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guyz.. this is my frst os plz comment ...

Monday.. all ETF members in office.. shree and chotu came first to office then comes rathore and arjun together..discussing about something..
Rathore: arjun i think there is some illegal business going in the pubs around mumbai.. so we need to find them out
arjun: u r right.. evn i heard of it.. and this time we have to catch the culprit.
ratjore : shree and arjun u  will search this 10 pubs me and chotu wil search anothr 15 pubs
both teams in 2 suvs sped on the roads ..
rathore and chotu checks all pubs out of which they found 3 pubs wer doing business so they seized them
arjun and shree found all 9 pubs were good and entered last pub.
everything was going good and in meanwhile he found a lady  suspicious.she was wearing a jacket and she was looking abnormal with goggles as the jacket,was very huge and was looking like she hid somethng in that jacket.before arjun cud find her she dissapeared in crowd.
arjun and shree left the pub
arjun was still suspicious anyways he got into the suv and drove to etf office.
in office the rathore and arjun discussing
rathore: i seized 3 pubs arjun
arjun: i found 9 pubs ok even 10th one was looking good but i doubt it.. kuch toh chuta hai vahaa..
ratore: no worry u can  recheck it tommorow if u have a doubt
meanwhile shree and chotu were missing riya badly and talking about her how she used to make etf office look lively with her beautiful smile..
shree: uski muskaan sey etf office mein toh jaan aati thi.. voh ab nahi hein adhoora sa lag raha hein we miss u ri..Cry
chotu: mat ro yaar woh hame dekh rahi hein usey bahut dard hoga agar tum roga toh.

shre and chotu left office soon and later rathore..arjun had work in office and he was thinking of riya.. and her smile .. he missed her .. time was 10pm he got up to leave , was getting into suv he saw in his mirror a vague outline of person in distance he observed that was none othr then the lady he saw in the pub morning he immediately ran towards her but she dissapeared in the fog as it was winter night.
nxt day arjun got up and getting ready for office he saw the lady again in the traffic he wanted to catch her but he got stuck in traffic.he came to office..
arjun: kuch toh choot raha hai..
he thought to himself suddenly he thought to go the pub wer he saw that girl..without informing to rathore he left office..

arjun went to the pub and was searching for the girl like a mad.. he didnt find her it was aftrnoon so he decided to return to office as he was about to leave he saw the same girl (this time the girl was not looking at him but she was busy talking to a beard man drinking some wine)

arjun silently went near her and wanted to listen to their conversation
man: pakka material hein aap ko chahey toh 30 mein mil saktha hein
girl: cant i get it for 25 ?
man: no they material quality is so good u cant leave it ..
girl: urgently i need it
man: if urgent means it is 35
girl: ok 35 done but its urgent plz i cant live without it.
man:sure madam .. but in the wash room
girl: sure in 5 mins we will meet there..
 girl and man walked away in different directions..girl drinking the wine and was stammering i wil enjoy now..
arjun slowly followed the girl.
she went to wash room with a bag  and came out in 2mins with a small handbag in her hand.. wen she came out arjun followed her..
the girl went to the bar attender and took some whisky and was going to the othr side of the pub wer ther was small room which was open. arjun swiftly eneterd room before she entered. she entrd room and arjun dragged her inside and closed the door she fell down. the room was having a dull light inside but they cud able to see each othr.. she got up  and was looking at arjun and asked with a tipsy words who r u? ohh toh tumhe bhi chahiye kya toh paise nikaal 40 hazaar .. jaldi many are waiting for mee maal is fresh .. arjun thn took out his pistol and pointed at her head and asked to tell the details of their business..
the girl was shocked and still smiled in tipsy  and said shhh.. details are secret .. tum boss banney ki khwab chodoo aur bas deal karo paise do maal lo..baas itna hi karo boss banney keliye bahut badey logon sey contacts rakhna padega..aur tum toh bahut chotey ho.. iss pistol se kuch nahi hoga .. yeh toh hamarey boss key samney kuch bhi nahi hain .. ab baahar chaloo jaldi nahi toh boss aajayega aur yeh maal bhi itna sastha nahi milegaa..
 baahar chalo jaldi samjhey yaa samjhaon..
arjun got shockd listening and meanwhile he cud say somthng she swiftly dragged him holding his hand to corner of the room wer thr was a door.

arjun came to his senses and askd her to surrender herself
arjun: u girl surrender urself not a drug dealer ..but im  frm etf
girl: so wat..and girl started walking out
arjun: arjun grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him,held tight so tat she cant escape
girl: bttr leave me or the boss will come..
meanwhile a gang of 7and a man neatly dressed enterd 1st room..
arjun: he is ur boss?
girl: whispered .. yes he is.. but u plz leave this place
arjun took her away to one corner and wanted to see the boss clearly..

