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#1 ARSHI *The matchmaker (ch15/p138) (Page 64)

lilakumariac Groupbie

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 10:02am | IP Logged
That was really unexpected... Nice update...
Hope arnav is not just a flirt... He will take her seriously...
Continue soon
God bless you...

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 10:19am | IP Logged

 "take medicine " Aarav open his fist and placed the tablet on his palm 

Arnav look at him"who gave you this ?"

"Mama said when you are taking coffee i should give you" he heard his bus horn "superman i have to go "he kissed his cheek and ran out .

 He look at the tablet " oh you want to say you cares for me, if you really cares why you left without meeting me" he placed the medicine in his pocket

Khushi was walking as fast as she could , today she had walked other side to bus stop , as dont know why she had a feeling she will meet him at station , when she reached bus stop a bus was leaving she ran behind it "wait wait "  she saw a  guy he was standing on the door asking her to hold his hand ,she has no choice she grab his hand ,he pull her in,

"hi  i am NK" he look at her who was breathing heavily ,he noticed her eyes  it was all red "you didnot slept at night"she look at him

" excuse me " she free her hand

"your eyes are saying you didn't slept at night, and  they way you were running look like you were trying to ..he paused as she showed him her eyes

"please dont comment on me ,thanks for helping me to catch this bus, i will not forget your this help" she walk in

NK" wow what an attitude " he followed her "by the way do you live here ?"she stare at him  ." oh GOD you look like ASR"

"please dont eat my brain,can you leave me alone" she almost beg him ,NK didnot bother her again

Arnav was in train when the guy passed a comment" today your hasina is not with you"  the next minute he was on floor " next time don't even try to look at her " he walk to the other side ,his hand was bleeding , he didn't cared he stand where he was standing yesterday , he don't wanted to think of her but everything was making him miss her .

At office

NK" you too didn't slept last night"

Arnav  who was washing his hand gave him a wired look "what do you mean by that?"

NK" i met my dream girl today , she was beautiful , kya meeting thi , she was running for bus ,i gave her my hand "he kissed his hand

"please don't eat my brain, can you leave me alone" he said in anger

NK" oh uss na bhi yeh bola tha"

Arnav shake his head and seated

NK" where is your home yar ? i wanted to give you a surprise but i could not find your home , i found her "

"where were you finding my home" he became inquisitive

NK told him the place "why what happened ?"

"how she look like?" he try to be normal , don't want to show him his interest ,NK described her "she had a brown leather bag "he said while hiding his face in files

NK" how you know?"

"She is married , so you better keep away from her"he warn him

"how you know that?" he try to look at his face

"because she is my neighbor" he said looking away

"she really don't look like a married woman, iss ka figure "

"shut up" he shouted

everyone look in their cabin

"tum ko kya problem hain" he had never seen him reacting like this

"i beg you leave me alone" he said while sneezing

"i am 99.9 % sure she is not married "he said while going out

"dammit she is mother of 4 year old kid " he said  and with hand ask him to get out ... he rest his head with back of seat" so to avoid me you took a bus" he was getting more frustrated .

Khushi was trying to work but dont know why she was thinking about him" i hope his flu is better, without shirt does anyone sit in cold at night"she was murmuring to her self. ." i should have given him my self , i don't have his number ,other wise i could asked him" she getting angry from herself

At lunch Aarav came

"did you gave superman medicine?"she ask the first question while kissing his cheek

"yes mama" he picked her cell

"what are you doing?" she asked him

"Calling superman" it was slip of tongue ,he got scared .she snatch the cell

"how his number came here ?" she was surprise

"Superman saved here, he said when ever i need him i should call him" he said calmly

"call him asked him how he is feeling ?" she said with out looking at him as if he will catch her.

he happily called him ,without listening him he said"mama is asking how you are feeling?'

 "how was your day?"he didn't reply to him

"so so"

"meet you at station "

Khushi who was listen poke Aarav "say we have to go somewhere you dont wait for us" she on paper wrote  birthday ,she winked at him

"mama is saying we have to go somewhere you dont wait for us"he cut the call "mama hurry up he have to buy gift for superman"

She look at him helplessly, she wanted to say i dont have money but she didnt want to break his son heart "ya sure"hug him

Arnav"so you dont want to come with me , then why you cared to ask me how i am feeling?" he was pissed off from her .

Khushi took Aarav to market ,she from old book bought a gardening book , she thank Lord Aarav didn't find it was old book shop , Aarav wanted to  decorated room she bought few things .he wanted to buy card , but she convince him if he will give him hand made card  his superman will like it more , he agreed

Aarav"mama your class"

"it is superman birthday baby, i will miss today" she wanted to reach home before dark and him

Buaji wasn't at home when they reached

Khushi was scared but she some how relax herself "he will come at 6 " she made soup as she knew he was having flu. she baked a cake for him  by 5:45 she was done ,Arnav did not locked his room so Khushi arranged everything in his room

Khushi"baby all set"

Aarav" mama you will not change "he look at Khushi who was setting the table

Khushi"i am fine"

Aarav" no you should change" he  ran to his room open the her wardrobe and taken out her only party dress

Khushi are you out of your mind?"she should as she saw him standing with her dress

Aarav"mama it is superman's birthday you should get ready"

Khushi i am trying to run away and he is , after last night incident and you are asking me to wear this

Aarav"mama what are you saying?"

