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#1 ARSHI *The matchmaker (ch15/p138) (Page 106)

Nichuss IF-Addictz

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nads waiitngDay Dreaming

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pooja102 IF-Sizzlerz

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twist ...waiting

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Muskaan_87 Goldie

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the teaser sounds scary!!
will be waiting:)

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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She placed her hand on her heart and check her racing heart beat "Jiji use to talk about this feeling " her heart was pounding out of her chest ,she look at herself in mirror her she was all blushing "UFF he is making me crazy " she drank water and splash cold water on her face to relax herself " I should better study " she seated with her books , even then she was not able to study as she was running her hand on his writing , she placed her head on the sofa arm and doze off 

"You call me chachoo" NK said to Aarav 

" chachoo means father brother right , but i dont have a father " he said while playing with his toy 

Arnav pull hug him , with eyes he asked NK to shut up .

"mama i have to go to mama " he free himself from Arnav's hug  and ran out

"He is not a 4 and half year old kid , he is bit mature "he said without looking at him

"sorry , really sorry" NK  go and see 

"you know what Sheetal did with her today" he didnot got up 

"what " Nk was walking like crazy in room

"Sheetal had hurt her " he closed his fist

"how?" NK shake him" it is your bad habit you say half thing and left other to guess on their own " 

Arnav narrated the whole story 

"she is a B**** i always say that to you, please go and see them "he hold his hand and almost beg him

"hmmm " he walked to her room

Aarva ran in to his home "mama " he called her but he at once placed his hand on his mouth "mama is asleep "he kneel down in front of her , he caressed  her cheek softly , and cupped her face " i have mama , my mama dont have anyone " he placed his head on her chest " Aarav love his mama" he caress her face"mama is feeling cold " he at once stand try to pick up the quilt from bed .it was heavy for him ,he some how manage to drag it to sofa

Arnav entered he saw him trying to cover Khushi ,he walked and kneel down behind him"may i help you"

"no i can do myself " he moved him 

"mama will fell down should i put her on bed " he whisper in his ear and kissed his cheek ,Aarav look at him and shake his head in no ,he try to cover him"uff itna ghusa " he without letting him know pull the quilt 

"superman Aarav want to be alone " he said while placing a cushion on rag and lying on it covering him self  with the quilt 

'but superman and NK uncle want to be with Aarav he picked him up and walk out 

"leave me " he was punching him 

"shhh mama will get up " he made him sit in his lap ,with eyes he asked NK to talk

"oh yar i am sorry " he hold his ears and started doing sit ups 

" i hate papa , as he not only left mama but me too" he said while crying and hugging Arnav 

"your superman will not leave you ever ,nor NK uncle " NK kissed his head 

"really" he look at them  the both nodded their head in yes "promise" he offer his hand and they both kept their hand on his tiny hands 

Arnav made him busy with NK and he seek out , " she had a painful life " he carefully picked her up and made her rest on bed , he sat next to her  , very gently apply ointment on her bruise .  he was about to get up when she opened her eyes and look at him 

" i slept " at once seated "where is Aarav ?" she search for him

"he is with NK " they could hear their laughter 

"what are you doing here then ? "she lie back again  hold his hand in hers "wake me after 5 mins i was buying designer clothes " she smiled "let me buy it in my dreams " he caress her hairs 

" why to buy in dreams , get up we will buy right now " he pull quilt from her

"what ?" she look at him

"Dinner from my side " in two mins get ready  he kissed her cheek

"why you are wasting money ?"she angrily said

"because i want to " he pull her up and made her sit "be ready in 2 mins or i will take you like this " he walk out , she could hear him talking to Aarav and NK

"Khushi i will take you like that " he shouted from out

Aarav ran in "Mama we are going for a dinner " he quickly wore his jacket 

"you are still sitting in bed " Arnav said while entering room

"it is too cold out there, and late too" she made an excuse

" we are going in car ,and you are too in safe hands " he pull her to stand . 

