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Wednesday, November 14th, Episode 1
Just a reminder of the characters and names
Krishnamurthy (KM) ( VD's brother)
Vasudevan (VD)Abi's husband
Uma ( KM's wife
Revathy is riding in a bus or share auto ( not sure...) She is in some deep thoughts...and we hear her voice...telling about the fast city and fast life and ends by telling," We are all carrying a story and moving forward...even I have a story with me..and I am going to tell you that story...which revolves myself and Jothi...I do not know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate that we dide not born together...but we both were always together...grew up and gotr married and came to the same house as maumagals...finally there came a time when I had to part with Jothy...why? My brain tells this separation is permamnent but my mind tells this is niot stable...why did we get gives so much poain..I can not talk...I can tell you all only half my life story...the rest I have to live and know it myslef... this is not a story ...but my lives..."
Krishnamurthy ( KM) opens the car for Abirami .
(Prabu's mom and in real, life Syed's mother Sana..she looks really stunning and acts extremely well..I would say even better than the old abirami star Anuradha) Abi looks very sad and starts walking with Uma and KM. They are getting ready to give "thithi" to someone...all three of them are very sad and emotional...
Gurukkal asks whether anyone should come and Abi says yes and asks KM to call Jothy. Uma tells that she tried many times but no response..By this time KM dials and gives the phone to Abi and from the other end a servant maid picks up and Abi asks her to give the phone to Jothy.
The servant lady goes upstairs  where Jo is sitting infront of Karthik's picture with maalai and crying...She is not listening to the servant lady...Somehow this servant lady makes her to take the call...
Abi asks her to join them immediately as the time is going as they are all waiting to give "Thithi" for that his soul will rest in peace" Jothy cries and tells." My Karthik never died then why do you want to give this thitheee...?"
 But Abi insists and Jothy cuts the phone and goes to Karthik's picture and starts weeping so bitterly," Karthik why did you leave me and go? enakku nee venum..."
Jothy reaches the spot and joins  the others. As the gurukkal and KM sit down and start the sadngu...Jothi recollects the death of Karthik... his bloody dead body is being loaded into the ambulance etc...she cries bitterly...Seeing this Abi and Uma also cry.
Then she recollects about KArthi telling in the temple once," We should never control our laughter,  happiness, all...manasdukku pudichavanga kitteh kotti theerthu vidanum...if not even thisw happiness will turn into sadness...ennai nambu dee...unnai kan kalangaama vachu paarthukkaren" Jothi replies," aasai dhaandaa...until the end want to hold your hands and come..." Here she goes..once again...weeping...
Everything was over with Thithi ..Jothi breaks again and cries on Abi's shoulder...karthik...karthik...she suddenly shouts," That killer of my Karthik should know my pain...he should be punished severely..even his wife shoukld lose her thalli like me..." Hearing this ABi's face changes...she feels scared and sad...( Sana acts so beautifully here...sabaashClapClap)
Jothi continues," Enakku sathiyam are not going to stop him getting that punishemnt...promise mee..." Jothi streches his arms infront of Abi...and reluctantly she holds her hand and promises...crying...Uma and Km are shocked to see this...Jothi tells," inimel avan nimmathiyaaveh irukka koodaathu...I will make him feel the pain I have now...I will do that..."
In a prison...a doctor is checking the new inmates. Police tells that there are five of them to be of them is a murderer. Doc checks all the four inmates and asks about the fifth one...Police informs the doc," that man tells that there is nothing with his health...and he refuses to come here sir" But the doctor asks them to bring him forcefully if he still refuses...The police man inform s the doctor," he is from a well to do family sir...he killed his thai maaman...his name is Prabu" A constable goes to Prabu and escorts him to the doctor...

