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#1 ARSHI *The matchmaker (ch15/p138) (Page 9)

russelskhushi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
wow...interisting start...

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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After 3 years

A winter morning Khushi free herself from Aarav embrace she kissed his forehead and step out of bed ," oh GOD i am late " she ran to washroom and quickly freshen up ,"Aarav get up baby" she tickled him who was fast asleep , he didnot moved ,"baby we are late " she picked him up and walk to washroom she pat his face

Aarav" mama nahi jana " she put brush in his mouth

Khushi "brush your teeth and come out"

Aarav "mama "

Khushi " baby bus will arrive in 10 mins make it fast " she her self help him changing .

Khushi  "Aarav finish this " she ran with glass of milk behind him

Aarav" no mama i am full"he ran out of the house 

Khushi" Aarav  let me fix your tie , look at your collar "

Aarav" no way mama i know you will force me to drink milk " he ran out , he was running looking back  

 "watch out"  a guy shouted 

Khushi" Aarav wait a min"  bang with some one  she was trying to catch Aarav as he was hiding behind that guy 

Aarav "uncle save me " he was warping his arm around Arnav legs 

Khushi "uncle move away ,i will not leave him today" she without looking at the guy try to grab Aarav, holding Arnav shirt in her fist 

Arnav" what the " he grab her from her shoulder "do i look like an uncle?"

Khushi look at him she forget to blink her eyes ..

Aaarav " bye bye mama see you " he ran to his school bus

Khushi came back to her sense 

Aarav :mama fix uncle collar & tie  , as his is  like mine 

Khushi look at Arnav 

Arnav will you allow me to go or i will be late ?she left his shirt

Khushi why you came between us ?

Arnav who was about to go looked at her " you son hide behind me  and you "he paused 

Khushi "shit dammit today i am late " she ran to the home 

Arnav "crazy neighbors" he walk to the train station  ,   he saw her coming in the same compartment  , she was too busy in hunting her purse , he look away" i hope her husband is bit sensible otherwise it will be difficult to stay with them " 

Khushi went to her office , as she was receptionist in a company, from 9 to 3 she use to work there and from 3 to 5 she use to take computer classes . Aarav join her at 1 . she was having financial problem but she had  admitted Aarav in best school of Mumbai , because of Aarav relatives she had changed many cites , it  has being just a month she had shifted to Mumbai.

Arnav has done his MBA he had recently got job in Mumbai .

Arnav and Khushi both were paying guest in Buaji home .

In evening 

Arnav was waiting for the train on station he heard a child arguing with his mom.

Aarav" mama you promised me same you will buy superman for  me "

Khushi" beta next month "

Aarav"mama today bus "he sat on the pavement 

Khushi" beta see train is coming we will be late"

Aarav " you go i will not go"

A smile appear on Arnav lips . he look at the train which has reached the platform .

Khushi picked up the grocery bags, her bag and Aarav bag" mera baby get up "she try to pull Aarav up

Aarav : "no no no" he ran and hide behind a pillar

Khushi you tease me alot" she walk behind him 

Arnav look at the train a it has horn ,he started walking towards the train .he was looking back at them ,Khushi was dragging Aarav as she was not able to pick him up "i should help her " he said to himself . he was about to walk to them ,he saw her picking him up and running towards the train ,  both were arguing . 

"crazy family" he rush to the train . as he enter he saw Aarav sitting in one corner and Khushi in other . He shakes his head and sat on other side ,  he started looking out . 

Aarva was sleepy he came close to her and placed his head  in her lappy ,she was tickling him" Aarav dont sleep beta  how i will pick you up?"


Khushi "mera baby you know home is far , mama can't pick up big boy" 

Aarva "papa's can pick, up you are my mama & papa " he warp his arm around her waist and slept .

Arnav who was avoiding them could not stop himself, he started looking at them without any reason time flies , the train had stopped. he looked at them she had failed to wake him up , she had picked him up and all the bags , she step out of train ." should i help her" a self conversation , he walk behind her "if she mind" he was walking behind her  ,she stopped  taken Aarav on her  other shoulder  and started walking slowly . he could not stop himself more  he took 2 big step and reach to her " excuse me "

Khushi look at him ,she gave a blank look "ji"

Arnav: "we met in morning "

Khushi : oh uncle ji

Arnav " what the do i look like an uncle to you  " he grid his teeth 

Khushi " you have stopped me to say this "she started walking slowly 

Arnav "let me pick him up"

Khushi in shock look at him , she look around it was dark no one was around , she panic took too big steps

Arnav "let me pick him up"

Khushi "stay away or i will shout "she took few more big step

Arnav: ran behind her with in no time he was in front of her "wait a minute  "he was standing in front of her 

Khushi was frighten she was trying to be brave , but from in side she was very scared " i know Shyam had send you to take away Aarav from me " she try to go ahead 

Arnav" ma'am you have taken me wrong , i am a paying guest in buaji home , i dont know any Shyam " he said while walking with her" sorry i asked you to pick him up as i thought you will get tired , as our homes are still far"

Khushi stopped " i dont trust you "

Arnav : sorry   i asked you " he took few step ahead without looking at her he turn in lane , which was very dark . he could hear her foot step behind him .. " why i was trying to be a hero ? she thought i am a kidnapper " he was scolding him self , when he heard her scream 

Khushi"koi hai"

Arnav trun back he saw street beggar who was bothering her  , she was standing shivering ."Pagal " he walk back as he had no other choice " kya baat hain" Beggar look at him , he was a drug  addict ,as Arnav took few step ahead ,the guy ran .

