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awesom awesom awesom ,
totaly mind blowing ,
gr8 endinggg

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lovely ... !!

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Originally posted by Payal_156

Di tight wala hug...
me bi senti hogayi update padhkar...
well yadein is always memorable fr me..
cos frm dis ff i find a special relationship wid u...
dis ff give me ur guide n insipiration to write something in my life..
dis ff give me a elder sister lyk u...
ptani me aapke support ke layak hu ya ni..
bt want dis relationship to be cherised in my life forever...!
well back to update
it was awesum as always bt smthing special today as it was end..
Shreetu superb..!!
ayesha to sameer papa wow...!!!!
dostana part cracked me up..!!
arjun to riya shaadi par kisse ?? lolz..
riya h ek akdu hehe
kid part rofling..!
arjun lgta h wo akdu ek sath kanjus bi h again lolz...!!
di dis update had every emotion..
friendship bonding , luv n fun part everything..!!
lots of claps di..
poetry was heart touching di..!!!!!
i m speechless..
waiting fr dhamekedar epilogue..
superb news a new ff by u thats grt di..
congo shongo!!
A song fr u di..
phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna h
ek hazaron me meri behna h...
di i really respect u a lot..
pls if i ever hurt u den sry di...
pls di if ever rude to u den sry di..
keep ur brilliant writing continue di...!!!!!
me running..
wid a song as u knw i m a song freak..
hum rahe ya na rahe kal..
kal yaad ayenge ye pal...
pal ye h pyar ke pal..,
chal aa mere sang chal...!!
di i love u a lot dnt wry no dostana hehe..
urs naughty choti..
bye n tc di..!!
keep living..
keep rocking..
N ya dnt forget me ever in ur lyf ab samjhi ya samjhau ??????

samjhane ke zaroorath nahi hai meri jaan..mein samajh gayi!!!
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hey everyone!!
naraaz math hona mere yaar!! I had to stop it!!
warna ye aise hi chale jaathe!!
but dont worry I'll be back soon!!!


3 days later:

Goa : hospital:

Doc was in the room  for the regular check up. "good news Mr. Arjun you are perfectly ok now. Aapko kal hi discharge kar sakthe hai.

Arjun: kal kyu doc? Aaj kyu nahi?

Doc: kuch paper works hai, jo kal subah hi jo ho jayege. Waise  wapas jaane ka bade jaldi mien he aap. Kyu?

Arjun: kyu nahi  hoga doc? Wapas jake bohot kaam hai. shaadi jo karne hai.

Doc: oh really. Congrats. I think I know wo kush naseeb kaun hai. congrats Ms. Riya.

Riya: thanks doc.

He goes out while she sits back on the bed. "so now what? No…  firse koi plan math change karna. Pichle 3 din mien ithne saare plans change hogaye hai ke, ab mujhe yaad hi nahi ke ab kaunsa wala existing hai."

Arjun: I hope tumhe yaad ho ke shaadi kisse karna hai.

Riya: ha. Wo tho hai. kahi aap tho nahi bhoole hai na??.

He pulls her close to him by her hands. She lands on his chest. "yaad hai Ms. Riya. Ab ye mien kabhi nahi bhoolunga. Samjhe ya…"

he moves closer to her face. His breath on her face brings shivers to her body. She close her eyes always expecting his next move. And he didn't disappoint her. Not to the bits…


Coffee shop:

Shree ( on phone): yaar Chotu this is not fair. You promised ke tum yaha aarehe ho. Now what happened?

Chotu (on other side): sorry Shree… wo Reema ne phone kiya. She asked if we could go out.

Shree: oho… tho ye baath hai?? ab tumne bhi mujhe ditch kiya. Pehle tho kamse kam Riya tho mere saath dethi. Ab wo akdu ke age peeche hai. aur ab tum?? Yaar yaha dosti naam ka koi value hi nahi hai kya?? Sirf pyaar??

Chotu: Shree. Aise math bolna yaar. Tum tho janthe ho…

Shree: hey Chotu mazak kar raha tha yaar. Go and enjoy with her. Aur zara sambhalke. Jaise tum mujhe pakadthe ho, waise usse math pakadna. Toot jayegi wo…Zara pyaar se ok…

Chotu: chup. Ane do mujhe wapas thab teekh se pakadtha hu tumhe. Ab kya karne wale ho?

Shree: wo sab tum bhool jao. You enjoy. Mien aur mere lappy ke tanhayiyan aksar baath karthe hai…

Chotu: Shree uss lappy ko chod. Aur kisi chori ke tanhaiyan batne jao…

Shree: ha ha ab mujhe ab tum dono se seekne hoga. Ab rakh. Aur ja. Bye.

