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30/11:Dragon Club:AarYa's Ishq wala Love

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:15am | IP Logged

Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Few interesting observations in yesterday's fabulous episode Embarrassed

1st Observation :
Aarti in her self-talk repeatedly talks about madly in love with Yash and how she can go to any extreme to make sure she dont loose him or else the day he turns his back against her , it will b her last day Ouch... so this clearly indicates why she is scared of telling him the truth .. she is scared because she dont want to loose him at any cost Cry...

2nd Observation : Yash in his self-talk clearly indicates that for the first time he realises how he just cannot take Aarti's silence .. he can take her anger , her overreaction to things , her irritating pranks , her imperfections everything but he cannot take her silence and he dunno why ... so it clearly indicates that he is yet to realise his love even though he has fallen in love .. the confusion which we had about whether he realises his love or not is solved in this epi via his self talks Thumbs Up...

3rd Observation : Yash is hell possessive towards Aarti ... When Yash notices that while sleeping Aarti's bangles r sort of hurting her face since she has placed her bangle filled hands near her face , he goes towards her and places her hand in such a way so that those bangles dont hurt her Embarrassed ... Its such a small thing .. just mere bangles LOL ...so whats gonna happen when he will find out that Prashant is like the biggest thorn in her life trying to cause her harm ?? Shocked ... Well I guess his half possessive side is revealed today in that sleeping scene .. rest of the half will b revealed with Prashant fiasco Big smile... This explains why Yash will never go for any sacrifice saga ... His possessiveness is quite evident in this scene Tongue...

4th Observation : When Aarti walks in the living room next morning , she wears those payals deliberately to give a signal to Yash and well Yash catches that signal too and both hv a meaningful look exchange Wink.. In this scene , when Yash turns back , first he notices her legs and how sexy her feet looks wearing that payal .. and he has a killer look watching her legs ... and this look is I dunno how to explain , its more on the naughty lines when your man gives such looks for your legs BlushingBlushing.. Aarti enjoys it too .. she wants her man to check her out and he does ... Again the whole scene indicates that Aarti and Yash r gonna hv lots of foreplays once they confess their love for each other since both seems to enjoy such naughty foreplays EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

All these above observations r making me hopefull that this AarYa love journey from here on is really going to intense and passionate one for sure Day Dreaming


Episode Take

Overall today's episode seemed more like a filler where a stage is build up for Yash's doubts on Aarti to spring up now that the seed of doubt has been planted in his mind regarding Aarti Ermm

Last scene where Yash is coming towards the bedroom and Aarti  goes to open the bedroom and then the way both open the door almost at the same time due to which Yash was almost about to fall but he is saved by Aarti at the right time since she stands in front of him is sort of symbolic .. Just how Yash will never let Aarti fall in life  , same way Aarti too will never let Yash fall in life  too Embarrassed... Today Yash's trust for Aarti has been shaken a bit , reason why he looked all lost , but Aarti makes sure he does not completely fall ... they both r always there for each other to hold each other and make sure they stand strong even during times of crisis Embarrassed..Just when Yash thought all doors might b closed at his end , we hv Aarti herself opening the door to Yash and making sure he does not fall Embarrassed.. Yash was standing outside the door while Aarti was inside the door .. both are at crossroads of sorts but still standing in front of each other and looking at each other when the episode ends  .. So a confrontation time finally I feel Cool

I hv a feeling on Monday Aarti might end up telling the Prashant truth to Yash after hearing his words on trust and how a relationship will not survive if that trust is broken once Ermm.. So this romantic date might end up in a big confrontation between both but thats gonna b interesting Thumbs Up

This is the right time for Aarti to tell him the entire truth before he finds out from a third party Smile... Yash's doubts r quite valid especially after whatever he heard from the mechanic since only recently he saw how Paridi has broken Pratik's trust despite so much love between both Ouch.. All those mixed flashes in front of Yash about what the detective told about women in general or what Bua keeps saying about Aarti going to Dubey house regularly or what the mechanic told about Aarti and some random guy clearly indicates that the seed of doubt is finally planted in Yash's head but its still the initial stages and if right now Aarti tells him everything , things will b still under control but if he finds out from someone else , its going to b disaster OuchOuch...

