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VIRMAN ff*my love is not a LIE*NW UPDATE*LAST PART (Page 111)

deepika03 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
hey i did read the note at the end...my name is deepika n my bday is on 21 july...really hope u give us a happy surprise...as too much tragedy makes it boring after a while...dnt mind im jst giving an honest opinion Smile

LV88 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
awesome update...
loved it to the core..
plz continue soon.
Laviza- 06august 
SweetAngels96 Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Nooo virman separation!! Awww!! Hope karan unites thm fast

name: Sofia
date: 19th Feb 1996
_Virman_ Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
WOW love the twist 
Manvi is  a sweetie pie
I love karans other side too
And omg karan and nishu will love that
update soon and thanks for the pm

virman-fan Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
awesome update
oh fell sorry 4 virman
but sure nishu n karan make a team

hi i m divya
n my dob is 23/6

-Sweety- Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Lovely update dear  Wink
continue soon

Name, shonna shah
Birthday , 6 October

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Bhabani90 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 January 2013 at 6:01am | IP Logged
It was just awsum..

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shilpa09 IF-Dazzler

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Part 20

Karan takes both nishi and manvi back to home….

In living room….

Karan saw nishi coming out from Manvi's room….

Karan:- Nishu….. Manvi so gayi kya???

(Nishu….. did manvi sleep??)

Nishi:- haan so gayi….. bohot samjhane par so gayi woh….

               By the way Karan… I want to thank u….

Karan:- for what???

Nishi:- tum jis tarah manvi ka khayal rakhte ho…. I mean uske liye…..

(the way u take care of manvi… I mean u r doing so much for her….)

Karan smile looking at nishi and cuts her sentence in middle….

Karan:-  woh meri best friend hai…. Aur aab woh meri bhabhi bhi hai…..toh mein use dukhi kaise dekh sakta hoon….

(She is my best friend and now she is my bhabhi as well. How can I let her be sad…)

Nishi:- Karan tum kuch bhi karo magar un dono ko kabhi aalag mat hone dena… please!!!

(Karan do whatever u want but never let them get separate…. Please!!)

Karan:- I promise mein unhe ek kar ke rahunga….

                Kya tum mera saath dogi???

(I promise I'll bring them together again…. will u help me???)

Karan moves his hand forward…. Nishi smiled and gave her hand in his….

Nishi:- hmm… (Nodding)

As he holds her hand an unknown gush of cold shivers ran throughout his body. He wished to hold her like this forever…. He always felt kind of attraction towards her but always shrugged those feelings thinking of it would be like his every other fling. But today as he touched her he sensed the feelings which were very new to him. He wanted to engulf those feelings in him for forever…

 They both were lost in each other's eyes holding hands.…. just then a cold breeze entered from slits of window which made nishi flinch, bringing her back from his trance…. But Karan was still in other world….

Nishi:- Karan… (Trying to get her hand back from his hold)

Karan:- hmm…

Nishi:- mera haath….

(my hand….)

Karan:- toh uska kya karu???

(what should I do of it??)

Nishi:- chodo…!!!

(leave it…)

Karan suddenly pulled her near him…. surrounding his arm on her waist. Nishi was shocked with his sudden gesture. She looked at him with her wide open eyes…. Her heart was beating so fast that she closed her eyes tightly shivering…

Karan:- nahi choda toh?? (In husky voice…)

(if I don't leave it?!!)

She opened her eyes and saw Karan who was giving evil smile looking at her state….

Nishi:-  toh mein tumhari tange tod dungi!!!!

(then I'll break ur leg!!)

And she stamped her pencil heels sandal on his foot making him jump in pain….

Karan:- nishuuu… dard ho raha hai…. Shayad tumne sach mein meri tang tod di….

(nishuuu…. Its paining….. I think u have really broke my leg!!)

And he fell down flinching…. Crying in pain…. Holding his leg (foot)

Nishi was enjoying seeing him jumping like a kid but that smile got vanished as soon as she saw him falling down on floor. She got sick worried…. She moved near him and helped him sit on couch. she kneeled before him and tried looking his foot...

Nishi:- don't worry Karan….abhi davai laga deti hoon…

(don't worry karan…. I'll apply medicine on it now….)

Karan:- nishu bohot dard ho raha hai….. I think I'll die due to this pain…..

(nishu its paining heavily… I think I'll die due to this pain….)

Nishi:- (with wet eyes)I m sorry Karan… pata nahi tha ki meri sandal tumhe itni zor se lagegi…. I m really very sorry….!!!

(I m sorry Karan… I didn't knew my sandal would have hurt u so much…. I m really very sorry..!!!)

And she started looking for medicine tube in drawers. She felt really guilty for hurting him.

Suddenly Karan started laughing loud looking at Nishi.

Karan:- kaise ullu banaya…. Hehehe….