Arnav without waiting took Aarav from her "walk in front  of me "

Khushi" Aarav" she was too scared  he hold her hand and drag her with him .

Arnav" who asked you to come so late ?"

Khushi who was about to cry said "i have computer class "she was looking back

Arnav " he cannot harm you keep walking  "  she was off and on looking back 

after 10 mins of walk they reached home 

Buaji" kya huwa Aarav ko" Arnav free her hand , she ran to them as they enter the gate 

Khushi he slept bujai 

Buaji"mera bacha " she kissed Aarav forehead who was peacefully sleep in Arnav arms " Khushi he is paying guest of the other side of the home,Arnav she is Khushi , she is a widow " he look at her who avoid eyes contact with him 

Arnav: buaji do i look like an uncle or a kidnapper ? he said as Khushi opened the door  of her home

Buaji: kis na bola 

Arnav look at Khushi  whose face was still pale ,as if someone had taken out all her blood " no one buaji"

Khushi turn back to take Aarva from him"i will make him rest " he without waiting walk in 

Buaji" Kya huwa " she caress Khushi face 

Arnav " if some one is scared of dark they should not travel alone "

Khushi" i am not scared m and i can take care of myself "she pointed at him

Arnav shake his head and walk out of her home . he walk to his home which was in front of her's

Buaji"huwa kya hain" she told her everything"he is right , the beggars are dangerous "

Khushi "buaji i cannot help it , i daily have classes "

Buaji" i will ask Arnav to come with you"

Khushi "nahi " but buaji had left her home ,closing door behind her .

 It was 10 when she heard loud laughter , Khushi who was sitting next to window  removed the curtains , she saw Arnav  his back was towards her home , he was talking to a lady . who was wrapping his arm around his neck 

Khushi" cheapro " she sat back , she try to read her book but dont know why she look out again.

Arnav" Sheetal you have to go back home , i know it is late , but i cannot stop you"

Sheetal" your land lady will not find out"

Khushi" acha tou yeh baat hain" she fold her sleeve ,she was trying to hear them when Aarav came and shouted in her ear "mama " 

Khushi " uff Aaarva "

Aarva giggle echo in the home , Arnav who was talking to Sheetal turn back and look at the window .

Khushi" wait a min i will tell you, thousand time i have asked you not to scare me like that " she was running behind Aarav was jumping around 


Arnav "that boy is so naughty "

Sheetal"i hate you Arnav"

Arnav "waht i did ?"

Sheetal" through out the dinner you were talking about them"

Arnav "really did i"  he was embarrassed 

Sheetal was about to say something when Aarav came out running  

Aarav"Mama you cannot catch me "

Khushi " Aarav you will get cold " she was behind him 

Arnav took two big step and grab Aarav 

Aarav look at him as he was in air trying to free himself "mama save me monster "

Khushi" take him monster ,he dont listen to his mama"

Arnav "what the ,am looking like a monster to you?" 

Sheetal beat on his chest "uncle , kidnapper now monster .. bye "  she walk out of gate 

Arnav ran behind her with Aarav in his arms "Sheetal" but she drives away

Aarav" chali gai " he said cutely

Arnav hide him in his jacket"you saved me " he kissed his cheek

Aarav palced his hand on his cheek " mama he didnot bite me , you were telling lie "he shouted 

Arnav" what are you doing out in cold?"while locking gate 

Aarav i am playing "

Arnav" it is so cold out little man "

Aarav wrap his arm around his neck "no it is not now "

Arnav smiled at him he walk in Khushi was not there "your mama"

Aarav:" she will study as her exams is next week , she dont play with me "he said sadly 

Arnav"you can play with me " he tickled his nose with his 

Aarav"really "

Arnav" yes "

Aarav try to jump down "necha "he pointed at ground 

Arnav" you are not wearing shoes "

Aarav" oh "he look at his feet 

Arnav made him stand in their home 

Aarav" mama can i play with monster? "

Arnav stared at both Aarav and Khushi 

to be cont ...  today i am missing IPK alot , no pms  book mark it 

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Mxk3444 Goldie

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Aww Arav !!!! He's an adorable son and I love all the nicknames that Khushi gave Arnav thanks for the update :) don't worry we are all missing our beloved show but thankfully we have fanfics and short stories that are keeping the memories of iss pyar :)

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fahad1979 IF-Rockerz

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so sheetal is arnav girl friend
Alyaa_27 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 December 2012 at 10:54am | IP Logged
its superb nad!!!
it made me miss them more!!
aarav is too adorable..
gifttag IF-Dazzler

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This forum and all this lovely stories are life savers otherwise would have been really difficult to cope without IPKKND.
kaulpriyanka IF-Dazzler

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We aLl miss IPK but wat to do. lyf's go on.
smiley-shiney IF-Dazzler

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