Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Crooner Farewells -- Part I - UPDATED

honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 November 2011
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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged


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beena14 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 September 2006
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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Love you and Crooner HAMEESHA Hug

pic credit: lovely Hug

Don't be dismayed by goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before we can meet again. And meeting again, after moments, or lifetime is certain for those who are friends.
Richard Bach

In the western lands beneath the sun

The flowers may rise in the Spring,

The trees may bud, the waters run

The merry finches sing,

Or there maybe 'tis cloudless night,

And swaying branches bare

The Eleven- stars as jewel white

Amid their branching hair.


Though here at journeys end I lie

In darkness buried deep,

Beyond all towers strong and high,

Beyond all mountain steep,

Above all shadows rides the sun,

And stars forever dwell:

I will not say the day is done,

Nor bid the stars farewell.


Priya the Video is beautiful ClapOmG will be close to my heart forever, thanks sweetheart . 

Priya, loved the Crooner as always but this one will always be special . My journey of

 IPK on IF started with the Crooner and today finishing with the Crooner . Priya, thank

 you for making my IPK journey a memorable one. I have made many friends thanks to

 your Crooner whom I have cherished and hope will in the future. Girls, I am sorry if I

 have hurt anyone feelings. We all have spent many hours agreeing , disagreeing ,

 decoding thanks to you Priya for oiling my brain ''..some neurons fired.

I thank the entire team of IPK for giving us a show which will go in Television history

 for many reasons. Barun/ Sanaya thanks guys for living, breathing Arnav and Khushi

 for the past 18mths you guys were amazing. I for one don't think we will see another

 pair as graceful , good looking , with sizzling chemistry to grace television again. Love

 IPK family as much as my Crooner family.

A wonderful journey has come to an end with a new beginning ''''''Leaving you'll

 with some of Arnav/ Khushi scenes which will always be special'''''..    

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archanan14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
"Alvida... yaara alvida... ho rahe tumse hum juda...
Le chale saare gham tere... khush rahe yaara tu sadaa...

Tum se bhi zyada hongi ab yaadein pyaariyaan
Hum dono ki hain apni apni laachariyaan...
Ab hanste hanste tumpe le khushiyan vaariyaan...

Marz bhi hai deti, chain bhi hai deti,
Dard bhi hai deti, jaan bhi hai leti yaariyaan... na chhode yaariyaan..."


Priya... such a beautiful Crooner! It brought back such amazing memories... and gives us such promise of hope ahead!

I am not going to talk about the offscreen - there are too many things we might not know much about - but I must own, as a person who believes in and always wants happy endings - I am really happy that the couple I have loved together the most on the screen - my darling Arnav and Khushi - have a happily ever after. It's an ending that an orphaned girl who searches for her parents in the stars, and a troubled man caught up in the demons of his past truly deserved. For me, without Arnav there is no Khushi, and without Khushi, there is no Arnav. It's as true and simple as that.

I have always felt that Arnav was just created to be epic and larger than life - who else would have torn the dori of the heroine, and dropped her from an office? It is this that got so many people watching the show. And while he is the better etched character, known to be different from all - but Khushi is extremely different too. In a world of crying bahus, she chose to laugh and smile - in fact my dad has always told me that I need to be like her in my life too. It was not simply mindless comedy - it was a girl who accepted things in her life with a smile and tried to do something about it. Arnav wanted to control everything in his life - but he couldn't control his attraction to her. The period of knowing and understanding that attraction was really the most magical time of this show. And it proves one thing - he is the soul of the story, she is its heart.

The difference in their characters, as compared to others on Indian television, is really I guess where the craze was created. Not to mention Barun and Sanaya, and their chemistry that rises above their cumulative acting to take Arnav and Khushi to the next level. I was not a great fan of either before I began watching this show - but as I fell in love with Arnav and Khushi, so did I fall in love with Barun and Sanaya - as a lead pair even more than I love Barun and Sanaya individually. The rain hug was the start of the fascination and watching the serial without missing an episode - but Teri Meri brought it to the point of simple obsession, when I just could not stop even thinking about them. There simply will never be another couple like them on Indian television, no matter how much anyone tries.