I wonder why Yash was thinking about Bua's words there regarding Aarti going to Dubey house on KC Ermm .. Does he think Prashant was the guy last night with Aarti whom the mechanic was mentioning ?? ...Since Yash knew that Aarti has gone to meet Shobha and then Ansh and he even assumed that mayb the guy was Mr.Dubey but then the mechanic said its a young guy ... So does Yash hv doubts on Prashant and Aarti here , reason why he kept thinking about Bua's words during KC night  because he knows Prashant stays there in Dubey house ?? ErmmOuch.. If thats the case , then Aarti got to tell him the truth monday itself before he assumes the worst ..something like Aarti hving some affair with Prashant ... Its normal to think on those lines especially after what Paridi did OuchOuch...

Right now Yash's head is going to think the worst especially after witnessing Paridi's sins  but his heart will always want to trust Aarti reason why in precap he once again tells Aarti about trust so that Aarti speak up on her own ... This is perfect time for Aarti to tell him entire truth Smile

Aarti was suppose to hv a guilt about hiding the truth and she did hv the guilt till last night when she could not even look into Yash's eyes and straightaway went to sleep Cry ... But Next morning changed it all for her when those pictures put by Yash in the bedroom took her to a different world altogether  Embarrassed.. she was simply overwhelmed with Yash's gesture and was over the moon .. In that same excitement she decides to do something for Yash in return .. For that particular moment she actually forgot all about her guilt and the lie bit .. She just became a girl who is madly in love with her husband and wanted to announce to the whole world that her second marriage has been not only super successfullly  but also holds more importance to her than her first marriage because she has never waited so eagerly for something ever in her life like she is waiting today for Yash ji to arrive Embarrassed.. She simply wanted to make Yash feel extra special as a return gift to whatever Yash ji did for her by putting her pictures in the room ... So I think Aarti planning the date for Yash was perfect because she knows thats the kind of reaction Yash wants from Aarti  ... She wanted to forget all her issues and guilts for that particular moment ... Embarrassed...In short , I feel the whole excitement of feeling loved by Yash for the first time made her forget her guilt for that one moment and sigghh it will come haunting back again on Monday  Ouch...

A little word of praise for Vidhi today .. She is one character who is always happy for others .. quite a rare quality ClapClapClap.. Even after Paridi almost trapped her , Vidhi still hopes that Paridi's case is resolved soon and she looked so much involved in it asking Pankaj to do his best ClapClap.. Then when Vidhi sees those pictures in Aarti's room , she so genuinely looked happy for Aarti and even though she might look like a poppinjay once again advicing Aarti to ask Yash about his feelings , but there was so much honesty and natural love in Vidhi's dialogues for Aarti .. She kept encouraging Aarti to do something romantic for Yash and even gave example about her young days with Pankaj ... Such a positive character she is ClapClapClapClapEmbarrassed...I really hope in future we can see a good parallel track for Pankaj and Vidhi too .. there is so much to explore in this beautiful couple as well since Vidhi is shown too engaged in house activities and feels her marriage has become old now while in initial days we hv seen Pankaj craving for her attention ... I see lots of potential in their track Thumbs Up

Coming back to AarYa , I feel just how Yash got his share of chances to rectify his mistakes  same way Aarti also will get her chance to redeem herself as well in the coming episodes now that Yash is repeatedly making her aware of how trust holds the importance in any relationship to grow further Embarrassed...Woman r  called bhoodevi  and sahansheelta ka swaroop because  they hv the power to bear the brunt Thumbs Up...

Aarti  has not committed a sin here that 24/7 she will carry the guilt .. In fact Paridi even after sleeping with producer at night , still continues to hv her usual laughs with Pratik .. here Aarti is hiding a big truth but she hersalf has not comitted a sin  or constructed the lie .. we already had this debate of hiding truth verses  lie and we all agreed to it that Aarti is hiding a secret but not lieing ...She feels guilty when she is reminded that she is hiding a truth from her man  but at the same time she feels overwhelmed and happy when she sees a little ray of light which makes her feel that even after this truth comes out , her man will not leave her ever .. this explains Aarti's mood swings regularly ...

