic and shiv Tragic


Jagat stop shiv and beg for anandi from shiv. He confesses his entire misdeed that he done to break engagement and all. he show him bag of his memories that anandi keep with her. And tell shiv that she still loves him. He said to him that shiv will get any girl without anandi he is dead. And he wanted her back for live. Shiv try to intervene but jagat said to him that anandi is only marrying for fulfill her dead mother wish and he said even ds wanted this.. she to understand anandi love for him.& asked not to marry you. .shiv to stunned over this and recollect all fb how anandi request to marry her..Jagat said that shiv has to say no rishta otherwise anandi is so much principal she will never break out form commitment .shiv in his room thinking over it. And restless he watch engagement video again and saw hesitation on a face.. . he though to himself that jagat is not faking this time. he is only problem in path to reuniting family, everyone will get there happiness back.. shiv pray in mandir.. shekhar family was singh house. Shiv come there and announce he wanted to say important something but he insist he don't want talk about in fort of anandi shiv refuse to marry anandi and he announce in front of singh. Everyone started to ask him reason but he takes all blame on himself. Everyone is worried looking over him

 Dividers Graphic for hi5

Na karo inkar tum hi mero pyar week.

Shiv continue refusal on marriage. Anandi to shocked on this.. She realizes that shiv is looking at jagya. She understood reason of his decision that is jagya. Everyone trying to asked shiv reason. Anandi declared its jagya. All are stunned.. Jagya to admit that he told to shiv. Annadi explain that shiv wanted to link to join his family she asked him why he didn't able to see his feelings. She tell that him that she have nothing to do with him. but shiv come like angel in her life. And she never smile at him if she have any feelings to jagya.. she said she will take decision of her own now and went away.. shiv is in guilt everyone look worried. Jagya recalled anandi words that she don't want him anymore his life. Shiv said sorry to him and goes behind anandi asking sorry.. Bharion angry to on jagya.. and disappointed what he did with shiv and worry over now will anandi accept rishta again or not. Jagat is ashamed himself. Anandi sitting under tree shiv said sorry to her.. Anandi asked him to marry someone who understands him better in anger. Shiv asked forgiveness and asked for punishment. And asked her to marry him' anandi to asked goes forward is he dint want punishment and walk away. Jagya decide to leave haveli too.ds bless other look on disappointment. Anandi walk in haveli.. Take suitcase out.. and asked shiv come with her. and then she drop all this things jagya related in water. She wanted to start relationship with him without any barrier. Shiv wears her payal. Family to witness this. Dadisa asked forgiveness from shiv. But shiv understands her situation asked her not to say sorry to him. Chotima to understand that anandi have courage and she will make shiv happy too. Anandi to make dadisa understand that she did for her welfare.. singh's are busy in Diwali preparation too anandi smiling in her room remembering her previous meeting with shiv. she match  her payal tune with his wind chime. Anandi got called form shiv. shiv asked her to come to terrace and with her happy Diwali writing happy Diwali downstairs with diya.. anandi to smile with shiv house the were all doing preparation on Diwali too same goes to Singh house too. Shekhars are worried over that sanchi is not coming for Diwali, but shiv call sanchi inform that she is coming. sanchi curse anandi that because of anandi she is not with her family.. in dadisa house.all doing pooja on there home shekhar's and singh's too. Shekhars get ready to go anandi home..shekharas arrive at haveli. And welcome by singhs.shekhars gift everyone.. sings to gifted too..anandi wishes shiv happy Diwali shiv made her remind that he wish her beofore to both remember there previous encounter. ds inquire about sanchi but shekhar's inform that she coming on bhaiduj..shiv give gift makhan too.mkhan to happy on this so as everyone too..nandu wanted to burst cracker shiv to company with his..anandi get scare during bursting crackers and cling on shiv  and they eyelock.shiv save nanud from crackers too.. ds thought shiv is trying to feel jagat gap in there family..on bhaidun a perform on ritual shyam too.sugna not done the ritual with anandi saying she is her sister now..everyone happy on this.



