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#1 ARSHI *The matchmaker (ch15/p138) (Page 28)

chandana.s IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Waiting for the next part
Update soon

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tinsel_akira Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Plz update soon

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29priya IF-Dazzler

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awesome update

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Early next morning

Khushi woke up with a jerk "Aarav " she  look around saw him sleeping next to her , she look at the clock "9  when he came ? and when i slept ?" she try to recollect  holding her head in her hands " i am  really getting old , i don't recollect things" she jump out of bed .

At breakfast 

Khushi  Aarav baby when you came back home ?

Aarva who was having his milk he look at her ,and then he recollected Arnav and his conversation "after 20 mins " 

Khushi" what story i told you before sleeping ?"she asked while watching TV

Aarva "lion king " he had his milk and ran to the entrance door 

Khushi" where are you going?"

Aarav" to superman"

Khushi" it is holiday he must be sleeping " she try to stop him 

Aarav" let me check mama " he walk out , he try to peep from the key hole , he was about to knock when Arnav kissed his cheek from back , he got scared "mama "

Arnav" big boy it is me " he picked him up in his arm 

Khushi ran out when she heard his scream ,she saw Arnav and Aarav whispering , she walk back .

Aarav" check my tongue is it black " he showed him his tongue

Arnav" no " he kissed him " so what are your plans?"

Aarav" mama has to study  " he made sad face 

Arnav" dont worry we will have fun" he swing him in air .

Khushi  could hear their laughter "Aarav never get free with anyone like this , i am really not getting why this  guy is attracting him " she  had a self thought while studying ,  " when at night he came back i really dont remember ."

Khushi was studying when Aarav came running in  "mama "

Khushi "Aarav  how many times i told you not to shout like that"

Aarav" mama get up  "he pull her arms and try to drag her out with him

Khushi "where are you taking me ?"

Aarav"mama  close your eyes" he pull her arms  with him , with in no time they were in the back yard "mama open your eyes "

Khushi opened

Aarav" mama see 3 fishes "she look at Arnav . "we three " he pointed at fishes .he hold his hand  in his tiny hands " mama check there " he ask her to turn on the other side to see the path he had made on ground ,and planted few plants , she had seen Arnav plants as when he shifted his plants was more then other things she never knew he will make Aarav busy with him .

Aarav" mama i have a guest for lunch can you make pizza"

Khushi was in shock as it was a sudden request "ya but who is your guest ?" she thought he will say he will feed fishes with pizza .

Aarav" mama my guest will come at 2 you go and bake "he left her hand and kneel down to see the fishes , as Arnav was covering it  with net to protect it from cats.

Khushi" baby who is coming ?"

Aarav "mama go na you will be late " he was hanging  on Arnav shoulder looking at fishes 

Khushi look around the place was looking totally different , she walk in" i hope he has not invited him"  she started making pizza

After some time

Aarav"mama " he came in with few flowers

Khushi "Aarav why you plucked it ?"

Aarav" i didnot superman did it"

Khushi" go wash your hands "

Aarav " i am not dirty mama ,see" he showed her his clothes "superman cleaned it" he was trying to put flowers in vase

Khushi" who is coming ?"

Aarav" my guest "

Khushi who is your guest ?"

Aarav " superman "

Khushi" Aarav"

Aarav" mama you have to behave , you have to show you are well mannered " he said like she always says to him . she spank him

Khushi"you naughty"  he ran out

Aarav" chala na "he was trying to pull him

Arnav" Aarav where ?"

Aarav" you are my guest ,mama had made pizza for us"

Arnav"what ?" he never thought he was talking about him

Aarav pull his hand " are you coming or not ? i will get angry from you"

Arnav"OH GOD " he  walk behind him  before entering home " i am really sorry , i really didn't knew he was talking about me "

Khushi look at him "dont be sorry, as after lunch i have to say sorry to you"

Aarav was looking at their faces

Aarav" my mama makes the best pizza in world "

Khushi " he had never try for any where else, so he thinks i make best " she offer him

Arnav look at her

Aarav" mama never under ,what you say ?" he forgot the word he was thinking

Arnav "underestimate yourself "

Aarav "ya ya same "

Khushi shake her head

Arnav look at her note book which was opened , he picked up the pen and corrected her mistake .

Aarav"superman can you teach my mama? he kneel down to see

Arnav look at him as he was pulling his sleeve . "what?"

Aarav" i dont want mama should fail , can you teach her ?"

Khushi and Arnav look at each other .

Arnav" ya sure  if your mama wants to study " he correct her other mistake .

Aarav" ya ya mama will study , if she will not i will give you stick you can beat her "he was talking like as a grown up

Khushi and Arnav had a laughter .

Khushi " finish your lunch you naughty guy" she made him sit

Aarav pull Arnav sleeve as he was too busy in checking her notes

Arnav" hmmm"

Aarav" what is your fees ?"