Of course, there were other major aspects of the show which were wonderful - the dialogues especially were my favourite - a tongue in cheek humour combined with a very young and youthful appeal. And the screenplay was very well written, w
ithin the constraints of the narrative that was dictated. Could things have been done better? Yes - a lot of them! There was no way that this was perfect - there were too many loopholes, too many rushed tracks, too many open-ended loopholes, too many questions left unanswered with no hopes of answers. And yet this love between Arnav and Khushi, and their chemistry, which just became larger than the show itself, sustained everything... till everything else just paled in comparison.

o an ending to the truly different show on Star Plus - it had to be with Arnav and Khushi. I loved that the last scene was of him entering with her into the house - a truly Prince Charming and his Princess ending to a wonderful show, which has been more than a TV serial to me - it's been an experience. And thanks to everyone who made this experience happen - especially to Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani. May the stars shine down brightly upon you, wherever you go. I don't think I can write or say much more!

P.S. To all my friends and those who have read, liked and commented - thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life. I hope we can continue to remain in touch always. I hope I have shared my contacts with everyone - in case I have not, please do PM me!
I do plan to be mostly be off the forum as I have been in the last few weeks, but I will always cherish being here. More than all, Priya - thank you for Crooner, and for the friends I have made here. It has truly been one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

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writ_in_water Goldie

Joined: 12 November 2011
Posts: 2064

Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Thank you Priya. It has been a great journey with IPK as much as with Crooner. Wonderful insights, analyses and much giggling and fun. Really looking forward to the update. Meanwhile, I want to share some of my best memories of IPK. Aaj bas maaf kardo sab... have to spew out everything. Hug

Some of my best memories

These were difficult to choose.. there were so many but I disciplined myself (well, almost) to two per section. So here goes.

Most Romantic Scenes

1. Indulge me, but more than the actual Diwali episode, for me the most romantic moment is when Arnav first spots Khushi amidst the diyas and walks towards her entranced. His eyes reflect desire, a sense of pride almost at his choice, pure admiration and unadulterated love, all together. One of Barun's best ever scenes, I feel.

2. Indulge me again, the dargah scene when her pristine white dupatta caresses his face and he  turns and searches for its owner, almost longingly. I could smell her perfume there almost, just like I know he did. For me she would smell something lemony and something of lily of the but not overpowering. 

There are many others like the fairy lights untangling, the guesthouse rescue, the stars conversation after maa's kangan, the hospital benedictory pat on her head...but dammit I had to choose!

Most sensuous scenes

1. The first would have to be the gentle pressure of his brown fingers on her pretty fair feet after the sprain is taken care of and she is about to lift her feet from his thigh.

2. The second is after the water fight in the office. She turns towards him in anger and her wet lustrous hair hits him square on his face and his heart stops for a microsecond inspite of his anger
(mine did too) and you can clearly see desire flash in his eyes in that instant.

3. Oh damn. I have to have a third. It has to be, has to be, 'Hogaya' after bending down in such sexy slow motion, stopping to see her reaction and prising out the bangle piece from her wrist. Whew.

4. And a fourth. The Haldi rub. One of the best screenplay writing efforts I have come across. The scene effortlessly manages to showcase breathless intimacy and passion with the leads barely touching each other, forget kissing.

Most Powerful scenes

1. Surefire first. The 'I hate you' scene by the poolside. The angst, anguish, the passion in both their eyes when they say hate, the heaviness of their hearts raw in their eyes... I am tempted to label this the best ever scene of defines everything about the story. Nafrat paas aane na de.. mohabbat door jane na de.

2. After Arnav discovers Khushi and Shyam on the terrace.. he walks like a zombie to his room, wrenches off his waistcoat and sits numb on the edge of his bed...his eyes bloodshot, his hands trembling but covering his face, the horror of his situation, palpable. I thought this was even more powerful than the actual breakdown scene.

3. The kidnap I love you. I may be in a minority here.. but I loved the entire kidnapping track and the intensity it brought to the love story. His I love you on phone, almost physically pulled out of him...his recognising that she was crying and gruffly asking her to stop doing so... while she was barely breathing into the phone -- classic stuff.