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Ansh ko Milan ki aaas.. shachi ki nikli bhadas


Mahi inform that sanchi is not coming and she switch of her phone to.. Everyone are worried and angry her too. Shiv called and sanchi refuse to coming. Anandi help tow boys to clean up. Sanchi saw her and feel disgust. Shiv called her again. And then talking with him on phone she enters in CH. Everyone shocked yet happy to see her. Sanchi meet everyone and then she badmouth about anandi in front of shiv. Shiv feels hurt. Sanchi think that anandi is backward name.ira try to make her understand but she don't want to. Anandi and shiv both going to viist in hospital to giving kids gift and sweets. Anandi inquire about sanchi shiv informed her about her not liking for anandi from sanchi side. Anandi tease shiv about he like someone when sanchi show him girl photograph. Shi said yes tease her to and compliment her too anandi look away blushing. sanchi refuse to go to badi haveli. Shiv said if she don't want come she can go back to hostel but she agree to come with them. In badi haveli, Ira introduce sanchi to ds.. ds announce that till ekadashi ananid and shiv cant meet each other shiv disappointed. Sanchi try to interrogate anandi trying to make her look silly in front of ther. Anandi little uncomfortable but answer politely. Shiv meet anandi and challenge her that, he will meet her before wedding. Villagers come and mistakenly called her bindani sa.. Asked sweet pass to jagya.. sanchi asked who is jagdish. Sanchi inquire about jagdish but ira explain that he is pota of dadisa. Ds give gift sanchi which she don't like it but she accept it anyway. Mahi teas shiv about not meeting annadi and how much he wanted to meet her.. cm to amused on this. When anandi called and talking with ira.. Sanchi rudely shouted form back that she don't like gift anandi feel sad on this. shiv and anandi talk.. Anandi tell me that she is going temple shiv to goes temple asked instead of mahi he will drop them.  Ds caught shiv when he meet anandi and she scold him jokingly..Sanchi to there too she blame anandi for this. Choti ma and sanchi come towards jeep and see shiv is very happy. Cm again try to maker her understand that reason of shiv happiness its anandi. Ira asked anandi to visit there house but ds asked them not to let shiv anandi meet. Ira agrees. Anandi brought halwa form everyone asked to give shiv to.. shiv is looking at anandi hiding behind curtain. Sanchi misbehave with anandi in front of everyone and walk away, shiv too witness this and very upset on sanchi behavior. Anandi asked everyone not to shout on anandi... she will accept her eventually. Before leaving anandi and shiv talk to each other. shiv was hiding behind curtain so she is not able to see his face. Anandi is proud at shiv that he fulfills ds promise. Shiv proud the way anandi handled situation. Anandi tell him that she trust him and trust in foundation of there relationship.       Shiv express to his family about sanchi behavior or he will talk to her.. ira and cm ensure him that they will handled this matter. Dadu decide to talk this matter with her along with anandi divorcee status . in badi havely shown haldi preparations. Here in shiv house everyone revealed past about anandi to sanchi. And explain about mass wedding ceremony too.. sanchi is shocked and angry on this. she said that anandi is not match with her.. but shiv come exact time and tell her that she is match to him and they suited for each other which is enough. Sanchi badmouth about anandi. But shiv said if she have problem with anandi so it's her problem she have to deal with it, But he cannot tolerate anything against her. Sanchi declared that she too marry some divorcee too. Family shocked to here this.


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Ghante ki bidai shubgadi aayi

Shiv said that if she wanted to marry the she will be to  but he need to enough worthy for sanchi plus his past should not affected him at any cost and need to be adarsh too. sanchi accuse him saying that anandi is more important to him and run away. In her room she blames anandi for everything. khajan to come everyone happy to see him.  Sumitra come back same day on haldi she apply haldi on anandi everyone happy. Ds jock on that everyone is waiting on line as they taking to much time. Everyone laugh. Haldi celebration to going on shiv place & everyone dancing happily. Simultaneously haldi function happening on anandi place too..  in ch police inspector enter with cbi member and arrest shiv. Anandi place someone informed about shiv arrest. Anandi decide to goes to shiv. Police inform him about changing budget amount shiv wonder about it.. anandi goes to meet shiv.. everyone worried outside. Sanchi blurt out before that anandi will come anytime to break rishta. Anandi come to see shiv and support him. But shiv look worried because of him she has to go this hardship. But anandi explain him that they already bond in relationship and she is with him and trust him too and will do anything to coming out this mess. Anandi asked shiv if he suspect anyone too. cm become emotional on support anandi giving to shiv and understand why anandi only for shiv. She give accusing glance at sanchi too. anandi is about to make called to cm . bheem Singh informed about fax that he send to them about suspension of shiv. Media is arrived at place and anandi decide to give statement. Outside het singh is blaming shiv all for this. but anandi come out and give him answer and state that shiv will be proven to innocent and real culprit will caught soon.  Jagdish is sitting on some chai stall watch this news flash on there. . in Singh house anandi is leaving  to meet shiv. Gehna asked her to take tea form him.a is shown praying before she leaves .Shiv and anandi thinking how come plan change. Jagdish come and confess his crime.. he asked forgiveness form shiv too. shiv and anandi both forgive him to his family to forgive him. Police take him away. Everyone happy over this. bheem Singh even give letter chief minister that state it that he is confident that he will proven as innocent. And his post has been reinstated. Family gets back to wedding preparations. Ds and sumi talk about jagya and thought jagya sorrow will end to but its time of anandi happiness. Anandi come and notice tear in ds eyes. Anandi shown asking woman about her daughter but she replied that her daughter is widow so she can't participant in wedding. Shiv comes to badi haveli to meet anandi. Ds understand his reason of coming.. and finally asked anandi to see shiv off at the door. Anandi drop shiv at the door and tell him that non participation of widow in wedding.  Shiv said they will give them this chance again. Getting mehandi done for the widowed girls.. but anandi though ist must be hurt elder villagers but shiv show confidence on anandi. Shiv gets in to jeep and asked anandi they should leave right away to do this job. Anandi happily join him.