He cuts the call and looks at the lappy. "kaise ho mere jaan. Missed me?? ya I love you too…" he gave a flying kiss to the laptop. He was smiling and looked around. A familiar face got his attention.

Tha first time he saw her, she was in the list of girls who were missing. Next in the hospital bed, unconscious mumbling a name… that changed her life. The next  was when she hugged her dad when he came to take her home. She was completly broken down that day. In every breath she was saying sorry, crushing herself on his shoulder. He hugged her gently and kissed her hair. He made her sit down and consoled her. Her dad said something that brought a cute smile to her face. At last she was ready to go home.

Before leaving she passed by Shree and Chotu. She looked at him. He gave a small smile which was tenderly and nervously returned back to him. He knew it was difficult for her to believe anyone else. Especially any new comer. After that he never saw her. In fact, he was too busy that he never thought of her.

But there now she was, sitting by the window side, with a cup of hot cappachino. Lost in her thoughts. Unaware of her soroundings. He wished to see her smile. Later he was confused. "Whats happeneing?   Har roz kithne case athe hai? kithne logonse milthe hai? par mujhe uski bathein kyu yaad hai? wo smile mere ankhon ke samne hai. kyu?"

He looked at her. Sanuja. One among those girls who put their trust on the wrong man. He wished to go to her. But was again worried. What would she think.

He involuntarily went to her table. She didn't know his presense. "excuse me?" the voice startled her. She looked at him perplexed. New voices always frightened her. "hi, sorry to disturb you,Ms. Sanuja. I'm Shree from ETF. Remember?"

She nodded yes and gave a weak smile. She was a bit disturbed. He knew it. "Any problem sir?"

"nahi. Nothing. Just saw you sitting here. Socha hi bol du. I hope I didn't disturb you."

"no sir. I am fine. Thank you."

"ok… so if you don't mind, may I …" he was looking at the chair opposite her. She thought for a second and then nodded yes. He took a seat. There was silence.

San: aap yaha?  koi case hai sir?

Shree: nahi. Bas coffee keliye aya tha. Ek friend ko bhi aana tha. But last moment he backed off. Uska GF ka call mila aur mujhe ditch kiya.

Both smiled together. He loved that smile.

San: hm… I understand. Pyaar ke naam ke saath hamesha ditch bhi athe hai. ya tho fir pyaar ko ditch karthe hai ya tho fir baki logonko.

She said with a sad face. There was a pain in her eyes. He couldn't take it.

Shree: so ap yaha akele kaise? Friends kaha hai?

San: sab ke saath ane ka man nahi thi. In fact yaha bhi ane ka man nahi thi. Par dad ne kaha ke baahar jao. Doston se milo. Ghumo firo. Kab thak aise baitonge and all that. He is worried for me. And I cannot take that. So baahar aagaya. Lekin, kisi bheed me jathe waqt ek dar jaisa laga. Tho yaha aagaya. Socha yaha koi disturb nahi karega.

Shree: oh. I'm sorry. I didnt mean to disturb you. I'll leave.

San: no please mere wo matlab nahi tha. Sorry. Please be here. Patha nahi kyu I feel better. Jaise koi hai jo sirf sympathy dikhane nahi aye hai.

Shree: well happy to know that. Waise apko sympathy ke nahi, friend ke zaroorath hai. and if you feel that I can be one, its ok with me.

Sanuja was happy at his honesty. "par apke kaam?"

Shree: aaj off days khatam horaha hai. ek bada case the jo finish hua. Aur 3 din ke chutti bhi mile the. Today is the 3rd day.

San: ok. That's good news sir.

Shree: please ab dosti ki hai tho, then no sir. I'm Shreekant. And you may call me Shree.

San: ok Shree. Nice to meet you.

Shree: thankyou. Aur ab apko mere liye ek hot cappachino order karna hoga. Just to treat me. You know.

San: kyu?? That's not fair.

Shree: whats not fair? Dost hai. haq hai!

San: ok then I'll order. (she orders) so tell me hows your work going on? Excited ya sad to join tomorow?

  And thus began the new friendship. Will it reach some other relation… just leave it to destiny!! For now Sanuja need a support and who other than our lappy man, Shree be the best choice.


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Aisha's home:

She was holding her mobile looking at the same message. "ok. I'll reach by 5 pm."

 3 days before she came back to Mumbai. The place which was so close to her heart. Were she had the memories of her happy life, where she lost everyone, where she got a new meaning of life, a reson for survival.

8 months back, she left for Goa, to deal with her past, her fear and herself. And now she was back, with a new feeling, a bit of confusion and a bit of happiness. It seems that life was giving her a new chance. She was now a part of the elite team- ETF. And now she was invited to their life, particularly one man's life. ACP Sameer Rathod.