Arnav"pizza every sunday " he winked at Aarav " really your mama makes best pizza "

Aarav clap his hand and jump to Khushi lap "my mama is best " he kissed her cheek

Khushi was embarrassed ,she was not able to look at Arnav at all.

In evening

Aarav was not listening to Khushi he wanted to see boys playing on road .

Khushi you will get hurt ?

Aarav "please for 5 mins "

Khushi saw Arnav talking on phone , she agree as she thought she will ask him to call him back .

After 5 mins

she was walking in Lawn ,she was studying, Arnav was on phone near gate

Aarav walked in gate way"Mama "he was crying as his elbow was bleeding

Arnav rush to him, he picked him up ,he was about to ask him when Aarav shouted "Mama "Arnav took two big step & catch her from her waist ,she was hanging in his  right arm.

Aarav "mama ko kya huwa"he forgot his pain

Arnav pull her up next to him , he saw buaji coming out as she hear Aarav cry "buaji hold him"

Buaji "NK kya huwa"

Arnav gave Aarav to buaji and picked her up in his arm "Khushi" he called her 

Buaji walk behind him with Aarav

Arnav" buaji she got scared after seeing his blood " he made her rest ,check her pulse she was all pale ,he caress his cheek 


Arnav picked him up in his arm placing tissue at his wound  "lets go we will call DR, buaji you stay with her" he rush out 

After 20 mins 

Khushi was gaining conscious"Aarav"

Buaji" Khushi" she caress her

Khushi sat' Aarav"

Buaji"Arnav has taken him to DR"

Khushi jump  out bed " why you let him take Aarav?"

Buaji"he was bleeding "

Khushi you have his number ?"

Buaji" yes "she gave him Khushi  tried  bell was going but he was not picking, she panic ,she ran out she saw his cell near gate " he had taken Aarav" she got scared

Buaji what happened ?

Khushi" buaji see his cell" she was getting all cold again

Buaji" Khushi he took Aarav to hospital"

Khushi " no buaji he had kidnapped my son" she was about to walk out of gate when Arnav came in with Aarav "you how dare you? " she grab his shirt in he fist 

Arnav" what happened"he hold her hand

Khushi" you try to take him away from me "

Aarav was confused what his mama was doing she was hitting Arnav .

Buaji "Khushi kya kar rahi ho"

Khushi" buaji "she was frighten 

Arnav grab her hand more tight  "listen to me"

Khushi "no i will not , i will call police"

Arnav "buaji hold him take him in " he gave Aarva to buaji and hold her both hands and pull her to him,she bump into him ,she was hitting him "stop it "he shouted " why i will kidnap your son? are you insane ? look at my shirt ,he pointed at his shirt which was cover with blood "can you see this ?"Khushi look at him ."it is Aarav's  he was bleeding badly so i took him to hospital , if you really want to take care of him, why you fainted after seeing his wound? " he felt she shiver against him ,her hand was cold as ice . "i just helped you ,and you are thinking i ran away with him"he left her hand ,as dont know why he was not able to stand her closeness " you fainted here, i dropped my cell here, as i "he didnot completed his sentence " i will never see your son again  "he  walk in  his room and bang the door .

Aarav who was listening all this he shouted " mama i hate you " he ran behind Arnav he knocked at the door "superman open the door " 

Arnav" Aarav go away, i will not talk to you " he shouted from in , to avoid Aarav he increased  TV volume as he very well knew he will not be able to avoid him, he walk in washroom 

Khushi walked in she was not getting what to do "baby" she saw Aarav sitting next to Arnav room door 

Aarav"  you have hurt my superman, i will not talk to you"

Khushi sat next to him"baby mama is sorry "

Aarav" i will not talk to you ,till superman talk to me" he knocked at his door .

Khushi was looking at his bandage arm ,she recollected Arnav shirt ,she hug Aarav in her arm .but he free himself ,Aarav was crying badly ,he was choked ,Khushi try to make him drink water but he didnot listen her 

 Buaji was not able to see him weeping like this she came with master key ,she opened the door .

Arnav was disappointed with Khushi ,   while taking shower "she is a coward " he shake his head "i am a fool i still have soft corner for her"  he felt he had heard knock at door ,he wrapped towel and  peep out 

Arnav"Aarav What are you doing here?" he saw him sitting on the door mat weeping

Aarav" you will talk to Aarav" he sobbed badly,he cough

Arnav open the door kneel down next to him hug him in his arm" yes i will" he saw Khushi standing outside the  door she was holding her ears  ." i will "he hug him tightly to stop him from crying .

Aarav"shame shame " he giggle 

Arnav" oh "  he realized he was only in towel, he was embarrassed ,he look at Khushi ,who had a smile ,she walk away closing the door " wait a min i will tell you " he tickled him

Their laughter echo in the corridor 

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ytanuja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged
superb dear love their bond its such a wonderful part.
sagarpatadia Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Awesome Update!!
vibha92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Superb update...loved it!!...
bhavnah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Superb update... Love the bond between Arnav and Arav :)

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