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Khushiyoki sougat ansh ke sath.


Anandi reach to house of child widow. Anandi invited them on mehandi who are not permitted to put mehandi. Anandi stated that this not there faults. She will only put mehandi after that. In haveli all busy with preparation. Anandi comes too. ds asked her where take so time as she just asked to drop to shiv on door only.  Anandi told her that they both gone to  invited widow to put mehnadi on there palms. Ds shocked and said nobody will come. Anandi is upset. Sanchi to show her unhappiness for inviting widows and divorcees & call it tamasha.. Sumi and bharion talk and she show gift that badi masi send for shiv anandi. Lockets for both of them. Sumi told bharion after completing his punishment they should welcome jagya in there hom. Bharion agree to ..ds too happy on this. Mehandi come form shekhars. Anandi wait for while for widow. They all come too and applied mehandi on there palm sanchi put mehandi on shiv hand with puffed face. Ira asked her to put mehandi but she refuse but she agree on to somehow on shiv antics. . All happy anandi request ds to put mehandi on her palm she refuse first but agree anyway. Shiv asked choti ma mehnadi applied on her hands .she said its difference in her and other widows as they are so young but she is not but shiv managed her to make agree on this. Shiv bring chotima back to ladies and asked them applied mehandi on her hands.. Chotima emotional yet happy on this. Anandi asked ds to put mehandi on her hands. Ds shocked and refuse. But for her wish she agree for this too.. she goes to her and said applied mehandi on may palm too. Anandi asked lady to put om on ds palm. Anandi hug ds and ds to crying. Shiv get ashima called. Ashima said that she is not attending his wedding and make excuse of that her passport is missing. Shiv called anandi and inform her that ashima is not coming. Anandi teas him about it. As this is only reason but shiv said that ashima will remain his best friend nothing else.  After talking to him anandi said she will wash her mehandi as mehandi color is on. Anandi called ashima and tell her that is her prank that she is India and will surprise her. But ashima declaim saying her cousin is coming to.. Otherwise she surely comes. Anandi said without passport.. Ashima replied that her passport to lost but she will come after she get her passport and she wanted to see anandi in her bridal dress. Anandi agree too. Everyone happy and waiting for groom . Shiv arrive in sangeet with his family.. Everyone greeted him.  All ladies teas him and play prank of him.. Showing gully at anandi place. Sanchi shout that they are making fun of her brother. But shiv family handled situation peacefully. Shiv watching here and there to get glimpse of anandi. They play game to husband should identify his wife by holding hand. And they would be blindfold too. alok , basant, bharion madan singh all fail to identify there wives. At last shiv come and he walk across the women and finally identified anandi hand. Everyone surprised and appreciated shiv. Singh perform dance and sing song for anandi. Everyone become emotional with the song.


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(By  piya_anshian)

During Sangeet Singhs performed on a song sung by them in which they showed their love for their daughter Anandi. I nearly cried watching all of them showering so much love on her. The pain of parents whose daughter will leave them in some days was visible on their face. Hence making it the most emotional beautiful scene Ouch Cry

(By  piya_anshian)

When DS gifts Daddu a bouquet as Diwali gift hence making him taste his own medicine. Daddu's sheepish look was hilarious! LOL LOL 

(By  piya_anshian)

 The sangeet celebrations, when all couples played a sort of rasam in which Hubby had to recognize his wife by only touching wife's hands. Our Collector Saab already had done a lot of practice of holding Anandi jee hands and as we thought he ( only one ! ) recognized his Anandi jee and then the eye lock... Day Dreaming 