Last night she told to herself that if even Yash ji turns his back against me , I will not b able to live anymore and the guilt was making her all depressed but next morning when she sees all those gestures of Yash , she gets a hope that Yash ji will never leave me even after knowing about the truth , and so we see her expressing her happiness in her belief for the momant ...

Point here is we cannot judge her on a regular basis ..She is well aware that she is hiding a truth and she also knows that she cannot show this guilt regularly on her face because her family will not like her depressed face either ... She is well aware of the consequences too once truth comes out and is living on a hope that Yash ji will forgive her but she is ready to bear the brunt in the end  ... Smile..

Aarti is wrong in hiding the truth ..there r no second thoughts on it .. I guess we hv discussed this in all detail regularly .. I hv even made post after post counting her mistakes LOL ... But right now I m trying to understand her every single action and reaction knowing that she is wrong .. And what I can conclude is that she wants peace ... She is fed up of all the issues around her .. she is fed up of taking tension over various issues .. she is even fed up of her guilt trip .. So this is one day where she just wants to b a girl in love waiting eagerly for her prince charming and forgetting all the other pending issues .. she knows there is always a tomorrow to think about all that ... Embarrassed.. Is she right .. Mayb not ... but she is not bothered about the judgement too .. she just wants some peace and happiness even if it last only for that one night  ...Smile...

Last but not the least KS as Aarti looked stunning in green saree and curled hair  Embarrassed... And the whole SMS game by Aarti  to Yash was really very cute .. we hv always seen guys sending Love SMSes to girls .. I love how PV CVs always believe in role reversal .. we hv bold Aarti flirting with Yash via Love SMSes here .. Cool...

Overall a decent episode and good build up for the Monday climax StarStarStarStar

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From now onwards everyone in this DC post who r commenting ,liking or stalking ...plsss make sure u hv done your daily 2 comments quota in these following profiles of GC and KS Embarrassed...

It will b better if we can comment on every actor's profile at least twice in a day so that all PV actors rankings can go up but make sure we r doing it regularly on GC and KS's profile at least Embarrassed...


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No truer words have never been said when it comes to Yash Scindia...Here's a man who has been saying for the pass few months that he could never love anyone other than his decease wife Arpita. 

When he got married to Aarti Yash Scindia, he made it indirectly clear to her on their wedding night that he didn't get married for himself cause he isn't interested in having a wife but a mother for his daughters. 


Aarti was relieved when she realized that she was totally wrong about Yash and his intentions regarding their Punar Vivaah. 

During the first few months of their marriage, Aarti & Yash learned to co-exist with each other, then they became friends...They had tons of ups & downs and without realizing when or how the former fell in love with the latter.


Yash considered Aarti to be his best friend, she respected his dead wife Arpita and the place she holds in Yash's life...One stormy night in Mumbai, they got intimate during the festivities of Lord Shiva. While still under the influence of bhang they consummated their marriage which resulted in Aarti getting pregnant and Yash having a mild breakdown.


In spite of all the insults and accusations Yash hurled at Aarti, the latter's love was never shaken she still stood by the former when he needed to do penance for what he called a sin. 

After all the emotional roller coaster rides, Aarti tried pulling herself away for Yash thinking that he is what he wanted...but little did she know that what he really wanted was to able to talk to his friend again. But he didn't seem to understand that things couldn't just go back to the way they were. Aarti was a little distant and that left Yash restless.

Then when Aarti was finally starting to be herself again came the complications of her pregnancy, fearing that Yash would reject their child she ran away and ended up in the hospital in a town named Lalitpur. Yash was desperate to find her and when he did, he let her know that she had no right to take his children away from him which was his way of telling her that he has accepted their baby.   


After their doctor's visit together Aarti & Yash were given a special regime in order to get their baby & Aarti's healthy enough for the pregnancy to continue and while spending time together, they discovered a lot about one another. 