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Thursday, November 15th, Episode 2
Prabu comes to the Doctor and says there is nothing wrong with him. Doc tells that it is his duty to do a general check up on the new  prisoners. He asks Prabu whether he was in the sub jail and whether they conducted any medical tests. Prabu replies," yes I was there and they wanted to do but I refused.." Docs replies," Look here this is cemtral the rules are made by us and I give the medications too"
Prabu starts telling his entire medical history very clearly," Doctor my heart beat is 780 per minute, Blood Pressure 120/80 , Sugar minimum 140, Salt 130/140, pulse 60 to 100, pressure 201,eye sight 2.0 & 1.0... even if you test..the resyults will come..." Doc asls whether he is medical student and Prabu says " no...but I was on some medication on a regular basis.." When doctor asks for what he was on medicatipon..Prabu replies," I am not interested to share with you about that...can I move..." Doc says ok and Prabu leaves from there...The inspector tells about  his old medical status and about he was under medication for that for the past 5 years or so. Doctor warns him and leaves.
Revathy and Vasudevan ( Prabu's dad) are in a temple discussing about Prabu's court case. VD tells that the case coming to the counrt with in two days and he is not able to find any lawyer as every lawyer in the town refuses to take this case as Abirami bought all of them.
He tells that Prabu may have to tell the judge himself whatever happend. Revathy tells that it is ok for Prabu to do that. But VD is worried and tells," it is ok maa..but if Prabu gets emotional  he will behave entorely in a bad manner which  will not be good for this case...let us see. ..maa.."
They both reach the jail to visit Prabu. When Prabu comes there  all three of them become emotional Revathy cries a lot. Prabu asks her to stop crying.
Prabu   Vasudevan  Revathy
How are you? How is Jothy? Didn't  you see  her?
Abirami, Jothy and all the other family members are so angry with you Prabu, they spent a lot of money to see that you will be punished...with their influence they blocked all the lawyers..Prabu..we are in a very dangerous zone now
It is ok paa...let Jothy do whatever she fells like against me...just leave her..
why? why shgould we let be?
avaloda aathiramum dukkamum appadiyaavathu adangattum...
Are you guilty?...reply to me...did you kill Karthik?
then why should you simple sit and watch Jothy doing all this against you like this?
athukku illeh Revatheee...
pesaatheenga...even I  feel bad for Karthik's death...and it is so hurting for me to see my Jothee as a widdow...suffering like this...but it does not mean that I should simply let you take the blame when you did not kill Karthik at all...I am there for you...and I will bring you out ...
Prabu...if we can not fix any lawyer for you then you will have to argue for ypourself...and make the judge understand the truth...
...           ...  mm..mmm...
yaroda manasum kaaya pada koodaathunnu...neenga poi solla koodaathu...I am still alive...I need you...without you I want to die only...
Prabu...please tell the truth..until last...that is enough...
when is the hearing?
within two days from now... need to help meet Jothy...
How is it possible?
You need to meet her...on behalf me...
no...if she goes there those people will even kill her...
Sareee...I will meet her..what should I do...?
You need to give this letter to Jothy..I am going to talk in the court whatever I have written in this letter only...but I want Jothy should know before handed...because I want her to know the truth...
No Prabu...this will not work...they will insult Revathy badly...
It is ok mamaa...give me that letter
This is utter foolishness...daa
No paa...Jothy should know this unmai paa...
hm...Abi does not want to know the unmaillshe gave birth to you daa... but she work against you now...I am worried about you daa...I do not know what really happened but I trust are my son...and you can not kill anyone like that...Karthik was my wife's brother but I treated him also as my son daa...
podaa...everyone of you is pricking right into my heart daa...
appaa..death of Karthik, our two families are being torn apart...all these are troubling me so much paa...since I came to the jail...I never slept paa...pleaswe paa..let Revathy take this letter for me Jothy
as you wish ...
neenga porapadunga...
Dhairiyamaa irunga...
neeyum dhairiyamaa iru...
Vd leaves from there followed by Revathy...Prabu calls Revathy and Reva stops...and goes to him...
Prabu tells,"Revathy romba azhagaa irukkeh...I was scared that I would never swee this siricha mugam once again I have seen...and I am can go..." Revathy starts walking and again Prabu calls her and Revathy turns back and t3ells," I will give this letter to Jothy...and I promise that I will not open this letter and read..."
Revathy and VD are in an auto...and VD tries to discourage Revathy about going to see Jothy but Revathy is determined and tells," maamaa...on one side Prabu's wish and on the other side Jothy's anger...I love both them so much...I diont care whtever they do to me maamaa.." Vd suggests that they can send that letter by courier...but still Revathy refuses...and asks him to sit in the auto and not to come inside whatsoever happens inside...
uuntil they reach tyhe house...Vd is trying to sstop her," amma...those two devils are in the same house...shoukld you really go there to meet ammaa.?" Reva asks him not to speak about them disrespecfully...and the auto stops ion front of the house...Now she asks him to come with her...nbut he refuses and sits in the auto as Revathy walks to the gate.
Watchman opens the gate little and after seeing Revathy he was trying to close the gate...but VD shouts from the auto," yei...ennnaaa...?" he immediately opens the gate...'