(By  payalibm)

when shiv said to anandi to leave him and not to marry...
what a sad scene and painfull moment..a man who wants to give hapiness to his love and he cant and when he is almost on the doorstep of that hapiness its been snatched away from him when he is no where at fault...indeed a sadest scene

(By nniks  )

Ever seen a blooper free month.Well tge CVs hav not failed us again...The biggest blooper of Nov month was Shiv's arrest for railways tender tampering. Tht too on the haldi day shattering our shirtless dreams ;-)
Well If we remember correctly the gr8 Jaggu dada had tampered the pdf file containing the railways tender. Bheem singh sent it without verifying.
Anyways all was well till the Haldi day wen Shivji was suddenly arrested without any notification or enquiry:-D
Cvs need drama n for that they can bypass the normal govt procedures too.Why waste time over an enquiry seedhe arrest hi ker lo...I wish our legal system was so prompt in arresting the really corrupt mantries;-)
A collector got arrested on the basis of soft copy whereas the correct hard copy was not even checked and it was lying conveniently in office to be found out by the sarpanch;-)
Looking at the brighter side we got the cheeks touch scene which left many hearts including mine fluttering. 

(By  Malika)

The best dialogue of the month has to be undoubtedly Anandi's one of the first open reciprocation of Shiv's love.
"Collector sahab, Aapne mujhe lagaav ka woh roop dikhaya jo maine jeevan mein kabhi nahin dekha" - 
said by Anandi on 5 november 2012

Anandi's feelings in my words:

Socha tha nazron se kar denge bayaan

Ehsaas Jinhein na kah payi ye jhuban

Par humein thi ye itella kahan

Na dekh payenge woh hum mein apne hi nishan

(By  AnjanaYYZ)

Sach Sanchi ko ayaa nahi raz

Woh hogagee bahoot naraaz
Yeh Shaadi hai ya koi circus?
Par Shiv usse boladiya - BASS!
Please stop your silly bakwass
Aab woh nahi paata hass

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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

What a beautiful month. An End of an Era for Anandi and a beautiful start of a beautiful future-Filled with Hopes and Desires. 

Anandi and Shiv, both who complete each other in every way. Their journey towards each other was shown in a perfect manner this month that I do not have a best episode for you.
But I have to get you one episode so I am going to choose the Mehendi sequence.

The reason behind this is that , despite the joyful moment, Anandi stuck to her roots-her cause. She did not forget that she was once amongst those downtrodden women who had no hope towards any future. She invited the widows, divorcees and other women who had been shunned by the society to the most auspicious and happy event of her life.

Not only did she succeed but she also as a last good deed managed to get Dadisa to put mehendi on her and on herself. 

A long way for Dadisa truly. 

To add to the beauty shiv followed the suit by asking his chotima to put mehendi on herself.

For me this brought out tears. What a perfect couple. What a perfect life they will lead together :) :)

THE BEST EPISODE of this month (November) 

 November 29th. 2012

Here is the moment.. 


(By khusi_* )

Ansh's invitation for mehendi, saanchi's same ranting, bhiron sumi's talk of to give jagiya a 2nd chance'.and with no high points 26th nov is the filler episode of the month.

(By  khusi_*)

Ratings of the month...

Jagdeesh's begging,

Shiv's one sided decision,

Family's confusion,

Anandi's final decision,

Hurried finish of railway forgery with Jagdeesh's confession,

With Beginning of AnSh marriage rituals...

This month's rating is 3.5Star out of 5Star

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(By  dixie123)

Anandi Singh (Mrs.Shivraj Shekhar-To-Be Blushing)

Post-sagai Anandi has been shown to be getting mentally prepared to let go off her past and accept her new relation with Shiv whole heartily. This month she proved to her family also that she has indeed moved on and has no ties or attachment towards her ex. All that seva and concern that she showed previously towards her ex was purely from a humanitarian POV. She didn't go back to having any insecurity like she felt in the past even when Sanchi taunted her for being a village girl.
She was a pillar of strength for Shiv when he was put in jail. She stood by him and didn't unnerve even when he wanted her to reconsider their marriage.
With her love she was able to change DS's perspective towards some of the age old superstitions.On her Mehendi day she wanted to spread and give happiness to all the unlucky widowed and divorced girls by involving them in her ceremony. She stuck true to her character, her happiness truly lied in making others happy


(By  monamie111) 

Shiv can identify Anandi with closed eyes Day Dreaming

(By payalibm)


she look really beautiful in her mehandi look.


(By  surabhi01)

scared feeling encourages human to distribute happiness for change in society .this not only give self satisfaction but it also become identity of that person.

