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#1 ARSHI *The matchmaker (ch15/p138) (Page 48)

jyothirmai07 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 10:13am | IP Logged
very good and funny
arnav now as teacher and that to with a stick

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged

Khushi home
this is Chrismas gift 

Arnav  walked in his room throw his bag on his bed , he was about to sit on bed , he look at the blanket , it was in same condition as if she had just got up  a smile appeared on his lips  , he sat on the edge  and run his hand on the bed . at the same time he received call from Sheetal" OH GOD " he picked up the call
Sheetal" i know you will not call me to say sorry, so i decided to call you my self " 
Arnav" i dont think i should say sorry to you"he started taking off his shoes 
Sheetal" i dont want to fight with you at all , i called you to tell i have found a apartment for you near mine"
Arnav" but i didnot asked you to find"
Sheetal" come on yar"
Arnav" i am not leaving this place , i will call you later i have to take freshen up" he cut" pagal "

Khushi was staring at lamp "he really care for me" she sat next to Aarav run her finger in his hairs she kissed his forehead , she inhale the same scent ,she recollected he had kissed his forehead . she blush "mein bhi na" she pat her head . look at her head she still felt the warmth " he really cares " she smiled  .

Khushi was cooking  and off and on calling Aarav to get up , at the same time she heard knock at door "yes"
Arnav" i am going out to get grocery  ,do you need anything?"
Khushi" i guess it is raining out "
Arnav" actually i forgot to bring few things "he was looking out from window 
Khushi " i am not that bad cook , you can have with us "
Arnav look at her , her wet hairs were tied up , few curls were falling on her face" i"
Khushi" please if you are going out to get dinner or break fast stuff no need to "
Khushi" please help me"
Arnav" me"
Khushi" yes i have heard superman make better lunch than me"
Arnav" oh come on " he walk to the kitchen "tell me what to do?"
Khushi" wake him" she pointed at sleeping Aarav" he will not let us sleep at night" 
Arnav he walk to the bed 
Khushi"Aarav look who is here?" he turn on other side
Arnav"hey big boy " he tickle him 
Aarav" super man"
Arnav " you are sleeping ,i am feeling so bored " he kissed him
Aarav" mama why you didnot woke me ?" he sat rubbing his eyes 
Khushi" get up quickly brush ,we all will have dinner together "
Aarav really "
Arnav"yes "
Aarav" you and mama became friends"
Arnav" hello mr we were never enemy " he tickle him 

Aarav had a laughter 
Khushi" please go and change "
Aarav "me back in 5 mins dont go "
Arnav smiled "can i see what your note book?"
Khushi "sure  it is on the table"
Arnav "by the way where was your mind when you were doing this?he was sitting on the sofa 
Khushi came and lean forward on him from back"why"
Arnav look at her , she was few inch away from him " what is this ?" he corrected her mistakes
Khushi" that is why i am saying i will cancel , at least they will give me half fee "
Arnav close the book" we will talk on this later " 
Aarav was calling Khushi from wash room , she ran in washroom 
Khushi "suna i  left the stove on please close it"
Arnav felt too sweet " if i dont close"
Khushi" then you have to eat burn food "she shouted 

Aarav" mama are you both really friends" as she was changing him 
Khushi" baby we were never enemy " she kissed him she was about to fix his hairs when he stopped him
Aarav" no superman will make spikes " he ran out , he saw Arnav cooking in kitchen 
Arnav"what why you are staring at me ?"
Aarav" mama is he our new cook?'
Khushi spank him" no and dont you dare showoff this in your school" she walk in kitchen" i asked you to close stove , aap"
Arnav" i cook for myself , if i cooked here what is the big deal" she snatch spoon from him 
Aarav" superman please make my spikes "
Arnav" come here "he made him sit in his lap and fix  his hairs 
Khushi" what you both have decided?" as she placed dinner in front of them 

Arnav for what ?
Khushi" no more superman. he can call you bhai "
Arnav" bhai" he stare at her "means i have to call you aunty "
Khushi"please "
Aarav" dont tease my mama" he showed him the fork 
Arnav" oh me scared "
everyone had a laughter 
Khushi "baby you dont have to tell everyone about it " she with eyes ask Arnav to help her 
Aarav "i will not tell any one,but i will call superman superman  "
Khushi" love my baby " she run her fingers in his hairs
Aarav" mama you spoiled my spikes "
Khushi oh sorry sorry ,super man please fix it "
Aarav" mama he is my superman" they both look at each other .

They had dinner , Arnav was reading her books she came with mug off coffee and sat beside Aarav who was watching TV

Arnav" your course is not tough, you just have to study seriously , you still have 28 days "
Khushi" i will fail"
Arnav" why you are giving up before trying ?" he took cup from her "
Aarav came with broom " superman stick"
Khushi " hey you "when he got up from between them they both didnot notice 
Arnav" yes keep it here "he smiled 
Aarav "superman you move in middle "he push him and Arnav has no choice he had to slide in center ,they both didnot look at each other as their shoulder were touching again like evening when they were walking back home.
Khushi " how much space you want Aarav? he was laying keeping his head in Arnav lap watching TV
Aarav"mama please study ,do your home work?"
Khushi pat him 
Arnav "you naughty boy" he tickled him ,Aarav moved coffee fall down from cup on his thigh 
Khushi" watch out " she cleaned it with her hand she was rubbing her hand "Aarav can't you see he is drinking coffee , get up and go and sit on bed, move from here" she pull him 
Aarav"mama "
Khushi "do as i say ?get up " 
Arnav was not getting what to do , she was making him crazy ,"i am fine " he hold her hand 
Khushi "are you sure ?" she look at his face sweating
Arnav "yes "he moved aside as Aarav had moved away he was sitting on floor 