(I fooled u… hehehe…)

Karan started laughing loudly….Nishi saw him angrily…

Nishi:- stop it Karan!!!! Tumhe pata hai mein kitna dar gayi thi…

(Stop it Karan!!!! u know how scared I was!!)

Karan saw a tear falling down from her eye….he felt a ting of pain in his heart watching her cry.  He moved near her… but she pushed him back..

Nishi:- nahi…. mere paas mat aana…. Tumhe yeh sab mazak lag raha hai na…. pata hai meri kya halat hui thi…

(No…. don't u dare come near me….. u find it really amusing na…. But did u know what I was going through that time…)

Karan:- (making baby face holding ears)sorry… I was just kidding yaar….

And he walked near her again and pulled her in hug but she struggled in his arm beating him on his chest…. Crying….

Karan:- u idiot…. I will really kill u…if u do this again…

Karan tightened his arm around her… after a while she stopped struggling and hugged him back with same passion ….

Karan:- I m sorry Nishu…..  

                K….u can kill me as many time u want all life….

Nishi moved back from his hug hearing him. An awkward silence filled in atmosphere…. They both avoided looking at each other… nishi was turning red ….. She tried hiding those red cheeks from Karan…. but it got noticed by him...!!! Karan smiled

Karan:-take care… good night!!

And he walked towards door….

He suddenly stopped and turned around…. Nishi smiled looking at him….

Karan:- nishu yaha toh aana….

(nishu… come here…)

Nishi: - (waking towards him) kya hua???

(What happen??)

Karan moved near her….

Karan:- wahan dekho…. (Pointing at her left side)

(See there…)

She moved her face looking at the direction he was pointing….next moment she felt his lips on her cheek…. He kissed her….

Karan: - bye!!!  (Whispering near her ear)

Nishi stood at same place with wide open mouth…. She was still in state of shock… Karan saw her reaction and smiled…..and drove his car back to his house…..

Karan:- Karan tu toh gaya kaam se….

                Oh god!!!! I love her…..!!!!

Meanwhile nishi slowly walked in kitchen and started gulping water ….

Nishi:- Karan…. ne mujhe kiss…. (Caressing her cheek)

              Nishu…tu toh gayi kaam se…. I think u r falling for that idiot!!!!!


Next day morning…. Karan reached vadhera mansion to meet Virat early in morning before he leaves for office…. He saw Virat was about to leave… he came near Virat smiling. Virat tried giving a smile hiding every pain in his heart….but he failed doing so…

Karan:- already leaving for office???

Virat:- hmm….

Karan:- so what did u think of doing next???

Virat:- I m going to attend a conference…then I have….

Karan stopped him cutting his sentence in middle….

Karan:- I m talking about manvi….

Virat:- I haven't thought about it yet….

Virat tried making Karan believe him but his puffy eyes told all the truth Karan wanted to know….

Karan:- u know I m really happy to be a spectator of such a great love story….. Where both lovers r trying to do everything they could to keep other happy….but those duffers don't know that their happiness is in being with each other not by getting separate….

Virat:- no Karan…. they r not separated from each other….

              They still have each other's heart with them!!!!!

Karan: - Virat kyu tum manvi ko wapas nahi le aa rahe ho???... do u believe whatever she said yesterday??

(virat why don't u bring her back??? Did u believe whatever she said yesterday?)

Virat :- nahi… mujhe pata hai ki woh jhoot bol rahi thi… magar mein use wapas nahi la sakta kyuki mein use aur dard nahi dena chahta…..

               Mein jab bhi uske paas gaya….uski life aur mushkil ban gayi. Aab mein usse aur taqleef mein nahi dekh sakta…. So I m letting her go…..

(no….. I know she was lying, but I won't bring her back here because I don't want to give her more pain. Whenever I went near her, I added miseries in her life. I can't see her getting more hurt because of me. So I m letting her go….)

Karan:- kya tumhe taqleef nahi hoti, uss se door hokar???

Virat:- bohot hota hai… but the pain she goes through when she is with me….. is way more than mine….

Virat just smiled and handed a bag to Karan….

Virat:- can u do me a favor…. Please yeh manvi ko de aana…..

(can u do me a favor….. please give it to manvi….)

Karan:- kya hai isme???

(what's there in it??)

Virat:- some important things she will need from today onwards….

Karan:- don't worry I'll go and give her right now…. Bye!!!!

Virat:- bye!!!!


At Nishi's house….

Karan stormed in kitchen as he saw nishi making tea….

Karan:- mere liye bhi ek cup bana dena!!!

(make one cup of tea for me as well…)

Nishi looked up getting surprised to see Karan so early at her house….

Nishi:- tum itni subah yahan kya kar rahe ho???

(what r u doing here so early in the morning???)