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Friday update NOV, 16 2012

Updates  by sneha & ratna 

Vasu Devan sees Revathy going in.. does not feel right letting her in alone and follows her. Inside Abirami and Jo are talking to lawyer and Abi wants to make sure Prabu does not escape easily. Jo runs down upon knowing Reva came. 

Shouts at her for coming here and ask her to get out. Abi comes and join in too .. ask them to leave the house. She calls them idiot and Vasu Devan shouts Abii!! She ask who is he to call her name nu Shocked Abi warns them to leave before she call police as they are criminals and they have no rights to be in this house. 

Revathy softly tells Jo she only came here to give the letter. Vasu devan adds saying his son is innocent and they are taking revenge on the wrong person. Praba has written what he is going to talk in the court tomorrow and wants Jo to read. Jo takes the letter .. and tears them
 Shocked She tells sharply to Reva that she will make sure Prabu gets death sentence and she too will be like Jo without Thali nu D'oh Reva leaves with Vasudevan. Jo screams for the maid to clean up the teared papers. Jo leaves. Uma ask the maid to give the papers to her and takes it. 

At Revathy house. Vasudevan (VD) is not happy with the way they were treated today.  Revathy ask him what are they going to do for a lawyer. They need to bring Prabu out. VD suddenly remembers something and starts searching. He remembers one of his old school mate gave him name card who is practicing as lawyer. His name is Jegan. VD calls another friend name Rajashekar and gets Jegan's contact details.

At Jegan's house, looks like a lady is already staying in that house and taking care of chores there. Plus a school boy and another young guy also staying there. Looks like working as junior to Jegan. Looks like Jegan is not doing well as lawyer ... i wonder if he will be able to take up this case properly vaa nu Ermm Jegan gets a call from VD and happy to hear his voice ..ask how he got this number nu. He then ask VD to come and meet him nu.

Revathy and VD in Jegan's house. He explains to VD that its very obvious that Prabu is trapped into this murder. Jegan further says he is unable to take this case as he never took criminal cases. He is a very soft and sensitive person therefore his not able to act casual and support crimes or defend crimes. Revathy tries to beg him as they got no other lawyers to help them. She hands over Prabu's case file and pleads him to analyst it one time for her.  

She says prabu is appavi. Jegan tells VD as a friend he will stand by only but he cannot take up this case. Revathy tells him she will not force him anymore. If he wish, to read through the file given. Jegan says sorry again to both VD and Revathy. Both leaves. Jegan gives the file to his assistant and ask him to read through and see the plus and minus of this case.  Assistant ask Jegan to take this case but he refuses. He gives this file to him to read through as a test. (maybe this guy will take up the case pola Ermm)

At Abirami's house, many lawyers (adiatti.. so many lawyers for one case ShockedConfused) discussing about this case. They confidently informs abi that Prabu can never escape from this case. All evidence is siding them. Jo in the room crying as usual. 


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Thanks for helping out halfway on the updates Sneha kutty Hug
Pictures by atina

Continues with Ramji the family lawyer explaining that no chances Prabu will be out. With all the legal points and arguments, they can proof in court this is cold plan murder nu. But Ramji wants Abi to consider few things. Already Karthik is death, if Prabu is sentenced to death, who is going to be the next waris for this family. Abi ask Ramji to stop confusing her.

 Ramji ask Abi to think a second what would she have done is she was in Prabu side? For him, its much better if they just argue and get 5 - 6 years jail for Prabu .. that will be more enough. Jo who is listening all this from her room storms up in anger and pushes down things on her way.