Most Funny Scenes

1. 'Din bhar khelte rehte hain' to Om Prakash followed by Arnav's befuddled 'ajeeb ho tum'. I laughed my guts out. That entire episode actually.

2. The heartbeat test.. has something like this ever been attempted by any heroine? Nope. neither in movies nor on television.

3. Oh well. One more. The Dadi-Mami-NK confrontation in the hilarious episode of bed breaking.

I found the entire ASR flirting track during Payash wedding romantic, sensuous and funny. So no classification there. There's no contesting that 'Hi'. A simple Hi! invested with so much sensuality. All the scenes in that track are special, very special.

If this track was the best, the best week of episodes was during Holi. The highlight being Arnav gazing enraptured at Khushi...'she's beeeautiful". He is too.

IPK Quirks

1. Of course, the mysterious poolside. Where was it actually located? How was it that it could be seen from the living room and yet whenever Khushi and Arnav had their intense moments, nobody could see them? How was it that Arnav's room was reached by stairs and yet the pool belonged to his room? Did Anjali have a separate pool or she shared it with Arnav? You get the drift. The magical poolside.

2. ASR's closet or Moody's magical trunk. Err umm.. only one closet. He apparently kept everything there including his two and a half suits, one and a half fake Hermes shoes, Singhania's file (ok, ok it got lost but it was there before alright?), his will (hellow!), extra bedcovers, maa's kangan and presumably also his assorted Khushi souvenir collection -- pearls, pom-poms, torn dupatta ends and what not.  And then to top this,  Khushi also kept all her stuff there including  her mojris and chameli ka tel. And it still had space for her to sit inside and mull about Sheetal. Go, figure.

3. Everything in mami's room in one episode was polka-dotted. Her nightdress, the pillow covers, heck even the curtains. And in Akash's room, the dominant colour was lurid pink. Freudian much?

4. The super-efficient invisible robot called Aman. Am I glad we never saw him! Am sure his family didn't ever either.

5. The mystery of the full plate of almonds and two pickle jars that were a constant in Nani's room.

6. The Prakash brothers. Enough said.

IPK-isms and favourite one-liners.

 Oh they have got into my own lexicon.

Adding a 'wa' for everybody and everything, even though often it is only in my own mind.

Keeping track of real-life Rabba Ves.. ;)


Aap bhi na!

Hum ho do nandkisor!

Hullo Hi bye bye!!

Thoda dard hoga


Lagi Shart (the sexiest challenge ever)

Ab theek hain

Main nahi jaanta tha ki tum mujhe itney kareeb se observe karte ho.

Last mein kya tha (roll the tongue ladies!) followed by Let's start backwards (now roll the R)

Kuch Kuch hota hain Arnavji...aap nahi samjhoge. Followed by 'What Crap'.

'I'm waiting'. Followed by deadly smirk.

Tum theek ho? It always sounded like I love you to me. And it was always a question and an answer both. Sigh.

And all IPK's vintage unfinished dialogues...

Khushi, tum...

Khushi, main..


Farak padtha hain kyunki...

Of course Farak padtha hain dammit kyunki main...

Aap he aise chale jayenge toh hamari saansey hi ...

and of course, the ultimate unfinished line

What the!

Thank Yous

Waise, thank you to the entire cast.. especially mami, Nani and Buaji.. nuanced memorable role-playing. But my special thanks to these four.

Barun Sobti. For embodying everything that I had grown up imagining about Mills and Boon Heroes. Not just tall, dark and handsome but also smirky, sexy, furious, witty, snarky. You played everything fantastically Barun. You played ASR with aplomb and you were adorable as Arnav. I have discussed, thrashed, analysed and observed your every frown, every lift of the eyebrow, every kind of half-smirk; every sinew in your strong forearms. And many more unmentionables here. I am a decent, mature 33-year-old good girl after all.  I have celebrated when you have laughed; I have cried when you have and I have had unshed tears when you didn't shed them. You have made it impossible for me to conjure up another face whenever I read any M&B now...which of course, I read again to imagine you. Thank you.

Sanaya Irani. I truly believe there couldn't have been another Khushi. It was a stroke of genius to get you to play her.. you brought to life the child-woman who is as much a pillar of this story as ASR is. ASR wouldn't have been so iconic a character if you hadn't played Khushi with such sincerity and dedication. I loved your comic timing, I loved your sankapan and I 'farak' your tears. You were just the perfect foil for ASR.. without you, it wouldn't have been the same. Thank you.