in etf office the rathore was angry as arjun didnt told him wer he went and his phone was swithchd off(due to low battery)

rathore: yeah arjun bhi naa pata nahi kya kartha hein pata nahi kaha hai..
in pub arjun  moved close in ohen tthr corner hiding and saw the man who was none othr than the owner of the pub who had political background.
arjun saw the gangsters bringing 4 girls of teenage and forcefully drugging them.. arjun got his blood boiled and he kept his pistol ready.. and was going  frm his hiding place the girl stopped him by holding his hand said
girl: hey gentleman  wait .. u dnt have enough bullets to face thm u cant stop the boss..u need a back up which u dnt have presently  and she smirked devilishly ..
arjun: i dnt need any backup
he was about to tie her with a rope the gangster saw arjun and the girl..
gangster: hey woh dekho koi hamari chori ko baandh raha hain..and started firing
girl: oh no they saw us
arjun pulled his pistol out and started firing..

etf office the rathore phone was ringing..
rathore saw the phone it was flashing arjun's name..
rathore: arjun kahan hon tum ham kab se pareshaan hain..
rathore expression changed wen he heard the voice from the phone
rathore: kaun ho tum?
rathore: okk..achaa hamm pahunchengey,,

rathore: team need to move to pub ..

in pub .. arjun was hiding and shooting and he was getting out of bullets till now only 1 gangster was hit still 6 are remaining..
he was hiding thinking wat to do
meanwhile a gangster came frm behind and was about to shoot arjun, arjun turned round by hearing the pistol sound and gangter was hit at exact point by the girl..
arjun shocked and was looking at the girl she took off her goggles and her eyes wer looking angelic
girl: time for action ..
arjun regained his senses and started firing the girl was damn accurate in firing Clap ..
still arjun was in confusion but still he was firing mean while the girl rescued the 4 teenager girls and took them to a safe place as they wer drugged . she again went to the place and helped arjun ..both wer hiding in a place
arjun: who the hell are u?
girl: not hell .. me came frm heaven .. to help u ..
arjun: i dnt need any help
girl: oh really.. i think u r poor in maths u jst have 4 bullets in pistol and thr are 6 more goons and the boss totally seven men and jst 2 bullets and me have 3  so now u tell how will u hit thm down .. r u not following the idiom 2 goons for 1 shot? u r running of bullets and u need a back up
arjun wanted to slap her for wat she said but he suddenly realised wat she said was right he jst had 4 bullets..he needed a back up .. he took his phone out but switched off battery dead..
girl: dnt worry ur phone is dead and ur sim in not thr in ur phone ..
arjun: wat?
girl: yeah i took ur sim and informed ur cheif 7 mins ago .. possible we have to bear this goons for 13 more mins so tat ur cheif will come with a back up. it takes 20mins for their arrival..
arjun was shocked for her accuracy  was about to ask who was she then he saw a goon attacking them he shot him down.. with 2 bullets. now thr are no bullets with arjun and the girl was hiding
suddenly a goon came frm behind and injected drug to arjun..
girl: arjun sir ...
arjun was loosing his concious and fell down.. he became weak ,cold bcz of drug affect and he was jst able to see and cud do anythng ..
the girl sprang into action hit the goon with her hand to unconcious  took her huge coat and under her coat there was an ETF protection gear (bullet proof coat) she coverd arjun with coat dragged him to anothr room hiding  as she knew abt the drug. it was dangerous in high amount  and causes weakness,cold and needs to be hositalised immediately..
girl sprang into action took out her pistol she was having only 3 bullets she took out the injection 2 syringes lying thr filled it with the drug which she was having in her bag and kept ready ..
wen she saw 2 goon wer approching she threw the syringes on them which made thm unconcious .. she took out her pistol and shot 2 goons with 3 bullets ..and hid herself and was praying for rathore to come for backup.. meanwhile a goon saw arjun and came tat place with his boss ..
goon: boss yeh toh acp arjun hein.. lagtha hein yeah hame pakadne keliye ayaa hein maar daalthey  isse..
boss: rukho insey pehley woh choori kahan hein jo hamarey sath inthna naatak ki thi ek drug dealer ki tarah  laao usse idher pehle..
goon dragged the girl to boss and arjun was still in concious able to see wat was happening but unable to do anythng..
boss: u  etf girl u tried to spoil my business and u hav to pay for it.. and now its ur time to go up and laughed
girl: u fool dnt be so happy  till etf is thr u cant evn dare to thnk of it..
boss: oh.. really.. saw ur etf see he is lying on ground helplessly..
girl was fuming with anger but still she was keeping cool to passtime for rathore to come..
girl: oh dare not to take chance with etf .. bcz a sea will look very calm and quiet before a storm .. dnt underestimate my  arjun sir
boss: laughing.. oh really.. he is waste he is lying down and cant evn get up .. how can u expect him to save u.. saying this he took out his pistol and put it on her forehead
girl: huh.. for killing a person like u thr is no need of a person to stand up and hold a pistol at u bcz u r not so strng to face arjun's sir's blows .. so better keep ur mouth shut and surrender urself or else u have to face arjun'sirs anger ..
boss: now lets see how ur fallen etf arjun sir will save u frm my pistol..
girl: arjun sir will  save me i have the confidence .. dnt dare to play with fire.. she said and she was rock steady without any fear and with confidence tat arjun will save her..
arjun collected his all energy and shouted loudly in  door direction  " rathore plz dnt shoot"
the boss attention got deviated and started shooting towards door actually thr wer no one at the door..
the girl swiftly kicked the goon to unconcious kicked the boss and the pistol fell down..she emptied the pistol and threw away and kicked him to unconcious
girl: dekha tuney tere ko maarne keliye arjun sir ki thappad nahi chahiye sirf ek ishara hi kaafi hain tere jaise kamjoor khalnayak ko..
and hit him hard so tat he fell down .. she went to arjun who was loosing his conscious , she rubbed his hands and feet for warmth. she wrapped her coat around him and with all her energy was trying to take arjun to car.. meanwhile the boss got up and stabbed her arm with a knife .. she lost her grip, but she acted swiftly and kicked  him hard ... meanwhile team arrived shree  held arjun chotu caught boss and gave a tight slap.. rathore held the girl who was about to fall as she  deeply wounded.. and blood was oozing out from her arm.. dnt worry abt mee
girl: rathore sir aap plz arjunsir ko hospital lejaiye he was drugged ..
rathore helped the girl and shree  arjun to hospital..chotu with back up helped the teenage drugged girls to hospital and took goon and bos to custody