"you are  too " she wanted to say some thing he push her to washroom 


NK had hire rent a car , he was driving , Aarav was sitting with him at front .

"where are we going?"Aarva asked them

"where you like to go big boy " Arnav messed his hairs 

"KFC, MacDonald . and "he taken few more names 

"who told you all these names ?" Khushi in shocked look at him

" Rahul birthday was in KFC, Annie was in MacDonald" he said while looking out 

"you never told me " Khushi was confused

"mama i know you will not let me go there" he said without looking at her " tomorrow i will too show them pictures " he was excited 

 Arnav look at her she was looking out biting her lips ,he placed his hand on hers

"next time you will not miss party "Arnav said  while pressing her hand

"superman i cannot go , as i cannot buy them gifts " he on the radio 

NK look at them in back view mirror ."Now you have superman and NK uncle they will buy gift " he close the radio 

"mama will not like " he said while looking at NK

" we will see your mama" nk had a high five with him

Khushi try to free her hand from his he entwined his fingers with his and held her more tight , she look at him ,he was looking out 

"NK you take Aarav to restaurant and order  I and Khushi will join you there  " he open the door and pull her with him ,as the car was stopped on red light

"what are you doing ?" she try to free her hand 

" you buy a dress " he walk to mall

"Arnav why you are doing all this?" she shouted at him

"because i feel like doing this" he walked in a boutique pulling her with him " select " he free her hand she wrap her hand around her chest and started looking out 

"Look like ma'am is angry " the shopkeeper walked to them

"yup she is " he was looking at dresses

" ma'am you are very lucky your husband himself is asking you ,as now days men run away from our shops "she smiled

"suna " he placed a dress on her and checked  she just look at price tag and showed him eyes 

"i am not getting married " it was slip of tongue . he smiled didnot reply to him she walk on the other side , and started looking "i am an idiot" she curse herself ,she unintentional taken out on dress and placed next to her 

"Perfect " he came and stand behind her 

"i was just "she hang it back

"please pack this " he gave this to shopkeeper 

"i was just"he placed his finger on her lips

" Aarav must be waiting otherwise i must have asked you to try "he pay the bill and drag her with him

"Arnav this is not right" she said while walking with him

"you dreamed i full filled " he was walking while looking at him , he bang with a lady "sorry sorry sorry " he left her hand and picked her bag

"it is ok "she took it from him 

"i am really sorry " he said and ran behind Khushi calling her "Khushi wait yar " he with in no time reached their and hold her hand ,they cross the road .

"Khushi she was Payal sister" she murmur and try to follow them but they were no where to be seen

In restaurant 

Khushi was sitting looking other side

"you mama is always angry " NK whisper in Aarav ear 

"superman must have dont something " he munch chips 

"bro you made the lady annoyed " NK asked him 

" i thing she want me to feed her " he pull the stool next to her and winked at them ,he hold her chin and turn her towards him 

"we are not looking you carry on" NK and Aarav placed their hands on their eyes 

"Aaah karo" Arnav smile at her, she in anger push his and away " uff yeh ghusa " he smiled at her ,wipe her lips as it has ketchup 

"you know NK what the shopkeeper said ?" she placed her hand on his lips 

What what? NK inquisitively asked 

"have it or i will tell them" he placed the plate in front of her

"if you will tell them , then see what i will do with you" she warn him

"bhai tou to gaya " NK poke Arnav

she pushed plate away

"mama have it , then you will have muscles then you can fight with superman " Aarav placed it in front of her .

she could not stop her self for more she smiled . and started eating 


She walked to her apartment "i am sure she was Khushi" she throw her bag "Shyam said she was in Delhi, how she came to Mumbai, and who that guy with him ?" she lighted a  cigarette . " i should call Shyam and tell him" she dialed his number but he cut her call" he will never give me time "she throw the cell

Aarav was asleep in car 

"thanks for everything , today we really enjoyed "

"please dont say thanks " NK said at once 

"ab to baat kar lo yar " (please talk to me now) he said while hold her hand

"hello dont tease my sis ,i will drop you here and you have to walk back home " NK stopped car

"no it is raining " she at once said 

"MMM Dal mein Kuch kala hai" NK whistle

Khushi blushed "shut up and drive " he scold him 

" i should convince Aarav to call me chach instead of mama" he whistle

She was looking out not able to see at Arnav.

