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Here u will find all the articles related to Show n Cast
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Serial based on Mumbai terror attacks

Published: Friday, Nov 16, 2012, 8:56 IST 
By Chaya Unnikrishnan  

It was on November 26, 2008, that Mumbai witnessed one of the worst terror attacks in its history. With the fourth anniversary of the gruesome event round the corner, a channel Life Ok is all set to air a serial 2612 that revolves around terrorism.

It's about a primary teacher Rashmi Bhargav (Tejasvi Welingker) who finds herself involved in a terrorist plot when she crosses Shahana (Shikha Singh), the main face of the 2612 mission.

Rashmi's life changes when she loses her father and brother in a train blast. Randeep Rathore (Mahinder Singh), a policeman's main task is to save the country from the terror attack and eventually falls in love with Rashmi.

Shahana who is in charge of the mission is shown pregnant a la Vidya Balan in Kahaani, but unlike Vidya who was looking for her missing husband, Shahana here will be avenging her husband's death. The serial is slated to be aired by the end of this month.


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TB: Review of 26-12

Saturday, December 01, 2012 | 4:18:48 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   

26-12 is a thriller with class

Life OK, 9pm, Monday to Friday
Genre: Thriller
Production House: Sphere Origins

Journalists hear the TV channels and production houses proclaiming at the launch of every second show that their new show is something that has never ever been done on Indian TV before. Contrary to these tall claims often the show once again happens to be yet another clichd family drama or the show offers a few new elements but isn't radically different. A serial like 26-12 has however really never been seen on Indian TV before.

The channel and production house could have played safe and launched yet another family drama. However they chose to do a thriller based on terrorism instead. There have been many films on terrorism after the series of terrorist attacks- however after a while they got hackneyed in their execution. 26-12 however has a totally different approach towards the terrorism theme- it doesn't moralize or have a didactic delineation. In fact it steers clear of religious issues that are often linked with terrorism.

Indian viewers have been for a long time yearning for a show like the critically acclaimed thriller 24. Television in the country is now starting to boldly experiment with that genre. Next year you will see the Indian version of 24. 26-12 is a very successful attempt in the thriller genre. In foreign countries they usually have seasons and a bank of episodes. Hats off to the creatives that they have aced at producing a thriller even in the daily format.

Let's face it that the majority of Indian serials are targeted at female viewers even if the male protagonists are etched out well. 26-12 also has two female leads- Rashmi Bhargava (enacted by Tejasvi Welingker)- a kindergarten teacher who loses her dear ones in a terrorist attack and Shahana (essayed by Shikha Singh)- a strong lady who heads the terrorist gang as she wishes to avenge her husband's death. Nevertheless despite having very strong female leads, 2612, I feel will also attract many male viewers because of the terrorism plot, thriller format,stunning action sequences and beautifully etched out male characters. In fact a show like this proves that TV can't be typecast as the idiot box as it's a show for intelligent viewers.

Especially the way Shahana has been portrayed is absolutely different from the way women are usually depicted in Indian serials. Instead of handing her husband his dabba which he may have forgotten to pack; she hands him a gun (which according to her is the most essential item). It was engrossing to watch how Shahana on embracing her new motherhood gets to know that her husband has been shot dead. She is no widow copiously shedding tears for her departed husband- she is determined to take revenge and becomes the female leader of the terrorist gang. It's a touching moment when she shoots dead her dear friend John; a very sweet, mild tempered and caring youngster to prove to her mentor that she can kill the innocent. Her mentor believes that she can only be a part of the terrorist movement if she can kill innocent people which he regards as inevitable while executing terrorist missions.

Nevertheless without being moralistic the show also conveys the fact that terrorism is a deadly wrong path. The path that Shahana is embarking on is criminal, wrong and unpardonable. The greatest tragedy of terrorism is the loss of thousands of innocent lives. Taking revenge especially in such a grotesque manner is a vicious crime.

Rashmi seems to be a foil to Shahana. She is soft, sweet and chirpy unlike Shahana who has a stern exterior. Whereas Shahana is heading terrorist activities; Rashmi is a kindergarten teacher. She just hopes to be happily married to her boyfriend with whom she has gone steady for five years. (Despite being soft spoken she however had the courage to break off with her boyfriend after his mother demanded dowry- it was very progressive to show a homely young woman opposing dowry.) Her life however will take an unexpected turn after she loses her loved ones at a blast. I am eagerly awaiting to watch as to how Rashmi's life changes and her romance with Randeep Rathore (essayed by Mahinder Singh)- a policeman by profession and the member of the Special Task Force develops.