"i dont know how he will react now , as i think if we will be close to each other we will do some silly thing"she was murmuring to herself .

Aarav"mama please change for my sake"he said so cutely she had to change .

Khushi"i will clear him  Aarav me to see in this dress" she was getting too nervous . she applied  lipstick dont know why she felt weak in her knees .Just the thought of his touch send chills down her spines.she was blushing like anything  she composed her self " i have to face him "shake her head and walk to his room as Aarav was there

Aarav"wow mama you are looking so beautiful" he blow flying kiss at her,she spank him"naughty you "

At office 

Arnav "she really dont want to meet me ,that is why she had made Aarav call me to say i should not wait for them at station"he felt his head will break ,he was having terrible flu, "i will not go home"  he kept his head with back of the chair and closed his eyes

At home

It was getting dark , she was getting scared , she was sitting next to the window in his room looking out, it was drizzling "why he is not coming ?"she was looking at time again and again. Aarav was making card , he was busy

"i am a fool,he must be with his friend "she curse herself "we are not his family"she felt sad .

Time passed

Khushi was looking at the candles that was lighting the room as there was no electricity because of rain. she was dialing his number but again and again she was getting same reply.

Aarav" mama candles will again melt when Superman will come" he was peeping out of window try to look in dark"mama he daily come at 6 now it is 8"

"lets go in our room"she picked him up

"no mama"he scream

"when he will come we will come back?"she try to relax him

"i will sit here "he started crying ,she sat back on sofa ,she had called him but his cell was switched off , she was about to cry ,she hug Aarav tight in his arms and close her eyes

Arnav was fast a sleep in office, his peon shake him "ha"

Peon" Sir please if you dont mind can you go home , it is raining out side. i am waiting here because of you"

Arnav" oh what is time?"

Peon "9:30"

Arnav shit  why you didn't woke me before ?

Peon made sad face

Arnav look at his cell it was switched off " oh i forget to charge it " he walk out of office there was no bus there , his peon came and stand next to him

Peon "my wife will not leave me , today i will reach home after 12 " he started walking

Arnav"wait a second ,it is my fault "he stopped a taxi 

Peon what?

Arnav" it will drop me first then you"

Peon"sir i cannot pay the fare of taxi"

Arnav "come in ,i will pay that" he pull him in , he try to on his cell , luckily it was on, he received few text ,first one was from buaji ,"i have to go natives take care of home" ..."drive fast please"

Driver "bhai it is raining"

"please drive fast"he check other text it was from Khushi number,  there was traffic jam he "please you drop him , i will go myself"he pay gave peon thousand rs

"Sir this is "Arnav cut him " buy something for family "he ran in direction of home

"i am and idiot "he was cursing himself all the way , he reached his neighborhood"shit there is no light, she must be scared " he didn't cared how fast it was raining with in no time he reached home, he ran to their home , the door was wide open"Khushi, OH God i hope so she is fine " there was no one in home, he was scared "where to find them?" he look at his clothes which was dripping "i better change " he walked in his room . he freeze as the sight.,they both were sleeping on sofa , Cake was placed in front of them,the candle lights was fading out "they were trying to give me surprise " he felt like beating himself , he walked to them ,and kneel down next to them, her curl was blocking his view , he could not stop himself from removed the curl, his hand brush with her cheek

"Arnav" she at once opened her eyes as she sense his touch 

"hey  "caress her cheek with his freezing hand,she rub her cheek with his palm, he smiled at her ,she pushed away his hand ,she made Aarav rest on sofa and step down "khushi"

"dont talk to me "she without giving him time ran to her side

"superman" Aarav sat as she bang the door

Arnav"oh baby you got up" he kissed him

"why you are wet,and so cold"he touch him

"you were planning to give me surprise " he didnot reply

"mama lets quickly cut cake the candles will again melt" he shouted

"your mama is angry "he look at the cake and the setting of table 

"mama was scared she was crying too" he said sadly 

"you sit here,keep eye on candles  i will bring her" he walk out without wasting his time.

 He peep in the door" i hope you will not attack on me with frying pan" he saw are standing in kitchen,he sneezed,she didnot look at him " i am sorry , i thought you dont want to talk to me ,that is why you are avoiding me since morning ?"he try to warm his hand from stove 

"i did everything for Aarav " as she felt he was staring at her 

"did i said you did for me?" he try to take bread piece ,she pat his hand .