She comes down and shouts at the lawyer for siding Prabu here. Jo demands Abi what should happen to Prabu nu.. and abi without thinking says maranam nu .. Ramji tries to make a move but Jo stops him and warns him that Prabu should never get the jamin nu .. Somehow abi face reaction kind of change here.. sad?? Ramji tries to talk but Jo cuts in and says Prabu must never get out from jail.. and he must die inside. Lawyers leave.
Abi ask Jo to go and take rest. Jo ask Abi if she spoke wrong va nu.. Abi says no. Jo tells Abi that Prabu must die in front of her eyes.. Abi face reaction drops again .. Jo hugs abi cries and pleads her to be her side.

Jegan collecting information about Prabu case. Later that evening he meets up with Revathi and VD and tells them he is willing to be their lawyer.  He has studies this case further had spoke to few people and his very sure Prabu did not do this murder. He says he will meet Prabu and for now they will move for jamin first. Jegan says the other side witness are very strong therefore they must make smart move on how to break this easily. Jegan gives his word to get bail for Prabu. VD tells Jegan frankly that he don't have any money to pay for now.. Jegan ask Vasu not to worry about this. He wants to see Prabu first.

In the jail - Reva serves him food while he talks to Jegan.  Jegan ask if Velayutham the one really killed Karthik as instructed by Prabu? Prabu says no.. he never ask him to do such and it confuses him why Vela said like that nu. Prabu suspect there must be some problem between Vela and Karthik. Prabu further says both he and Vela use to be close friends before. That is why people are believing Vela talk. Jegan ask Prabu why he went to murder spot.. Prabu says vela called and said work finish and ask him to work.. Prabu too thought it was to do about work stuff but end up going there he saw Karthik is murdered. Vela was not there. Same time police too arrive. Prabu only confuse why Vela murder Karthik as there was never interaction between both Vela and Karthik. Praba hopes to get bail and come out soon.
Hegan gives them privacy and goes out. Prabu says i love u to Reva and ask her to be with him forever.

Next day Prabu is taken to court. Abi and group arrives and reporters runs to them asking to many questions. Abi remains silent.  Uma husband answer on behalf saying they will talk later after the court case.  Ramji comes and gets signature of Jo on some papers. Reva and Vasu arrives.  Both parties stare at each other. Both Reva and Vasu walks in .. thodarum

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TUESDAY, November 20th, EPISODE 05
Pictures by atina

Everyone is waiting for Prabu to arrive outside the court. Abi ask Ramji how come there is a lawyer taking up Prabu case nu. Ramji says from their bar council no one agree. This must be some lawyer from outside nu. Same time Jegan arrives.
Vasu greets him and says Prabu has not arrive nu. Jegan noticed Ramji and walks to him .. greets him casually. Ramji sarcastically as Jegan how come after so long with no case finalla he got this case vaa nu .. Jegan smiles and says they are trying to punish an innocent boy and he is here to help him out. Ramji mockingly reminds him to refresh his mind on the law stuff as its been long since he argued in court. Jegan smiles and says thank you for the reminder nu.

prabu arrives .. Jo gives him killer look.

In the court room .. Ramji starts his argument saying Prabu is asking for bail and it should not be given. Jegan stands up and objects Ramji using the word kollakaran when the court is yet to decide about it.  Ramji argues saying Prabu was caught on the spot... and he did not argue when he was arrested.
 Vela ..(they show vela) also has given statement that Prabu is the one murdered Karthik. Ramji don't want Prabu to get any bail in case his rich father Vasu will steer the court witnesses by buying them. Jegan then argues his side saying right now with no income in the family, they are living in poor. The only thing is with Prabu is his faith and believe that he did not murder Karthi. Ramji butt in to defend again .. Judge ask Ramji to sit Clap Jo is not happy about this.

Jegan further tells the judge, in the affidavit he had submitted ..  randam interview on Prabu friends and office staff's have been taken. 99% are shock and refuse to believe Prabu did this murder. The 1 % who said Prabu did this murder is them (points at Jo and Abi)  Further, the report shows eeveryone has said Prabu is a nice person.  He appeals the judge to see from this POV and request for bail in order to give them opportunity to find out the real culprit. Vela thiru thiru muluchufy.

At the end - Prabu is not given bail Shocked  Reva is satisfied but continues to give killer look at him.