Another very well etched out character is Shantanu (essayed by Samir Sharma) who is a senior atomic research scientist who has created the Nova 6- the most ominous bomb in the world which is however miniscule in size. His passion in his profession and dilemma whether to save the life of his dear daughter or to hand over the bomb to evil hands is artistically depicted. His daughter has been kidnapped and will be returned only if he parts with the bomb.

It's interesting to watch how the duplicate of Shantanu's kidnapped wife Rithika; after having heard her taped conversations via a microphone stuck in her mobile, has carefully prepared how to enact the original Rithika. She interacts with Shantanu and Rithika's sister Rashmi like the real Rithika. It's engrossing to see how she is manipulating Shantanu to place the lethal Nova bomb in the wrong hands.

26-12 has well crafted dialogues. For instance Shantanu's daughter innocently pleads to her dad that she doesn't want her parents to separate. She after all doesn't want to be like a baby penguin who is deserted by the mother after birth and looked after by the father. She wants both parents. This scene and dialogues show that the writers have keen insight into child psychology.

Rashmi's boyfriend being accosted by cop Randeep at the airport brought a smile to my lips. He says that he is in an urgent rush to board the plane sans any luggage- so he should be let go fast by the airport securities. He retorts to the police that a cop will never understand why a personal matter is an emergency situation to an ordinary Indian (who isn't in the police force). This was a sweet exchange of dialogue.

Yet another of the myriad instances of sleek scripting in the show was when a bar dancer on being proposed marriage by a bar customer is highly elated. She after all wants a home and family. She promises that she will cook multi-cuisine meals for her husband daily. This gives us a view contrary to the misconception that bar girls are immodest women who can never make homely and caring monogamous brides.

The performances of all the actors are excellent. Their delivery of dialogue and mannerisms are perfect. They have also slipped in completely into the skin of their characters.

The show is set in three different cities- Mumbai, London and New York. This adds variety to the show. I also like the way the screen is at times bifurcated into various segments simultaneously showing the happenings at various places.

26-12 on Life OK at the 9pm slot faces stiff competition especially from Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus and also from Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV. However 26-12 is also unique in itself. We will find out in three weeks' time how this new show is rating when the TRP sheets


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TB: "I should take advice from Rashmi"- Tejasvi Wellingker

Tuesday, December 04, 2012 | 1:48:19 AM IST (+05:30 GMT)  

Tejasvi Welingker is a student of Engineering at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology. She plays Rashmi on 26-12 on Life OK - a girl who is actually very strong despite being mild and soft spoken.

What attracted you to this role?

This is my first role, I also happen to be playing the main lead. I gladly accepted the show as Sphere Origins is a very prestigious production house. The 26-12 terrorist attacks in Mumbai shocked and saddened me. 26-12 is about a bigger and more shocking 26-11. It also shows a common woman fighting against terrorism.

Can you identify with this role in any way?

Rashmi is humble, sweet and can't tolerate any wrong doing. Whenever there is any wrong doing she will protest against it just like I do.

Did you prepare for this role?

I really didn't have to. Rashmi is about the same age as I am. Like me, Rashmi too has been born and brought up in Mumbai. So it is like playing myself.

Rashmi loses her loved ones in a terrorist attack. What is your message to those like Rashmi who have lost their love ones in a terrorist attack?

I don't know exactly what message I may give to them. I really feel sorry for their grave loss. While essaying the role of Rashmi I could empathize with the loss of innocent lives a terrorist attack entails. No family should suffer such a loss. People should be extremely vigilant, maybe that may prevent a terrorist attack. For instance nobody should touch a suspicious bag or object. Indians should be united against their fight in terrorism and a harsh punishment should be meted out to the terrorists.

How does this tragedy change Rashmi?

Rashmi was protected by her dad and brother and loses both of them in the terrorist attack. Post the terrorist attack in her family she just has her bhabhi and son. The entire responsibility falls on her; she knows that she has lost the breadwinners of her family, she bravely resolves to fight out this situation. She realizes that it's not just her family which has been affected; this tragedy has affected the whole of India. She knows that she has to take a stand against terrorism.

What do you like best of Rashmi, the character you play?

I like the fact that Rashmi despite being born and brought up in Mumbai is homely, family oriented and not outgoing. Her family means the world to her.

Is there anything that you don't like about her?

Rashmi is so adorable that it is difficult to dislike anything about her.

If you met Rashmi in real life what advice would you give her just after she goes through the tragedy of losing her loved ones?

She doesn't require any advice whatsoever as she is very intelligent and far stronger than I am. In fact I should take advice from Rashmi.