At night 


"Why you called me at this hour ?" he shouted out of speaker

"you dont pick my call in morning i thought to call you at this hour "she said slowly

" what you want from me now ?" he said in irritating tone

"i know i can't have kids ,"she said sadly

that is your problem , dadi want me to get married to other lady for kids , shyam said clearly 

why cant we adopt a child? She tries to control her emotions 

"that child will be not ours ,someone else blood may be running in his veins " he shouted "our family will end with me , as i am the last men of the family "

"you are forgetting Akash son too belong to this family" she said and cut call

shyam seat and redialed her "why you cut call tell me?" he screamed

"i saw Khushi today in Mumbai she was with a man"she said slowly

"how can she be there?" he said rudely 

"i am dam sure it was her"

"Ok i am coming on this weekend" he cut call

" i will convince him to take Akash son from her , then i can live with him " she smiled and close the lamp

Arnav was turning and twisting in bed , as NK was snoring like anything" yeh bhi na" he seated at the same time he heard Khushi scream ,he jump out of bed and ran to her room, the scream was so loud NK too woke up , her ran behind him

Khushi was fast a asleep she was moving her head and murmuring loud " you cannot take him he is mine " Arnav sat next to her and pat her cheek "get up " she was all sweating and murmur "Khushi get up " he pat her bit hard ,she open her eyes "AARAV" 

"see he is sleeping next to you "he turn her face to make her see Aarav,she sat and hug him 

"they will take him from me" she was crying badly,he hug her tight and caress her back 

"no one will take Aarav from you" he run his finger in her hairs 

"my dreams are always true " she sobbed

"Arnav" nk passed him water 

"drink this "he made her drink water , she was so thirst she in one go drank the whole glass "you want more " he caress her cheek

she look at NK "i woke you both" she try to free herself 

"it is ok "he hug her tight in his arms asked NK to leave 

"you dont worry , i will not let any one take away my nephew from you" NK placed his hand on her head and walked out .

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Nichuss IF-Addictz

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mm...res waitinggDay Dreaming


overall story started to unfold...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 100

who s tat girl...who s going to convinceYoyo & Cici Emoticons 49

shyam to take aarav frm kushi...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 39

sorry to tell u woman...u n ur shyam go to hell...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 189

aarav n kushi r under protective hands..Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 48... yup..ARNIE 

will  never give u AARAV...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 167


detailed comment...


dhak dhak dhak ...started for kushi...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 99.lols...

ohoo...bad timing..again NK..Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 191.u made AARAV sad...hmph

lovely scene...AARAV caring kushi...Arnie watching it...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 27

then helping KUSHI to lay in bed.Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 27..n also consoled Aarav...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 70

tat was so cute...Nk u tooo...

lols in dreamland...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 193ha ha...Arnie..u r th

best lover...who suddenly goin to bring the dream true...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 182  .

aww i loved that...Arnie knew hw to confront Kushi.Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 158


the idea of taking Aarav to dinner...was gud.Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 209..n smart 

work Arnie.Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 158..ha ha

wow..Arnie bought dress for kushi...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 21.knock-jhoks f arshi

is lovely to read...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 152

who the hell is she.Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 49..hope she wont bring trouble.Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 218 arshi-aarav  world...Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 152

omg i m wrong..she s troubler for arshi-aarav

timing f kushi dreaming...someone taking aarav... show hint 

towards upcoming storms ...i think...

who is the lady..Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 49.n she s shyam's wife...shocked,,,,,,Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 129

waiting for further updatesDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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Alyaa_27 IF-Rockerz

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aww poor khushi..three against one!but nw she's the most pampered one!
nice update..

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awesome di


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