"what do you think of yourself ?haan "she walked towards him in anger ,he took a step back"have you seen the time , is this the time to come, at least you should have called me " she beat him on his chest.

"i thought you dont want to see my face " he said innocently 

"i left my most precious person with you, and still you thought i dont want to see your face, you are Stupid,idiot, fool,owl and donkey " she was beating him while saying , Arnav was hiding his smile

"itna sab kuch aur mein" he said making sad face  .

"what you think after the last night incident i should come in front of you like before and say hello" she said in anger 

"what happened last night ?" he grab her from her waist blink his eyes 

"mera sar, go and change in a min or i will throw you out of home" she try to move his hand ,he sneezed again on her face."did you had medicine?"she grab him from his jacket ,he shake his head in no" you are really"she paused ,bit her lips ,he hold her from her waist

Arnav"Stupid,idiot, fool ,owl and donkey",pull her next to him , he brush his red nose tip with her's . he was inch away from her lips.

Aarav" come quickly the candles are melting " she placed her hand on his chest, turn her face away 

" first your superman will change " she step back

"mama"he said sadly 

"you both have to listen me, other wise i will throw you both out in rain" she walk away to kitchen 

"you change na . mama is really angry today " he grab Arnav hand and pull him with him to his room .

Arnav was looking at her while  going out she was placing her hand on her heart  to relax herself ,a smiled appear on his lips" i am really Stupid,idiot, fool ,owl and donkey" he quickly changed 

Aarav"mama come here "he pull her next to him she was intentionally standing away from them 

"you both cut i will take pics" she try to move 

"i will set camera" he was not ready to hear her any excuse "be ready Aarav " he ran and stand behind her wrapping his left arm on her waist  ,and placing his and on Aarav's to cut the cake

"happy birthday" Aarav sang "Mama "he poke her ,she was not in her sense as Arnav was teasing her with his breath and brushing his face next to her face .she was trying to free herself but he was holding her more tightly 

"superman " Aarav made him it and kiss his cheek 

"now mama will have " he ask Khushi to open her mouth .she was struggling in his arm,busy looking at Arnav

"mama" he called her again 

"Big boy you have your mama is not in mood to have" he pull her more close to him ,she then realized Aarav was calling him 

"what happened"she asked Aarav

"bad manners wish superman" he gave her a piece ,Arnav turn her towards him 

"aaah " he opened a big mouth she made him eat "look like your mama will not wish me" he saw she was looking at her finger as it was all dip with chocolate , he grab her hand licking her fingers,she was feeling weak in her knees she grab his clutch his shirt 

"na kara na "she said shyly ,avoid eye contact 

"kiss i will not tease you" he whisper 

"pagal hain kya Aarav hai"she try to free herself

" i am not asking like night one "he winked "Aarav check is switch on or not"

"ok "he ran to switch board , he peck her without giving her chance to escape ...she was in shocked , he had left her and was sitting next to fireplace sneezing and coughing 

"dont worry mama will apply  vicks you will be fine"she look at him Aarav was hanging on his shoulder .

"i dont think so she will apply "he said sadly looking at her 

"If Mama love Aarav she will" ... he said while kissing him caressing him .his gaze and this new order was making her nervous , she was not able to get out of the previous one AArav had given her another ..

to be cont

i was not able to type gift ,after hearing the sad news that girl                                       

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Nichuss IF-Addictz

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yaahooo im first to comment...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 41


"i left my most precious person with you, and still you thought i dont want to see your face, you are Stupid,idiot, fool,owl and donkey " she was beating him while saying , Arnav was hiding his smile

"itna sab kuch aur mein" he said making sad face  .Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 194ha ha ha

i loved this part...kushi tried to avoid arnie...

but failed not to show ff her feelings...

arnie...found out kushi s attracted as same way he s attracted...

waiting for next partss...

aarav is so cute...

he s playing a nice lovely role...

.to bring..kushi-arnie  together...

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Nichuss

Happy wedding AnniversaryBig smile 

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chandana.s IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Awww..Wonderful update...Loved it
Arnav though Khushi dont want to meet him & was feeling sad
Lol,Loved N.K & Khushi's meeting... Embarrassed
When N.K told Arnav he found his dreamgirl & all Then when he came to know he was talking about Khushi he was fumming with angry LOL
Omg Arnav is becoming very Naughty... Wink Loving it..Poor Khushi 
Both Arnav & Aarav wil drive her crazy...
Cant wait to
Update sooon

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pinky89 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Awesome update !!! 
Romancing b4 Aarav ... Aarav is so cute ...
poor khushi Arnav becoming very naughty Aarav giving her new tasks LOL

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AJlovesArshi Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Mindblowing update..!!!
Arnav is so naughty... ;)
Loved Aarav's tasks.. :)

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tanvia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
awesome loved it...
was waiting for it...
it was so cute and teasing and romantic...
loved it

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