Yash discovered that he loved Aarti's angry side, he even admitted to a sleeping Aarti that he liked when she teases him but the one thing he can't bear is her silence cause he is alw
ays looking for a reaction from her even if it's to tell what he is doing wrong. 

He planned a surprised for her by decorating the walls of their bedroom with pictures of them and children when he didn't get a reaction from her he felt sad & hurt, he doesn't understands what's happening to him...He knows that she is very special to him and that her presence in his life made him a better man.


Yash may not say the words YET but his actions speak volumes of the huge affection, respect & LOVE he has for Aarti and no matter what comes their way, one thing is for certain Yash and Aarti will not let anything nor anyone keep them apart. 


Whenever AarYa look at each other they get lost in one another and nothing else seem to matters...Yash is on the verge of realizing that the thing he can't put his finger on and the reason why he feels restless when she doesn't react to the things he does for her is called BEING IN LOVE. 




A great episode Clap Clap

It commences with boa leaving the room, Gayatri tells Aarti that she is going to make Halwa for her...The former asks Vidhi to go get a glass of juice for Aarti to which she obliges...G3 is sure taking special care of Aarti but I wonder how she is going to react when the truth about P comes out? or if god forbade Aarti loses the baby? Ermm but I love the their relationship Big smile

Pratik goes to console a nervous Pari who is crying, Aarti & Yash share an eye-lock...Yash advances towards Aarti but he stops when he hears Pratik telling not to worry upon seeing that Yash stopped in his tracks, Aarti goes close to Yash, she picks up the file and tells him Yashji file to get his attention...haha you go Aarti, that girl to an opportunity to be close to her man Tongue LOL

She hangs the file to him...AarYa hands touch and neither one of them doesn't shy away, Yash wants to say something but Aarti cuts him off citing that she knows and that she will wait for him just then Pankaj comes and tells them that they should leave...Aarti wishing Yash all the best, they all leave....hehe I loved the way they just can't seem to stay away from each other Smile

Aarti in AarYa's room straighten the cover on the bed when Vidhi come in with the glass of juice for her then she notices the pictures on the walls and asked Aarti about they...The former tells the latter that Yash has found such a great way to express his love, Vidhi says love?! Aarti says yes, her heart is telling her so...Vdhi requests that she asks Yash about his feelings to find out whether he loves her or not, after some protesting by Aarti, the latter finally agrees...That was a great piece of advice from Vidhi to Aarti sure Yash is in the first stage of realizing his love for Aarti so it would be best for her to hear from his mouth about how he feels about her Thumbs Up 

At the court, the three Scindia brothers are walking Pankaj tells them that they have another court date and he goes on to tell Pratik that the next time Pari makes a mistake like that he won't help her out...Pratik gets mad and asked Pankaj is he thinks Pari is guilty? the latter doesn't answer so the former says that Pari did everything for her safety Yash is self thought says the Pratik is wrong...Yash calms Pratik down, Pankaj get a text and he and Pratik leave...Oh Yash is in such dilemma he doesn't know how to tell that his brother the truth about Pari cause if the truth comes out his marriage is going to be over but most importantly he's afraid of what Pratik will do cause he's a very impulsive person Ouch Ouch Ouch

Yash remembers Aarti's words about her waiting for him while Yeh Dil Hai plays in the background, Yash smiles meanwhile ate the SM, Aarti is talking to Yash's portrait...She says that she can't wait for him this long, she picks up the cell and calls him but Yash doesn't answer...The latter is shown walking towards his car, he gets in and sees Aarti's earring on the passenger seat her takes it and smiles. He drives away and then notices that Aarti has been calling him just then the car is experience some problem, he tries the ignition again but it doesn't start so he comes out and sees an auto shop...OMG Yash is all smiles with everything that remembers him of Aarti Embarrassed