Everyone comes out. Jo walks pass Prabu still staring at him in anger.  Prabu heartbroken. Reva ask him not to worry, they will try again. She knows he will be out soon. Jegan too says this is first attempt. They will try again. 
 They take Prabu away and Reva breaks down crying.  Vasu and jegan goes to get auto. Jo comes to Reva and says idhu arambam taan.. innum adi vilum. Reva says Jo is punishing herself nu. Jo ask her to stop her drama talk .. she will make Reva life more miserable .. so that she will know how much Jo is effected with all this. 
 Reva cries and ask what Jo wants from her .. Jo says she wants her Karthik back. She will make sure Reva will not get her husband ever. Reva screams Jothi!!! Jo ask her not to shout now... to save this shouting to cry when her husband is given death sentence .. Abi comes by the car and calls Jo .. Jo says "sethu podi.. court vasalae kola gaaran pondatiyaa sethu po.." and leaves.

Vasu praying in the temple for Prabu. Abi comes there too. She tries to prove Vasu who ask her to stop her talking and leave .. or else he will slap her.  Abi ignores him and says she will tell him directly what she wants to tell. She says she is also upset with all that is happening around (upset vaa Shocked her face reaction does not seem to show ...)
She accuse Revathi for being the reason for all this. Vasu ask her to shut up and his not willing to hear anything else. Abi says she will not leave till she finish what she has to talk. She wants Prabu to leave Reva and come back Shocked plus he deserves the punishment (theliva kulapara abi D'oh) She will make sure Praba gets kadamaiyana punishment. Vasu ask Abi if she believe her son did this murder? Abi says she trust the witness Ouch ...


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Friday, November 23rd, Episode 8
sorry for the delay...
Abi is at home with her lap top..she calls Kishore and asks him to look for her email with the changes to be do ne in all the shares...and she also tells that Jothy will be coming to the office and he may get her signature if needed. She calls Jothy and here comes Jothy in simple saree and Abi does not aprove of the way she is dressed ..she forces her to go and change into a better saree as a MD she should  smart...and she should not let other people know about her sorrows...and she should live a real life and show to the society.
Abi tkes Jo to Karthik's room and makes her sit in his chair...Seeing Karthik's picture Jothi becomes emotional and cries...meantime the GM Prakash comes in and tells that she should take come decissions and tells about tax, income, autitor's files, workers issues,  middle east oil ships..etc. Jo does not understand head or tail and she said that she will tell latter. GM tells that she should meet the custom collector and arrange for their Deepawali bonus. She asks for a cup of coffee as she has a bad head ache. Again she talks to KArthik's pictures and cries.
Abi goes to jail to meet Prabu. Prabu is surprised to see his mom.Hw asks her whether she is there as his amma or Abirami company's chairman. Abi tells," you do not know the difference between good people and bad people..." Then she asks Prabu how is he doing and continues with so much emotions and tears," Naan nalla illeh...its been ages since I slep well..I am so worried about you...I should have stopped you but I failed to do are a clever person and you will know everything nu I thought...but...I was wrong...I missed are not as I thought...noe things have gone betond the limit..."
Prabu tells that he does not understand what she is talking. Now her tone changes and tells," how can you understand me...? you can only understand what she tells you only...that is how she made you kill are blinded by the love you have towards Revathy...think well...she is jeous of Jothy...and that is why she maade you kill karthik...just will understand..."
poittu vaanga...there is no need for you to meet anymore...I do not like that...
You just sit here...naan unnoda ammaa...
neenga oru amma...but not my believe that I am a killer then how can you be my amma?
saatchi irukku...
your manasaatchikkku theiriyum...I am not a crimnal nu...for the sake of Jothy you are hating me like this...why are you doing all this? why?
Abi gets upo and starts walking towards the door...and Prabu screams...
You answer my question and go...
I am here not as your mother but as the Chariman of Abirami company...
Whatsoever...I wanted to ask the same question to these two people...why are you revenging me llike this? when I am innocent in this matter..
Court has to decide that...
I leave everything to kadavul...
kadavul will not help bad people like better know that
unmai jeikkum...and I am not your son...
I know that when you killed Karthik...
Then why did you come to see me?
inimel unakku adi mel adi vizha poguthu...and I came here to see whether nee thaanguviyaa
Abi leaves ...Prabu is under shock and pain...

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