28th nov 2012

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(By Donisback)

The winner siggy is

By khusi_*

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  Donisback)

The winner avis is...

(By  AreYaar)

AND here is the prize of the winner

(By  vedo)

The Winner Anandi Realization of love by raksha by Tweetie19

Direct Link:

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  surabhi01)

Name of winner topic - anandi a snatcher  !

Name of topic maker -Ankit111

Time of posting topic- 9.02am means in morningi

date of posting this topic 08 nov 2012

this topic has get 99 likes and run till  pages

and here is the prize


(By  Vedo)

The winner is Beneath the Stars (os) by adi2512

AND here is the prize

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(By  payalibm) 

Bakra of the month

lolzzz...he thought anandi is still his but she made a fool of him and went to shiv...

FunCare of the Month 


when eva he was shown he did nothign but tease shiv...highest was about ghungat incident when ladies asked shiv to open teh ghungat of anandi if shiv wants to take anandi with him to  sangeet cermony...lolzzz...dareya maat bhiyayaa...yaa wou walaa ghungat nahe hai sangeet  wallaa hai ... Blushing ROFL

Glycerin of the Month 


 whenever she gets time to think she goes and convert into her ladesur mod and tearsss...

Band Baja Barati


anandi - when he said no to anandi...lolzzz.evry one complitely lost it how can he say so and whenanandi came to knwo the resun she was shellshokedd

Khatra of the Month


there is nuthing like khatra of the i cant...yep pighead walla but tht wasnt khatra we knew nothing such happen or gr8 khatraa... so 
pata nahee nothing like tht..but if oyu want to put some thing then u can have sanchee as khatra of the month 

bringing trouble for anandi at evry step and moght creat triuble in both familiesAngry

Murga of the Month


Murgay nai subh sham baanddd lagyeee(ANANDI MERE)

Jagoo sary mohan pyaaray ...(anandi mere) aur jor sai banndh lagyee

Subh kee sham hou gayeee...Aur sham kee raat...

Koe nahe jagaaa...saray mohan pyaray soai rahayy...

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Let Me introduce to our Newsletter Team of Balikavadhu Forum

summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- DonIsback(back up-piya_anshian)
Best episode of the month-Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-khusi_*(back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_*(back up -pari117)
Emotional scene of the month-piya_anshian(Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-piya_anshian(back up-DonIsback)
Romantic scene of the month-piya_anshian(back up-DonIsback)

Saddest scene of the month-payalibm(back up -malika)
Blooper of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-AnjanaYYZ(back up-DonIsback)
Best Character of the month-dixie123(back up-DonIsback)
Picture of the month-monamie111(back up -vedo)
Best costume of the month-payalibm(back up monamie111)
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up monamie111)
Avi of  the month-liv2laugh(back up monamie111)
VM of the month-vedo(back up monamie111)
Most active thread of the month-surabhi01(back up monamie111)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up -nya_ansari)

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Vedo(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-payalibm(back up-donisback)


Main siggy- khusi_*

Winner siggies- vedo

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Help in categories and NL- DonIsback

Special thanks - BV Times Team 


Me and Khushi along with our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by me and khushi. Please drop to give your opinion and participate in Nl activates as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


******Announcement for BalikaVadhu Times*******

 You all have to send buddy request for balikavadhu times for anshbalikavadhu id account

 From this month all entries must to reach this account (anshbalikavadhu)till 30/31 end of the month of midnight. 12.00 IST

Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteer sheep  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* or donIsback orbanshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..

The NL is finally done. All are free to comment on NL. Appreciation or anything will be accepted by us. Right now, we have team with us. So we don't need help for NL but you can posted your suggestion to us.. We will arrange sing up sheet if we required any addition in NL. but till then we are happy with currently team now. Thanking you all and enjoy this moth of NL of second News letter.

Note: we are going to arrange sign up sheet soon... so all get ready for changes.. some will surely loss there session.. too so get ready for that..  backup and volunteer only allowed two back up and two session same time not more then tha.. so we will give extra session someone else this time.. so be ready for sign up sheet. 
Khushi & pratiksha..

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Author: Teeya   Replies: 1   Views: 978

Teeya 1 978 30 October 2011 at 8:08pm by sreevask
dolly bindra in balikavadhu

Author: anshansh   Replies: 0   Views: 1222

anshansh 0 1222 07 October 2011 at 10:57am by anshansh
BalikaVadhu goes International Part 3...

Author: AkkiLuvsCOLORS   Replies: 5   Views: 3308

AkkiLuvsCOLORS 5 3308 22 July 2011 at 11:49pm by AkkiLuvsCOLORS

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