Khushi" last time i am telling you if you will not behave will sort " she shouted at him
Arnav" it was my fault i tickled him "
Khushi "but he should see "
Aarav" i am sorry " he kneel down he was about to cry  
Arnav " its okay baby " he kissed his cheek 

Khushi sat with her book she didnot look at them ,Arnav was not getting what she was, he was not able to sit next to her as her present was making him crazy , he had no option than to stay there . time flies 

Aarav was playing games on Arnav cell . Arnav and Khushi was too busy .
Arnav was trying to maker her understand and she was not getting it . she was again and again asking Aarav to give back the cell.
Arnav"Khushi will you listen to me , forget about my cell"
Khushi "he will spoil it "she was about to get up to take it from Aarav as he has ran to bed .
Arnav bang the book" let him , you just sit here  "he grab her arm and pull her she fallen on him . they both look at each other 
Aarav giggle , she sit back straight ,and started looking at book 
Arnav " i hate those people who give up without trying ?" 
Khushi look at him like a thief 
Arnav" dont look at me like this " he again started teaching her

after 1 hour 
Khushi "why i told you?"
Arnav look at her she was sleepy her eyes was closing " ok sleep"
Khushi" really" 
Arnav "yes  " he got up "by the way you are very dumb student "
Khushi "jee nahi"she was about to throw cushion at him when light went out . the lamp was lighten , both look at each other 
Arnav" my door is opened dont be scared,the corridor light is too on  " he walk out as he was not able to stand there any more 

Khushi look at Aarav, he was asleep , she laid to rest  beside him taking  in her arms . she look at the lamp , and smiled ,she closed her eyes 

Arnav" oh GOD never in life a girl made me so crazy," he drop himself on his bed lying on his abdomen .he smell her scent in his pillow" Khushi you have made me crazylike anything  please let me sleep " he smiled "thank God she didnot asked me to take off pajama as i sometime feel she dont think what she is doingor saying?" he smiled "cute aunty " hug his pillow ,he close his eyes " she have been running through my mind all day " ..he was dam tired he drowse off .

Khushi was fast a sleep when she heard cell ringing ,she search around bell was getting louder ,she found it  in Aarav pajama " oh GOD yeh tou " she look at the caller name "Sheetal " she was about to close it dont know why she felt bad , she step out  of bed "i  should give him" she walk like  that to his room ,door was opened ,she step in  he was sleeping with hanging down of bed ,his blanket was on floor "how he sleep?" she picked up the blanket she covered him ,she walk close to keep the cell , she placed it as she turn around he garb her arm ,and pull her she lost her balance and she fallen "aaah"
Arnav in sleepy voice " who is it?" he opened his half eyes and look at her"you " he had trap her under him 
Khushi" your cell" she was not getting what to say as he was lying on her 
Arnav" oh" he placed his head on her  chest and closed his eyes , he was too tired , he just saw her face ,he didnot bother to hear anying thing else .she was  not able to breath as she exhale her body was  brushing with his cheek and lips , his breath was tickling her neck
Khushi"mein kya karo , he is fast asleep"she held her breath as he had moved more closed in sleep .he had tangled his leg with her's, she was nervous ,feeling his body next to her's .she was not able to hold her breath she exhale ,her bosom  brush with his lips , she held her breath ,at the same time his cell ran , he without looking at her turn his face find his cell on the table

Arnav"what the hell is Sheetal ?"
Sheetal"Happy birthday"
Arnav Dammit you can wish me in morning ?he bang the cell, turn back to keep his head on her "you, please not again, i know i am seeing you all around me " he moved forward , kissed her cheek brush his face with her's as he knew she will  vanish, when she didnot he touch her lip with his finger ."Khushi " he was inch away from her lips 
Khushi "let me go"she exhale 
Arnav "is that really you i am not imagining  " he on the light 
Khushi" please Arnav let me go "
Arnav" i am not holding you" he was not getting 
Khushi" you are "she pointed at their lower body  he moved away at once,she  jump out of bed and ran .
Arnav sat" how she came her ?"

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sweetnoori IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 10:54am | IP Logged
<font size="3">Nadiii see i know u came,,, telepathy see i feel u,, i hope u don,t mind i,m doing masti
me first,,,</font><font size="3">
Omg what beatiful gift dear nadiii love it,,
pyaar ho hi gya,,,, love love it,,,
updte soon nadiii
Wink Embarrassed Clap

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bhavnah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
great update :)
Arnav thought he was imagining khushi Embarrassed
loved it 

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laadgrnr_jalebi Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
wow super update dear...really like arnav aarav bonding n arnav teaching khushi...wanna see wat gift khushi is going 2 give arnavEmbarrassed

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deeps_92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged
nice updates...kushi aunty was funny
omg...arnav thought it was will he do noww...
merry chirstmas

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fattou Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
lovely partSmile

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smiley-shiney IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 11:39am | IP Logged

  u r amazing

x-mas ki din mey kya dhamaka update diya aapney

 loved the update

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