Raju Singh. There is never ever a love story that tugs at the heart without apt music. Arnav and Khushi wouldn't be Arshi without Rabba Ve. And there would be no Rabba Ve without your genius. Our unsung hero, I wish I could hug you for giving us Rabba Ve, for the title song that makes me want to sing it to Arnav --tujhko dekh kar ankhen muskurane lagte hain...for the rousing, triumphant ASR bg and of course, for Daiyya Ho. How many villains can boast of a bg tune that is as enticing as the hero's.  It is perhaps a rarity that background music has been brought so much to the foreground... precisely because it deserves to be. Take a bow.

And finally,

The hardworking extra who doubled up as err... everything. Driver, worker in office, random walking guy near Gupta House, random guy eating noodles in Italian restaurant, random guy walking by when Khushi is out kidnapper-hunting, courier boy, random clapper for sangeet and assorted functions at RM. And Khushi's body double who did all the above AND served as a body double. And was one of the contestants in Mrs India. And was one of the mothers during Aarav's drum contest. And got bashed and envied often for just doing her job. So thank you!

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged

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subiscs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Priya...a very beautiful crooner..Smile  Very well wriiten...****hugsss*****  

To the promos that intirigued me...the tagline that added to the curiousity and when i tuned onto tv on june 6th, realised this show was different...and then fell in love with the characters, narration.the screenplay dialogues... our endless discussion here stands as a testimony to everything...

Arnav khushi are just iconic characters and their love story will always remain no 1 to me too...humesha!!!! Barun sanaya...i love u guys!!!!

It created history...sometimes creations become so huge than creator and noone can be blamed..and i totally agree ..kaash they understood what the audience wanted..the reason behind it..kaash!! anyways the truth is something we will never know and it always remains!!

Journey along with the story has been really incredible..the journey of moments...!!!!!!

the arrogant angry business tycoon letting a gal fall from his room, jus ripping her dori off..and that bubbly feisty girl who invaded ,stood up for herself and for what she thought was right..They ran away from each other, fought, cried, laughed stood by  and all the above was done with so much passion..passion and love that bound them together!!!! 

barun sanaya who made these characters come to life..the mindblowing chemistry that cannot be created or seen everytime and can never be matched !!!!

u have just said everything  priya...!!!!!

i really liked this..the magnetic pull that made the man read himself!!!! yes bound by heartbeats...humare dhadkane ek ho jaate hai..classic..!!! dialogues of our show..esp the one u quoted here is my all time favourite!!! always had brilliant dialogues na...iss pyaar main sahi aur galath ka koi matlab nahi.., baath aapke hai isliye farak padtha hai., baath sach ya jhoot ke nahi baath yakeen ki hai..

noone can ever deny the hard work behind the screen..and the credits to the creation of such iconic characters and super script bound well with writing and narration ..!!!! well that actually made the end even more sad and difficult..inevitable it has to end with them yes..for they complete each other!!! 

They part to meet..and  teri meri was just a fitting tribute to the entire love story we have witnessed...!!! certain stories are just epic..can never be replaced or recreated..and the beauty lies here..iss pyaar ko kya naam doon...the love that can never be answered or rather making it even more epic and unique for when we define it , the story becomes normal..when it is actually not !!

Thanks to the entire team..all of them...the brilliant cast and for a giving a show which i will love humesha...!!!! yes the ever beautiful rabba ve tune too..!!!!!

to this the crooners where we had super fun , analysing discussing, arguing, disagreeing , fighting , crying and laughing !!!!met the best of buddies..friends for a if i had hurt anyone, sorry it was never intentional..Thank u priya for making the journey even more memorable HugHug

and today there is no ipk to tune into..and fact is it is just not sinking in..!!! will miss them :(

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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Priya,,,,,ruladiya yaar,,,its too late for me to update here on pg 1,,so I will update with a current reply to this post! What ever page it may be! 

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 9:04am | IP Logged
my most favourite scene...
quintessential ASR and my fiesty KKGSR

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