in hospital everyone was releived after knowing both are fine..

nxt day in etf with girl..

rathore: to girl y did u do so? kyun kiya tumne aisey?
 girl: sir i didnt intentionally did it.. i was doing my job but meanwhile arjun sir eneterd into picture..
arjun: oh .. really .. that was my job .. and who asked u 2 come to tat place .. wher is ur order by the way miss...
rathore: miss Shriya reddy.. team.. meet our new member shriya reddy ..
shriya: gudmrng.. all.. first of all i want to say sorry to rathore sir bcz as per rules i hav to join aftr 3 days .. but i came to know from intelligence  that this teenage wer targeted in trafficking and the drug dealer was woman so i disguised myself asdrug dealer  woman aftr taking her into custody.. i followed all ur etf members for information about the differnt pubs being seized felt relief.i wanted to infrm u abt the drug dealer to u ystrday night evn i came to office but b4 i cud say smthng i was infrmed tat the boss was leaving country today and i hav no option left if i inform u the same u wil never giv me permission for catching him,the boss might be alerted  and my plan might hav got failed . i knew tat arjun sir was observing me and so i made him follow me..sorry arjun sir for speaking to u rudely in pub.. i wasn't drunk but i acted so,
arjun: i knew it well wen i spoke to in room.. u nevr smelt of having wine..
shriya: sorry again .. sorry rathore sir wish u will forgive me..angered ur life u
rathore: its okay but u endangered ur life..and risked
shriya: risk are for normal people .. but for us it is a child's play..
rathore: day off  no cases
while arjun was dropping shriya to home in suv
arjun still thinking of how shriya was confident tat he will save her.. how she bold and hit the goon so accurately..

guyz.. this is my first OS in arjun plzz comment..

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Really good...In chottu's and shree's language..Dhaasu entry!
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Awesum dear!! pm me whenever u update new!!..
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Originally posted by lola123

Really good...In chottu's and shree's language..Dhaasu entry!

thanks a lot.. i wanted the new coming lady character to be in par with arjun..Wink..
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Originally posted by 012345678912345

Awesum dear!! pm me whenever u update new!!..

thanks a lot for ur comment.. sure i will pm u wenever i update..
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Originally posted by CUTE..SRI

Originally posted by lola123

Really good...In chottu's and shree's language..Dhaasu entry!

thanks a lot.. i wanted the new coming lady character to be in par with arjun..Wink..

You're welcome dear...I want the same for the show but I'm really scared coz of rumors of Arjun ending...hope hope hope hope its all false*fingers crossed*
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You're welcome dear...I want the same for the show but I'm really scared  of rumors of Arjun ending...hope hope hope hope its all false*fingers crossed*[/QUOTE]

hope .. the show wnt end and we shud increase our arjun fans circle large so tat the 4 lions even if they want also cant end the show.. lets us all show our interest in forum and woh majboor hokar hamari baath sunna hi padega..

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Originally posted by shrutisweety


thank u shruti sweety

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