Karan:- tumhari haath ki chai pini thi… toh chala aya….

(I wanted to have a cup of tea made by u….)

Nishi:- (raising brows) oh really!!!!…. (not believing his words)

Karan:- actually manvi ke liye kuch leke aya hoon…. uske patidev ne bheja hai….

(Actually I have brought a parcel for manvi….. her hubby has sent for her...)

Nishi:- (getting excited) kya diya hai virat ne???

(What did he give her???)

Karan:-we shouldn't see any other's gift…. It's illegal..

Nishi:- then let me do this crime….

And she snatched the bag from Karan…as she peed in bag her eyes sparkled with happiness…

Karan:- (noticing her every expression) I know it's really sweet of him to send that but it's also one tradition so why r u getting so excited over it….

Nishi:- u guys r really unromantic….

Karan:- oh really…. Then why were u blushing yesterday when I ……

Nishi:- I think I should give this to manvi….

And she walked out of kitchen towards Manvi's room hiding her blushing face from Karan.


Nishi knocked on door and entered in….

Nishi:- manvi…. yeh tumhare liye… kisine bheja hai…

(manvi this is for u…. someone has sent it for u!!)

Manvi looked at the bag questioningly..  She took it from nishi and opened it….

Her eyes got wet seeing those things.

Manvi:- Virat ne bheja hai na….

(virat send it na????)

Nishi:- haan….

It was a sindoor box filled with red sindoor and a saree…. Manvi started caressing them getting emotional with wet eyes….

Nishi left her alone for some time and moved back to kitchen….

Nishi:- Karan…. tum kisi kaam ke nahi ho…. Tumne mujhe promise kiya that ki tum unhe paas laoge magar tum toh bas yahan biscuit kha rahe ho…

(Karan u know u r useless….. u told me that u will bring them together but instead of doing that u r here eating biscuits…)

Karan stopped eating and looked at worried nishi…

Karan:- kya hua???

(what happen??)

Nishi:- mein manvi ko aise aur nahi dekh sakti….. hamesha hasne wali manvi aaj mushkil se hass pa rahi hai…. Please do something now or else I'll pour this tea on u….

(I can't see manvi like this anymore. She always used to smile  but now she barely smirk. Please do something now or else I'll pour this tea on u…. )

Karan:- k wait Jhansi ki rani….. Let me think….

Karan thought for a minute and suddenly he jumped giggling….

Karan:- Nishu….. Idea mil gaya….

Before nishi could enquire more Karan dialed Virat's number….

Karan:- hello Virat…. Tum jaldi Nishu ke ghar aa jao… manvi bohot bimar hai…. Bas tumhe yaad kar rahi hai….

(Hello Virat… please come to Nishu's house immediately. Manvi is having fever and she keeps on mumbling Ur name in sleep…)

Virat:- (getting damn worried) kya!!!! Ruko mein abhi aata hoon….

(WHAT!!!  wait I'll be there in few minutes…)

Karan disconnect the phone and looked at nishi winking….

Karan:- so how was my plan???

Nishi:- good.. But next idea will be mine…. just wait and watch….

Nishi moved towards Manvi's room. Karan followed her and peed in to see her plan…

Nishi:- manvi… I think u should wear it now…. It's a tradition. New Bride has to wear new clothes and apply sindoor given by her husband's family…. So go get ready…

Manvi:- but Nishu… I don't want to…

Nishu:- no any excuse…. Just go and do as I say…

And she pushed manvi towards changing room…..

She comes out closing the door back ….

Nishi:- (looking at Karan winking) so now tell me… how was my plan…huh??

Karan:- (smiling) good… but incomplete without mine…

Nishi's expression  got serious after a moment….

Nishi:- Karan I want to ask u something….

Karan:- what???

Nishi:- why did u kiss me last night?

Karan stood silent for a second...thinking… he took a deep breath and was about to tell her when  car tyres scratching sound came from outside. They looked towards door. Virat came running inside…

Virat:- (panicking) manvi kaisi hai?? Use zyada bukhar toh nahi hai na???... usse doctor ko dikhaya???

(How is manvi now??? is she having high fever??? Did u call doctor??)

Virat went on shooting number of questions on those poor souls…. Karan shrugged virat holding his arms…

Karan:- stop it yaar… just breath a little. If u r so worried then go in and see her….

Virat hesitated first to move towards her room but thinking of her health he couldn't hold himself back anymore and he stormed in …

He moved his eyes all over the room… she was no where to be seen…. Nishi and Karan slowly pulled the door closing it slowly without getting it to Virat's notice….

He was about to turn back to get out of room when manvi came out of changing room holding a half worn saree around her looking at it…

Manvi:- Nishu I m not able to make saree plates… please help me na…

Virat's jaw dropped down seeing manvi struggling with half wore saree….. Her upper part was covered with saree but her waist was exposed…… she had a perfect figure for a saree.