Ever since he said those magical words, she felt herself transforming to a simple girl, who waitied for her Prince charming to come and take her home. She felt as a damsel in distress. The fairy tales were indeed coming true. She blushed.

But was she worth it. was she worthy enough to hold his life. A man who held his duties as his life mission, whovalued the virtues, was she worthy of such a soul.

3 days she was battling with hersef, to understand herself. And there he stood as an invisible support. There was no provocation, no pushing. She was free to decide.

She spoke for hours to her mother's photo. Trying to gain the energy. 3 days. May be its time.

She messaged him by 3 30: can we meet?

The reply was instant: sure. When and where?

"home.  Evening."

. "ok. I'll reach by 5 pm."

It was 4 now. And she was still looking at the message. She got up and went for a bath. She had to get ready.


He was in his office when her message came. He was happy to meet her soon. Something told him, that its gonne be a good news. Someone knocked at his door.

It was Ryaan and Rachna. Rathod stood up and welcomed the in. he was glad to see the new Rachna. She looked alive.

Rathod: kaise ho Ryaan? Aur tum Rachna?

Ryaan: sab teekh hai sir. Bas iss tharaf ja rahe tho, milne ko sochliya. I hope you are not busy.

Rathod: oh. Not at all. In fact I'm happy to meet you. Tho batho, kya haal hai?

Ryaan: great sir. And all thanks to you and your team.

Rathod: nahi Ryaan. Wo tho hamare farz tha.

Ryaan: I know sir. Pa agar uss din… (his phone rang and he excused to go out)

Rachna: how are you sir?

Rathod: I'm fine. Bolo apne bare mien.

Rachna: bhai teek keh rahe the, thank you. Sirf mere jaan bachane keliye nahi, balki mujhe zindagi me wapas lane keliye bhi. Aap jaisa uss din me kaha tha, it was not easy. Fir apke bathen aur bhai ka sahara mujhe hosla diya. I need to live. Mere liye. Mere bhai keliye. I had to live.

Rathood: sahi kaha tumne. Me bhi wahi chahtha hu.

Rachna: tho iskeliye me pahle meri padhayi puri karni wali hu. The 1 that I left long back. Firse track me aana mushkil hai, par namumkin tho nahi. I need to finish it. aur mujhe wapas meri pav me khadi honi hai. and I'll do it.

Rathod: tumhe patha nahi, ke mujhe kithne khushi horahe hai abhi. Wo kushi jo un logonko saza dene se hua hai, unse kayi zyaad ab me khush hu. For you. And for that thank you.

Ryaan came in. "chale Rachna?" she nodded.

"ok then bye sir. Hope you have a great day."

Rathod: ya sure. I'm also hoping for that.

Rachna: kya hua sir? Going to meet someone special?

Rathod: yes someone very special.

Rachna: all the best sir. I'm sure she wont disappoint you.

They leave a happy Rathod behind. It was almost time to go to her home.


He reached her home in right time. after the first bell, the one who opened the door, took his heart away. There was his girl, in a simple blue salwar. She greeted him with a smile and moved to allow him in. both were silent for a while. "coffee?" he nodded a yes. She went in for it. in a few min, she came out with 2 cups of coffe, but he was not in the hall. He was by the balcony, looking at the orange sky. The sky was getting ready to set. He heard her coming in, and took a cup of coffee.

He was sipping it, while she was just looking at her's. and at the end she broke the silence.

"3 din se soch raha hu, ke ye sab kya horaha hai. bohot socha. In fact abhi bhi mujhe kuch teekh se patha nahi lagi hai. fir bhi… me apne aapko ek chance dena chahthi hu. (looking at him) apke sath."

He was waiting for this for this many days. And now she said it. he came a bit close to her, while she lowered her looks.

"waise mujhe film wale dialog tho nahi athe hai. fir bhi, kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi?"

She was blushing and smiling. She couldn't look into his eyes. His mere presence was creating such effects. She took a step close to him and slowly placed her forehead on his chest. He got his reply. He gently wrapped her in his arms. She was feeling at home after a long time. she hugged him back. There were tears in her eyes.

The mere hug, was a promise to be there for a lifetime…


Few days later:

Arjun was waiting for his bride in the mandap. He was looking at the stairs evry few seconds. "Wait Rawte… sabr kar.." someone said in his ears. He turned back to give his usual glare. But what he got back was a smirk.

And at last she came down the stairs, along with Aisha and Sanuja. Yes, Sanuja was introduced to the ETF family as Shree's friend.   Riya, she looked like a princess. The red bridal wear, the jewelry, the smile. It was perfect.

The marriage was a simple function with the friends and some seniors. But the happiness was limitless.

Saath pheras—a new promise for being with each other. Forever. He filed her mang with sindoor. Now they were one.