What kind of role would you never do?

I will accept all kinds of roles whether or not I am like them in real life. As an actress I should do varied roles.

What kind of fan feedback are you getting regarding your performance in 26-12?

Nowadays I am being called Rashmi or Lallu instead of Tejashree. My friends, family and teachers are impressed to see me act. They can hardly imagine that this is my first TV show. I am a classical dancer and singer but they could never think that I could act too. They say that I look very different on screen.

Author and Reporter: Pallavi Bhattacharya


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TB: "Sahana keeps her gun and picks up her baby": Shikha Singh
Wednesday, December 05, 2012 | 2:50:45 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)

A diligent Shikha Singh worked hard to get into the skin of the character of Sahana in Life OK's 26-12

Shikha Singh plays strong women with lan. After essaying the tomboyish Amba in Na Aana Is Desh Laado on Colors; she is beautifully executing the role of Sahana who heads a terrorist gang in 26-12 on Life OK

How did you get into the skin of Sahana?

Sahana is very intense and focused. She is a woman of few words and says what she means. In real life I am an extrovert. I had to change from the mode of saying 100 words per minute to just ten words in a minute. I needed to go into slow motion, be calm and composed. I had to concentrate and then deliver my lines. This took a while but eventually I got the hang of it.

I think that Sahana is a very well etched out and intriguing character. Please comment….(she is also taking on an evil path)…

Sahana is a very important character in the show. I hear many people saying that she is a negative lead, but I feel that she is not just that. She was like the girl next door, a loving wife and a caring mom. However her dear husband was taken away from her. She is just fulfilling his last wish of doing something big.

Sahana's character has many graphs. She is the mother of a two month old daughter. She may be going out with a gun and killing. However when she returns home, she is a mother again. Sahana keeps her gun and picks up her baby.

What about Sahana do you like the most?

I like her conviction and commitment. She is single-handedly leading a group. Sahana doesn't have to take anybody's help, she is simply amazing, this is one of the best roles on TV to play for an actress; I am proud playing it.

What about Sahana do you dislike?

I don't like her being labeled as a terrorist. In real life I don't support violence. Maybe Sahana should have focused on dealing with those who had killed her husband instead of blowing up the country.

If you could meet Sahana now what advice would you have given her?

I would advise Sahana that she needs to spend more time with her baby as she really needs her mom.

You played Amba the dacoit and now you are playing a terrorist gang leader Sahana. Do you think that both the roles are somewhat similar?

In my opinion both the roles are very different. Amba was a very positive character, she was manly and tomboyish. Sahana is very feminine and glamorous. The looks and personalities of both the characters are very different. The only similarities are that both the characters speak with a base tone and are very strong in their own ways.

What kind of roles would you never do?

I am apprehensive of being in saas-bahu dramas, but having said that I would be intrigued in being a part of them, however in Komolika's role. As an actress I should do varied roles and never ever refuse any of them. In fact I would love to take up challenging roles.

You like to write. Please elaborate.

I like to write on a variety of things.

You are fond of cooking too. What do you like to cook?

As I am a vegetarian I like to cook vegetarian dishes. I prepare dishes from the Indian and Chinese cuisine. I like to make paneer makhani and parathas, bake cakes and cookies.

You enjoy dancing too. Would you like to participate in dance reality shows?

Dancing is in my blood, in fact I start to groove whenever music is put on. Also participating in a dance reality show will reveal a totally different side of me. That is why I took up Comedy Circus after which viewers got to know that I can do comedy too.

Author and Reporter: Pallavi Bhattacharya


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TB: Its celebration time for Mohit and Aditie in Goa!

Friday, November 30, 2012 | 6:44:22 PM IST (+05:30 GMT) 

Mohit and Aditie are going to have gala time in Goa on the eve of their 2nd wedding anniversary…

Mohit Malik, who is currently seen as Rehan Charles in Channel V's Suvreen Guggal and his wife Addite Shirwakar Malik who can be seen in 26/12 are going to celebrate a very special day of their life tomorrow. Yes! The couple celebrates their 2nd marriage anniversary at a special destination.

Mohit feels that getting married is important as it brings more stability and peace in life. The actor believes that when there is someone to share everything with you, then your life surely becomes better.

Talking about his wife Addite, Mohit said, "Addite is like a friend of mine. She is very loving and caring and she shares everything with me. She never fights and is a very understanding person. She is definitely my soul mate. Addite is very sensitive and emotional and I always tell her to be strong. Both of us love traveling and watching movies", shares Mohit.