Manvi felt a weird silence in the room…. She slowly lifted her eyes up to see two hazel eyes staring at her…. the saree she was holding slipped down from her hand…… Virat still didn't move his eyes from her. Manvi turned around back facing him…. he moved near her and turned her around holding her arm…. Her eyes were closed tightly and her chest was heaving up and down due to heavy breathing. She clutched saree tightly pressing on chest…. Virat took her loosened saree and started making saree plates. But he didn't even move his eyes once from her face. He completed making saree plates and moved his hand on her waistband to tuck those saree plates inside. But as he touched her there….he felt her body getting stiff… she snapped open her eyes to see him admiring her. He held her hand and gave those bundle of saree plates and signaled her to tuck it in… she did it without breaking their eye lock.

Finally she was ready in the saree given by him. He held hand and made her sit in front of dressing table. He kneeled down on his knees and made her wear bangles. Manvi continuously kept admiring her husband. She decided to forget everything and everyone for the time he is with her here. He saw the mangalsutra kept on table… he picked and moved near her, tying around her neck leaning on her. She felt his hot breathes lingering on her neck. She gasped. Virat noticed her every changing expression, but he tried his best to control his desires. He took pinch of sindoor and adorned her partition… by applying it.

Manvi was getting weaker by his love filled touch on her. Tears came down rolling down her eyes. He made her stand up in front of him. He saw wet tears on her cheek. He kissed them trying to ease her pain. She moved her hands on his back pulling him closer on her. He moved his lips towards crook of her neck placing feathery kisses. Manvi tilt her head giving him more excess on swan like neck of her. They both were out of senses… manvi clutched his shirt tightly in her fist… trying to control her moans escaping out of her lips…

Manvi:- Virat…

Manvi gasped when she felt a love bite on her neck….

Virat stopped right at that moment and groaned no. they were again on verge to commit another mistake which may lead them to lifelong regret. He stopped himself as he did not want to take advantage of her emotional state. Today he could have marked her as his…but he wanted her as Virat Vadhera's wife not as Virat Vadhera's girl. He moved back slowly from her.

Virat:- manvi… (Whispering) I m sorry…..

Manvi saw his expressions changing. He turned and walk out from room…

Manvi was still on the same place standing numb with expressionless face. She moved her hand on her heart and clutched it tightly. Tears were now started blurring her vision as pain inside her became unbearable. The more she came near him it broke her heart in more pieces….. She wanted to stay intact on her words but living here around Virat was never possible. She moved near her already packed bag and took her remaining things from room and most importantly sindoor box and packed it all together.


Meanwhile in living room Karan saw Virat storming out like the way he went in. karan stopped him….

Karan: - Virat….. What happen? Did u talk with manvi?

Virat turned around and glared at Karan angrily.

Virat: - (pointing finger) don't u ever do this again….

Karan: - I just wanted to help u both…

Virat: - please Karan if u want to help us then from now on don't ever try to bring us in front of each other. That will be a great help for both of us…..from u….

Just then manvi stormed out with a bag in her hand…

Manvi:- Karan can u drop me to bus stand. I m leaving for Delhi now!!!

Nishi:- WHAT!!!! Why r u leaving for Delhi all of sudden??...

Manvi:- I m going to live with my papa. And anyway I don't have any more reason or job to stay here in Shimla… so I m leaving….. (Looking at Virat)

Virat stood there looking at her helplessly. He wanted to stop her so desperately but he was binded by his duties towards his family and moreover by his heart…..

Karan saw them both staring at each other speaking through their eyes.

Nishi:- (in low voice) Karan kuch karo….. jaldi…. It's our last chance….. If u don't do anything right now then I will really kill u…. she won't come back if she leaves now…

(Karan just do something…fast… its our last chance… if  u don't do anything right now then I will really kill u…. she won't come back if she leaves now…)

Karan was not able to think anything properly due to Nishu's continues blabber.

Manvi broke their eye lock and slowly started walking towards main door taking heavy steps... Suddenly Karan screamed….

Karan:- WAIT!!!!! I m getting married!!!!

All of them looked at Karan with wide shocked eyes.

Nishi:- (thinking) yeh ullu kya bak raha hai….

(what is this idiot saying??!!)

Karan:- yes I m getting married…. Manvi how can u leave now???

Everyone looked at him, confused….

Virat:- (crossing his hands) can I know who is ur bride???

Manvi:- yes Karan…. who is she?? (Smiling)

Now Karan was in big problem. He thought of a marriage idea but he forgot to think about bride. He started looking here and there biting nail and then his eyes fell on nishi who was watching him with her eyebrows raised…

Karan:- Nishu se….. WE BOTH R GETTING MARRIED!!!!!ShockedLOL


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