At the reception, all assembled for the happy occasion. Ariya was the perfect couple. The love in their eyes, was captured in everyones heart. He came close to her heart. "So, ready for the next mission??"

She nodded. He took her hands and kissed it and left her behind. He went to the stage alone. "excuse me everyone. May I have your attention."

All got his attention. "Ab ye Rawte kya kar raha hai?? kahi gaana gane ka plan tho nahi??"

Arjun: ok everyone. Thanks a lot. Hamare kushi me bhag dene ke. Aaj mein bohot khush hu. Aur iske wajah aap sab janthe ho. Iss khushi ko batne se pehle mien kuch kehna chahtha hu. Najaane kin kin ke dil dukhaye hai. patha nahi kin kinse sorry aur thank you bolna hai. isiliye sabse sirf yahi kahunga, ke agar kabhi bhi shikayath ke mauka mila hai tho maaf karna. It's a request.

Ab mere khushi, jo aaj yaha khadi hai. Riya. My love. Usse tho na mien mafi mang saktha hu aur na thank you bolsaktha hu. Bas ithna kahunga ke…I love you… always and for ever.

(Aisha hugs the blushing Riya sideways and wipes her tears. He looks at her and winks. She looks down smiling)

Arjun: Ab koi aur jo mere zindagi ka ek bohot bada hissa hai. mere yaar… Sameer, urf Rathod SIR!! Can I have you on the stage.

Rathod gives a WTH hell look but Shree and Chotu pushes him to the stage. He stands by Arjun.

Arjun: aaj yah sirf mien nahi balki mere yaar bhi ek nayi zindagi shuru karne wale hai.

Rathod looks surprised at Arjun. "kya keh rahe ho tum?"

Arjun: kyu?? Aisha ke bare mien thera kya khayal hai??

Aisha is now blushing and lowers her eyes. Riya holds her hands.

Arjun: so every one, aaj hamara Rathod sir ka engagement hai.

Rathod: kya Arjun?? engagement?? Par kaise?? Ab… ring bhi nahi hai??

Arjun (smiling) Riya… (he justers her to come up the stage)

She comes by holding Aisha's hands. Shree and Chotu brings the rings and gives to Riya and Arjun. Sameer and Aisha is shoked at the preperations. They take the rings. Arjun goes near them "aaj please isise kaam chala dena. Tum dono fir kabhi dusri ring desakthe ho. No problem" Sameer hits Arjun's arms.

The ring excahange ceremony is over. All are happy.

One among the staff: Sir!! How about a family photo??

Arjun: great idea.

Sameer, Aisha, Arjun and Riya stands together.

Arjun: Shree- Chotu, kaha ja rahe ho? Its  a family photo stupid!!

Both were so happy. They rush to the 2 couple and sits on their knees below them… it was perfect Kodak moment….     


so everybody thats it!!

Yadien... ye kahani yaha khatam...

par inn yadein hamesha rahengi taza...

najane kis mod pe mile the hum..

najane kaha se aye hai hum..

rahenge yaha sada ek dusre keliye hum...

aur rahengi ye yadein dilonme ... 

hamesha hamesha keliye..

bhoolne ka koshish bhi math karna yaar...

jithne karoge koshish..

uthne taza hoge ye yadein...

tho alvida for now..

will be back soon... chod ke kaha jaungi mein???Embarrassed

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again a beautiful journey came to an end. the whole story from the love blossoming between arjun riya,the memory loss & again a new begining,the end of some evil,sameer aisha's new life & one more friendship which started to build up,everything has left a memorable YADEIN in this FF.

shree spread hand of a new begining to sanuja & hope she never let the hand to go. Aisha's decission to give another chance to life is so heartfelt. she has the right to be like a normal girl & to live the life full. the dream marriage comes true & a new step ahead to sameer aisha's relation has been taken.

the journey ends with perfect kodak moment which will always help the YADEIN to be cherished.

thanks for writing this FF. it was a magic itself.


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hi kunchu Smile it was really a soothing experience reading yaadein...u made yaadein memorable in every manner...u re right atht u re ending it ia a perfect endingThumbs Up...u patrayed evry chapter beautifully...and sik's death arjun's memory lost ,shree- riya- chotu friendship. rathore -arjun bonding ,rathore ayesha bonding,ryaan-rachana's lovely relation,riya's confrontation on roshani's death to arjun... list is too long but only one word perfect...lil bit sadCry too ...loved ariya's wedding n kodak moment

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it ws jst perfect.!!!!
lvd it...!!
the end ws vry cute...!!!
ariya married, rathore ayesha engaged..!!! shree ko bhi sanuja mil gyiBig smile
a vry wndrful stry, sad dat is endin bt d updates were fab.!!!
will miss dis ff.!!!

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