Talking about tomorrow's celebratory plans, Mohit said, "Addite and I are in Goa to celebrate this occasion and we will be here for the next three days. I have also planned a little surprise for Addite but can't reveal it before tomorrow"(chuckles).

We wish the couple a fun filled celebration and a very happy wedding anniversary!

Reporter and Author: Anwesha Kamal

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TB: "All Indians can identify with 26-12": Mahinder Singh

Saturday, December 08, 2012 | 11:07:05 AM IST (+05:30 GMT)

Mahinder Singh who is brilliantly essaying the role of the brave cop Ranveer Rathore on 26-12 on Life OK speaks to tellybuzz about his role on the show….

How did you prepare for the role of Ranveer Rathore?

The writer Saurabh Shukla and the director Siddharth Sengupta have been instrumental in setting up this show. They greatly helped me to get into the skin of the character. They told me about brave personalities of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad like Hemant Karkare and the others who bravely fought for our country. I felt very emotional about the valiant cops who had sacrificed their lives for their country.

Please go on….

I am speechless when I think of heroes like Hemant Karkare, Tukaram Omble, Vijay Salaskar, Shashank Shinde, Sadanand Date etc. To them safeguarding their country came first; it was far more important than their families and personal problems. I am full of awe when I think of the dauntless martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the country. India is proud to have heroes like these. We simply just can't repay what they have done for the nation.

How would you describe Ranveer?

Ranveer is a very ruthless and hard going police officer. He is somewhat impatient, for instance he may just go for a kill. He is determined about protecting his country. However there is an emotional side to him too which will be revealed later on the show.

I feel that 26-12 is attracting many male viewers too…

This show appeals to the young and the old, men and women both. All Indians can identify with 26-12. We should be united in the fight against terrorism so that these attacks aren't repeated in future. Just mourning the death of the innocent victims through candle marches isn't enough.

According to you how can Indian citizens fight against terrorism?

Sometimes we can prevent a terrorist attack by doing very simple things. For instance if you find a neighbour suspicious, you should report this to the police who will then do an enquiry. Also when you see a suspicious object you need to inform the authorities.

Do you think that 9pm is too early a slot for a mature show like 26-12? It doesn't have intimate scenes but the terrorism topic may not be appropriate for kids, it also has some violent scenes….

I disagree. In fact I think that 9pm is a great time slot for this show. This is peak prime time and the whole family should sit together before the TV and watch 26-12 as it has a very strong social message. There is violence on the show but it's minimal and underplayed. There may be far more violence being shown on news channels.

Should terrorists who kill many people be given the death sentence?

Absolutely, as the terrorists, have after all been ruthless. If they aren't giving the death sentence other terrorists will get the impression that they can just kill and get away with it. We should come down strongly with the message that if terrorists kill, the death penalty awaits them.

Reporter and Author: Pallavi Bhattacharya


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TOI: Would love to play Komolika, says Shikha Singh

IANS | Dec 11, 2012, 12.17 PM IST
READ MORE Shikha Singh|Na Aana Iss Des Laado|Kasautii Zindagi Kay
Would love to play Komolika, says Shikha Singh
Shikha Singh

Actress Shikha Singh, who played dacoit Ambain " Na Aana Iss Des Laado", says she loves to essay a tough girl on screen, but if given a chance, she would love to play a mean and negative character like Komolika Basu.

Shikha has never tried her hand at sari-clad roles with heavy make-up, but she says she won't mind playing a character like the vamp from daily soap " Kasautii Zindagi Kay".

"In saas-bahu shows, there are some characters you really want to be a part of. Think of Komolika! She became a household name. I would love to play that role, if offered in today's time. As an actor, you see completely different side," Shikha told IANS.

"Till date, I have never done something like that and I have always been very choosy. But as they say, never say never. That is what I have always believed," she added.

The actress, who has also played roles like cadet Akruti Bhatt in show "Left Right Left", and is currently seen as Shahana in "2612", wants the audience to remember her work.

"I want people to remember. It's been over two years that my role in the show ('Na Aana Iss Des Laado') got over, but till date, people remember me for it and it is a huge compliment for me. That is what matters. What more do I want," she said.

Often seen as a strong character in TV shows, Shikha maintains that she deliberately chooses roles which are "very powerful".

"I do not regret that at all because I am like that in real life too, so I can relate to that more easily. Now when I perform and viewers see, I get compliments like 'We wish we were in your place and could do what you did'. I think that the most satisfying thing for me," she said.

"2612" revolves around Shahana, who plans a revenge from India after her husband is shot by an inspector.

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