At the SM, Aarti is cooking when Gayatri comes and scolds her...Aarti tries to tell her that she is doing this for Yash but she doesn't give her a chance just then Vidhi comes and tells Gayatri that Pankaj called and tells her about Pari's case...Gayatri once again tries to take Aarti out of the kitchen when Vidhi tells her that Aarti is doing something special for Yash leaving their MIL very emotional and grateful...She thanks Aarti for bringing happiness back to Yash's life...ha I swear Vidhi was going to pull a Pari on Gayatri but she didn't and instead they started promoting Sa Re Ga Me Pa and the ZRA Dead LOL LOL

Someone helps Yash push the car into the garage and he thanks the man for his help, Yash calls out for the mechanic who is working on a car...The latter comes out and upon seeing the number plate, he says that's the same car as the other night surprising Yash with his statement.

Back at the SM, Aarti is decorating the entire room when Vidhi comes and is very impressed, they talk and they even pull each others legs...those two are like two sisters the way they tease and stand up for each other, I really like their relationship, I hope that Vidhi will be by her side when the truth about P comes out Ermm

At the garage again Yash thinks that Dubey is the man that came with Aarti but the mechanic tells him that the man was young and that he could has been her husband leaving Yash puzzled...Aww poor Yash Ouch that damn nosy mechanic ruining the smile that was on Yash's face since AMn, that mechanic talks more than a hairdresser and bartender put together LOL LOL

Aarti is getting ready, she is sending some lovely messages to Yash, she even clicks a pic of herself and send it to Yash...Awww those two are going to be the death of me, I totally love how giddy they both are Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Back at the garage Yash pays the mechanic and sits in the car with a sad look on his face...Seriously I could kill that mechanic Angry

Aarti is out on the balcony waiting for Yash to come home, she looks at her phone and then in self talk she says that she can honestly say that today her second marriage is worth more that her previous one and she goes on to say that Yash is like God to her...Aww Aarti my Darling your bubble is about to burst again and you will see that your Yashji is just human and he is flawed Wink 

Yash comes home and he flashes back to the P.I, the mechanic and boa's words, he walks into the house and doesn't see Vidhi there, the latter texts Aarti that the former has arrived...Yash is lost in thoughts walking to their room...Aaarrrggghhh I knew it was coming but seeing it juts made me wanna cry, the seeds of doubts have been planted into Yash's head Cry Cry Ouch and now the way he interacts with Aarti is gonna be very telling in the upcoming weeks...Can't wait Evil Smile Evil Smile Evil Smile

Aarti is fixing herself while Yash is about to open the door she pulls it open and they come face to face leaving Yash shocked seeing her all decked up....well we're in for a emotional roller coaster ride next week Big smile Big smile

PRECAP: Yash and Aarti are sitting down at the table, the former tells the latter that a husband and wife relationship is based on trust and love and if trust is not there then what's the meaning of the relationship leaving Aarti shocked....Aww well it looks like Yash is gonna find out the truth about P Monday or maybe the precap is misleading again and we will have to wait until the second week of Dec when the TRPs will be coming out Confused...I don't care I just want Aarti to take this opportunity to tell Yash the truth especially with no kids at home and them being alone in their room...Can you say sarcastic Yash anyone cause??? Tongue LOL Heart Heart

Once again Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary stole the show Star Star Star...they were outstanding...I love the way they were playful with each other before Yash left with his brothers and while texting Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

P.S: Well I won't be able to watch Monday's episode because that's when we will putting my nana to rest so you guys enjoy the romantic/tensed dinner for me as well okay Hug

Hope you guys enjoy the take!

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Nice title Jyo!!! Embarrassed

AarYa's Ishq wala Love

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thank you jyo ...Embarrassed

Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love
Hote hote hoga samjhaye hum tham jaaye tum O dil mere 
Ishq wala love Day Dreaming

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I'm in!!!! 

Hey AllHug

Good morning/night/afternoon! Smile

I'm super excited for today's episode!

@Jyo Di - Rocking title! Thumbs Up

I love those observations! They were so apt! OMG! Your observation about the payals!!! That was too naughty! Embarrassed Yashji will kill us all eventually! ROFL

EDIT: First page? Shocked Dancing

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